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jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Kimoy4321 (Makikomu) –

Shikai: You should separate these into abilities, mainly because I can see 5 abilities here, which is well over the limit.

1) Water control – How much water can be controlled in this way? Is it infinite? Can he condense water out of the air? What’s the limits on this? At what distance can he control water? Can he control it inside other objects? Can he control water inside his opponent? Can any of this water be used to enhance the other abilities, and if so, specify how much.

2) High pressured water strikes – How large is the blade? What are the limitations for cutting potential? Can the form of the blade addition be changed?

3) Tsunami-like waves – How large are these? How fast do they move? How fast does the wave form?

4) Small water blades – How many can be formed in a single sweep? How fast do they move? What’s the actual size of these blades?

5) How wide a radius does this effect still work? Give some idea of how long it would take to fully dehydrate someone in the area.

Bankai: In this case, you listed them, but there’s still 5. Try to keep these down to 3 apiece.

1) What suffices as water it can use to regenerate itself? This is much the same as the first shikai in terms of applicable questions.

2) There has to be limits on deformation and reformation, especially on the latter. What prevents the user from reforming within the body for your opponent? Can he be damaged in this form? If any of the water that he is composed of is frozen or evaporated, is the wielder damaged when he returns to normal? Since he can transform himself into a tidal wave, I’m guessing that he can increase his own volume as he transforms. What are the limitations on that increase? What prevents the user from becoming mist and drowning the opponent by flying down their throat in large amounts? How long can he stay in a liquid form? I don’t understand how this ability can turn ice-based attacks into water. You’re water. Are you saying that, as water, you are unaffected by freezing and can add any other amount of water to yourself? If so, I’m even more confused. That means you can add mass to yourself after you’ve transformed, which presents some pretty massive uncertainties with whether you can be hurt at all, and really confuses what parts of you turn back into a normal physical human being and which parts stay water. If you’re going to include this, include it as something separate from this ability, one you can only use while you are physical.

3) How thick is the mist? Give some idea of how hard it is to see through. Can the mist be used for these other abilities to increase the amount of water you control?

4) Can this be done with an infinite amount of water? Is there a limit to the size of the orb? When does it lacerate? Is it only after the orb forms, or as the orb is forming? How does it lacerate? Does it simply create water blades within the orb (thus being blockable) or is the water capable of cutting at any location it penetrates (thus being almost unblockable)? That whole question of condensation becomes extremely important here. If you can condense the water around them, there’s practically no avoiding this.

5) How strong is this as a defense? What can it block against, and what can it not? If it is damaged, does it automatically regenerate? Also, is there a specific size to it, or could you basically just make a shield that covers you entirely?
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over a year ago wagakagami said…
Ok no more questions for now but if you make any changes let me know and i'll look at them for you

Thank you for the review i'll answer your questions :)

1) Is this a physical spear that pierces, or does it merely cause electric damage on strike? What kind of lightning damage could be expected when it hits? Can it paralyze?
It causes as much damage as the level 63 kido and the same type but it's just more compact. No it can't paralyze.

2) Can the sunlight be blocked in any way after activation? If the wielder’s skin is covered, would that have any effect on the healing improvements?
Yes if none of the users, or anyones else in the area friend or foe, is directly in contact with sunlight then it dosen't work at all.

3) What does the power reduction factor as? Does it cause less damage on strike, and if so, is that damage reduction a physical damage reduction or a electric damage reduction? Since 4 feet away from the spear could involve being formed in the middle of something, is there another limitation for the situation in which these can be formed? Also, how quickly do they form, and can the formation be interrupted?
Both all around it has less power but speed stays the same. These spears can't be formed inside anything else other then that no.


1) Give some idea of the simplicity/difficulty involved in breaking the ruby (is it as hard as a normal ruby?), and what kind of damage is required. Does the ruby need to be destroyed, or is light damage enough?
Yes it's as hard as a normal ruby and any blow that would kill someone heart would work.

2) This one is one I’d want to see in action, it sounds like it would make for a cool scene around the wielder.
Yes i got the idea for this from the fight with Gwyn Lord of cinders frrom dark souls the fight area was cool and the music was awesome as well.

3) So just the rubies reform from the knights, not the armor? How quickly do they reform? Do they reform at the same site that they were destroyed? Also, can the wielder utilize these rubies in any way, or are they merely possible for others to use?
Yes only the rubies reform and any knights out turn to rubies. They reform in 2 seconds and yes they reform at the spot they were destroyed. I want to think of a way the user can use them but for now no the user can't.
over a year ago kimoy4321 said…
big smile
[zanpakuto's name/shikai name] : Yamori o ( gecko tail )

[release command]: Kidou (launch)

[bankai name] - Akuma Yamori o

=description - Yamori resembles a regular wakizashi that has a grey hilt, a light green sheath, and a rectangular guard with holes on each side.

[shikai abilities] -

-it's only shikai ability is that the pointed half of the blade will dislocate from the rest of the zanpakuto parts and shoots (same stance with Gin Ichimaru when releasing shinso) at the opponent at the speed of sound. The wielder couldn't control the destination of the dislocated half,making its destination straight from where it was launched. The dislocated half will last for 24 hours away from the in tacked parts but it only takes Yamori 3 seconds, to regenerate a new in tacked pointed half ready for another shot. This ability is useful in both shikai and bankai.

[bankai abilities]

Sensagari Bureedo (thousand falling blades)

- the wielder points Yamori up then the pointed half will dislocate and shoots to the sky then explodes. The explosion creates a considerably large dimensional tear with dark clouds gathering at the center of the tear. After a few seconds, Thousands of blades rain down the opponent at the speed of sound. This ability has a 5 minute cool down.

Kamishiiringubureedo ( god sealing blade )

- Yamori's sealing and most powerful ability, the wielder has to stab the opponent and leave the tip of the blade inside the opponents body. At his command Seal, Akuma Yamori o, the tip of Yamori left inside the opponent's body will release 6 blades of reiatsu simultaneously that materialize into metal blades in 15 seconds. As soon as all of the blades of reiatsu materilaize into real blades, a black orb will encase the opponent and disappear in a few seconds, then the opponent will be sent to the deepest part of hell and imprisoned/seal him there for 666 thousand years.If the opponent tries to withdraw the materialized blades from his body, it will be replaced until 6 reiatsu blades will materialize, he will be sealed away. This ability can be used every 5 minutes.

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over a year ago wolfmaster3000 said…
As promised Flame my squad zero charcter =D

Name : Kensiki Amiro

Age : 848 (looks like he's 28 )

Height : 6'2

Rank : Squad zero member Former 6th squad captain.

Muscle Build : Exteme & heavily toned

Stats :

Stamina : 80

Strength : 80

Speed : 85

Spirtual pressure : 90

Durability : 80

Kidou : 90

Shunpo : 100

Swordsman ship : 88

Hand to hand : 100

intellect: 79

Description : Kensiki is of a tan skin color , and has Long Dark hair that is wild looking it goes down to about his mid-back & is Dark red his eye are a dark Green color. he has sharpened canine teeth. He wears a Sleeveless Long coat with a sleeveless soul reaper top under it the soul reaper robe comes down in a V-neck to the center of his chest Revaling his muscle Build, he has Arm wraps going up his left arm under the wraps is a bunch of Runic symbols & other random symbols that act as a Sealing spell to keep his spirtual pressure in check.

Persnality : Kensiki isn't one to just wait around for orders he does indeed love all his friends in soul soceity but has shown to be extermely hot headed & temperamental, Even though he may seem stupid he is indeed really smart and can hold a conversation. he enjoys a good fight as well as loves to spar with his friends. he has grown fond of being a squad zero members

Historey : Kensiki first joined soul soceity when he was 50 years old he quickly rose through the ranks in the goeti 13 & became captain of the sixth squad he was captain there for quite sometime after of witch he was put into the Zero squad because his skills & spirtual pressure was beyond that of a normal Captain.

Zanpaktou :

Release command : Rise above the world and Descend from hell

Shikai Name : Kigen sono Mokushi ( rise of the Apocalypse )

Shikai Name : Zaigou Bachi ( sinners curse )

Zanpakuto Description ( Zaigou bachi ) this blade in it's sealed state is a pure white blade that is Regularly sized the blade is a bit thicker than most. when this blade enters it's shikai it becomes black and the a orange sash appears around it.

Zanpakuto Descirtion (Kigen sono Mokushi) : this blade in it's sealed state is a purely black blade that is longer than a normal Katana by 2 inches when this blade enters in shikai the blade turns a Ghostly grey color and a red sash appears over this blade.

Shikai Abilties ( Kigen Sono Mokushi )

Za Kensei ekirei ( the power of Pestilence ) with this Ability the blade glows dark purple Kensiki with each cut of the blade will "crode" by crode I mean as in only your skeleton or bone will be showing. this ability is based on how deep the cut goes. say I slice through just the first layer of skin, than only your Muscle will be showing . however if the blade cut's through all layers of skin than the bone will show. make sense ? , Kensiki can also Launch "blasts" of "crossive" Reiatsu much like barragan, this ability can be stopped by level 50 Kido & up . this corossive affect only take's place on flesh not kido.
Sono Kensei Kousen ( the power of war ) this abilty is based off of the horseman of war who is the second horseman to ride the blade turns a Blood red and now has the abilty to change into diffrent weapons ( Mace's, mallets, swords,spike-ball and chain ) all of Zewihander size the bigger the size the slower he moves the smaller the size the faster he moves . this ability has no cool down time, the weapons that he slecets also cause some kind of fire damage , so for a sword it would be like a light saber as you are being cut you are being burned as well, so with each strike you reieve a 3rd degree burn.

Sono Kensei Ketsubou ( the power of famine )Fammone the third horsemen to ride the blade gives off a light baby blue glow and turns into to dark black spikes ( think Pain from naruto ) the spikes have no slashing capeability but have a rather fine point meaning they are strictly a stabbing weapon. when Kensiki stabs you with one of these "spikes" i'll call them, your overall "stats" will weaken by 2% (stamina, strength, Agility ) all that fun stuff with each stike of the spike your body become weaker & weaker this ability lasts for 8 minutes. has no cooldown time.

Shikai Abitlties ( Zaigou Bachi ) the second blade now when I say no other abities can be acessed he CAN'T switch to this blade or to the powers of the other blade.

Koushoku sono Migoto ( Lust the beautiful ) - this ability is activated when Zaigou Bachi gives off a hot pink glow reiatsu engulfing Kensiki's Right arm , after the reiatsu disappears there are ten closed eyes on Kensiki's Right arm the blade is gone. the eyes when shown have a light pink iris the Iris is also shaped like a heart to represent lust. the ability take's afect when one of the eye's looks at you each eye can take control of a body part, how you know your hit is a heart will appear on the "infected" part each eye remains open for 5 seconds than close's each eye also has a 8 second cooldown time. Kensiki can't take control of a persons whole body only parts. each eye can be blocked by level 40 kidou and up. this ability has a 3 minute cooldown peroid and lasts for 5 minutes.

Tokui sono Gouzen ( Pride the arrogant ) -when this ability activates Bright Golden Reiatsu Bursts from the blade the blade it's self is no longer able to be seen the dark Golden Reiatsu looks to be fuseing with the weilder . this is actually an occular ability to witch Kenshiki's eye's are now Dark grey with Dilated pupils and has two dots around his pupils ( like when sasuke first got his sharingan ) what his eye's can do is allow him to see the user's spirtual pressure or energey to witch "inviseability" techinques wouldn't work he can . his eye's also allow movement to be reduced by more techincally the speed of his or her oppents by 5%. this ability doesn't have a cooldown time or a time limit.

Bushou sono Heion ( sloth the restful ) -how this ability activates is yet again the blade completely disappears more speficly it shatters into a wide area of Grey dust that circles the weilder and the oppent the circle is 8 feet wide , the dust can be controlled like byakuya's senban sakura. what the dust does is when inhaled or if it enters the blood stream through whatever way it's ability is it makes reduces your overall stamina and energey by 3% with each enterance of the body the point of the ability is to make you feel more & more tried as well as lazy so eventually the oppent won't be able to move anymore or eventually will just fall asleep. this ability lasts 5 minutes and has 5 minute cooldown time however when the ability is deactivated it doesn't ware off of the oppent .

Bankai Name : Koushin Sono Kishu ( rise of the horseman )

Bankai Name : Keiro Sono Zaiaku ( path of the sins )

Bankai Deciprtion : when Kensiki enters his Bankai a flash of Dark orange reiatsu is seen as it take'sthe shape of four horses galloping away and the naying of horses are heard there are also strands of reiatsu that look like souls and odd angonizeing screams can be heard. after activantion Kenshiki holds four war Hornes each one looking like a horse head one Dark green with glowing forest green eyes. the second dark red with firey red eyes, the third light blue with a dark Glowing ocean blue eyes. the final one Gohstly white with pure glowing whtie eyes he is also surrounded bye three orbs one Dark red. one Dark yellow another a Deep forest green.

ekirei ( Pestilence ) : Kensiki pulls out the war horn of the green horse blowing into it , the mouth of the horse opens up letting out a dieing screech, as the war horn than flashes with green reiatsu revaling a light green bow that is now in Kensiki's hands, Kensiki can make the arrows appear out of now where type of deal as he has no quiver.but the real ability of the blade is with each passing shot or rather everytime you are hit with the arrow's your body will start to decay almost like how Zombies appear.so if he launches an arrow at you, your hand get's hit (depending on how deep the arrow is ) just the top layer of skin will "rot" away if the arrow goes all the way through into the Muscle than all your flesh "rots" away. each arrow is equal to a level 60 kido so can be blocked by bakudo 60 & up, the arrows travel at 10 milies per hour so they are realitively slow. this ability has a 4 minute cooldown time.

