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jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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over a year ago HollowKiller said…
You sound pretty well rounded in this stuff where is your zanpakuto. It's probably really good.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Well, they're all in these pages somewhere, but if you don't want to go searching for it (and believe me, it's no fun), you should head on over to the "Bleach: Fallout Characters" forum. Beyond a new arrancar that I'm waiting to post for a while, everyone's in there, including many of my dead characters and their blades. One or two are missing, but they're early work anyway, lost to time and posts in this forum.
over a year ago HollowKiller said…
Wow. So now did I cover everthing.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
The absorption ability is still pretty uncertain, since it's based on nebulous factors of zanpakuto desire and a variable user (I tend to just go with the user I have in mind and run with a value), but beyond that, it's well explained.
over a year ago HollowKiller said…
Thanks the first time i posted i didn't know where my revision paper was. I already knew that my info was weak. But today i found it. I made two other zanpakuto but i really didn't like them.
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
My Zanpakuto is called Ajisukita 'manifestation of the thunder god'

Shikai is Strike from the thunderous realms above, Ajisukita. This is similar to Senbonzakura, except that instead of blades, Ajisukita is constantly sending lightning strikes at the opponent.

1st ability is Hiraishin (lightning rod) which absorbs the energy from the lightning above.
2nd ability is Hiraishin, Kamikaze (lightning rod, divine wind) this pushes the lightning energy out similar to a getsuga tensho, but instead tracks the opponent if they move even one step after this is fired.
Ajisukita Jinkourai Shi-Rudo, which is lightning shield. This simply forms a shield made from lightning energy and shields the wielder.

Bankai: Inabikariabarema (raging lightning storm)
This is a further extension on the Shikai, however, like Hyorinmaru, this release affects the weather, giving the wielder the power to manipulate wind/lightning.
1st ability: Inazuma Keigos (lightning cage) this one is pretty obvious, forms a cage from lightning energy around the opponent.
2nd ability: Inazuma Raito (Lightning bonds) forms a rope like energy bond around opponent, similar to Sajo Sabaku.
3rd ability: Inazuma, Hanashima joshi kosen (disconnecting lightning particle ray) this creates a huge explosion of lightning energy and the user's reiatsu, can also cause disconnection issues between Zanpakuto and wielder (Shinigami and Arrancar)
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
Forgot to describe what it looks like.

In sealed form it looks like a regular katana, with a black and white hilt and a guard with a cross.

In Shikai the sword changes drastically, the blade becomes blue, with a black edge below the blue and a pointed end like Urahara's Benihime. The Zanpakuto resembles a japanese short sword, similar to Tensa Zangetsu, but instead of the chain, it has a ribbon, with a lightning bolt attached to the end. (Zanpakato is approx 1.25 meters in Shikai)

In Bankai the Zanpakuto stays essentially the same, except the guard's cross changes to lightning bolts connecting to each other and the Zanpakuto becomes somewhat longer (1.35 Meters, Hyorinmaru is 1.3 Meters in Bankai) and also slightly slimmer.
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
Just for kicks, since others have made characters, I'll chuck mine in as well.

Name: Raijin Masamune
Zanpakuto: Ajisukita
Squad: 13, 10, 1, (in order of which squad he was first in)
Position: Un-seated, temporary captain, 3rd Seat.

Has long black hair, how you imagine Shuuhei's would look like if he grew it long and is very serious and battle-orientated. Although he is battle-oriented, he dislikes having to fight and only does so to protect Matsumoto and kill Aizen, who hurt her deeply by killing Gin. His Zanpakuto has one more special ability, which is similar to hollowfication, but is actually the Zanpakuto and wielder becoming one. He first becomes the thunder god in a fight, where he dies and is saved by his Zanpakuto, from which he then accepts the power Ajisukita gives him and becomes the thunder god for a short period of time, in which he defeats his opponent. Once he learns how to control the power he can use a mask, like hollowfication, which is the same mask the thunder god wears. THis gives him incredible power for short periods of time, but decreases his reiatsu drastically.
over a year ago Karube27 said…
To whiteflame55 questions


1. It is really countless.It fast as the Senbonzakura of Byakuya and the Shinso of Ichimaru Gin. I somehow got the idea from the zanpakutos of Byakuya and Gin . Its ability is just like the Senbonzakura. They will be released in bundles but the bundles can split to several smaller bundles. In controlling, it is done just like the Senbonzakura.

