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jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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over a year ago bleachfan12 said…
big smile
wow whiteflame55 that is good, there are two things that i noticed the first bankai ability and the first shikai ability, there is nothing wrong with them but with kenpachi's personality he would probly never use them. as for the "he would not so much as look at a blade that improved on his already prodigious strength." i have to say yes and no to that. what i mean is that he is a hipocrite, when he fight ichigo its "you shouldn't relie and anyone but you" after his defeat he tries to comunicate with his sword, so in a way he brakes his own rule.

but like i said im not saying you did wrong and im glad to see a kenpachi zanpakuto made (again) so thank you
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
That's actually part of the reason why they're there. The general idea is that part of the reason for the distance between himself and his blade is that his blade would have disagreeable abilities, at least to an extent. I do appreciate your response, and am glad you enjoyed it.
over a year ago Ichigosuke said…
Hi Everybody! Long time no see. Anyway, here is my New Zanpakuto. Please Comment!

Shinigami: Toru Kakeru
Looks: Young Boy, about 15 or 16, with falling back shoulder length white spiky (small spikes) hair.
He acts cheerfull and childish, but in reality, he is very cunning and smart.
He also excels in reading body language and all kinda off psychologic stuff like that.
He uses all of the above traits in his fighting style.
He achieved Bankai very fast, even faster than ichigo, as he and his zanpakuto were so much alike.
He Achieved bankai by winning a card game with his zanpakuto, which he calls for short Toba.

Name: Tobakunin Itsuwaru (Cheat{ing} Gambler)

Zanpakutou Spirit: A Yound man in his 20's with a very neat suit and shoulder length brown hair.
He is usually seen with a pair of dices or a set of playing cards.

Sealed State: A normal lengthed blade. The gaurd is in the shape of a dice with the 6 side pointing up.
The handle is red and there is a Dice dangling from a short chain at its end.

Shikai: Bakuchioutsu!Tobakunin Itsuwaru! (Gamble! Cheat{ing} Gambler!)
In shikai, There is no change to the Sword, except that cahin with the dices dissappears, and the dices fall into Torus hand.
In Shikai, Toru can place a bet with himself, and toss the dices. If he is correct, whatever he bet on is multiplied
by the number shown on the dice. He can bet Stuff like Objects around him, or even amounts of rietsu or power he has.
Of course, if he loses the gamble he loses what he bet on.

Bankai: Bakuchijou, Tobakunin Itsuwaru! (Gambling Place, Cheat{ing} Gambler!)
While activating bankai, a sort of sonic boom erupts from his sword. When the Mist clears, He is now shown to have a mask resembling a clown mask of some sort.
The mask remains on only half his face, hanging. He also gets a long, black hat, Which when the mist clears, he is shown to be bowing with in one hand.

In bankai, He has the ability to place a bet on anything, and, he can also choose the sort of challenge to win the gamble.
Only now, the vet is both for him and his opponent.
This means, He can say stuff like: "I bet you i can hit you more times than you can hit me in the next minute. I place half of my speed on the line".
This means that if he wins, he gains both his speed back and half of his opponents speed. If he loses this applys to the opponent, meaning he will gain the bet.
He also has the wierd abilitie to summon gambling devices out of nowhere, like poker chips, cards, dices, roulettes and such.

His biggest abilitie is his amazing abilitie to cheat in these games. He can cheat easily in every kind of gambling game,
but also, he usually places the bet and challenge in a way that he can cheat in.

over a year ago bleachfan12 said…
ichigosuke- cool zanpakuto, what would make it better is to have a penalty for some one caught cheating. say the opponent relizes, bla, bla, bla.

i thought of another zanpakuto please coment on it.

name: dream demon

bankai name: dream demon of the nightmare realm

realease comand: wake the nightmare

side note: my soul reaper had a very troubled past and these transfered to his abilities.

shikai apperance: is a large sword but with a hilt that is decarated with stars and an demon eye on the cross guard.

ability one- (hypnosis) this ability puts my soul reaper asleep and is required in order for any of the attacks to work. if he is awoken the attacks disapear, such as from shock (startaled)or from being hit with moderate attacks. he can move around while asleep and is like tosen (he can sence people). this ability is activated automaticly.

ability 2-(rage) a monster made of his feeling of hate is summoned from the eye on the sword and is used to attack, the monster looks like a huge hell hound that attacks the one the user is concentrating his hate at. this attack can be stoped by making him think of other emotions, however his is good at controling his emotions.

ability 3-(love) summons a bat/human hybrid, but destite its appearence is used to heal.

ability 4- (courage)- summons a warrior in golden arrmor with a sword similer to the users and a large sheild, and is used to defend those dear.

ability 5(fear)-summons a demonic werewolf creature that can spew smoke and toxins that is used to excape from battle and to cover retreats, can be used to attack if nesscary.

(for the above abilities the creatures summoned from the eye of the sword can be hurt or killed and each can attack or defend if neccarry but dose better at the job it was suited for)

bankai appearence (if someone could make and appearence id appreatate it)

the bankai instead of puting him asleep makes him be in a trance so his reflexs are better and his resistance is better.

bankai ability 1-(hate and love) both the creature of hate and the creature of love are summoned, both are used and get stronger the more the user wants to kill someone or to heal someone. this attack can be stoped by makeing him have other emotions other than love or hate.

ability 2-(fear and courage) the creatures of courage and fear are summoned, and are used like the last ability. the creature of fear is used to defend the user and the creature of courage is used to attack, and if neccary defend others.

ability 3(demented mind) this attack is risky for all four creatures are summoned and if he looses concentration they could get out of control.

he can attack as well but preferes to let his monsters attack for him.

zanpakuto spirit and world- his inner world looks like a city that is cut in half by darkness and light. there is a sun and moon that are right next to eachother. the creatures of fear and hate reside in the dark part of the city and the creatures of courage and love reside in the light portion of the city. if one was to go to his inner world they would find out that the creatures are accually friendly and playfull but tend to get carried away with their games.

his zanpakuto spirit is that of a clown that looks half demonic and half normal. the demon portion is dressed in a black trench coat with stars and moons on it and the normal half looks like a normal clown. like the creatures the clown is friendly and playful and is ussally found inbetween the two (worlds) with the demonic half in the dark world and the normal half in the light world. all of the creatures can go anywere in the world and want the soul reaper to play with them when ever he enters (this is to try to make him forget about his troubled past) and it is hard to keep them on track.

p.s- i know i may of used to many abilities for the shikai and bankai but it would be weird if there were no yin yang to the attacks.

so tell me what you think.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Alright, now that there are a couple of new blades, I'll go ahead and review:
Ichigosuke -
It's certainly a different kind of blade than I'm used to seeing, and I think that invites some questions about the general concept. For one, the shikai includes the use of dice that are attached to the handle by a chain. I wonder, however, what happens when someone takes the dice away. Admittedly, the dice, when used, fall in his hand, but that doesn't prevent someone from taking them, it just makes it harder. What happens if they take it off the chain? What about if they're taken after or even during the dice roll? I'm also concerned because I don't know the number of dice. Is it a pair of dice, or a single die? The other thing that's a bit untouched here is the idea of "cheating." I get that he'd select the best possible scenario for himself to win bets in the bankai, but I'm wondering what that means for the shikai. Can he cheat on the roll of the dice? If so, how?
But with that, we'll get into the abilities themselves. The question on the number of dice is very important here, mainly because the bets gain more and more likelihood of being correct as you go down in the number of dice. Honestly, however, this is probably a bit too weak. I know I don't say this often, but the best case scenario for this ability is that you have a 1 in 6 chance of gaining something. If you set that something very high and select "6," you're gaining quite a bit, but if you set it very high and get any other number, you're in deep trouble. Unless the answer to the question about cheating is that he can somehow get the likelihood of a certain roll up (which, in my opinion, would defeat the purpose of using dice, since a coin would make more sense if you wanted less a higher likelihood). But realize that increases in likelihood of the ability activating would also have to come with some tradeoffs in terms of the power this ability can provide.
As for the bankai, I have concerns here. It's certainly interesting to be able to bet on anything for any cost, but since this is bankai, you're likely to know a good bit about your opponent. You'll have realized where your strengths lie by comparison to them. Let's say you're a speed demon, for example. If you realize your opponent isn't nearly as fast, and you set up that bet, you're basically guaranteed to win. The difficulty there is that there's no limitation on the bet, and your opponent is forced to agreed to the bet.
But I'd like to discuss limitations on the bet. In general, I'm not a fan of the idea of unlimited effect, even if that effect is uncertain as to whether or not it will land. For the bankai, as I said above, this is more of a problem, but in both scenarios, the effect can just cause too much, even going as high as causing instant death. You may want to limit it.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Alright, now bleachfan12 -
So just off the bat, seems like there are 2 too many shikai abilities here, at least by the format of this forum. Might want to reduce it, and I'll get to which ones I think are expendable on the abilities themselves.
Shikai 1: You say the soul reaper can "move around" in his sleep. What does that mean? Does it mean he moves as normal, or does it mean he moves in a certain gerky way, or what?
Shikai 2: I don't really understand the concept of making someone feel other emotions, especially considering that, in most cases, those who engage in fights in the Bleach universe don't know each other well. That being the case, I'm not certain how this functions as a weakness. Beyond that, I don't see any specifics about the size of the summoned beast, nor do I see anything about its power, speed or abilities.
Shikai 3: How much healing does this produce? A lot of the same problems persist here as well: no specifics on size, power, or speed.
Shikai 4: All the questions used in the previous 2 apply here. I also don't see any measure of the strength of the armor or the shield, which is especially important for defining the defensive capacity. You say it will "defend those dear." Does that mean that it will select certain people to defend?
Shikai 5: Lots of specifics needed here. How much area does the smoke cover? How powerful are the toxins? How much area do they cover? Do they merely need to be breathed in? Also, all the same questions as the previous 4.
Overall, I think you should select 1 of the final three shikai abilities to use here. They're all defensive in some way shape or form. If you do want to keep all 4, limit the number that can be summoned at any one time.