Kousen ( war ) : War is the second horsemen to ride, Kensinki grabs the Red war horn and blows into it the horse's eye's Burst out with flames as its mouth open up the sound of a war can be heard a sphere of Flame engulf Kensiki as he emerages he has a Huge Sword with Runes engraved in it he also has armor with the same kind of Runic desgin on his left arm the armor is black in color as is the blade the runes are a flameing red and glowing almost looking red hot. When kensiki choose's he can make these runes burst out flames causeing his "arm" and blade to be on fire constantly teh flames are about 400 degree in tempature he can shape the fire into a sphere shape or he can just launch it as blasts. the blast would be 20 feet long and 10 feet wide he would be able to change it's direction ( think like how Renji controls his bankai ) , the sphere's of flame would be 4 feet wide and have a 4 feet "long" .

Ketsubou ( famine) : Kenshiki grabs the Blue horse's war horn and blows into it it's eye's and mouth shoot open as the sound of goarns of hunger are heard Light blue Reiatsu shines off of Kenshiki once the reiatsu settles Kenshiki now has two spears with in his hands the spears are both about 5 feet long ( tips included) . the ability is the same as in shikai when you are stabbed with the spears your overall stats are reduced instead of by 2% your stats are reduced by 5% this time. causeing the oppent to get tired rather quickly if he or she is constantly stabbed . this ability has no time limit or cooldown time. only because it can virtually be blocked by any form of kidou and can be parryied or blocked by weapons.

Zetsumi (Death ) : Kenshiki grabs the white horse war horn blowing into it, it's eye's shoot wide open as a burst of Ghostly white reiatsu burts from the eye's of the white horse as it's mouth opens up the sound 100 suffering souls can be heard. Kenshiki now has a sycthe in his hands the sycthe is a total of 7 feet long with a 5 foot blade. the sycthe is on a rather thin like stick . the blade it's self is a Ghostly white color. the ability of the blade is it doesn't harm you on the outside but rather can phase through flesh and do direct damage to organs & Muscle tissue . this ability can only go through the flesh not kidou and can still be blocked by any level of kidou or parryied by other weapons & what not. this ability has no cooldown time.

Bankai name : Keiro Sono Zaiaku ( path of the sins )

Bankai Abiltyies :

Za Kensei Kentan ( the power of Gultony ) Kensiki grabs the Yellow orb sqeezeing it hard, and dark yellow reiatsu flys about as a Sheild appears the sheild is 9 by 10 so 9 feet long 10 feet wide, it is a rather large sheild being as Gultony is oftein described as a fat entity, the sheild is Dark yellow with a face as most of the sheild, the mouth of the face is wide open with it's tounge sticking out, the eye's are a deep yellow , and the nose is rather large coming out of the sheild forming a spike in the center. The ability is if a level 70 kido or lower is shot the Kensiki will obviously black the blast but the "face" on the sheild more speficly the mouth of the sheild will eat the Kido chew it up than blast it back. this adds 5% more power so if you launch a level 70 Kido add 5, so it's now a level 75 kido spell. this make's it hard for oppents to counter properly, if the Kido is above level 70 the face won't activate. this ability does not have a time limit but can be broken as the sheild isn't invincable.

Sono Kensi doki ( the power of wrath ) - Kensiki grabs the red orb, ramming it into his chest an explosion of Dark Red reiatsu , what happens is that Kensiki gains a Incerease in attack power, speed, & strength by 40% his Defense power & resilance goes down by 5%, Kensiki is constantly surounded in this dark red aura this ability also has no cooldown time but act like a Kaio-ken ability from dragon ball z the longer Kensiki himself is within the ability the larger the strain on his body.

Gouyoku akuba ( Greeds curse ) this abilty allows Kensuiki to absorb Hado and Bakudo of level 60 and lower and add one quartar of it onto his spirtual pressure . considering greed is the sin of Money and power I figured an aborbtion spell would be good. this abilty has no time limit and be switched out with other abitlies of this blade.

please review @falme
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Wolfmaster3000 (Kigen sono Mokushi) –

Shikai 1:

1) It’s “corrode,” not “crode.” Don’t need to put something in here saying “make sense?” either, if it does, I’ll let you know. The missing aspect that I see here is breadth. How far to the right and left of the wound will the skin corrode? How quickly does the corrosion occur? Can it be stopped by cutting out the tissue?

2) What’s “zewihander size”? Give some idea for speed boosts and reductions (i.e. provide one of the largest things he can transform it into and give the speed reduction, and provide one of the smallest and provide the opposite). Does the burn automatically cauterize every wound it creates? And how far away does the burn extend? Is it just through the wound?

3) Is there no extra gain from the depth of the wound? Does the 2% apply to the whole stat, or to the new level of the stat after it’s been changed? I’ll try to explain this one. In both cases, the first 2% is the same. They’re down to 98% in these 3 stats. If it’s the former case, they’re down to 96% after the second. If it’s the latter, they lose 2% of that remaining 98%, so not quite as much (and you can never fully deplete them using just this). Also, I see that it has no cooldown, but then why include duration of action? You could just immediately reactivate it.

Shikai 2: You actually never included what the lag time is between activations of one blade or the other, so you might want to include that. If he cannot switch between them at all, what’s the point of having 2?

1) I recognize that this one is meant to be a mix of the abilities of Zommari, the 7th Espada, and Danzo, the former and short-lived Hokage, but this one’s overpowered, and there are several reasons why. First, I see there are no problems with reuse of the same limb. Second, the limitations on what can be controlled aren’t specified (why can’t you just control all of their limbs?). Third, there’s no range and no difficulty utilizing this. It just has to see them, so unless they do something to prevent that, you would have no trouble getting vision. Fourth, since the eyes (I’m assuming) can be controlled by you to look at specific portions of the opponent’s body, you have complete control over what you want to do with this. Fifth, 5 seconds is too long. 5 seconds is enough time to sever someone’s head from their neck with ease. Sixth, the cooldown is too short. 8 seconds doesn’t leave you very vulnerable, especially when you have 10 eyes and you can leave several in reserve. The one blocking method (kido defense) isn’t really capable of being used effectively against his, especially since it’s stationary while your character is mobile. With that, onto the questions. Is there a limit to the range on this having effect? Does it instantly cover the distance, or is this capable of being dodged somehow? Can this be used while moving? What parts (and be specific) can this affect?

2) This is written a bit oddly, and I’m having trouble trying to understand it. I’ll repeat a line from it here and provide my interpretation, you can tell me if it’s right. “what his eye's can do is allow him to see the user's spirtual pressure or energey to witch "inviseability" techinques wouldn't work he can.”  His eyes provide him with the ability to see a person’s spiritual pressure radiating off of them, allowing him to see through any technique that makes their opponent invisible. “his eye's also allow movement to be reduced by more techincally the speed of his or her oppents by 5%” – They also change his perception, reducing the apparent speed of his opponents by 5%, allowing him to better keep up with their movements. If that’s what it is, it all makes sense, but it’s hard to say whether I’ve got this right.

3) So this one may be overpowered, but only if I understand it the way I think I do. What I can see is that you create a dust that can enter the body through any orifice, so that leaves quite a few entrances. When it enters, it reduces stamina and reishi by 3%. I hesitate to call it overpowered because I’m not sure on a variety of factors. How fast does the dust move? Can it be spread out thinly? How much of it has to go into a given orifice before causing the desired effect? Can it reform into a blade after bits of it have gone into the opponent, essentially removing them? Can it enter the same orifice and cause the same effect multiple times? Does it have to be taken in by some force, or can it insert itself (i.e. would someone simply need to open their mouth, or would they have to breathe it in for it to take effect)? How fast does the effect occur? How long does it last? Make sure to include what the percentage means here as well, same as in the third shikai ability in the first blade. There’s potential for this to be reasonable, but as I’m seeing it now, it looks a bit much.

Bankai 1: Obviously, there are 4 abilities here. It’s one too many, so you could sort of merge two of these, or remove one entirely.

1) Actually, this one’s good.

2) Can he regenerate the fire after throwing it? Does the ball of fire have to go out first? How fast does it move? How far off the arm and the blade do the flames extend? How much does the armor increase his defensive potential by?

3) Same questions about the percentage and what it means.

4) I’m having trouble seeing how this ability is beneficial in a great way. I mean, if the only good aspect is that it goes through skin, that’s not a huge benefit. It’s not like skin is the major barrier to causing injury. If there’s any ability here that just stands out as not being all that helpful, it’s this one, especially since the blade (a 5 foot long blade on a 7 foot long hilt…that’s intense) isn’t that easily usable in the first place.

From what I’m seeing, this blade seems to just linearly increase its abilities from shikai to bankai for the most part. There’s nothing that especially differentiates the two, though I can see a definitive increase in power.

Bankai 2:

1) Wow, that’s not just large, that’s larger than your character. I can see that being a problem to wield. I get the limits of the shield with regards to kido, but you’ll want to provide some idea of how much physical pain it can withstand. Does it have the same durability as the blade would?

2) This one seems a bit weak for a Squad 0 member. You’ll want to increase it a bit to make it more powerful. As it stands, a 40% increase isn’t much.

3) At what range can he absorb it? Is this instantaneous? Does it take a certain motion, or can he do it however he wishes?

Overall, I think the weight of this blade is on the shikai end, not the bankai end. If anything, I would have expected to see them switched, with the shikai being the bankai and the bankai being the shikai. I would understand the 40% if it were shikai, just seems rather odd. You would also have more leeway with regards to the aspects of the shikai that are currently overpowered.
over a year ago DanTatsuya said…
shikai:Hyoga no toketsu ha (frozen blade of glaciers)

release command: Aite (open)

description: still thinking about one

bankai name:bugendai hyuga ( infinity glacier)

description: sword gets covered in ice but still has a form of a sword

shikai abilities:-reito surasshu (frozen slash)
-hyoga en ( glacier circle )

bankai abilities:same as shikai plus called Hitei-tekina shotto
(negative shot) negative as in freezing temp.
over a year ago DanTatsuya said…
mine is pretty simpple but you get the idea ( i hope xD )
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
DanTatsuya (Hyoa no toketsu ha) – It is pretty simple, but sadly, no, I don’t get it. In general, simply providing the name of the attack is not enough. I’ll explain why on each individual one.


1) How large is the slash? Is it released, or is this an attack that enhances the strike? If it is released, how fast does it move? Does it only freeze on contact, or does it cause physical damage? Can it be stopped by spells that stop kido strikes? Can its direction be changed? If it isn’t released, does it change the appearance of the blade? How? How does it enhance the damage of the blade? How far away from the point of contact does that effect take place?

2) Um…what does it do? I mean, a glacier circle means nothing to me personally beyond being a circle of ice. I don’t know what that is or does beyond that. How large is the circle? How much ice does it produce? How many of these can be placed down at once? Where are they placed? What’s the range?


1) What is this? Is it a shot of low temperature energy, a shot of ice, a shot of air, what? I get that its negative Fahrenheit temperatures (since negative Celsius is literally impossible), but what does that mean? How low are we talking? How large is the blast? How fast does it move? Can it be blocked by kido spells? Can its direction be changed? Can it cause physical damage beyond the freezing?

In general, getting an idea across to others involves more effort. I can guess what each of these does if I put my mind to it, but what I conceive and what you are thinking of are likely very different. If you want to make this clear so that everyone can see it the way you do, you’ll want to add specifics, and lots of them.
over a year ago wagakagami said…
Hey if anyone Wants to review this that would be great. I've wanted to do this one sence i got darksiders but couldn't cram it down to 3 abilities, might no count now, but i think i've got it.

Zanpakuto Name- Za Yon Kishu ( The Four Horseman )

Release Command- Motarasu Za Keiji ( Bring The Apocalypse )

In Shikai the blade forms into a 5 foot long 1.5 foot wide greatsword with a 8 inch long hand bar, like a hand brake, and 1 inch long spikes going around it. When the handle is pulled then the spike spin around it like a chainsaw at 1000 rpms." i put this here not as an ability because it is a mechanical function but let me know if you think it should be an ability "

Shikai Ability 1: Hanga_ ( Hunger ) This ability , 2 and 3 as well, takes 5 second to form and can be used again to revert it. When this ability is in effect the zanpakuto takes the form of a pair of metal gloves that only go up to the wrists. The user has the ability to shoot a bala like blast of yellow reshi that moves at kido speed that uses a level 50 kido worth of reshi. When this hits someone it damages them like a bala with about half the power but it also causes anything they do to use 50% more reshi and stamina then normal but what ever there doing is 40% more powerful, for physical things the force from there muscles is increased. This last for 1 minute and additonal hits refreash the time but this stops when the fall unconscious.

Shikai Ability 2: Byo_Kan ( Disease ) When this abiliy is in effect the zanpakuto take the form of a pair of 1.5 foot long black daggers. When the blades touch any germs those germs stay on the blade and replicate until they cover the blade of the dagger. At this point the blade is covered in a green reshi 1 miliameter high. When someone is cut by this the reshi stays in the wound and the germs keep replicating and entering the wound for 10 seconds. This reshi can be removed by applinig reshi to it and it stops bleeding while on the wound. If there are more then 1 type of germ they are an even mix. This takes about 30 to take effect.

