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jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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over a year ago kimoy4321 said…
ok whiteflame55 :

1. it's not that fast...the ball is avoidable.
2.and let's just put it this way... the closer you are at the crack the stronger the pull...
3. 50 feet. can't affect the wielder of course.
4. the crack's size is twice as big as the wielder.
5. If the ball is formed and fired already any form of attack will be considered a contact and form the explosion that's where the crack starts. You can attack the ball even if its at the tip of the wielder's zanpakuto though the wielder isn't affected by the pull. cooldown: 1 minute


1. thanks 4 this... it takes 5 seconds to open the cavity...which is clearly enough for any shinigami to gain distance far from the cavity... the high-pitched sound starts after the full opening of the cavity that covers 100 feet but the effects of the sound varies on distance from the cavity.The closer the more chances of being knocked unconscious, same goes to the dimensional pull as well the closer the greater pull.

= cooldown: 5 minutes and can only open 1 cavity after cooldown

2. and on the last ability. cuts made by the blade before the activation of this ability is not counted. The wielder needs to slash the target after the activation. Any wounds inflected by the blade when it's activated are the ones counted. The wielder needs to say the ability's name to activate.
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over a year ago goflytwokites said…
My third build so far. This one isn’t quite as well rounded as the other 2.

Plus, I can’t think of a bankai for it at the moment, so I’m gonna leave it open. Feel free to complete it by suggesting a bankai (I probably won’t have enough time to come up with one in the coming few days)!!!

Zanpukto name: Sabaku Taiyoshoka (Desert Sunfire)

Unreleased form: Normal katana. Hilt is yellow in colour with numerous small, white, diamond shaped decorations. The guard takes the form of a flat, silver coloured ring which is connected to the top of the hilt through 3 rods.

Shikai Command: Sabaku no taiyō mitsumeruto netsu o kanjiru. Ga me o hirai, Sabaku Taiyoshoka.
“Stare at the desert sun and feel the heat. Open your eyes, Sabaku Taiyoshoka”

Shikai form: The katana grows 2 inches longer. The guard reshapes itself into 2 oval shaped rings, one on either side of the blade.

1) All the air in the domain of the user’s reiatsu is heated to 40-50 degrees Celsius. The user is the only one who does not feel the side effects of this increase in temperature.

2) Kanetsu sogo-ken (Heated cross sword) the name of this technique does not have to be called out to activate it. Only its form must be executed. To do so, the user has to hold the zanpukto either perfectly horizontally or perfectly vertically and then swing outwards. This creates an arc of white fire and high pressure air which travels outwards at the speed of sound. The arc can be of any width that the user can manage. The arc is about as thick as the blade of the katana that releases it. It’s basically like a wide sword slice with fire.

Despite its high speed and size, this “heat slice” can only travel a maximum of 5 metres. 2 arcs can be fired in quick succession but at the risk of seriously tiring the user. Normally, this technique has a cooldown time of 2 minutes. This is a very particular form. The blade MUST be PERFECTLY horizontal or vertical to set it off. Otherwise, the arc will not form.

3) Kaika Kasai (Flowering fires) again, the name does not have to be called out, the form must be executed. The user has to simple hold the zanpukto upside down and thrust it to the ground with the name of the technique in mind. Five circles of white fire form in a star shaped formation. From each these circles, 5 streams of the white fire will sprout upwards, ready to move and attack.

After the formation of these circles, the user can remove his zanpukto from the ground and direct the fire from these circles to whatever direction he wishes by gesturing with his free hand. If both hands are on the zanpukto, the fires will simply follow the direction that the zanpukto is pointing to. The execution of this technique can be stopped by interrupting the form that activates it.

I'm welcome to any feedback and any suggestions for a bankai!!
over a year ago shadowcon99 said…
Hey everybody,
I just tarted a new RP and am looking or people to join. t=The forum name is Bleach: A New Generation
over a year ago shadowcon99 said…
over a year ago lkelley1 said…
I have been thinking about this for a long time now.

The character name would be Genshi and his zanpakuto would be like this:

Release command:Cut
Bankai:Chikei Seigyo (Terrain Control)

Genshi's shikai would as Juuken means turn into a bayonet. However its ability would not work until you cut the enemy. Once you cut the enemy you would make a cero-like blast from the opponent's energy and the enemy could not regain that energy ever again unless the got hit by the blast.

Genshi's bankai would break into dust paticles into space. Then Genshi could control everything in a 100 kilometer radius. He could spontaneously make fire in air or make an earth wall in the ocean. His bankai would make him virtually invincible.

Genshi's appearance is about 5'8, spiky black hair, blue-green eyes, and a small scar on his left eye. He has a black puffy shirt with a small orange scarf. His demeanor is evil but his intentions are pure. He seems weak because of his stature, but mess around with him and he will kick your a**.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Goflytwokites (Sabaku Taiyoshoka) –

1) Give some idea of what “the domain of the user’s reiatsu” is, but beyond that, this is good.
2) Provide some standard for the width here. I get that it’s based off of their energy, but it might be a good idea to describe just how wide this can be. Also, with regards to being perfectly horizontal or vertical, that can change within a fight, so I you’re going to want to be clear about what that means. Are these in relation to the wielder? Are these in relation to the closest surface to them? What exactly sets the standard for horizontal or vertical? Does it need to maintain that perfect angle through the swing, or only at the start of the swing? Can the “heat slice” have its direction changed after release?
3) What does it take to stop these pillars of white fire after their creation? How high do they extend? How fast can they move? Do these cause normal burn damage, or something extra? How thick are they? Can they be individually directed, or do they always move as a group? How quickly do the 5 circles form (i.e. how much time does the opponent have to stop its formation)? Is there a cooldown time on this, or a restriction that prevents the usage of this multiple times (i.e. directing 10 or 15 pillars by reusing this)?

As for bankai, I don’t have any specific ideas for abilities, but I can give you a fire idea that, to date, I’ve never seen utilized. Summons are common for fire abilities, but the summons are normally dragons, phoenixes, or wolves (which doesn’t make a lot of sense, but hey, it’s there). No one that I’ve noticed has ever tried anything relating to foxfire or will-o’-the-wisp. I know it sounds sort of pokemonesque, but a fox would be an interesting form for a blade to take.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Ikelley1 (Juuken) –

Shikai: So how much energy would a cut take from the opponent? Is it dependent on the size of the wound? Does depth matter? Length? Width? Amount of blood vessels nicked? Blood taken? Is there a minimum amount of injury required to create a blast? How does the opponent regain the energy? Does the energy automatically infuse back into them if it hits them? If so, does it do its damage and then infuse, or how does this work?

Bankai: So…it’s never good to include the words “virtually invincible” in here, especially when you’re the one writing it. What’s more, I actually believe that’s an understatement. The operative phrase in here is “control everything in a 100 kilometer radius.” This lacks any restriction that I can see beyond the 100 km radius (that’s an extremely large area…insanely large actually, most people won’t even be able to attack you outside of that radius), and that’s pretty well proven by the following examples.
So let’s assume that it’s unlimited, but only affects elemental factors (since those are all you mention, though you don’t specifically state that that is all he can control). You could utilize your control of air to create a vacuum, and literally suck the air out of your opponent’s lungs. You could turn the entire area into a blazing inferno (something you even say he can do), essentially making it impossible to get within that radius without…dying. You could solidify the air into a massive block of ice instantaneously. I’m not even certain that the control is limited to elements available on the terrain. What prevents you from controlling the water in your opponent’s body, killing them instantly by leeching it all out of them?
Essentially, the problem isn’t that he’s virtually invincible. It’s that he IS invincible. He has the ultimate defense and offense. I can’t stress this enough – full control over all of the elements like this is overpowered to the extreme, and all I’m addressing here is basic uses. The amount of combinations you could make would be impossibly strong, allowing you to make tremendous controlled explosions wherever you want and reducing the senses to little more than a painful memory. The only way I could see someone beating this blade was if they stopped time before you could do it, or collapsed the space-time continuum around you.
over a year ago lkelley1 said…
whiteflame55 Juuken's ability is to take as much energy from the opponent from the smallest amount to all of its energy. As long as blood is drawn from the cut Juuken's cero blast can be activated oh and in my bankai I was trying to be creative. Aizen's shikai made him practically invincible yet he lost to Ichigo. Its a forum so I can really make up anything I want. Although I do understand the points you made. However if someone used a flash step he Genshi could get killed because it is by his command of what he wants to be controlled and he can't control things as fast as a flash step or Sonido. But I'm sorry if you did not like my idea. And no the energy from the Cero does not automatically go back to the opponent, but one day the energy can be regained if the target gets hit.
over a year ago MystixHealr said…
Character Name: Asami Yamasaki

Zanpakto Name: Makai Hana

Discription&Meaning: Makai Hana means Hell's Flower, its a very dark silver blade,with a light lavender color hilt. Attached to the hilt are 3 pink flower petals, that never seem to die. they remain perfectly in bloom, no one knows why.

Shikai: Yakedo Zetsumei,Makai Hana (Burn them to Death,Hell's Flower) Once the weilder speaks those words there is a blinding flash of pink and blue light, and once the light clears, the user seems to look unchanged, but the user has his or her eyes closed, the blade is gone, but once the opponent tries to attack the user opens her eyes, and the blade comes back into her hand, but made of pink flames.The user's speed and reflexes increase X3 and the flames can scorch skin and leaves a flower mark where ever it burns. The flames cant die out,no matter if water, ice, etc. The user can then bend the flames at her will ( kinda like a fire bender) but the disadvantage to this is it isnt a great defense as it is a offense, so if the user is going to use this, its best to have the element of suprise.
( Character hasnt achived Bankai yet...)

This is what my character looks like. (User is a girl)

 Character Name: Asami Yamasaki Zanpakto Name: Makai Hana Discription&Meaning: Makai Hana means Hel
over a year ago goflytwokites said…
@whiteflame: First off, many thanks for the ideas. I’m gonna go with the fox coz will’o wisps are swamp phenomenon seen only at twilight…doesn’t quite go with my build. Desert foxes on the other hand…I’m gonna go with that. Thanks for the idea. Foxfire (luminous fungi) is also interesting, as I’ve actually seen it firsthand! I might actually make a different build with that.

1) Well, this really really depends on the reiatsu. It could be as much as a sphere of 200m radius or 300m radius for example.

2) Actually, I realize only now that the width must have limit. So I’ll give it one. The width of the slice can be a maximum of 200m.The sword has to be horizontal/vertical with respect to the central axis of the user’s body (the line that goes straight through the middle of the torso). The blade only has to be horizontal/vertical at the start of the swing only. And no, the heat slice cannot change direction; its range is far too short for that.

