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jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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over a year ago tank012 said…
my zanpaktos name is gaku natawashi
its command is drowned them
its Bankai name is maitai gaku natawashi

its shikai ability is that when you release it the blade turns to water and when you swing it twords your opponent the water comes out as little beads of water floting in the air around them and then when you want it to each of the beads of water turns into i sword slightly smaller and thiner than the normal zanpakto and then stabs the opponent or cuts them

its bankai ability is the blade still turns into water but this time the water itself is able to cut your opponent and also it can creat a hole pond of water were thousands of blades can come out of it

this is a zanpakto that would be used by a captain or someone really strong
over a year ago nick274 said…
Based off a story game play with a buddy
May post the story of my zanpakto

zanpakuto's name/Rīgarusasori (regal scorpion)
release command: "Rule the desert!"
sealed: a beat up scimitar with a crown shaped hilt
shikai shape: a scorpion claw (the kind with a circle shell on it) and a rope stinger in the back. The stinger is like a spike on the shell when not in use (note: rope is just like zabiemaru as it may be varied in length

bankai name - Yōso sukōpionkingu (element scorpion king)
a 10ft scorpion made of black energy and I have my sealed zanpakto

[shikai abilities]
“poison him/it/her” the rope stinger is released and can be used telekinetically. The tip is poison made of sprit energy
“Kōgeki hizume” (attack claw) extends the stingers (and rope stinger length) and can rapily fires off “Stingers” from the claws (poisonous sharp energy needles) may not defend as easy.
“Bōei tsume” (defense claw) the shell forms a shield of black energy around me and reflects attacks up to X2 your max spiritual pressure. If used too much it may be pierced (Even if you’re not at you’re max.) you may not attack as easy.

[bankai abilities]
“Kaminari sutotēru” (thunder strike tail) the scorpion strikes the foe blindly fast (bit faster then youraichis flash step) with a poison shocking tail
“Chikyū tsume funsai” (Earth stinger smash) the scorpion smashes the ground and a stone wave 30ft tall by 45ft wide is shot. (may shrink if necessary)
“Kage-guchi kōgeki” (shadow mouth attack) Scorpion “hides” (looks like a heat shimmer) and the bite foe with a crushing force. Has a poison effect.

Also when I say poison its causes blurry vison, slow reaction, high fever, and on average after 35 minutes a coma
pic below (yes the sealed is made to look like dirt)
It may be OP'ed but im working on that X)
 Based off a story game play with a buddy May post the story of my zanpakto zanpakuto's name/Rīgarus
over a year ago nick274 said…
also after a year I fixed it
shikai pic below
Name: Jitsugetsu tsuin (sun moon twin)
Sealed: a katana with a crescent moon shaped hilt and sun shaped base on the handle
Release: Come on out and play! Jitsugetsu tsuin!
• Shikai: a monk spade with a flame colored half circle with ribbons and a creasnt moon with smaller moons on two chains
• Nichi tsuin (sun twin)
The ribbons on the sun part wave very volatile and the shoat out a 7in of fire and light.
They can also make the beams in a 10 cone shape to blind your foe.
• Mangetsu tsuin (moon twin)
Create shadow illusions of yourself and blocks your spiritual pressure.
• Futago o saisei suru (playing twins)
Spinning the zanpakto at the center facing the foe and fires off a 15ft purple and orange wave of spiritual energy which explodes on contact knocking them upward

Bankai: Okotte iru jitsugetsu tsuin (angry sun moon twin)
How to activate: toss shikai jitsugetsu tsuin in to the air and yell Bankai
Shape: two spheres in the sky. (Or ceiling, but there smaller) One on the right shines brightly with a bright red aura and the one on the left is dark as night which has a dark purple aura. I also have my sealed zanpakuto. I also were a orange and purple cape with a hood and I can also move the spheres at will.
• “Mōretsuna teiden”(furious blackout)A laser pointer like beam that blinds, deafen, mutes, and numbs foe for 1 and a half seconds. 1 min cool down
• “Sanbāsuto okotta”(raging sunburst)Any bright light I can see I can make explode with the power of 5 H100 firecrakers. 5sec cool down. (note: light must not be from the sun or moon. Must be brighter than a camp fire.
• “Murasakiiro tasogare arashi” (violet twilight storm) the spheres combined and it becomes a bright light with a dark aura. Then it fires off twenty four (the hours in a day) cero like rays in two circles. (one vertical other horizontal) and then are all shot at foe. Has the power of a Grand ray cero(or cero by one beam).

 also after a 년 I fixed it shikai pic below Name: Jitsugetsu tsuin (sun moon twin) Sealed: a katana
over a year ago ShadowHunter15 said…
My fourth Zanpakuto

Name: Akki burēdo (Fiend Blade)
Sealed Form: Normal katana
Command: Corrupt

Shikai: See Picture

Abilities: Every time my sword hits a Zanpakuto, the enemy's Zanpakuto gets more and more confused on who the enemy is and will start to disobey its owner.*

Bankai: Hason akki burēdo (Corrupt Fiend Blade)
Look: Blade turns red (See Picture)

Abilities: My Zanpaktuo's spirit comes out and fights with me. I still have my blade and it is still red. I can't use my Shikai's abilities and neither can my Zanpakuto'S spirit. Bankai last until I win the fight or my Zanpakuto's spirit has been killed. Once the spirit is killed it returns to my Zanpakuto and i can't use my Bankai for 24 hours.

Zanpakuto Spirit: See Picture

Please Comment
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 My fourth Zanpakuto Name: Akki burēdo (Fiend Blade) Sealed Form: Normal katana Command: Corrupt Sh
over a year ago ShadowHunter15 said…
Bankai Blade
 Bankai Blade
over a year ago ShadowHunter15 said…
over a year ago tank012 said…
my new zanpakto

name, kessho tanken {crystal dagger}
its command is shout kessho tanken
its bankai name is Ōkina kesshō tanken (big crystal dagger)
it is just a normal katana when it is not released

its shikai abilities are when you release it the zanpakto will turn into two sai's then the person that released it has a little less speed than when ichigo uses his bankai and it can shoot lasers of spiritual energy like getsuga tensho but smaller and it can shoot right through your enemy

its bankai abilitys are the two small sai's turn into two swords the size of gin ichimarus regular zanpakto and when it is released the users spiritual pressure is released like a tornado you still have the same speed as befor but this time the zanpakto gives you imence strength and can cut through almost anything and can shoot getsuga tensho in an x formasion

over a year ago bleachfan12 said…
ShadowHunter15- your new zanpakuto looks almost like a yugio monster, sorry about the spelling. how much dose you sword confuse, the opponents zanpakuto? besides that it is cool. i'd think it'd be funny if you made a soul reaper and decribed the relation ship with the zanpakuto. if you look my misery zanpakuto, the sword and owner would get into fights often.

whiteflame55- you said that if we put down the name of the zanpakuto and the page you'd review it correct? if so could you review my piper and misery zanpakuto, i believe that they are on 170 or 171. thanks
over a year ago bleachfan12 said…
oops, i messed up the zanpakuto were on 169 and 170 whiteflame55 or ddarksonic675 if you want to review it. sorry about that
over a year ago golddraco said…
Thanks for the feedback ichigosuke. In response. The reason why I decided it should kill is first because bleach has way to many should have died but somehow just barely survived things. Secondly, I gave it a MASSIVELY powerful shikkai ability that the bankai doesn't keep. It allows you to fight an opponent much stronger than yourself well, hell I would say it's almost as strong as Kira's Wabisuke. (IMO that is flat out the best shikkai). This way you can avoid using bankai as much as possible. The point is to make it a truly dangerous and rarely used trump card, limiting it to only being used against overwhelmingly powerful opponents that you have to beat and retreat isn't an option.

Anyway. I am going to post another one since I got positive feedback. That was one I have been thinking about forever so this one may not be as well done.

Zettai Hansha: Absolute Reflection

This is a sound based zanpaktou. Something to keep in mind when looking at this. Explosions do the damage they do through sound waves. Percussion. Sound is not a weak force. In fact it has the highest destructive potential of all known things.

Blade is completely normal in it's sealed form.

Shikkai Activation: Speak Softly

Absolute Reflection stays the same in size and dimensions. However, the blade takes on the properties of the most polished and expensive mirrors. Reflecting everything around it so perfectly it's impossible to distinguish it until you touch it.

The hilt guard looks like a wide flat coin made out of ivory with tons of tiny holes near the outside edge of the ring. Running from the holes to the base of the hilt is what looks like piano strings but with the same mirror-like reflective properties as the blade itself, with a gap large enough to put your hand through and grip the hilt.

The hilt itself looks like a standard hilt with wrap from any normal zanpaktou. Built into the base of that hilt though, is the spot where the strings are connected to,looks very similar to the tuning pegs of a guitar or violin, ornately decorated and made of polished silver. The strings trail well past this, hanging free off from the base of the hilt a good 2 feet.

Special Properties: This blade is able to take any sound, (this includes playing the strings themselves like an instrument) amplify it, and direct it. The tuning pegs allow you to designate the frequency of the sound. Loosening the pegs lowers the frequency making the sound strike as a blunt impact causing massive damage. However, if tightened the sound becomes a tightly packed high frequency wave. Cutting sharper than the blade itself. This is not an "energy attack" it is a physical attack, no different from a sword slash, if not blocked it will cut the same way, including stabbing and decapitation. Actually tuning it is unnecessary, the pegs adjust automatically to the will of the wielder. It can take any sound. The wielder speaking or even when the blades clash amplifying it and launching it as a cutting attack straight at the person while blades are still locked.

