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jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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over a year ago DarkJules said…
Soul Reaper Abilities- Flash Step, Kido, Shuko, Shadow Blade covers sword and extends it with a shadow looking spirit energy(used in sealed, shikai and bankai)

Hollowfication-White Mask that cover the entire head except for the back with black rectangular figure where I would see through
Ressurection-Destroy all enemy in sight Beruzebubu (Beelzebub)
Looks-Hollow Muramasa
Power-Sonido,Cero, Instant Regeneration

Fullbring-Dark celtic demon (black celtic cross necklace made out of stygian iron)
Transforms-Black blade similar to mideval blades

Fullbring-Soul Reaper Fuse- twin sided blade half black half sterling silver with one side of the celtic cross on each half
Power-Shadow blade(black side), Sefirot Crytals(silver side) Manifest 10 crystals at tip of the blade in a circular formation and fires
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over a year ago gensoikari97 said…
this is mine!
Zanpakuto name: Fokkusufaiyāmisuto "foxfire mist"
Release command: Unari-goe "growl"
Bankai name: Kodai kitsune hakunetsu "ancient kitsune incandescence"
Bankai Description: : wielder becomes a kitsune with crimson fur and jet black armor, the weapon is two large black and crimson chakrams with 8 blades on each that can separate and be controlled by the wielder’s reiatsu, in this form the wielder is radiating black and crimson light due to the high temperature around the body
Shikai abilities: Hoshoku-sha inryoku (predator attraction) - wielder slices opponent once and from the cut a scent escapes the opponent that draws natural predators to attack the opponent until they seek atonement from the wielder
Kasai taihō (fire cannon) – wielder channels reiatsu into the palm and fires of a blast of blue fire at the opponent
Bankai Abilities:Moeagaru honoo taihō (blazing flame cannon) – wielder focuses the light flowing from the body and concentrates it into one single blast of black and crimson fire
16 Kitsune tsume mure (16 fox claw swarm) – chakrams glow with black and crimson light and separate into 16 different parts and home in onto the opponent
Mirāfōsu no sutoraiki (mirror force strike) – wielder makes a exact clone and both charge a fairly large blast of black and crimson fire and shoots it at the opponent
You will find information on the wielder in Make you own Shinigami
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Wagakagami (Akatsuki) –


1) Does the shape have to be something that’s actually possible in nature (i.e. is it limited to shapes capable of being created through forging, or can it go to nearly impossible extents?

2) Is this unlimited in terms of the amount of power it can absorb? Say you’re dealing with the flames of Ryujin Jakka, or a 90+ kido, will it absorb this the same for those as it would for anything lower level? Also, if a ball is broken into with a reishi based attack inside of it, what happens with the energy?

3) Can an orb be rotated while the beam is firing out of it by either the opponent or the wielder? If it is rotated, will the direction of the beam change with it?


1) What can this absorb reishi from? How does someone get inside? Can an opponent force their way into it? If it is incapable of maxing out the reishi it can absorb, will it reach a certain time limit before distributing the reishi? Can more than one orb be activated like this at a time?

2) Is the energy at all modified by the item used to fire it? For example, would one shot by a gun fire somewhat more similar to a bullet, and one fired from a crossbow more similar to a bolt? Beyond that, what can suffice as a ranged weapon in this case? I realize it’s limited by the size of the orbs, but beyond that, how is it limited?

3) I understand this one, but I’m not quite certain that the 100% cast time and charge reduction is entirely reasonable without some sort of limitation. If it were me, I’d add on a surcharge for each 10%, basically increasing the cost of kido spells cast quicker. This ability isn’t entirely unreasonable, it just seems that it could be used in a particular way that just allows tremendous back to back assaults with kido spells, especially with the first bankai.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Of The One (Hitotsu) – Heh, another character who recently passed away. Enjoyed running this one for a bit, died in spectacular fashion.


1) Interestingly enough, I never specified that. Going to go ahead and say purple.

2) Well, whatever area takes injury is affected. So if a muscle is cut, no matter how little, the fatigue sets in on that. The deeper the injury, the more likely it is to affect more tissue, but other than that, it has no added effect (so a deeper cut into muscle won’t make it weaker).

3) Good stuff.


1) No cooldown, though there is a persistent reishi cost (not a tremendous one, but it’s there). The toll is mainly mental, since utilizing this information isn’t always straightforward (part of the reason she died was that her opponent was ready for it. Knowing what your opponent will be most likely to do with their abilities can be a detriment). This is pretty much all fighting abilities that she’d see, mainly focused on the zanpakuto. The opponent cannot stop it nor avoid it. She cannot utilize any of these abilities, she just knows what the opponent is capable of using – it’s all for the information.

2) Well, if the opponent knows what they’re dealing with, they would be more likely to keep themselves from purging the bacteria, but most wouldn’t know, and thus respond in the impulsive way to purge it. There are ways to deal with this as well – one of my characters (who you will get to shortly I’m sure) is capable of increasing friction around her body, essentially increasing the time for reinfection and preventing the major harms. The bacteria CAN be healed away. You might have noticed that I only said SELF purging is a problem. It is perfectly possible for someone else to help them. Self-inflicted burns and such would be much the same as purging, so that would have the same effect.

3) There isn’t a cooldown to this. It’s difficult enough to use this effectively, and using it in quick succession would lead to little benefit, especially if you let the opponent get used to the speed increase.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
DarkJules (Jules Nagato) – Normally, I provide reviews simply for the blade. In this case, since (and I could be wrong about this) the character seems to have a blade, 2 fullbrings, a hollowfication, and a ressureccion, I’ll review the character as a whole, and end with a bit of an underview.


Shikai: It’s a little basic, but it works. How does the crescent do damage? Does it explode on contact? Does it cut? How fast is it? How large is it?

Bankai: It would be really nice if you could distinguish abilities here, because everything’s sort of jumbled as written. So I’ll try to separate them out.
1) Increase speed, strength, and spiritual energy – By how much for each? It’s important to note what kinds of increases we’re talking about here.
2) Demon Wave – What does this look like? What kind of damage does it do? How large is it? How fast is it?
3) Split – So is spiritual energy the only thing that’s split here? Do both forms have equal strength? Equal speed? Do they both carry weapons? Is there any discernable difference between the two? Can they both utilize the same abilities? Do they act highly independently, or in concert? Does each know what the other is doing?
4) Nightmare Raid – What smoke? If bats are transforming from it, it’s important to know how you gain access to that smoke. How much smoke is required to make a single bat? How many bats can you possibly make with this? How quickly do bats form from smoke? Can the bats be destroyed? Must a bat attack or do damage to the opponent to steal energy, or do they merely need to touch them? How much spirit energy do they steal? How fast do they move? How large are they? Do they act independently? When you say it applies to you, do you mean the bats actively attack you as well?

Soul Reaper Abilities: It’s actually “Shunko,” and you might want to define which of these he’s proficient in and which he can only do lightly. Also, the shadow blade aspect should be part of the blade description, unless he can apply this to any blade he picks up.

Hollowfication: I’ll get to this in the underview.

Ressureccion: Sonido and flash step are kind of repetitive, but I can see a use for either. What kind of cero does he produce? Compare his instant regeneration to Espada in the show.

Fullbring – Dark Celtic Demon: Does the blade not carry any abilities? How large is it? What does it look like (there are a lot of medieval blades out there, after all)?

Fullbring – Soul Reaper Fuse: I can’t tell for certain whether this is another fullbring or the abilities of the first one, but since it’s named differently, I’ll treat it differently. So when you use the shadow blade ability, it only covers half the blade? Do the crystals also form only on that side of the tip? How large are they? How fast do they fire? What range do they shoot to? How quickly can he do this back to back?

Underview: There’s a lot going on here. We all want to just create an ultima character from time to time, and while this one isn’t necessarily overpowered, it just incorporates too many aspects to be realistic within the Bleach universe. I half expected to see some ability related to Quincies in here just to round this one out. Your soul reaper has a blade with one extra bankai ability, access to all the best abilities generalized to soul reapers, as well as a hollow mask, a ressureccion (which, as far as I know, is impossible for a soul reaper), hollow abilities (I’m actually kind of surprised that bala isn’t in there) and two fullbrings (which is rather unlikely as well, not just for a soul reaper but for anyone). You might want to simplify this a tad.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Gensoikari97 (Fokkusufaiyāmisuto) –


1) So what does this extend to? What’s a “natural predator”? What kinds of animals will attack the opponent? How far away can this scent be smelled by these animals? Does more cuts increase the scent range? I don’t get how you can stop this, and what it means to “seek atonement.” Their wound smells. Can you suddenly stop their wound from smelling at a whim?

2) What makes this different from Sokatsui? What does the blast look like? How fast does it move? What kind of damage does it cause?

Bankai: You say that there’s a high temperature area around the wielder. Technically, that’s an ability, but you should specify it as well. What’s the temperature of that area? How far does it extend off the wielder?

1) How large is the blast? How fast does it move? How many times can he fire this? How quickly does the light regenerate? How quickly can he gather the light into these blasts? Give some idea of what this is comparable to by naming a similarly powerful kido spell.

2) What are the “different parts”? How do these separate? Can they all be controlled individually? Can they be stopped? Can one that is stopped be thrown again in this same manner? How fast do they move? Does the wielder select the site that they move towards on the opponent?

3) Can the clone do anything other than fire this blast? If so, how long does it last? If it is killed, is there any adverse effect on the wielder? Does it persist after firing the blast? How does this blast compare to the one from bankai ability 1?
over a year ago gensoikari97 said…
well, natural predator is technacally attracting to foxes that are made of reiatsu, to seek atonement means to seek forgiveness for something, the scent will cease once the opponent is given atonement, its different from sokatsui because for starters it is shaped like a 5 point star and the fire is explosive(not major), the temperature is around 3000 degrees F and is radiating from inside the wielder, the blast is around 3 kilometers around. goes about 50 mph, it regenerates around moderate speed, takes about 15 seconds to prepare, its like hado 63, by "different parts i mean that it is able to be split into pieces by reiatsu, they can be stopped, but if they are they must be pulled back before being thrown again, and yes the wielder does decide where they go towards the opponent, they go about 45mph, yes the clone can tempararely assist the wielder for about 30 seconds before dissapearing, if it is killed it does not kill the wielder but it does weaken him, this blast is different because its power is on a larger scale about .5 times stronger like hado 88, and is much larger in size like 5 kilometers around
over a year ago Tasselhoff said…
Zanpakuto Name: Kaihenyaiba (Blade of Change)

Release command: kamonisuro (mislead)

Shikai Description: Normally wielded in a reverse grip, the guard
curves back to cover my knuckles. The blade is straight until
it tapers to a point (looks a bit like ½ a spear head). The
pommel has a spike on the end. The blade is the color of normal
steel, while the guard has a more bronze-like color. (see
shikai form sketch)

Shikai Abilities:

>sentan wana (tip snare) = When an enemy’s weapon slides into the
slit formed by the spearhead-like point, the tip of the slit
claps down on the weapon, allowing me to more easily stall for
time or disarm my opponent as the case may be.
>sassoku koutai (instant shift) = The spike on the pommel can
instantly elongate into a duplicate blade and either blade can
instantly shrink to become a spike again. This allows it to be
concealed easily with 2 spikes and no blades or to be used with
a reverse grip, traditional grip, or double-bladed style.