Shikai Ability 3: Ho_Gyo ( Demise ) When this abiliy is in effect the zanpakuto take the form of a 5 foot long scythe with a 3 foot long blade. For about a level 30 kido worth of reshi and has a 10 second cooldown. The user forms a black ball in there hand in 2 seconds. When this ball hits someone, it has to be thrown, it forms a guillotine around them that forms in 2 seconds horizontaly where they were hit, if the ball hit them in the neck then it would be around there neck and if it hit them would cut there head off. This guillotine is rectangle in shape and it's sides are 3 feet from the persons sides, it's length is 2 times the width, and the bottom is 6 feet in front of them and the blade is 3 feet behind them, the blade is 3 feet behind them and 3 feet long. The blade moves at kido speed after a 2 second delay. This blade is as hard as a zanpakuto and it closes with as much strength as the user could push it down. After 4 seconds it dissappers, so if you block it with a sword then you should be fine.

Bankai Name- Endo Maebure ( End's Harbinger ) This is like shikai but has half the width and only has spikes on one side of it, it's shaped like a large katana.

Bankai Ability 1: Futtei ( Famine ) This ability allows the user to eat any reshi that is a projectile. This works like Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck's, nel, cero eating ability but they absorb the reshi and can't spit it out. This is always active.

Bankai Ability 2: Ekirei ( Pestilence ) This takes about a level 90 kido worth of reshi. This ability blows out a black and purple gas. This comes out at the speed and size of a level 58 kido tenran but only goes 100 feet before it fades. Anyone in this gas has there white blood cells killed at a rate of 2% every 5 seconds but if they inhale it the speed is 5% every breath. If the user stops shooting it out it fades after 3 seconds. This has a 10 seconds cooldown and lasts 8 seconds and doesn't effect the user.

Bankai Ability 3: Desu ( Death ) This stops and stops at the users will and costs no reshi. When this ability is used the users body stops healing it self but while this ability is active the user gets a 100% boost to speed and strength and for every percent of there body injured they have that percent increased by 2%. For every 1% loss of reshi they get they another 1%.
over a year ago wagakagami said…
This one is based on Ikaruga a game i can't beat level 2 on :( if no one minds can you review this.

Zanpakuto Name: Ikaruga Genkei

Release Command: Furo_ Hon Aidiaru Ikaruga Furo_ Hon Fusai Genkei - Follow our ideal Ikaruga follow our debt Genkei

During Shiaki the users sword becomes a pair of white katana that are 50% longer then normal ones.

Shikai Ability 1: Kyokusei Irekawari - Polarity Shifting - This ability covers the user in White armor that fully covers them and is metal but only as strong as lether. The user can change the armor and swords into any color they want in 4 seconds. They don't need to know what the color is called but the swords and armor are always the same color. Any reshi that hits the armor or swords that is the same color as it is absorbed into the armor and swords as fast as it hits them. They armor and sword can hold up to 1000% of the user reshi before breaking and this reshi can only be used for the shikai abilities. If There is a hole in the armor then any reshi hiting that spot would just go trhough the armor. All shikai abilities can only use reshi gain this way but the user can absorbed there own attack, for example if they shot out a kido then got in front of it.

Shiaki Ability 2: Purazuma Sandan - Plasma Shot - The arm of the armor has two 3 inch long 1 inch wide barrels one each arm one thr forearm. These can shoot out blasts of reshi, both barrels shoot at once but the reshi is in one blast, the size, speed, and power of the level 32 kido. This blast is the same color as the armor and if it contacts reshi of the same color that reshi is absorbed making the attack bigger based on how much is taken in, a 1 meter wide ball of reshi would make the attack 1 meter bigger. This absorbs reshi just like the armor so only reshi it touches is absorbed. This has a 20 second cooldwon for each arm.

Shikai ability 3: Ho_Mingu Re_Za - Homing Laser - This takes about a level 40 kido worth of reshi to use. This ability shoots out a 1.5 meter long laser from the back of the armor that explodes with the power of 2 balas. This moves at kido speed and follows it's target, anything the user can see but must be selected before it fires, until it hits something. Up to 8 of these can be at once, each can have there own target, and this has a 10 second cooldown.

Bankai Name: Tsuin Heiki - Twin Weapons -

When bankai is released the user gets the armor but it is as strong as iron and has two ribbons on the back of there helmet that go down to there knees. The users swords shrink to the size of normal katana and they can connect at the bases to form a two bladed sword.

Bankai Ability 1: Kyokusei Jukutatsu - Polarity Mastery - This works just like Shikai ability 1 but the color changing is only 2 seconds, the max is 2500% and they now can only become white or black but if they are white any light colors are absorbed and if they are black any dark colors are absorbed.

Bankai ability 2: Ho_Mingu Gekimetsu - Homing Destruction - This works like ability 3 of shikai but each laser can absorbed reshi of the same color like ability 2 of shikai but insted of growing it gets they get stronger based on the reshi absorbed, if a whole level 32 kido was absorbed the lase will have a that much more power. These can each have there own color that is chosen by the user. This ability can shoot out a max of 32 and the user can use there own reshi for it. This has a 25 second cooldown.

Bankai ability 3: Furai Toxugyaza - Fly Together - This ability takes all the reshi in the armor. When this ability is used the armor glows in whatever color it's in for 5 seconds after this stops there is a second suit of armor the same just like the users next to it but this one has a 5 foot long spear with a 2 foot long and 8 inch wide top. This armor works just like the users but it is controled by the Zanpakuto Spirit. This armor fades away once it runs out of reshi, it has the reshi from the armor. This armor has the zanpakuto spirit in it and it can be killed like a normal person but it is fine after the ability stops.
over a year ago MasterAce22 said…
Please Note I havent made a blade in FOREVER so yeah Im kinda rusty but here ya go..

Zanpakuto/Shikai Name: Inanis (Void)
Release Command: Gaze into the Stars
Appearance: Unreleased it is a dagger with a dark navy blue grip dotted with white spots the dagger itself is about 6 inches long. When released the dagger turns into a blade that is the length of a katana but the blade itself is made of energy that looks like the nights sky but is still as solid as any other sword, the blade has a star shaped tsuba and a pure black grip.

Shikai Abilities:

Corusco (Twinkle): The wielder of the blade emits a extremely bright shining light that flickers like a star in the night sky for 10 seconds after this time is up all mild to minor wounds are healed (Ex: small cuts and broken bones) but this ability will not heal lost limbs or damage to the internal organs and will only partially heal very deep cuts. This ability can be activated once every 5 minutes and can only be disrupted by a kido spell

Inanis Iter (Traveling Void): The wielders sword dissolves away and forms a circle in front of the wielder this circle is made out of the same energy as the sword is. The circle is about the size of a beach ball. The wielder the grabs the circle and tosses it at the enemy as it flies towards the opponent it turns into what looks like a mini black hole. It travels at normal shunpo speed and it has a small gravitational pull (Ex pulling in loose objects like dirt, rocks, and small plants) if this hits the opponent it explodes with the force of a hand grenade. This can be used 5 times and then has to recharge for 2 minutes.

Retro Gravitate (Backwards Gravity): The wielders touches the blade to the ground the blade itself then melts into the ground, after about 2 seconds large chunks of land start to float up about 10-40 feet in the air and the wielders blade reforms. The wielder than can move each chunk of land at her own will, she can only move on chunk of land at a time and she can even move a chunk of land while she is standing on it. This ability lasts for 5 minutes and has a 5 minutes recharge time.

Bankai Name: De Inani Perpetua (The Never Ending Void)
Bankai Appearance: The wielder blade turns into a large staff (6 ft tall) with a white metal shaped crescent moon at the top of it and small glowing orbs spiraling around the top, going down the actual staff is a very dark navy blue with a pointed bottom and a small metal star 2 inches above it. The wielders clothing also changes she gains a large wizard type hat with a long point that sticks straight up, at the end of the point there is a small metal crescent moon with a star inside the space.

Bankai Abilities

Niger Foramen (Black Hole): The wielder points to a target location after a 1 second wait a small black hole appears where the wielder is pointing the staff, this black hole is the size of a beach ball and is made of a swirling purple energy. If an enemy comes to close to the black hole (5 feet away) it will explode with the force of a bomb (This does not . The wielder can use this once every 3 seconds the black holes (If not blown up) last for one minute. The wielder can place them wherever she likes but not directly on the opponent.

Lumen Flexione (Light Bending): The light around the wielder starts to shift and distort, after 3 seconds 5 shining orbs appear around the wielder, one near each shoulder and 3 in a triangle formation near her legs. Each orb is about the size of a basketball and is yellow in color. The wielder than charges for 1 second, after this one second is over each orb releases a bright ray of light that travels a bit faster than average shunpo speed. If hit it will deal the damage of a 70+ kido spell.

Finis Autem Inanis (The End of the Void): The wielder slams her staff into the ground and outstretches her arm, blue portal like circles appear 50 feet in the air in front of the wielder each portal releases a large meteor type rock down onto the ground each rock has a massive weight and if hit it will have the force of a 10 ton TNT bomb. After 10 seconds of the meteor shower a massive rock slams to the ground and will have the force of a 100 ton TNT bomb if the opponent were to be hit by it. This ability can only be used once per bankai release (In total about 20 meteors hit the ground including the massive one at the end)

over a year ago dakafala said…
well, I've tried to design a zanpakuto several times already but heres my first finished zanpakuto, sorry if the translations are off (google translate stinks)

[tate no kame/Tortoise Shield] - in its unreleased form, tate no kame looks like a simple katana, with a cross guard representing a turtle’s shell

[tate no kame/Tortoise Shield] - in its released form, tate no kame is a pair of tonfa, both with small shields representing shells
[Activation- “protect”]

[hogo/protection] - the left hand tonfa of tate no kame begins to glow green and gives the wielder improved physical defense

[kara/Shell] - the right hand tonfa of tate no kame begins to glow blue and gives the wielder improved spiritual defense

- the wielders kimono changes more into the style of a monk or sage, with a large tortoise shell on the back
[sennen no tate no kame/Millennium shield turtle] - sennen no tate no kame is simple staff such as a monk would use, carved with many incantations of various kido and other spells
[Activation- matching the ends of both tonfa while pouring spiritual energy into it]

[kodai no kara/ancient shell] - the shell formed on the back of the wielders kimono transforms into specialized armor (can be used to grant greater protection for the wielder, but by willing the armor to focus on a specific area, such as the arms or torso, it can make that area near impervious to attack)

[kame kenjin/sage turtle] - the runes carved into the staff begin to glow, and give the wielder greater spiritual prowess (allows the wielder to cast greater levels of kido than he would normally be able to)

[shieru no jokyo/removal of the shell] - using this technique the armour and the shell are given up to give the wielder much greater speed and strength
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
MasterAce22 (Inanis) –


1) Does the bright light have adverse effects on the opponent as well? What happens if the opponent attacks physically while this is active? Does it act as a barrier against those types of attacks for that time as well? Also, does a kido spell of any level have the capability of disrupting this?

2) How fast does the circle fly? How much gravitational force does the circle have?

3) What are the limitations in size/weight? Can it lift chunks like this out of any surface (i.e. if the ground is made of metal, can it break that apart in this way)? How fast can she move each of these pieces of land?


1) I think you meant to write a little more here following the explosion force. Does the black hole have any pulling force? If so, how much? A bomb is rather indeterminate in force, so you might want to define it a little more succinctly than that (i.e. some idea of a number of sticks of TNT, or just a weight of it). How large is the radius of the explosion? In terms of placement, is there a range limitation? Also, does the black hole form at the closest physical object to where she points, or is she able to select a location of any distance between a physical point and the tip of her blade? Can she form this on top of an opponent, or within the 5 foot radius that causes explosion?

2) So is this basically a laser beam? Can the direction be chosen at the wielder’s will (beyond being in front of or to the side of him)? How wide is the beam? How long does the beam last? Are you capable of recharging these immediately after use?

3) Give some idea of the size and speed of these, as well as the sheer number. These do quite a bit of damage, so you’ll need to be pretty specific on that.

On some of these, the rust shows, but it’s looking good overall. It pulls together quite well, and I like the way it’s built.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Dakafala (Tate no Kame) –

Shikai: Provide some idea of the size of the shells.

1) How much of an improvement? Give specifics. What does physical defense mean? Does that mean he’s got more resilient skin, muscle tissue, and bones, or does that mean that the shell itself can take more damage, or does it mean he can more easily hold his ground against an attack, or what? How long does this last

2) Pretty much the same questions, except this is all the more generalized. There are a lot of possible concepts behind what spiritual defense could be. Does that mean he can take kido spells more easily? Does it mean it’s harder to break him mentally? Does it mean he can ignore reiatsu that would have other people cringing (i.e. Kenpachi’s)?

Bankai: I tend to think two different things when I hear monk and sage, so you might want to be more specific on how this looks. Does the tortoise shell have the same resilience as the shells in shikai, or more so? How large is it? Also, how long is the staff?

1) What parts of the body does the armor normally cover? How much protection does it provide normally? How long does it take to make the armor focus on a specific portion of the body? How large can that area of focus be to make it nearly impervious? Is it capable of protecting against all damage, or only physical?

2) How much of an improvement to the level of kido spells he’s able to cast does this provide? What other kido spells is he capable of using? Are there any other improvements made available here, or is it just that he gets to use higher level abilities?

3) What is the increase to speed and strength? Be specific to the amount of improvement you get versus normal.
over a year ago dakafala said…
whiteflame55- thanks for the comments, I'll look back over my designs and work the issues out, I realize that it was pretty generalized, but I guess I didnt realy think that much about it.
over a year ago AceDarkwolf17 said…
Zanpakuto/Shikai-Raitsuin "Lightning Twins"
Release-Shingai "Shock"
Bankai-Tekken Raitsuin "Iron Fist Lightning Twins"

Zanpakuto Apearance-Typical katana with a lightning bolt design on the guard.The handle is sky-blue in color.1 inch lightning bolt on string attached to bottom of handle

Shikai Apearance-Duel Swords that look like the pic but with that lightning bolt attached to the bottom.