The strings dangling from the hilt can pick up the vibrations of moving air, amplifying it through the blade itself. Allowing the sword to vibrate at incredibly high frequency causing damage to spiritual energy bonds, this can be used to dissipate launched energy attacks such as cero as well as enhancing the harm the blade causes to other zanpaktou.

Finally, the vibrations that the blade builds up can be launched as a ranged version of the vibrational property of the sword. Dissipating spiritual energy and acting as a temporary wall.

Basically it has no insanely powerful property but it's very adaptable.

Bankai: Ironically, the blade looks exactly like a normal sealed sword again except the blade itself looks like dark chipped granite or flint. The properties of the blade are dispersed into the environment instead of being localized in the blade itself. The only special property the blade itself still has is that it rings very loudly from any impact and the wielder can choose the pitch and volume of the sound.


Sonic Well (Sonikku mā): Zettai Hansha retains it's ability to reflect and amplify sound but it's no longer limited to being launched from the blade. Sound can be absorbed, amplified, and relaunched from any direction. These wells of sound are invisible to the naked eye and can also be left as traps. Detonating when an enemy comes into contact with them.

(Bedlam) Konran-This creates a field that the opponents are in. Neither can leave until the ability is released. Sound does not dissipate as it normally does, instead it echoes off the edges of the boundary, bouncing back and forth infinitely. As no sound is lost every thing that makes any sound at all increases the echoes. Eventually the vibrations become large enough to cause severe injuries and this keeps growing dealing massive damage in the form of blunt impacts and cuts depending on the pitch of the sound. Especially deep sounds can cause flesh to rupture and bone to splinter. Especially high pitched sounds can easily cut people in half. The user of the bankai is immune to this effect the sound warps itself around the wielder to never touch or cause harm. Opponents attempting to leave the radius of the bankai find that that any efforts to move outside have them moving back into it when they hit the edge. Like space is warped on itself. Walking forward brings you back into it.

I kinda came up with this on the fly. I don't like it as much as Tategami Za Munashii but it is a fun idea. Instead of raw power or amplifying physical abilities it focuses on high speed strategic use and counter measures.

Feedback please please.
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over a year ago Ichigosuke said…
Ok. Here are 2 new ideas. Hope you like them.

Shinigami: Zero Shinini

Name: Kurohyou (Black Phanter)

Shikai: Oujousuru! Kurohyou! (Die! Black Phanter)
In shikai, The sword turns into a black scythe with a small white skull on the bottom. A pointed end to the bottom of the scythe comes out from the skulls head.
1) Kuro Chuushabari (Black Needle): He sends out a simple wave of long, sharp black needles that can impale you on the spot.
2) Kuroha (Black Blade): When activated, 2 more blades apears for the scythe, above and below the original blade. Increases his fighting ability
and lets him use a more soffisticated fighting style.

Bankai: Hakaba Kurohyou (GraveYard Black Phanter)
When he activates bankai, a series of tombstones in all kinds of shapes and styles pop out of the ground around him. There are about 1000 of them spread out in the area around him.
In bankai, He has a few abilitys:
1) Gaikotsu Kishou (Skeleton Rising): Its always activated. He can punch into any tombstone, and pull out from it a black weapon with a skull at the bottom.
The weapon he pulls out is specified to the tombstone, but he has a way to know what weapon each tomb holds. He can use any of his shiaki abilitys like before.
2) Hakaba no Kyojin (Collosus of the Graveyard): A huge tombstone comes out of the ground. He then proceeds to break it.
When he does, a huge, armoured skeleton giant with a huge axe will appear. He can control it freely.


Shinigami: Sora Riiro

Name: Doubutsu Kokuou (Animal King)

Shikai: Unaru! Doubutsu Kokuou! (Roar! Animal King)
The only change in Sora's appearance is that his eyes turn catlike.
In shikai, his speed increases just a bit. Also, he has the ability to bring out a part of an animal as his own.
For each differnet part he has a unique attack/ability. Not something over powered.
He has a few main uses for this:
1) Washi Katame (Eagle Eye): HE turns his right eye into an eagles eye. With it, he can see clearly up to 1 kilometer, and he can see heat and air waves.
2) Anauma Keru (Dark horse Kick): He turns his leg into a horse leg to kick the enemy, delivering 10 times the strength of a normal kick of his.
3) Kuma Te (Bear Paw): He turns his arm to a bears arm. A punch/slash from him is 10 times more powerful than normal.

Bankai: Eiennno Doubutsu Kokuou (Eternal Animal King)
In bankai, he has the ability to use more than one animal part at a time.
Also, he can summon the animal he wants to fight for him.
He also has 2 more ultimate techniques:
1) Cerberus: He summons a big, 3 meter tall 3 headed dog. Its hair is made out of fire, and it has a sort off lava armour on it, with a seat on top.
Its tail is completly made out of iron spikes. It has 2 special attacks:
On command, it will release a stream of fire from each mouth. Also, it can send all the iron spikes of its tail flying towards the enemy.
2) Doubutsu Kenshin (Animal Incarnation): In this form, he merges with an animal of his choice, to form a sorta off human/animal combination.
He gets that animals traits. His favorites are the Eiennno Shishi (Eternal Lion ) and Eiennno Kurohyou (Eternal Black Phanter).

Also, His ultimate, Final Technique, where he merges hisself with his summon cerberus, to create the ulntimate for. Super Stroong and fast, and he can fire slash.
What else do you need.
over a year ago ddarksonic675 said…
I'm taking a break from new zanpakutos but i wanted to redo an old one i had so i did so anyone feel free to let me know what one you think is best the first one is the orignal, with some shanges, and the second is the new one.

Shikai so_ru dorobo (soul thief) release kuiarasu (devour)

Upon release this zanpakuto looks like this( see pic) When this zanpakuto is used to kill a hollow the hollow is purified like normal however the hollows body is turned to reshi and and copied by the zanpakuto only three hollow body can be copied at one time and if another hollow is killed one that is already held can be replaced. This dose NOT work on visored and arrancar don't keep there resurreccion.

1) This is always active. The user can user the abilities of all the hollows that are copied into the zanpakuto. While not in shikai or bankai abilities cost 2x the normal reshi.

2) The zanpaukto pours out reshi that takes form of one of the hollows that was copied, at the choice of the user, this hollow is physically exactally like the original hollow execpt it has no hollow hole. The hollow has all the abilities of the hollow it was copied from. This ability needs 20% of the users reshi for an Vasto lorde sized hollow this takes 1 min, 35% reshi for a Adjuchas sized hollow and 2 min, and 60% of reshi for a gillian sized hollow in 3mins. Once the hollow starts to form the user can leave it and it will form on it's own. During formation it is still reshi so it can't be hurt by normal attacks. In addition the user most give some of there reshi to the hollow so it has reshi. Once one runs out of reshi it falls unconsus until it is givin more by the user, through touch, If the hollow dies then it's body is destroyed and most be remade by the user. The hollows follow the users orders that are given mentaly they can talk mentally to the user but can only give short direct answers. If the user wishes they can absorb the reshi out of the hollow and it's body returning the reshi to them however if the user dosen't touch the hollow all the reshi is lost. These are controled by voice.

3) The user absorbs the reshi from on of the hollows and it goes into a dormant state and shrinks to a 3inch in diameter black ball. It will stay like this even if shikai is stoped. If the hollow is in a dormant state it regrows to its size in in 1/2 the speed but costs no reshi and can be hurt while growing to it's size.

Bankai: Couldn't think of a name :( The user looks like this person (see pic) With the sword from the shikai. The user retaints all abilitys of shikai in bankai. Also ability 2 costs half the reshi cost.

1) The user gives the hollow the ability to use any of the users abilitys , flash step, kido,abilities gained from ability 1 of shikai, ext., This takes 5 seconds to take effect however only one can be given at once and the user can't use whatever they gave to the hollow.

2) This uses 1/4 of the hollows reshi. The user and the hollow switch places instantly this can only be used once every 30 seconds.

3) The user activates this ability and can call out an additional hollow for a flat cost of 30% of there current reshi this hollow forms in 3 seconds. After this ability is used the user and both hollows are connected so the user feels every thing they do. If both are killed during this then the user falls unconsus.

Shikai so_ru dorobo (soul thief) release kuiarasu (devour)

Shikai The shikai looks like the pic. When ever the user fights a hollow,or hollows it effects all hollows in a normal persons sight range, the eye on the guantlet opens and watches the hollow or hollows , arrancars included, If the user fights the hollow for 3 minutes or kills the hollow using the guantlet then it copies the hollows form and remembers it. This can only have 30 at a time.

1) This is always active. The user can user the abilities of all the hollows that are copied into the zanpakuto. While not in shikai or bankai abilities cost 2x the normal reshi.

2) This uses about a level 50 kido worth of reshi to use and takes 3 seconds with no cooldown. The eye opens and one of the hollows the guantlet has comes out in the form of any weapon the user wants up to the mass of a 2 meter square, all it's sides are the same size, but each of these hollow copies can only be 1 weapon, it can be multipule weapons like dual swords, so after the user dicides what is will be anytime it is called out it will be that same weapon. These weapons at the time the user makes them can be given one special effect but like the form this is permanate and only one weapon can have an effect at a time however if the user has the zanpakuto forget a weapon that has an ability then it can be used for another one. Only one of these weapons can be out at once and if one is destroyed the user has to summon again if they want to use it again. This has a 2 minute cooldown for any weapon to be summoned again starting after it is destroyed and has a 30 second cooldown for summoning a weapon if it is not the same as the last one.