Bankai Name: Seishintai Kyuukyoku Kaihenyaiba (Body and Soul, Ultimate Blade of Change)

Bankai Description: The guard is the same but spiked and golden
rather than plain and bronze. The blade is gleaming silver and
is straight until it widens out and comes to a smooth forward
curve, ending in a small hook. (see bankai form sketch)

Bankai Abilities:
>sentan wana (tip snare) = see shikai abilities

>sassoku koutai (instant shift) = see shikai abilities

>inaketueki kega (bloodless wound) = I can render both my sword
and myself immaterial (untouchable by temperature or physical
things) for very short intervals. However, I must remain solid
for at least twice the time I was insubstantial in order to do
it again. While in this state, all my strikes (rather than
doing any physical damage) absorb the reishi from the part of
the body it passes through, weakening my enemy. That reishi is
stored in my sword and I can use it to increase the time I can
stay immaterial, increase my speed, or decrease the recharge
time for this ability.

Character: I’m a normal member of squad eight, not a captain or
even any form of officer because I am generally pretty reserved
and reclusive and do not like attention so I have refused every
promotion I’ve been offered. I have short hair but long bangs
covering my right eye. My hair is the color of rust except for
inch or so on the end of my bangs that’s steel-gray. My eyes
are silver, and I almost always wear an intense expression on
my face. I’m short, thin, quiet, and fast (both physically and
mentally fast).

I just made this a few weeks ago, and I think it's pretty sweet. Please comment and tell me what you think
over a year ago Tasselhoff said…
I apologize. I'm very new and I accidentally posted the bankai form sketch twice. Here's the shikai form sketch for real this time.

Sorry about that. XD
over a year ago wagakagami said…
Whiteflame's Nenrei no Hon (Book of Ages)

Shikai ability 1: Ogon Jidai (Golden Age) - With this one i not sure i know how this works. When an attack hits the circle one symbol or the other will effect it or when something enters the circle and they are effected by this until they leavel also how big can this circle be and can more then one be made. Lastly if the user is not in this does it still work?

Ability 2: Gin no Jidai (Silver Age) - Ok With this how strong are the bolts, how fast after the user picks a spot does the bolt come down. Also is there any cooldown or reshi cost on this you said there can only be 4 out at once but if they move as fast as lightning then i don't think that matters much.

Ability 3: Seidoki Jidai (Bronze Age) - With this one how much damage can the ink do i mean could he use the ink from one cut to kill someone? Also can someone get rid of this ink some how or stop the user from hurting them with it?

Bankai Ability 1: Eiyu Jidai (Heroic Age) - With the finger tips when you stop an attack can you use that reshi to attack also how much reshi can't be stoped or is there any limit? With the palm do you recevie any damage by the attacks?

Ability 2: Tekki Jidai ( Iron Age ) - With this does the shikai circle have to be out first? With this how long does this speed last and is there any reshi cost to this?

Ability 3: Nenrei no Owari ( End of Ages ) - Ok for these pappers how many are there at first compared to byakuya's shikai or bankai for example also how fast do they move and how do you fight with them? With the last part of this how long will this last if lets say there attack forms into something? Also after this is over what happens to the users zanpakuto?

I'll try to get to some more of yours today :)
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Tasselhoff (Kaihenyaiba) –


1) This isn’t so much an ability as an attribute of the blade itself, unless the blade somehow times it out itself. Nonetheless, it requires more explanation. How wide is the slit (it’s important to know how large the blade is that it could accommodate)? Also, does it only work along one edge of the blade, or can it work from others?

2) How quickly can the expansion occur? How much of an elongation is this?


1) Does this “must remain solid” duration count time outside of bankai, or are you required to be in bankai for this to factor it in? Can you make yourself substantial again while a portion of yourself or your blade are inside an object (such as, say, the opponent)? Does this have the capability of absorbing all of the energy in the opponent’s body by passing through each portion of them? Can the wielder be harmed, or even repelled, while insubstantial?
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Nenrei no Hon (Book of Ages) – Another dead character! I got to use this guy a few times, so it shouldn’t be hard to answer these.


1) It functions as a barrier. Anything that gets within that barrier somehow is no longer affected by it, so only things that pass through the area directly above the circle count. We’re talking about a rather small size here, about 10 feet in diameter maximum, though smaller circles can be made. Multiple circles do not work if they are in separate locations (that’s important, because a circle within a circle will function, though only one extra circle can be added as a double line of defense, and it costs decent amounts of energy to do it.

2) The bolts strike with about 2 times his normal strength (which isn’t all that great to begin with, one of my weaker characters). The bolt responds to his selection almost immediately (less than a second delay). There’s, of course, a cost to summoning these, though it’s not tremendous. As for the 4 at once aspect, it does matter, just not in the manner you’re thinking. The bolts can stay in place, functioning as large jagged metal swords to change the arena.

3) It can only do damage to tissue nearby and to tissue close to the surface of the body. If it doesn’t start in the central nervous system, it cannot enter it. If it doesn’t start in an organ, it cannot enter it. It mainly tears through muscles and skin tissue. One cut can kill, though only if it hits a location that basically would have done more damage if it had been hit by an actual blade. The ink can be stopped by any method that would evaporate or burn ink, and it can be slowed down tremendously by focusing energies around it.


1) When he stops an attack with the finger symbols, it’s simply dispersed, which means it cannot be used offensively. The limit here is on abilities that directly hit a target (as in, it has to be solid energy, which means flames or ice would be unaffected by the repelling). Size or power of the blast is inconsequential. Physical attacks are all affected, but the palm would have to be in the way of the strike, and he’s not fast enough to keep up with top tier opponents (even with the second ability). When these blasts are pushed back, the wielder doesn’t even receive the pushback of the strike itself, so no, there is no negative effect resultant from this. What’s more (and this did come up, in perhaps the most awesome end to a fight I’ve written), the effect persists for several minutes after the hand is removed from his person, which means the ability is still active during that period.

2) Yes, the shikai circle has to be out, though at this point, it would be ineffectual since it doesn’t last beyond shikai. If more than one circle is active, that doesn’t change anything beyond simply increasing the volume of ink. The speed lasts as long as bankai is active, and the cost is 10% of his total reishi (with 1% spent every minute thereafter).

3) Extremely difficult to say. I can’t give you numbers, but I can tell you that at the beginning of the ability, it would not be enough to truly obscure vision, and that by the end, it would be like a hailstorm of them is coming down, making it nearly impossible to see. Comparing to Byakuya’s bankai is rather difficult too, but by the end, it would be like being completely surrounded by his blades, whereas at first, it would be like scattering his shikai across all of the sky you could see. They are insubstantial and ethereal, essentially meaning they pass through whatever object they touch without effect. They move down at the same rate as you would expect falling paper to descend. I’m really surprised I didn’t include the time limit, since I specified there is one (an odd thing for me to do), but it’s 10 minutes (the same duration to activate it). The user’s zanpakuto does not return to him, so he’s far less capable of defending himself after it is done. One more thing I noticed I didn’t mention – the strongest ability that it takes is dependent on what the wielder’s seen. So if they don’t see their actual strongest ability, they will take the strongest they’ve seen, but not the actual strongest ability.
over a year ago Tasselhoff said…
In regard to the 1st shikai ability, the blade does time it itself and it's not just an attribut of the blade because the blade physically changes the size and shape of the slot to clamp on to the other sword.

For the 2nd shikai ability, the expansion/retraction occurs within a fraction of a second and the blade that forms from the spike is the exact same size as the original blade.

As to the bankai ability, I do not have to be in bankai for the recharge time, and I can not make myself substantial again while in a solid, however if I'm in a liquid or gas say a pool or a cloud, then I can still solidify and just displace the liquid and/or gas. To clarify the absorption part of the ability: the attack only prevents the flow of spirit energy back into the contacted part from other regions of the body for only a few seconds, so I'd have to be exceedingly fast to cut off one's energy entirely. No, I cannot be repelled or harmed while immaterial, however, because of the small amount of time I can stay insubstantial and the required wait in between I am far from invincible.
over a year ago Tasselhoff said…
the above post is of course in response to whiteflame's questions and comments on my zanpakuto.
over a year ago redundent said…
Zanpaktou/shikai name:Arashi no sutoraiki (which i think roughly translates to strike of storms)
Bankia name:Kanzay Naress (full storm)
Both my shikai and my bankai's appearances are the same, a long and thin blade, giving me the ability to move quicker than if it was large and clunky.
Realease command: 'Split the sky'

Shikai ability 1:Kaminari-ha (lightning wave)-As the name suggests, this attack is an obvious one, when the user swings the blade in arc and says 'Kaminari-ha' thin wave of energy in the same shape as the arc that was made by the user (for instance if the user sliced from right to left diagonally then a the wave would span from right to left diagonally when it was used) size length, width, power and height are all determined by how much it is charged beforehand. if it is used with no charge it would be fairly small, would only travel about 50 meteres and only just cut the enemy. If however it was charged for about a minute then it would be about three stories high, and about 50 meters wide, it would also travel for around 500 meters until disintergrating. It is fairly basic but will be expanded in bankai form.

Ability 2:Kaminari mōfu (lightning morph)This ability is slightly more comlicated, a bolt of lightning shoots straight out f the tip, the bolt can extend to about 200 meters, but that is not the ability, the end of the bolt can morph into anything, but the said thing has to be at the end of the bolt it cannot come jump out from the sides, if the bolt is cut then the part of the bolt that is still conected to the blade becomes the new end instantly. The bolt is cuttable at any point but the end. which acts (though not appears) as real flesh. The length and other abilitys are enhanced in bankai form.