Shikai Abilities:
Ketatamashii Shikon "Piercing Fang"
The blade emits a electrical aura the releases a blue-white colored blast that can reach up to 500 yards.Dies out after 5 sec.

Erekutorikku Nami "Electric Wave"
The user crosses the blades out in front and the blades glow blue, then swings the swords to both sides of himself.Once he swings, a blue arc comes racing out. It destroyes everything in its path but dies out at 250 yards(only if it doesnt hit somebody)

Genkaku Shikon "Illusion of Fangs"
Creates a illusion of a pack of wolves that attacks the enemy causing a distraction allowing the user to attack up close

"Illusion of Fangs" and "Piercing Fang" works with both swords

My zanpakuto spirit is released and is used to fight for me like many other shinigami's bankai.My bankai's true form is two spirits.
When released, I talk to them telepathicly.

Bankai Apearance-Two 1,000 ft. tall blue-gray wolves that stand on their hind legs.1 male/1 female.The male is thunder and the female is lightning.Both hve light battle gear on which has the symbol for "thunder" on the male 's gear and the symbol for "lightning" on the female's gear.

Bankai Abilities:
Nibai Karite Tsume "Double Reaper Claw"
"Thunder" and "Lightning" get on either side of enemy and slash the air towards the opponent.Both slashes causes a deadly attack that is impossible to survive if they hit.

Kobushi Yajuu Kokuou "Fist of Beast King"
"Thunder" puches the air and releases a blast that looks like a wolf's head that knocks opponents prone.

Ketatamashii Raikou Yari "Piercing Lightning Spear"
"Lightning" creates a lightning bolt and throws it.In mid air it breaks into 10 smaller bolts
 Zanpakuto/Shikai-Raitsuin "Lightning Twins" Release-Shingai "Shock" Bankai-Tekken Raitsuin "Iron Fist
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
AceDarkwolf17 (Raisuin) –


1) What does the blast do in terms of damage? Does it go in all directions? Does it do the same damage 1 yard out as it does 500 yards out? How high does the wave go (as in, it goes 500 yards, but how high would someone have to jump to get over it)? How fast does it move?

2) So what kind of damage des this do? Where does the blue arc extend from? Does it shoot out in a wider arc extending from the ending points of the swings to the front? Give some idea of how large this arc is. How fast does it move? How high does the wave go? Also, is it at all possible to defend against this? I mean, if it’s an instant kill up to 250 yards, even if the wave is small, that’s a bit strong.

3) How “real” is the illusion? Can it just be seen, or does it affect other senses? Can the illusion cause damage? Is the number of these illusions you can create infinite? Do the wolves look exactly like normal wolves, or is there anything to tell them apart? Is there any way for the opponent to break the illusion?

Bankai: So in general, if the wolves are capable of doing anything without the use of these three abilities, they are separate abilities. If they can only activate and move around through using these abilities, then that’s fine, but if they’re capable of lashing out and causing harm, or even just capable of defending, they’re abilities. Even if neither of those is true, these questions still apply for the three actual abilities. How fast do these wolves move? How strong are they? Give some idea of how difficult/easy it is to kill them, and whether or not they can be brought back. Also, can they feel pain, or be injured in such a way as to ensure they are hobbled?

1) Several things. First, do they both need to be within a certain distance, and at a certain angle from, the opponent? You say “on either side of the enemy,” which hints that this requires some specific conditions, but if not, I suggest you change how this is worded. How fast does this air slash move? Is it capable of being blocked, and if so, by what? Also, you say it’s deadly on hit. Does that mean if they get cut on a finger, they’ll die? I mean, I could understand that if the slash of a 1000 foot wolf hit someone full on, they would likely die (speaking of which, you should include some idea of how large these slashes are, and how many come out from a single attack on each side), but you’ll need to be specific as to this “impossible to survive if they hit” condition.

2) All I get from this is that one of them punches and it creates a wolf’s head-like blast. I don’t really know how a wolf “punches” something, but alright. How large is the blast? How fast does it move? What kind of damage does it cause (you say it “knocks opponents prone”, but I’m having a hard time understanding what that means)? What’s the range on this? How can this be blocked (i.e. can a kido spell block it, can a physical defense work, etc.)?

3) Again, starting to wonder how wolves can do this. A wolf throwing something seems pretty…strange. How large is the lightning bolt? How fast does it move? How quickly does it break up? How fast do those smaller bolts move? How large are they? What kinds of damage do they cause (is it just electric, or can these pierce the opponent in some way)? Can the direction be changed mid-air? How can this be blocked?
over a year ago MasterAce22 said…
Here ya go, its supposed to be a tad stronger than usual so yeah...

Zanpakuto/Shikai Name: Libro di malattia (Book of Illness)
Release Command: Tear out the pages
Appearance: unreleased it is a normal size katana with a black grip and the word Run written in black letters on both sides of the blade. When released it is a normal size book with a black cover and at the front of the book the word Beware in white letters that looks like it was scratched into the book.

Shikai abilities

Deliri (Delusions): The wielder opens the book and flips the any page that they desire when the flip to that page they tear it out, crumple it up (The opponent cannot stop the crumpled paper from falling), and then throw it in the air. When the piece falls back down it has turned into any weapon the wielder wants at that moment, the weapons cannot have special attributes like fire or ice. When the wielder is done using that weapon they say the command "Next Page" and it bursts into flames (The weapons are not vulnerable to fire this is just a method of destroying it). The wielder can use this ability as many times as he wants and there is an unlimited amount of pages.

Bipolare (Bipolar): This is active constantly through the release of his Shikai. The wielder will have an aura around them that is either Black, Red, Blue, or Yellow. The aura will switch around at random moments and it will last for a random amount of time. Each aura has a different passive affect on the wielder. The aura’s do not block field of vision and are see through its just the color that is there.

Red (Anger) - The user will glow red and their eyes will become bloodshot with rage and the wielders breathing becomes very heavy and loud. This aura will double the physical damage of the wielder and will make his movement speed dramatically faster (Also doubling it by 2). This ability also has a downside to it, the wielder of the blade is so enraged that is judgments are clouded so he will be more aggressive and will be more likely to charge into situations that would be most likely more dangerous and the wielder would not thinking of the consequences.

Blue (Sadness) - The aura around the wielder becomes blue and a constant stream of tears comes rolling down his face and if not if he is not attacking he will start quietly sobbing. This aura will double the attack speed of the wielder and allow him to dodge and block attacks with ease (This is Unlike Anger where it boosts his movement speed in general). This ability also has a downside the physical attack damage of the wielder is reduced by 1/4.

Yellow (Calm) - The aura around the wielder becomes yellow and the wielder will keep a calm expression and retain a normal composure. This aura will double the speed at which the wielder thinks or processes thoughts, so the wielder can adapt to the situation and plan what he is going to do faster much faster than the opponent. Unlike the other abilities this has no downside.

Black (Null of Emotion) - The aura around the wielder becomes black and the wielder’s face becomes blank so to speak (Imagine someone staring into face with a blank expression) also when this aura is active the wielder will not say a word at all. This aura will allow the wielder to feel no pain at all (Even if his one of his limbs is cut off) and he will lose no blood from the cuts, which will allow him to keep on fighting without the setbacks of pain and loss of blood. This aura has a downside though as soon as this aura disappears all the pain that the wielder did not feel during the aura’s activation will rush back to them all at once and the blood that should have been lost during this ability all start flowing as well.

Terrori Notturni (Night Terrors): The wielder closes their eyes and their facial expression turns to that of someone absolutely terrified and they are surrounded by a purple aura with terrifying faces in it. When the wielder opens their eyes the aura turns into a purple creature with an absolutely terrifying appearance, the appearance of the creature is that of the opponents but with highly distorted features (It is the same size as the opponent as well). The creature has half the wielder’s speed but has the same amount of physical damage of the wielder and it can shunpo. The creature will attack the opponent until it is killed and it can be injured. During the time the wielder is sitting in a sleep like state. The creature will protect the wielder at all costs but will also try to attack the opponent. When the creature is killed the wielder awakens. Once this ability has been used it has a 1 minute cool down.

Bankai Name: Libro Di Follia (Book Of Insanity)
Bankai Appearance: The wielders book increases in length to that of a note pad but still keeps the same general appearance, he holds the book in his left hand and in his right hand he holds a black scythe that is slightly taller than him with eyes that have red pupils (Think of Pride’s shadows from FMA) that shift around the scythe and that scream and beg to be released. When the wielder starts to attack the book dissolves allowing the wielder to use both hand for the scythe.

Bankai Abilities:

Demenza (Dementia): The wielder sits on the ground and his scythe turns into a pen. The wielder starts rapidly drawing/writing in the book as she does this shadows start to form around her, these shadows form in a 5 foot radius around her, the shadows are not what she draws but the drawing is just the way to activate the ability . During the time this ability is active the wielder cannot attack but the shadows attack for him, the shadows have an attack range if 100 ft and they are a little stronger than the wielder and have the same attack speed as the wielder, and there is only one large shadow not multiple ones. The shadows can also block kido spells and physical damage for the wielder, the shadows can block 75 and lower kido spells but a very strong physical attack or a very fast barrage of weaker ones can pierce the block. . The shadows last for 1 minute and have a 1 minute cool down

Narcolessia (Narcolepsy): The ability is a passive and is active throughout the time the wielder uses his bankai. The ability will send out an aura that will make the opponent increasingly tired as the fight goes on, and this aura has an infinite range. After 5 minutes of fighting the opponent will start to feel drowsy and will start to yawn. After 10 minutes their eyes will get heavy and their movements might become strained. After 20 minutes the opponent will be struggling to stay awake and if they are not strong willed might even fall asleep. This ability also has another side to it, if the wielder cuts the opponent then the body part they cut will be temporarily paralyzed for 20 seconds, this paralysis spreads 5 inches in all directions from point of contact. This does affect the chest but it will not cut off breathing it will just make it hard to breath.

Follia (Insanity): the wielder opens his book and says the word "The mind of the Insane is one to fear". The book then melts out of the wielders hand and seeps into the ground. After 2 seconds a box start to form around the wielder and the opponent, if the opponent leaves the area before the boxes forms the wielder can just reactivate the ability, the box is 100 ft wide 100 ft long and 100 ft tall (Box forms extremely fast and neither the wielder nor opponent can leave the area of the box and its invincible). Once inside the box the wielder has complete control of what the opponent sees. For example the wielder can make the inside of the box appear to be the place the opponent fears or hates the most, the wielder can even make the 100 foot area seem like miles all he would have to do is make the opponent take many turns. The wielder can also make illusions of people or creatures to try to trick the opponent the illusions are basically complete they affect all 5 senses but they cannot interact with the opponent, the opponent can only interact with them. (Ex: The opponent could say run away, but the illusion couldn’t actually harm the opponent)
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over a year ago AceDarkwolf17 said…
Zanpakuto/Shikai-Raikousuin "Lightning Twins"
Release-Shingai "Shock"
Bankai-Tekken Raikousuin Joukai "Iron Fist Lightning Twins of Heaven"

Zanpakuto Apearance-Typical katana with a a guard shaped like a wolf head. The hilt is sky-blue in color. 1 inch lightning bolt on string attached to bottom of handle

Shikai Apearance-Duel Swords that look like the pic but with that lightning bolt attached to the bottom.

Shikai Abilities:
Ketatamashii Shikon "Piercing Fang"
The blade emits a electrical aura the releases a blue-white colored blast that can reach up to 500 yards.Dies out after 5 sec.

Erekutorikku Nami "Electric Wave"
The user crosses the blades out in front and the blades glow blue, then swings the swords to both sides of himself.Once he swings, a blue arc comes racing out. It destroyes everything in its path but dies out at 250 yards(only if it doesnt hit somebody)

Genkaku Shikon "Illusion of Fangs"
Creates a illusion of a pack of wolves that attacks the enemy causing a distraction allowing the user to attack up close

"Illusion of Fangs" and "Piercing Fang" works with both swords

My zanpakuto spirit is released and is used to fight for me like many other shinigami's bankai.My bankai's true form is two spirits.
When released, I talk to them telepathicly.

Bankai Apearance-Two 1,000 ft. tall blue-gray wolves that stand on their hind legs.1 male/1 female.The male is thunder and the female is lightning.Both hve light battle gear on which has the symbol for "thunder" on the male 's gear and the symbol for "lightning" on the female's gear.

Bankai Abilities:
Nibai Karite Tsume "Double Reaper Claw"
"Thunder" and "Lightning" get on either side of enemy and slash the air towards the opponent.Both slashes causes a deadly attack that is impossible to survive if they hit.

Kobushi Yajuu Kokuou "Fist of Beast King"
"Thunder" puches the air and releases a blast that looks like a wolf's head that knocks opponents prone.

Ketatamashii Raikou Yari "Piercing Lightning Spear"
"Lightning" creates a lightning bolt and throws it.In mid air it breaks into 10 smaller bolts
over a year ago AceDarkwolf17 said…
The one above is the same one but this one is the updated version
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
So it's a little long, but here's my most recent creation. It's not a zanpakuto, but since no one ever checks the Create your own arrancar forum, I figured I'll post it here, as I have before. The background wont make sense to anyone who is not in Bleach: The Fallout, just a heads up. As always, happy to see reviews of this.