Fire This uses about a level 40 kido worth of reshi to start. The weapon shoots out a 1 foot in diameter fire ball that travels at kido speed. This fire is 200 degrees this has no cooldown but after 3 times the weapon catches one fire same tempature as the fire balls and it is about 2 inches off the weapon. After being on fire for 3 minutes the weapon is destroyed.

Water This uses a level 40 kido worth of reshi. This forms a 5 meter in diameter cube of water from the tip of the weapon for 1 minute this can't move and takes 5 seconds to form. This can only be used once per weapon summon.

Wind This uses a level 40 worth of reshi. This Creates a swirling wind around the user thats only effect is that it lessens the effect of gravity on the user by 50% this lasts 1 minute and can only be used 2 times per weapon summon but both can be used at once to remove gravitys effect by 100% for the time.

Earth This uses a level 40 kido worth of reshi. The user stabs the weapon into the ground and the weapon breaks apart instantly and causes a magnitude 5 earth quake in a 50 meter radius around them for 15 seconds.

Lightning This uses a level 40 kido worth of reshi. The weapon has a bout 3 times the electricity of a taser flow through it for a total of 30 seconds, the user can start and stop this but they don't need to pay the price again. This doesn't hurt the user.

Phoenix This is always active when the weapon is out. This calls out 3 basketball sized phoenix that float around the user at kido speed about 3 feet off off them. When the user is attacked one of the phoenix, for a level 20 kido worth of reshi, intercepts the attack letting it self get hit. The only effect of this is the physical damage the fire could do to what ever is being used to attack. This can be used as much as the user wants and has no cooldown.

3) This uses a level 50 kido worth of reshi ot activate. The user forms in to any of the hollows it has remembered, from killing it not watching it for 3 minutes, in this form the user looks just like the hollow and can use any of it's abilites, and all of the hollow abilites they have from there zanpakuto, with half the reshi cost. In this from there is no way to tell them apart from the hollow except the user might have more or less reshi then the hollow. They can stay like this as long as they want but they can only use the weapon that the hollow they take the form of turns into, not includung any weapons the hollow normal has, they can use that weapons ability and resummon it with the same rules as normal.

Bankai This looks and acts just like shikai but the guantlet forms on both arms. In bankai the user retanes ability 3 of shikai if it was active while they used bankai.

1) This is always active. The user can user the abilities of all the hollows that are copied into the zanpakuto. While in bankai all of the abilites have half the reshi cost and have 2x the power or effect when this applies, for example a cero would half 2 times the power and a sonido will 2 times it's effect making it faster by 2 times but a garganta would not be effected by this.

2) This works just like ability 2 of shikai but all the summoned weapons have all the effects every thing else still appiles.

3) This ability uses a level 90 kido worth of reshi. This allows the user to summon any of the hollows. This hollow is The combination of all the hollows the user has in the zanpakuto's memorie it can look like anything the user wants but it can only be the size or all the hollow in it put togehter to a max of about the mass of a 10 meter cube. This has 80% of the users reshi speed and strength. This has all the abilites of the hollows that make it up and it is controled by the users zanpakuto spirit. This has the ability to use the same weapon as the user is using but it is in proportion to it's size but it has no abilites. This has no time limit but if the hollow is injued the user feels 2 times the pain it does and if it is destroyed the user takes an unscheduled decisive nap for at least 1 week.
 I'm taking a break from new zanpakutos but i wanted to redo an old one i had so i did so anyone feel
over a year ago golddraco said…
Ichigosuke. Black Panther kind of confuses me.. So he draws out..Weapons? From tombstones. Can you be a bit more specific. I don't understand how this works. And also, isn't the second ability basically Komamura's Tengen Myouou (or however it's spelled) all in all I like the concept though. Altering the battle field in that way is an awesome mechanic.

Ddarksonic. Obviously you put a lot of thought into it which is awesome. But it doesn't quite sit right with me. Seems kind of Deus Ex Machina, being able to basically pull out whatever you need anytime. Also, I don't feel assigning power values matters. It's all relative. Kenpachi wielding any sword could probably use all of it's abilities forever and not get tired. But for someone else it could drain them completely to perform one attack.

It's better to leave that ambiguous and say something like "a lot" of energy or "very little". yah know?
over a year ago nick274 said…
Will someone plz review mine? i need feedback to work better.
over a year ago golddraco said…
The Weeping Princess:

Sealed Form Appearance: Normal except for a small ruby located in the center half way down the length of the blade, visible on both sides.


Activation: "Wake and Lament"

Appearance: The blade widens becoming a little more than twice the normal width and entirely golden in color. The ruby in the center gets much larger and glows brightly. Traces of ruby can be seen running down the entire length of the blade, looking like mineral deposits, not complete gems, just glints and shards here and there catching light. The hilt guard is an ornately wrought gold circular pattern with complex geometric images molded into it, the gold has the same traces of ruby running throughout it. The hilt itself is normal, but wrapped in very fine white silk in a crisscrossing pattern.

This is still a dormant form. A second activation phrase is required. "The Tears are Shed For"

From the time it takes this form the central ruby and the minor shards on the blade start bleeding. A small amount of blood comes from the tiny shards. The central ruby has a continuous stream running from it. It flows towards the edge of the blade and drips off slowly. The second the blood leaves the blade it seems to vanish.


For Love Lost- All blood that has come from or was shed by the blade activates becoming traps. Any blood directly on the opponent solidifies and attempts to stab into them. Any blood on the ground will react the same way if stepped on or gotten to close to. Only becoming visible again when attacking. Additionally, if it pierces the opponent the blood mixes with their's poisoning them. The poison causes a tremendous amount of pain and saps their spirit energy slowly. The visible symptom of being infected with the blood, is that you start crying tears of blood as well.

For Betrayal- The blood droplets detonate wherever they are as a bomb. Doing heavy damage and spreading the blood further. This can be used in conjunction with the first ability. Detonating some of the blood on the ground to launch it at an opponent like shrapnel. Or just detonating it for raw destructive power.

For Wounds Unmended- This is a passive ability. Obviously, cuts to an opponent caused by this blade or injuries by the blood are infected with blood. These wounds will not heal as long as this shikkai is active regardless of healing abilities possessed by opponents, nor will the wounds clot.

For Hope- You can apply the blood to your own wounds. It's not an instant heal but it will stop bleeding and massively speed up healing. Injuries will be visibly healing over the course of several minutes.


This weapon's bankai has an activation phrase. "Memories like poison in the veins"

Appearance: The blade does not change appearance however the blood changes from red to a silvery color. Looking like mercury.And flowing much faster, easily capable of creating a pool underneath it if left still for even a few seconds. Otherwise just leaving a trail.


This bankai retains most of it's shikkai abilities. However, it can no longer be used to heal or mend wounds as it now represents sorrow turned to rage. This is a weapon of spite.

For Rage Shared- The wielders blood gains all of the same properties as the blade. Even gaining the same color. This even applies to blood already removed from the body before bankai is activated.

For The Burden- Every single drop of blood belonging to the blade or owner, not currently in them or on them, becomes insanely heavy. Easily able to rip it's way straight out of an opponents body.

For Vengeance- This is the ultimate ability. This ability requires you to have shed some of your opponents blood with this blade. The wielder must sacrifice a lot of their own blood to activate this ability. It tears it's way out of their body painfully, inflicting serious wounds. It mingles with all the blood shed so far as well as the blood from the blade. It then mingles with the blood of the opponent, identifying it's target. It then tears it's way into the opponents body through all cuts and injuries and openings on the opponents body shredding everything internally. All blood spilled during this time joins the process. Surviving this is extremely unlikely, and even if you do it's even less likely you will be able to fight. The same goes for the wielder.
over a year ago golddraco said…
Sorry nick but I kind of have trouble understanding yours. Any review I gave would be kind of skewed. I know mine are wordy but the format makes them very easy to understand in how they work and what they do. And how they look. Try editing a bit to get something closer to that and I will give feedback gladly. Anyone who asks me for feedback I will supply it to.

Like for example. You described that crescent moon sword thing. But your description wasn't really piece by piece, you just mentioned what details it has. I have kind of trouble imagining it when described that way. Sorry :(
over a year ago Ichigosuke said…
golddraco, thanx for reviewing. Just imagine, that each grave represents a dead person. When he breakes the tombstone, he pulls out of it that specific persons weapon during his time of death, the last weapon he ever used. If he was a shinigami, he pulls out the shikai form of the sword, but cant use any abilitys.
I like making altering battlefield types, because you simply dont see them alot. I have posted about 35 zanpakutos of mine.
I still have about 5+ ideas that i abondened, and a few ideas that im working on right now. I dont think ill post for a while, but please, if anyone can review my last zanpakutos, that would be great.
Thank you.
Also, that giant isnt like identical to his movments, it just takes orders from him. Its main setback is that its very slow, and his interior is very weak. His armour maybe strong, but if you can pass it, hes very weak.
over a year ago Ichigosuke said…
Ok. I had this Idea. Its very diifferent from other zanpakutos, so please bear with me and comment. Enjoy.

Shinigami: Yuuhi Itazura
His fighting style is all about laying traps, then attacking. He is a very smart child, with a IQ over 200.
Although he has high IQ, he likes to play around, and will only get serious if the fight is going on bad.
He plans the battle ahead a few steps, using traps he makes on the spot and variable other techniques to beat his enemy.
His zanpakutos abilitys help him with more complicated traps.