Ability 3:Kaminari kyohi (lightning denail) this ability is a pretty much a sheild that surrounds the weilder, the sheild can stay surrounding the user as long as theres reiatsu to burn. the sheild itself stems from the the tip of the zanpaktou where a small line connects the sheild to the zanpaktou. the user cannot use any of the other abilities while in this state.

In bankai the the lightning/electricity turns yellow.

Bankai ability 1: Saigo no nami (final wave) an advanced version of Kaminari-ha. a non charged attack with this would be the equivilant of a one minute charge in shkai form. Not only that but the ability of deciding what the kaminari-ha looks like by swinging the zanpaktou in an arc is enhanced. The user can now change what the kaminari-ha's appearance is after it is launched, for instance if the kaminari-ha was dodged then the user could swing his zanpaktou and the kaminari-ha would turn around an launch at the opponent again.

Ability 2: Kōdona mōfu (advanced morph) this is a better version of Kaminari mōfu with this ability the bolt can stretch 10,000 meters and travels at 130mph. at full length it can retract in about 2 seconds. not only that but now any part of the bolt can morph into anything, a thin stem streches out from the bolt and the 'thing' grows from that. As many 'things' can grow from the bolt as the user wishes. Finally, when the bolt is cut, the part of the bolt dissconnected becomes independant for 1 minute and has all the abilitys that it would have if it was still conneceted.

Ability 3: Saishū-tekina sutoraiki (final strike.) this is a new ability and has a limited use of 5 times for each time the user goes into bankai. When the user says 'Saishū-tekina sutoraiki' and slams his zanpaktou to the ground a massive lightning bolt flys down from the sky at 15,000,000mph and slams into the person directly underneath it.

So thats my zanpaktou, i tried to make it balanced but i think i may have gone overboard with the bankai.
over a year ago goflytwokites said…
@redundent I think the range of your zanpukto is a little insane. Otherwise it's a great build! You can check out my lightning blade (Hikaru Kaminari on page 190) if you want. :)

What exactly does the morphed end of the blade in Kaminari Mophu do? Is it just for the sake of distraction or can it actually do some damage?
over a year ago shadowspiri5 said…
Ok Whiteflame, I forgot to mention a few things.

1) The arrows fly at about 80 mph, and the explosion starts in a 2 ft wide sphere, then rapidly expands to about 8 ft.

2) The shards actually start in a shell like formation around the user and expand to 50 ft in 2 and a half seconds.

3) They have to be staring in the user's general direction in order to be affected. Note closing ones eyes is a semi effective defense against this as the target will still see the flash but will not be blinded. Also When it is any other color the flash wll blind the target for half the duration and their eyesight will return sooner, along with the fact that it takes more spiritual energy to perform.

4) The ability only prevents attacks on the inside and it stops them by draining the energy that would have been used to harm the user. Also someone could easily attack the user from outside the AOE.(Area of Effect) And it can only be active for a total of 5 minutes each day. This can be in one big time frame or many tiny stints.
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over a year ago wagakagami said…
Man all these dead characters make me wish i was arthas lol but good so far i'll more then likely only get to this one today sorry :(.

Titus, didn't see the swords name.

Ability 1: Haemorrhage Cessation: OK for this who does it effect and if it effects someone else can they stop it from effecting them.

Ability 2: Promethius's Shackles: How much does this increase the users speed and how much extra force does it add?

Bankai: Makes sense :)

Ability 1: Lost soldier: The Equivocal - Ok so with this if someone is one one side and someone is on the other then what happens. Also when there on one side does it switch what they currently have and stop or does it stay in effect? So if both people are on the left side could they stab themselfs to kill each other?

Ability 2: Bleeding Diamond: The protector - With this do new wounds open up or only ones already open? Also do tey keep bleeding from those wounds? Lastly can you give some idea as to how much damage this can take?

Ability 3: Tartarus: The Vengeful - Ok with this ability Do they keep bleeding through these wounds or do they stop after the ability starts up? Also how fast does the blood move when beingg pushed by the user? With the blood it self how fast does it burn through stuff and can it go through kido like barrers and things? Lastly with the hole can the user fly or climb out or is it a new dimension also can someone fall down the hole and does the ground go back to normal after this?

over a year ago redundent said…

In answer to your question, as I orginay said (though I don't think i made I that clear that the end of the bolt acts as real flesh. In bankai this is different, any and every part Of the bolt that is midlife acts as real flesh and packs a punch of about 12 volts.

I checked out your blade and it's very good! Have you thought of a bankai yet?

Also I would quite like a review please (directed at everyone)
over a year ago goflytwokites said…
@redundent It's on page 191 (Bakuhatsu Kaminari).
Meanwhile, here's a new build I've come up with.

Name: Mayonaka Matsuri (Midnight Festival)
Unreleased: Normal Katana with a navy blue handle and white diamond markings. The guard is plain and rectanglular.

Shikai Command: Iwau (Celebrate)
Shikai appearance: It’s a 6 foot long, black staff with an azure colored chain wrapped around it from the bottom to the top. A katana size, highly curved blade is attached to the front of the staff at one end while the other end has a block of solid stone attached on both sides. The chain can be unwrapped from the staff, making it a long range weapon. The chain can attach itself to either end of the staff.

1)A Dark aura surrounds anyone within a 20m radius of the staff (not the user). Imagine midnight in a forest; that’s the level of darkness experienced. Other than darkening said area, it has no special effect.

2)Hanabi (Fireworks): 4 projectiles (red, green, blue and white) shoot out from the staff and fly to a height of 400m. Then they burst into smaller projectiles. The number of smaller projectiles that each large projectile bursts into can be varied from 4-12. This part of the process looks exactly like fireworks bursting in the sky. The smaller projectiles then home in on the opponent and, 1m away from the target, release the energy stored within them as condensed beams of sparks. The sparks are so condensed that, in essence, the entire beam acts like a laser.

The exact spot where they home in on the opponent depends on where the opponent has been hit with the stone part of the staff. If the opponent has not been hit by the stone, then this technique cannot be used at all. Also, multiple beams can be focused on 1 spot on the opponent. The power behind each beam depends on the number of smaller projectiles that came off the bigger ones. The more the projectiles, the lesser the power from each beam. Even at its strongest though, the beams can never cut clean through the opponent. At their strongest they can do deep cuts at their weakest they can do only flesh wound damage.

3)Kiken'na chōchin (Dangerous Lanterns): The free hand is used to trace these circular lanterns. They look like floating translucent spheres with a bright purple light in the centre. The spheres are about 60 cm in diameter. These spheres activate immediately after tracing. They emit a series of 10 extremely powerful but short range shockwaves. Imagine a jackhammer hitting your chest consistently. Their effective range is 10cm to 80cm. Beyond that, their damage is reduced to 1/20th of maximum.

Feeling too lazy to write a bankai for this right now…so that’s coming up soon.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Redundant (Kanzay Naress) –


1) Make sure you include the speed of the strike, and what kind of damage the attack does if it’s charged beyond just cutting. Provide all of those details that you provided for the minute charge for the no charge. Also, is a minute the maximum charge time? If not, specify what that time is, and all of these details for that charge instead of this one. Lastly, when you’re charging, can you fight normally, or is there a restriction while charging? The reason I ask is that there is that there should be some reason for the wielder to utilize the no charge form, but if they can charge continuously through battle, there’s little reason there.

2) So first off, does the lightning itself cause any damage? What is the limit of creation at the tip? What’s the speed at which this extends? As in, is there a size limit, a limit based on what type of thing it can turn into, a limit based on the form’s strength and speed, etc? How long does this form last? If it is formed into an animal of some sort, can it be “wounded” (i.e. will it respond to damage)? Can multiples of these be formed at once? Can the tip of the lightning be formed into multiple things, or just one? After the lightning has come out of the tip, can the sword be swung to change the direction of the bolt, or must it stay straight out?

3) How powerful is the shield? It’s important to specify how much damage it can take, how much reiatsu it saps over time, and what it’s capable of protecting against (possibly only energy based attacks or only physical).


1) How quickly can the blast change direction? What are the limitations on power at this one? Most of my review for this one is basically a copy/paste of the first shikai, so take those into account as well.

2) For this one, all of the uncertainties are basically just expanded from the second shikai. Since you can basically infinitely create from this at full length (10,000 meters is a lot of length to work with), all of these limitations become very important.

3) Since this is so fast, it’s worth knowing a few things. First, what’s the size of the bolt? Second, what’s the lag time between activation and lightning bolt appearance? Third, given that lag time (and there should be some), does the lightning bolt form over where they stand at activation, or does it follow them during the time it takes to appear?
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Kobushi Taitanzuno (Fist of the Titans) – That’s the name of Titus’s blade, not sure if it was posted with that. And in case you’re wondering, he’s also dead =P.


1) This is only for self-usage.

2) While it’s pushing from behind, it increases speed by 3x. The extra force is 5x. He’s not an especially strong or fast character, not even captain class.


1) The effect applies to only one person at a time. Note the fact that the line appears between himself and that one person, so that’s the only one to garner the effect (otherwise, he could basically use this on a tremendous number of opponents, and distribute his pain and weariness instantly to a lot of them, since many wouldn’t be on the line). As soon as they switch sides or step back on the line, the effect as it stands ends, though the new effect may come into play if they do switch sides. And yes, added injury once they’re on the injury side is applied to the opponent, so it’s similar to Hidan’s ability from Naruto in that regard.

2) Only the ones already open. He do keep bleeding, which adds to the defensive potential and weight by increasing the number of gems, though the bleeding is cut off to a large extent by the blood gems sealing parts of the wounds. Kido strikes are basically incapable of breaking this (yes, even Yamamoto’s flames). Also, any physical strike that isn’t directed at specific points (like Senbonzakura if it’s not condensed into a single strike) would be incapable of piercing it. However, a directed physical attack that’s 3x the strength of the wielder (not that much of a stretch) would pierce it without issue.

3) He does keep bleeding, so he’s constantly adding to the amount of blood hovering in the air. The blood moves at the rate he’s moving, so at about 5x his normal speed. It burns through anything as though it were moving through air, so any physical body will basically be treated as though it’s not there. It cannot go through kido barriers, or kido attacks for that matter. Only physical objects are affected. This is essentially too deep for anyone to climb or fly out of, so it’s kind of like a new dimension. Someone can fall into it, and the ground goes back to normal when this is deactivated or the wielder is defeated.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Goflytwokites (Mayonaka Matsuri) –


1) Try to give some idea of the range at which things become difficult to see. Also, does this only affect them while they’re within 20 meters of the wielder, or does it apply to them while they’re in that range, and then persist outside of it?