Bankai 1: Again, changing emotions really isn't something that's at all likely or, in my opinion, possible, so I wouldn't use that as a weakness. Since this is summoning 2 things, you've got another group of problems. Are the 2 summons linked? If one is weaker (as one will always be), what does that mean? What does being stronger mean, for that matter? As per the stuff I was talking about before about speed, strength, healing power, damaging power, anything like that, I don't see any specifics.
Bankai 2: This follows the line of my comments on the previous ability. All of these bankai creatures need a lot more definition.
Bankai 3: So he can keep all 4 out as long as he's concentrating very hard. Does that mean that only one of them will be strong, since he can't hold all 4 emotions at once? How easy is it for him to lose his concentration? Can he regain control of the creatures after they go wild? What does it mean for them to go wild? Do they attack anything and everything they see? How does that work for the summon that heals?
over a year ago deathlordNick said…
hi my first post:)
ok Zanpukto Name: mira-makai touzoku (Evil mirror thief)

bankai name: mira-makai touzoku kara heru (mirror thief from hell)

release command: rob them!

sealed state: a normal handle and gaurd except its pure silver, the blade is a mirror that cannot break. its sheath is pitch black.
shikai appearance: it starts as the same handle and gaurd but the blade dissapears. after 5 seconds the blade begins absorbing reitsu from the world around it or from myself as it absorbs more reitsu it gets more powerful until only the tip is missing when it gets their it stops absorbing, by now i'm about as strong as a captain. the blade constantly loses reitsu and shrinks so it's almost impossible to make the blade reach its maximum size and allow me to use ability 2. when it reaches maximum size it stops losing reitsu.
ability 1: ABSORBS reitsu every time i hit my enemy, or ally
ability 2:mira-kansei (mirror trap)when its full i can catch any attack sent my way like getsuga tensho, but if a attack like sen bon zakura comes at me i can only catch the attack for 5 seconds i can then send the attack back at them.
Bankai appearance: white handle grey gaurd and black fire surrounding a white-hot blade, the blade can't be seen and the only way to achieve bankai is to fill up the shikai bled which dessimates the area around me for 5 feet, removing all life.

ability 1: kuroheru yajuu(black fire beast) summons a beast out of my zanpukto's black flame, revealing my white-hot blade. the beast destroys all it touches, like a fire, i am immune to said fire. any beast can be summoned as long as it actually exists or existed., or if i think it exists. if it is destroyed the flame returns to my zanpukto.

ability 2: mira-kago (mirror cage): allows me to catch an infinite number of atttacks but can't catch attacks like senbon zakura anymore but i can keep any attack i do catch in my sword even after i reseal it, they can only be used in bankai.
zanpukto's appearaance(in my soul): a black cloaked stranger who's
face is hidden in shadow.
side note: he would suddenly appear and protect me when i got into trouble but stopped appearing when i entered the soul reaper academy.
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over a year ago deathlordNick said…
ok, now for my character
name: Nickorasu shuntama
description: black, spiky hair like supersaiyen three but only goes to my shoulders, pure white eyes, wheres a normal shinigami kimono except everything that should be white is red and has a silver sash that goes from his left shoulder to right side of waste, is also a lefty and most think he's weak but is actually as strong as kempachi. he rarelly visits soul society because he's a vizard and has trouble keeping his hollow powers in check. he is about 18 years old physically but his age is really about 800. he also always carries a book and pen with him to write down anything interesting and also likes to draw. he's a great artist and normally draws manga characters. he has a happy demeanor but will kill you if he finds you annoying. plus he's never been caught, he's believed to have killed over 8000 people but their bodies were never recovered...ever
over a year ago deathlordNick said…
shikai state normal zanpukto but red blade
ability 1 can use my blood to power up kido spells 10 drops of blood equal 2x power of kido spell or 1 kido spell higher than my current non-incantation kido(if i can use level 90 kido no incantation than i can now use level 91 kido no incantation for 10 drops of blood.
ability 2 can use my blood to mimick my opponents movements perfectly with less than a half-second delay 1sec=1drop of blood
ability 3 paralyzes opponent and myself for any cuts either of us suffer for 5sec per cut (12 cuts= 60 seconds of paralization)
bankai name:blood of the cuchulain
ability 1 defile: uses my blood to defile a 100ft radius, allowing me to use other abilities with ANY blood that is spilled in the area not just mine(uses three hundred drops of blood.)
ability 2 creates a small geyser of blood from any cuts on my enemy used to unlock final ability (uses 100 drops of blood)
ability 3: creates a geyser of blood on the defiled area destroying anything within the area including myself if im within it. also anyone who survives will be completely paralyzed from the neck down for five minutes. (uses 1000 drops of blood)
note: once i kill and let my sword devour 1000 souls i will release my "True sword skill" which is basically a different zanpukto ability than ability 3. it replaces ability 3 and permanetly gives me this ability
ability 3-2: blood premonition uses my blood to prodict what my opponent will do BEFORE they do it and thus lets me counter it before it happens it requires two drops of blood per movement and if i kill my opponent it leaves me defensless for 10 seconds, it can't be used until the sun rises again and i no longer have less than the full amount of blood my body has 200 drops of blood available when I learn shikai and 300 when i learn bankai.
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over a year ago Ichigosuke said…
Hi. Thanx for the comments and reviews.
FUCKING CAPSLOCK... Anyway, Here are a few corrections:
1) He has a ?Die?. When he enters shikai, the dices from the chain detach from it. He doesnt have to use those dice for his ability to work: He can uses any ?die?. As mentioned, he can summon new dices so taking them from him isnt a problem.
2) The odds are big, yes, but remember, it is his dice, and he knows how to throw it in a way that makes the odds alittle less astronomical (Yeah, i know this aint such a good explanation, im thinking about it).
3) If his opponent catchs him cheating, he is forced to go by the opponents terms for his next 5 bets.
4)Bankai: I forgot to mention, but not only he can place a bet, but also his opponent. This means that they have equal advantages and disadvanteges. The only thing is, he is a mastermind in betting games and pschological behavior. He can bet stuff to lure his opponent in to a big bet, then take it from him. He can also bet in a way that will force his opponent to really think in order to win.

When i thought of this blade, I thought about its originality, not about its real use in battle. I wanted to make a blade forcing the opponent and wielder into some sirt of mind battle where not the stronger, but the smarter wins.

I like this blade, even though it has a few flaws.

over a year ago bleachfan12 said…
thanks for the comment whiteflame55

for the first ability he moves jerkly (this is just so he can move out of the way of a would be fatal strike)

all four creatures are ruffly the size of the first hollow that attacked ichigo, when rukia had to trancfer her power.

what i mean with the saying "make him have other emotions" is if he is mad then the person has to make him sad, scared, etc and that would cancal the hate beast.

id say that for abilities all of creatures abilities are moderate so they can fight a menos or arranchar. and the damage to the creatures is transfered to the weilder.

i know that i didn't cover all of the subject but ive never been good at decribing and guaging abilities so i'll leave that to whoever reads the post to deside what they can do.
over a year ago deathlordNick said…
zanpukto by my brother
name: Midnight Sun
Shikai: the blade is pure black colored energy. releasing the power and letting it hang in the air. it stays in the air until i decide to move it. It can move in any diirection after suspended in air. based on how much power i put into each of them is the damage and speed.
Bankai, Midnight System

remains the same state as shikai but have more black energy surrounding me like a floating scarf or wings.

the first ability is an enhanced version of the shikai ability. but the collections switch places with other sources of energy. like me for example.

The second ability is to amass all of the energy into a single spot for the use of either a huge attack or a defensive shield.

The third ability is to take the energy and create a sort of cloud. it starts raining pure energy that harms all life except the one who the energy belongs to. the larger the area affect the weaker the power per square fot.
over a year ago shukun_kizuku said…
Name: Suna no rōjin (rōjin is what he likes to be called by)
Age: looks about 95
height: 5'5
weight: 160lbs
eyes: tannish color
hair: mostly bald but has 3 hairs that are combed over to the side
race: shinigami
family: none
likes: talking politics and weather and has an obsesion with pretty ladies
unlikes: loud noises and kids running on his lawn

Appearances: wears his normal shinigami robe and walks with a old walking stick and always is squinting his eyes and wears a vitnamese famers hat

abilities: able to tell when someones lying or not

zanpakuto: is unknown to everyone exept members of his squad
Apperance: has not been seen by anyone but his squad

he knows the name of his zanpakuto and can use the abilities

Strength: 90
Kido casting: 100
reaction time: 100
Swordsmanship: 95
hand to hand: 100

blade comming soon got 1 more bankai then ill post it
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over a year ago KuraiNozo said…
Zanpactou's name: Kurai Nozo: (Dark Sword)

Release Spell: Awaken Dark Prince.

Discription: It forms a Long and thin But Strong black blade, at the hilt of the Sword are 8 Spikes that curl slightly up to
About 3 inchs up the blade.

Bankai: Shadows of The dead.

Discription: The sword would shorten from its Shikai form into a still long but larger and thicker black blade, the 8 Spikes would join with its users
Arm (Right or left deppending on what hand they use) over the users shoulder up the side of their neck and forms a mask over His (Or Hers) Face,
It would then Go down the users other arm and form a black armoured fist glove which destroys anything in its path It also lets of black like smoke
to cover its movements. The eyes Of the mask a deep and dark red that would bleed after
cutting its Apponant, The blood that would run down from the mask's eyes would form red armour around the users chest and mask
(The armour strong but flexable)

Abilitys: Almost imposible to see the weilder of the blade when the smoke is released, and also Incredible speed.