Name: Asobiba (Playground)

Shikai: Yuugisuru! Asobiba! (Play a game! Playground!)
In shikai, the sword turns into a yoyo. This yoyos reach when swung gos up to 142 meters.
On command from Yuuhi, blades come out of it.
He has 2 abilitys:
1) Naraku (Trap Cellar): This creats an invisible trap door in the ground, that leads to a cage made of some sort of special metal that absorbs reitsu.
He can only use 3 of these at a time.
For this to work, he must have direct connection with the area he wants. Also, he can use a special wire that he carries around to send the technique to the end of the wire.
2) Kagekaru (Shadow Hunt): Using this technique, he can create a sort off snare trap that bind around the opponents limd that touched it.
This trap is invisible until activated. To use it he must touch the area directly first.

Bankai: Kami no Asobiba (Playground of the Gods)
In bankai, he, his opponent and every one else that he choses in a 500 meter radius from him, get teleported to a location that exists only
in his zanpakuto. The effect whne this happens looks like everyone he chose gets sucked into his yoyo, then his yoyo dissappears to.
He has several locations that he can teleport to, but his main on used for combat is called Sabaibarugeemu (Survival Game).
Sabaibarugeemu (Survival Game) looks like a big island, about 3-5 kilometers in length. It has an arrey of mountains in the middle, and everything
else except the shore is cvered in a massive Jungle, where the trees are so thick and close to each other that barely any daylight comes in.
Now, the special thing about this place is, it is filled with traps he prepared. He continues to fight his opponent in this huge survival game.
One more special thing. When they arrive to the island, it is early morning. Before the sun rises again, somebody must find a hidden cave, that changes locations every time he enters.
This cave contains one thing: His zanpakutos Spirit in the form of a Jewel. If he is the one to find it, just by touching it he can exit the island and
return to the real world, closing the exit after him and takking every body he wants to with him.
If his opponent finds it, he can break it to escape and make Yuuhi loose all shinigami powers.
One more catch: The longer they take to find the cave, the harsher the weather will become. By Evening, it will be very hot, and when nighttime falls,
it will be so cold snow and ice will cover the island. If they dont find the cave by sunrise of the next morning, massive natural dissasters will start attacking the island.
Huge Tsunamis, Tornados, Earth quakes and Volcano Bursts will demolish the island. This island prevents anyone from flying, so escaping by foot from this dissaters will be very hard.
His Zanpakuto basically creates the ultimate survival game. Although in the zanpakuto day can pass by, in the real world it will only be hours.
For each hour in the real 6 hours pass by in the Zanpakuto.
Thats all. He has more worlds in his zanpakuto, with simialr concepts, but i wont burden yoou guys with to much reading.
over a year ago golddraco said…
I actually really like this one ichigosuke. Cool idea. "My zanpaktou is a game of survivor Mutha F****!". The only suggestion I would make. It doesn't seem to give him any real advantages over his opponents. Even weapons that have drawbacks generally still grant an edge to the owner as that is it's purpose.

Also. I am assuming your opponents don't necessarily know they are looking for this cave or about the jewel. They don't need to. Just like Tategami Za Munashii. Just because it kills the wielder if they fail to kill the opponent is not something the enemy needs to know. If they did running away is winning.

Finally. REVIEW MINE DAMNIT! Lol. I have 3 up now. I want teh feedbackz! Especially for Absolute Reflection. I am actually really fond of it now.
over a year ago infernalfeather said…
On deviantART a deviant named beowulf900 is holding a voluntary zanpakuto creation challenge and the details are below, here's a link to his journal link

the challenge is to submit an idea that adheres to the guidelines in place below this text.



I want ideas for a zanpakuto that follows anywhere from one to all of these guidelines. the more the better.

this is the personality/traits of the wielder that will determine his zanpakuto.
this zanpakuto will belong to a character that's coming up in my Critias story.

1. he is a LIBRA
2. his chinese zodiac sign is a rabbit
3. the most important thing to him is protecting his family
4. he is of european/french decent
5. he favors thrusting type weapons (rapier, spear, lance, etc.)
6. he also favors a good defense. (shield, defensive/evasive style)
7. his favorite elements are wind and water
9. his favorite two animals are a turtle and an eagle
10. he misses his deceased father and brothers very much...

obviously there are some easy ones in there. like 5, 6, and 7. but the other subtle ones will earn you big props if you can incorporate it into the idea and might even make you win.

well, let the submitting begin!
over a year ago MissStrawberry said…
Right!! So I really want to share my Zanpakuto idea too... I actually wrote a FanFiction about an OC with this Zanpakuto, well I'm still working on it anyway... Go check it out? >.<


Anyway... Here is my Zanpakuto!

Name: Waikyoku no ningyo (Distorted mermaid)
So anyway...

Name:Waikyoku no ningyo
Release command: Abscond into the abyss, Waikyoku no Ningyo

Ability: 1.~
Makikomu Waikyoku no Ningyo (Engulf)
Here, the shinigami who would weild this Zanpakuto's reiastu (which can't be too low) flows out of the sword and fuses with water particles. (This also works if there are no water particles present, it only means that it will happen with pure reiastu, and not water. It is weaker, but still effective!) The water is semi see-through which gives the wielder the element of surprise. It creates a wave type attack that swirls around the opponent, completely engulfing them in water. The current is incredibly strong, so it sort of begins to tear the opponent apart. It can't be kept up for long though, and the wielder would mostly only use it to gain an advantage. The opponent would be sputtering, trying to breathe properly, and that's when the wielder would use her second attack...

Katemeru Waikyoku no Ningyo (Solidify)
This attack is swift, and strong. It turns water particles into solid crystals. It sort of has the same effect as Byakuya's Senbonzakura, but different. The shape of the crystals are: long and sharp like tiny knives. This almost always works, as there is always water particles in the air. In the odd case that there isn't, Waikyoku no Ningyo sucks a bit of the wielder's opponents reiastu, transferring it to the wielder. She can't transfer enough reiastu to make the opponent weaker. In fact it is so little that the opponent wouldn't realise it's gone. then puts that into the crystals, instead of crystallising water. Here the colour could differ, depending on what colour the wielder's opponent's reiastu is. The crystals impale the enemy, and the flaw is obviously that if her opponent is fast, like Ichigo, they could dodge. Also, these crystals are not nearly as fast as Byakuya's Senbonzakura.


Release command: Plain and simple, Bankai Waikyoku no Ningyo. :)

1.~Here, the weilder literally vaporizes. Her reiastu splits into a thousand drops of glistening water and she can travel closer to her opponent without him seeing her clearly. (Downside, she can't do it for long - very draining) It makes her fast, though, and once again, the element of surprise is on the wielder's side. She literally becomes mist and reappears right in front of her opponent, giving her the chance to cut him and catch him by surprise.

Waikyoku no Ningyo's last attack is based on power. For a short while, the wielder's reiatsu spikes to three time as much as it originally is, and she is about twice as fast. She has to get around with a tail though, (see Bankai appearance) which makes the wielder not able to truly move at full speed. (If she didn't get the tail in bankai, she would have been 3/4 as fast as Ichigo is in Bankai, which means she is beatable) This is incredibly draining though, and the amount of time the wielder can spend on this attack is very limited. (To around 2 reaitsu 'blasts' or really big sword blows or whatever)

Appearance: Waikyoku no Ningyo's sealed form is an average katana, with a wave-like pattern on the hilt (I still plan on drawing it) of a pearly silvery-blue colour.

Shikai appearance: The swords appearance is that of a long thin medieval sword. The sword itself is made of diamond, so as you can imagine it is about twice the weight of any other sword. Do not fear readers... It is not exactly like a midieval sword (Those things are huge!). Its hilt is sky blue with a pearl shine and obviously it reflects and catches the light like diamonds tend to do. ;)

Bankai: For her first ability, her sword stays the same. When the wielder goes Bankai though, she gets a tail and has to used her fins to guide herself through the air. (I'm not saying the wielder can then fly, I'm saying that the battlefield becomes like a ocean of air to her. I know it's silly, but bear with me.)
Right before she uses her last ability in bankai, her sword becomes a diamond trident. (Much like Kaien's shikai, only without the gimmicks. Just a trident, a very sharp trident.)

Personality: Waikyoku no Ningyo is a is a cocky, bitchy, boy crazy soul. She is always commenting on things nobody wouldn't want her commenting on. She is very crude and sometimes rude. Her wielder is very glad that she is the only person who can hear her Zanpakutou, as she says very inappropriate things. She is very partial to attractive boys and wants her wielder to flirt with them whenever she is talking to one. Waikyoku no Ningyo loves a challenge, so she wants to always fight against a fire type Zanpakutou. She is very eager to win any bet, fight or competition she is occupied with. She is not reluctant to tell her wielder any of her powers if it means they will win. She is reluctant to tell her about her Bankai though. Also, she talks to her wielder a lot more than your average Zanpakuto would.

Spirit's appearance: She is a mermaid (duh XD) with really long, flowing golden hair and silvery-pearl tail. She has aquamarine eyes and wears a pearl bikini top (because we can't let her go naked from the waist up... now can we...) and a lot of pearl bracelets. She is graceful and elegant in her movements, and no one would ever suspect her of being annoying.

Okay so just a few comments... Please don't judge my imagination too harshly!! I Really works sooooo hard on this OC of mine as well as her Zanpakuto. It would really suck if someone told me 'she can't do this' or 'that isn't logical'... So PULEEZ go easy on me... I don't want to have to go redo my entire Zanpakuto for my fanfiction!