2) Could the stone base of the staff be used to target something other than the opponent? Can you, for example, target a spot you expect the wielder to be later with this? How fast do these homing pieces of the fireworks move? How fast do the fireworks themselves move? How large are the beams?

3) So do these form from the tip of the tracing finger? Can they be moved after formation? How many can be active at once? How long are they active? How quickly are the pulses sent out? Can the wielder control when the pulses come? Does the 1/20th of the maximum damage it can cause affect everything in the area, or does that also have an effective range?
over a year ago Susurrus said…
Hi, I haven't posted on this thread for about 5 months but I’m back from partaking in jinzen (*cough* watching powerpuff girl episodes on YouTube) with a new zanpakutou:

I've wanted to come up with a zanpakutou that has only the one versatile property, rather than a collection of separate powers, for a while now and it's pretty difficult, so far i have come up with this.

Sealed Form: In its sealed form the zanpakutou has the form of an overly large two-handed katana with a broad blade of very dark grey with a white grip and guard.

Shikai Name: Hahen no Muzai (means Shard of Innocence)

Release Command: Aogu Ninjō (hopefully can mean either "Seek Bloodshed" OR "Ask for Kindness/Empathy" but it might not... i realise attempting a play on words in a language i do not speak is probably overambitious)

Shikai Form: Upon its release the blade emits a high pitched screeching sound similar to a scream and begins to corrode into black dust and violently tear itself apart. Soon the exterior of the sword falls apart altogether revealing its true form: An extremely narrow yet roughhewn and jagged bone white blade that’s edge is so thin that it cannot be seen straight on. The white hilt is replaced by a simple grip with no guard wrapped with a fine but moth eaten crimson silk band.

Powers: Hahen no Muzai does not have a “power” as such but its shikai form possesses physical qualities that would be impossible and its applications are derived from those qualities:
- Most importantly Hahen no Muzai is sharp, in fact it is the sharpest zanpakutou in the soul society it can pass through anything, regardless of toughness, with no resistance whatsoever. The only exception to this is when it is blocked by a zanpakutou with equal or greater spiritual pressure behind it than its own; other reiatsu based weapons such as chads armour would also stop it by the same logic.
- Secondly despite its damaged appearance Hahen no Muzai's surface is so completely smooth as to be frictionless. Combined with its thinness this means that the blade makes no sound as it passes through the air, also if it was to slash a still pool of water it would not produce a ripple. More importantly a side effect of this is that it does not alert nerve endings when it injures an opponent meaning they will not be alerted by pain or touch when they have been struck by the sword. The wounds it inflicts are so clean that they do not initially bleed, however the surfaces of the wound are also frictionless meaning that the wounds instantly open if the victim moves the injured area even the slightest bit even a light breeze could open the wound.
- Finally it should be noted that despite how fragile its released form appears Hahen no Muzai is just as durable as any zanpakutou and is easily capable of blocking attacks despite being thinner than a sheet of paper.

Bio: This is a work in progress but I imagine that Hahen no Muzai would be wielded by a high ranking member of the Onmitsukidō (Covert Ops), namely one who specialises in discreetly killing powerful individuals, as it can easily deliver a fatal wound to an unsuspecting target without them ever realising. A sufficiently stealthy owner could cut a person vertically in half and leave the area without ever alerting the victim to their presence.

Thinking about a character that would be appropriate for this zanpakutou I am reminded of a phrase used to describe the sociopathic assassin Mr Teatime in Terry Pratchett’s Hogfather: “His mind has been compared at times to both a corkscrew and a shattered mirror (i.e. something brilliant, sharp, and dazzling, but also fundamentally and irrevocably twisted/broken).” Basically this zanpakutou should belong to a character who has been mentally scarred by some past trauma but who is still extremely cunning and calculating

So far my character is woman named Jishin, which literally means “Mercy” which is ironic as she is a sadistic psychopath but is also appropriate due to her swords ability to kill without causing any pain. She is the head of the covert execution division of the Onmitsukidō making her second in rank to Soifon and joint in rank with the other division heads. She is also part of 2nd squad like many Onmitsukidō members and holds the position of 3rd seat; Jishin greatly resents being outranked by Omaeda and occasionally daydreams about how she would go about cutting a man so fat completely in half with only a single swing. While she is respected for her proficiency Jishin mostly holds power over her subordinates and peers through fear as she poorly hides her complete disregard for life and total lack of remorse for her actions.

In her past life as a human Jishin was a Quincy who was killed during the cull imposed by the Shinigami. When only 15 she and her entire family were killed in their home by a particularly mercilless Shinigami who spared no-one regardless of age or whether they even possessed Quincy powers. After death Jishin’s soul entered the Soul Society and due to her previous life she already possessed Spiritual Power enough to join and complete the Shinōreijutsuin (Spiritual Arts Academy) and become a Shinigami herself. With the intention of gaining enough power to avenge herself and the Quincy she joined the Onmitsukidō and Gotei 13 and set about climbing the ranks. It should be noted that she does not want vengeance against the Soul Society in general or even all Shinigami, only against those directly involved with wiping out the Quincy and their descendants who she has been slowly and systematically murdering over the course of the last 250 years.

Although her spiritual power is on the level of a vice-captain Jishin’s main advantage is her unique combination of Quincy and Shinigami powers: For example the Quincy technique of Hirenkyaku (flying curtain legs) where the user rides fast moving spirit particles under their feet is one she has improved by performing a flash step on the spirit particles rather than simply standing on them she gains the speed of both techniques at once. This technique makes her faster on her feet than even the most proficient Shunpō masters, she appears to teleport and her first attack is nearly unblockable, although she has trouble reacting at maximum speed as she cannot alter her direction or see while she is moving. Jishin has also mastered and adapted the Ransōtengai (heavenly wild puppet suit) technique in order to allow her to fight when severely injured or paralysed, or commonly to augment her strength and speed while uninjured, additionally she can also use the dense strands of spirit particles it creates to manipulate objects, for example she can wield her zanpakutou without holding it or strangle a person at a distance without outwardly moving.

Because of her damaged and sociopathic nature Jishin has not achieved Bankai, and it seems unlikely she ever will, since she cannot achieve the spiritual understanding necessary while ignoring most of her soul.

Anyway there is my extremely long character Bio for the wielder of my Zanpakutou Hahen no Muzai. I reckon that a filler arc could be based around this character although I fear she may not be overpowered enough to survive a straight fight with Ichigo or a captain but she never was a fan of straight fights. Bleach would be a little more interesting with a murder mystery element to it anyway and it would remind people of the first arc and Aizen impaled against a building :’) good times…

sorry this post was SO long got carried away >.>
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over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Susurrus (Hahen no Muzai) –

Shikai: So what I’m going to do is treat each of these aspects as separate abilities, which they sort of are, but I understand how you set this up.

1) Actually rather well explained for this type of ability. Most people tend to leave out rival zanpakuto in their analysis here, so it’s nice to see you address it. The only thing I’d expand upon here is what other things it can’t cut through. Would, for example, something summoned by the blade that has properties similar to the blade itself be able to block it? As such a thin blade, is it capable of being parried, but not blocked? Since this is one of the physical qualities, I must include this: how long is the blade, exactly how thick is it, and how wide is it?

2) So basically, this allows three aspects, if I’m reading it correctly. It increases the speed of strikes (a frictionless blade slices through the air faster than one with friction), it cuts through objects cleanly in all cases, and it creates a zone of non-friction around wounds it cuts that prevents initial bleeding (until something interacts with it, or it is moved) and causes no pain. If there’s something I’m missing here, then it’s not readily obvious, though I believe that’s everything. Do the wounds it creates, when opened, bleed more profusely?

3) This one’s more of just an aspect of the blade than the other two, but it does make sense.
over a year ago Susurrus said…

1) I'm a little confused by what you mean by "summoned" could you give me an example?... do you mean things like the ice dragon that emanates from Hitsuguya's sword in shikai? if so i think that yes it would cut straight through such things and could only be blocked by another zanpakutou directly. However in that particular case although Hahen no Muzai COULD cut through the ice dragon it would not be that useful since being frictionless it would not break it apart or slow the momentum of the mass of ice so its own qualities can work against it making it a bit situational.

I do not know what you mean by parried but not blocked... is there a difference? and why would thinness factor into such a situation?

The blade would be quite long lets say 1.1m's not including the hilt. The flat of the sword would only be about 3cm's wide at the base and would taper away to a point the whole way up (this blade is not in a katana like shape more like an extremely elongated scalene triangle). The edge is actually sub-atomically thin (say a third the width of a hydrogen atom) but its thickness increases steadily toward the centre line of the blade being about 0.1mm at its thickest before thinning out again (the blade is equally sharp on all sides and at its point.

2) I had not considered the increased speed of strikes due to frictionlessness (is that a word?) so thats a nice surprise, thanks for pointing it out.

Yes you seem to understand the non-friction quality completely and as i intended.

I think the wounds would bleed more profusely than normal as unlike a normal cut which would, to some extent, compact the blood vessels Hahen no Muzai's cuts would not; additionally since the body itself cannot detect the injuries directly it would not be able to react immediatly to the damage for example it may take a few minutes to realise it is loosing blood and would not release clotting agents so fast due to a lack of stimulus.

i think i've answered everything, thanks for the feedback
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over a year ago whiteflame55 said…

1) I’m thinking in the abstract. Say you have something summoned by the blade, or a transformation of the blade, the utilizes properties of the blade. For example, if the blade were to transform into a dragon, but the dragon has its own power base. Another example would be if the blade formed into separate objects, but lost some of its normal defensive potential. What I’m basically asking after is whether the energy emanating from the creation would matter more than the actual physical defensive strength.

There is a difference between blocking and parrying. Blocking suffices by stopping the blade’s forward momentum, parrying redirects the momentum. Thinness factors in by providing a surface area on which the opponent’s blade or actions could have effect. So basically, even a small surface area that doesn’t itself cut on the blade could be used for both blocking and parrying, but it’s much easier to exploit the parrying aspect than the blocking if there is any surface area at all. If all sides cut, parrying can still matter, it’s just much less likely to happen, and that does seem to be the case. If that is so, you don’t need to respond to this one, it’s just worth noting if you were in an RP.

