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jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Render44 -

*shrug* Hard to say on the whole Zangetsu conversation. It's honestly not something I've spent a lot of time thinking on. Most of my complaints with the series have more to do with plot or the actions of certain characters, but I could see them making this type of blade thematic in a different way.

1) Most of this is fine, though I agree that the .75 might be a bit fast, especially if the main goal is to disrupt the opponent's ability to use their energy. I'd say make it .25. The opponent is consistently using up their energies, so .75 would probably reduce their energy to 0 around the same time that it would cause disruptions. .50 might not be too much either, but it's hard to say, so I'd say making it pretty small ensures that the desired effect always takes place first.

2) I think it works quite well. Instinctual as well as animalistic.

3) Is there any required delay between uses? I understand the weariness aspect, but since it has a 30 second duration, is there a time after that that the wielder is required to wait? Is the energy that you condense to start this easily visible? Are the extensions easily visible as well? Can these extensions be blocked as though they were kido spells? I understand the similarities do allow for comparisons to Getsuga Tensho, but there are differences as well. Since this lasts a while and is capable of being moved about, can it actually be used to stab and cause internal damage?
over a year ago Render44 said…
Haha. I dunno. I kinda felt like debating last night. I think I was more or less just pulling ideas out of me bum. -Shrug-

I think the energy loss works well by making it about a 1/4th of the disruption damage. It shouldn't be something that's really focused on. In an RP fight this would be something I'd work out with the other writer first.

2. So I can close this one up in your opinion? I was actually pretty fond of it, but I'm not sure if I explained it thoroughly enough.

3. You're right, this should be a one off type power shot. It should be able to be blocked just like any other SP attack although at a high difficulty. This is one of those attacks that you put everything into. Maybe three times per encounter. If it hits it should be devastating. Kinda like a shotgun. :D Command phrase > Swipe > Dissipate. 30 seconds of maintaining the claws for getting into position. I can't attack with it for 30 seconds straight. i'm in a bit of a hurry at the moment.

Anyways, is it this thread that I'm supposed to express interest in joining the Fall Out?
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Ankakalle64 (Regret) – Not to worry about the translations. I don’t translate some of my blades, though that’s mainly because there’s not a good way to translate some of the abilities or the name. It’s not a problem.

Shikai: You say you can control them “to some extent,” but what does that mean? What are the limitations? How fast can you make them move?

1) So do all the chains become spiked? How long do the spikes last? Do they pierce both your flesh and your opponent’s? How long does the nightmare last? Is it equal length for both of you? What exactly does experiencing your worst nightmare mean? Can physical harm be inflicted to you? Does it all go on inside their head? Can the nightmare be interrupted?

2) How many chains can you have? How much increased control do you have? Do the chains act just like normal chains?

3) I have a hard time seeing this one. First off, is it an actual ability, or just a way for the chains to be used? The chains don’t seem to be moving any faster, so they way they wrap around the opponent and cause harm must be different than what would be possible without this. Does it take the form of a coffin? What kind of damage does it cause? Does it wrap tight around them? If you’re using more chains or less chains, is there a difference in how this appears?

Bankai: How many chains are on your left arm? How large is the katana? How long is the chain whip? Are the chains all connected to form it?

1) How large are the fireballs? How fast do they move? How hot are they? What kind of damage do they do?

2) I’m a bit confused about this one. So as long as a cut draws blood (I’m not sure from which of your blade’s incarnations), three things happen. They experience “the worst pain, fear and despair” possible. I suppose my confusion comes from what that means, and the inclusion of the word “random.” What’s random about it? It’s the worst of everything, I’m not sure where the randomness comes in. But in general, this sounds like a bit much. If the only requirement is to inflict what is relatively minor harm and that causes what would have to be absolutely horrible pain, fear and despair in anyone, that is certainly a bit much. You’ll want to check this back quite a bit.

3) “Hitting power” is a pretty vague term. Does that mean the force behind your strike is stronger? Or that your blade will more easily cut through the opponent’s flesh? You’ll want to define that more specifically by quantifying it. You’ll want to do the same with the speed of the chains. How much is it increased by?
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…

Heh, I'm always up for a good debate, they're a lot of fun in my opinion, just can't say I have much of an opinion on this particular topic.

Anyway, I think the blade looks good, and you've responded to pretty much everything I've said. With regards to joining Fallout, feel free to add me to fans so we can talk about it in the IM chat, or send me an email. I'm on pretty often, so I should see it quick enough.
over a year ago Render44 said…
In my opinion, Ankakelle64... This is gonna kinda sound dumb, but I think you should switch your bankai and skikai around. :D Having a crapload of controllable hooked chains as your bankai? That would be pretty sweet. Then the katana and single chain as your shikai makes a bit more sense. That's just me though. I'm probably not qualified to make suggestions on other people's ideas yet. Since I've only posted on of my own.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Far as I'm concerned, the more people who choose to review, the better. It's not a matter of qualifications, we all have different perspectives, and mine is far from perfect. I'm always happy to see other people post reviews.
over a year ago TaKaSh1 said…
@bleachfan12- No
over a year ago TaKaSh1 said…
My zanpakuto is a kido based zanpakuto
over a year ago leroytan06 said…
zanpaktou name celestial
release command shine
bankai name universal celestial
=shikai; it resemble the 7 star formatiom that is connected by a fine line.
bankai; it would surround the opponent with dark mass with a lot of stars similar to the universe
[shikai abilities] - northern diaper formation. charge the celestial with reistsu. when fully charged, it unleashed a powerful force.
blackhole- absorb the opponent attack
whitehole- unleash attack absorb by the black hole

[bankai abilities] - the black mass enhance the shikai ability and instead of one, there is 12 horoscope star formation with similar ability as the northern diaper formation but more powerful
meteor shower- unleash meteor on the enemy
big bang theory - all the star merged together to form a condense sword to cut down the opponent

over a year ago leroytan06 said…
zanpaktou name tenno
release command shine
bankai name Uchū tentai
=shikai; it resemble the 7 star formatiom that is connected by a fine line.
bankai; it would surround the opponent with dark mass with a lot of stars similar to the universe
[shikai abilities] -Hokubu no omutsu no keisei. charge tenno with reistsu. when fully charged, it unleashed a powerful force.
Burakkuhōru- absorb the opponent attack
Howaitohōru- unleash attack absorb by Burakkuhōru