3) The pillars rise from the circles themselves. The circles are always in motion. Stop this motion and the pillars will fall and the ability will cease completely. They extend as high as the user likes, with the limit being 15m in height. I’ve got no clue about speeds so I’m just gonna name a random number, 30kmph. They cause burn damage only. Well, they can be individually directed, although that requires lots of coordination on the user’s part. It’s better to move them as a group. Formation time: 10seconds. Cooldown time: 2 minutes.
Bankai coming up soon.
over a year ago UraharaArisa said…
Name: Kumoriyaiba (Shadow blade)
Shikai release command: Bring the silence (motte kimasu chinmoku)
Bankai: Shizuka kage shi (Silent shadow death)

Normal appearance: Two blades, one slightly bigger than the other. They are both pitch black with a red strip running across the edge of it. The handle is also black, with a red blood-like pattern on it. It has no guard, but the shape is like a normal katana. You can open up the end of it and inside is a red substance that works as a blood-stopper, so it stops the blood from flowing.

Shikai appearance: Both swords stay the same, excpet they grow in size, and one is still bigger than the other.

Bankai appearance: The larger sword duplicates, so now there are three (Two larger than the other) and they still look the same.

Shikai abilities:

Kiri Haraimasu (Slash): The smaller sword takes control of itself and slashes at the enemy repeatedly, whilst the other sword stays with its user so that the user can use that one to attack and defend.

Ketsueki niwaka ame (Blood shower): One of the two swords disappears and turns into a heavy shower of red liquid (that looks like blood) that rains down and every drop that lands on the enemy, will give them a deep cut. The user will be unaffected and will also be able to use the second sword to attack and defend.

Bankai abilities:

Chimamire ga kage (Bloody the shadows): Both the user and the enemy get surrounded by a pitch-black bubble, where only the user can see. The enemy can only hear the users voice and feel any pain inflicted from the user or the users blade. The enemy is held down by imaginary blades, which confuse the enemy into thinking they are there. The enemy cannot see the 'blades' but they can feel the pain that would've been inflicted by them. The user would then be able to repeatedly slash the enemy and the enemy could do nothing, the enemy can only listen to the user and the blade slashing against their skin and feel the pain from it.

Ketsueki senkoo (Blood flash): Everything withing 1/4 mile radius gets surrounded by total darkness, it is unescapable. The only thing that can be seen is the red strip on my blades. Only the user is able to see.

Zanpakuto's personality: Kumoriyaiba is normally calm when not being used, or when not released. But once Shikai, or Bankai is used, she turns into a blood-thirsty demon.

Zanpakuto's user:
Kumoriyaiba's user is called Urahara Arisa, and she is Urahara Kisuke's daughter. Her shinigami powers were awoken when Ichigo's were, and she soon became good friends with him, Rukia, Orihime and Chad. She went with them to rescue Rukia. She learnt Shikai two weeks after she became a Shinigami, because Urahara Kisuke trained her. She is also a black belt in karate and is very good at Kendo. She is a visard, and her hollow mask is the same shape as Ichigo's, except it is mostly black, with white and red markings. Her first fight in Soul Society is with Yumichika, when Ichigo first fights Ikkaku.
Age: 15
Blood-type: AB
Short, spiky, pinky-purple hair (Same length as Tatsuki's), emerald-green eyes and quite pale skin.
Enjoys fighting, can only get on well with people she knows she can trust, if there is someone she doesn't trust as much, she doesn't really talk to them. She often gets into fights with Ikkaku or Kenpachi when Soul Society finally learns to trust Ichigo and his friends.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Ikelley1 -

I never said I disliked your idea. I think you’re getting the wrong impression of what my review functions as. I’m not telling you your idea is bad, I never say that to anyone. In fact, I was rather impressed by the concept of the first ability – no one that I’ve seen as of yet has tried a bayonet as their blade manifestation. I was more than a little surprised when that idea was confined to a single ability, but I never said that I dislike the idea. What I’m telling you is that you’ve created an ability that has no foreseeable way out. Realize this is a 100 km radius. No one can flash step over that distance all at once. All you would have to do is turn the area all around you into an inferno. To be perfectly frank, I think this dwarfs even Aizen’s blade in almost every conceivable way, especially since you could nullify every sense with this, and the opponent need not even look at the release.

Look, the purpose of my reviews is to let people know what my perspective is on whether their blades are specific enough and whether they’re reasonable within the given universe. You don’t have to take into account what I’ve said about your blade, but I think placing restrictions on the power of a blade creates more opportunities than it erases. You’re right, you can create any idea you want, but when you posted it on this forum, you opened it up for criticism. I give reviews to everyone in the same general format. I try to be fair and even in my analysis, and if anything, I’m hardest on myself. Nonetheless, it’s up to you. I think you have an idea that you could work with and make reasonable here, but it is your conception after all.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
MystixHealr (Makai Hana) –

Shikai: The 3x increase to speed and reflexes makes sense. The only concern I have on the remaining abilities is this impossible to die out aspect. If this spreads at the normal rate of any given fire (which, from the way it’s stated, seems pretty likely), then you have a lot of fire very quickly from only a single burn. That might be a problem if it’s simply sitting on the terrain (since it basically gives you Yamamoto’s abilities but with unquenchable and near-infinite flames), but the main problem is going to be when you burn the opponent. Unquenchable flames that burn the opponent will burn them to cinders in a matter of minutes, at most. You’ll have to provide one of two restrictions for this: either make this somehow reasonably quenchable, or you have to reduce what it can spread on. If it can’t spread on skin, that would deal with the latter problem. Every elemental ability has to have some basic restriction, and as far as I can see, this has none.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
UraharaArisa (Kumoriyaiba) –

Normal appearance: Is this substance capable of stopping blood flow even in huge wounds, or is it limited in efficacy?
1) Is the blade just as fast as the wielder? Does it swing itself just as strongly? Does it fight with the same style?
2) How long does the shower of red last? How deep does this cut (i.e. if it lands on a person’s head, are they going to die from it penetrating into their brain)?

1) So I’m more than a little confused by this one. They’re both surrounded by the black bubbles, but they remain separate? Then, how does the wielder appear within the bubble of the opponent and start attacking them? How large are the bubbles? Can these bubbles be dodged or otherwise prevented? Can the imaginary blades be stopped or prevented? Is there a way to release yourself from the imaginary blades once they are holding you down? Is there any effect on the wielder for being inside of these bubbles?
2) So when the area is covered in this, there’s no way out of it? Or are you saying that there’s no way for the opponent to dodge it, even if, say, they were outside of that radius to start? If it’s the former situation, what prevents them from exiting? Is there an invisible wall? Does the darkness move with them? How does it work? If it’s the latter situation, why include the ¼ mile radius at all? How quickly does this form? Does this only affect vision? How far away can the red strip on the blades be seen? I’m guessing when you say that “only the user is able to see,” you mean that they can see like normal inside the dark?
over a year ago shadowcon99 said…
I believe with Makai Hana, and correct me if I am mistaken MysitxHealr, just the flames on the blade can not be put out but the flames it spreads can.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
If that's the case, then that should make it just fine. As I read it, the description of the abilities only refers to flames created by the blade, so it would have to be modified.
over a year ago goflytwokites said…
This is the bankai to my build on pg 192 (Sabaku Taiyoshoka). Many thanks go to whiteflame for suggesting the usage of foxes for the bankai.

Shikai name (pg 192): Sabaku Taiyoshoka
Bankai name: Sabaku Kitsune Toride (Desert Fox Fortress); Saying bankai and then this name is enough for activation.

Upon its activation, 5 circles of condensed white fire form above the user’s head. They have a radius of 2 metres each. They arrange in 2 columns; one with 3 circles and the other with 2 circles. The columns then collapse on themselves (releasing a blinding flash at the same time) to form 2 desert foxes. They are known as the 3Fox and 2Fox. The 3Fox is formed from the 3 circles, 2Fox from 2 circles. The 3Fox is usually blue in colour but sometimes likes to be red. Similarly the 2Fox is sometimes cyan, sometimes dark green. Both foxes have bright, white eyes and fur that discharges white sparks in random areas of their body.

3Fox has 3 times the power of 2Fox but 1/3 of the speed of the 2Fox. 2Fox is faster (it can flash step at the same speed as the user), less powerful, but capable of highly accurate, cutting edge attacks (more on these later).

The shikai blade splits into 2 scimitars, one as long as a katana (representing the 3Fox) and the other as long as a wakizashi (representing the 2Fox). Each blade is as thick as half a katana. The blades have silver edges but the rest of them is the same colour as the fox that they represent. Although they represent the foxes, they dont actually control them. They act as normal blades.

1)3Fox releases large balls of white flame (about 3-4m diameter) from its mouth. The maximum distance of these fireballs is 100m. 2Fox uses a white blowtorch flame of 1m in length for precise, slicing strikes up close. This blowtorch doesn’t always exist; 2Fox only produces it from its mouth when needed. 2Fox’s blowtorch acts more like a sword then a bullet.

Both foxes share a mind of their own which works in tandem with the user’s mind. The key to mastering this Bankai is communication and teamwork between both the Foxes and the user.

2)Shiro-hi ame (White Fire Rain) - To activate, the user puts the 2 blades in a cross and calls out the name of the technique. The Foxes then move into a position they see fit (any position that gives the maximum damage to the opponent) and fire. The 3Fox then fires about 50 balls of white flames (same as the ones in ability 1). The 2Fox releases 100 of the blowtorch flames (visually they’ll look like 1m long dazzling white spears made of flames). This technique is one-shot. After this technique both foxes will need to recharge for 5mins but even after they have recharged, they cannot use it again.

3)Shiroi Toride (White Fortress) - A very powerful technique that requires a long set up time. First, 3Fox and 2Fox have to stand 5m apart and face the general direction of the opponent (at this point it does not matter if the opponent moves). Then, 3Fox runs clockwise while 2Fox runs anticlockwise (i.e they trace a circle with a diameter of 5m). As they run, their fur discharges white sparks in their wake. Once each of them has run round 3 times, they each stop at their starting positions and wait for the user to reach the centre of the circle. The set up is complete. It usually takes 2 minutes to set up. While the set up is happening the shinigami engages the opponent so that he/she doesn’t interfere with the set up.

Once the user is in the centre, he can release large slices of highly pressurized hot air. The foxes can activate the area of the circle in the direction of the slice such that when the slice hits the area, it carries with it either the blowtorch flame (making it a “blowtorch slice”) or a wall of fire (formed by carrying multiple fireballs) from ability 1. Which flame it carries depends on the fox activating the area. These slices have a 20m range and a speed of (random number) 45mph. The blowtorch slice can cut through metal of up to 2 inches thick. The wall of fire has very little cutting edge (from the high pressure slice) but can do immense burning damage.