2) Heh, the only reason I know about it is because of my own characters reduces friction around her blade (it’s different from this, which more does so by virtue of its physical aspects than anything going on around it).

Good to know on the bleeding aspect.

Indeed you have answered everything. I think it’s a pretty awesome blade actually, something that appears basic at first glance but has aspects that make it really interesting in practice.
over a year ago Susurrus said…

1) I have been rewriting and struggling to answer this for about 10 minutes now. The problem is:
- If i allow for anything with sufficient Reiatsu to block my sword then its power becomes redundant in fights with any spiritual being since they all possess Some Reiatsu (Shinigami, Hollows, even Humans) so basically completely redundant.
- However if i simply say it can cut through everything except the blade of another zanpakutou then that begs the question why can it not cut through that as well?
- The only alternative i can think of to solve this problem is that the reason it can't cut through another zanpakutou is because it IS another zanpakutou therefore it exists on the same spiritual plane as my zanpakutou and can therefore interact with it equally unlike other spiritual and material things. If this was the case then an opponents zanpakutou would be capable of blocking Hahen no Muzai in ANY form. This is all well and good but now the sword can potentially instakill everybody without a zanpakutou so all hollows (bar arrancar) and people wielding weapons like Chad's armour would be ineffectual.
- all in all its a bit of a conundrum

Using your definitions of blocking and parrying i think that blocking would be much more difficult than parrying when one considers Hahen no Muzai's frictionless surface. Since Hahen no Muzai is Totally frictionless it follows that its point too would be frictionless so if one tried to stop a jab from it with the broad of their sword (like ichigo often does) they would have to line it up totally perfectly or the slightest imperfection in the angling of either the strike or the blocking would cause Hahen no Muzai to slide along the blocking blade without loosing any momentum although it would change its course.

Thanks i'm quite pleased with this zanpakutou i hope to make more that seem initially simple in future but with multiple applications. My favourite cannon zanpakutou is Kira's "Wabisuke" i love how its ability is so simple yet so effective. Also i like how it reflects his world view and how its shape ties in with its ability, it's just so neat.

I have been thinking of what other properties could be derived from infinate sharpness + frictionlessness.
- For example if its edge is on a sub-atomic scale does it not follow that this sword would be capable of splitting atoms? And being frictionless it would not displace atoms and molecules directly infront of it as with a normal sword it would instead pass straight through them... Does this mean that the sword may leave a trail of radiation behind it and may it even be capable of creating explosive nuclear chain reactions. (i'm just toying with ideas, i ceratianly don't want to commit to the nuclear one yet as i had this in mind as a subtle weapon and also that may be quite overpowered >.>)
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over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
If I may make a suggestion regarding the cutting potential of the blade? You might simply state the different kinds of items it cannot cut through as "any physical weapon, armor, or shield of equivalent physical strength and storing equal or higher energy than the blade itself." It's a bit basic, but that excludes objects that aren't directly considered "weapons," while at the same time including any armor or weapons they might wear.

As for the radiation aspect, it's hard to say how that would play in (I tend to avoid radiation because it's uncertain what kind of damage it causes, and it tends to be long term unless it's really intense), but you could certainly give it a go. It's an interesting idea to think that a blade could be so thin that it could slice atoms.
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over a year ago Susurrus said…
Indeed your suggestion does set up the exact result i had in mind but its a contrivance rather than a result of my weapons power... I think i will use it anyway for now though because how it works in practice is more important than how the theory behind it all ties up.

Yes it wouldn't produce enough radiation to be relevent in a fight but it would certainly generate a huge amount of heat if it were it to slice through any dense material as it would split apart far more atoms. After undertaking further research (talking to my friend on IM >.>) I reckon it would only potentially cause a nuclear explosion if it passed through something Extremely dense, say slightly denser than lead.

EDIT: Wait... upon further talk to my IM friend it seems that the sword would not infact produce nearly as much heat or other radiation as i anticipated since an atom is 95% electron field (which is in turn 99% empty space) and it would need to split the nucleaus to produce heat or radiation making it very unlikely to produce a noticeable amount.
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over a year ago shadowspiri5 said…
Ok. I did some work on it and here is the final product.

Name: Fesutibaru Tentō (Festival Lights)

Release command: Dazuru (Dazzle).

Unreleased this zanpakto is just a normal kantana that is slightly wider and shorter than normal. It has a pinwheel shaped guard with each of the 5 "blades" of the pinwheel being a different color. The first is red, and in clockwise order blue, yellow, green, white. It has a simple hilt with nothing special about it.

Shikai: The sword transforms into a monk's spade with a U shaped blade that goes about a foot up the handle on each side. With what appears to be a lit priest's lantern attached to the bottom via a small length of chain. The flame in the lantern changes color every minute or so, cycling through the colors on the sword's guard when unreleased. The user can change the color of the flame instantaniously and with no warning to the enemy.

Ablities: The user can control which color the lantern is at any given time and can hold the color indefinetly. Each color of flame coresponds to a different ability in Shikai. The flame in the lantern is charged with spiritual energy that is charged into the zanpaktou which is depleted before the user has to recharge the lantern or use his own spiritual energy.

Recharge: The user channels spiritual energy into the lantern to give the shikai a well of spiritual energy independent of the user. This holds about 1/10 the user’s current spiritual energy.

Red/Hanabi (Fireworks): This ability allows the user to shoot arrows of fire from the spade like a crossbow. When they make contact with something while in the air or fly 1000 feet they will explode into a shower of multi-color sparks that burn anything they come into contact to. It also creates a lot of smoke. Multiple arrows can be shot one right after the other. The explosions can mortally wound a lutenant level shinigami or GIllian level menos grande. 10 arrows can be fired before having to recharge the shikai.

Blue/Kakigoori (Shaved Ice): This attack happens when the user slams the blade of the zanpakto into the ground while channeling spiritual energy. This causes the blade to form a shoroud of ice shards, and then shoot out the ice shards to cut anything within a 50 foot radius. If used in an area smaller than that the shards will break the even smaller shards will ricochet and you can imagine what happens next. (User can be hit if the shards are reflected back at them.)This ablity can be used 25 times before having to recharge.

Yellow/Rantan (Lantern): This technique can be used outside of when the flame of the lantern is yellow; it’s just not as effective. The user channels spiritual energy into the lantern to create a bright flash of white light that blinds the enemy for a constant 5 seconds before fading rapidly to give the victim their vision back. The target must be looking in the user’s general direction for it to take effect. Closing one’s eyes is also a decent defense against the flash but their eyesight will still be blurry. If this ability is used while the lantern is not yellow the flash is half as strong and blinds for half as long. Plus it takes more spirit energy to use. 1,000 flashes can be used before recharge.

Green/Jinja (Shrine): This technique creates what is essentially a non-aggression zone where no form of combat can take place nor can attacks pass through. This area has a circular radius of 15 feet and is surrounded by an ethereal green light. It requires that the user constantly feed spiritual energy into the field, so it is taxing on the reserves. The maximum amount of time for this is 1 min. per day. Charge can’t be used to power the field.

White/Arukōru (Alcohol): Of course it can't be a party without alcohol. This technique is similar to Hanataro Yamada's zanpakto only it’s only about half as effective. It can heal minor to moderate wounds (Basically cuts and scrapes to minor broken bones.) in order to do this the user must run the blade of the zanpakto over the wound intended to heal if it’s a flesh wound the blade must be driven into the wound for it to heal. The shikai’s charge or the user's spiritual energy is drained when the wound heals.

Bankai: Fesutibaru no seishin (Spirit of the Festival): The user swings the shikai over their head before holding across their back and declaring bankai. The User the user then brethes out a a fine gray mist before the zanpaktou spirit forms from the mist and wraps around the user, grabbing the shikai in the process. The user gains a copy of the shikai and gains new abilities. The charge is now completely removed, and what is left of the remaining charge is added back into the user’s reserves.

Ten'nō no hanabi no yoshi (Emperor’s Firework Display): A powered up version of Hanabi. The arrows are now made of white flames and the explosions are now capable of killing the target if the user gets a direct hit. 500 arrows can be used to create a conical area of effect maxing out at 500 feet in front of the user. Also the sparks will now cause 3rd degree burns on anything it touches.

Kakigoori no mō fubuki (Shaved Ice Blizzard): The user creates a blizzard’s worth of ice shards around them in a 50 ft. circle. Then at the user’s command the shards will whirl around the user in a 100 foot tall tornado that cuts anything caught in the carnage. The user stands on the ground in the eye of the storm.

Now for the spirit's appearance, now I wouldn't normally do this but its needed as it is apart of the Bankai.
The zanpakuto spirit is just a hooded figure with glowing eyes that holds a lantern in its invisible hands. The hood casts a dark shadow that only allows the spirit's luminecent eyes to be visible. The eyes of the spirit and the lantern change color every minuite in the cycle of the shikai lantern. The spirit has a classic ghost tail, and is very unclear when not in bankai.
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over a year ago Susurrus said…

I really like your zanpakutou's appearance, its form of the monks spade is original and will make for really interesting fights (i basically just love spears and spear like weapons so i'm pretty biased here). The lanturns in addition to that add a mystical quality to the weapon especially given the unusual and changing colours of the flames, this is a nice touch as it reinforces the religious elements of a festival.

As far as its abilities go they seem to have an appropriate amount of power both for Shikai and Bankai so no complaints from me. i quite like how it uses fire and ice, utilising two opposite extremes of temperature.

All in all, cool zanpakutou ^_^
over a year ago Susurrus said…
I have just come up with another Zanpakutou and this one... well not to brag or anything but it is the Greatest Zanpakutou ever concieved of by man!


Sealed Form: This zanpakutou has no sealed form it is in a state of constant release.

Shikai Name: Tsuintoki (means “Twin Time”)

Release Command: In effect none since it is permanently released but initially I had thought of Narasu Chōshō (means “Ring the Funeral Bell”) and I quite like the sound of that one so I’ll leave it in.

Shikai Form: Tsuintoki’s blade resembles the shape of a traditional clock hand, it is iron grey in colour, and always gleams brightly as if it was brand new but it appears too new, unnaturally new, newer even than items that have only just been made. The hilt is bizarre its moss green grip is surrounded by the most ornate and complicated brass clockwork mechanism which encompasses the hand like the hilt of a rapier. The hilt also features a key for winding the clockwork, and a button which must be held down by the thumb for initiating the mechanism and released for stopping said mechanism.