Spirit: A black Dragon with red eyes made of smoke.

Spirit: In Bankai A shadowy Figure that carrys a silver chain from his wrist, and his face cannot be seen.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Alright guys, this is a brand spanking new blade made for Bleach: The Fallout. I know, it's inordinately long, but it's mainly so because the details for each ability require a tremendous amount of explanation. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Name: Cadence Takeda
Gender: Female
Age: 28 in appearance, much older in actuality
Height: 5’10”
Eyes: Emerald Green
Hair: Dirty Blonde/Brown

Appearance: Her skin is the color of ebony. She has shoulder length hair that tends to sit in an unkempt pile that cascades down her head, often covering her eyes. Golden ringlets are interspersed at various points along the length of each coil of hair. Her shoulders are nearly covered with white scars, which are the result of self injury from previous fights. She wears three pieces of jewelry, all of which make up her zanpakuto. She wears a skin-tight orange tank top that exposes her abs and some of the cleavage of her medium-sized bust. Shiny black leather pants cover her legs, and she wears black, 3 inch high heel boots.

Personality: She’s extremely forgetful. I cannot emphasize this enough. In or outside of fights, she’ll break the heals off her shoes, or just plain forget that she’s wearing heels and start to walk awkwardly on the sides of her feet. It isn’t abnormal for her to walk into a room missing a boot entirely. She often has a rather vacant look on her face, though she’s normally attentive to what others are saying. As a result of her constant forgetfulness, she tends to keep as much stuff that she thinks she needs on her, though she often forgets where it is and why it’s there. She’ll most often reach into her own clothes to find whatever she’s looking for, completely disregarding whoever is in the room to do so. What she pulls out is often far larger than ever should fit and not be seen, and tends to baffle others. She finds a lot of what others say funny, even when it’s entirely serious, and not get actual funny situations. She prides herself on her ability to utilize her weapon better than her opponent, and is therefore taken off guard by opponents with similarly unique blade styles.

Background: In many ways, she’s similar to Brigitte in background, though she never knew or interacted with her. She spent her early years trying to prove herself with a blade that was extremely difficult to use, often causing herself more damage than her opponents. She refused to give up, though, and trained relentlessly. Even when she managed to leave the academy, though, she was refused from many squads as being far too clumsy and inefficient. Kyoraku was in his waning years at the time, but he took a shine to her, and she was inducted into Squad 8. People began to realize shortly after her induction that, as her skills grew with her zanpakuto, she became far more dangerous of an opponent. Her ability to fight in close, mid, and long range were impressive, and as she learned to use them, her strength and speed became legendary. She was set to take Kyoraku’s seat after he died, but wound up getting selected for Squad 0 instead. She is close to those people who accept her for whom she is, and will fight to defend them, though she rarely shows hatred toward anyone.

Shikai Name: Miryoku (Allure)
Release Command: Karera o kangei suru… (Welcome them…)
Bankai Name: Chimei-tekina Miryoku (Lethal Allure)

Shikai Appearance: When it’s not released, the blade exists as 3 hilts. Two of those hilts are attached to earrings, and both look to be a normal size for daggers, both relatively plain and back. The earrings themselves, including the iron loops they’re attached to, are part of the blade. The pierced area of her ears is actually a full inch in diameter, and the hole is surrounded by an iron ring. The third hilt is attached to the necklace she wears. The necklace itself is a continuous steel cord, and the hilt hangs off of it on a ring similar to those she uses for the earrings. This hilt is slightly longer, covered with metal scales, and has no guard on it. The necklace is just long enough that this piece tends to reside in her cleavage.
Upon release, all three form individual weapons. The necklace disperses, and the hilt forms into a 6 foot long staff adorned with a large number of metal scales that run across its entire length. The two hilts at her earrings form into full fledged daggers. The one in her left ear forms a double, parallel blade about 4 inches in lengththat curves upward, creating two separate points along the blade before ending in a single unified point. The hilt is a rusty red color, though it appears to be made of a thick and old wood. The one in her right ear is a single blade about a centimeter thick at the middle. This is in order to support 3 1-inch diameter ruby-like orbs that are evenly spread along the 4 and a half inch slightly curved blade. The loops of the earrings disappear, and the hilts of the two daggers are instead attached to a long (20 meters) and very durable and flexible cord that runs through the holes in her ears. The cord itself starts out wrapped around her neck in tight loops before falling down to her waist where it wraps around several more times.

Shikai Description: Each of these abilities follows a similar line in several ways. First, these abilities all affect the opponent only. Second, they all provide a “good” effect first, which lasts for 5 minutes, followed by a “bad” effect, which lasts for 10 minutes. These effects interchange as the fight goes on, following the same pattern each time. Third, the time on each effect can be dramatically minimized. The “good” effects are reduced in duration depending on how much they’re utilized (basically, the more they are used, the less time they last). The “bad” effects are reduced in duration in a similar way, since more harm caused by the effects will reduce the time they last. In both cases, the most that they can be reduced to is 1/5 of the time (but that requires intense overuse). Consistent moderate use on either end will reduce the duration by half. Fourth, the “good” effects are used at the behest of the opponent, they have total control over the usage. They are active immediately upon transition into this ability, and can be turned on and off by a mental “switch” that the opponent will see clearly when they close their eyes. The “bad” effects are under the control of the wielder, allowing them to modulate the effects at will at any distance. Fifth, in the case that these abilities affect multiple people, the “good” and “bad” effects can both be controlled independently on a person-by-person basis.

Shikai Ability 1: Blood clots
This ability can only be activated by the dagger on her left ear. The dagger must cut the opponent and draw blood. Blood runs into the channel between the two blades, and, after a minute, it will be infused with a special drug. The blood becomes fixed to the blade during this phase, so it cannot be spilled out. When the opponent is once again cut with the blade, this ability becomes active. The “good” ability is that the opponent will stop bleeding almost immediately after any wound is inflicted, internal or external. The drug basically ensures that the blood clotting response is sped up to tremendous lengths in response to injuries. More injuries being healed in this way, especially larger injuries, can reduce the time that this is active. The “bad” ability is the result of this increased blood clot creation becoming unregulated. These blood vessels begin to go into the various arteries and veins of the bodies, reducing blood flow to those areas by as much as 50%, but never shutting them off completely. This kind of blood deprivation can dramatically reduce the movement speed and strength of the limb closest do it, though only one clot can be placed at a time. The wielder has complete control over where these blood clots appear, but must think about the vein or artery being blocked and wait 10 seconds for the clot to reach the spot. The more important the arteries or veins can be partially blocked like this (such as those that control blood inflow to the heart or brain, causing skipped heart beats and partial strokes), but doing so dramatically reduces the time that this ability is active. Small amounts of blood clots will form and cause low level blockages in several places automatically.

Shikai Ability 2: Adrenaline
This ability can only be activated by the staff that forms from her necklace. The method of activation involves the use of three separate kido spells channeled through the staff. Each of them creates a field of its specific color light around it, allowing the wielder to create a 5 meter radius sphere of light and energy when utilized. This sphere is capable of doing the same damage at the kido spell to anyone in its range. Those spells are #31 (Shakkahō), #32 (Ōkasen), and #33 (Sōkatsui). The opponent need merely see each color for this ability to activate, as the image of each binds to receptors on the brain through that vision. As such, this ability can affect anyone and everyone that sees all three kido spells in this fashion. The “good” ability causes the opponent’s nervous system to react automatically to attacks by dodging, blocking, or deflecting attacks. It almost feels like the person’s body is moving and reacting as though under the control of someone else. Their body will move with at their normal speed and defend with their normal strength each time. The duration of this ability is reduced each time they leave this ability active, and as the amount of movements resultant from this ability increase, the duration of it decreases. The “bad” ability is the result of overstimulation with the adrenaline over time. Headaches wrack the opponent, and the pain of these can be increased, and effects can result from higher pain such as double vision and general difficulty thinking clearly. The higher that pain is, as well as the longer this ability is active, the shorter the duration of this ability. Small headaches will persist throughout this phase, they can simply be intensified.

Shikai Ability 3: Emotion
This ability can only be activated by the dagger on her right ear. The dagger has the ability to pass through any energy-based attack or defense. Upon entry into any energy in this way, small amounts of that energy will enter one of the three rubies on the blade (if the energy is visible to the naked eye, then it’s enough to take the necessary energy from to fill one of these). When all three rubies are filled with energy, the wielder must grab hold of the handle to activate its ability. The energy will shatter out of the rubies, creating an audible shockwave that sounds like a gigantic tuning fork. This shockwave can enter through both the nose and the ears, effectively making it nearly impossible to stop from entering a person’s system. The shockwave extends over 5 miles in every direction, and only those out of range may not be affected. As such, this ability can affect anyone and everyone that is in range of this shockwave. The “good” ability is that the opponent will be able to shut off their emotions, preventing themselves from feeling fear, pain, anger, desire, and any other emotion. This ability cannot be modulated to remove one small group of emotions, but the longer it’s active and the more emotions that are cancelled out, the less time that is available to the opponent to use this. The “bad” ability is the result of a reversal of complete emotional control into total emotional chaos. The opponent’s emotional state fluctuates wildly, reducing their overall ability to fight. Forcing stronger emotions on them reduces the duration of this (these include fear, pain, despair, etc., emotions that come closest to incapacitating them). A general lack of control will persist during this phase, the choice of emotion to change to is what’s under the wielder’s control.