There you go, bankai for my blade on pg 192 (Sabaku Taiyoshoka). :D
over a year ago goflytwokites said…
Oh! forgot to mention. The easiest way to defeat the Bankai is to cut some part of the Foxes' tails. This will make them leak all their energy out in a controlled manner. If one tried to kill them some other way, they'd just release all their energy at once, burning/killing everything within the blast radius (100m).
over a year ago burnoutrevenge said…
my zanpakuto is dual swords one is black and the other is white it is always in shiki like ichigo the swords name is death and life

1. in shiki the black sword and the white one stab it into the ground apart from each other and they make portal to where ever
you want to with out going into the pesipis world

2. because the black sword is always realease is because he cant die if it went back to its normal form he would die

3. the white sword can heal him the whole time it dose nothing else
the only other power is what ever you do to him like cut off his head or arm your the one whose head or arm falls off it just past right through

4.anyone he kills with his bankia he can use their zanpakuto power

bankia is darknes prevails

1. the sword transforms into a sythe and he transforms in to what looks like the grim reaper ( skelaton with black robe covering his face

2. he transports him self like flash step except you cant trace it

3. has an evil dark aura around him if u get close u choke to death

4. if the sythe touches you all your spirtual energy is asorbed and even your zanpakuto which then he uses in his shimy

my appearence:

a loner, dress like a comander except where ever there is white it is black and black there is white where a hood to cover his face the swords are on his back like the captain that can control ice


was once the commander but got expelled becasue of using forbidden kidos when he left he took all the kido books with him except the ones from 1 to 100 ( he was expelled for 5,000 years)

living at since then:

in hudo mundo before azien came been experimenting with hollows to make the perfecting espada and going to soul society because it has been 5,500 years and he wants to check on things and to see how tough everyone is

over a year ago burnoutrevenge said…
his weakness is when he is in bankai for an extended period of time he needs to sleep it off by doubling it like for 3 hours sleep for 6 and so on
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Goflytwokites (Sabaku Kitsune Toride) –

1) How fast do the balls of fire move? For the blowtorch, does it wield it like a flaming blade? Are each of the foxes limited to a certain amount of energy they can use (which, effectively, would prevent them from using their flames too much)?
2) How much area do these cover?
3) If the setup is interrupted, would they need to start back at the beginning of the process? Does it become obvious which fox is activating the area? Can these slices be fired back to back? Can the activating fox be changed immediately, or does that take time?
With regards to the release of energy when they’re sliced in any way other than hitting their tails, you have to be pretty highly specific about the amount of damage these explosions cause, because obviously, they wouldn’t be able to kill everyone they explode on. As such, I do have another suggestion. I think you could make it so that their tails are the only truly “solid” parts of them, as in, if the opponent tries to cut or blast the foxes anywhere else, their bodies turn to flame and pass around it. You could give a bit more specifics regarding the time it takes for a fox to lose all of its energy as each of its tails are cut off, though that’s less important, I get the idea that they lose their capacity to fight pretty quickly.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Burnoutrevenge (death and life) -

1) I have no idea what the “pesipis world” is, but you might want to provide some limitation to distance here. If your character’s on the ropes, what prevents you from simply creating a portal to the other side of the world and disappearing into it? Also, you might want to include that the swords come with you, because if they’re buried in the ground when you go through the portal, one might assume they stay there.
2) So you’re immortal? How does that work? I mean, how would someone go about reverting the blade back to normal form? Does it require knocking you unconscious, or how else would someone manage this? Otherwise, you simply couldn’t die, which is overpowered. There’s got to be some way to kill your character, so you’ll have to provide an out here.
3) Wow, this is getting ridiculous. You can now heal any wound (so…I guess that’s the answer to my immortal question, any wound he takes will just be healed, so he’ll never die), but that’s even assuming he takes any damage. From what I can see, you basically gave him the ability to have any solid attacks pass through him, which makes it that much harder to even do him any harm. And if any harm is done to him, even if it’s a killing blow, he won’t die because of the previous ability. And he doesn’t have to worry about returning the black blade to normal, because he’ll likely have healed through the wounds already. Provide some idea for how quickly and extensively the healing works. Also, there has to be a limitation on this ability to have physical attacks pass through him, otherwise opponents like Kenpachi will quite literally be able to do nothing.
4) Um… Let’s start with the fact that this is the 5th ability. Much as it’s listed as the fourth, there were 2 in the previous one (healing and physical immunity), so you’re already 2 over the specified limit. Let’s move onto the fact that this isn’t even a shikai ability. It only affects while he’s in bankai. Lastly, there’s the fact that this is absolutely absurd. You can now basically have an infinite number of powers as long as you keep killing people. Since you’re immortal and practically invulnerable, you’ll get quite a few kills, and take on all of their powers, and use those whenever you want. That seems like way too much. This shouldn’t even count as an ability, it’s so many abilities rolled into one.

1) Does this change anything beyond his physical appearance? I mean, if he’s a skeleton now, does he even have organs anymore? Can he bleed? Can he be killed at all?
2) So basically, it’s just a flash step without the ability to trace it? Honestly, this is probably the weakest ability you’ve given thusfar, since most people can’t trace flash steps anyway, and just try to sense where their opponent comes out and respond quickly. It’s fine, though.
3) So…automatic death if the opponent gets close. That’s a problem. While there’s no range specified on this, it’s still way too much. Now, not only can anyone not do any real damage to you in melee range (I’m assuming you want your shikai abilities to work in bankai as well, at least for the most part), but they DIE if they come within a certain range of you. Yeah, that’s overpowered.
4) This is just getting ludicrous at this point. This basically means that all you need to do is touch someone with your scythe, and the fight’s over. Of course, they’ll be dead or dying as you touch them, because they’ll be in melee range (unless you threw it at them), but even if they can somehow do without breathing, they will now have no energy (which I’m guessing is now all transferred to you), and their zanpakuto is gone. I don’t know what his “shimy” is, but I’m guessing that’s a reference to the final shikai ability. It’s hardly even worth mentioning at this point that this is a 4th bankai ability, and therefore also over the limit.

The weakness is hardly anything of the sort. I don’t know what “an extended period of time” is, but it really doesn’t matter. The opponent should be dead within a matter of seconds anyway, but even if the fight did last, this would only become a problem if he suddenly decided he didn’t want to be in god mode for a while. If the fight’s over, it doesn’t matter if he has to sleep. His opponent’s dead, that’s all there is. You should really tone this whole blade down. You’re basically an unkillable killing machine.
over a year ago K0VIP3R said…
What I've done is I've resubmitted the zanpakuto with the additions. Sorry that this took so long but I haven't looked at the forum for a while. White Flame if you could review this again, it would be a big help considering that I might not tone it down enough.

Name: Dākurūra (Dark Ruler)
Release Command: Jigoku no soko kara jōshō (rise from the depths of hell)

Sealed form: The sealed form of the zanpakuto come in the form of two wakizashi blades.. Both of which have black bound grips with grey diamonds adorning them. The sheathe is pure black.

Shikai: When released the user's wazikashi are shrouded in a black mist. After 5 seconds the mist disperses, showing two 40cm long hachiwara blades. (Katana like daggers with a sharp hook protruding from the non-cutting side) Both blades are black with red tribal designs flowing down it. All the designs are actually engraved into the blade. The grips are plain black.

Ability One:Eien shadō (Eternal Shadow)

This ability remains in effect for as long as the zanpakuto is released (However it must be activated first for it to take effect). Black mist evelops the surrounding area. This will cover a maximum of 2 square miles. This area is covered in about 1 minute so its not super fast. This dims most of the light in the area so it is harder for all but the user to see. (As he would be accustomed to fighting in these conditions). The benfit of this is that attacks from the user could come from anywhere. I must say that the vision of the opponent will get worse as there isn't enough light to see clearly, they will however be able to just make out shapes. So it is possible to dodge incoming attacks. (Decided to remove the power build as with the bankai, this will be overpowered and I can't justify a reason as to why the zanpakuto gets stronger)

Ability 2: Shadōsurasshu (Shadow Slash)
This ability works in two different ways. The first way is the user charges the move (like my other zanpakuto) for a minimum of 5 seconds (max of 10) and then makes a slashing movement with the zanpakuto. The compressed "Shadows" are then fired at the opponent similar to a getsuga tensho. Both blades can do this once per charge. (Obviously the longer the move is charged, the more powerful it is)The move cannot be charged when attacked or on the move. The user must be stationary for the move to charge. For charging times from minimum to maxuimum it would be 5 seconds to 20 seconds. At the minimum charge level it causes a mildly deep lasaration which is not a smooth cut but a jagged wound so the bleeding would be worse. At the maxium it could destroy a building. It travel at around 5 meters per second.

The second way it can be used is in conjunction with ability one. the user slashes with either zanpakuto and at a constant distance of 5 meters away from the opponent the same "Slash of Shadow" is sent at the opponent. The direction it comes from however is dependent on the direction the user swings the zanpakuto. (Not well worded White_Flame but I'll give it a go) The slash's angle is determined by the angle of the swing so if dead vertical the attack will be vertical at the same angle.The attacks power is mid-charge. This will cause sever lasarations but will not take off lims. The attack speed is the same as before. The attack will be visible to the opponent as it is compressed shadow that will be darker than the surrounding mist. It will be hard to spot however.

Ability 3: Shadō o burēdo (Blade of Shadow)
The user condenses their reiatsu into both blades. (Basically charging) This process takes about 5 seconds (about 2 seconds if Eternal Shadow is used). The reiatsu is then released but at the same time held. The reiatsu takes on the shape of katana blades that extend from the hilts. The reiatsu is exactly doubles the length of the blade. The reiatsu is a dark purple in colour and is able to easily cut through a rock. Not only does this serve as an extension to the blade but the reiatsu cannot be blocked by any means apart from another reiatsu based attack (Kido) (So yes, it can be blocked with something like Danku). Say if the opponent tried to block with his own zanpakuto, the reiatsu blade would go through it, not making a dent on it, and cut the opponent. This ability is influenced directly by the user, so he can make the reiatsu solid to break the opponents zanpakuto (This is only an example of how it could be used not what it will do) or use it as a block. The only means of blocking this is if you block where the zanpakutos blades are as they are not affected by this ability and as such are still a solid mass. This move will last for a maximum of 5 minutes.

Bankai:Kaosu dākurūra (Chaos Dark Ruler)

The blades are again enveloped in shadow. This time they are in the form of two katana. The blades have the same features as the shikai (apart from the hooks) the user is also wearing a black trench coat with the same tribal designs as the blade.
During bankai, the user's speed is increased 5x as much as it was in shikai. the users striking power is twice as much as it was in shikai. Note abilities 1, 2 & 3 cannot be used during bankai. (I do understand that stat boosts are abilities but in my mind this would be a similar case to Tensa Zongetsu because the blade is small in size the user's reiatsu can be used to bolster other areas of the user's abilities)

Bankai Ability One: Dākufurasshu (Dark Flash)
(I've re-written this ability to tone it down as I've taken away the use of ability one in bankai) This move can only be used when the user has a shadow cast on him. The user basically becomes onewith the shadow and is able to attack within the shadows area at high speed. So if the user had the opponents shadow cast on him, in 1 second he would have been able to strike the opponent 9 times without actually looking like he'd moved. (Hopefully thats toned down)

Bankai Ability 2:Kaosusurasshu (Chaos Slash)
This is similar to abilities two and three only it is restricted to the blades of the zanpakuto. Reiatsu is compressed in the blades and is released slightly. This makes it looks like shadows are leaking off it. The user then has to make physical contact on the opponent'S BODY (Hopefully that helps clear things up) with the blades to use this. the reiatsu is released into the enemy's body when the blades strikes. It sort of acts like orihime's only attack. The reiatsu then extends from the point of impact in the same direction the blade took and will basically sever any part of the body in the wounds length. So if it was a small cut, the cut would actually extend through the back of the body so there would be a hole in the body in a sense. The wounds size would be the same as the cut made but the cut would just extend through the body.