Also, I love the ideas on here so far! You people are freaking crazy cool!! XD Okay and if you pick up on any spelling errors or grammar stuff, I'm sorry, it's late and my typing abilities aren't up to scratch when my eyes are half closed! :D

Plus I'm sorry for all the girlyness in my Zanpakuto... xoxoxox
over a year ago golddraco said…
Missstrawberry. I like this idea a lot. It is very well thought out in my opinion. However my only point of criticism is that it feels like it could be stronger. It has a nice ability set but especially the bankai. Anyway. That's all.
over a year ago Nevets said…
would love some feedback on my first zanpakto (Ketsuki ryu-ken)
over a year ago tank012 said…
big smile
this is my third zanpakto
name,kage ryu (shadow dragon)
its release is creap
its bankai name is maitai kage ryu

when the zanpakto is released the blade instantly turns black and then the person with the zanpakto aims the blade at a shadow and stabs it then all the shadows around the person you are atacking the shadows grow spears or blades but they are still the shadows they can stab cut and be used as a defence if all the shadows go oround yourself

its bankai abilities are when you release it the zanpakto turns everything besides your opponent into shadows so that everything can kill them unless they outlast it the bankai only lasts for a half hour if they use stroung atacks but it last an hour if he uses weak

please comment on my posts thanx
over a year ago Ichigosuke said…
thanx goldraco. He has an advantage over his enemy: He knows where the traps are, and knows everything about the island: its hiding spots, its inhabitants and more.
And im sorry, but im so bad at reviewing. I just understand every thing easily, so i never have any questions. I can say if stuff is op or cool. If you want a good review ask ddarksonic or whiteflame.
over a year ago iKesagei said…
Zanpakuto/ Shikai- Kanpekina ansatsu-sha (Flawless Assassin)
Release- Mukō (Disable)

Shikai Form- When Kanpekina ansatsu-sha is released, the blade is made into a short-katana, pitch-black blade, a crimson hilt connected to a gold guard.

Shikai Abilities-
1.) Disabling the opponents' Zanpakuto abilities. (Same for Bankai)
2.) Enabling usage of the opponents' Zanpakuto Shikai abilities.

Bankai- Kanpekina tsuinburēdo (Flawless Twin Blades)

Bankai Form- Kanpekina tsuinburēdo is a two blade zanpakuto, that is still in the same form as the shikai version, but with a different hilt and guard. The Hilt, is turned pitch-black and the guard has turned to a crimson red. The blade part is still pitch-black but a lot more detailed than before.

Bankai Abilities-
1.) Calls out Opponents' Bankai: Enabling usage of the opponents' Bankai abilities. (If the opponent has a bankai)
2.) Kanpekina barāju (Flawless Barrage): Combination of critical-killing strokes within seconds. (77 strokes within 10 Seconds)

During Shikai, still wearing the regular shinigami clothes.
While in Bankai, the clothes has changed into that of a assassin/ ninja. Pitch-black vested top, pitch-black vested bottom, pitch-black bandana, encrested with crimson-red details.

With this zanpakuto, it makes fighting alot more about combat skills, instead of spiritual pressure.

This is my zanpakuto :D (From Nicholas)
last edited over a year ago
over a year ago ddarksonic675 said…
big smile
First Ty golddraco for the feed back. For the second one i really wanted to make it versitile so i made the weapons feture and with there abilities tried to really limit them to pervent them from being op. Also with the amount of reshi i wanted them to be a certin amount like this so that for a weak person they would have trouble using it to it's full potental but as the person grows it would become more effective. Thats how i felt with this one although i have before made ones with a base % cost to lessen the users effect on it's power. Also i don't really like stuff like a lot or a little becuase that like you said is relative to not the user as much as the reader i myself like things nice and clear and orderly. Lastly what one do you think is better the first one or the second?

Ok now for your reviews

Tategami Za Munashii

For this one WOW i love the way the shikai effect the enviroment thats cool. But i have some questions about it. For the sealing part how long does the shadow effect last. After they use it do they have a cirtin time to hit the enimy before the attack ends, does it last until the user stops and if it does will it drain reshi while active ? For bankai with the normal attacks i get the idea but how fast is the draining i mean is it relitive for example if you hit kenpachi in the heart would it drain the same amount as if you hit chad there or is it in prportion to the users reshi? also how long does it take to drain someone for example if you stabed kenpachi in the heart how long would it need to be there for him to run dry? For the beads about how fast does the user lose reshi if it was ichigo using it how quickly would he need to take the opponent out a few minutes or an hour also i get that the beads are based on the user current reshi but if the user gets lets say 50% stronger sence the last time they used it then would the string of beads be longer or take longer to be eaten?

Zettai Hansha

Well for this i'll start with shikai with this how big are the sound attacks coming out of this how fast do they move and how big are they? Also does this use the persons reshi or not? For the viberations How strong are they and does this take any reshi to use also does this work just like uryu's sword thing? For bankai is there any limit to the sound or cost if not what stops the user from just using A super strong sound and killing the enimiy with the sound? For ability 1 sonic well how big are these wells, how fast are they and is there any limit to how much power can be put in one? Bedlam For this how big is the area how much reshi does this take and how long can it last?

For this on it is in my opinion vary op i mean for even shikai with the sound attacks you can't really block the oppents sword or you would just get cut with the sound and for bankai it's ringing could criple an opponent with sonic well you can use the sound from any direction AND there invisable so there's not really any way to avoid them i mean sound has no semll or taste and if you hear it the attack is already hitting you Plus you can't see it Lastly with bedlam You ctrate an area where no one can escape and none of your sound attacks are wasted they just reflect and keep going Plus you are immune to them so the could just keep hitting anything with your sword with it's ringing effect and keep hurting your oppenent with it's power going up and you could just sit there while your opponent dies. I just see no flaws or ways to defend yourself from this other then to stop sound with some attack. BUT overall it is a nice fresh idea that i really like.

Last is your Weeping Princess For love lost with this how fast does the blood react to the attack is there any delay also with the blood can it be felt or is it undetectable? Also can you stop the poison and how much blood is needed to poison them any amount or is it more powerful with more blood? Also how long does this last. For Betrayal How strong are the explosions and does this take any reshi? Wounds unmended So this stops other peoples healing abilities as well? Bankai With one and two no questions other then how heavy is it i mean can one dropn crush someones hand or what? With this last ability How long will the blood try to get to the person? is it based on time or distance or what also how dose this go to the oppenet does it go in a straight line or around things and also how fast is it?

Overall all of your zanpakuto anre powerful and original good job :)
over a year ago golddraco said…
Thanks for the feedback I love your questions... Between which 2 zanpaktou ddark?

To start with Tategami Za Munashii: The sealing effect is relative to the strength of the opponent. Say you were ichigos strength the time you fought ulquiorra when ulquiorra kills him . It would last like 10 seconds tops. The actual sealing effect does not drain reshi to maintain or anything like that. But actually applying it to a target does. As for how much the bankai drains. It is based on your strength not your opponents. Against a roughly equal opponent a stab through the heart could be up to 50% of their reshi. This is only with a direct hit. Against someone like kenpachi it would be closer to 25% just because he has to much. If it was ichigo using the bankai say at around the time he fought grimmjow and won he could maintain it for maybe 20 minutes tops. You can last longer by being stronger but there is no breakeven point. It consumes more the LONGER it is active. So in the beginning the effects will be much less pronounced then later when the fight is drug on.

OH an important thing about about Tategami Za Munashii I felt needed to be clarified. It doesn't DRAIN reshi. It nullifies it. You don't gain any from the attacks. Which means you cannot prolong your use of the bankai.

I totally didn't answer that question. The beads take longer to be eaten. More would become impractical at a certain point depending on how strong the user is. Additionally, they are visible in shikkai form. That seems like it become inconvenient if you have a bead whip coming off the bottom of the sword lol.

As for Zettai Hansha. I should have been more specific with ways you can exploit it's design. It does not have weaknesses you can exploit persay but there are tricks to dealing with it. The sound attacks used in the shikkai form are visible. I forgot to mention that although I did specify the ones in bankai are not. It can be blocked as a physical attack say like using a sword or dodged. They move relatively fast for a projectile but not insane or anything. A good flash step user wouldn't have to much trouble. High frequency attacks look like arrows. A straight line pierce. Low frequency attacks cannot be blocked as such but they can be soaked or dodged. Soaking is similar to nnoitras ultra durable skin. Also, of course I should have mentioned the strength of all of these attacks is relative to the strength of the wielder. If you are not stronger enough to pierce your opponent with physical attacks your sonic attacks probably won't work either though they may, as I said it is sharper and stronger than sword slashes. (think of it like a ranged weapon).

As for the bankai. The area is QUITE large. Several times tousens bankai. This means there is a good while before sound reaches "critical mass" and becomes unavoidable. In the beginning it can easily echo past you without connecting at all because of how large the area is and initially the sound wouldn't be harmful, it would only be echoes. It would take a good while before the sound starts becoming dense enough to cause harm. The sound put off by the swords ring is again based on your strength. Maintaining this bankai form is quite taxing. I would say most people could make it as loud as a church bell if pushed to the limit. But that doesn't matter it matters how concentrated you can make it. As for the sonic wells, yes that is almost unavoidable. Defensive techniques, highspeed maneuvers and predicting where it's going to hit based on what your opponent does are your best defensives.

Regarding the vibrational technique. The sword builds up the vibrations from the air slowly. It's not instantly a humming along. The effects aren't noticeable per any one attack. It's the cumulative weakening effect it has. It does not drain reshi it just weakens the bonds and eventually seperates them. Releasing the vibration in one big blade could potentially nullify a cero but you then have to recharge it. So rapid fire cero can beat this technique.