Bankai Appearance: Nothing changes in appearance until the weapons individually activate. The only sign that she’s activated her bankai without these individual activations is that the whites of her eyes become green, and the pupils become white.

Bankai Description: The individual activations occur immediately upon activation of the bankai, though not all of them include transformations of the weapons. The first bankai ability only affects others, whereas the second bankai causes the actual second releases of the weapons. In both cases, when the bankai is active, there is no longer a switching process between “good” and “bad” abilities, and whatever ability is activated as a result of the bankai remains active as long as the bankai is active.

Bankai Ability 1: These are three separate expansions on the three separate “good” abilities that could be active as a result of the shikai. These affect anyone that has a corresponding “good” ability active upon the wielder entering bankai. In all three cases, the opponent loses their capacity to control the “good” effect, and instead, the “good” effect increases to the point where it can produce a variety of problems.

Blood Repair: The opponent’s ability to control the flow of blood clots to wounds is removed. The flow of blood clots will now become increasingly strong to the site of damage. However, instead of merely preventing blood from flowing out the wound, it will now form a new, heavily innervated type of tissue at the site, filling it to the point that the visual effect of the wound is completely obscured in this mass of dark red. This effect is almost instantaneous, and it includes other wounds created in battle before this is activated (i.e., a wound that was created and healed or not healed before this would gain this same tissue). The tremendous amount of nerves in this tissue makes the pain that is received by damage to these sites 10 times higher. This applies to all methods of damage to that tissue.
Adrenaline Addict: The opponent retains all the benefits of adrenaline, but now continuously seeks more. As a result, they lose their sense of judgment, putting themselves in highly dangerous circumstances for no reason other than the rush they get from added adrenaline. This does not mean they will actively seek harm, but rather that they would actively place themselves in situations where harm is more likely and/or more life threatening.
Emotional Shutdown: The opponent’s ability to control their lack of emotions is removed. All emotion drains from them. This goes to rather absurdly high levels, since they begin to forget emotions they had in the past for anyone, including the people around them. What this means is that, while they’ll continue to fight in this phase, they won’t recognize allies as allies, and will treat everyone as their enemies. What’s more, since they feel no enmity towards the wielder anymore, nor fear of their attacks, they all get equal attention. As long as this ability is active, new emotions cannot be formed, and old emotions cannot be retrieved.

Bankai Ability 2: These are all separate second releases of the three weapons that result from the removal of “bad” abilities that could be active as a result of shikai. These releases occur only when a corresponding “bad” ability is active upon the wielder entering bankai.
Blood Loss: The blades of the weapon split off and thin out considerably before each splits into 2 separate pieces of equal length. Those pieces assemble along the back of her arms, as well as the front of her legs down to her ankle. The metal inserts itself into her skin, embedding itself in the bone at several points along all the limbs. The metal outside the body is as sharp and durable as any blade. At all the joints, the metal is flexible, ensuring that her limbs can move normally. Each cut with these blades will create wounds that will not stop bleeding unless healed or otherwise sealed. This applies to both internal and external injuries.
Adrenaline Rush: The staff compresses to about 2 feet in length, the scales merging together into solid metal that covers its entirety. It also hollows out, leaving about a quarter of an inch of metal surrounding the empty space. This basically becomes a double-edged staff of kido energy when a spell is channeled through it. Each of these is active for 30 seconds without additional energy input (double the energy included afterward = double the time). Only 5 kido spells work in this manner – others channeled through it will fizzle - and only one can be active at a time:
#58: Tenran – Upon activation, two small tornadoes, each about double the length of the cylinder itself, extend out from opposite ends. At their max width, these tornadoes are about 10 inches across. This has tremendous blunt force as a result of added wind power, tripling the strength of any strike.
#73: Sōren Sōkatsui – Upon activation, two extremely long beams of blue light extend out from opposite ends of the cylinder. Their length can go as far as 20 meters in each direction. Beyond the extreme length, this has the ability to cut like a normal blade, and the wielder can collapse the energy down upon any site that she cuts into (as in, she can release it as the normal spell upon cutting into the opponent or even clashing with them, but with none of the lag time created by distance).
#81: Danku – Upon activation, the cylinder will spin in the wielder’s hands, creating panels of this defensive ability that form a box around the wielder. The box will move with the wielder, preventing any kido spells that Danku is capable of stopping from hitting her.
#88: Hiryugekizokushintenraiho – Upon activation, two large buzz saw-type blades will form on the ends of the cylinder. Each of these has a 1 foot radius, and is angled so that they nearly come together at the front, with less than a centimeter between. Each of these blades is solid, yet appears to be constructed entirely with blue lightning. Any cuts with a single blade will shut down nervous response to 3 inch spheres around the deepest points reached. Any cuts with both will shut down the same response to a 6 inch area around the deepest center points between the two cuts. In case you’re wondering, no, this will not stop heart function (it functions separately from the nervous system), but this will shut down muscle tissue, temporarily stop some organ function, and, if the cut hits near the spinal cord or brain, can have tremendous effect. The effect lasts for 10 seconds.
#90: Kurohitsugi – Upon activation, 2 black boxes, 4 feet long and about 6 inches in diameter, extend out from the ends. It looks much the same as the spell itself, just on a smaller scale. A purple haze surrounds them, and cross shaped spears coat the outside. Strikes with the boxes themselves do little beyond regular blunt force damage. However, the spears will automatically target and pursue the opponent once they’re within 5 feet of the wielder. The spears move at kido speed, and explode upon piercing the opponent, though the explosion drains the box it’s attached to of all its energy.
Emotional Mayhem: The blade circularizes, into a large, smooth loop of silver, just large enough to sit on the wielder’s head as a crown. The rubies in the blade split into 9 smaller gems that distribute themselves evenly along its length. The crown releases constant shockwaves similar to those created in the shikai form of this ability, though the range is vastly reduced (to about a 100 meter radius). Anything and everyone within this range is subject to an external representation of emotional chaos. The wielder herself will be able to control what the opponent sees and feels within this area (more on that momentarily). What this most often means is that the moon and the sky will seem to rotate through the sky at tremendous rates, changing from night to day within the span of a few seconds. The ground will also morph around them, though this is only in their mind. All of this morphing, however, cannot directly interact with those affected by this. The wielder cannot, for example, make the land grab at their opponent, or even morph under their feet to put them off balance. What this means is that only their surroundings can change. If the wielder creates a pillar with this and walks inside of it (since it’s only in her opponent’s mind, it’s not solid to her), that pillar would feel and look solid to the opponent. Trying to punch her would encounter the resistance of the pillar, which can be broken as any other pillar can be broken. Any non-melee and non-physical strike will pass through these barriers.
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over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Jeez. I didn't even have time to read all of that!
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Heh, it's intense, I know. Spent a ton of time on it.
over a year ago shukun_kizuku said…
wow amazing i was wondering gwhat you were going to do for the last ability and its utterly epic
over a year ago onix11 said…
This character will be for bleach the fallout squad zero

Name: Vice

Age: 22

Gender: male

Race: Human

Weapon: A Sai that has a three foot long middle blade and two one foot side blades. This Blade has been blessed and purified by many priest and holy men, said to have been forged with the use of sacred water. On the middle of the blade is written 反り 天使 or Arch Angel.

Abilities: Incredible strength and speed to match it. He also has an abnormal reaction time.

Personality: He is a lazy person who has a knack for getting into fights. He tends to sleep a lot just because he is lazy. The only thing that really gets him going is a good fight wear he could die.

Back Ground: He died as a two year old and was taken to the soul society bay a shinigami. He began living with him and training with the man at an older age and became a rather skilled swordsman. His mentor was killed by a powerful hollow one day and the boy saw it happen. He took his masters sword while it was still in shikai and it bonded with him. Although he does not know how to use its powers he has been recognized by central for his talents

Appearance: He wears a blue short sleeve shirt that remains open with no under shirt. He wears a tan pair of shorts. He carries around a shoulder bag full of various items. He has short brown hair with a scruffy beard. He also has somewhat of a hazed look in his eyes.

over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
deathlordNick -
Got your request, I'll go ahead and review the three blades you posted:

On Evil Mirror Thief:
Shikai: No general concerns
1) I get what this does, but how much does it absorb? Does it absorb more if it gets a deeper cut? How about if it stays longer in the opponent's body? Does it always absorb, even if it just touches the enemy?
2) I'm wondering what kind of control you have. Can you only hold one at a time? When it leaves your blade, do you still have control
(like with Senbonzakura, can you make it fly at your whim for those 5 seconds)? Is this independent of the energy in the attack (does this work equally well for all levels of attacks)? Since it can absorb Senbonzakura, I'm a bit confused about how it's used. Like, let's say that the Byakuya attacks you from all sides. It can absorb all of that, despite the fact that it's only touching one part of the attack?

Bankai: So the release decimates everything within 5 feet. That's practically an ability in and of itself, especially since I don't see any limitation in terms of what's decimated. What prevents them from releasing their bankai right on top of the opponent? Seems a little much.
1) 3 problems I see. First and foremost, since the summon isn't limited, this can range from incredibly large creatures to incredibly small. Let's say you choose the former. The incredibly large creature would destroy anything it touches, which is a lot because it's incredibly large. Let's say you choose the latter. The creature you choose could be incredibly small, go unnoticed by the opponent, and touch them once to destroy them. Second, the ability to destroy on touch is a bit much. A single touch destroying an opponent is just a lot, and it's even more of a problem considering I don't see a way to block it. A zanpakuto could be destroyed in this manner. Third, I don't see how it's possible to destroy it. Everything that it touches is destroyed, so, logically, anything that touches it (since it's touching that thing) is destroyed as well. What's more, even if someone does manage to destroy it, I don't see a lag time between when the first is summoned and when the next can be. Overall, this is just a lot of problems for this ability.
2) So I'm wondering how this works. Is every energy attack sent your way able to be absorbed in this way? You say Senbonzakura is not, why? And what other energy-based strikes aren't able to be absorbed either? Can this absorb the power of physical strikes? You don't say these attacks can be released. Can they? And if so, can they all be released at once? You also say that your sword retains them even when resealed. Does that mean they're usable outside of bankai?