The last one isn't worded well but its the best I could do.
Please give feadback on it.
(Hopefully thats better)
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over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
K0VIP3R (Dākurūra) – Just from a cursory glance, it does look quite a bit better. I’ll go through its individual pieces still, though.

1) Makes sense. This is interesting, it actually creates a situation whereby the wielder is more effective in their own ability, but less effective outside of it (if they can see better in the dark, they’ll likely be blinded by the light).
2) Makes sense. It’s not entirely clear on the first read-through how the second part of the ability works, but a repeat read clarifies.
3) Makes sense.

Bankai: You might as well just place the stat boost as an ability. There are only two bankai abilities after all, so it’s not like it overdoes it. You’re right that some bankais do increase speed and strength, but since that’s not the norm (and, in ichigo’s case, comes at a loss of any real new abilities), I tend to count that.
1) Yeah, that did. As long as there’s a limit to transit, it’s fine. The opponent basically has to avoid shadows, but since you can only enter one at a time, there are ways out.
2) I actually think that’s worded quite well. It all makes sense to me on first read.

Overall, it looks great. It sounds like a really solid blade to me, and it's a great idea.
over a year ago shadowcon99 said…
I posted this once but I'll post it again we still need people for the roleplay Bleach: A New Generation so please join.
over a year ago wagakagami said…
Hey whiteflame i was looking for an old post of mine and saw your Iki Teiru Foji ( living forge ) and had some questions about it if you don't mind.

During shikai the user's veins become coated in steel and iron due to this i'm guessing that this increases resistance to cutting weapons but does this also help against impact damage.

Tessei Youki ( Iron Vessel ) With these blue lines dose the user need to push the line with there hand or something or is it mental and is there any chance that the can become confused as to which line is connected to which metal? Also with small objects like thrown weapons, shuriken kunai etc., could the user just repel them all do to there size and weight making a "wall" that things like that can't pass or is there a limit to how many objects can be effected at once or the user has to focus on them or something? Also how fast dose this wear off with normal usage? Is it a flat rate or does it change with reshi amount or experience with the weapon. If the first one how long would it last for a bleach soul reaper like renji or ichigo so we can have an idea of how long it lasts and if it's the second one then how long should it last with lets say a month of use.

PyUta Kyouakuhan ( Pewter Thug ) With this i'm guessing the increase in speed and durability is 3 times like there strength. With this if someone removed some of the metal from there hair will it decrease the total time it can remain active. Also isn't the users hair coverd in tin or are they the same thing?

Tono Oten ( Taint of Wealth ) Ok for this one pepole spiritual pressure will get rid of it over time but what about something that is not near any sorces of it will this effect last for an indefinite amount of time? Also is this metal a solid shape or can it change for example if it was on a metal hand and it closed would the metal break off or move with it? With the aura i'm guessing this would dampen kido and things but does it also stack with the gold coating effect as well?


Shino Tobira ( Death's Door ) When using this can the user make to at once also is there any cooldown on this ability other then runing out of rods? With this ability how dose the teleporting work exactly. For example dose it only take effect after the whole person is through it allowing them to grab the sides and stop themself or do they telepot as they go through it. With the teleporting it self it is hard to make something like this not some what op I had a zanpakuto that i'm redoing but when i first made it it took a while to make the teleporting not op but what i get from yours death can happen due to it teleporting someone to a random location making survivle or death a dice roll. With stuff like this it vary hard not to make it overpowered and unless there is someway to resist it than it is somewhat overpowered.

Hi no Hana ( Blossoms of Fire ) For some idea of damage here how much damage would someone take at 1 foot away 50 feet away and 250 feet away if you don't mind other then the damage i don't think i have any questions for this.

Subeteno Mono no Unmei( The Fate of All Things) Well with this how fast do the projections form and due they stay one the rod or move away from them also can theses be blocked or does anything touching it just go through it. Also is the user in danger of this ability. Overall an ability that turns anything to dust on contact with it is overpowered but i doubt you didn't already know that.

Overall i really like this one and it was well writin good job.
over a year ago wagakagami said…
This one and my next one will be redos of ones i made before but had some problom with. So i would like a review for this one if no one minds

All percents in this are based off what an average lieutenant would have.

Shikai Aian Uindo( iron wind):

Upon release the zanpakuto forms into a 4 foot wide, 1 mm thick, and 20 foot long piece of silver silk like cloth it is still metal but moves like silk and has no weight. As long as the user is holding it then they they can control it with there mind. The cloth moves as fast as the user and change shape, color, texture, and size at the same speed however if the cloth is increaseing in size it is formed at a speed of 1 square foot in 2 seconds there can only be 100 square feet of cloth at a time however. The cloth has the same strength as the user in every 2.5 square feet. If the cloth is cut then it heals it self at the speed of 1 square foot in 2 seconds however if part is cut off it has to touch the rest of it to heal or the user can have it turn into reshi and fade away.

1) The user gains control of the cloth, even if they aren't touching it, for 10 second ,this also applies to all peices of the cloth. This uses 8% of the users reshi and can only be used every 10 seconds and all rules, other then needing to touch the cloth, still apply.

2) The user can put any part of there body into the cloth and have it come out another part with no travel time and no reshi cost however if the users whole body enters into it this costs 25% of there reshi. The user can also put objects with there reshi in it through the cloth.

3) After this ability is over it costs as much reshi as the user wants to use and shikai is canceled for 8 hours after, however bankai can be entered. The cloth shrinks to a square with 10 foot long sides for 30 seconds or until one person has been effected if the user can wrap someone up in the cloth, not them self, they are teloported instantly to the place they feel is there home not think is there home, if they moved somewhere and still feel that where they were is there home even if they aren't aware of it thats where they go, or as close to it as the cloth can safely.If the place they feel most at home is with a person then they will be taken to that persons side. If they don't feel they have a home they are sent to a random place within 100 miles of where the were. This will not put then in danger like if there home was hit by a nukeclear bomb and is radio active or there home is now under water. This will have no effect on someone that has 25% more reshi then used for the ability. Unless they are willing to go or unconscious.

Bankai Hagane Rippuru (steel ripple): This is just the same as shikai but appers to be made of shadows, is 50% harder, and can grow to twice the size and can grow at 3 imes the speed.

1) This is always active in bankai. When ever the cloth touches something with reshi it can absorb reshi from it. The speed is based on how much of it is being touched. It's rate is what percent of it is being touched divided by 2 over 15 seconds. so if 100% of somones body is covered then it would take 30 seconds to absorb all there reshi. During the absorbsion procese the cloth can't be in motion. and this reshi is transfered to the user.

2) The user can extend up to 100 blades that look like the blade of the swords sealed form from anywhere on it at the same speed as the user can thrust a sword this costs 2% of the users reshi for every 5 blades. These blades can stay out as long as the user wants and they don't weigh down the cloth

3) To use this ability the user wraps the cloth around there body. It then forms into a one mm thick cloak around them that looks like it is made out of shadows. While like this the user losses all other abilities but gwt a few abilities. This can be switched back to it's cloth form by the user taking it off and both ways it takes 10 seconds to form. If this is damaged it will recover once put back into cloth form.

___During this form to user can put there hand on a shadow and pull out a sword from the shadows that look like the pre release form and they can pul up to 4 of them out after another is mad the oldest current one dissappers. This dosen't use reshi but has a 10 second cooldown.

___During this form the user has full control over the space within the cloak. This gives the user the ability to shrink there body in the cloak with no negetive effects. For example if stabed the user could move there body out of the way.

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over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Wagakami – Do I mind!? Of course I don’t! It’s rare enough to me to get reviews of my blades at all, but to my recollection, I haven’t gotten a review of any of them by a source outside the members of the Bleach: The Fallout forum…ever. Honestly, it’s a breath of fresh air to see someone actually give me one, especially on this blade. I’ll be happy to respond, and correct my blade to fit the additions/changes.

Shikai: There’s no extra strength provided from this. The metal is thin and easily cut. Any damage caused to him wouldn’t be reduced as a result of hitting this, and the metal that does get hit would likely be destroyed.

Tessei Youki: I realize that I didn’t explain this adequately. The lines are always straight, and always connect to a source of metal, which is highlighted for them in a light blue. The lines are thicker and stronger the closer the source of metal. Someone could, theoretically, overpower this new sense by creating or utilizing a lot of small sources of metal, since that would basically make this incomprehensible. In that manner, they could be hard pressed to determine which line goes to which source of metal. He could not create a “wall” utilizing this, but instead has to repel or attract each object individually. He can do so at a very fast rate, and can thus repel a lot, but this is not infinite. There’s really not a person-to-person difference with the ability to use this, only with the amount of metal on their body. If they were continuously burning the metal, it would last 25 minutes before it was all gone. It can be restored over time, but that requires that the user regains the energies he lost using it.

Pyūtā Kyouakuhan: Well, it’s not really 3 times. It’s just improved by the added strength. I know I didn’t define this well. Nonetheless, the durability would probably increase by about the same amount. I hesitate to provide an adequate speed boost (especially considering what I'm working on as a replacement for the third ability), even more so since simply increasing muscle density doesn't make someone necessarily faster, so I'll remove the speed boost. With regards the metal being removed, yes, that is a method for reducing the duration. The more metal that is removed, the less they have to burn. Pewter is an alloy of tin, so they’re essentially similar enough.

Tono Oten: I’m actually shifting out this ability, I was never really satisfied with this since it doesn’t fit the way I’m doing this shikai. When I do a repost, I’ll include the replacement.

Shino Tobira: It’s limited to the number of rods, so 2 doors, which have to be controlled individually. The door functions like a door in terms of teleporting. Anything that goes through it gets transported as though the other side were the other side of a door, similar to how things are done in Matrix: Reloaded. Once a person is through with any part of them, until that part is removed or gone all the way through, the location will remain constant. You can’t really grab onto the outside, since it’s a cutting surface, though someone could use their zanpakuto to force their way away from the door itself. With regards to it being overpowered, I disagree. I’ll reduce the speed on this to half kido to help with dodging, but we’re talking an object the size of a normal door that can only move linearly and lasts, at most, a minute. The big problem is that after the 1 minute, they have to individually pick up each of the cylinders (which can be taken before they get them), hold onto them for a period of time to recharge them, and set it back up if he’s planning on using it again. Essentially, resistance is dodging. No one’s going to let a white door like this hit them if they can avoid it, and it’s not tremendously difficult to avoid. Yes, there is the factor that people going through it sort of roll the dice as to whether they’ll survive, but considering the abilities we’ve seen in the show, I don’t think this is asking too much. The door isn’t hard to dodge, and should someone be relatively strong, the entire door can still be parried, providing yet another out.

Hi no Hana: If someone’s one foot away, they would most likely not survive it. We’re talking about deep third degree burns at that range. This sets them inside the pillar, so this is intensely dangerous. At 50 feet or less, third degree burns would still appear, but they would be mainly affect only the epidermis and dermis. They would suffer heavy pushback. At 250 feet, we’re talking light burns and moderate pushback.