2. Just read the first answer. :)

3. It attacks in wide range. It's similar to Hado no Sanjyuuni: Oukasen.


1. Where the shinigami desires it to attack the strings would attack there. Its attack is somehow similar to Senbonzakura Kageyoshi.

2. I think its not that easy to strike the opponent. The whip doesn't elongate. It must hit the target directly makes the shinigami vulnerable if in close range combat.

hope it cleared all your doubts on my zanpakuto. :) by the way, is it a must to defend the zapakuto. I mean, is it really necessary to answer the questions? kidding. :)
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over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Karube27 - Honestly, there's not a lot of response here. You covered a couple of the questions I asked on each one, but many are still left unanswered. As for the answers themselves, the problem with "countless" persists. Byakuya didn't have countless petals come off his blade, he had a thousand. Gin didn't have countless anything, his blade just elongated, and the distance it could elongate was very well defined. Beyond that, I don't think it's all that difficult to hit with a whip, and since even one hit causes you to automatically win the fight, I don't think that's reasonable. Without knowing the actual length of the whip (which you don't describe), I'm made even less certain. The fact that you're vulnerable to close range fighters with this kind of blade is somewhat irrelevant - as long as you can hit them once anywhere on their body, the vulnerability disappears.

Much as what you said about the questions was in jest, if you want to take my points seriously, I would suggest you spend more time on them. You don't necessarily have to respond, or even take them to heart at all, but if you are going to respond in this regard, please try to touch on the majority of my points.
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over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Blackpanther666 (Ajisukita) –


1) Does this ability only work if there is lightning occurring above? I get that you have some ability to manipulate the weather in bankai, but for shikai, does it require that you have an actual storm brewing?

2) Is this the same size and speed as Getsuga Tenshou? Does it do the same kind of damage? You say it tracks the opponent – does it track immediately, or is there a lag time in its tracking?

3) How big is the shield? What sorts of attacks can it stand up to? How much damage can it take? Can you immediately create another after it is destroyed, or is there a lag time?

Bankai: Controlling the weather is an ability, it’s not so much something you can insert as a part of the bankai description, especially since manipulating wind and lightning is pretty powerful.

1) Will this form on top of the opponent, no matter the distance, location or whether they’re in sight? If there is a restriction on that, be specific as to what it is. How fast does the cage form? Is it capable of being stopped or escaped from? Can it be destroyed? If so, by what? Can you launch attacks through the bars? Does it cause damage to the opponent on touching it?

2) I get how this looks, but what effect does it have? Does it do anything other than acting similarly to a lasso? Does it cause lightning damage? Can it be destroyed or severed? If so, by what? Similar to the first bankai, will this form on top of the opponent at any distance, location, etc.? Or does it form in your hands and you can throw it around the opponent? How quickly does it form? Can it be escaped?

3) How large is the explosion? Is it instantaneous? Where is the explosion caused? Is it released by the wielder’s hands, or is it released elsewhere? Does the explosion happen at the point of release, or is something released and when it contacts with something, it explodes? How does this disconnection work? Is it that, when it causes any damage, it can disconnect an opponent from their zanpakuto, or is it that, when the opponent sees it, they can be disconnected? I’m also sort of confused by the equating of shinigami and arrancar. The reason why is that the way their blades work is completely different. When you deal with a shinigami, if you’re severing contact with their blade, you shut off a large source of energy that’s separate from them, stopping the ability to activate shikai or bankai. When you deal with an arrancar, you’re severing their connection with what is practically a piece of them. That’s where my confusion lies. An arrancar basically uses their blades to seal away some of their own power – it functions somewhat similarly to Kenpachi’s eyepatch. Disconnection doesn’t seem possible. You might be able to seal their powers and basically prevent a release, but that’s quite different terminology.
over a year ago HollowKiller said…
Ha ha kempachi would train anyone who he sees as a worthy adversary
over a year ago sumguy said…
I was referring to someone who posted their shinigami and you are quite wrong about that. He would definitely fight someone he deemed worthy whether or not they exhibited cowardice but it's a central theme in squad 11 that you cannot use kido based abilities hence is why whats his nuts [don't remember his name because I hate him] hides his true zanpakuto and made up a stupid nickname for it to slightly activate it's powers. So no, Kenpachi would not train anyone that uses kido. [By the way, the person I was responding too was on page 1 which I didn't realize was actually the older posts and not the newer ones. That's kind of bass akwards if you ask me but hey, I'm the idiot that didn't pay attention and your the idiot that responded to me about nothing that the intended recipient will ever look at :]. Not being a dickface I'm just f'n with you.
over a year ago Karube27 said…
to whiteflame55