On Bloodrain
Shikai: No general concerns.
1) So does this create cuts from which the blood is excreted? That's really the only drawback I could see to this. 10 drops of blood is rather small in the scope of things. I mean, if you think about it, 10 drops gets replenished in less than a minute. You should either increase it, or make taking the blood cause damage or pain.
2) 1 drop is extremely insignificant, especially for an ability like this that allows you to full on mirror your opponent's movements in direction as well as (I'm guessing) speed and strength.
3) This sounds a bit...endless. If one cut stops your ability to move for 5 seconds, what stops the person who caused it from cutting you multiple times afterward, increasing the amount of time you're frozen exponentially? There's also the added problem that you're defenseless for 5 seconds, which, if we're going by the speeds obtained in the Bleach universe, it's practically an eternity during which they can go and cut off your head. And that's for one cut. You might say that this provides some measure of equality, but since it looks like you can activate it at any time, you could use this just as you're about to cut the opponent. That's basically an instant win.

Bankai: No general problems.
1) 300 drops is nowhere near enough to cover a 100 foot radius. Think about it: that's over 30,000 square feet. No way that 300 drops will cover that. I think you have to make this more realistic. We're talking about a tremendous amount of blood. That would have a huge effect on the body. What happens if the blood directly comes into contact with the opponent? Can it be made solid, or does it constantly stay liquid? In general, how can it be used?
2) Alright, so does this mean that the opponent, every time they're cut, will lose a tremendous amount of blood from the cut? If so, does the lost 100 drops of blood come from initiating the strike, or landing it? In either case, you should specify how much the opponent loses from this. Will a single cut drain all the blood from their body?
3) This ability is just plain confusing. So it destroys everything in the area, but those that survive it are paralyzed for 5 minutes. Several problems beyond that. As I said before, this is a rather large area, and for everything to be destroyed in it just makes it really too powerful. Moreover, even 1000 drops of blood is a pittance compared to the effect of this ability. You're talking about instantaneous death. If you're still able to move afterward, it's too little.
3-2) Just off the bat, it's a fourth bankai ability, which is one too many. Even if it functions off the former, it's still a new ability. There's a lot of confusing aspects for this one. First, I don't get the blood loss, at all. I believe you said that it can happen in shikai as well. This is a bankai ability, how does it function in shikai? Second, how far ahead and can you predict their moves? And if you can predict their moves, what prevents you from killing them instantaneously by knowing where they'll be? You say that if you kill your opponent, it leaves you defenseless for 10 seconds. That's a problem. If your opponent's dead, no one gets to exploit that vulnerability. Overall, it just seems odd. There's a lot of undefined aspects here, but I don't see harms in what you do talk about, beyond his general inability to reuse this in a short time period.

On Midnight Sun:
Shikai: Actually, this seems reasonable. The only thing I'd say is that you should limit the speed and strength of the blade to the wielder's speed and strength, but allow both to be less than the wielder's to decrease energy input. Does it require the wielder to use all their focus, or can they fight alongside it?

1) So now I'm confused. What collections of energy are you creating? Can you create more than one? Do you have more than one sword? You didn't mention that in your shikai. Is the switching instantaneous?
2) What does this huge attack look like? Does it take the energy out of your blade as well? How powerful can this be? How powerful is the shield (how much can it take)?
3) This one's fine, you just need to define what kind of damage this would do to a small area vs. a large area. You should also mention whether or not this can be moved while active.
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over a year ago Hadez17 said…
So i saw a lot of Wolf based blades and decided to make a Lion one just to be different and finally finished it. So here it goes. (borrowed some inspiration from a famous blade should work out and if u don't understand why i said i made a lion based blade and went in direction of a King its because a lion is king of the jungle.)

Blade name: Ex
Release command: Come Forward
Bankai name: Great Kings Blade Excalibur

Appearence. Sealed apears as a basic katana with a red scabbard and red wrapping on hand and a lion head shaped guard and cap on end of handle.

Shikai appearance: While saying the release command the wielder stabs the blade into the ground. When the blade is stabed into the ground a burst of light and energy is sent out. When the light fades the wielders is wearing bright almost golden gauntlets with fiery red rubies on each of the knuckles where the finger connects to the hand. The gauntlets have a Roaring lion carved in the center of the back of the hand and the rest have wavy lines to show a lions mane carved into them. The sword is a hand and a half long sword with a similar glowing gold and red rubies at the base of the handle. base of the blade and each end of the cross guard. The blade is still stuck in the ground but shines brightly and almost like a mirror. The blade cannot be removed by anyone other than the wielder.

Shikai ability One (Lion's Roar) The user strikes forward with either hand or both. When punching with one fist a fiery red energy in the form and size of a lion's head is shot out at kido speed. The attack can travel up to 100 yards and has the power of a kido spell between level 27 and 33. This means that the user can vary the strength of the attack a little for what ever reason. The user can detonate the attack causing 5 foot radius explosion. If something of similar strength to the attack strikes it (like an enemy attack) then it will detonate. The damage the enemy takes is in the form burns and concussive damage. If the user uses both hands in the attack the size and damage output is doubled but the range and speed is reduced by half.

Shikai ability two (Lion's Mane) The user is surrounded in a fiery aura that looks similar to a Lions mane. This ability can be activated in an instant and sustained. The problem is if its sustained it burns through energy at an exponential rate limiting it to burst usage. The barrier protects the user from any form of fire attack and the energy in the fire attack is used to prolong the duration of the barrier. Ice attacks are not effected by the barrier and cause the user to use more energy in the short time they are sustaining the ice attacks. Any other energy attack that is equivalent to level 30 Kido spell or lower is reduced to 1/2 strength. Any energy attack that is stronger than that level is reduced 3/4. Physical attacks are not effected too much. Only reducing any damage they would do down to 9/10th the amount it originally would do. If the user desired to detonate the barrier instead of letting it fade there is a 10 foot explosion radius around the user. The damage is equivalent to level 30 kido spell. If anybody is to touch the barrier with their bare skin they will be burned receive a second degree burn but the barrier itself doesn't produce heat.

Bankai Appearance. The user draws the sword from the ground. If for some reason there is no longer access to the handle of the sword the user reaches forward as if it is in front of him and it appears there and he draws it. The blade can not be drawn by anybody but the user and the sword and earth within the blades length in all directions cannot be destroyed. (Thus the blade cant be cut out of the earth)

Bankai ability one (Excalibur) The shikai abilities are usable in Bankai. and the user does not bleed. The user can still die from any means of death aside from blood loss.

Ability Two (Law): The user states " I decree___________ is here by illegal" No more than 3 laws can be activated at a time. The laws effect everybody within ear shot of the user but they do not have to hear the law to state be effected by it. (Idk how far an average shout can travel but anything within that distance in all directions) The area of effect is centered on the user and moves with the user. Because laws effect everyone within range laws that specifically target an individual in the wording cannot be made. (no decreeing that the user cannot be killed) All laws that effect energy attacks make it so that the energy for the attack cannot be summoned. (If user decrees Cero are illegal then nobody who can use a cero cannot focus the energy to fire the cero no matter how hard they try) Laws that effect physical abilities can be broken but at the cost of lashings. If the wielder makes parrying illegal and his opponent parries a blade they will successfully parry but receive a lashing on their back (or any other open space on their body starting with back moving to chess and then across primary side limbs) The lashing is as if they are hit with a whip but no tangible whip exists (they just get a moderate sized cut or whip lash depending on durability across their back) Each time the law is broken the lashing is increased by one (break it once one lash, then on second break of same law two lashing and so on) The lashing ignore any armor or defensive abilities. And When making a law the user cannot exclude anything from the net effect. (cant say something like " all energy attacks not fired from gauntlets are illegal)

Bankai ability three (Tax): The user states " _____ is here by taxed by ____%". What ever they state is taxed must be an active or passive ability of the opponent such as kido spells or protective barriers or attacking with a blade. Essentially what ever is being taxed must take effort to do or energy to use. Any number of taxes can be placed but the total of the tax percent can not pass 50%. So the user can tax kido spells by 20% and sword swings by 30%. That means it takes 20% more energy to use a kido spell and 30% more energy to swing the sword offensively. If the user is taxing a particular ability like Getsuga Tensho for example the user does not need to know the name but must define it in some way. Taxes only effect those that the wielder sees as an opponent. (Taxes that overlap like taxing kido spells and taxing barriers and someone uses a kido barrier they pay taxes on both)

For Bankai Tax and Law abilities as long as the user can make the noise in some way the ability is usable.
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over a year ago wolfmaster3000 said…
Man my new blade is proveing difficult :P xD
over a year ago shukun_kizuku said…
sweet blade hadez another one of my favorites
over a year ago montoch said…
this a blade that is especially for this char.(hibari kyoya) those who now him would totally understand lol.

name: alaude
release: bite them to death(kamikorosu)
shikai: burning fangs
bankai: alaude's law, burning fangs reversed

appearance: in its normal state, alaude is just a normal ton fa, however. the ton fa's have hidden compartments where there all sorts of weapons attatched to it. the handle is purple but the other parts are silver. alaude is a selfish zanpackto that hates his wielder and accuses him of being weak. saying that he would mold his wielder into the strongest man alive

shikai: the tonfa's outstretched part transforms into a blade a burns a purple colour covering the sharp end of the blade. if these flames where to cut you once, three cuts would appear on your body.

bankai: the flames on the blade disapperas and starts emitting around forming a massive sphere. anyone that tries to escape the sphere or be touched by its flames would have severe burns and damage it is inescapable. inside the sphere. the flames burn so much it sucks up oxygen in the air both the wielder ad the enemy take that damage. it is only used when the wielder is wants to end the match quickly. kido is not used inside the sphere and neither does bankai or shikai. its only a physical fight that happens in the sphere and is deactivated when either the wielder or the enemy dies.

a picture of the shikai i drew.. lol could be better but i was in a rush.. ill draw the bankai if anyone wants to see it.
 this a blade that is especially for this char.(hibari kyoya) those who now him would totally understa
over a year ago webjunk18 said…
Zanpakuto-Yurasuho-n(rock horn)
Release command-kujikuza daichi (break the ground)
Bankai-Yurasuho ro-do (rock lord)

shikai Appearance: Its a normal zanpackuto but the blade is surrounded by earth in the form of a club

Ability; it has the power to control the earth around the blade

Bankai Apperance: It an armor and sword make of earth.