Subeteno Mono no Unmei: I’m considering replacing this one as well, though it will likely stay with this ability at least in one iteration, so I will respond. The time it takes for them to form these projections is about a second. The projection expands off the rod, as in, it’s around the rod, always. The only thing that can go through these without issue is a zanpakuto blade (and I do plan on modifying it so that it can cause no harm to zanpakuto, no matter how many times they go through them). Everything else is disintegrated on contact. The user is in constant danger upon touching them since it has the same effect on him, though the cylinder moves with the body part it’s attached to, so he can only touch it from the outside. As for whether ‘s overpowered, just consider how this works. First off, activation lasts a very short time (I’ll reduce that to 5 seconds from 15, I didn’t realize I’d set it at that amount, though even that is rather short). Second, realize just how far this projection goes off the skin. When the projection comes off of it, it extends to 3 times the size of the cylinder, so a total of 2 inches off in all directions. The effective range might as well be his body, and without any defense against zanpakuto, this allows any opponent to utilize a longer range than him in melee combat. If the zanpakuto has ranged abilities that involve the blade itself, this is practically worthless.

Please, always feel free to review my blades, and that goes to everyone. I really appreciate when people critique my blades, and this is an especially extensive critique that hits at a lot of the problems with mine. As you can see, I am a far cry from perfect when it comes to writing blades, and I appreciate your feedback, both good and bad. I will be happy to review your blade again a little later today.
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over a year ago iffritman56 said…
I'm looking for some creative zanpakutos for my future fanfiction. Here's one that I thought up and edited.

Name: Kamikaze (Divine Wind)

Release Command: Rule the skies and the heavens above

Sealed Description: A regular katana except for one small detail; the entire blade is wrapped in a gray cloth and is hidden entirely. The guard is shaped like a triangle with a line design going across the triangle horizontally near the top (looks like alchemic symbol for air). Even though its wrapped in cloth, it does not dull the edge and can still cut through objects.

Shikai Description: The cloth begins to unwrap slightly but before anybody can see what the blade looks like, a large gust of wind erupts from it and in its place is a green blade of reishi (similar to Uryu's reishi blade only its about four ft long).

Ability: The sword is able to manipulate the reishi in the air. This includes making the blade of reishi sharper, being able to shoot out "blade beams" (similar to Getsuga Tensho), and even create miniature tornadoes. This ability DOES have its limits, though. It is only able to control the current amount of reishi in the air, therefore, in the world of the living, this sword would be less effective than it would be in Soul Society or Hueco Mundo.


Kaze no Mikazuki (Wind Crescent) - Similar to Getsuga Tensho. Shoots out an arc of wind that is maintained by a shell of green reishi from Kamikaze.

Tatsukabe (Tornado Wall) - Creates four miniature typhoons that surround the user is a circular motion.

Tatsumaki Koshi (Tornado Strike) - Creates several mini-tornadoes to attack the enemy.

Bankai: Taifushin no Kamikaze (Divine Wind of the Hurricane God)

Bankai Description: The sword dissolves into reishi, leaving the user with no weapon. Or, at least, no bladed weapon. The reishi released into the air can spread outward for two miles. The user can manipulate the air anyway they wish. For example, they are able to decrease and increase air resistance which allows them to move faster and slow blade swings down, throw faster punches and kicks, create tornadoes, release a large gale to push the opponent away, and create vacuum pockets.

This is my Zanpakuto, I'm looking forward to looking for a awesome fanmade Zanpakuto for a future fanfic. Hope to find some great Zanpakutos!
over a year ago wagakagami said…
big smile
Whiteflame ty for getting back to my questions so quick and ty in advance for the review also let me know where your blades are i'd like to review them for you :).

Shikai k when i first read this i thought of crona from soul eater so i figured it was a defencive thing.

Tessei youki: cool

Pyuta Kyouakuhan: With this i think increasing someone's strength should make them faster mabe not flash steps but just running or something should go up as well.

Tono Oten: k let me know when you make a new one.

Shino Tobira: Ok i guess it's fine but when i was reading this i never really thought about it's in combat uses i was pictureing you hiding it some where as someone was comeing like behind a real door and then they walk through and are gone. But during combat no it's fine the way it is and i guess the minute time limit would greatly decrease it's usefullness in a trap situation. With the rods they can't get them back other then picking them up so someone could just grab them and play keep away?

Hi no Hana k sounds good.

Subeteno Mono no Unmei: I'm sorry i was kinda leading a group in pockie ninja while finshing this review and when i thought of it i pictured 3 meter big cylinders that move away from you at people. This is a good and balenced ability for a bankai as it is lol sorry.

Overall i think this blade is great. In shikai it is a little low on offensive power due to your attacks mainly being what the soul reaper brings to the table. Your bankai is great and i like how shino tobira and Subeteno Mono no Unmei have good offence and defence uses. But what i like most about this is that with shikai where you fight could be a big advantage for this and thats a cool factor of it.

Also let me know where i can find your other blades so i can review them it might help me finish mine new one i'm making. I got the idea from gears of war 3 and each time i try to finish it ends up having an ability or two split off into a new blade :(
over a year ago shadowspiri5 said…
Ok I've had this zanpakto idea in my head for a while now but I can't think of a bankai so please help me out. Also please note that all the abilities are named after things you might find at a Japanese festival.

Name: Fesutibaru Tentō (Festival Lights)

Release command: Dazuru (Dazzle).

Unreleased this zanpakto is just a normal kantana that is slightly wider and shorter than normal. It has a pinwheel shaped guard with each of the 5 "blades" of the pinwheel being a different color. The first is red, and in clockwise order blue, yellow, green, white. It has a simple hilt with nothing special about it.

Shikai: The sword transforms into a monk's spade with a U shaped blade that goes about a foot up the handle on each side. With what appears to be a lit priest's lantern attached to the bottom via a small length of chain. The flame in the lantern changes color every minute or so, cycling through the colors on the sword's guard when unreleased. The user can change the color of the flame instantaniously and with no warning to the enemy.

Ablities: The user can control which color the lantern is at any given time and can hold the color indefinetly. Each color of flame coresponds to a different ablility in Shikai.

Red/Hanabi (Fireworks) : This ability allows the user to shoot arrows of fire from the spade like a crossbow. When they make contact with something while in the air or fly 1000 feet they will explode into a shower of multi-color sparks that burn anything they come into contact to. It also creates a lot of smoke. Multiple arrows can be shot one right after the other.

Blue/Kakigoori (Shaved Ice): This atack happens when the user slams the blade of the zanpakto into the ground while channeling spiritual energy. This causes the blade to shoot out a flurry of ice shards to cut anything within a 50 foot radius. If used in an area smaller than that the blades will break the the even smaller shards will ricochet and you can imagine what happens next. (User can be hit if the blades shoot back them.

Yellow/Rantan (Lantern): This technique can be used outside of when the flame of the lantern is yellow, its just not as effective. the user channels spiritual energy into the lantern to create a bright flash of white light that blinds the enemy for a constant 5 seconds before fading rapidly to give the victim their vision back.

Green/Jinja (Shrine): This technique creates what is essentially a non-aggression zone where no form of combat can take place nor can attacks pass through. This area has a circular radius of 15 feet and is surrounded by an ethernal green light. It requires that the user contantly feed spiritual energy into the field, so it is taxing on the reserves.

White/Arukōru (Alcohol): Of course it can't be a party without alcohol. This technique is similar to Hanataro Yamada's zanpakto only its only about half as effective. It can heal minor to moderate wounds (Basically cuts and scrapes to minor broken bones.) In order to do this the user must run the blade of the zanpakto over the wound intended to heal if its a flesh wound the blade must be driven into the wound for it to heal. The user's spiritual energy is drained when the wound heals.

Bankai: Not sure. (Help Please)
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Wagakagami (Aian Uindo) –

All of my up-to-date characters and blades are posted in the Bleach: Fallout Characters forum. It'd take quite a while to leaf through these pages to find the elder blades (I think the first is somewhere around page 30), but they've mostly been modified since then anyway. With only about 5 pages in the Characters forum, they're not too difficult to find. I can repost any you're interested in reviewing here, just let me know which.

Anyway, he's your review.

Shikai: Much better explained here, makes a lot of sense now.
1) Is the range on this infinite (that’s not a problem, since it requires that you go over and pick it up after the 10 seconds, and being too far away makes that all the harder)?
2) Makes sense.
3) This is also much better explained, though I think the second sentence is, at least partially, incomprehensible (it seems like there’s some opposite terminology going on here, and it makes it rather confusing).

1) Makes sense. The rate is pretty fast, but since it’s in bankai, it’s probably reasonable.
2) The blades do change the ability of the cloth to move, though, correct? I mean, the swords won’t automatically fold down if you were to make the cloth ripple, so it does reduce the overall capacity of the cloth to move at the wielder’s discretion? Also, can the blades come out of both sides of the cloth at once, and is there a limit to the number of blades that can cover it?
3) The only questions I have are on the latter ability. How quickly is he capable of reducing and increasing the size of his body, and is he capable of manipulating portions of his body individually, or must he always make changes to the total? Also, what else is he capable of modifying other than his size within this space (I could understand changing size, shape and fatness, but those are the only ones that come to mind)?
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Iffritman56 (Kamikaze) –

1) In terms of making the blade “sharper,” does that simply make it more effective at cutting through things, or does that make it capable of cutting through more powerful blades as well? How much wind power can it create (i.e. what’s the strength of the tornadoes it creates)? How large are the blade beams? How fast do they and the tornadoes move? What kind of damage do the blade beams cause? Do they simply pierce? Once reishi is used, can it be reused in this same method?
2) How exactly is this wind crescent different from the blade beams? How fast does it move? How large is it? What kind of damage does it cause?
3) How large are these typhoons? How powerful is the wind they generate? What area do they affect? Is there any distance between them? What is this capable of deflecting? Can the wielder be attacked from above while this ability is in use, or does it cover their heads as well? How long can this be active?
4) How large are these tornadoes? How fast do they move? How powerful is the wind they generate? How many tornadoes can be created? Can they all be controlled individually?