I still don't agree, it would really be hard for it to be done, the whip thingy, because Karuba Hisashi is just a non-seated shinigami not a captain, which means he's not that good yet. There are still weaknesses in him. the use of the puppet technique requires a lot of reiatsu that means, the shinigami will lose reiatsu rapidly and that technique is seldom used because of the side effect, if the technique is used for over 5 minutes the shinigami may die. Anyway, I'm enjoying this. :)
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over a year ago sumguy said…
Zanpakuto – Hyouhen Tenshin – Shifting Shard
Release command: Kikatsu - Thirst [verb form – definitely different then the noun form, which would be katsuai]

Hyouhen Tenshin , once activated into shikai, turns into a dagger 1 ¾ foot in length. Its blade is an awkwardly shiny metal [think about the cop robot in Terminator 2 : ]. The blade appears to be liquid shifting and bending but if touched it would be just as solid as any blade. The hilt is rough, black, and glassy made out of obsidian rock. It is hollowed out and at the bottom is a red orb about 2 inches in diameter and is removable.

Shikai abilities.

Jinniku Sampai - Flesh Acidification – The slightest touch of the blade causes complete impalement and a hole 3 inches in diameter. The blade doesn’t actually extend nor does it use reitsu to cause the hole. Upon touch it releases a very potent acid that doesn’t seer or burn any other flesh outside of the 3-inch diameter [thus allowing bleeding to occur as normal]. The 3-inch diameter hole is fairly rapidly disintegrated into nothing within 5 seconds; these 5 seconds though would be excruciatingly painful. Slash attacks have the same effect across the entire cut so if an enemy is cut the entire length of his stomach, he will be severed in 2.

Kyousan Sashijou Kousoku - Biding Acid Bolt - Allows the wielder to absorb the acid into the wielder’s reitsu and use the acid as kido. With the acid inside wielder’s reitsu, he could shoot it out of his palms at will in the form of a platinum, metallic lightning bolt. If analyzed it would have similar properties of plasma matter however it will have a temperature of -346 degrees Fahrenheit - the same temperature of liquid nitrogen. If blocked by a sword it will freeze the sword causing MOST zanpakuto’s abilities to be sealed. Also, at negative 2OO degrees, steel can easily be shattered and as we all probably know, katana’s, swords, and almost every blade that was made after the bronze era is steel. Contact with skin causes the same 3-inch diameter hole as previous ability but no freeze because the acid is destroying the body during freeze time.

Shoueki – Blood Serum - While in Kyousan Sashijou Kousoku form, Hyouhen Tenshin does not deal any NOTICEABLE damage to the foe nor can it actually cut him. Instead, when it comes in contact with a person it absorbs his blood into the hollowed out hilt. It takes 15 complete seconds of contact or 1O cuts to absorb 1 pint of blood. The hilt can only hold 1 pint of blood. Once the hilt is at its limit the blood is then transformed into a potion that quadruples [x4] the wielder’s original speed and reitsu. Also, Hyouhen Tenshin is incapable of transforming into Bankai until the pint has been absorbed. 2 minutes after the pint has been absorbed the orb at the bottom of the hilt glows blood red signaling the potion is ready for consumption and bankai is possible.
*Note. The user’s blood can also be used and stored but the potion expires quickly so that 2-minute period is always required but the user can carry pints of previously extracted blood to make the process easier however the attempt to take your foes blood and leave him weaker is a great prospect!