[bankai abilities] - the black mass enhance the shikai ability
Hoshi uranai no keisei- more powerful but similar to Hokubu no omutsu
Ryūsei-gun- unleash meteor on the enemy
Bigguban riron - all the star merged together to form a condense sword to cut down the opponent
over a year ago zero5z said…
[zanpakuto's name/shikai name] tsuki oogama (moon scythe)
[release command] hametsu (fall)
[shikai description]-becomes a scythe with a crescent moon as the head of the scythe. The moon is white while the rest is a blue and black spiral.
[shikai abilities]-kaze kisei (deaths wind)-a tornado rises from the ground wherever I wish it to rise. Such as underneath my enemy. Avoidable but only if the enemy stays on the ground, the second he leaves the ground he is sucked into the tornado. Unless they have a stronger reiatsu than me.
[bankai name] – aoiro tsuki (blue moon)
[bankai description]- outfit is changed to a black suit with a blue shirt and black tie. The crescent moon turns blue and is now hovering over my head. The scythe turns into two all blue zanpakuto that are shaped like crescent moons.
[bankai abilities]-gensho ku (First Poem)- Like ikkakus bankai, mine is lazy and takes time to reach full strength. Gensho ku is from the start of the crescent moon that is above my head till it reaches a full moon. When it is a full moon it becomes shu kyoku indo. Gensho ku is mainly a defensive phase. It allows me to sustain large amounts of damage without being hurt, but sacrifices my speed and reiatsu. But my strength quadruples.

shu kyoku indo (Final Requiem)-when sho kyoku indo first happens when the moon is full. All my wounds heal and the reiatsu lost in battle is returned. I lose my ability to take massive amounts of damage. But instead of slowing me down like gensho ku my speed doubles from the original and reiatsu triples. But my strength is only doubled now.
Kisei oogama (wind scythe)- I spin my two zanpakuto in front of me and it creates a tornado straight out of my blades. Unlike normal wind that is more of a push, this wind acts like a scythe and cuts.
Name- Reiten Yami
Hair color- half blue half black goes down to about shoulder length
Eye color- solid white does not even have pupils
Personality- quiet and to himself until he gets a little liquor in his system. Then he becomes the most outgoing person around.
Description- Reitin Yami prefers to be referred to as Yami is the captain of squad 9, he is fearless and when drunk, which most of the time he is, likes to be challenged and dared to do things. Yami grew up in the soul society as an orphan. Most of his missions have been direct trips to hueco mundo because he prefers to not be around anything that his tornadoes and kido will destroy. Although Yami is not bad with a sword he truly excels in the use of kido, which he can cast any kido with only the name. overall in fighting he relies mostly on his speed and massive reiatsu to use kido. one thing that anyone would say of Yami is that he obeys one rule no matter what, always show respect no matter how big or how small.
over a year ago DarkCruz360 said…
I have 3 different but have the same power type and it is diamond/fire hmmm i dont know if i post it
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Leroytan06 (Celestial) – You really don’t need to post twice for the same blade, especially since the latter just translates the names anyway.


1) How long does it take to charge? How does it charge? Can it fire before it’s fully charged? How powerful is the blast? How large is it? How fast does it move? What kind of damage does it do? What’s its range?

2) Can this absorb any attack? What are the limitations? What’s the size of the black hole? Can it suck in other things as well? How long does it last? Is there any danger to you in using it? Is there are cooldown? Can it only absorb energy attacks?

3) Can this only use one absorbed attack at a time? Can the black and white holes be active at the same time? Is the unleashed attack the same as when it went in? Where can you form the white hole?


1) I don’t understand this. I don’t get how this 12 star formation looks (nor, for that matter, do I understand what the 7 star formation looks like). Either describe it more completely, or provide a picture. I also don’t understand the enhancement. How does it enhance? For the first ability, does it just increase the strength of the attack, or does it reduce the charge time, or increase the speed, or what? How about the black hole, how is that improved? How about the white hole? Both of those abilities don’t seem possible to upgrade, you have to explain how that happens.

2) Meteors are of widely varying size. How large is the one you unleash? How fast does it move? Do you form it yourself? How long does it take to form? Where can you form it?

3) The stars…of your blade…merge together? Again, I don’t understand how this works. You’ve got a solid blade, what’s happening to that blade? How large is the blade it creates? How is this an improvement on the original? Be specific.

Overall, there’s just no detail here. You really just need to make it clear.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Zero5z (Tsuki Oogama) –

Shikai: So I guess I’m just having trouble getting the restrictions on this. You can form a tornado out of the ground wherever you want, and only as long as the opponent is on the ground are they immune? This ability has no effect on an opponent who is staying grounded? Also, can the opponent get above the tornado to avoid it, and if so, how far above is necessary?


1) Be specific here. How does it allow you to sustain more damage? Does it reduce bleeding or pain? Does it increase the durability of your bones and muscles? Does it just improve your ability to keep fighting with damage? How does this work? Also, what is the speed reduction and reiatsu reduction? You specify the strength upgrade, specify these as well.

2) How long does it take to reach this state? Does the healing affect all wounds, even those that would be deadly?

3) How large are the tornadoes you create? How fast do they expand out? Can this be blocked by kido? Does the tornado still suck opponents into it?
over a year ago Ryuuikari said…
Bunhana (Dividing Flower)
Takes the form of a regular katana, except that is has a longer blade. The hilt is mauve and the tsuba is triangular; it has a purple sheathe.

Shikai: Bunhana is released by the command “Multiply the flowering demon”. In shikai its overall appearance does not change.

Special shikai abilities: Bunhana has the ability to create identical illusory clones of the wielder made from the user’s reiatsu; as such they have identical reiatsu to the wielder. Each clone acts and speaks exactly like the wielder; this makes it extremely difficult for opponents to distinguish between the wielder and their clones. The amount of clones can vary from a few to thousands, depending on the amount of reiatsu the wielder has. The illusory clones are unable to attack physically but can use kidō and other forms of energy attacks; they dissipate after using such attacks however.