1) I’ll start off by saying that I’ve made a rather similar ability for a different blade I created a while back, so I have some experience with abilities of this kind. Given that, there’s quite a few things I see here that need to be specified and limited. Air resistance, in particular, is highly important. Within this zone, is he capable of reducing resistance around particular areas and increasing it around others? To what extent is he capable of doing so (this means two things, both how high he can raise the friction and how low he can keep it, as well as how capable of the wielder is of specifically allocating less friction or more friction to a given person, and of changing that quickly)? This becomes intensely important. If I’m imagining the most powerful scenario, this becomes nearly impossible to beat. For example, what prevents the wielder from raising the friction around his opponent only to the point that every movement he makes takes 100 times the effort and produces burns? You could slow any kido spell to the point that it could never do you harm, and at the same time speed yourself up so dramatically that you would outdistance anyone and everyone. This could even go so far as to reduce friction along only a single sword swing, and then reducing friction around the wound to the point that they lose far more blood than normal. I’m not assuming that that’s what you meant to do with this, but providing limitations prevents these kinds of things from happening.
It also becomes important to limit the effectiveness of these other aspects, most importantly with the vacuum, but I’ll get to that in a moment. Can tornadoes and gales be created directly on top of the opponent? How large can these be? How powerful can they be? Is he capable of turning the entire arena into a giant force of wind, save the area around himself? When it comes to the vacuum, realize that there’s no air inside one of these. Can he just suffocate an opponent as long as they’re within 2 miles? A vacuum around a given wound could make even a small cut deadly, is he capable of doing that? An ability like this has godlike attributes, so it’s worth taking the time to add limitations.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Shadowspiri5 (Fesutibaru Tentō) –

Shikai: So while all 5 of these aren’t active at once, they are 5 separate abilities, so that is increasing the number of abilities beyond the normal 5. You can either bring this down to 3, or transfer 2 of these over to bankai and improve them a bit.
1) How quickly do the arrows move? How large is the explosion and subsequent shower of sparks? What kind of damage do both do (I get that they burn, but what kind of burns are we talking about)?
2) How far off the ground do these ice shards move? How quickly do they expand over that 50 foot radius?
3) Does the opponent have to staring directly at the lantern for this to work? How is this weaker when the flame isn’t yellow?
4) How long can this be active total? Is this basically an ultimate defense? I mean, I understand that you can’t make attacks inside of it either, but it seems to me that this is capable of blocking…anything. And it’s not like you would have to keep it on too long. That just seems excessively powerful compared to the rest of these, so you might want to consider either limiting its effectiveness or making it clear that it can only be active for extremely short stints of time unless the user wants to lose all of their energy.
5) Makes sense.

In terms of a bankai, if it were me I would repurpose either or both the first and/or second ability (i.e. strengthen them), and/or the fourth ability (bringing it down to a reasonable extent). You could keep the fourth in shikai, but it would have to have to be weakened more so.
over a year ago wagakagami said…
Ty for the review and i'll find some of you blades and review them on here for you.

Shikai ty.

1) Yes the range is infinite but the main propose for this is to have peices that came off attack again.

2) ty

3) Sorry about that but i'm not good with... words :(


1) ok ty.

2) Yes they would change the cloth's movment. With the blades each one goes out from one side but the user could make one on the other side to and there can only be 100 at a time.

3) It would take about 2 seconds to shrink his body done to and inch and he can do this with as many parts as he want and it can be individual. With this changing the size is all due tto the fact that the cloak is always the same size.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Alright, here's a repost of my most recent blade. Don't tend to do these, but then again, I don't tend to get reviews either. Big thanks to wagakagami for his help.

Shikai Name: Iki Teiru Fōji (Living Forge)
Release Command: Kinzoku wo Katadukuru… (Shape the metal…)
Bankai Name: Kajiya no Meiro (Blacksmith’s Labyrinth)
Sealed Appearance: The weapon begins as a thick shortsword made with layers of 4 different metals. It’s sheathed in iron, with a layers of steel, pewter, gold and silver underneath that. It is 2 feet long from the base of the hilt to the tip of the blade, 4 inches wide along the blade, double edged and a full inch thick.

Shikai: The wielder holds their weapon, point down, over their mouth before stating the release phrase. The entire weapon melts to molten metal, pouring down the wielder’s throat and disappearing into their body. His very veins become sheathed in steel and iron (though the metal is so thin that it provides next to no protection), easily visible from an outside perspective. His hair becomes sheathed in pewter. Any of the metal that is removed cannot be used in the abilities, hence reducing their duration.

Tessei Youki (Iron Vessel): Blue lines that only the wielder can see extend from his chest to every source of metal in the area, up to a range of 100 meters. These lines are always straight and connect directly with the source of metal to which they point. The lines are thicker and stronger the closer the source of metal. The wielder then has free reign to push or pull on those sources of metal, each of which get shot to or away from the point on his chest. In both cases, the restriction on pushing and pulling is based on the wielder’s weight. For example, if the wielder pushes against something that has more weight than themselves, they will instead push themselves backward because it is easier for the force to distribute itself to them than the metal source. That kind of weight can be applied by force alone, meaning that the wielder could push on the zanpakuto of his opponent, and if they brace themselves against it, that push could force the wielder in the opposite direction. This also applies to metal objects that hit walls or the ground, since the force required pushing them at that point increases well beyond the body’s weight. Since this basically applies the weight of the wielder against the weight of the object, the heavier the object, the slower the movement. Very small objects can be fired like a bullet (he often utilizes coins in this manner), but very heavy ones need to be dragged using this. He can do this to multiple items in quick succession, often targeting and manipulating many pieces of metal so fast that it seems to be at once.
This ability is limited by the amount of metal that covers the wielder’s blood vessels. As long as it’s active, those metals will burn up. That occurs slowly if this is being used at its normal level, the length of time being limited to the amount on their body (25 minutes total if they are continuously burned), which cannot be restored until the used energies are restored. The wielder can “flare” this ability to increase the strength he applies to the strength of his body under normal circumstances, essentially increasing the force applied by 10 times. Flaring burns the metals at 10 times the normal rate.

Pyūtā Kyouakuhan (Pewter Thug): This ability enhances the wielder’s body. It does not increase muscle mass and bone, but it makes them more solid, improving the wielder’s strength and durability by 3 times. This means that their muscle tissue and bones will be more dense while this is active, making it possible to take hits that would have floored him before. This also increases running speed as a result, and massively increases endurance as long as it is active. His balance improves tremendously, allowing him to keep his feet in the worst of circumstances. This enhanced strength also him to shrug off wounds that would kill or incapacitate him normally, though it must be constantly active in order for the effect to persist.
This ability is limited by the amount of metal that sheaths the wielder’s hair. As long as it’s active, those metals will burn up. That occurs more quickly than the first ability, at a rate 5 times faster than that. If this was constantly active, it would last a total of 5 minutes. He can also “flare” this ability, improving each of these effects by 3 times above where it would be under normal activation, though this also burns the pewter at 5 times the rate.

Kuuki Tenka (Air Ignition): A large amount of bismuth is superheated within the wielder’s body and turned entirely to a gas state. This moves to the wielder’s lungs, and is breathed out only when the wielder chooses. The gas focuses itself around the wielder, though only at a maximum of 5 inches off the skin in normal use. It is possible for the wielder to manipulate where it is sent, and therefore which areas of their body are affected. When the bismuth interacts with the air around him, it ignites, producing a blue-white flame. By doing this, he expands all of the particles around his body to such a point that movement is practically friction-less, allowing him to move as much as two times faster than normal. Opponents that attack through the flame will also have reduced friction on their strikes, speeding up their attacks, though they can be burned by the flames. He does feel the heat of their burn, reducing the continuous time he can keep it active, though this also makes it difficult to see his movements, since the flames obscure his physical form.
This ability is limited by the amount of bismuth in the wielder’s body. As long as it’s being used, the amount of bismuth will continue to go down, though ingesting more of it does increase the duration of use. At the maximal amount that’s available in his body at any given time, he is capable of sustaining a full body burn for 10 minutes. He can also “flare” this ability, increasing the distance off of his body that the air ignites to as much as 5 feet and creating a much hotter burn that increases his speed to four times the norm, though this uses up all of his bismuth at 15 times the rate. This is far more difficult to maintain, but makes it nearly impossible for someone with normal eyesight to see how he is moving within the flames.

Bankai: Any metallic appearance on his body disappears. The wielder reaches down their throat and pulls out a series of 16 thick metal cylinders (6 inches long, one inch thick), each connected to the other by a small metal cord half their size and each appearing the same. They can be twisted off the metal cord one or multiple at a time. After each of them is used (unless specified otherwise), the wielder can pick it up and wait 10 seconds before the energy in it is recharged. He can only charge them one at a time. The wielder does not like using his bankai unless he absolutely has to, he feels that the energy of his bankai is much further outside of his control as a result of being separated from his body, so he tends to run through his metals before he decides to activate it.

Shino Tobira (Death’s Door): The wielder removes 6 cylinders to utilize this ability (and therefore, 2 of these can be active at once). On a thought, the cylinders arrange themselves into a doorway, flattening out till each becomes 4 feet long and 1 inch thick. These form a line in the sky in front of him, with 3 bars on top and 3 on the bottom, that burns bright white. These expand out to create a doorframe, 4 feet across and 8 feet tall. The door itself looks like static, though several black cracks span over the majority of it, and those who look closely see a variety of scenes flashing through different portions of it. He then moves the door in a direction of his choosing at half kido speed. They can only move linearly, but each and be stopped and, after a half-second delay, have their direction modified. The edges of the door are sharp enough to cut through the toughest defense, though a zanpakuto will be able to clash with it, making it possible to parry the door’s advancement. Anything that disappears through the door goes to an entirely random location in the human world, Soul Society or Hueco Mundo. This can be underwater or high in the air as well. The teleportation works the same as if you were walking through a normal door – everything that goes through the frame is transported, but if it is attached to something on the other side of the door, it remains attached unless the door closes, which is not the wielder’s choice. The door lasts a maximum of 1 minute, after which the bars disengage and fall to the ground.

Hi no Hana (Blossoms of Fire): The wielder removes one of the cylinders and throws it. He can “activate” that cylinder at any point after it is released from his hands. When it’s activated, there is a two second delay, during which the bar turns red, extending itself to 10 feet long and thickening to 5 inches wide. It will do no damage to anyone during this short phase, though it does emit a high pitched whining sound. After the two seconds, the bar explodes to 30 feet across in every direction. Anyone within that 30 foot zone would be covered in deep third degree burns with no pushback. For an additional 30 feet outside of that, the heat radiating off of it causes dermal third degree burns and heavy pushback. The effective range is within 250 feet of the blast, though the amount of damage is reduced to light burns and moderate pushback outside the 60 foot range, and that’s reduced the further away it is. The maximum number of these that can be used within a 1 minute is 6.

Subeteno Mono no Unmei (The Fate of All Things): The wielder can utilize any number of bars for this technique, up to all 16. The wielder must attach each piece to specific areas on his body for this to work – 3 can be placed on each arm (2 straight on the front of the arm on either side of the joint, the third on the elbow), 2 on the chest (each diagonally positioned on a pectoral so that they point to the neck ), 2 on the back (in the same formation, though on his scapula), and 3 on each leg (2 straight on the front of the leg on either side of the joint, the third behind the calf). Cylinders can be swapped in and out of these positions. Each of these can only be activated at the user’s discretion when in contact with a physical object. A three dimensional translucent projection comes off of the cylinder at three times the size of the cylinder itself, and the cylinder itself glows bright white. The cylinder stays at the center of the projection, leaving 2 inches width of the projection expanding off of it. Anything beyond a zanpakuto itself that goes through these projections will be disintegrated on the molecular level, essentially turning it to dust. The same harm is caused to him if the projection touches him or anything attached to him, though the cylinders do move with him, making it more difficult for him to injure himself. Each activation only lasts 5 seconds, and each cylinder can only be activated in this manner 5 times. This is the only bankai ability he enjoys using, and is therefore the most common one for him to utilize while in bankai.
over a year ago wagakagami said…
Iki Teiru Foji( Living Forge)

Shikai ability 3 Kuuki Tenka( Air ignition) This is a good additon to your blade and wouls seem to go good with the second shikai ability. But how hot are the flames and does this have any chance of seting stuff on fire or melting the users metal like the metal in there hair.