Keep in mind something important. This bankai form offers NO defensive advantages and NO physical upgrades to speed or anything like that. The best way to handle Zettai Hansha's bankai is to kill or incapacitate your opponent quickly.

For Love Lost: The blood can be felt if on you, but not seen. It still has weight and wetness and smelled if you can smell blood. It's pretty fast to react, not instant dodgeable if you pay attention. Any amount of blood getting into their body will poison but the poisons effect are not incredibly strong, it causes pain and a very slow reshi drain. More poison does not increase this effect. Once poisoned you are poisoned fully.

For Betrayal: This is based on how much energy you invest. The blast radius isn't large. Think of it like directed explosive charges. They do good damage but only to a tiny spot.

Obviously water is a powerful counter to this sword lol. Washing blood off will help tremendously in dealing with it. Washing the blood off removes the prevented healing effect. Or anything that removed the blood honestly, sand rubbing etc or if you are insane copious amounts of your own blood. As for the weight effect. The amounts are to small to crush anything it tears through. Since it's a liquid it flows. Meaning the wounds are not large. This is VERY painful but not all that harmful in truth. And since all blood is removed from you it removed the no healing property. It's mostly a set up For Vengeance.

Thank you for all the questions. I am glad to answer.

It travels similar to Kageyoshi Senbonzakura in terms of speed and method, flowing between things and whatnot. It only stops if you get VERY far away from the activator or if you kill them after they use it but before it connects. It's meant to be a desperation move that either kills both combatants or leaves them unable to fight.

last edited over a year ago
over a year ago bleachfan12 said…
Ichigosuke- your child soul reaper almost sounds like the one that i made and the zanpakuto that could raise tombstones, the shape almost sounded like my first zanpakuto. i like them.

MissStrawberry- i like the spirit of your zanpakuto for it sounds similer to my misery zanpakuto spirit. with mine the spirit was a woman with a snake's lowere body and a woman waring a beautiful kemono. with that one the weilder would get mad at her for vocing her opinions about the battle and would yell at her, scaring friend and foe alike. but they cared/loved eachother the soul reaper is male. i know that can sound sick but hey there could be worse out there.
-also who cares what others think about your zanpakuto, this is what you want it to be, other people are there to say what could be done, not what has to be done, any way it sounds like you put alot of thought into this so good job.
over a year ago ddarksonic675 said…
Ty golddraco for the clerifications all 3 of your are good and make more sense now. Also the two i'm talking about are both in the same post on page 172 the one on top is one a made a while ago and the second i made based on it with a diffrent general idea for it. They are both called soul thief. Also if you want give me feed back on this one :)

This one, and mabe a lot more, are based on an anime called soul eater.

Shikai: Soul

Release command: Help me out soul

Shikai In shikai the users zanpakuto turns into the person in the pic. This person is like the user in terms of strength speed and reshi but they can't use kido or anything like that. The person is Physical form of the zanpakuto spirit and is controled by it. This person, soul, has the ability to transform themself into a scythe instantly i this form they can't move but can still talk, hear see and smell.

Ability 1: Witch Hunter: This uses about a level 30 kido worth of reshi. When this is used the blade of the scythe looks like the pic inthis form it is just as strong as normal but has the ability to shoot reshi the looks and acts like getsuga tensho but is pure white. This takes as much reshi as a getsuga tensho.

Ability 2: Genni Hunter: This uses about as much reshi as a level 50 kido. When this is used it looks like the pic. This is as strong as a normal zanpakuto but has the passive ability to purify things it cuts. This effect gets rid of poison, sickness, and unnatural effects, like soifons shikai marks or kiras shikai effect. This works on anyone cut by the blade but if the user does not think of the person or thing there hitting as an enemy then it still purifiys them but does not cut them. This also can't be used on the user sure themself it will just cut them.

Ability 3: Soul Perception: This needs no reshi and is passive. During shikai the user has there ability to sense reshi and spirtual pressure increased by 5 times. This also gives them the ability to foucus on one persons spiritual pressure. They don't need to know the person just what there spiritual pressure is like. By doing this they can sense that persons spiritual perssure as long as that person is within 200 miles of them. The abilities radius grows from around the person as they stay focused without interuption at a pace of 10 miles per minute until they hit the max range. With this the user can as long as ther person is within 30 miles of them detect how strong the person is even if they try to hid there reshi.

Bankai Soul Eater Evens

The bankai looks just like shikai but soul has double the reshi.

Ability 1: The Kishin Hunter?: This attack take a level 80 kido worth of reshi. The scythe looks like the picture in this form the attack is able to cut through things with half the force they would normaly need inadition to stopping active super natural healing abilities like hollow instante regertaion and healing things like squad fours healing and keeps them from working for 3 mintutes for any cut made.

Ability 2: I have black blood?: This needs about a level 50 kido worth of reshi every 20 seconds it's active. This makes the user become 45% faster and stronger. It also makes the user lose all fear of every kind while active and makes them more child like they giggle a lot and mess around with there enemy in combat and they take the fight less serrosly. During this soul, the weapon, is immue to this but doesn't gain it's effects he is also the one who stops the ability not the user he can do this at anytime.

Ability 3: I'm gonna be an angel?: This uses no reshi but takes 5 seconds to form and deform. The causes the scythe transform into the pic. The wings the scythe grows are hard like the rest of it but they give the user the ability to fly using the scythe at about 50% faster then ther runing speed and they can flash step but flash steps have a 20 second cooldwon.

This is based on soul and maka from soul eater also in the anime the episode titles are all in the form of questions so thats what i did with the bankai abilies names. Also i would like any feed back you can give :)

Pics top left Witch hunter top right genni hunter bottom left kishin hunter bottom right Angel
 Ty golddraco for the clerifications all 3 of your are good and make 더 많이 sense now. Also the two i'm
over a year ago tank012 said…
my fourth zanpakto
its name is gimai
its command is enhance
its bankai name is hone gimai
it just looks like a normal katana when iit is sealed and the sheath and the hilt are both neon green and the guard is shaped like a star with rings on each of the points like kaname's zanpakto

its shikai abilities are when it gets released it all of the rings start to glow and then they each release a bolt of lightning that goes to the blade which turns it into a lightning blade that can grow up to 100 feet long

its bankai abilities are when you call out its name then point it to the sky the clouds go all around the area and they look like very dark storm clouds and it starts raining then they can point the sword anywere under the clouds and a bolt of lightning will come down

this is a very powerful zanpakto and would be used by a lieutenant or captain

please comment on my zanpaktos
over a year ago ZeroCompany said…
[Serenta Lobo-Wolf Spirit]
[Howl at the Moon and Shred my enemies]
[Tsukage Serenta Lobo-Earth's Shadow-Wolf Spirit]
[when released the blade becomes a spirit pressure werewolf around the shikigami. the blade is a zanbato (extra long katana)]
[shikai abilities]-[Every 10 minutes the shikia is active your speed and strength increase by 15%. after 1 hour the spirit pressure were wolf leaves your body and becomes its own entity and is controlled by your thought. (side effect-20 minutes after it becomes it own entity your zanpakto returns to its original sword form and cannot be released again for another 3 hours)] Ultimate Attack-Moon Wolf Strike

[bankai abilities]-[when released the sword becomes a giant wolf made entirely of spirit pressure and can not be cut with a zanpakto and can only be damaged with kido. anytime it needed the wolf can convert back into a sword to increase ur speed strength and spirit pressure ten fold.

My shikigami is similar to captain byakua. has long white hair with black tips. he is the captain of squad 9 with ichigo as his vice captain. I have a fully evolved visard form and enough spiritual pressure to challenge the captain general. I have very little skill in using kido but am an expert with a sword. General Yamamoto trained me personally.

over a year ago bleachfan12 said…
ZeroCompany- you left out the decription of the (moon wolf strike) what dose it do? i'm pretty sure you're going to get alot of critisism for making ichigo your vice captain, how about ichigo is the 5th captain and you guys are good friends.
-how about for another side effect of the wolf being out is that it gains more independance and tends to attack anyone? if you like my segestions that is cool.
over a year ago Ichigosuke said…
bleachfan12, im sorry, i didnt see your zanpakuto, and i promise i didnt copy. Thats not my thing. I had that idea written down in my computer for a long time, i just didnt post it.
over a year ago Silverwolf41 said…
big smile
urrr whiteflame i made a fixx thing to my zankouto and was wondering is that what you needed?it's on page 166.please have a look!!!
over a year ago Silverwolf41 said…
ok i'm going to make another zanpakuto.feel free to comment!

Shikai:Naru Rei(Thunder Spirit)


Shikai looks like a stick with lighting bolts on it and it sparks.it is the color of the lighting bolt.

Shikai abilities:Rei Nami(spirit wave) it shoots out ten spirits that attack anyone in a ten-meter radius.

Naru Buumu(thunder boom)it does a ten lighting bolts(that you can choose when to fire)at your opponent.

Banki:Keikootoo Rei(lighting spirit)it looks like a lighting bolt with ton of other lighting bolts on it.the color is the same.

Banki abilities:Rei Tsunami(spirit tidal wave)it has a hundred spirits that attack anyone in a hundred-meter radius.

Kabi Paneru Naru(wall of thunder)it makes a wall of thunder around you to protect yourself in two seconds.

ok i'm done with this zanpakuto.i'm going a picture of the zanpakuto.
 ok i'm going to make another zanpakuto.feel free to comment! Shikai:Naru Rei(Thunder Spirit) Relea
over a year ago Ichigosuke said…
Hi guys! Ive got a really great and original idea. I dont think anyone thought of it before. Any way, im learning for a test, so im posting only an halffinished version of it. I would later post another bankai ability, but until then, please comment!