Powers: This zanpakutou’s power is that it can simultaneously exist in two separate time planes. Whilst the button is held down the blade of this weapon vanishes leaving only the hilt, the blade is now in the future how far in the future it is depends on how many turns the key has been turned (the range is from 5 seconds to 24 hours and can be reset at any time by the key). But the blades movements are still controlled by the hilt in its past/our present. By releasing the button the blade returns to present time thus vanishing suddenly in the future and reappearing in the present.
- To give an example if one were to set the timer at one hour hold the button and swing the bladeless hilt in a location where they knew a person would be in an hour then release the button, when the time came a blade would appear from nowhere and perform the motion the wielder performed an hour earlier and then vanish.
- If someone blocks the blade or it cuts into something in that future the wielder can feel it through the hilt in the present and must apply the same force as they would in using any sword to overcome resistance, it can be parried and blocked, the wielder could conceivable be disarmed (or the blade broken) in the present by an event in the future.

Side Notes: This blade can have other applications too: It could be used as a concealed weapon if you were to set the timer to a time in the future where you knew the blade would not be impeded and hold in the button you could then release the button when pointing the hilt at someone and the blade would return to the present despite them being in the way.
- Or alternately the moment before this sword collides with another’s you could press the button for a split second and they would "miss" your blade due to it vanishing and re-appearing without changing its trajectory at all. Used like this it becomes far more challenging to defend from. (this can also be used in reverse by releasing and pressing the button quickly in the present thus the same manuovere can be done albiet less effectively, as you would be relying entirely on touch, to a defender in the future).
- With clever use of the key it would be possible to have several blades simultaneously appear in the same moment of time. If you set it to 1 hour and swung holding the button and then 10 minutes later set it to 50 minutes and swung the sword again the events in the future would be simultaneous meaning you could attack someone from the back and the front at the same time (and why yes it is possible for this sword to parry itself).
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over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Shadowspiri5 (Fesutibaru Tentō) –

Shikai: I am still noticing the 5 shikai abilities, but if you wanted to change that, I’m sure you would have.

1) You should provide some idea of how much smoke this produces. What does one spark produce? Also, what kinds of burns should someone expect, depending on how close they are to the spark when it explodes? How fast do the arrows move?

2) I believe I asked this before, but is there a lag time between when the blade is slammed into the ground and the ice shards formed? How quickly do the ice shards expand out from that point?

3) You say the flash is half as strong while the yellow lantern isn’t active. What does that mean? Is the size of the flash smaller? Is the range of effect lesser? How do you evaluate its strength?

4) I didn’t think about this last time, but how would the non-aggression zone work? I mean, would a kido attack strike it and immediately dissipate? How about a physical projectile? Most importantly, what happens to someone who tries to attack you in physical melee? Would they somehow be made unable to do so?

5) This one’s well explained.

Bankai: So does the wielder now have access to all 5 shikai abilities and 2 bankai abilities? That might be a bit excessive, especially considering that he already has access to a relatively high number of shikai abilities in shikai.

1) Do you fire all 500 at once, or one after another? How large is the conical area? Are you capable of firing them one at a time, or is this the only attack that can be launched in this form? Is the number of arrows that can be fired limited? What suffices as a “direct hit” (since that’s an instant kill, you’ll have to specify it pretty carefully)? What range from the explosions of these arrows do the sparks cause 3rd degree burns? How fast do these arrows move?

2) What’s “a blizzard’s worth of ice shards”? I mean, when I think “blizzard,” I think something covering at least several miles in ice and snow. A 50 foot circle just seems rather small for that to be held in. What happens if the opponent enters the circle before the tornado is created? Is there a reason for the wielder to keep it in the circle phase? As I read it now, the circle phase is probably rather ineffectual, so you should at least add something in here that gives a reason for it not to be active as a tornado all the time. How wide is the tornado it creates? Does it move with the wielder? Can it move by flash step?
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Susurrus (Tsuintoki) –

Shikai: It’s a fascinating utilization of time-based abilities, perhaps the first I’ve seen that isn’t overpowered (most of them are ridiculously overpowered, as you might imagine). It’s highly tactical. You’ve provided enough detail in almost every aspect, that’s for certain, though it’s difficult for me to evaluate in some ways. The best way to view this, at least as far as I can tell, is in two pieces: as a blade that can disappear and reappear upon the push of a button on the hilt itself, an as a blade that can appear in separate from the hilt and the wielder at various times in the future, each of which is set ahead of time by the wielder. Hence, I’ll address each of those in turn.

For the first, there’s only one question I have. If the blade can disappear and reappear with the push of a button, what happens when the button is pushed, but the area where the blade would appear is obstructed? Would the blade appear through said obstruction, or would the appearance be delayed until the obstruction is moved? Beyond that, it’s all about how it fights. That allows you to get beyond an opponent’s defense easily enough, sweeping past their blade and making it reappear, but it also leaves you vulnerable to their strikes. I would imagine that the wielder of this blade would also have to be skilled at using the hilt alone in defense.

The latter piece is a bit more uncertain. The variety of uses (sending it very short times into the future versus very long) makes its implementation rather complex. Keeping your opponent within a certain area is a necessity with this kind of ability, so there are more than a few weaknesses here. Still, it creates opportunities for amazing attacks. Once again, it’s rather similar to a blade I made relatively recently, one which marks the position of every strike the wielder has taken, and is able to activate them all once again, essentially striking a tremendous number of times all at once at the wielder’s discretion (though they can also hurt him, so remembering their locations is essential).

Overall, it’s very interesting. I’d be intrigued to see where you go with this, especially if you choose to add a bankai.
over a year ago K0VIP3R said…
Susurrus-Me and Someothers are running an RP forum. Your Character and zanpakuto seem really interesting and we'd love it if you joined. The forum is called Bleach: A New Generation
over a year ago Susurrus said…

Since posting my sword it occurs to me that despite my best efforts it will not, with its current properties, be paradox free (which i think is essential). I call this paradox the "but i already did that in the future" paradox...

I set the timer to 1 hour in the future, press the button and stab a chair where i know a person will sit i feel it stab into them and thus know they will die... in the space of the hour between me doing this and it actually happening i decide that i do not want them to die and so when they come to dinner i direct them to sit in a different chair...

However if i do this then when i initially stabbed the hilt in the past i would be aware that i didn't kill them because i could feel that i only stabbed the back of the chair. Thus i would not take action to stop them in the belief that i would miss anyway, which would mean that i would stab them in which case i wouldn't.

A resolution to this problem is to remove the transference of force from the future to the past (because it is things moving backwards in time that causes paradoxes). So if i were to remove the ability to "feel" through the hilt the events of the future it may work more smoothly.

In this new version of the sword the blade sent to the future is controlled by but no longer physically connected to the hilt in the past. Therefore you encounter no resistance when swinging the sword with the button pressed in even if the blade is blocked. The blade in the future simply acts as if it is under equivelent forces to those that were applied to the hilt allowing it to be in a different place to where the hilt determines if it is somehow impeded. This new version prevents the future from influencing the past whilst retaining all the swords abilities.

The only possible other issue is if the blade is broken in the future, and my confusing ruling on this is that the blade in the present would not be broken upon returning from that future until that future came to pass, as until then it has not actually happened yet.

Ayway i hope that all made sense, in answer to your questions:
Using the new version of the sword i rule that its effect depends upon the nature of the obstruction. In the case of a soft obstruction such as flesh or wood the blade would appear within the substance damaging it by displacing the matter. In the case of hard obstructions the blade would be displaced instead, althought it would still appear at the same time, where it appeared would be moved backward in space (in the opposite direction from the swords tip) to the nearest suitable location in which it can appear it would then act as normal. Soft obstructions include all non-solids and solid matter less dense than the blade, and hard obstructions any solids denser than the blade.

I admit it is quite complex to use effectively and is necessarily situational but since it can also produce incredible tactics i think its weaknesses hlp balance its power. Its a zanpakutou that definatly favours brains over instinct in its wielder.
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over a year ago Susurrus said…

Thanks for your offer i will take a look at the forum and decide, but i am definatly interested.
over a year ago ShadowHunter15 said…
Haven't been here in a long time. But I have a new zanpakuto!
Sealed form: Light grey blade, plain circle guard, and a grey hilt.
Name- Gurēkingu (Grey King)
Release Command- Subete no iro o eru. (Reap all color.)
Look- See picture below.
Abilities: When Gurēkingu is released, it cannot touch objects that are black, white, or grey. Even if it is covered with something that is black, white, or grey it can't be harmed.
Ability 1- When Gurēkingu harms something that has actual color, it is absorbed into the weapon. After, Gurēkingu has absorbed the color, like green, of an object ,leaving it gray, and then attacks an enemy, the color will transfer from the blade and onto the opponent. Still, this does no harm, but when it is hit a second time, in the same area where the color has been transferred, it does do damage, but only in the area that has color on it. So basically, Gurēkingu can only hurt things that have colors on a color wheel.
Ability 2- Karāfurasshu (Color Flash)
All the color that Gurēkingu has absorbed is released in a bright flash in a 20 foot radius. In that area, anything in it is covered with random patterns of color.
Ability 3- Karāfīrudo (Color Field)
Throws one scythe and it's chain forms into a hexagon. Light is then separated into colors and it colors anything inside the hexagon. The hexagon has an area of 20 feet.

I haven't come up with a bankai or a character yet.
 Haven't been here in a long time. But I have a new zanpakuto! Sealed form: Light grey blade, plain ci
over a year ago wagakagami said…
Whiteflame's Chosen destiny

Shikai Ability 1 ( Path to Asgard) Ok How big is the bridge?

Shikai Ability 2 ( Decaying Ash ) Ok how big is the tree and are any of it's roots visable or do they just go into the ground?

Shikai ability 3 ( Call To Arms ) With this one the weapons he grabs allow him to fight with them as if he has always used them right but can this effect anyone else also how many warriors are call out and how strog, fast, skillful, or smart are they?

Bankai Ability 1 ( Destined Time ) OK so About how many tornados are made, how big is the hail, does the heat from the ground effect the hail and how big is the area this effects?

Bankai Ability 2 ( Destined Place ) Ok so with this anyone who has exepted there destiny can use this? With the strikes does this mean that nothing can absorb the reshi or shocks form the hammer or that no weapon or kido can stop the hammers attacks?

Bankai ability 3 ( Destiny's retribution ) Ok so does the person who dies have to be willing to do this and do they have to know that they will die or can you assign someone to a ball then just kill them without any warning also if you can choose people who are willing then do they know your useing it and can they stop it if they lets say are your friend then you turn on them can they stop you from useing this ability on them?