Name: Nimue Ananta

Appearance: Her long black hair with thick, red highlights hair falls down her back to her waist. Her skin is olive, her appearance slender and athletic. Two bone fragments cover her temples, but the main mask element that remains is a visor of bone, containing both of the orbital cavities that usually house the eyes, on her neck resting on her shoulders. Her hollow hole appears right above her right hip. She wears all white with red in a tight uniform that hugs her curves. It covers her from a high collar to her wrists where it flares out to her ankles where it also flares. Under normal circumstances, this is exactly how she looks. When she is preparing to fight, or simply chooses to do so, it is revealed that a large portion of her chest is missing. The hole goes straight through her body, revealing open tissue along the sides of it. It is a mere 3 inches in diameter, but goes directly through the region where her heart should be. What fills the hole is empty space, and an object the size of her heart. It’s actually the remnants of her former blade, twisted around itself and around and through her own heart. Her right arm is not her own, as is showcased by it having a much paler color than the rest of her body.

Personality: She has always been a person of memory, holding dear to all of the memories she has gained over her lifetime. Her capacity for memorization is unrivaled, though her constant efforts to retain it make her seem distant. She is never actually distant. Her brain is constantly recording everything she senses to the point that she can remember even a single smell she smelled years ago. As such, her eyes will constantly seem to be darting around a given location, taking everything in even while she’s in the midst of conversation. Her desire for power is a small one beside her desire for knowledge, and she doesn’t care how she gets it. That often makes her ruthless, to the point that she inflicts torture on others to learn what she wants to know. Her loyalty is also to knowledge, and she will pursue that over any order she is given.

Background: Nimue used to be the 8th Espada before Rey’s group tore them apart. She narrowly escaped death by feigning death and subsequently spending most of her time on the outskirts of Hueco Mundo in hiding. She escaped detection for quite a while before the fight between Isao and Rey. After she felt Gekido’s energy disappear, she ventured out to consume what remained of him. Upon reaching him, she felt a tremendous energy heading her way, and tried to escape. Death was upon her too soon, and though she was beneath his notice, the butt of his scythe touched her. At the last second, her blade blocked the majority of the blow, but the steel was warped beneath his touch, the tissue beneath that evaporated in an instant, as well as most of her arm. When Death was sealed inside Chiyo’s former blade, all 3 of the Fates appeared on the site, and Lachesis suspended her in stasis, preventing her death and putting her to sleep for a hundred years. She was only brought back to consciousness after the damage had been stopped, memories seemingly lost so long ago slowly returning.

Cero: Her cero inflicts no damage, and does not fire out from her hands. She wraps both of her hands together, one over the other at a 180 degree angle. In the small space between the two hands, dark blue energy forms into a small condensed ball, and long dark blue beams of light escape out from between her fingers. The light needs to touch energy remnants left behind from another person, or the person themselves. She closes her eyes, and images spring up behind her closed eyes. A stronger, deep blue image forms where the opponent is. Much lighter blue images of them form elsewhere, at any and all locations they are likely to move to. Essentially, this depends on the opponent. The more likely locations they could move to, the more images will form, which means a more strategically minded opponent would have more images. Likelihood does not imply certainty, and an opponent can change their mind and go to less likely locations should they decide to do so for any reason after that point.

Resurreccion - Suigin no Hebi (Quicksilver Serpent)

Release Command: Oriru … Ibu. (Descend…Eve.)

The visor turns to metal and expands, covering her collarbones and shoulders in a thick layer of metal made to look like the same skull fragment (with eyes positioned in front of the shoulder blades) forming to the shape of her body save for the depressions where the eyes would be and extending down to just above her. This metal is driven into her shoulder and upper arm with large metal spikes attached to the metallic structure. Metal constructs cover her legs from just above the knees to her ankles, with wings starting to extend out from the knee and widening to a total length of 3 feet out from the body. A metal plate covers her lower back and abdomen. Each of these has a number of small holes in them. She wears a single piece red gown of scales that cover her from her shoulders (which are completely covered, though not down her arms) to her ankles, where it flares to cover the metal around her legs. She has a tendency to tear off the clothing at the various locations of her metals after she starts using her abilities (which creates holes anyway), leaving her with a strip covering her chest, and from her waist down her thighs. Two blades also come into creation, crossed in metallic holders behind her back. One is a longsword with cracks running down its length that appears to drip blood down its length. The other looks like a normal katana with a golden hilt.

Hall of Screams – A column of shifting energy forms around the wielder at a 10 foot radius and expanding infinitely upward. All extremely small materials, and even light that enters it, forms into thin long lines that that move upward, creating the odd visual that there is a force above her dragging everything upward. A tremendous high pitched scream emanates out of it that causes no actual harm, though it can sound almost deafening, covering most other sounds. At normal levels, this can only be heard within the column, though the wielder can pour a large amount of energy into it to cause the sound (not the column) to expand to as much as a mile in every direction.

Blade of the Savior – This ability comes from the longsword that she inherited from Titus, and is essentially a modified version of his shikai ability. The holes in the metal on her body can have energy pushed through them at an intense rate. When used, this speeds up her normal rate of movement of whatever body part it’s attached to by 3 times. There is no limitation as to how long each of these can be used, though they are normally utilized in short bursts.

Blade of the Damned – This ability comes from the katana that she inherited from Chiyo, which contains the remaining energy from the blade recollected into a solid form. The blade itself exudes a constant aura that inflicts energy-based burns (not heat-based, so this cannot be ignored by good heat resistance). This surrounds both the blade and the hilt for a full 2 feet in every direction. Any piece of a person that enters and leaves that area (beyond the original wielders) quickly receives superficial second degree burns. The longer that a piece of a person is in there, the deeper and more potent the burn. This does not, and cannot, affect nonliving tissue, but does pass through any barrier.

Segunda Etapa – Fumetsu no Myūzu (Immortal’s Muse):

I'd describe how this one looks, but thankfully, I have a picture that I based this off of. You can see from the image below just how this form looks.

Solar Plane Flare – At first, this appears as two intricate symbols written in white in the air. Two of these symbols are formed, and move to 5 inches away from her face shaped similarly to small daggers (which are 5 inches long themselves), 180 degrees apart from each other. Both emit intense red energy, extending 2 times the length of the symbols themselves. This forms around her face, and then moves down to hover just below her breasts. The circle then rotates at a tremendous rate, so fast that the entire design is indistinguishable except for a strong red line about 8 inches in diameter. This process takes 10 seconds to complete, after which the rotation cannot be interrupted, but during which either of the symbols can be disrupted and the ability stopped. Is only capable of cutting through animate beings containing spirit energy – a blade that touches it will pass straight through it. The energy will, at random intervals, flare outward, creating large swaths of red energy that can extend as much as 100 feet away from the wielder, extending out at kido speed. These flares can be blocked by a blade, but otherwise has the same properties as the circle itself. This ability can be active for 5 minutes, and requires a cooldown of half that time before reactivation (the cooldown applies even if it is interrupted).

Eye of the Beholder – This begins with the pupil of the wielder’s left eye turning yellow, the redness from it instead pouring out in a small circle of faded red light that surrounds the eye. A similar circle of red light forms around her face from a radius of 5 inches and expanding 8 inches beyond that. In that expanse of red, 4 large eyes form, each pulsing with red energy. The pupils are white with a black dot in the middle, blackness replacing the usual whites of the eyes. These rotate slowly around the wielder’s head, passing through anything they touch physically. This process takes 5 seconds to complete, after which the rotation cannot be interrupted, but during which any of the eyes can be disrupted and the ability stopped. This creates an illusion that affects the opponent no matter the range, though the effective radius of action is limited. Everything within the sight of the 4 eyes (they see a full 360 degrees) appears to have its color removed, mostly turning black and white with some shades of gray. This includes things at tremendous range, even changing the color of the visible sky. While this is active, any spiritual entity beyond the wielder is incapable of making its own noise. This means that they cannot speak, and any blade ability they use will be utterly soundless. This does not include things such as the rustling of clothing, steps on the ground, the wind blowing through the area, and other possible sounds that involve physical interaction between objects.

Fear of the Dark – Two shadows seem to detach themselves from the wielder’s face, one going straight up above their head, and the other beneath their chin. They appear rounded, each with small circles with no shadow for in place of its eyes, an even smaller circle for its nose, and a “U” that extends across them in a line for a smile. The shadows reach 10 inches away from the wielder, and then begin to stretch further away, as if the top end was pulled, to a point 10 inches away. It’s pulled to a point (leaving it like a spike), leaving the bottom as a point as well. The face’s features distort, the points where its eyes and nose are expanding slightly, but the mouth expanding in a vicious grin filled with long sharp teeth made out of shadow. This process takes 5 seconds to complete, and cannot be interrupted. While this is active, the blades on the wielder’s arms glow with an ominous black light. Any cuts inflicted anywhere on the body send a small stream of the wielder’s energy into the cut, which rages through the opponent’s system. One cut produces no more than an itching sensation that seems to cover their entire body, though the majority of the effect occurs near the site of the injury. The effect lasts for 30 seconds before the energy dissipates. If the same person is cut during that 30 second time, the effect is compounded by 2 times (so one cut is 1x, 2 cuts is 2x, 3 cuts is 4x, 4 cuts is 8x, etc.). If the same person is cut after the 30 seconds is up, the effect is added to by an equal amount to the original cut (so one cut is 1x, 2 cuts is 2x, 3 cuts is 3x, 4 cuts is 4x, etc.). The effect grows painful after the second strike, but no matter how many cuts there are, no internal damage will occur. The pain simply increases, and sticks to the flow of the bloodstream. This means it can cause tremendous pain at the heart and make the lungs feel as though they’re burning intensely after several strikes.
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 So it's a little long, but here's my most recent creation. It's not a zanpakuto, but since no one ev
over a year ago AceDarkwolf17 said…

1)U have to no something about my shikai first. The wolf head on the sword can open and close depending on my spirtual pressure. When its normal the mouth is open and the blast is non-fatal but deals minor to major damage depending on the distance of the opponent(the blast is 150 yd. high so the ooponent will have to jump 200 yd. to completely clear the blast.I move the blast by moving the sword in any direction). When i focus my pressure to certain point the mouth will close and the blast will be fatal no-matter distance of the opponent(the blast is thiner(1 inch in diameter)and i can move this one also). The blast itself moves a half sec. every 100 yd.

2)It extends from the tips of the swords. Its 20 yd. long but not that high. Its not fatal but takes a greate amount of physical strenght to block it.

3)The illusion affects all senses and does do little damage.Yes, the amount is infinant and they look like real wolves. The illusion breaks when I attack.

4)The wolves can move, attack, and defend on their own but I ativate the three abilities and they do cause harm. Thy're as fast as a shinigami falsh-step and are stronger than most bankais. They do feel pain and can be injured but hard to kill cause their wounds will heal themselves after 5 min. of being afflicted.

5)I did mis-word it. They opponent just needs to be in the middle of the two. The waves move at quater of the speed of light. U need to be extremely strong to with-stand it or extemely fast to either dodge or block with a strong kido. The slashes are 250 ft. tall and there are three slashes. When the slaches connect with each other the create a small explosion that kills(if your not strong or fast enough)

6)The wolves can move their paws like hands. The blast is the size of his paw, moves at medium speed, no set range, minor cuts, only kido can block it.

7)The bolts r as tall as the wolf but 1 inch in diameter.Its a semi-fast attack,breaks up in half a sec,same speed, same length but .1 in diameter,when they pierce the electricity causes the nervous system to lock up which causes the opponent to be paralyzed fo 1 hour,I can change direction with sword,to stop attack u will have to destory all 10 bolts at once.
over a year ago Osiris9 said…
This sounds so kool!

Zanpakuto: Harikeet Kitsune (Hurricane Fox)
Release: Supin (Spin)

Shikai: The blade itself is a solid form of wind that can be as deadly as any Zanpakuto. It has incredible speed and is also able to block strong attacks.

Moves: Howling Claw, a wind that slices in an arc

Feral Scythe, where it makes a huge explosion of wind.

Bankai: Raging Hurricane Fox

Moves: Lonely Fang, Howling Claw, Feral Scythe
over a year ago gensoikari97 said…
also just so you know when i say foxfire mist i mean as in a fox's fiery mist, not a strange light given off by fungi....
over a year ago MasterAce22 said…
Here you guys go, an arrancar. I haven't made one in a while so yeah here ya go :P

Name: Shyvana Hori

Appearance: Shyvana has long dark red messy hair that goes down do the middle of her back and bangs that go down a bit further than her eyes but it is swooped to the left side of her head making it curve around her eyebrows. She has a tan complexion and has an elegant but muscular build. Her eyes are a dark brown color with a very dark red color in the middle of her eyes; this makes her eyes difficult to look at without staring at them. Her hollow fragment is a glove on her left arm that extends to her elbow and at where her hand should be it is what appears to be the head of a dragon with glowing red eyes. The glove is attached to her skin perfectly so it isn't too bulky and the only thing that bulks out is the dragon head. The dragon head has what looks like a meter at the very top of its head and it goes down the glove until it stops at where her wrist should be (The meter is labeled 0 to 100). Her hollow hole is 3 inches below her left should and it's the size of a tennis ball. She does not wear an arrancar outfit but she wears knight armor the color of soot, the night armor does not have a helmet and it isn't large and bulky, it shaped to the curves on her body perfectly. At the neck area she has a collar type piece that extend upwards until it reaches a little past her chin (she can still move her neck freely). The armor itself is rounder where her shoulders but most of the armor is plated in sections.