Shinigami: Zen Kisuu

Name: Ougonsuu (Golden Number)

Zanpakuto Spirit: His zanpajuto spirit looks like a midde aged man, with long brown hair and green eyes. He wears a Toxido all the time, that has a small golden X on its left chest area.
He acts very polite and calculated. He never raises his voice. NEVER. He never flinches. When Zen talks to him, they usually just sit and play mind games like chess. They get along well as they are both very smart and calm.

Shikai: Keisansuru! Ougonsuu!(Count! Golden Number)
In shikai, his blade doesnt change, except he has the roman numbers 1-10 written on it, where 10 is at the top, and 1 at the bottom.
His ability is very special: When he releases shikai, he must immidiatly declare some sort of physical action.
It can be things like slash, kick, move finger, etc...
Now, every time either he or his opponent does that specific action, he counts out load.
When he gets to 10, the last one to do that specific action, looses the ability to do it, until one of them loses consciousness.
After he reaces 10, he declares a new action, and now he counts till 9.
His total number of counts should be 55. When he reaches the time when he can only count till 1,
He gets the ability to declare any action, whether physical or mental.
He can whisper the counting, but he must say it, not just think it.

Bankai: Ijouna Ougonsuu (Abnormal Golden Number)
In bankai, his sword vanishes. Instead, He gets sorta off a golden large x, with sharp edges and sides.
It has a hole in the middle with a handle in it, thats where he holds it.
His bankai, is more of an offensive mode than shikai. He uses it to gain more firepower, although he doesnt really like using it.
In bankai, he gets a complete new set of skills:
1) Hyaku Kakezannosuru (Multiply 100): When he uses this, he declares an action. Now, whenever he or his opponent do that action,
the effect it has is multiplied. Each time the action is done the multiplier rises by 5. It starts from 5.
For example, if said action would be kicking, then the amount of damadge done by the kick would multiply, and also the amount of energy taken to
kick like that. This would mean, that kicking someone with a multi of 100, would cause huge damadge to the kicked, but also probably tear down
the kickers leg muscles and render it useless. Its a risky technique.
2) Kigouno Suuji (Number Mark): Each time someone touches something, a roman number will appear on him. When The Letter "L" appears, on the forehead of that one,
he will go into a state of coma. Its a very risky technique, as are all of his techniques. This applys to him as well.
Touching something doesnt include stuff they were already touching when this tech was activated. The longer someone touches something, the more letters appear on his body,
"I" for every second that passes by. Meaning, that if someone, for example, was in the air while this technique was activated, touching the air wont effect him,
but, touching the ground, even with shoes on, would make numbers appear on him. If he steps on something connected to the ground, like a stone,
it wont aply as him touching the ground, but as him touching the stone. If someone touches something continually for 10 seconds, a red X will appear
on one of his limbs, and it will stop moving. He wont be able to feel it nor use it anymore during the fight.
last edited over a year ago
over a year ago gecho said…
Ok ive made another one; this one may seem a tad overpowered but the way i imagined this character was somone who would die in his story.

Zanpakutou: Hebi-maki(winding serpant) large curved sword sort of scimitar like but with a wide blade.Ribbon attached to the back.
Release: Shūshuku-sa, hebi o maki(constrict! winding serpant)

Ability 1:when released the ribbon on the back raps around the users arm and slowy winds its way up his arm eventualy covering his entire body. This takes 15 min(subject to change) regardless of the swords other affects. After this time the user is instantly switched into bankai.(meaning this is both the maximum time that the user can mantain only a shikai state and the amount of time the user must wait to go into bankai).

Ability 2: the ribbon will move quickly to the location of an injury on the user acting as a bandage and stopping bleeeding with its spiritual energy.

Ability 3: the ribbon can leap out and attatch itself to an object this is not damageing it just gets stuck on it. The end of the ribbon will than look like a vipers head stretching out and biting on to something.

Bankai: This is mostly based off of ranso tengai( the ability uuryu uses while fighting mayuri kurotsutchi to enable him to move while being affected by mayuri's paralyzing poison) THe bandages that coat his body now turn into a black hooded cloak. In this state he loses all sense except for the goal he was trying to acheive at the time. Once this goal is acheived he will exit bankai. The scimitar becomes a lance.

Ability 1: the users body no longer truly exists, the cloak is a manifestation of the will of this character. Any damage receieved by the cloak will affect the user once bankai has been deactivated.( this allows the user to die but still complete a task, once that task is complete he will die)

Ability 2: the strength,speed, adn spiritual pressure of the user are increased drastically making him an all around better fighter.

Notes:the way his bankai works if he was fighting somone and that was his goal, and a friend of his enemy showed up, this character would practicaly ignore this other person, he would defend himself against oncoming attacks( he is not stupid) but will simply knock the friend away and continue pursuing the focus of his will.

feedback apreciated
thanks for reading!
over a year ago Ankakalle64 said…
Ok I´ve made a zanpakuto and I know it might be a bit overpowered but I still like it.

My personal Zanpakuto

Name: Blade of the mist

Appearance: A regular katana but the guard is shaped as a hollow circle filled with tiny whirls of air. The hilt is in a deep grayish blue.

When it becomes shikai the blade starts to emit mist that engulfs it. When the mist clears up its in shikai.

Shikai command: Engulf!

Shikai name: Blade of the mist

Appearance: A massive broadsword shaped like giant butcher knife. It has a circle cut out near the top and a semicircle near the handle. The handle is also quite long.

Shikai abilities:
Mist cut , the hole in the blade fills with a ball of whirling white and blue energy and when I swing the blade its like an invisible blade that can cut trough anything.

Mist wind blades, I slice in the air and launch several small air blades at my opponent.

Mist gathering, if the blade was broken it regenerates via the mist.

When entering bankai the blade engulfs itself and me in thick mist.

Bankai command: Engulf them in fear and death!

Bankai name: Feared hidden blade of the mists

Bankai appearance: A large katana, but longer and not broader or thicker. And it has a band of torn grey cloth comming from the hilt.

Bankai abilities:
It gives me an enormous speed boost + the same powers as in shikai although more powerful.

Hidden mist: Thick mist engulfs me and my opponent in a 3 mile orb of it. Only the wielder of my sword can see more than 5 cm in that mist.

Feared swordsmen of the mists: I create up to seven copies of me that can then fight with me but they are only half as strong as me and have different swords then me.

Untold yet known hidden mist massacre: I read the text on the blade out loud and the blood from my enemies and their reiatsu becomes absorbed by the blade until their nearly dead. By that I mean that they can barely move and can´t use any of their abilities, not even flash step.
This is the text:
"And as they entered the mists, they heard the sound of a sword being drawn. They didn´t realize that what they heard was their doom until the mist lashed out towards them. One by on they fell and the mist became red with their blood until they where drained of all."

Deadly mists final strike: My blade becomes mist and can then materialize itself anywhere within the hidden mist. So if my opponent breathes in the mist than he will get blades through the heart and lungs. But I must read this text from the blade:
"And when all but one remained the Feared hidden blade of the mists appeared before him and finished him with a single swing of his massive sword."
over a year ago Ankakalle64 said…
And sorry but I couldn´t translate the names!
over a year ago Ryuuikari said…
Ok new here but I have had this in my head since I knew what zanpakutō were..

Name: Oreimohō (Spirit Mimic)
In its sealed form it looks like a regular katana, except for a serrated dagger on the pommel and a white, crescent shaped guard; the hilt is dark grey and the sheathe is brown.

Shikai is triggered by the command 'Absorb and conquer' (Kyūshū to seifuku). In shikai its appearance doesn't change.
The technique is nameless but, in Shikai, Oreimohō has the ability to mimic the appearance and techniques of one opposing zanpakutō. The wielder can freely change what zanpakutō they decide to mimic and Oreimohō won't automatically mimic an opponents zanpakutō. Oreimohō is only able to mimic zanpakutō in Shikai form.

Bankai: Mugen Oreimohō (Infinite Spirit Mimic)
In Bankai the blade lengthens slightly, becomes double-edged and the whole blade turns completely white.
It's main ability (also nameless) is the ability to mimic and then retain all Shikai and Bankai abilities that the wielder has seen. When an ability is performed Oreimohō doesn't change its appearance; instead the ability is manifested from Mugen Oreimohō itself. The abilities performed look exactly like the original except they appear silver in colour.
It then has two sub-abilities:

Tamashī Taihō (Soul Cannon)
This technique fires a powerful energy wave of concentrated spiritual energy. The technique is actually all the abilities Mugen Oreimohō has mimicked merging and manifesting in the form of an energy wave. Subsequently the more abilities Mugen Oreimohō mimics the more powerful this technique.

Hebunreidōka (Heavenly Spirit Assimilation)
An extremely taxing but powerful technique, where the wielder fuses with Mugen Oreimohō to form a Shinigami/Zanpakutō hybrid. As well as giving a massive power increase it allows the wielder to perform all the techniques Mugen Oreimohō could do; it also substantially hardens the wielder's skin (due to Mugen Oreimohō becoming part of the wielder). Although powerful the technique would be difficult to sustain.

Hope my zanpakutō wasn't too long or boring ! Nice to get it out there :D
over a year ago Mankai said…
This is based on an online game i played :P

Zanpakutou: Ryuushin 'Dragon God'.
Appearance: It looks like a katana with a green rectangular guard and a dark green hilt.
Release: Zenmetsu 'Annihilate'

Shikai appearance: Looks exactly like its unsealed form except that it's got a scythe-like extension on the back edge of the blade at the tip.
Shikai ability: Ryuuga Tenshou 'Heaven Piercing Dragon Fang'
Ryuushin absorbs some of the my spiritual energy and surrounding spirit particles, growing to triple its normal size (the blade only not the hilt or guard). Then the foe is slashed/smashed with the blade, releasing all the absorbed spiritual power explosively on contact.