Alfheim With this can the parts be damaged while sepreat and how fast can they separate and refom?

Jotunheim With this ability what is the benafit to the increased mass is there strrngth or durability increased or what?

Svartalfheim OK how do the ribbons attach to the opponent and how can they be removed? With the portals how and where fast do they form is there some sort of distance or limit to the number? Alsohow dose one get out of one of these?

Muspelheim So with the beams how fast do they travel and how many can be made at once and how could the user be hurt while like this?

Niflheim With the icicles how fast do they go and how many shoot out at a time and it this constant?

With all the abilities for ability 3 how long do these effects last and how many can be used at once?
over a year ago wagakagami said…
Whiteflame's Renee Chevallier, Couldn't find the zanpakuto name.

Shikai Ability 1 Air Drag - Ok i get the concept but about how much force can this stop?

Shikai Ability 2 Triboelectric Effect - Sorry but i have no idea what this means or does :(

Shikai Ability 3 Friction Welding - So is the only effect of the number 2 ability to work with this? Also how much heat is mad with each hit and how much damage can these explosions do?

Bankai cool look but how long does this take and can the opponent interfer with this.

Bankai Ability 1 Oscillating Guard - Ok makes sense but how big is the area around her?

Bankai Ability 2 Force Dominion - Ok all of these make sense :)

Bankai Ability 3 Magnified Drag - Cool ability and it makes sense good job :)
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
So I’ll have to respond to those reviews of my blades later, but I figure I’ll give ShadowHunter15 his.

(Gurēkingu) –


1) So if the color of what it harms is gray, it has no effect? Also, what suffices as “harm”? Does it mean any sort of damage, clashing with the object, when does this work? Overall, I’m a bit confused by this. I get that it can only do damage to areas that are of the same color, and that those areas have to be one of the six primary colors, but what if none of them are in the area? Can this just not harm anything? What can it harm and what can it not? Can it tear clothing? Does the wielder have to carry around bits of paper with the colors on them to cause damage? Also, how far does the color spread from the site of its touch, and does it only spread along the surface it touches, or can it spread under clothing as well as on it if the clothing isn’t cut but just touched?

2) Does this include colors it has absorbed and released onto the opponent? When the colors are released in this fashion, doesn’t it leave you with none to use yourself, which essentially means you have to get those same colors back into it? Also, if you can store colors in here, what prevents you from simply storing all of them before every fight and rotating to attack?

3) So the chain forms a hexagon, and anything inside the hexagon gets colored… What color does it use? What suffices for being inside the hexagon? How long does this form last? How fast can it be thrown in this fashion?
over a year ago wagakagami said…
big smile
Sorry whiteflame for droping out of reviewing yours i got dark souls and lost track of time. This one is based on dark souls.

Zanpakuto Name: Lord of sunlight

Release Command: Kindle the Flame

Shikai Description: When released the zanpakuto forms into a 4 foot long sword.

Shikai ability 1: Lightning Spear - This ability forms a 4 foot long yellow bolt of lightning with the same strength and reshi cost as the level 63 kido Raikoho. This attack forms in 5 seconds and is thrown like a javelin. This has a 10 second cooldown.

Shikai ability 2: Sunlight Burst - This ability cuases the sunlight in the area, 100 feet, to increase in strength by 50% but does not feel hot or uncomfortable. Anyone in this increased sunlight has is releved of pain and there wounds heal 50% faster, this effects healing abilities. If there is no sunlight, night time or heavy clouds then the size is reduced by 75%. This stays in effect as long as the user wants, is centered around them, and has no effect when there is no sky above, cave, a house places like that.

Shikai ability 3: Sunlight Spear - This can only be used when a lightning spear is in the air. When this is used the lightning spear forms another lightning spear 4 feet away from it in any direction but it moves in the direction and speed. This second spear has 50% of the power but cost the same amount of reshi. This can be used as many times on a lightning spear as the user wants but eac spear has to be 4 feet away from another one and cost as much reshi as the first but after the first hits somthing the ability can't be used again for 5 minutes.

Bankai Lord of Cinders - When bankai is activated the long sword forms into a 6 foot lond 10 inch wide great sword that's blade is covered in a foot of fire that smoke about as much as a burning log, this fire has no heat it's a visual thing.

Bankai ability 1: Faithful Knights - When this ability is activated 4 suits of black armor form from the ground. These are full of dirt with a 6 inch in diameter ruby when there heart is and each has a weapon, a 4 foot long sword and a 3 foot wide shield, a 6 foot long 1 foot wide great sword, a 5 foot long 4 feet wide axe, and a 3 foot wide shield and 6 feet long halberd, one set of weapons each. These are as fast and strong as the user and follow the users commands. To kill these the ruby has to be destroyed but any other wounds will heal almost instantly. These can't be remake themselfs if they are destroyed and can only be remade by ability 3 of bankai.

Bankai ability 2: Smother the Flame - When this is activated it the sword absorbs all heat and fire in a 100 foot radius fires appers to just dissapper and it feels cold instantly. This will not suck heat out of any living thing and the air around him is 50 degrees. This follows him and lasts as long as he wants and costs no reshi but has a 5 minute cooldown once it is stoped.

Bankai ability 3: Soul of Lords - During this ability the user is covered in an armor that looks like the knights armor but it has a read cape and a crown instead of a helmet. With this armor the user has 200% strength and speed. This armor when broken repairs itself at a rate of 1% of it self every 10 seconds. All of the Kights from ability 1 revert to the rubys if any where destroyed they are remade. Anyone who the users wants can grab one and has the same armor as the knights and has there strength and speed increased by 50% of the users. This armor will not self repair.
over a year ago LoneShinigami said…
Okay this my first attempt at a Zanapakuto, though I've been thinking about this particular one for months. I hope no one here is fluent in Japanese, because Google Translate ain't known for being accurate in Japanese...

Zanapakuto/Shikai name: Hibunshūki (Darkness Divider/Shadow Cutter)
Release command: “Divide the light and shadows!”

Shikai Description: Upon the release command being said, the Zanapakuto shines with a brilliant light, and then the light fragments off of it like breaking glass, revealing it's Shikai: A ornate brown handle with a gold buttcap and a rounded, golden, four-point star for the guard. The straight blade is simple and of average length (two and a half feet long), the only difference being that the cutting edge is silver-white, and the back ridge is pure black.

Shikai abilities:

-Each of these abilities must be called with the command listed.-

→ Hangeki suru (Repulse)
Repels a person with aggressive intentions. When the command is given, the blade glows brightly and and violently forces any blade (and wielder)that is in contact with Hibunshuki(and wants to harm)
backward. Eri can fake immense strength by whispering the command and striking the enemy's weapon, making it appear his attack sent them flying. After his 100 years of wandering Hecto Mundo, he can us this ability without physical contact, making it more of a force-field.

→ Anata no tsumi o hyōji (Reveal your sins)
Upon giving the command, the blade turns into solid light. In this form it can't harm anyone, but when stabbed into one's heart, it shows the wielder (Eri) their life in an instant, allowing him to judge them on whether their heart is ruled by evil or good. It also comes in handy for learning about people, as Eri uses this ability to better understand someone by seeing their life (He usually prefers to just touch them with the blade in these circumstances, not stab them.

→ Kudake chiru (Shatter)
A follow-up move to “Reveal your sins”. Still in it's solid light form, and impaling/touching a person with an evil heart, the blade flares brightly, and the person's spirit particles become unstable; they begin to glow with matching intensity to the blade, then shatter like glass, reverting to individual spirit particles. This ability can also be used on un-living things, like the ground, and it will simply crumble. Eri uses this ability also to fake immense strength, such as crumbling a solid stone wall “with one blow”.

Bankai name: Hibunshūki: Shin no sabaki. (Shadow divider: divine judgment)

Description: Impossible for me to describe, so I will let you see it. Alterations: “Hibunshūki: Shin no sabaki” is silver and gold, it's handle ornate and brown. The decorative pattern on the guard is a four-point star, and the upward tendrils just above that are replaced with silver flared wings, the wing-tips touching the bottom of the blade. (link)

Bankai abilities:

→ Hangeki suru (Repulse)
Much more potent then in it's Shikai form, this is more of an offensive move, blasting enemies away with enough power to dissolve those with weaker spirit pressure on the spot. (Think of Pain's “Almighty Push” jutsu from Naruto).

–> Hedateru (Sunder)
Unlike “Shatter” where a steady flow of spirit energy is poured into the enemy, an enormous amount of spirit energy builds in the tip or the sword, which is released upon contact with an object or enemy, forming into a massive vortex of golden spirit particles that obliterates enemies. As with “Shatter”, the energy from this attack is harmless to people with good hearts, however the blade itself can still harm, as it's not in it's light form.

–> Saishū-tekina handan (Final Judgment)
The final ability of Hibunshūki, and Eri's trump card. The blade ignites in a yellow flame that dances across it's edge. Eri stabs it into the ground (or just holds in upside down if in the air), and focuses his spirit energy into it. The blade glows with a blinding white light, and hums with the intensity that one can feel in their bones. When it the attack is released, it takes the form of a massive spiraling vortex of yellow/white flame that explodes outward and engulfs the battlefield. Those with wicked hearts are incinerated on contact. This move can't be used repeatedly in combat, it's too taxing.

I don't at this time have enough on Eri to make a complex bio.
over a year ago LoneShinigami said…
Link didn't work, the sword in the second set of sword pics, top right.
over a year ago kimoy4321 said…
big smile
[zanpakuto's name/shikai name] : Suisei Oujixyo ( aquatic princess)

[release command] : Makikomu (Engulf)

[bankai name] - Suisei Majixyo ( aquatic witch )
=description - resembles a regular katana with a square crossguard, a deep-blue hilt and a grey sheath. When released it extends slightly in length. The blade is covered with highly pressurized water that increases its cutting ability.

[shikai abilities] -
- The wielder doesn't need water to be present to use it's abilities. Suisei allows the wielder to control water in the surrounding atmosphere. The wielder's able to form highly pressurized water current into a large blade like appearance from Suisei's blade that can cut through concrete and metal constructs. The wielder can also create tsunami like waves that starts from the tip of the blade. The wielder is also capable of firing multiple small blades of highly pressurized water current one at a time by slashing that overflows from the tip of the blade, with similar principle to ichigo's getsuga tenshou though smaller and less powerful.