Personality: She is well, what some people call harsh, unforgiving, bloodthirsty, and in most cases ruthless. Shyvana does not take an attitude lightly but she herself will often show attitude to those who try to control her. She doesn’t seek out fights unlike people like Kenpachi (Although she acts much like him), but when she is in a fight she will gladly partake in it. She also feels females are the dominant sex, she will get very aggressive and angry if a male is around and she might even lash out if the male speaks out of turn. She has a different side to her personality, when she is troubled by something or is calm her personality becomes much nicer, her voice changes from a harsh tone to that of someone that is lost and is need of help, this side does not surface much because she is most of the time angry or agitated.
Cero: Shyvana punches towards the target location, her cero doesn’t look like a cero at all actually but more like a large ball of fire, the shape and speed of a cero but it has a wispy tail at the end of it. If hit it does the same amount of damage as a cero but it also leaves a 2nd degree burn where it comes into contact, but what makes this her own unique cero is that the ability itself leaves a mark on her opponent this mark floats above the head of her enemy for 20 seconds and it is in the shape of a dragon. While this mark is on the opponent it boosts the amount of points gained to the meter while fighting and increases the damage the (The will all be explained later).

Resurrección: Shison no tsubasa (Wings of the Descendents)
Release Command: Show them the Wings of Fury

Appearance: There is a large explosion when she releases her Resurrección and a raging fire starts to burn where Shyvana was when this happens, in the fire a dragon can be seen screeching and flying. When the fire dies down (Which takes 30 seconds) Shyvana is wearing a full armor piece. Her stomach is showing and she is wearing a skirt type armor piece but the rest is quite like her unreleased state but all of its pure white. Her hollow fragment has now extended up her body and formed the chest piece and also formed a helmet this helmet is a normal knight type helmet but it is formed perfectly to her head and there are 2 large protruding horns the curve inwards, the right horn is 2 inches longer than the left horn. Her left hand hollow fragment has changed as well, instead of the full dragon head it is only the face and upper jaw (the meter is still there), her right hand contains the bottom part of the jaw. These 2 pieces act more like gauntlets and don’t hinder her punching ability.

Twin Fang: The eyes on her gauntlet glow with fire for 20 seconds, during this time Shyvana’s next attack will do twice the physical damage to the opponent and it will leave 3rd degree burns on point of contact. This ability will gain Shyvana 4 points on her meter instead of 2 for just normally attacking. When the mark from her cero is on her opponent this does 4x the normal amount of physical damage and it will gain her 8 points on her meter. Shyvana can use this every 10 seconds.

Burned Circle: Four, ten foot fire pillars shoot out in each direction of Shyvana and then start spinning rapidly (Creating a circle) it takes 5 seconds for the pillars to reach max speed and when they are spinning they can still be seen as different pillar , These do not instantaneously burn the opponent but the longer they are in the radius of the fire the more the their skin will start burn, for example if they are in the radius of the circle for 5 seconds their skin will start to itch uncomfortably, 10 seconds they will feel a slight burning sensation, 15 seconds their body will start to get very warm and they start sweating, and so on and so forth. If they are in the area of the circle of the entire minute the circle is active the pain itself will be almost unbearable and steam will rise from their body as soon as they leave the circle. Every second the opponent is in the circle of fire Shyvana gains 1 point (In total she can earn 60 points from this ability). This ability lasts a minute and has a 30 second cool down. When the mark from her cero is on her opponent this increases the speed at which the burning effect happens (So the 5 second affect will feel like the 10 second affect, and the 10 to the 15, and the 15 to the 20 ect;) also it gains Shyvana 2 points per second the opponent is in the radius.
Fiery Descent: This can only be used when Shyvana’s meter on her gauntlet is full (100/100). When she activates this her body envelops in flames and she dashes to her opponent, mid dash she gains a large pair of black dragon like wings, when she lands there is a explosion that does the damage of a 1 ton TNT bomb but it reduces the meter by 10 points. This ability will tick down her meter by 2 a second; this ability also greatly increases the rest of her abilities. Twin Fang now does 4x the normal damage and lasts for 10 seconds upon activation without the cero increase and Burned Circle will now leave a trail a fire that does a strong burning damage over time without the cero increase but burning circle will only be active as long as she is moving forward (Burned Circle and Twin Fang both take off 5 point per use on the meter), and this also affects her cero it now shoots out in a 90 degree cone in front of her and it only takes off 2 points of the meter per use. (but does not leave a mark). This also increases Shyvana’s armor (meaning weaker attacks will bounce off of her skin) also any persisting symbols don’t have any effect on the damage of the abilities. She also gains slight flying abilities while she flies her wings wings are engulfed in flames and if these wings pass through the enemy they do burn damage to the enemy, giving the 2nd to 3rd degree burns and it will increase the meter by 4 points per pass through, (She can fly 50 yards with this ability).

Segunda Etapa: Ouránia Drakos Dolofónos (Celestial Dragon slayer)
Appearance: I would like to describe this but….I has a picture!

Crown of Fire: Five sets of white and blue wisps form around the Shyvana’s body in a 2 foot radius of her, one set around her head like a crown, one set by her shoulders, one set by each of her wrists , and one set by her waist. Shyvana holds out her and in the direction of the opponent, when she wants to activate this ability the set by her waist becomes smaller and floats up to her palm and start spinning, after 2 seconds of rapid spinning the condensed ball of fire shoots at the enemy, if this is interrupted she will have to start the 2 seconds over again. This will fire ate at shakaho size and it travels at cero speed and as soon as it makes contact with something it will explode with the force of a 10 ton TNT bomb. When the smoke from the explosion settles there is a large amount of ash on the ground. This can be used every minute after all the wisps are used.

Charred Ashes: The ashes from the wisps lifts up from the ground floats up in a 1 square mile area, in this area field of vision is blocked so that the person can only see 10 feet in front of them, during this time Shyvana’s eyesight changes so that instead of normal colors she see’s thermal images and the heartbeat of the enemy, this gives her the upper hand in this area. The ash cannot be blown away by smoke nor does it affect the breathing of the opponent or Shyvana. This ability lasts for 2 minutes and has a 1 minute cool down.

Celestial Form: White fire surrounds Shyvana, after 2 seconds he fires disperse and Shyvana has morphed into a glowing white bone dragon, this ability boosts her strength and speed by half but the true purpose of this ability is when Shyvana flaps her wings to the target location, after 10 seconds her wings set on fire and start sending out wave upon wave of fire. If hit the fire will cause severe burn damage (3rd to 4th degree burns) and the waves move at cero speed. While the ability is active Shyvana can move around but her movement speed is reduced by half. This ability last for 10 seconds and her dragon form lasts for 1 minute. Shyvana also gains a flamethrower like ability, Shyvana breaths fire the shoots out of her mouth at cero speed if hit by the flames it will give the opponent 4th degree burns and it may spread the fire onto different parts of the clothes, she also gains one more ability during this state she spews fire into the air and after 5 seconds hundreds of pieces of smoldering bits of ash will fall slowly down to the ground in a half mile radius, if this touches the skin of the opponent it will cause pain and it will leave a 2nd degree burns on the skin.
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 Here 당신 guys go, an arrancar. I haven't made one in a while so yeah here ya go :P Name: Shyvana Ho
over a year ago bleachfan12 said…
MasterAce22- cool arancar,by the way how do you put a picture on this site, i've tried but it never worked.

heres my arancar.

name: (its my name)

height: 7'2

weight: 380

rank: cero espada(formar) pre and post release.

zanpakuto: el diablo(the devil)

realease command: slaughter!

appearance: he looks like a middle aged man but is very musclular, he has vertually no fat on him. his hair is black with blonde streaks in it. his mask is on the right half of his face with the forhead being covered with the mask as well, the forhead part can be pulled back and his rank is in the middle of his forhead under his mask. also the forhead has three horns on it, two on the sides and one on the top of his nose(like the pokemon rhydon)

personality: he is layed back and won't attack first unless provoked. he has nothing agenst the soul reapers and will assist if they are attacked. he has a soft spot for childern and is known to protect children in life and death. he is also known for he never attacked humans or animals(both living or dead)he only eats other hollows. he can be extremely lazey, a running gag is that he sleepes for years on end and only his strongest fraciones can wake him up, if the others try he eather pulls them close thinking they want to sleep with him or knocks them through a few walls with a flick of the wrist. he is also known for being the nicest hollow.

fracionas: he has 10, each one is stronger then the last, each is as strong as a espada(ex: the 10th is as strong as yammy in his pre release). the first fracionas is a female who acts more agressive, she is the one who has to get him up when he is asleep. that is if the fracionans arn't asleep with him. she wakes him in a similar way stark is woken up, much to his annoyence. they can be as lazy as him, they will even let the enemy pass and only request that they turn off the lights as they leave.

history: he has had some run ins with captain yamamoto when the captain was younger and even gave him a scar for attacking him once. he appeared as yamamoto was being attacked by powerfull hollows and precedied to devower the strongest ones and even took jurijin jakka full in the face with no ill effects other then being mad. he would latter meet his fraciones when they were still alive, they were orphans and could see the dead, he played with them untill they died and gave them the choice to go to the soul sociaty or stay with him forever(this was before he was a arancar). he is one of the oldest hollowes in existent, he was sent back in time by the presipis world multiple times.

abilities: due to being one of the oldest hollowes, he has mastered all hollow abilities.
- cero- his power is great enough that he uses one finger and can fire a cero orters with little charge time, the more fingers he uses the more power is expelled. his normal cero is black and he can condence the beam so small that it can't be seen, he can put just enough enery into it that it can cut one person down but not the people behind them.

realease: he looks like shreaker some what but the wings grow out of his back. his primary power is that he can adapt at an alarming rate. if someone has powerfull attacks, he can grow armor on his body to defend himself, due to this ability he constantly changes and the changes follow him out of his released form.

i'd put more but that's all that i can think of at the time. please tell me what you think, and yes for those who read my previous posts, this is the same arancar as before but its been awile.

also i was thinking of making a zanpakuto that could deflect all attacks directed at it, i got the idea from shalin showdown, one of the idems could make attacks bounce back at the attacker.
the zanpakuto would have a mirror in the middle of a cross pike (if you don't know what that looks like, look up lu bu's weapon for dyanasty warriors 6, that is were i got my idea for the shape of the sword)

please tell me if you think that i shoud go through with it and i'd love to hear suggestions for the abilities, spirit, exc.
over a year ago wagakagami said…
Ok this is Whiteflame's Suigin no Hebi ( Quicksilver Serpent )

With this metal that forms on the user how strong is it and if it is damaged can it recover? Also with the dress of metal scales how much defence does this add or is it more of a visual thing?

With the cero does this effect stop after they move or after they move can it reajust to where they more then likely will move now or does it have to be used again? If it can how long does this last?

Hall of Screams- With this column what is the main effect of it? Is it a defencive ability for small things and if so how big can the thing be and does speed matter? Also can reshi attacks be effected by this and after something is pulled up can it still do damage. Lastly if the attack being effected by this is connected to something outside it like renji's shikai how would it be effected?

Blade of the savior- Does this work just like titus Promethius's Shackles ability that's what it sounds like if so then you already answerd my questions.

Blade of the Damned - With this ability does it cost any reshi to use also can this be used with the other sword's ability and how long can this be in effect at a time?

Segunda Etapa - Fumetsu no Myuzu ( Immortal's Muse ):

Solar Plane Flane - Ok so when this is fully in effect can the user see out of the circle? Also with the flares can more then one go out at a time and do these go out from anywhere on the circle?

Eye of the Beholder- So i'm guessing the purpose of this ability is to kill the sound of your abilities for stealth uses. Other then taht is there any effect to this ability?

Fear of the Dark - Ok for this one once again can the user see through this effect? Also If the person is cut during the 30 seconds is the time refreshed? Other then that no questions.

Good job on this one :)
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over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Bleachfan12 (bleachfan12?) – Not sure about the name here, since you say that it’s your name, and that could be your IRL name.

So I see two specifics of what he’s capable of here – the cero, and the release with one ability. I’ll address each.

Cero: This invisible, all cutting beam that he can create is definitely overpowered. Even if it can’t go through an opponent, the fact that an opponent cannot even see the beam makes it too much. We’re talking about a beam that will literally kill practically anyone in a sweep of his hand, and it’s not visible. I’d be concerned about it if the beam was visible, but this just puts it over the top. Beyond that, this still requires some specifics. How large is a normal cero off of one finger? How fast does it move? Can you fire a cero with more than one finger, but not all of them? How does that affect the cero? Can you fire a cero with both hands at once? How long does the condensed cero last (it’s like a laser beam, so that’s important to know)? How fast can you move it? How far does it extend?

Release: I don’t know who “Shreaker” is, so you’ll need to be more specific here or provide a picture. You’ll also want to explain what kind of damage the wings can take, whether they can regenerate, and whether injury to them is felt by the wielder. As for the ability, I’ve been waiting to see this one for a while, and I’ve got plenty to say. It’s way too generalized. “Quick adaptation” is not enough, even if you include that he can grow armor. How fast does he adapt? Be specific. More importantly, what does “adaptation” mean? I’m well versed in biology, so don’t feel that you need to explain generally want that means, I’m talking about what it means for your character. Does it mean that he can generate armor that is impervious to his opponent’s sword swings? Does it mean his bones and muscles can become so dense that a concussive force wouldn’t even push him back? Does it mean that, after being burned by a fire ability, he’ll simply become completely resistant to fire? Does it mean that if your opponent’s faster than you, you become faster? Does it mean that if your opponent’s defense is preventing all attacks from doing damage, your attacks start doing more damage? I realize there’s a lot to cover here, and I’ve barely scratched the surface, but that’s what comes with an ambiguous ability like adaptation. I haven’t made a blade around it because it would take over a page to explain just the necessary aspects. There are a lot of “if/then” statements you have to make, because adaptation should be different depending upon the situation.