Bankai: Bunhana Kyōsha (Dividing Flower, Mirror Copy)
The wielder makes a circling motion with Bunhana then initiates bankai. In bankai Bunhana Kyōsha’s appearance barely changes at all; the only difference is that Bunhana Kyōsha’s blade now has a mauve-coloured edge.

Special bankai abilities: Bunhana Kyōsha retains the cloning ability it had in shikai; however Bunhana Kyōsha has the ability to create identical, physical clones of the wielder. The amount of clones that can be made depend entirely on how much reiatsu the wielder has because when the clones are created the wielder’s reiatsu is shared equally between them all; the wielder needs a substantial amount to be able to use Bunhana Kyōsha’ abilities effectively. The clones have identical reiatsu and act and speak exactly like the wielder making it hard to distinguish them from the wielder. Bunhana Kyōsha also has the secondary ability to be able to perfectly shapeshift into any object, person or even zanpakutō that the wielder has seen; Bunhana Kyōsha cannot copy the special abilities of a person or a zanpakutō however, although it can mimic voices and sounds. Since the clones are copies of the wielder, they can do everything that the wielder can do.

Bankai special technique: Senkyōsōgi (Thousand Mirror Funeral)
Bunhana Kyōsha creates 999 clones of the wielder and then transforms itself (and all 999 clones) into an exact replica of the opponent (weapons included). Then all two thousand clones (the transformed Bunhana Kyōsha and the wielder) rush the opponent one after the other.
over a year ago Ryuuikari said…
Tenkage (Heaven Shadow)
When sealed Tenkage takes the form of regular katana with a bronze elliptical guard and jade green hilt-wrapping.

Shikai: Tenkage is released by the command, “Explode the heaven and earth”. In shikai Tenkage resembles a szabla with a large blade; the blade itself is around 1.4 metres long. The foible is double edged and the martle is much more pronounced. The edge of the blade is coloured jade green. The hilt and guard remain the same as its sealed form however.

Special shikai abilities: Tenkage is used mainly in melee combat but also has the ability to control gravity. Manipulating gravity expends a lot of reiatsu so the wielder must have quite a lot to be able to use Tenkage’s power to the fullest. When gravity is manipulated Tenkage’s blade is the epicentre. Tenkage glows when using its gravitational abilities.

Special shikai technique 1: Jūryoku Kenin (Gravity Tow)
Tenkage intensifies its own attractive forces to allow it to pull objects or opponents towards it; objects with a heavier mass require more effort to pull. The wielder must wait a minimum of three seconds before they are able to use this technique again depending on the size of the object or target.

Special shikai technique 2: Jūryoku Kyozetsu (Gravity Repulse)
Tenkage intensifies its repulsive forces to repel objects or targets. Defensively it can be used to deflect an attack while offensively it can shatter bones, stone or metal depending on how much force is put into the technique. The wielder must wait a minimum of seven seconds before being able to use this technique again depending on how much force is put into the technique. This technique consumes a lot of reiatsu.

Bankai: Zennō Tenkage (Almighty Heaven Shadow)
The wielder holds Tenkage with both hands with the tip of the blade pointing towards the ground and then initiates bankai. Zennō Tenkage’s blade becomes black; the edge retains its jade green colour. A small, blue, bladed chakram floats around each of the wielder’s wrists and ankles and one larger, white, bladed chakram floats above the wielder’s head; they all glow whenever Zennō Tenkage uses its abilities. The gravitational epicentre can be either the blade or the wielder’s hands or feet. Small debris continually orbits Zennō Tenkage’s blade due to its gravitational powers.

Special bankai abilities: Its abilities are the same as in shikai albeit stronger. Because of this more reiatsu is consumed when using each technique.

Special bankai technique 1: Zennō no Tōbatsu (Almighty Subjugation)
The wielder holds Zennō Tenkage with both hands then slams the tip of the blade into the ground. This intensifies the gravity within a two hundred metre radius of the wielder; the level of intensity depends on how much reiatsu is used. Because of the sharp increase of gravity most opponents buckle under their own weight and are left immobile; others may get crushed by their own weight. Anyone in the wielder’s vicinity will be affected regardless of affiliation. The wielder is left unaffected by the change in gravity. The effect of this technique lasts as long as the wielder can maintain it; as such this technique uses quite a substantial amount of reiatsu when it is used. Other techniques can be used while this is in effect, however their power is reduced and recovery time of each one is drastically lengthened.

Special bankai technique 2: Uchū no Hantei (Universal Judgement)
Zennō Tenkage’s most powerful technique, the wielder holds Zennō Tenkage, tip facing the sky, and then points it at the target. At that a myriad of huge comets and meteors rain down destructively on the target’s area; it has an attack radius of fifty metres. Because of the magnitude of the attack it is extremely hard to aim. The user is left unable to perform any other techniques for at least five minute afterwards. This technique expends an incredibly large amount of reiatsu and using it twice within a short space of time has very adverse effects on both the wielder and Zennō Tenkage.

The two zanpakutō I have posted are quite similar and are based on techniques from Naruto (Kage Bunshin no Jutsu, Shinra Tensei, Banshō Tenin etc.) so in terms of originality then they probably aren't the best.
Oh well enjoy :)
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Ryuuikari (Bunhana) –

Shikai: The ability is clear, but it’s overpowered. Basically, from what I can see, the wielder can create up to thousands of clones. These clones cannot interact physically with anyone beyond the usage of energy. That’s how I see it. The problems are numerous. First, there’s no limit on the level of kido spell they can use. This basically allows you to use even top level attacks from pretty much anywhere at the same time. Second, if they cannot interact physically with anything, then there are dramatic limitations as to how they are destroyed. As far as I can tell, that should also include that they cannot be cut, hit, or otherwise damaged without the use of energy-based abilities. Third, what prevents the clones from making clones? If the opponent attacks one of them and they are about to be destroyed, couldn’t they, since they are exact clones, use the shikai ability and make another clone with the energy they had stored in them? Fourth, there’s nothing here saying where the clone spawns. Can you spawn them directly on top of an opponent and have them fire off a spell? Fifth, I can’t see how taxing this is to the wielder. What does each clone cost in terms of energy? Why can’t he just use this ad infinitum, replacing every fallen one with a new one?