* Akuma Dassui ( deminic dehydration) - Suisei's unique ability, possibly one of the strongest, it allows the user to collect water from the surrounding atmosphere and even slowly dehydrating an opponent or opponents by extracting the fluids from their bodies. This ability is useful in both shikai and bankai, which is more effective and dangerous in bankai mode.

[bankai abilities] -

Other additional abilities when in bankai...

Zanpakuto regeneration - if the blade is shattered it regenerate instantly using the water in the surroundings and the water it collected.

Suijin ( Water God ) - it allows the wielder to take the form of water. The wielder could take the form of a tidal wave, a rushing surge of water similar to harribel's cascada , and other forms of attacks using water. This ability allows the wielder to be safe from any physical attacks by a considerable amount of time. It also allows the user to turn ice-based attacks into water that the wielder can use as his own. Though this technique has a 5 minute cool down after it's used.

Majixyono Kiri ( witch fog )- The wielder creates a mist for stealth attacks and for hiding.

Mizuoobu ( water orb ) - the wielder then uses water from Suisei and from the surroundings that rushes to the opponent and envelops him in a water orb, hence the name, that lacerates the one inside from head to toe.

Mizushiirudo ( water shield ) - it allows the wielder to use water for defense as well by having it take the form of a shield.

comments?...or additions for this zanpakuto?...

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over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Chosen Destiny – So just a general note on this one. First, he’s a dead character, more recent than most. Second, he was Captain Commander, so his blade was decently overpowered by design.


1) The bridge is about 100 meters long, 5 meters wide, obtaining a height on the curvature of 20 meters.

2) This is a pretty large tree. We’re talking 500 meters tall, 10 meters in diameter. The roots are all underground.

3) The weapons are usable by others, but they don’t garner the same effect. The speed and strength remain the same as the wielder’s (there’s no addition). Skill with the blade is pretty much maxed, and the smarts of that wielder don’t function either (this only affects skill, so if the wielder was idiotic, his skill with the blade would still be amazing, but he would be pretty much incapable of using that skill well).


1) The tornadoes are randomly created, so there’s no definitive number. Imagine this as just an absolutely terrifying storm, so at any given time, there’s likely to be between 4 and 0 tornadoes in an area. He cannot direct any of them, though, so they’re just as dangerous to him as anyone. The heat on the ground does affect the hail, so it would melt pretty much on contact. The area is pretty tremendous, 500 meters in all directions around the wielder.

2) The only person capable of utilizing this is the wielder, but he can only use it once he gets past that point. I sort of modified this to the point that he can always use it, but the more accepting he becomes, the stronger the hammer. What it means is that nothing can absorb them. If the barrier was a goodly distance from the person it’s trying to protect, the shockwave would go through, but likely fizzle before it reaches them. This is mainly meant to get through barriers and do damage to those who try to protect themselves too close to their bodies.

3) This ability is rather complex, as you have seen. The other abilities have occurred, and at some point I’ll update this to include those. No, the person who dies does not have to be willing. In most cases, they don’t even know what’s happening. They don’t have to know, the balls assign of their own will, not the user’s. It cannot be stopped – however, other abilities and certain happenings can change who it happens to. For example, when the wielder died after using one of these, he was basically redesignated as the target for his own ability (it’s rather complex to explain). In another instance, the ability of a blade transferred the effects to another person, who subsequently died himself.

Alfheim – This is a pretty fast process, it can happen almost instantaneously upon the wielder’s focus. It will happen automatically at a slower rate, with the threat still having to be recognized before it makes contact, though it requires a full 3 seconds between recognition and activation.

Jutunheim – Increased mass is increased weight, so physically, all he garners is that he’s extremely heavy. The gravity around him increases by a magnitude every minute, and the effects on his body worsen by a magnitude over the same time period.

Svartalfheim – They attach by touch. They can be removed simply by pulling them out. Cutting off a piece will do nothing except shorten it. They can only be formed at the locations where ribbons exist on the ground or on objects (not on someone’s clothing). It takes 5 seconds for one to fully form. There is no limit to number or distance. Their size is proportional to what they’re trying to pull in, equaling 4 times the width of the person. Someone with a large enough power level (i.e. equivalent to the wielder’s or higher) can resist the pulling force. Beyond that, the pulling force isn’t intense in any instance, so someone of even vice captain level strength, if they’re grabbing onto the ground outside of the portal, can simply push themselves out of it.

Muspelheim – The beams travel at kido speed. The number is limited by the number of fingers, and yes, if they direct one of these incorrectly, they can harm themselves just as easily as anyone.

Niflheim – Oddly enough, I inserted the icicle part of this ability, but never actually utilized it. So I’ll be removing that aspect.

The effects last for somewhat varying times depending upon the ability, but for maximum usage, these would last a scant 5 minutes. Only one can be used at a time, and using them back to back is too taxing for the wielder to manage.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Shouma (Abrasion) – This is the name of Renee’s blade, and this one is actually still alive.


1) The drag itself can’t stop anything, it merely slows it down. Someone with a deal more strength than hers could slice through even high friction areas without issue, but most opponents would get slowed to at least half their initial speed, many far less.

2) Heh, I know this one’s a little complex. Imagine these as sparks placed by the blade. If the wielder “cuts” the opponent, no physical damage will appear. Instead, along the distance of the wound, sparks would appear. One thing I didn’t include here is that if the wound is long, it would appear every 3 inches along the length. If the person is pierced, the sparks only appear along the surface of the body where the blade strikes.

3) Yes, the second shikai ability is only useful as long as this is in play. The heat itself is enough to cause second degree burns on contact over time, but not ridiculously high. The explosions themselves are the level of a hand grenade.


1) It’s actually extremely small, about 10 inches off the armor and her head in all directions.

I made this character quite a while ago, and yet she’s still one of my favorities, though she has been modified over time, the bankai was actually quite a bit different before.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Wagakagami (Lord of Sunlight) –


1) Is this a physical spear that pierces, or does it merely cause electric damage on strike? What kind of lightning damage could be expected when it hits? Can it paralyze?

2) Can the sunlight be blocked in any way after activation? If the wielder’s skin is covered, would that have any effect on the healing improvements?

3) What does the power reduction factor as? Does it cause less damage on strike, and if so, is that damage reduction a physical damage reduction or a electric damage reduction? Since 4 feet away from the spear could involve being formed in the middle of something, is there another limitation for the situation in which these can be formed? Also, how quickly do they form, and can the formation be interrupted?


1) Give some idea of the simplicity/difficulty involved in breaking the ruby (is it as hard as a normal ruby?), and what kind of damage is required. Does the ruby need to be destroyed, or is light damage enough?

2) This one is one I’d want to see in action, it sounds like it would make for a cool scene around the wielder.

3) So just the rubies reform from the knights, not the armor? How quickly do they reform? Do they reform at the same site that they were destroyed? Also, can the wielder utilize these rubies in any way, or are they merely possible for others to use?
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LoneShinigami (Hibunshūki) –


1) How far back does this push? What kind of force does it apply? Can this push back any number of opponents at once? How large is the zone in which this works? The key words here are “aggressive intentions.” Several things to specify. First, aggressive towards whom? Is it just aggressive towards the wielder, or towards others as well? Second, what suffices as “aggressive”? A desire to attack? A desire to win? A desire to defend? All of those could be seen as aggressive in their own way, even the defensive aspect. Third, what suffices as “intent”? Is it merely a motivation to pursue a certain act? If that’s the case, do they even need to be doing anything in this zone, or just thinking that they would do something? Fourth, can the wielder still have aggressive intentions while this is active? In general, as I look at this, I think this can be incredibly problematic, since it’s not just defensive. If, say, the opponent is up against something too dense and heavy to move, they could be crushed against it by the force of this. Beyond that, this has no limitation in power level from what I can read. The most powerful of opponents could be forced back, which means one of two things: either the power of the repulsion is so strong that practically no one can resist it, or the power is proportional to the person who it is used against. In the first case, you could kill most opponents with this. In the latter, there is no opponent who you could not stop, no matter how powerful. In general, an ability that affects basically anyone trying to fight you in such a big way is a bit much.

2) What happens when this light blade strikes another blade? Is it capable of clashing with it, does it still have physical form? What do you mean by show “their life in an instant”? What suffices as “their life”? Is it everything that they’ve ever done? Would they know every single fighting technique they could use, all of their abilities, everything? Knowing what the limits of this are is extremely important. If you can suddenly learn everything about them, that means more than just this good or evil aspect. Knowing their entire history, past and present, matters quite a bit in a fight. But the good and evil part is important too. So the wielder gets to judge whether a person is good or evil. That’s highly subjective coming from anyone, and it matters big time for later abilities, so I’ll address it here. How is good defined; how is evil defined (Neither of these are simple questions, they should be taken very seriously for a blade like this)? What’s the brightline your character would place for a person being one or the other? Is 51% good enough to decree someone is good? Wouldn’t the wielder always be biased, against any given opponent, to declare them evil so as to ensure that he could defeat them, and what prevents him from doing so?

3) Instant death on touch is a problem, even if this only applies to “evil” people. This has no way out beyond dodging the strike, and let’s face it, this matters a lot more than a simple blade would. I’d say this is overpowered, but there’s a lot that still needs to be clarified. First, what does this do to another sword? If it is able to clash with another blade and does so, can it shatter the blade in the same manner (spirits can be malevolent too)? How about things summoned by another blade? They’re normally non-living, so wouldn’t they just crumble? Can this go through energy barriers in the same way it can any normal wall? How much of the area around the area the blade strikes is affected by this? Can he simply plunge it into the ground and destroy the earth around him for several hundred feet, or does it only affect a small area?


1) All of my questions and points on the first ability apply here. So anyone weaker than the wielder would automatically be killed if they are at all aggressive and within this zone? How much does this increase the power by when compared with the first shikai ability? Does this still only work on people with aggressive thoughts?

2) Define a “massive vortex.” How large is it? How fast does it move? Can this be defended against once the vortex is out? Can the opponent stop the vortex from forming after it touches them? What suffices as a good enough heart not to be harmed? Can multiples of these be formed? Can they be moved after formation?

3) How large is the vortex this forms? How quickly does it form after he stabs downward? How high does the vortex go? How long does it last? Can this be defended against in any way? Again, unblockable death, especially death of this size (which I’m guessing is large) can be a problem. There’s got to be a way for “evil” people to deal with this beyond simply escaping to outside a several mile radius.