Bankai: Reijingu Ryuushin 'Raging Dragon God'

Bankai appearance: In bankai Reijingu Ryuushin changes from being one blade to being two identical blades. It looks like its shikai form except that as well as the extension on the back of the blade the back edge of the blade turns serrated. The blade turns crimson, the guard silver and the hilt crimson and dark silver.
My bankai appearance: I would be dressed in a sleeveless, blue, tattered shinigami uniform with a pair of fingerless, red tekkou.

Bankai ability 1: Tsuin Ryuugirochin 'Twin Dragon Guillotine'
The two swords are crossed like a pair of scissors in the shape of a 'x'. Then i would slash forwards releasing two crimson energy waves that slice the foe like a guillotine. It does more damage the closer i am to the foe.

Bankai ability 2: Kamishini Ryuuryuusei 'God-Killing Dragon Meteor'
My most powerful technique. Reijingu Ryuushin's two swords temporarily merge to become one sword while absorbing my spiritual energy and surrounding spirit particles. This makes the blade grow to quadruple its normal size. Then my strength momentarily triples allowing me to slam down quadruple-sized Reijingu Ryuushin on the foe releasing all the absorbed spiritual power explosively on contact. A large crater which looks like dragon skull is left behind.

Hope you think its good, feedback welcomed :)
over a year ago Ichigosuke said…
ryuuikari, Nice one! I posted a similar idea some time ago XD!
Anyway, one thing i dont like is, its kinda overpowered in bankai:
The user can use any shikai/bankai hes ever seen without limitations and without stopping in between? That just basically means he has no weakness and has unlimited powers. Also, he has 2 more other techniques as well? Im not trying to be all critical but its just too much power.
Anyway, thats just my opinion!
On another note, please, somebody review my Number Zanpakuto i posted on page 173! Thank you!
over a year ago bleachfan12 said…
Ichigosuke- i never said that you copyed it, i just said it almost was a duplicate of how mine looked, but mine had a skull were the blade came out and it came out of the skuls mouth with darkness coming out of the skulls eyes.

for your number zanpakuto, the ability to put an "L" on the forhead confused me as well as how the steping on objects worked as well.
-i think you should have put in a zanpakuto spirit, that would be cool, besides that it is a good sword, not overpowered.

ryuuikari- now that zanpakuto sounds like mine, but it isn't copied.
as ichigosuke said it is overpowered (bankai wise) however i don't have any ideas for you, for i did the same thing on mine. the two sub abilities are cool and are accually pretty good.
over a year ago Ichigosuke said…
Bleachfan, i just wanted to make sure you understand that i never copy. All my ideas came purely from my head except one which was based on the Portal game series.
About the L thing: L is the roman number 50. Thats why when they reach 50 it appears and the "magic" happens XD.
Stepping on objects was just a bad example of what the technique does. Each time someone touches something, anything, that he wasn't touching when the technique was activated, a roman number appears on him. The count goes on until 50 touches, or the word L on the forehead.
At that point the mone with the L faints and enters coma. Very simple.
THis applys to the user as well as the enemy.
over a year ago Ichigosuke said…
Okay, here is one with only shikai. IM working on a bankai, but it looks to weak so im keeping it only shikai.

Shinigami: Shou Hedate, The Barrier God

Name: Shougaino Kami (God of Barriers)

Shikai: Kankinsuru! Shougaino Kami (Lock! God of Barriers)
Well, in shikai, his sword dissapears, and becomes a round, silver shield.
His shikai, enables him to create all sorts of barriers. Also, Kido Barriers Are full power, even without a chant.
Here are a few:
1) Kankin (Lock): This creates a big cube in the direction he puts both hands in. Then, 6 metal chains surround the cube. Finally,
at the connection point of the chains, a gold lock appears. He then creates a golden key in his hand, and inserts it into the lock, and turns.
This barrier is his strongest locking barrier. It disables almost any damadge from the inside. The whole process of creating it takes just about 15-20 seconds.
He uses this not only to lock his opponent, but also to lock a beam or explosion for example.
He must have at least one hand on the cube at all times to maintain it.
He can create a small version of this, thats about 1 meter on 1 meter in size. This one can be created in a second. Its weak and cant really
stop or lock anything strong.
2) Hannei (Reflection): This creates a round circle barrier. Each circle has cool ancient looking symbols on it.
Now, heres what special. Every Barrier takes only a second to create. HE has a special use, where he creates 7 barriers, each circle bigger than the other.
The smallest circle is inside the one above it, and so on. This way, each barrier doesnt break so easily, it protects more and deflects attacks back.
3) Tate (Shield): This is his favorite move. He creates a sortoff array of thos circle barriers all around him, only now, instead of
one inside the other, they are in layers, one behind of the other. This way, if the first one breaks for example, the shield behind it will block the attack, and so on.

Raise your head, Stare at the sky and howl, To that Moon Above, To which you pray all Night (Yeah, i know, but hey, im no poet...).
This creates a sphere barrier shining in silver light. Basically, If touched, it will expand in a shine of light, and captures the toucher in it.
over a year ago Ryuuikari said…
Thanks guys, yeah now I look at my zanpakutō it does seem waaaay too overpowered in Bankai.. oh well lets just say that that the person who owns this zanpakutō is a bit like Kōga Kuchiki (from the Beast Swords Arc i think) in the fact that they lose communication with it.

Oh and Ichigosuke i'd love to read all the zanpakutō and Shinigami you've made but i'm super lazy and can't be bothered but from the one on this page and the ones before it that I have read, I am quite impressed :D
over a year ago Ichigosuke said…
well, ruuikari, i created over 35 so if you are lazy you really wont have any chance of reading them all. They start about page 120~130.
Anyway, Thank you for replying.
Bleachfan, i added a zanpakuto spirit to the original post of the number zanpakuto by your request. Check it out!
over a year ago shanks100 said…
This is one of my dream zampakutou ( I have three)but this one was the easiest to explain, I think it´s a tad overpowered and resembles more a resurrection than a zampakutou so give me your opinion XD (not English so I might have some errors along the way XD)
Name: Shirotenshi (White angel)
Release command - Me no mieinai (Blind)
Appearance: The tsuba resembles Kyoka Suigetsu while unreleased, when in Shikai it gains little wings, the handle is white and yellow, the blade is metalized when unreleased and whitish while in Shikai.

Shikai ability 1 – Niji modo (Rainbow mode) – the blade starts to glow in a yellow light that changes its color gradually, it can alter the flow of light to the enemy´s eyes, making color, depth and even what they actually see is different from reality. Due to the radiation emitted from the blade it can cause radiation poisoning in small amounts.

Shikai ability 2 – Hikari Sraisu (Light slash) – Shirotenshi can extend itself by creating beams of light from the blade, increasing its power, speed and range. Can emit cero like beans that go from blind to obliterate.

Shikai Ability 3 – Shiro Tsubasa (White wing) - when injured, the blade can create a small wing from the tip of the handle that cover the wound and heal it. If fast enough and if the case is that it can heal lost limbs.

Bankai – Teniou Shirotenshi (Heaven´s King White angel)
Release command - Ten o shihai suru jigoku to chikyū no ue Ni jōshō (Rise above hell and earth to rule the heavens)

Bankai appearance – The sword starts to spin and turns into a spear with a white handle, yellow ribbons in the tip, a triangular blade with small wings between it and the handle. The wielder gains white feathered wings and the clothing is changed into long white robes.

Bankai ability 1 – Hikari no Karada (Light body) – can turn the users boy into pure light to avoid being it.

Bankai ability 2 – Hikari Spido (Light speed) can move at close to light speed, turn into light completely and mix himself in to the light of the battle field.

Bankai ability 3 – Hikari Senshin (light spirit) the swords ultimate technique , it creates an astral projection of the user , then it calls out all the light in the battle field and turns it into an weapon, meaning that the light in an 13 mile radius can be used as any kind of attack being it a sword, arrows or even a cero, making the enemy unsafe everywhere that has light which is mostly everywhere, it´s nearly impossible to dodge any of the attacks because they aren´t physical and can attack from any direction.

Zampakutou spirit appearance - It is a small,shy,blond kid that dresses fully in white, with wings in his back that grow big when he is angry or sad
last edited over a year ago
over a year ago BLAMargera123 said…
New Zanpakuto of mine!

Zanpakuto Name: San Kaeru (Acid Frog)
Release Command: "Spit"
Bankai Name: Reinbaningu, San Kaeru
Shikai: The Hilts color is Sapphire, The hilt is in the shape of a three eyed frog with its mouth open, the blades tip is in the shape of a fork with holes on the tip of each end.
Bankai: The zanpakuto turns into liquid, the liquid starts to turn into a Syringe, when the user injects it into his/ her neck, the users neck starts to croak, the users skin becomes light green with dark green spots, and the users eyes turn into toad eyes.
Shikai Abilities:

Acid Spit - The Holes from the pitchfork shoot out a long range acid bullet, the bullets burn through reishi.

Bankai Abilities:

Acid Spit 2 - the user can spit up a large trait of acid.

Acid Rain - the user spits up a large amount of acid into the sky so it can rain down on the battlefield, the user doesnt sustain injuries.

Zanpakuto Spirit Appearance: its a little frog with 3 eyes that can talk.