Bankai Ability; it can control the earth around me

that's pretty much it it doesn't have that much compared to the others but i still think its good i have another one i have in mind that i might put up
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over a year ago BLAMargera123 said…
Zanpakuto/Shikai Name: Jikan Supuritta (Time Splitter)
Release Command: "Alter"
Description: The Hilt's color is Black & White, the Guard looks like two arrows pointing up and down, and the blade is a giant black watch that is attached by a chain.
Bankai Name: Seimeiosakugo Jikan Supuritta
Description: The Giant watch breaks off the hilt and molds into the ground, once that happens hundreds of clock towers appear.
Shikai Abilities:

Fast Forward - the user spins the giant watch to the right thus enhancing his/her speed.

Rewind - the user spins the giant watch to the left rewinding everything that happened before but he stays the same.

Slow Mo - The user spins the giant watch to the front of him/her thus making everything slow down except him.

Bankai Abilities:

Time Travel - the user can jump into any of the clocks then bringing the user to the enemies past, present, or future.

Zanpakuto Spirit Appearance: a dark skinned woman with black hair, silver eyes, a large X scar on her cheek. she wears bandages on her chest that shows a lower half of her breasts, she wears a small purple jacket, tight black shorts, and black boots. and she also has a British accent.
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over a year ago onix11 said…
Name: Bryce Tema
Age: 100 (Looks 22)
Height: 6'0
Hair: Brown
eyes: Black with white pupils

Apperance/ Personality Before Change: He has a strong body and is also sleek. He has eyes are caring and show compassion. He is fun loving and does what he can to make things easier. He will fight to take care of the people he cares for.

After change: He resonates a dark aura and his eyes seem souless. He has hatred for the soul society and all of the shingami. He keeps much to himself.

Story:Bryce was the captain of squad nine a long time ago. He became captain at 22 and was a great one at that. One night though, him and his entire squad was sent on a mission to root out a group of arrancar. It was a trap and thousands of hollows attacked him and his squad. He called for reinforcments but they never came. The entire squad was wiped out and he barely survived. He grew a deep hate for the shinigami that betrayed him. He was assigned a new group. But he began to study dark powers and done experiments with hollows. He's studies were found and he was cast out. No one knows what happened after that.
Zanpakuto:Kousen(War), Shiaki name:Yuuen Kousen (Grand War)
Realese command: Begin

Description: The blade is a normal katana. It has a blue handle and a standard hand guard. The shikai form looks the same except the handle looks red.

Shikai Abilities: Ability 1: The blade forms a blue aura and it begins to move down on the sword and goes onto the wielders body. The aura takes two seconds to become active The aura suddenly burst and the wielder gains 3x their original speed. This does not effect the kido abilities of the user. It lasts for abou 10 minutes

Ability 2: The blade forms a red aura and goes through the same process as the first ability. The wielder gains 4x their original strength and 2x thier original kido ability strenght. This stays active for 7 minutes

Ability 3: The blade mixes both the red and blue auras. The user points the blade at thier opponent and can launch a huge blast of energy at thier opponnent. The aura damages the enemy but also decreases their original speed and strength making them 2x to 3x weaker, depending on how much spiritual pressure the user used. the effects last for 8 minutes

Bankai name: Ketsueki Yuuen Kousen (Blood of the Grand War.)
Description: The handle changes and the blade begins to drip blood. The handle has a iron wrap in the middle of it. The blade looks the same as the shikai. The hand guard is morphed to have four prongs on it.
Ability 1: The blood hardens and the edge of the blade gains the ability to slice through spiritual pressure.
Ability 2: This ability is why the blade is named Blood of the Grand War. The blood on the blade is thrown to the ground. The blood attracts hollows to come to the area. As soon as they touch the blood the wielder of the zanpaktou can take control of them. He uses the hollows to kill his enemys. If the hollows turn against him the blood turns poision and kills the hollow. This is a last ditch effort for the reason that it takes up a good amount of spiritual pressure to do it and it leaves the wielder open.

Stats: Strength:85
hand-to-hand combat: 70
over a year ago shukun_kizuku said…
Rojin's squad zero blade

[shikai name] Shifting form
[shikai description] is a steel cane with a rounded handle
[release command] flow from my shifting form
[bankai name] shifting desert
[bankai description] is a old wood cane thats crooked in some places

[shikai abilities]
1 the sword when drawn enmits a sandstorm starts out light but gets bigger the longer its out for the full sandstorm it takes 5 minutes this ability only creats sand and nothing else and is part of the zanpakuto and only the weilder can see through the sandstorm and from the center its 1320 feet long(1/4th a mile) in every direction and theres a 6ft area around the weilder that sand dosnt go into
2 the user wraps himself in sand and creates a huge 30ft body of sand around him it can be cut but is instantly recoverd the weilder can freely move withing the body going to the leg, arm, head, ect freely at will the body of sand can extend its arms out 40 ft in any direction and when hit by it its 2 times the strength of the weilder
3 when the sand on the sandbody touches or is touched its starts draining the energy out of the foe at a rate of 1/10th of the energy every 10 seconds and is only drained when in connection to the main body everything else dosnt have this effect

[bankai abilities]
1 anyone who enters the storm will have it constantly battering them, shorter periods of time in the storm will be little more than cuts and scrapes, spending longer periods of time can do serious damage to the point of ripping skin off a body part
2 any energy (kido, cero, ect...) that is used while in the sandstorm will vaporate into the sand from point blank to 100 feet the attack dosnt completly evaporate and can still be able to hit and is able to do 3/4th the damage, from 100ft to 300ft the attack can still land but is weaker 1/2th the damage, and anything beyond 300ft its complety evaporated
3 two 3 barrled turrets made of sand appear and shoots balls of sand at the foe(size of a baseball) thats 2 times faster than a cero and 2 times stronger and are effective up to a quarter of a mile and can be fired at 10 shots per second the turrets follow the foe whever they move and the weilder has to stand still for them to work if the weilder loses focus he is drained of 1/8th of his energy

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over a year ago korogue said…
sorry but only a few of these are ready for squad 3 captain korogue's zanpakuto, Heieri Tengiumaro
over a year ago AltarBoy101 said…
mine's right here

Zanpakuto:ēteruburēdo(AETHER BLADE)
realese command:Rokku(lock)
Bankai: Keibi ēteruburēdo(immaterial aether blade)

First Shikai Ability:i am able to seal spirirtual energy by pointing the side of the blade into the attack.

secon shikai ability: i can seal the spiritual energy in the shape of locks onto the chains my blade is connected to(my blade is coonected to the ground by a chain.)and allow to produce insane spiritual pressure to increse potency of my slashes.

Last Shikai Ability: i seal in his whole soul for a temporary time to myself to become like a vizard(twice powerful)at the cost of lusing some of my life span.

first Bankai ability: i can phisically seal stuff(my bankai is actually gloves with the ability to summon chains with arrow-heads on it) wrapping anything in a bundle of chains forever more.

second bankai ability:i can make a small spear of reiatsu in my palm that can "unlock" aspects of forces of physics just by twisting it like a key in a lock.e.eg. can unlock the aspect of gravity allowing me to make people heavier and me lighter to jump.risks includes life reducancy when using it for elongated time.

Final Move Ever for my zanpakuto: i create a much longer spear and unlock the 13 dimensions of every aspect of the universe itself which creates 1000km radius white globe to distort physics to the point of no return sealing everything into nothiness.risks is that the wielder will die,turning into reiatsu to be part of the environment.