Whiteflame's Miryoku

Shikai is a little complex but it makes sense.

Ability 1: Blood clot. Like the shikai this is complex but make sense my only questions are how does the hole blood clot thing work after the ability has stoped? Even if you stop controling them they could still do damage and kill someone with ease like real blood clots so after the effect do they deform or what? Also you said they move to the place does this mean that there are a limited amount of them?

Ability 2: Adrenaline. Ok with this one how long do the lights stay on to effect people? With the good effect of this can the user overide the ractions in this. If they can't then you could exploit this by constantly attacking so they can't attack back. The bad effect makes sense.

Ability 3: Emotion. This make sense my only question is what whould happen if someone or something that has no emotion? Like a robot or a zombie.

Bankai Ability 1: With this the person has to have a good effect one them first right?

___Blood Repair: This makes sense but after bankai does this tissue just fade away or what also dose this tissue also harm you by draining your blood to make the tissue?

___Adrenaline Addict: This is good no questions about it.

___Emotional Shutdown: With this i get the idea but some of this i don't get when i think of someone with no emotion i think of someone like contrctors from darker then black or vulcans from star trek these people when they have no emotions don't let emotion interfere with logic. So lets say you were stronger then them there would be no point in attacking you and they would run or if you the only way to survive is to leave there allys behind then ok becuse that makes the most sense.Also with attacks avoiding the more powerful attacks just makes sense and i don't think fearing it is needed. What i get from reading this is they become more like souless killing machines. Also how whould this interact with Adrenaline Addict.

Bankai Ability 2: So for these to start then you have to have bad effects on the user?

___Blood loss: K no issues with this ability.

___Adrenaline Rush: K all of these make sense but with the level 90 kido how many spears are there and how strong are the explosions?

Emotional Mayhem: With this i'm getting that the ilusions are like what that bird mod soul could do in the bount arch right? Other then that i have no questions about this.

Overall this blade is a cool one. I like it's good bad system and i like it's versitility. :) i'll try to get on to some of your others soon.
over a year ago wagakagami said…
big smile
WhiteFlame's Pandora.

___ Boreas: K makes sense

___ Eurus: With this my only questions are how big is it and how hot is the vapor hot enough to burn you or hot enough to burn off your fleash like steaming food.

___ Notus: K with this dose the sand fade over time or lose it's reshi absorbing over time.

___ Zephyrus: Cool no real questions for this one.

Endless Curiosity: K but how far does the effect of this work?

Unleashed Scourge: K but if this is left open then will more come out or can the opponent open it and keep it open to keep her from getting more abilities?

Insanity: I Love Soul Easter and even made a zanpakuto based on maka lol so becuase of this it make complete sense :)

Pestilence: K makes sense but does this effect all wounds or just the one caused by this?

Famine: K makes sense but how long does this last?

Buried hope: i asked earlier what happens if the box is kept open is it this ability or are this and the unleased scurge different abilities completly? Ok so is any light taken away like from ability of the opponent? Also with the lanterns is this amount of reshi based on there total or current reshi? Also do these regenerate or what?

Overall I think you took a cool idea and followed through with it. It's cool how your opponents hurt themselfs with this. I'll try to get to some more of yours soon.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Iki Teiru Foji( Living Forge)

3. This wouldn't melt any metal, so we're talking light burns. We're talking second degree burns for the most part here, and only someone who sits in it for a while would get worse burns. This doesn't really affect the wielder at all, mainly because their body is already used to the heat from superheating the metal within. Even his hair would not be affected.

Miryoku (Allure) -

Shikai: Heh, it’s definitely complex, this is easily the most complex blade I’ve ever made.

1) Well, the body’s own system takes over as soon as the shikai is deactivated. It might take a short while for it to regulate itself, but during that time, these blood clots would still be being diminished in size and effectiveness, especially since the energy now holding them together would disappear. We’re talking less than a minute of risk. And yes, there is a limited amount that she can create of these, otherwise she could basically use it to clog every artery and vein after a while

2) Good question. We’re talking about the same duration as these normal kido spells would last, so about 5 seconds per kido spell, though they can always be used back to back. The good effect can be overridden, but it does take a tremendous amount of focus, which makes it harder for them to fight. You’re right that it can be used against them, and that was intentional. The “good” effects aren’t always good, though in the vast majority of situations, they would be.

3) Essentially, if emotions don’t exist for the person she’s trying to affect, this would have no effect. If they are incapable of feeling emotion, this would not imbue them with the ability to feel it. This focuses on exacerbating emotions that are already there.


1) Yes, the good ability is always active first in shikai, so the quicker bankai is activated, the more likely that one of these effects will take place.

Blood Repair: This functions much the same as the first shikai after bankai is over. The tissue breaks up quickly because the energy holding it together dissipates, again in under a minute.

Adrenaline Addict: Good stuff.

Emotional Shutdown: The response would certainly be dependent on the situation, and therefore there’s a lot of uncertainty as to how this would function. If they would run, they’d run, though I don’t think that losing their emotions would make them more likely to do so (fear tends to be the driving force in that decision – if they had no emotions, they would likely search for any possible way to win instead). You’re right that they would still dodge attacks, but not fearing their attacks does mean a difference in how you treat them and the changes the importance that comes to how they deal with those attacks. It’s not so much that they would become soulless killing machines, but that they would cease to recognize others in the way they had before, and treat everyone as a foe. The lack of emotion makes them seem soulless, but it’s not quite the same, and they wouldn’t become killing machines as a result necessarily.

2) Yes. The shikai would have to be on a bad effect for any of these to activate.

Blood Loss: Cool.

Adrenaline Rush: About the same as the normal ability. The explosions are, let’s say, the force of a hand grenade.

Emotional Mayhem: I actually expected more on this, because it’s extremely hard to explain, and I’m not certain I explained it well even now. It’s somewhat similar to her, but I think the main difference is that it’s capable of modifying the landscape tremendously, well beyond what should actually be possible. It’s highly defensive like hers.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Pandora –


Boreas: Cool.

Eurus: We’re talking about a highly compressed stream of air, so about 5 inches in diameter. The burns are dependent on comparable level. This could melt someone far lower than herself, though if we’re talking someone on her level, it would be a third degree burn at the point of contact, which would go deeper the longer it lasted.

Notus: The sand only lasts as long as it can continually absorb energy. If it lands and is not absorbing, it will disperse. If it lands and finishes absorbing, it will disperse as well.

Zephyrus: Good stuff.

Endless Curiosity: As long as they’re in combat with Pandora, and not actively trying to run away from her with no intention to fight, it will continuously affect independent of distance.

Unleashed Scourge: I see you found the answer to this yourself, and I will respond to the other question on this later where it comes up.

Insanity: Didn’t actually get this from Soul Eater, though I’m glad that it functions as a good way to see this, since it is practically the same.

Pestilence: Just the ones caused by this.

Famine: This will persist outside of battle as well. The effect is everlasting, though if they eat a meal afterward, it won’t continue to be a problem.

Buried Hope: Yes, it’s this ability. If any of the Scourge are out and about, they return and no longer affect the wielder nor their opponent (unless it’s a persistent effect on the opponent, in which case it just cannot be exacerbated). The light is removed from anything within that space, so if the opponent’s zanpakuto requires light or utilizes light, it is absorbed upon creation within this space, basically shutting down such abilities. It’s based off of current reishi upon release, so any power increases or decreases afterward do not apply. No, the lanterns do not regenerate (that would certainly be overpowered).
over a year ago darkkingv1 said…
Ok I'll make my own just tell me how
over a year ago wagakagami said…
K once again ty for responding so fast to my questions and i'll try for at least 2 today as well :)

Whiteflame's Eclipse

Ok no more questions for the first to but here are the next ones this might be all i get to today i'm tring to finsh some of mine and but i just got dark souls and it's turgue bow weekend on gears of war 3.... so i'm probobly not getting much done today

Shikai cool looking blade

Ability 1: Know the Unintelligible- Cool ability but how long does this last and how big is the area?

Ability 2: Follow the unseen- Ok with this once again what is the range and i'm guessing it lasts until shikai is stoped or the opponent is beaten right? Also is there any chance that a person can put out a strong smell to confuse the user and what about things that don't have a sent like a robot?

Ability 3: Understand the Inconceivable- Cool ability but sence the cuts size and depth don't effect the size of the cuts then how many would it take to stop sight from an eye? Also how long will this last and if the wounds are healed then will the cuts go away?

Bankai: Ok makes sense :)

Ability 1: Dodge the inevitable- Cool ability but the range seems a little low.

Ability 2: Discern the Incoherent- This makes sense but can the user change the way the sounds change if the opponent learns this also how long does this last and what is it's range?

Ability 3: Exeed the Impossible- Ok this one is more confusing then the others. Witht his the user is suruonded by fire that cuts the enemy right? So how far off the user do the flames come and will these go you the opponents weapons? Also is there a limit to how long this flames on the ground stay out or how far they can go? Also when they go up in the air to hit something higher how fast do they move?

Whiteflame's Boido

Release form ok this is confusing so when like this his body has no predefined shape or it is normal but the light effect makes it look like this? Also can he take damage like this?

Juryoku Hanpatsu ( Gravity Repulsion ): Ok so this uses gravity to knock oppnents back and deal concussive damage right? If so is the force used static or does it change with reshi used or strength of the attack? If it's static then how much force does it do if it's scales based on something then what and try to give some idea of how much please :)

Gutai Teki na Yugami ( Tangible Distortion ) Ok this one needs some explination. I get that the attack go through them but how much damage would attacks like this do? Does it do less damage to skin and tissue then to bone sence bone is less resiliant then skin?

Katasutorofu ( Cataclysm ): ok with this my only question is dose this pull things that enter it in?

Overall once again I like your zanpakutos :) the first one would be really good at throwing the opponents fighting style off and give the user a big advantages and the second one would be vary difficlt to fight with normal attacks good job :)
over a year ago Jason2nd said…
Here's my zanpakuto

Zanpakuto/Shikai: Umi no ōji (Prince of the Seas)
Release command: Ryū (Flow)

Description: When release, Umi no ōji will become as sharp as an arrow (and looks like an arrow too lol), the owner can control the water around him and even shape the water.

Shikai abilities:

Suiryoku hatsuden no mizu doriru (Hydro Water Drill)
makes the water shaped like a drill and attacks the opponent.

Mizu harikēn (Water Hurricane)
Makes a giant hurricane of water.

Bankai: Watatsumi (Emperor of the seas)

Description: Makes a giant water dragon (like Hitsugaya Toshiro)

Bankai abilities:

Mizu no kurōn (Water Clone)
Makes a group of water clones and confuses the opponent.

Mizu doragonsutoraiku (Water Dragon Strike)
A dragon strikes at the opponent.

So what do you think? is it great?
over a year ago wagakagami said…
big smile
This is one of the ones i've been working on it's like one of my old ones but expanded. If no one minds i would like a review for this.