Bankai name – Ekitaikinzoku – Liquid Metal

Ekitaikinzoku transforms into a whip with the same awkward liquid metal appearance as described for Hyouhen Tenshin and is at normal size of 12 ft. Upon touch however, the metal is actually malleable and feels closer to what it looks like – platinum goo. The hilt, still obsidian rock, is now about 4 feet long and 4 inches in diameter. The hilt’s primary function is defense leaving the wielder to have total control of the whip itself while still being able to defend. The orb at the hilt is glowing blood red and is still removable.

Ability 1 - Ekitaikinzoku is able to extend 12OO feet and retract down to 1 foot. The wielder can manipulate the whip part without movement from the hilt because of the combination of ability 2 and 3 of shikai state. When absorbing the acid into his reitsu, his reitsu then becomes the acid metal [user is no longer capable of any other kido from the point of ability 2 of shikai]. Also, the properties of the agent stored in the orb mixes with the blood [1/2 lb. per ounce giving the user 3 lbs. of metal.] to create the serum. Once ingested, this potion turns the user’s blood into the acid thus making the whip an extension of the users body thus the user is able to move every inch of the whip at the same speed he can move.
[Extension factors listed in ability 2]

Ability 2 - Ekitaikinzoku can convert any metal into the whip upon contact thus contributing to your blood and reitsu. The user must convert enough metal to sustain the blood and reitsu flowing through the whip upon extension [1 lb. per 2O ft. and as the whip retracts the extra energy is stored in the orb for further use or for Byouyomi shi Zettaireido. It takes 5 seconds per lb.].
*Note. Any metal zanpakuto can also be absorbed.
*Note. User cannot use his own reitsu to charge Ekitaikinzoku but he can use his blood giving him 2 lbs. or 4O feet initially [can’t use more than that because anything more would cause physical fatigue, fainting, and even more would cause death – of course the close to death factor does contribute possibly giving him more extension or the ability to fight hard to overcome blood loss without dying.]

Byouyomi shi Zettaireido – Countdown to Absolute Zero - The orb on the bottom of the hilt turns blue when enough metal is absorbed [2OO lbs. which is 16 minutes and 4O seconds of total absorption time when Ekitaikinzoku is at normal length. At normal length Ekitaikinzoku weighs 11 lbs. so extracting it from their only gives you 1O lbs. of stored energy]. When removed, the wielder can then absorb all of the metal into his body amplifying his current speed and reitsu [unless his reitsu level is below normal level at which case it amplifies the original reitsu level] by 1O. The wielder can from that point on [if he chooses] emit an explosion that is -46O degrees Fahrenheit [Pluto is only at -4OO], which is known as absolute zero because every known atom and thus every molecule can no longer continue moving. [Every atom and molecule moves and their speed depends on what matter state. Contrary to popular belief solids’ atoms move the fastest because they vibrate in place [except for plasma but this also will freeze]. At temperatures this low any and all solids and every form of matter freezes.] It also creates a shockwave equivalent to 3O megatons of T.N.T, which is the explosive force of a hydrogen nuclear fusion bomb, which will undoubtedly shatter all of the frozen matter [even the oxygen in the air]. An H-bomb’s blast radius is roughly 6OOOO ft., which is roughly equivalent to 11 miles. That would make the diameter of the explosion 22 miles.
*Note this is a self-destruction ability [the latter part] and will kill everything and everyone within described area including the user.
* The only way my Shinigami would use the latter part of this ability is if he was absolutely certain that there would be little to no collateral damage and there was no other options. I.E. if he was in the Aizen battle and all the other captains were down including Yamamoto assuming that my shinigami would hold out longer than Yamamoto.

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over a year ago whiteflame55 said…

Alright, 2 things:

1) If your character's pretty weak, the blade doesn't fit him well. Especially in shikai, I'm seeing a lot of abilities that destroy or crush anything in their path. Those don't tend to be traits of a low level shinigami's zanpakuto, but even if they were, these are traits that up the level of your shinigami well beyond what you state he's at. Such is the case here as well. It doesn't matter that he uses up so much reiatsu to keep the puppet technique active - all he needs to do is keep it active long enough for them to cut their own head off.