1) A lot of the same problems persist here. The only change is that they can now physically attack, which, in my opinion, makes it slightly weaker, since the clones would be similarly capable of taking damage. Nonetheless, the basic qualities of having so many clones just makes this insane, and the damage you can cause increases now that they can interact physically with the environment. In general, having so many clones of yourself at the same physical strength as yourself is just insane. I mean, think about it. That literally doubles your capabilities every time you clone. Clone yourself a thousand times, that’s 1000 times your power, and the stronger, faster, and more skilled with kido you are, the stronger, faster, and more skilled with kido they are. It just seems like a lot, even for a bankai.

2) So it doesn’t say here whether you’re capable of using the opponent’s abilities while this is active, but if you are, you just made yourself 1000 (not 2000) times stronger than your opponent in an instant. Even if this has problems (though none are listed), this basically allows you to become impossible to defeat in an instant. How could the opponent respond to this? All of these clones are replicas of the opponent, what does he/she have that they don’t?
over a year ago Ryuuikari said…
Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm so many things i didnt take into consideration...
Thanks anyway :)
over a year ago zero5z said…
[zanpakuto's name/shikai name] tsuki oogama (moon scythe)
[release command] hametsu (fall)
[shikai description]-becomes a scythe with a crescent moon as the head of the scythe. The moon is white while the rest is a blue and black spiral.
[shikai abilities]- kisei oogama (wind scythe)-a tornado rises from the ground wherever I wish it to rise. Such as underneath my enemy. Avoidable but only if the enemy stays on the ground, the second he leaves the ground he is sucked into the tornado. Unless they have a stronger reiatsu than me. So restrictions are that I can only make one tornado at a time, and the speed and size are directly related, the height will always remain the same but I can make it skinnier or wider and based on that is how much speed it has. They are affected by the tornado when on the ground but only while within the tornado, once they get out it will not affect them while they are on the ground. So for example I can make a really skinny tornado shoot up almost instantly but it will be easy to get out of and only do minimum damage, while I can make a really wide tornado that rises slowly and can be really hard to get out of and does a lot of damage. I also forgot to add how it actually damages opponents while inside the wind acts as scythes and cuts you. You can not get above the tornado because once you leave the ground it sucks you in and then once you drop back down you can force your way out if you are strong enough.
[bankai name] – aoiro tsuki (blue moon)
[bankai description]- outfit is changed to a black suit with a blue shirt and black tie. The crescent moon turns blue and is now hovering over my head. The scythe turns into two all blue zanpakuto that are shaped like crescent moons.
[bankai abilities]-gensho ku (First Poem)- Like ikkakus bankai, mine is lazy and takes time to reach full strength. Gensho ku is from the start of the crescent moon that is above my head till it reaches a full moon. When it is a full moon it becomes shu kyoku indo. Gensho ku is mainly a defensive phase. It allows me to sustain large amounts of damage without being hurt by engulfing my body in a wind type armor, but sacrifices my speed by 1/3 and reiatsu by 1/3. But my strength quadruples.

shu kyoku indo (Final Requiem)-when sho kyoku indo first happens when the moon is full. All my wounds heal and the reiatsu lost in battle is returned. I lose my ability to take massive amounts of damage. But instead of slowing me down like gensho ku my speed doubles from the original and reiatsu triples. But my strength is only doubled now. The amount of time it normally takes to reach final requiem is 15 min but I can shed 10 min off if I sacrifice either my armor or strength, but I can only do this at the very beginning of the first poem. The healing affects all wounds, but does not completely cure heavier wounds such as life threatening wounds.
Shu kyoku gufu (final tornado)- the same as wind scythe, but I can also spin my two zanpakuto in front of me and it creates a tornado straight out of my blades. In which the direction I point is the direction of the tornado, and same rules apply as the wind scythe except while in bankai I can create a total of three tornadoes at the same time.
Name- Reiten Yami
Hair color- half blue half black goes down to about shoulder length
Eye color- solid white does not even have pupils
Personality- quiet and to himself until he gets a little liquor in his system. Then he becomes the most outgoing person around.
Description- Reitin Yami prefers to be referred to as Yami is the captain of squad 9, he is fearless and when drunk, which most of the time he is, likes to be challenged and dared to do things. Yami grew up in the soul society as an orphan. Most of his missions have been direct trips to hueco mundo because he prefers to not be around anything that his tornadoes and kido will destroy. Although Yami is not bad with a sword he truly excels in the use of kido, which he can cast any kido with only the name. overall in fighting he relies mostly on his speed and massive reiatsu to use kido. one thing that anyone would say of Yami is that he obeys one rule no matter what, always show respect no matter how big or how small.

does it work now i tried really hard to make it so it was complete but let me know if i have to add anything else.
over a year ago HollowKiller said…
This mine

Zanpakuto/Shikai: Gouka Ken(hellfire blade)
Release Command: Burn them to death
Bankai: Gouka Ranmyaku Ken(hellfire chaos blade)

Shikai: Gouka Ken
Ability 1: Everything it touches gets burnt
Ability 2: It burns away spiritual pressure and energy

Ability 1: If this sword touches the enemies blood the enemy dies instantly
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
zero5z - It looks much better, I think you've addressed everything. Good job, it's a great blade.

HollowKiller - Needless to say, this is lacking practically everything. I don't see any information on how the shikai or bankai look, and I'm not sure I even understand the theme of the blade at this point. The abilities are confusing as well. For the first, what kinds of burns are inflicted? Is it only the areas directly touched that are burned? Is it only the blade that inflicts them? For the second, how does it burn these away? How quickly? Can you burn from range, or only melee? The bankai is just ridiculously overpowered. Merely touching their blood kills them? That's pretty much a certainty. Almost every fight we've seen in the show includes lost blood, and all you would have to do is touch some on the ground with your blade and they die. Even if it's just blood still on or in the opponent, that's too much. Instant death tends to be problematic, this takes it way too far.
over a year ago SandWrrm said…
Name: Shino Nemuri (Sleep of Death)
Sealed form: Standard wakizashi-- the blade is made of dark steel, and the handle is magenta colored. The tsuba is a lighter metal than the blade, and is shaped like a spiral galaxy (ie, with two "arms" that swirl in opposite directions.)

Shikai: Released by the command, "Smother, Shino Nemuri!"