Zanpakuto Name: Akatsuki - Dawn -

Release Command: Mewosorasu - Look Away -

Shikai Description: Once released the katana and sheath melt into 5 dull silver metal orbs the size of baseballs. These orbs are solid and as strong as a zanpakuto the user controls these with there mind. With these the users can only move two indpendently at a time, if they move 4 the same way circling an opponent for example that counts as one and they could have the other moving in another way. Each of these weighs two times as much as a katana. They can move with the force and speed of the users puches. These will not move more then 15 feet away from the user and if they do they reform when the user wants anywhere within 15 feet of them, but not in an object, this form and deforming takes 1.5 seconds. The user can sense where these are even if they can't see them.

Ability 1: Buryoku - Armed Might - To use this the user pours a level 30 kido worth of reshi. The user grabs and orb and it forms into any kind of shape they want to a minumuim size of 5 square inches to 1 square meter. This takes 5 seconds and the weapons keep there weight. The user can still move them as before but if they move 15 feet away from them when they reform it will be as the orbs again. If the user forms something like a gun or a bow then it does not come with ammo or anything like that but would be compatable with anything it would need to shoot, arrows magazines ect.

Ability 2: Ridairekushon - Redirection - When an orb is hit by a reshi based attack, kido and cero things like that, if the user want it will be absorbed into the orb at the speed it's hit this cost the user as much reshi as the attack took. Once it is in the orb the user can then send that attack out of that orb for no reshi cost or if they touch the orb they can absorb the reshi out of it at a speed of 5 percent, of the attacks reshi, a second. Only one attack can be in an orb at a time and only the user knows what one has what in it. If an orb is moves 15 feet away from the user and it reforms it keeps that attack with it. Orbs effected by ability one work with this as well.

Ability 3: Hanma_ Akatsuki - Hammer of Dawn - This takes about a level 60 kido worth of reshi. When used one of the orbs shoots down a 2 foot in diameter beam of orage hot reshi. This works like a cero but is 50% faster and is about 500 degrees f. This lasts for ten seconds and can only go stright down. While this is being used the orb can only move at a walking pace. After it has finished firing it has a 10 second cooldown this can be used on each orb.

Bankai Name: Fainaru Akasuki - Final Dawn -

Bankai Description: During bankai not much changes but the number of orbs changes to 10 and the force the user can move them at is increased by 2.5 nd so is there movment speed. They also turn black and the user can float just like the orbs.

Ability 1: Kako_ - Enclose - The user grabs an orb and it grows up to 20 feet, in 5 seconds, in diameter and turns a clearish silver anyone the user wants can enter the orb. It now absorbs reshi at the speed that it hits the orb to a max of 25% of the users reshi. This reshi goes to the who ever is in the orb, if no one is in it then it will go the the user, but this will not take reshi from physical attacks. This is not to physically hard as a sword hit from a avarage lieutenant can break it and after it's broken it has to be reformed like if it went to far away, 1.5 seconds, and this has a 1 minute cooldown. All of these can be used with this ability and these orbs can move as fast as the orbs normally can but if the someone is in it they can move it mentally and flash step with it for 2 times the cost.

Ability 2: Enkaku Gekimetsu - This works the same as Ability 2 of shikai but if the user forms a ranged weapon the they can fire reshi based attacks through them these shoots take as long as it would to cast the ability but they don't need to say anything or make any movments. The user does not need to touch the weapon to use this but it will cost 50% more at a range.

Ability 3: Genshu Uepon - Sovereign Weapon - This cost no reshi and it's effects are based on how many orbs are absorbed by the user absorbing takes 1 second and the user has to touch the orb. Once even one orb is absorbed the user grows a pair of bird like wings but the feathers are a translucent orange and have a bright orange glow. These wings allow the user to fly at 2.5 times there running speed. For every orb absorbed the users kido and simalar attacks have there casting speed reduced by 10% , with all ten the user no longer has to cast or charge attacks becuase it's at 100%. This lasts as long as the user want and they can remove the orbs in the same time it took to get them in.
over a year ago wagakagami said…
Whiteflame's Hitotsu

Shikai ok good

Ability 1: Sustenance - This is a cool ability no questions but what color is the gem?

Ability 2: Rest - Ok with this it cuases fatigue based on the amount of damage suffered but is the area effected based on the damage as well?

Ability 3: Passion - K nice ability.


Ability 1: Belief - With this is there any cooldown or reshi cost to this? Also does it take time to look through the memories or is there only certin kinds of memories they can see like fighting abilities? Also can the opponent stop the mind reading in any way? Also with using the abilies is it that she can see how it's done and from there try to do them if she is capable or can she just do all of there abilities?

Ability 2: Disease - Ok with this ability the bacteria can be stoped for a time with reshi but is there any point sence it comes back after a minute but even more powerful? Also sence this is bacteria can it be healed away with healing abilities or things like antibiotics? Can someone kill the bactiria after being infected by burning the wound or something?

Ability 3: War - Ok this seems like a good team combat ability but is there any cooldown?

I like this one and the shinigami you made for it good job.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
darkkingv1 – Well, directions for formatting are above on this page. Anything else is really just your ideas. Come up with some theme for abilities, and then format it around that.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Eclipse –

1) This lasts as long as the ability is active (I always consider “active” to be a few things – the wielder is conscious, the blade is released, and he has enough energy to keep it going). In terms of range, I’ll go with about 100 meters. I also realize that I didn’t specify what would happen if a spell was released outside of that range, and in that case, the kido spell would still function like normal.
2) This would cover a range of 500 meters. It also lasts as long as this is active. And yes, they can certainly confuse the wielder using smell changes or additions. Even a robot would have a scent, it’s just a metallic one.
3) This lasts as long as the ability is active. I hadn’t thought about the healing aspect, but I’ll go with the fact that sight is restored after the associated wound is healed. I’m actually going to change one portion of the description. I realized after starting to implement this one that there are other problems as well, so I’ll address those here. To start, depth of the wound remains unimportant, but length is at issue, as well as breadth of the wound. The overall body functions as a projection of the eye. If an attack cleaves the opponent’s sternum, for example, the cut would appear directly very close to the center of the eye, but only over a small length. This is reflected directly by cuts on the back. If a cut occurs on the back at the same spot as a front cut, it would not show up because it would be at the exact same spot. The point of this isn’t so much the blind (you would have to cut a great deal of their body to manage it), but to obscure sight, allowing the wielder to function out of sight by working in their blind spots. I hope that makes sense.

1) Well, this ability can be problematic as well, so I’m trying to reduce that. An opponent could easily exploit this if they knew what was happening, striking at the air around him just to cause him intense pain. Essentially, this creates a capacity to dodge that would prevent injury, while at the same time making for a different kind of problematic situation.
2) No, he cannot, that’s part of the limitation here. The initial change to sound is the only change. This lasts as long as this bankai ability is active
3) It is a bit more confusing, mostly because it is quite a bit different from the others on this list (note that it’s the only one that doesn’t affect a specific sense, and the senses it does affect are the wielder’s own). Yes, he is surrounded by a cutting fire. The fire spreads in the manner I described, and no, it cannot spread to blades (its metal cannot cut other metal, therefore it cannot spread along a zanpakuto or any other source of metal, since that is the method of its spread; I’ll make sure to include that). They last as long as there is material to cut within that zone, and much like the others, goes away when the bankai becomes inactive. When I’m talking about its extension into the air (and I realize this isn’t clear), I’m talking about the “height” of the flames. The flames can rise as quickly as the fire can be collapsed onto a single location, and that can be done as fast as the wielder can move.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Boido –

Release Form: His body does have a predefined shape, it’s exactly the same as before. This is all about bending light to make him appear different. He can take damage, but not like normal. His skin doesn’t technically exist, and neither do his bones. He can only bleed if the organs are damaged directly. This also exposes him to extremely dangerous attacks, since that’s part of what the skin and bones are meant for (preventing death). Non-lethal injury is much less likely, but lethal injury is more so.

Juryoku Hanpatsu: Essentially, this adds tremendous push to his strikes. It’s not really static force, it’s gravitational. Yes, the force is all concussive. As for how much force it adds, it’s about 10 times the force of the strike that’s added to it.

Gutai Teki na Yugami: Well, first off, the attack is still physical, so it can be parried or blocked. As long as it doesn’t strike something directly, it won’t penetrate and inflict damage. It can only penetrate skin, so it is completely possible to stop this. Second, since I’ve used this in a fight (the character’s actually dead, but he had a really awesome fight beforehand), I can provide more detail. It warps the tissue it penetrates, basically twisting blood vessels, muscles and skin tissue out of their normal orientations. All tissue is warped in the same way, so bone would be affected just as much as anything else. It’s not a simple thing to regenerate from, which is part of the reason he won that fight (his opponent regenerated the injury itself, but couldn’t regenerate the connections between blood vessels quite so easily).

Katasutorofu: It pulls things in that touch its surface, but outside of that, but it has no capacity to draw things in from any range.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Jason2nd (Umi no ōji) –

Shikai: Generally, since the shikai description contains the ability to control water, it has a hidden ability. Place that in as a shikai ability, you only have 2 anyway so it doesn’t cause any problems.

1) So does this function like a normal solid drill, or does it function differently? What’s the size of the drill? At what rate does it spin? Can he form multiples of these at once? Can these be thrown?
2) This generally means that he has control over both wind and water, since “a giant hurricane of water” isn’t exactly accurate. Unless you’re moving all of that water around with your mind at a tremendous rate, it’s really more about the wind that you’re creating with this. How fast does it move? Compare it to a category of hurricane. What size is it? Can you produce water for this, or does it require enough water in the area?

Bankai: Again, place the dragon itself in as an ability (which you kinda did through the second bankai, might as well just place it there directly). The bankai description is really more of an opportunity to describe what happens to the blade and the change in your appearance.

1) How many clones can he create? Are they indistinguishable from him? How much strength do they have? Speed? Energy? Can they be easily destroyed? Can they be reformed easily?
2) How does the dragon strike? Can it just use physical attacks? How strong is it? How fast is it? If it is destroyed, can it be reformed? If parts of it are taken off, can it reform those?

I think it's a good start, just needs a lot more specificity.
over a year ago DarkJules said…
Name-Jules Nagato
Squad-10 Captain
Clothing-Standar soul reaper clothing with captain coat opposite colors (the white black the black white)
Looks-Short black hair, light blue eyes

Sealed- A black stick looking figure with a clip (usually carried hidden inside the right sleeve)

Realese call- Surround use in the darkness of the moon awaken Erebasu
Shikai-Erebasu(Japanese name for greek god of darkness)Cressent black blade with a handle in the middle
Ability/Attack-Cresent Wave a yellow cresent blast of spiritual energy, Split slash(see bankai)

Bankai-Ankoku-shin(Dark God) Erebasu(Clothing changes to modern black jeans with midnight blue T-shirt and black coat and Demon wings sword attaces to the right wrist
Ability-Increase in speed, strength, spiritual energy
Attacks-Demon Wave-black blast of spiritual energy, Split slash- Split me into two cutting spiritual energy in half (if eighther half takes damge it applies to the other cut accros the back on one of the will the apply to the other), Nightmare Raid-(can only be used at night)-bats transform from smoke and steal opponents spirit enrgy and applies it to me.

last edited over a year ago