2) I'm evaluating your blade, not your character. If I was evaluating based on characters as well, even the weakest blade could be overpowered because the character attached could be 4 times Yamamoto's strength and speed. Hence, I evaluate the blade in a vacuum. Whatever traits you provide the blade are the traits I evaluate. If there are limitations implicit to the blade that make the character less capable, I don't see any of them beyond this massive reiatsu spend.
The blade is overpowered as it stands, and I don't think you've provided me a reasonable reason to believe otherwise. From what I'm looking at, it's an ability that requires nothing other than one strike (it doesn't say it has to do damage either, but even if it did) to take complete control of the opponent's body. That's too strong. Anything that's a 1-hit win, especially when you can use it multiple times, is overpowered.
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over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Sumguy (Hyouhen Tenshin) –


1) So is this only exuded by the tip of the blade, or does every edge of the blade also secrete this acid?

2) How large is the blast of lightning? How fast does it move? You say that this seals most abilities, what does and doesn’t that apply to? You imply in the next ability that the blade is actually in a different form while this is active. Is there a different look to it? Also, what level of kido spell would you say this is equivalent to?

3) You give the time required to make it into a potion, but not the duration of the boosts themselves. What is that duration, for both other people’s blood and your own?


1) A couple of things here. How quickly can the wielder extend and retract the whip over that length? Do you have to have blood in the orb for this to activate as an extension of the wielder’s body?

2) I understand the fact that this can absorb the metal of a zanpakuto, though I do wonder whether that also seals the abilities of that zanpakuto or prevents them from releasing their blade a first or second time. Also, how would this affect blades that have extensive or expansive properties? For example, if it were to absorb Gin’s blade, would it absorb it at its normal length, or would it take into account if it was extended? Same with Byakuya’s, which bases itself in both fragmenting the blade and surrounding each of those fragments with sharp reiatsu? What’s more, what about opponents who can control their blade separate from their bodies? Say you incorporate it into your whip or bloodstream, would the opponent have no control over what it does at that point? Again, I look back to Gin, who could activate pieces of his blade to cause a terrible acid to expand out.

3) I understand this one because it’s so well explained, but truth be told, I’m having trouble determining whether it’s too powerful. Don’t get me wrong here, I understand why you did it this way. The tremendous range is actually a problem because he can’t be anywhere near a populated area if he wants to use this, and the fact that it kills him makes him even less likely to want to. Still, the instant kill aspect for so many people leaves me uncertain. For now, I’ll go with this being reasonable because there’s so much to worry about in using it.
over a year ago HollowKiller said…
Sumguy's created zanpakuto doesn't fit his character description at all. To me the shikai is bunz.
over a year ago sumguy said…
Great questions although at least one of those was answered in the description.

1.No this is not just the tip. The shiny liquid looking properties is the acid hence the blade loses it's shifty, platinum look once in Kyousan Sashijou Kousoku form. Touching the blade causes the acid to take effect and that includes the wielder until in Kyousan Sashijou Kousoku form because the wielder then assimilates this acid into his blood thus becoming part of his body.

2. This "blast of lightning" which it actually isn't lightning it is just comparable in appearance is solely dependent on the users reitsu. It isn't a definite science like most Kido abilities but more similar to one property of Getsuga Tensou - the more reitsu you use the stronger it will be and the larger the range. So after consuming the potion the potential is more destructive just like Getsuga Tenshou because that changes with Ichigo's transformations from shikai to bankai to hollow. Yes there is a different appearance in the blade. It just takes the form of a normal looking dagger because the acid is no longer contained in the blade [the shiny liquid metal IS the acid].
*Description of sealing properties listed in a post 2 posts down because I forgot to mention it previously. Just scroll down and read.