Shikai abilities:
The spiral arms on the tsuba spin up, weaving themselves around the blade; when they reach the tip, they combine to form a pink "blanket" that spreads, fountainlike, from the tip of the zanpakuto and covers everything within a wide radius. Anyone- with the exception of the wielder- who gets trapped under the cover will fall into a stupor that drains their spirit energy.

Bankai: Shino Nemuri wo Funsai (Crushing Sleep of Death)

As in the shikai, the tsuba's spiral arms spin and weave up the length of the blade; however, instead of forming the smothering blanket, the arms transform the zanpakuto from wakizashi size to a large nodachi. The nodachi retains the pink handle, dark steel, and spiral tsuba, but gains a razor-sharp edge. After the transformation, the arms return to their normal position.

Bankai ability:
The tsuba's spiral arms lash out in opposite directions, becoming pink, serpentlike tendrils that will ensnare the opponent. The tendrils constrict the trapped victim, wringing the spirit energy out of them with deadly strength. Even if one is able to escape the grip, they are left with debilitating numbness in any area where they were touched, and their spirit energy continues to drop, though at a less drastic rate.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Sandwrrm (Shino Nemuri) –

Shikai: The devil is always in the details, and in this case, the details can range to being insanely overpowered with a blade like this. This includes 3 major factors. First, the size of the blanket. How large is it? You say this “covers everything within a wide radius,” but that’s not very specific. What suffices as a wide radius? Also, is this a radius around you, or around the center of a point that you launch it to? Second, the speed of the blanket after release. How fast does it launch out? How fast does it cover the area after launch? Another part of this is the speed of effect. How fast does it drain the opponent of energy? How quickly are they put in this stupor? How long does the stupor last? Are they unable to fight while affected? Third, the strength of the blanket. How strong is the blanket itself? Can it easily be cut through? Can it be burned or frozen? Can its effects be counteracted in any way? A smaller follow-up – can the blanket affect you similarly, or is the wielder immune?

Bankai: Much the same points are involved here, except that the strength of the blanket’s effects becomes far more important because now they’re that much stronger. How strong is the constriction force? How fast is their spirit energy wrung out of them? How quickly does that force become deadly? Does the numbness that they feel also make the limb slower, or is it just that feeling is lost? Try to quantify the difference between the energy drain while touching it versus after having been touched.

It's an interesting blade, to be sure, but there's a lot to clarify here.
over a year ago SandWrrm said…

Dang..... I didn't think that far ahead! ^-^

Well, I figured the blanket speed of release/area of effect/energy-sucking strength would depend on the ability of the user, growing more powerful/wider distance the more the wielder progressed, and depending on how much of their power they poured into the attack.
No, I don't think the blanket could be burned or anything, because it's made of energy stuff, not tangible material. It could be counteracted by magic, though, or cut by another zanpakuto. I did mention (I hope) that anyone- with the exception of the wielder- is affected, so, yes the wielder is immune.

On the topic of bankai: the speed spirit energy is wrung out of the opponent depends on the opponent's strength. If they're weak, they die quickly; if they're stronger, they suffer the same crushing force at the same speed, but there's leeway for them to fight back. Yes, the numbness slows and weakens the limb/area of contact, and while the energy drain after being touched is not as great as when being touched, it is still a blow to the opponent's strength.

over a year ago Captain_Mashu said…
Shikai: Kōri no tokage
"Rise up and Strike, Turn Their Soul To Ice"
Bankai: Tokage kōri-shin

Shikai Abilities: Controls water of any type, cancels out any reiatsu of equal to or lower than mine, fires large arcs of pure ice when swung
Description: A large cleaver like blade with 4 slender, elegant spikes running down the blade side. a rectangle guard with a ring in the left side, a regular handle with aqua blue wrapping, and a slightly bent pommel with 2 small curved blades converging into an aqua blue ribbon about 12 inches long
Bankai Abilities: Controls Water more Efficiently, Reiatsu canceling made to effect powers even higher than mine, untouchable speed
Description: A long, slender aqua blue katana blade with a slight hooked curvature at the tip, a circular tsuba with small pointed sapphires morphing up about 3 inches on the blade, a regular aqua blue wrapped handle with a raindrop shaped sapphire for the pommel and attached just above that is a ring holding the ribbon which is now about 25 inches long. i also gain light elegant aqua blue armor on my shoulders and back with a long royal blue half-shiakshou behind me.

i made this entire setup back when i did major bleach themed roleplays on facebook. it has been well thought out and has not just been thrown together for this post.
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over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
SandWrrm – You’re addressing most of the issues, but I think you have to assume a certain strength and ability level for the wielder and go with it. I know it’s a lot of specifics, but for an ability like this (which, as I said before, can range dramatically in power), they’re really necessary to know. Also, I didn’t see a response to what you mean by “stupor” (I know the definition, but being specific as to exactly what it means in this usage makes all the difference).
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Captain_Mashu (Kōri no tokage) – I can tell that you put some thought into this, but as I’m running an RP myself, I’ll just mention that it seems a little sparse in a number of areas. The descriptions of the blade are well explained, but the abilities all seem to lack important details.


1) Total water control may sound self-explanatory, but it’s not quite so simple. There are different levels of control you can exert. For example, is there a weight limit to the water you can control, or, should you be next to an ocean, can you literally flood all the lands of the Earth? Also, does control just mean transfer of water from one location to another, or can you direct it at certain intensities and in certain shapes? Can you change the state of that water to ice or vapor? Can you control ice as well as water, or just water in its normal form?

2) What do you mean by cancelling out reiatsu? Does that mean you can cancel out kido spells, or even zanpakuto abilities that are energy-based? You’ll want to be specific as to the range of effect here. How it works matters in a big way.

3) How large are the arcs? What is their range? How fast do they expand out? Do they function mainly by freezing whatever they come in contact with, or can the arc pierce or cause cutting damage?


1) What does it mean to control water “more efficiently”? How exactly does this improve your control? Can you control more? Can you control it with less energy usage? Can you control it more specifically? Can you control it more intricately? All the same questions apply here as they did in the first shikai.

2) How much higher? All the same questions apply here as did in the second shikai.