Truth be told, I can’t suggest anything for this blade beyond that because I don’t know where to go with it. If you want to fully explain adaptation, a single ability might be for the best.

As for the zanpakuto idea, if you can deflect every attack (and I am thinking EVERY attack, which basically makes you impervious to attack), then you’re going to have to either reduce the number of abilities you make beyond that, or keep them low in power. There should be at least some hole in the defense, though I’m not certain where you’d place it, because an impenetrable defense, even without any decent attacks, is still somewhat overpowered.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
@wagakagami on Suigin no Hebi

I actually never finished on the appearance of the resureccion for the one I posted, so I do have an explanation for this one. The metal is supposed to have the appearance of mercury (hence “Quicksilver”) and hold those properties as well, so it moves like a liquid, but holds solid as long as it’s undisturbed by outside forces. So an attack would go straight through as if it were water. The dress is like the scales of a snake, so it affords a small amount of defense over normal fabric, but not much.

She has to keep the cero between her hands to see the images. Her incredible memory helps with that. After the opponent moves or rethinks a move, more images will form and the former images will quickly fade. She can keep this active as long as she wants, but it leaves her highly vulnerable to not have use of her hands in combat.

Hall of Screams – The main effect is entirely visual and auditory. It’s not meant to do harm, just to instill fear. It has no effect on attacks (the stuff that moves upward drifts into the column, if it was rammed there by a force it would go straight through, no matter how small it is).

Blade of the Savior – Yes, it does.

Blade of the Damned – It costs a constant low level of reishi to keep active. This can be active as long as the wielder should choose, and active at the same time as the other sword’s ability.

Segunda Etapa (first one I’ve made, actually)

Solar Plane Flame – The circle itself is nearly flat, so yes, she can see out from it. Yes, more than one can go out at a time (think of this as a planar version of the sun), and they can come from anywhere on the circle, hence the randomness.

Eye of the Beholder – It’s meant to do quite a few things. First, it stops kido completely, or any ability with a verbal command. If an opponent she is up against uses sound as a weapon, that weapon is voided completely in this zone (though sound originated outside the zone can still penetrate it). Stealthy opponents would actually have problems against it, because the only sound would be their movements, which are far easier to track in absolute silence. This also essentially deals with any problems of color (hence, if an opponent depends on showing certain colors or using certain colors that aren’t on the wielder, since her colors stay the same, they are deeply affected). Other than that, there is no effect.

Fear of the Dark – All the rotating images and such are no opaque, so seeing through them is possible (though the wielder shouldn’t have to, since they are always above and below her head, no matter where she turns it). The time is refreshed if cut during the 30 seconds.

Glad you enjoyed it, spent a lot of time on this one.
over a year ago jazzpetz5 said…
im sorry this is really dark but my own personal preferance of a zanpakto...sorry for the bad translations and the LONG release...though i thought it sounded cool...

-Zanpakto:Zameikarite(the dark reaper)

-Release:"when the shadows rise, the darkness spills blood & the king of darkness reaps life...Take it"(itsu za kage botsu, za kuragari itsuryuu chi ken za o-sama modorimas sore kai inochi..Torimas sore..)

-Bankai:Zameikarite Akatsuki(the dark reapers bloody moon)

-Shikai Apperance:picture a pure black blade with a large, sythe like feature at the end of it, as if it was used by the grim reaper himself(half of shuhie's kazeshini). the guard is two black cresent moons back to back and the hilt is black and purple.

-Shikai Ablities:

kagetsuki kasumi(shadow moon mist)-dark mist appears shrowding the field in darkness. then the mist itself becomes blades of blood from other helpless victims

kagechi tsume(shadow blood claw)-with a swing of the blade, emits a cresent of spiritual pressure, though dark as blood slicing even the stronget force

-Bankai Apperance: Zameikarite Akatsuki(the dark reapers bloody moon)-a 10'x10' pure black cresent shaped blade where in the center of the cresent is a golden ring to weild it. when thrown can become a whirrling blade of silent death.

-Bankai Abilities:

honestly the two above are part of it though they are even deadlier though the other is...

zakaritemeikage(the reapers dark shadow)- smashing the blade into the ground, the earth splits open. Shadows erupts from the cracks. these shadows then take the opponet and drags them down into the darkest abyss
over a year ago bleachfan12 said…
thank you whiteflame55- with the name i mean it is my name not my screen name and im not going to give that out.

for the cero- ok invisable was a bad choice of word, the people can still see it but it is about 5 cm in diamiter and can be leathal(he can lower the power so that it just pushes the enemy)
-size and distance- it travals the same distance of a regular cero and is about the size of nitoras cero (this is one finger and if he adds more the size increases). he can fire a cero form all fingers at once but they tend to collide with each other and can damage him so he uses it as a divertion. he can fire ceros form both hands at the same time to stop two attacks. he is capable of an attack similer to stark's were he fires ceros at a fast pace, however these lack the power of his normal ones because of the speed that they are fired. also he isn't limited to firing ceros from his fingers, he has been know to fire one from his mouth and feet.

realease: the shreaker, is a hollow that ichigo beat before he awakened zangetsu, it was also the only hollow to be shown being draged to hell in the series. he looks similer but the mask is different and he is lager(also this is his current form untill he "adapts"). the wings are mostly for looks but he can use them to block his face or attack, they provide little attack or defence power and he likes them for the look(simmiler to ishida's cape)

ability: like you said whiteflame55 the ability is to general, so how dose this sound?
it takes time like ikkaku's bankai to adapt and he can use two different adaptions at the same time but the dorment one is weaker then the dominate one (ex: he can have greater defence and offence but say the offencive was the dominate abdaption, it would be stronger then the defence) i know what you are going to say "how much stronger" and to that i don't know, to much to think about.
-also this leaves him open to the opposite attack(if he is using defence, they could use kido to bind him and he would have to adapt to strength and that would leave him open to attacks)

the zanpakuto can't deflect melee strikes completly, spirical power must be used to do so, as for a weakness if the attack is within a arms length the mirror won't deflect it (like byakuya's safty zone in his zanpakuto). also he can only deflect one attack at a time so he can be overcome by numbers, he can hold the attack and move to attack someone else but this takes alot of energy and can exaust him quickly. it is also very obious what he is doing so the enemy can prepare, the tell tail sign that he is using the ability is a pulse that can be felt by others.

i hope that cleared it up slightly, and no it dosent deflect all attacks(forgot to metion that part)
over a year ago bleachfan12 said…
for the size and distant part that is for a normal cero not one that he condenced

also about the zanpakuto the attack must be in front of the mirror to deflect it

i just thought of these two things sorry about not including them before
over a year ago Osiris9 said…
I have to say Jazzpetz5, that is one cool release, but it sounds like your chanting for a kido. Nice Zanpakuto also!
over a year ago KrisMedford said…

[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]Armageddons wrath
[release command]obliderate
[bankai name] - Heavens Lust
=description - a solid silver blade, with a gold hilt and a grayish sheath with gold lace. when released the blade transforms into a link sythe with multiple blades all garnet and ruby red.

[shikai abilities] -
= Broken dream- turns the enemys mind into a cinfused state in which they cannot tell real from dream.
Scatter- the blade glows red and spread out into a multi link chain weapon and asorbs the oppents spiritual pressure.

[bankai abilities] -
=Release state. blades extend outward and move individually and on the user (Mee)am able to control there movement
melancholy- sucks the light out or all surrondings for miles on end and obsorbs some of the users spiritual pressure allowing the user to peer into the opponents mind for their most darkest fear and then the blade release the fear into reality and if the enemy is over welmed will eat the flesh from there bones in creasing Armageddons power tenfold

=please rate or comment hwo bad it suck lol
FWI i cannot find the japanese name lol :(
over a year ago bleachfan12 said…
KrisMedford- i have to say that this zanpakuto is bad (sorry), you say it can enter the enimys mind and suck the spirical pressure out of them, those are two sepreat things and it is comfussing.

the bankai is the name of the sword with a twist (for example one of my zanpakuto's names was the demon claw, its bankai name was demon claw striking at the hevans)

the melencally idea is deasent, but how doses the zanpakuto invade the enemy's mind (this is irony for the zanpakuto that i used as an example had a similer ability, it could create illions that the mind precived as real, simmiler to the matrix) and erase the light? how far dose this ability extend? the idea of it bringing out the oppoents fear is possible, but is it an illusion or a real thing that you control? if you can control it, what are the conditions?

i could go on but it'd take a wile, to sum it up you need to be spicific.

again sorry that i said it was bad but it just need work.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Jazzpetz5 (Zameikarite) –

Shikai: The release is a bit long, but that’s from a tactical standpoint. The longer it takes to release, the longer you’re vulnerable.

1) So I don’t know if I understand this. There’s a dark mist, and there’s blades of blood. Do they cover the same area? How many of these blades are there? Can the wielder control those blades, or do they just stay in specific areas? How large is the space the mist covers? How difficult is it to see through? Is the wielder affected? Can they be hurt by those blades as well?

2) How large is the crescent? How fast does it move? Is there are range? Can it be seen through the mist? Is it at all capable of being blocked (you say it slices through the strongest force, so I assume not)? If it is incapable of being blocked, it’s going to have to be relatively slow or have a lag time between uses. Unblockable abilities can be a bit much

3) How thin is the blade? How fast can it be thrown? Does this have the same basic properties of your normal blade? How many of these can be made? Can they be wielded by your opponent as well?


1) I don’t know what “even deadlier” amounts to. How are the abilities improved? Which 2 are they?

2) How large is the split in the earth? What is the lag time between plunging the blade into the ground and the earth fully splitting? What’s the lag time between the split and the shadows coming out? How fast do the shadows move? How far from the crack (above and to the sides) can they move? Can they be destroyed or stopped? Can a stronger opponent resist their pull?
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
KrisMedford (Armageddon’s Wrath) –


1) So in general, any ability like this has to have some way out or some difficult method of activation. You might ask why, and the answer I could give is simple: you can kill someone in a dream if they cannot tell it from reality. What prevents you from creating tremendously powerful illusions that can cut into them? But let’s say your illusions cannot cause any harm directly. What prevents you from essentially blacking everything out around them and making a tremendous amount of noise, making it possible for your character to move in for the kill unimpeded? As far as I can tell, there’s no range on this, nothing to impede the user from utilizing this on an opponent, and generally an inescapable move that can easily cause death is overpowered.

2) How large is the chain? How thick is it? How does it absorb the opponent’s spiritual pressure? Is it by touch, or does it just have to be nearby? How quickly does it absorb spiritual pressure? Can that absorption be prevented

Bankai: I’m lost on the description. There are blades of some unknown size and amount, apparently moving out individually and on the user, and he’s capable of moving them individually at some unknown rate. There’s too many unknowns here.

1) Um…where to start… There are 3 separate abilities here (I think…). There’s the light absorption (miles on end isn’t really a unit of measurement, so make that clear) technique, which you haven’t explained much here. If it absorbs all light, is the wielder capable of seeing in utter darkness? Does it have any other significant effect (can it basically shut down fire attacks, or do some other effect based on the absorbed light)? There’s the absorption of the opponent’s (I’m assuming it’s the opponent’s, and not the user’s, though that is what you wrote) spiritual pressure, which I’m sure has some appreciable effect on their strength and stamina. There’s a lot to be explained there. Is there any range on that? What’s the rate of absorption? Can it be blocked or stopped or dodged? And then…there’s this last one, which is absurdly overpowered and massively underexplained. I’ll start with the latter. What suffices as a “darkest fear”? What if the opponent fears nothing? What if what they fear is insubstantial, like a thought? What if it’s a place? What if their darkest fear is death, does it automatically kill them? Now, onto the overpowered aspect. Materializing a darkest fear is basically infinitely powerful, since, as far as I can tell, you can materialize it over and over again. Apparently, that fear, under any circumstance, “will eat the flesh from there bones” and increase its own power tenfold in the process. I guess an ability that will kill anyone and leave nothing behind isn’t strong enough without increasing his power afterward. You have to be far more careful on an ability like this to create a possibility for survival. If there is none, then it’s likely pretty overpowered.
over a year ago KrisMedford said…
yeah i understand that but i was lost in my train of thought the power of it is basically to obsorb all light around it creating darkness which in turn works with the zanpaktuo's power in turning their worst fears into reality which would quickly drain there mental strength and ability to think and consentrate during battle the light obsorbtion rate is about a mile in radius and completly blackens the battle field. its blades when released a individual sythe's on there own connected by a thick but light chain. they rotate around an around about 700 or more rpm's in a second which the user can control how fast it spins. the main goal of the weapon is to cause mass confusion to the enemy on the battle field while the extending blade slices through them and since their stuck in a semi state between reality and dream they are unable to defend against it. and the weapon when cutting through an enemy snatchs at the spiritual pressure and drains it into itself increasing its strength. the user is basically able to destroy his opponents mind and strike without warning and destroy there very being. lol wow that was alot of typing sorry about the crappy description that was my first time ever doing something and i typed all of its stuff out in like 10 mins with no revising lol ^+^ also there is a total of 16 blades and the chain is about 1 hundred feet long. the sword its self in regular form is about 4 and a half feet long.
last edited over a year ago
over a year ago bleachfan12 said…
KrisMedford- im sorry but it is just to powerfull in my opinion (and i really shouldn't be talking for ive made 8 zanpakuto, and arancar, and a bount that are overpowered, just ask whiteflame55)the concrols how fast the blades spin is ok but it would be better if the creating the fear sucked the energy out of you and that would give the enemy time to (attempt) excape. that way this zanpakuto isn't as overpowered?
over a year ago TaKaSh1 said…
big smile
Hey wuts up
over a year ago TaKaSh1 said…
I got a zanpakuto 2 and it's name is Kurogetsu (Black Moon)
over a year ago bleachfan12 said…
TaKaSh1- cool zanpakuto name, im going to take a wild guss about its abilities. dose it have darkness based abilities?
over a year ago ulquihime-sama said…
well mine is this
zanpakuto: kingukobura(king cobra)
release command: sutoraiki(strike)
bankai: kingukobura daiyamondo (king cobra diamond)

zanpakuto appearence: shikai:- sword in snake's shape with head of snake lifted up.stretches while attacking.contains poison which makes the enemy dizzy that gives advantage for me to attack enemy.
bankai:- summons a big king cobra which can't be cut by any sword that is made of iron.liberates poison gas which covers long area.kills the enemy in one strike.no weakness

my appearence: i can move easily during my fight and move flexibly like my sword(snake).hand to hand combat type.very strong.flash step.move lightly and speedly during my bankai.high hand to hand combat ability.high kido ability.hollowfication.cero.name is yakuza hinagiku.pleasure to meet you.
last edited over a year ago
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
ulquihime-sama (kingukobura) -

Shikai: What's the range that the sword can stretch to? What's it's normal length? How fast does it extend? Can the sword cut normally as well as do this? How exactly does the poison work? I get that it makes them dizzy, but how quickly does that take effect? How powerful of a dizziness is it (enough to make them nauseated, just enough to make the world spin, etc.)? Is this effect made worse by more strikes?