Character: a european character with medium-long hair and is very proud,easily flatterd and a big-asslole in many people's eye. he used to be a former leuteneant of the squad six however the captain commander thought he had potential and put him as leutenant of the secret "swat" team of the soul soceity consisting of ex-captains and leutenants of the 13 squads,the 14th squad and is therefore known as a strong shinigami. his captain cuurently scolds him emoly,contradicting his personality. finally he has a girlfriend in the 14th squad as well who he is planning to marry soon.
over a year ago AltarBoy101 said…
oh i forgot that he has a favourite saying...my character "might as well die injuring the enemy in any way possible than just dying." this shows that he does not have respect for his opponents and freely insults them in battle.
over a year ago AltarBoy101 said…
please comment on how is my blade
over a year ago korogue said…
indeed it is powerful, yet has many longterm drawbacks that the user may not think of before executing. And another, how would you train/practice such abilities
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…

Alright, so let's take a look at this thing. I'll go through it one ability at a time.
Shikai -
1) What does it mean to "seal" spiritual energy? You say in your next ability that this seals into something that can be used for you. Does that mean all the energy is sealed in this way, or part of it? You say the energy can be sealed by pointing this at the attack, so I'm guessing the only energy that can be sealed has to be an energy attack (though it's not stated explicitly). Does this have no effect on barriers? Does it matter how large, fast, or powerful the energy attack is? How much time does it take to seal the energy attack? If it is launched from only a few feet away, can it still be sealed?
2) Alright, so now I'm confused. You say the blade is connected to the ground by a chain. How long is the chain? Does the connection on the ground move, or are you forced to fight within a certain radius? How many links are there in the chain (since this ability is predicated on adding locks to an undetermined number of them, this is an important question)? Are the locks physically there, or are they projections of the energy that's placed inside of each of those chain links? Can the locks be removed by the opponent? Can the wielder remove them? I'm guessing these locks can all hold different amounts of power. Is that represented in any way? Can the opponent tell which one holds the most power? Is there a limit to how much power any of these can hold? Do they add weight to the chain (that becomes important when you have a lot of them on there)? Can the wielder use varying amounts of energy between the total available and their normal level? Does the energy in these locks ever run out?
3) This one's confusing overall. How do you seal the opponent's soul? What kind of harm does sealing their soul do? Does this ability combine with the locks ability, or is it one or the other? How much of your life span is sacrificed? How do you become a vaizard as a result of this (this is probably the most confusing part, since you don't have a hollow side being activated here...or any hollow side at all)? What's a "temporary time," or in other words, how long does this last? By twice as powerful, do mean twice the strength, energy and speed, or which aspects increase as a result of this? Is there any psychological damage done to the wielder (he is a vaizard after all, fighting with an inner hollow leaves scars)?

Bankai -
1) What is "stuff"? You say you can seal "stuff," but does that mean you can seal opponents, body and soul? Can you seal zanpakuto? Can you seal only energy again? What can you seal? You say that this form is composed of gloves that release chains with arrowheads. I don't get how that looks. Where do the chains come out of? Where are the arrowheads attached to? Just the ends, or all parts of the chains? How long are these chains capable of being? How many of them can you form like this? Are they only sealed as long as they're completely surrounded by chains?
2) Um... What are the limits on this ability? You say the spear can "'unlock' aspects of the forces of physics." That's a lot of forces you're talking about. Gravity, thermodynamics, friction, transition states...that's a lot, and that's only some of the basics. Can he unlock only one at a time? How large is the area that's affected? Can you affect anything (i.e. turning their air around your opponent solid and suffocating them)? Can he directly affect the opponent with this ability (i.e. can he turn their skin to liquid?)? What's involved in activating it? Does the wielder just twist the small spear? Can the spear be destroyed? If so, can it be easily brought back? Can the opponent steal it and use it in the same way? I don't get the risks at all. What's "life reducancy"? Is that "life redundancy" (which I'm completely confused by) or "life reduction"? How much is their life reduced by? How long does it take for this to happen? Does it depend on the aspect of physics being changed? You say that changing gravity means you can change it for your opponent and yourself differently...which confuses me still further. You can make pockets where gravity is different from other areas you've changed? I thought this was just a lock and key system, not a modulation system. This ability is intensely confusing, and extremely overpowered from what I can see.
3) Did I say the last ability was overpowered? I hadn't seen this one yet... Just...just wow. First off, what's with this 13 dimensions thing? I just don't get that at all. Second, I don't know if you know just how large a sphere of 1000 kilometer radius is but...I do. That's about 4,000,000,000 (yes, that's 9 zeros) cubic kilometers. It's also 2000 kilometers of just plain area being covered if you're looking across a plane. No one's dodging that. I'm pretty sure the entirety of Soul Society would get caught up in this. Third, it's apparently instant death. Anything caught in it will die, because everything that is physics well turn inside out inside this sphere. That's pretty obscene. Fourth, it doesn't seem to have an expansion time. If I assume it's instant, or even just very fast, anyone within that tremendous sphere will have next to no chance of getting away. Fifth, the harm to the wielder is no consolation. The fact that he might die (you don't give any sort of % chance of survival) does not account for the troubling problem that he could swallow up an army of the most powerful opponents in existence with this single ability. From what I can see, there's a chance he could walk away from this free of any and all damage. It's just too much man, way too much.
over a year ago Kaien_155 said…
Name:Minerva Macedon
Age:890(World of the Living:13)
Position:Captain of Squad 9
Zanpakto Name:Hauteclere
Release Command:Ready To Kill
Bankai Name:Dragon Hauteclere
Description: It is a long green axe that weighs 132lbs.
Its heigt is the same as Lieutent of Squad 4 6'1
The design on the axe is snakes covering the axe.
Its Shikai abilities are:
It controls the wind and your body
It also able to copy your Zanpakto's attacks
Hauteclere's deadliest attack is called Excalibur,it comes at you terrible speed and strength that with one attack it even able to kill a captain in one hit.
Its Bankai abilities are:
The dragon is able fire Ceros and Kido spells.
Excalibur is 5x's stronger in Bankai than in Shikai.
With one little scratch Dragon Hauteclere is able to control you.
This is how I would look like with Hauteclere[Shikai]
last edited over a year ago
 Name:Minerva Macedon Age:890(World of the Living:13) Species:Vizard/Shinigami Position:Captain of
over a year ago Kaien_155 said…
This is bankai form
 This is bankai form
over a year ago infernalfeather said…
Name: Terrernius "Terry" Ikrov

Age: 924 (Appears to be 19)

Sex: Male

Species: Shinigami

Alliance: 3rd Division Vice Captain

Appearance: Terry is 5'10 inches tall and weighs 150 pounds. He has a tall, lanky, athletic build similar to that of a track runner. His skin is a light coffee colored brown. His raven black hair is goes down to his neck and he has bangs in the front with no sideburns. Terry has no piercings or tattoos since he believes that using them would mean causing damaging his body. His eyes are a startling, bright red. He normally appears to be calm and serene. His uniform has been modified to where his kimono is form fitting and the sleeves have been cut off to show his long muscular arms. He also wears a twenty silver inch chain with a maroon hibiscus pendant that belonged to his mother. He has 4 scars on the upper portion of his left arm.

Personality: Terry is normally a quiet individual but when addressed he he will not stop talking until the other person asks him to be quiet or leaves. He loves to tell dirty jokes to anyone who will listen and is in a jolly mood most of the time. He does not like drinking (but still does with friends) but always overindulges in food and always blames it on his metabolism. When he becomes angry though its best to stay out of his way because he will fight anyone nearby.

Abilities: Terry has average marks in zanjutsu and can fight on par with vice captain level opponents but won't stand very long against a captain level threat. He is proficient in all types of kido and can easily use level 1 to forty spells, for level 1-20 spells he does not have to speak incantations and can fire them in rapid succession. But his shunpo is where Terry really shines. He can outpace almost anyone other than a few captains who also excel in the art. Terry is also good at hiding his reiatsu and sneaking around due to his years of exploring the forests outside of the soul society. Being a naturalist Terry can also make medicine and elixirs out of many types of plants and normally keeps a powerful pain relieving medicine inside his hollow hibiscus pendant.

Zanpakuto: Kakushi Hakai (Hidden Destruction) A standard lime green katana with a plain silver isosceles triangle shaped hilt. It is kept in a purple scabbard. Terry wears it diagonally across his back using a plain black sash.

Zanpakuto Spirit: A teenage girl with long flowing light blue hair with a thin frame standing at 5'4 and a sharp, delicate face. She has green glowing eyes and long, blade sharp, purple fingernails. Her skin tone is an intense shade of blood red and has pointy elf ears. She wears a pear of snug black jeans, a black cotton tank top along with a spiked choker but no shoes and is always barefoot. She will talk with Terry as long as he is in his inner world and rarely pause, which he finds to be very irritating. She is very ditzy and forgetful but at the same time very understanding of Terry's feelings.

Inner World: A large floating forest island where all types of plants grow in a spectrum of colors. All light in the inner world comes from a yellow crystal located in the very center of his world. There are all types of fish with wings that fly over the island. The sky above is actually an ocean that has an aqua green color. The ocean contains no life, only large, sooth, round, white stones. When Hidden Destruction or Terry enters the ocean they can fly in it. The ocean is normally used for combat practice. If Terry wants to be alone in his inner world he can enter the ocean and make it impossible for her to do so.

Shikai: To activate his shikai Terry points his blade towards the sky and solemly says Cloak, Hidden Destruction. His katana becomes a 24 inch baby blue blade that is two inches wide and half an inch thick. The blade is completely straight (incredible ref. pic provided below). There is a "hilt" which is a 4 in x 7/10in x 2 in dark blue and see through unbreakable glass rectangle. Its shape is similar to an iPod charger where the white platic part is the hilt and the metal part is the base of the blade, where the cord starts is where the handle starts. The handle also straight, made of metal, and ten inches long and has an olive green color. The total length of the blade is 38 inches.


Shōkyo (Erase)- This abilities name is normally not spoken and in constant effect once the shikai has been activated. Whenever the blade makes contact with an opponents clothing or skin it does not cut but secretes a blue liquid the same color as the blade on the clothing/skin which sticks on to it. The liquid also remains attached to the blade. When the blade is pulled away the skin and clothing area the liquid made contact with is torn off easily due to the high amount of friction the liquid has. Everytime contact is made 8 ounces (236 ml) quickly spreads in 2 lines around the area of contact in random paths. This attack is mainly used for causing pain to punish opponents and does not cause a heavy amount of damage or blood loss.