3) This is easily the most nebulous of your abilities. What does it mean to have “untouchable speed”? Are you constantly moving at a flash step pace? Are you abnormally reactive to attacks? Is your speed simply improved over normal? If that’s the case, you should give a specific multiplier to the speed you normally have. Does your speed simply become such that no opponent could respond? It can’t be absolutely untouchable, that would basically make you impossible to hit, so you have to be specific.
over a year ago Captain_Mashu said…
as far as controlling water, if there was a large ocean next to me i could create a large tsunami and destroy many things as well as taking a small drop of water and turning it to a small ice shard a killing with it. i control water in anyform. meaning Ice Vapor and Liquid. as far as energy usage it is not very taxing at all to control water but it is a little slower than the bankai state enhancment. The canceling reiatsu stops any opponent from using shikai or bankai depending on their current state and stops them from using any kido of an kind while in 2 spirit miles of me after they are effected and i can stop any riestsu as far as 10 levels above my own in bankai state. as for the speed. yes, i am now always moving as fast as a moderate flashstep, so i would be moving about 20x my normal speed but then when i flashstep for real i am not even seen by even the fastest of opponents moving at about 150x normal speed. i would not be immposible to hit if the person was as skilled in flashstep as ichigo in his bankai state. the arcs of ice cost a pretty good chuck of energy to cast but they work like a getsuga tensho in a sense. it can be charged up and augmented and i can control it and manuver it while it is in motion as it is made of water. it causes cutting damage as well as freezing anything it touches.
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over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Alright, with all of that information in mind, it's overpowered. I'll give you the reasons:

1) That control of water is too wide. You'll note that even when we're talking about Hitsugaya or Hallibel, two high level characters, they can control all forms of water, but only after transforming them into their element. If you're actively able to change between all the various phases of water AND have more control than either of them is capable of (you'll note that, while they have a lot of control, they have to use specific abilities and methods to utilize what they have control over), it makes you that much stronger than them.

2) The way you're using your reiatsu cancellation is obscene, especially in bankai. If they can't even activate shikai or bankai, it basically makes you impossible to beat, since you have so many abilities at your disposal, and they basically lack any. I don't know what a "spirit mile" is, but if everything is basically deactivated upon entry into that zone, they have no melee capabilities.

3) The speed boost is too much. 20x makes Ichigo look slow, 150x is just absurd. Having that kind of speed basically makes it possible for you to end every battle in an instant. Why even have the other 2 abilities when all you need to do is one quick slash? You say you're not impossible to hit, but unless you're starting out exceedingly slow, no one stands a chance.

Honestly, I probably wouldn't say anything if it was just the first problem. I can understand that. The latter two are what's really problematic. They basically make you faster than anyone in the show, and able to shut down almost any blade and kido spells there is. Hell, if you really wanted to just be annoying, all you'd have to do is use your speed to stay on top of them, basically eliminating the two spirit mile radius. If you were using this in an RP, I have a hard time believing anyone without the most overpowered of blades/characters could deal with this.
over a year ago Captain_Mashu said…
the roleplay i played in for awhile took place way after the time of any of the current characters of the show. and only the most powerful soul reapers still survived. the others in my roleplay are just as op so they have as much of a chance as i do. it is only op according to current expected power levels. in my roleplay i am not the strongest but i am the fastest. just take that stuff and cut it in half if you want it more at the level you are measuring at. minus the reiatsu canceling also.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
That explains it. Unfortunately, those kinds of RPs sort of become an arms race where everyone's just upping the ante until someone creates a blade that can control the passage of time and bend space any way they choose while making the wielder immune to damage. Tend to avoid those.
over a year ago HollowKiller said…
I like how whiteflame55 thinks
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
big smile
Heh, good to know.
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over a year ago HollowKiller said…
Who's seen my zanpakuto
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Gave you a review.
over a year ago Captain_Mashu said…
zanpakuto like that are against the rules in that rp. but thanks anyway
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
*shrug* Everyone has their own rules, though it seems the rules of yours are pretty open to quite a bit.
over a year ago HollowKiller said…
Hey whiteflame55 my zanpakuto information is pretty old. I made
This zanpakuto around the same time i started wacthing bleach.
I did revise it and add stuff to it but i lost the book i wrote those
Ideas in so sh** happens
over a year ago Ryuuikari said…
Kyōbōnaken (Berserk Blade)
In its sealed form Kyōbōnaken takes the form of katana with a 1.2 metre long blade and a regular, bronze cross-guard. The hilt and tassel are blood red and it has a crimson sheathe.

Shikai release: Kyōbōnaken is released by the wielder first drawing blood from themselves and smearing it on the blade, then saying the command “Massacre heaven and hell”.

Shikai appearance: In shikai Kyōbōnaken is similar in form to a nodachi. The tassel becomes black and the blade is now 1.6 metres long. A 30cm, blade-like extension protrudes, forwards and backwards, from the middle of the blade.

Special shikai abilities: Kyōbōnaken is used heavily for melee combat. Its special ability is activated as soon as Kyōbōnaken draws blood. Its cutting capabilities increase the more blood is spilled, whether the blood is from the wielder or the opponent. Kyōbōnaken also boosts the wielder’s durability.

Bankai: Shukketsu Kyōbōnaken (Bleeding Berserk Blade)
Bankai release: The wielder impales their stomach with Kyōbōnaken, then removes Kyōbōnaken from their stomach and then initiates bankai.

Bankai appearance: Shukketsu Kyōbōnaken now has a black, 2.1 metre long, oversized blade. The blade has three blade-like extensions (the same as in shikai) that are positioned on the length of the blade; they get smaller in length the further up the blade they are. A zigzagged, blood red gauge runs along the side of the blade. Its hilt wrapping is now black and the cross-guard is now silver; the tassel is replaced by a black chain.

Special bankai abilities: Like in shikai, Shukketsu Kyōbōnaken is used heavily for melee combat; the chain on the pommel can be extended at will. Its primary ability relates to blood loss. The more blood that the wielder loses or the closer the wielder is to death, the stronger both Shukketsu Kyōbōnaken and the wielder become; Shukketsu Kyōbōnaken’s cutting power and the wielder’s physical capabilities (strength, speed etc.) are boosted drastically when near death. Also the wielder’s durability is greatly enhanced. Its secondary ability relates to its blood gauge. When Shukketsu Kyōbōnaken draws blood from either the opponent or the wielder, the blood is absorbed and the blood gauge on the side of its blade begins to fill; the blood gauge fills faster with an opponent’s blood.