Bankai: So in general, when an ability has no weakness, that's a bad sign. There are a lot of questions here. How strong is the cobra? How fast does it move? Can it be harmed by energy-based attacks? Can it be destroyed at all? If so, can it be regenerated? Does the "kill in one strike" aspect apply to a bite from the snake itself, or to the poison? How much area does the poison gas cover? How quickly does it cause death? Is it only death through inhalation? Is there any possibility of counteracting the poison?
over a year ago morbid5574 said…
i have got to put mine on hehehe
over a year ago Render44 said…
Ok. So, I've only been a fan of Bleach for about 6 months now. I have to say, it quickly became one of my favorite anime/manga of all time. The idea behind the zanpakuto is great. I love how the weapon is an extension of the character's personality, as well as the release system. It goes from a mundane sort of weapon and gradually becomes more fantastic as the character's power progresses. The only one that never made much sense to me was Ichigo's. Where's the theme? I mean, I understand the transition from meat cleaver to a fine honed sword representing a temperance in Ichigo's power.. But where does the speed boost come from? Always kind of seemed like a randomly selected ability to me when you compare Zangetsu to the rest of them. Or, maybe I'm an idiot? Possible. Haha.

Anywho, on to my zanpakuto. I've only been working on it for about an hour and I've been out of the RPing world for quite a while now. Whiteflame, be gentle. :D Since you seem to be the arbitrator of all things zanpakuto.

I'm trying to go with a hunter/wolf theme so I can place the character in the only branch of the onmitsukido that didn't have anything written about it. So I went ahead and assumed it would be for tracking and detection. So technically that would make my guy the 4th seat of the 2nd division? Fans, help me out here. Eventually I want to come up with an over-powered bankai, but for now I'll stick to a lieutenant level shikai.

Name: Ookami (Wolf, Mythical wolf, something like that)
Plain state: Two 18" straight bladed, single edged daggers. (or roughly the length of his forearms) Usually wielded with a backhanded grip.
Release commmand : "Karitateru.. Ookami" ("Hunt them down", roughly)
Shikai state: With the blades of each dagger pressed against his forearms, the command is spoken and they each begin to morph into plated gauntlets also covering from the elbow to the hands. Furthermore, the tips of each finger are shaped into shorter blades. Like claws. For those of you who are having some trouble imagining this, refer to any picture of Sydney from Vagrant Story. Kinda like that, just not as gothic, and not extending to the shoulders. Now obviously, with this kind of weapon, I'd say it's safe to say that the wielder is a masterful hand to hand combatant. In terms of sheer skill, (Not including spiritual pressure and experience)I'd put him up there with Soi Fon and Yoruichi. Abilities... Ehh... Here's where I'm getting stuck trying to stay within my theme. Translations are coming soon.

Reiatsu Bleed: Similar to Wabisuke's ability in how it accumulates with each hit, each successful hit from Ookami (Blood must be drawn, even if it's a scratch) Causes the victim to start "bleeding out" their spiritual pressure. The more grievous the wound, the faster the effect. Now the point of this ability isn't really to drain the opponent, it's more of a disruptive ability. The amount of spiritual pressure bled out is almost negligible unless the wound creating the effect is near lethal. Instead it's designed to hinder the victims ability to focus their pressure into attacks, kido, shunpo, and other reiatsu related abilities. Much like actual blood loss would disrupt physical actions. Now, once a target has bled out a sufficient amount of reiatsu (I imagine this to be the equivalent of taking enough damage to withdraw from the fight), the wielder of Ookami now has the ability to EXTREMELY ACCURATELY track that person. Yes, I know most characters can already "sense" spiritual pressure, but my ability provides more information. Current condition of reiatsu, pinpoint locations, even past paths. He senses it more like a trail rather than a general feeling.
So would that count as one or two abilities for a Shikai? I'm counting it as two.
The third ability should be defensive.. But I'm kind of stuck there. Ideas? Again, trying to stay within the theme of hunter/tracker/fighter.

over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Render44 (Ookami) – Glad you’ve enjoyed the series. I’ve personally got my own misgivings about the series as it’s gone along (the portion up through the Soul Society and Rescue Rukia arcs being my favorite to date), but I do agree that there’s a sort of odd theme to Zangetsu, can’t say what it is. Perhaps not all of them need to have a theme. And don’t worry too much about the review, I tend to make my reviews a little lighter on newer people, especially those not associated with one of the many RPs on Fanpop.


1) I can see that you put a lot of thought into this, and thought out a good deal of the details. As you’ve obviously realized, there are a lot of details needed here to explain it, so it’s good to see that you did. However, here’s what I see missing. I understand the danger of more dangerous cuts, but since this is one that accumulates with time, it’s nice to provide some idea of how many small cuts it would take to begin to cause problems. Also, is depth taken into account as well as length and breadth? How long does energy continue to leak out following injury? Does that leakage stop after shikai stops? I get that this disrupts energy usage, but since it does have the energy loss aspect, could ou provide some rate of energy loss associated with certain types of injuries?

2) I would count this as two as well, since it’s basically a special sensory method that’s associated with the release of energy from the first ability. The only question I have is whether or not it is simple to distinguish between the past paths and spiritual pressure of the wielder.

3) So I’ve got a few ideas for you. First, you could utilize the energy leaking out of the opponent in yet another way. You might, for example, be able to use it in small, low power shields that can appear anywhere on your skin. They wouldn’t so much be defensive as deflective, otherwise they’d use up too much energy. Second, you could do what I’ve done in the past, and make an ability that allows sort of a primal sensory aspect. You already have sort of a past-vision, this would basically be your future-vision, even if it would only be some instinctual idea. Third, you could do something that’s not defensive at all. This shikai lacks a ranged ability, plenty you could use there. The blades could fire off like railgun shots, even shattering into shards that fly off in multiple directions on the wielder’s command. Those blades could be regrown as well.
over a year ago Render44 said…
Actually, Specifically mentioned you in my first post because I was actually hoping for feedback from you. I've read your posts and I appreciated your efforts to steer other RPer's away from... Well... Godmodding basically. As for the subject of Zanpakuto's having to have a theme? I disagree. Being as how the Zanpakuto is supposed to personify the wielder. The wielder has a certain personality type. For example, let's taaaake... Captain Ukitake. His ability is based on using the enemy's attacks against them. Ukitake himself is a weaker individual physically speaking. Using another's strength against them would make sense for him. Almost metaphorically, almost literally. That's only my personal opinion though. Who knows what the writers had in mind when they designed each character. Thinking about it a little more, I guess 'theme' is the wrong word to use. I'd go for metaphorical personification. Now Ichigo's Zangetsu makes A LOT more sense. Hm.. Always rushing into battle, his remarkably rapid rate of growth? Could explain tensa zangetsu. Also.. Things as small as Ichigo's shikai not having a hilt or a crossguard. Just the tang. Could represent his "No hesitating" attitude and his disregard for personal saftey/comfort when it comes to protecting people? Something to chew on there, I think. Back to business.

1. First off, thank you for the compliments. Always appreciated.
It's hard to quantify the effects of the bleed. I feel like there are too many factors from opponent to opponent. Zaraki has almost no control, but an infinite amount. Others may have a limited amount, but also exhibit superior control over it. Those with high levels of spiritual pressure control could, in theory, control the bleed themselves. Others like Ichigo and Zaraki have so much in reserve to call on, the distraction may not be enough. The only thing I can think of to properly create this ability is to do it using numbers. Something like this? Small scratches and superficial lacerations might increase the difficulty of managing SP by 1%. Deeper cuts, maybe those requiring stitches? Might increase it by as much as 3% or 4%. Increasing gradually to 10% when a hit that potentially threatens the opponents life. Every 100 cuts doubles the effort it takes to do anything with SP. Seems like a lot, but considering the fighting style I picture, as well as the fact that the wielder is effectively attacking with a potential of ten blades at a time, 100 cuts wouldn't seem all that difficult if you choose your battles. The effect ends when the wounds heal (Over time or otherwise, or if the zanpakuto is broken. (Seems to happen a lot. Especially Renji, who this is partially based on. The feral aspect anyways.) As for how the location of the hit factors in? Ehh.. I don't think it would aside from hitting a Quincy in his arm to disrupt his ability to manifest his/her bow. Circumstances like that. As to how much of the SP itself is bled out? Still working on the balance for that. Maybe the same system as the disruption above, but multiplied by .75? Seems like that would just be too fast and too easy to completely bleed an opponent of ALL their SP.

2. The tracking aspect. I'm now calling it "Hunter's instinct." With each hit, the claws somewhat absorb small amounts of the opponents SP. This does not get added to the wielders own SP, but instead, it grant's the wielder access to 'glimpses' of his opponents soul. This effect takes affect almost instantly and provides a sort of instinctual insight into the soul and mind of his opponent. Things like emotional disposition, fear and confidence, and sources of inspiration. These glimpses are not visions, but rather facilitate adjustments to the wielder's instincts helping him track his wounded prey. Now here's my tricky defensive ability. In combat, this ability translates to a change in the wielder on a basic reflexive level. His stance may change, he may move differently, attack more often, less often. All based on his most recent opponent's soul. Or.. personality. (Now you see why I think the themes are important to characters.) The wielder almost instantly gains a "feel" for his opponent's fighting style and drive after the first successful cut. Actually... I think this is pretty decent now. :D

3. The defensive ability I was looking for is there now, and it ties in so well, I can see making it all one ability very plausible and not overpowered. I was specifically trying to avoid two things with this Zanpakuto. Making it an SP leach, and ranged attacks. I wanted this character to be in close, hard, and fast. Constantly. It also helps with the power balance as well. Aside from Whiteflame55's suggestion for a ranged attack, I'm pretty much looking at some sort of energy slash.. That, my friends.. is a pulverized horse.. So I came up with this as a rough idea.

Ghost Wolf Claw. The wielder focuses his own SP into his hands, creating a ghost-like appearance of his weapon extending. Since it's actually condensed SP, it affects all objects as though it were a literal extension of the claw itself. This extends his blades's reach by 10". Wounds caused while using this ability do NOT also cause reiatsu bleeding, but does cause considerably more damage physically. Each finger causing about as much damage as being grazed by Getsuga Tensho. Can be maintained for two or three good hits, or about 30 seconds before the wielder is forced to let the ability drop. Using this ability frequently will tire the wielder.

Hopefully this is starting to look more like a finished product. Once the Shikai is nailed and fine tuned, I'll have something solid to base the bankai off of. Thanks again for previous and future input. :D
over a year ago Ankakalle64 said…
Name: Regret

Release command: Awaken!

Appearance: It looks like a wakasashi. The handle is very dark green. The guard looks like a circle with tentacles crawling out from the center.

Shikai appearance: It turns into a pair of chains that attach themselves to my lower arms. These chains end in small bladed hooks. I can to some extent control where I want these chains to go. I can make these chains extend to be about 10 meters long.

Shikai abilities:

Sharing of pain: When one of the hooks get into the flesh of my opponent I can use this ability. The chains get spikes and we both have to relive our worst memories.

Strength in numbers: My chains multiply in numbers and I get more control over them.

Chain prison: My chains whirl around you and then closes in on you like a coffin.

Bankai name: Eternal Regret

Bankai appearance: The chains turn into a chain whip on my left arm and the chains on my right arm turn into a katana with no guard and a black handle. The chains on my left arm ends in bladed hooks.

Bankai abilities:

Scorch: I swing the chains and launches fire balls from the hooks. There are 4 hooks so that means 4 fire balls.

Dark torture: When I slash my opponent across their chest and deep enough to draw blood they experience on random the worst pain, fear and despair you possibly can.

Strength of the eternal deep: My katana and chains start to glow with reiatsu. This increases my hitting power and the speed of my chains.

spirit appearance: It looks like a skinny man wrapped in cloth with chains hanging from his arms.
over a year ago Ankakalle64 said…
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About my last one can you review it whiteflame55 or any other persona that want to review it?
P.S Sorry that I couldn´t translate the names.