Umi sutātā (Ocean Starter)- When the blade is stabbed into an opponent and the name of the techinque is stated it releases eight ounces of liquid that conform to the inner surroundings of the person who has been stabbed. When pulled out it causes intense pain and immense internal bleeding hence the name of the technique.

Sakana o Iku (Go Fish)-Kakushi Hakai's most destructive ability. Terry hated Go fish as a game because people would always cheat when playing with him which is why his most evil attack has an "evil" name. 5 fish hooks(made of the blue liquid) emerge from his blade. One from the tip and two from each side. Then they oscillate their way into an opponent's kidneys, liver, heart, pancreas, and stomach. The amount of liquid produced has no limit on this technique, its stops after each organ has been covered by the substance. They are then fished out with a simple pulling gesture. It is normally Terry's main technique for combatting weak hollows and can continually be used on ones with weak spiritual pressure. It can be used twice on Vice Captain and Fraccion level opponents before almost all of his reiatsu is consumed and the blade reverts back to its original state. Against captain or higher opponents the technique can only form one hook due to concentrating of reiatsu so it can stand up to a captain's.

Bankai: Not Achieved
| |
| |
| |
| |
\ /
| |
| |
| |

shikai (not made evenly and not to scale either, bear with me )
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
So as I've said before, unless I'm asked to give feedback, I don't tend to. That is, of course, unless I see a blade that's pretty heavily overpowered. Kaien_155, you meet that requirement.

Your blade summarizes pretty simply: shikai allows full control of wind (no specification on how powerful that can be), controls the opponent's body (no specification on how you can apply that or how much control you have), copies other zanpakuto's abilities (no specification on whether these abilities are used at the same power or the same skill), and a strike that's obscenely powerful and fast (no specification for how many times this can be used, how fast it is...etc.). The bankai is the exact same except 5 times stronger (dunno how copying an ability can be "stronger," or control of their body) with a little specification as to how, at least in bankai, you can take control of their body...with a scratch (don't know if the "scratch" has to come from their blade, or it can come from the wind).

Where do I start? The body control thing is obscene by itself. Even if that control was limited to bankai (which, apparently, it isn't), this is too much. If you can control them, they can't do anything. If you can control them after a single scratch, then there's next to no chance they can avoid being controlled.
The copying of your opponent's ability basically means you are just as powerful as your opponent at all times due to that single ability. But since you've added on additional abilities, you're automatically stronger than your opponent unless he shares the exact same abilities as you. It basically makes you unbeatable, or at least impossible to exceed.
The control of wind ranges from extremely little power to a very lot. If you can control all the wind in the area and bring it up to extreme speeds, it would become impossibly strong. Since I don't know what the limitations are, and since whatever those limitations are are increased by 5 times after you activate bankai, I can only assume that you could pretty much create a hurricane at will. That can do an intense amount of damage, and there's not a whole lot any opponent can do about it because it's wind. It's everywhere.
But hey, still one more ability to get to. Excalibur. Few problems here. Since I can only assume that the speed and strength increase provided are extremely intense, even in shikai (you mentioned that it takes out a captain in one strike), I'm guessing this strike is so extremely fast and strong that no one can deal with it very well. And you increase that by 5 times. An ability that can take out a captain-level opponent in one strike, without a single harm to using it or any delay between uses, getting a 5x increase is like strapping an atomic bomb to a hydrogen bomb.
All four of these abilities could be overpowered, and as written, I'm pretty sure three of them are guaranteed to be.
over a year ago ichigo_155 said…
Name:Marth Leal
Age:930(Looks like the age of 21)
Position:Vice Captain of Squad 13
Zanpakto:Granduvis(Thunder Lance)
Release Command:Dance and Shatter
Bankai:Falchion(Holy Sword)
Description:It is a long lance that is the color gold and shines in the sun
Its height is:7'0
Its weight is:150
Shikai Abilities:
1.It controls Lightning
2.It becomes stronger by taking your spiritual pressure.
3.Its strongest attack is called:Roar of the Lightning,Lightning comes out of the sky it surrounds the lance then its thrown to its opponet and shocks you with 150 volts of thunder.
Bankai Abilities:
1.Falchion merges with its master,master grows wings from his back.
2.Roar of the Lightning is 5x's stronger in Bankai form.
3.The master's speed,strength,and kido spells become 4x's stronger.
last edited over a year ago
 Name:Marth Leal Age:930(Looks like the age of 21) Sex:Male Species:Shinigami Position:Vice Captai
over a year ago Lousullivan121 said…
is this just for Shinigami Zanpakto's? or Arrancers Zanpakto's as well?
over a year ago Hadez17 said…
You can do arrancar if u wish...there have been some posted in the past here
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Um...well, there's something wrong with that zanpakuto ichigo_155, and it's nothing to do with the power of the abilities. You're confusing thunder and lightning. Thunder often accompanies lightning, but the two are very different. Lightning is visible, thunder is not; lightning can be harmful, thunder is not. It's an easy mistake to make, just pointing it out.
over a year ago Hadez17 said…
Thunder can be harmful in specific situations. If one is to be close to the location where thunder occurs they will suffer damage to their ears just like any other insanely loud noise would cause. Also a better clarification is thunder occurs after lightning strikes and the surrounding air collides into each other causing a loud booming sound.
over a year ago XemRoxas said…
Hey guy's i was just wondering if someone could tell me how to get a zanpaktou name in the japanese using our alpherbet,how do ya get it in one word for example Zangetsu(one word) means cutting moon/slicing moon(two words) how do i do that? thanks in advance.
over a year ago Hagashi_Yuki said…
big smile
try to look at this site....


i just so it in someones comment on the page 2 of this issue....
over a year ago Takeshi_Tsurugi said…
Just use the googloe translate dude. Although its literal translations i believe.
over a year ago mangafox93 said…
zanpakuto's name - Higanbana zoku (lycoris)

release command - Egao to mezame (smile and awaken)

bankai name - Ketsueki hime higanbana (blood princess lycoris)

description - when in shikai lycoris is the exact twin of benihime, when in bankai a field of blood red flowers appears before anyone within one spirit mile of the wielder of lycoris, as well as lycoris herself takes human form to help fight against attackers.

shikai abilities - Shinku no sunappu (crimson snap)- this ability engulfs lycoris's blade in a crimson blood red aura that allows her to to send out a sharp wave of energy whenever the verbal command "snap" is said or the physical gesture of a slight up then sharp down motion is made.

Hanabira tsuisutā (petal twister) - glowing spirt petals scater from the blade then a slight circle motion is made to form a twister that cuts up all in its path.

bankai abilities - (innate ability's) Shinku no hanabatake (crimson flower field) - this is a passive ability that activates when lycoris goes into bankai and takes her human form, a feild of crimson blood red flowers expands and is seen by anyone for one spirit mile. without this ability most of the bankai ability's would be useless.

(active ability's)

Hanabira burēdo (petal blade) - this is where ether I (the wielder) or lycoris pick a flower from the field and it takes the form of lycoris's shikai, we can also dual wield them.

Shinku no chi kashaku (crimson blood twinge) - whenever blood stains the petal blade it can be manipulated to do whatever lycoris or myself wish it to.

Chi ryūsei doroppu (bloody meteor drop) - this is where i toss lycoris into the air then jump up and catch her by her hand then a hard as i can throw her twords the ground as she falls she gathers energy and transforms back into a sword before stabbing into the earth, as i fall i land on top of lycoris, sending out a pressure wave that cuts anything i focus on.

comments- for those of you wondering where i got my translations, i just used google, as for my zanpakuto lycoris i really liked kisuke uraharas benihime so i based some of it off of that although i switched the ability's up just to keep it mostly my own idea. but plz feel free to comment on the ups and downs of my design

what lycoris looks like in bankai -
last edited over a year ago
 zanpakuto's name - Higanbana zoku (lycoris) release command - Egao to mezame (smile and awaken) ban
over a year ago ichigo_155 said…
I am very sorry i got Thunder and Lightning confuse. My brain doesnt work well when the time is 3:00 am
last edited over a year ago
 I am very sorry i got Thunder and Lightning confuse. My brain doesnt work well when the time is 3:00
over a year ago Ichigosuke said…
Ok guys here is a zanpakuto i thought of. I dont know if i really explained myself very good so tell me what you dont understand.
Also note that im still working on it so i might add updates.
Well here it is:

Shinigami: Hitsuko Tsukashima (Tsuko-San by friends)

Name: Ijigen (Different Dimension)

Zanpakutou Spirit: Looks like a young boy with silky smooth black suites and gentelmanish like straight hair.
He is quite smart and acts a bit bored all the time. He likes playing checkmate with Tsuko.

Sealed State: The Handle is black with white stripes. The Gaurd is seems like a 3d cube, when every side seems bigger
then each other side. Middle sized blade.

Shikai: Jigenn no kotonaru! Ijigen! ( Be on a Different Plane! Different Dimension!)
In shikai there is no change to the sword, except it becomes hard to look at it without getting confused: Every side seems bigger than
th other. In this state, he has the ability to change the hight, width and length of anything he touches, icluding himself.
This is just an illusion, it doesnt really change anything.
For Example:
He makes his blades length and width look smaller, that way his opponent miscalculates when to defend and gets cut.

Bankai: Oyakata Yojigen (Master of The 4th Dimension)
When Entering bankai, a huge sphere forms around Tsuko, making him look oddly shaped.
When the sphere dissolves, he is seen whering a silky watery looking shinigami robe.
When in bankai, He has the ability to distort everything and not just by length, width, and hight, but also by shape,
make straight lines round and such.
He also doesnt need to touch them anymore, only he need to focus his sight on it for a second.
over a year ago LinkKinuzuma13 said…