Bankai technique 1: Oniken (Demon Blade)
When the blood gauge is full, the wielder mixes their reiatsu with the absorbed blood, transforming Shukketsu Kyōbōnaken’s blade into a gigantic, blood red, phantom-like version of itself. The wielder then swings the blade down on the opponent. The technique is quite powerful and very destructive; it is unimaginably powerful when the wielder is near death, but may cause the wielder to die afterwards as a result.

Bankai technique 2: Shukketsu Kokoro (Bleeding Heart)
The wielder converts the blood absorbed by Shukketsu Kyōbōnaken into reiatsu, and then uses it to rapidly heal the wielder’s body. This technique can be used as long as the blood gauge is filled, even if by just a little bit. The level at which the user’s body is healed depends on how much the blood gauge has been filled for example when the blood gauge is full, this technique is capable of fully regenerating the wielder’s whole body. It does not restore the wielder’s reiatsu however.

It's probably overpowered and I'm pretty sure there are some serious flaws, but it seems like the perfect zanpakutō for Zaraki Kenpachi :D
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Ryuuikari (Kyōbōnaken) – I’ve actually made a possible blade for Kenpachi myself, still have it scrolled away somewhere, though it is lost in the previous pages of this forum somewhere.

Shikai: You’ll want to be more specific on these. For example, how much blood would have to be spilled before the blade would basically be unblockable? Also, what durability improvement does this provide? Just a heads up, you should divide this into two distinct abilities. The blood loss improving cutting strength is one, the durability boost is another.


1) The most important thing is to define what “near death” means. I have a certain concept of what near death looks like, but you probably have a rather different one. Also, what kind of boost accompanies it? Try to be specific. Also, does it increase gradually with blood loss, or does the boost all come at once when they reach a near death state? You’ll also want to define the durability boost here, it’s all the more important now that you’ve improved upon it for bankai. Again, these are two separate abilities, so you should separate them. That does make the total number of abilities 4, so you should remove one if you want to stick to the counts.
With regards to the gauge, it’s not so much an ability as it is a standard by which the other abilities can be used, so that’s not a problem. Still, it’s worth defining this more. Give some idea of how much blood the wielder is required to lose to fill it, and the same idea with how much blood the opponent is required to lose.

2) Define “gigantic” for this one. You’ll want to be specific on the size here, also about the speed at which it can be swung. Also, you’ll want to be specific on what it does, because you say it’s highly destructive. Obviously, it doesn’t just cut, so you’ll want to be sure to explain exactly what it does here. Also, how does that mechanism lead to the possible death of the wielder, and what likelihood is there of that death?

3) This makes it all the more important to know about the time it takes to fill the gauge, and in this case, the devil’s really in the details. Much as it’s a hassle, knowing how much healing comes with, say, 1/10th of the gauge being full, is essential to understanding it. Most importantly, you’ll want to provide limitations. If this can fully heal him from a dying state (I’m talking on the verge of death, with several major organs pierced), then it’s too powerful. There needs to be an upper limit for the damage this can heal.

I think it does make a fitting blade for Kenpachi, fits his fighting style well. In my case, I went a different route, creating a blade that clashed with his personality, which could explain why he can’t communicate with it. It was just one idea, of course, and I think you’ve certainly done him justice.
over a year ago HollowKiller said…
Hey is anybody on this site right now because every time
I get on her no one ever is
over a year ago Ryuuikari said…
Cheers whiteflame55, I'd say Kyōbōnaken is the best one I've uploaded to date :D


Quite a large volume of blood would have to be spilled before it becomes unblockable.
The wielder's pain threshold would be a lot higher than usual e.g. they could continue fighting after being impaled (similar to Kenpachi).

1) To me, near death means if the wielder takes one more hit they'll die. As for the durability part, i'll leave that and say it's the same as in shikai.
Its a gradual boost, so as the wielder gets more 'beaten up' the better at cutting Shukketsu Kyōbōnaken gets and the stronger, faster etc the wielder becomes.
As for the gauge, for the wielder to fill it alone it would take at least 80% of the blood in their body (yes that's a very large amount) and for the opponent to fill it alone it would take at least 40% of the blood in their body.

2) By gigantic, imagine the size of Sajin Komamura's shikai phantom blade, that's what I mean. Swinging speed is proportional to size, so slow and heavy. And again i'm using Komamura as an example, destructive power would be the same as Komamura's bankai swinging down on an opponent.
The technique drains quite a bit of reiatsu, blood and general vitality, so the worse state the wielder's in the more chance that they'd die afterwards because their body couldn't handle the damage.

3) If the gauge is full, it can rapidly regenerate lost limbs back to perfect condition etc. but not vital organs.
If the gauge is half full, it can rapidly regenerate smaller body parts e.g. hands, feet, eyes etc and injuries to the skin for example burned or sliced skin would heal back to normal.
If the gauge is a tenth full, it only regenerates surface damage to the skin e.g. small burns, cuts and freezes etc.
over a year ago Karube27 said…
Name: Musunohimo[Countless strings]
Release: Osaeru![Suppress them!]
Appearance: A wakizashi with a pale handle ending with two strings with a red bead at each end.
Shikai Ability 1: Releases Countless of strings from the end of the blade. Those strings can be controlled by mind. The strings can also protect the shinigami. The strings are like blades.
Shikai Ability 2: [Daichi Musunohimo] A fast string releasing technique that could destroy anything it collides.
Shikai Ability 3: [Saishu Musunohimo] A powerful technique where blast of Blue strings is released. It's attack is wider than the Daichi Musunohimo. It crushes everything it passes through.
Bankai name: Musuno Ayatsuri Ningyohimo[Countless puppet strings]
Appearance: It turns into a staff-like two stringed whip with two red beads at each end and a yellow handle.
Bankai Ability 1: A larger version of the first shikai ability. It releases countless of strings not just from the tip of the blade but anywhere the shinigami desires.
Bankai Ability 2: the shinigami would strike the target with the whip then he would move away from the target then he will say "No seigyo, Musuno Ayatsuri Ningyohimo!" then the wounds would glow in then strings of reiatsu from the fingers of the shinigami will attach to the body of the target and the shinigami will now have the cotrol of that body.

I've also made the owner of the Zanpapakuto
Name: Karube Hisashi
Division: Kyuubantai[9th division]
Position: unknown
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over a year ago HollowKiller said…
I found that paper i wrote about.

Zanpakuto/Shikai Name: Gouka Ken ( Hellfire blade )
Release Command: Burn Them to Death
Bankai Name: Gouka Ranmyaku Ken ( Hellfire Chaos Blade )
Description of the Zanpakuto: The zanpakuto is a katana with a guard that is shaped like fire and a hilt raped in getuga tenshou colored bandages (the red and black one) with a black skull with red eyes on top of the bandages. The sheathe is black with red skulls on it.

Shikai Ability 1: Depending on the amount of power put into the attack my shikai can inflict from a first degree burn to just burning the skin of a person.

Shikai Ability 2: With every missed attack this shikai burns away the spiritual energy and pressure of his opponent. About one fiftieth of the spiritual energy and pressure is destroyed.

Shikai Description: My shikai is a nodachi that has a slanted cutting edge and a square guard. The hilt is the same as the zanpakuto sealed form but bigger and without the skull.

Bankai Ability: My bankai is able to steal the energy of enemies and turn it into his own spiritual energy

Bankai Description: My bankai is a double-edged katana with a four-point star guard that points upwards. The hilt is black on top half and red on the bottom half. The top half has the black skull with red eyes. The bottom half is in the shape of fire. The blade is black with hellfire written on it in symbols in red. The second edge is red. At the end of the hilt is a two foot chain. At the end of a chain is a fire emblem.

Comments: I made a zanpakuto spirit. It is a demon named Heron who has red skin and wears a short sleeve open black hoodie. He also wears black jeans and red boots
over a year ago HollowKiller said…
I also made my self a character who has my name. That took command of squad 3. My signature move is gouka kiriorosu which means hellfire slash. It is released in the same way as a getsuga tenshou but it is faster and it sounds like screams. Once it makes contact it takes the form of a skull and explodes
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over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Karube27 (Musunohimo) –


1) You’ll want to be more specific than “countless.” It’s not actually countless, there are a number of strings coming out, just give a ballpark. How fast are they released? What do you mean they can be controlled with your mind? Does that mean you can make them do absolutely anything you want? In general, having a practically infinite number of blades (and these are blades…in fact, they’re more dangerous because they have the same cutting edge and are so much harder to see) that you can control so easily is problematic, so you might want to tone this down. You can either make the number of strings you produce far lower, reduce your capability to use it, or make them tremendously less useful (i.e. their cutting potential goes down, their ability to take damage goes down dramatically, etc.).

2) This one is not specific enough. Does it release just one string at a fast rate, or does it release multiple strings quickly? How fast is it/are they released? What do you mean by destroying whatever it collides with? Do you mean it cuts through them? Can it be blocked, and if so, with what? In general, an unblockable ability is too strong, especially in shikai.

3) A lot of the same questions here. How many strings? How fast? You say the attack is wider than the previous ability, but I don’t even know how wide the previous ability is. If you want to provide that comparison, you should provide their attack width. What do you mean that it crushes everything it passes through? These are strings! How do they crush anything? Is this blockable? If so, by what?


1) So this just got a whole lot more powerful. Since you can release these anywhere, what prevents you from creating a whole bunch on your opponent’s skin, essentially making it impossible to move without being cut? Or, since you don’t define that they can’t be created inside something, why not create them underneath their skin, and kill them where they stand? Be specific on where these can be created, otherwise the lack of limitations leads to instant death, which is always overpowered.

2) One hit with the whip anywhere on the opponent’s body leads to complete control of their body? That’s just straight overpowered. It’s too easy to do, and the effect is total, so from what I’m seeing, there’s no way to resist it, no way to avoid it (beyond allowing absolutely no hits), and they lose the moment it’s applied, since the wielder can simply order them to slice their own head off. You’ll definitely want to reduce the power of this one.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
HollowKiller (Gouka Ken) –


1) How is the burn applied? I mean, is it just from the touch of the blade, or do you inflict burns by touching them as well? Can you use this somehow in a ranged attack?

2) So…every time you miss with an attack, you burn away their spiritual energy? By “miss,” do you mean hit nothing, or do you mean not inflict damage? Would blocks or parries count? Does that include every kind of attack (physical, ranged, kido)? Does it matter how close the attack was to hitting, or can you just stand at range slashing at the air to do this? You’ll want to be very specific. One fiftieth may not sound like a lot, but in a given battle, attempting fifty strikes it not at all unlikely, and missing the majority is very likely as well. You might want to increase the number of strikes required to completely deplete your opponent of energy.


1) This isn’t very specific. What do you mean by stealing energy? How do you steal it? How does it convert to yours? Describe how this works.

Signature move: Honestly, no idea where this goes. Is this a shikai ability, a bankai ability, or something you just have access to at all times? You say it’s faster than Getsuga Tenshou. How fast is it by comparison? How large is it? How powerful is the explosion it causes?
over a year ago HollowKiller said…
Answer to whiteflame55 questions


1) The burns are inflicted by touch from the blade.
2) Miss as in your fight and your opponent dodges the physical attack and its physical so your opponent can't get far. Even with a flash step they were still close enough to swing at.
3) It is hard to miss an attack 50 times especially when your strategic. So fifty is a good number.


1) The same way ichigo does his bankai but in reverse is how the energy is stolen. Once the energy hits gouka ken it belongs to gouka ken so that's how the energy becomes mine.
2) 2times faster. As big as a the enemy. And u can only do it during bankai. The explosion is 3 times stronger than the getsuga tenshou
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
HollowKiller -

If we're just talking about misses and not parries or blocks, then yes, that is fine. Now that I know a bit more about your first bankai move, I'll address that real quick. Does that refer to all energy techniques, as in, all kido and sword abilities that release energy? Would this, for example, be able to absorb all of Yamamoto's flames? Is there a limit to what can be absorbed?
over a year ago HollowKiller said…
Yes it would be able but the limit of energy being absorbed all depends on how much the user can take and how much the zanpakuto wants to take