3. The blood used doesn't make a difference because the agent stored in the orb is what makes the potion upon mixing with the blood. Once the wielder deactivates the weapon, the acid also transforms back into blood because the agent, acid, and blade is all part of the zanpakuto so once it returns to normal so does everything else just like any other zanpakuto hence is the reason why Ichigo no longer has a sweet ass cape once out of Bankai. Also the reason why Toshiro no longer has wings once deactived. I suppose that could have been specified so good question although I think you're just coming up with them to maintain consistency haha.


1. The first part was answered in the description of the zanpakuto. Since the whip is part of his body and IS his reitsu then the weilder can move it as fast as he can move. If the user can move 12OO ft. in 2 seconds [which is quite common for a shinigami actually maybe a little faster considering it is only 4 football fields or a little more than 1/5 of a mile] then he can extend the blade that far in 2 seconds. Of course the limitations are how much metal has been stored but that's only a distance limitation not a speed limitation. Also since the whip is malleable the user can put part of it on a piece of metal to absorb while attacking his foe. And also the second part was answered. The whip is already 12 ft. long and is the zanpakuto and [also specified] is wielder's reitsu. Once in Bankai you either immediately have to start absorbing metal to contribute to the ability or you can use your own blood which is already transformed into the acidic agent. You can only use 2 pints [or 1 lb. or 2O ft. blood = 1/2 lb. per pint.] this way or risk fatigue, fainting, or death. I have given blood before and I happen to know that a strong individual weighing more than 18O lbs. can easily spare 2 pints with no adverse effects and that includes physical strain.

2. Now this one is a good one however I can answer this one pretty quickly and simply. If this acid that is my zanpakuto is only MY zanpakuto's acid then I don't believe it would be farfetched to say once absorbed it is then MY zanpakuto [except for abilities because absorbing a zanpakuto this way would not give me his soul] so attempting to control what was once yours would require controlling my acidic zanpakuto and even if someone could do that, would they be able to control and contain the acid metal like my shinigami does with his reitsu because the acid IS his reitsu [that is another significant factor as well. If the acid is me then it would require the foe to control my reitsu]. Suppose I absorb Heineko or Senbonzakura Kageyoshi. Once absorbed it is then my zanpakuto [just the metal]. Yes the soul of the sword is inside of the foe and the sword but the sword's initial properties would no longer be the same thus either zanpakuto cannot be broken out of my zanpakuto once absorbed because that would insinuate that both Matsumoto and Byakuya can do that to any sword and thus any metal [or my own reitsu]. The only way this is possible is if another shinigami could control metal, and not just his own blade, in a similar way that mine can [which also includes Gin and other extension abilities]. In which case it would be a battle of reitsu strength. Also we have seen shinigami materialize their zanpakuto from destroyed nothing thus supporting the fact that the soul is part of the wielder but without the materialized zanpakuto the wielder is unable to use it's abilities I.E. if someone broke Zangetsu, Ichigo would not be able to use Getsuga Tensho but he can re-materialize the blade. Even if rematerialized it wouldn't be taken from my acid because it's the metal that was absorbed not the soul of the zanpakuto.

3. I completely understand your concern. This isn't a question to be answered like the other ones so I'll attempt to further placate you as you have already done with yourself. If I make a shinigami [whether good or evil] the chances of that ability being used is slim to none. As long as the wielder still breathes he can still absorb metal meaning the potion can be infinitely created under the previously suggested time frame. So to an evil individual the prospect of killing himself when he can make himself infinitely stronger is quite retarded. If I'm good the only way I would use it is if all of my allies are dead, low collateral damage [not none because in worst case scenarios a few extra dead people to save everyone on the planet is a reasonable sacrifice], and my foe is beyond the ability to wait an additional 16 minutes and 4O seconds of absorption time to get an extra 1Ox abilities, and the foe is someone who is bent on destroying EVERYTHING. Unless ALL of those factors are met then the self destruction ability will never be used but the prospect is definitely entertaining to say the very least :}.

******** Later edit. I thought of a couple of questions for my own zanpakuto that might come up in the future.

Q. Does the acid property of the blade that causes the hole still remain when in Bankai.

A. No. The property of the acid in Shikai state destroys flesh but once transformed into Bankai the property of the acid changes to break down metal. The change is caused once the potion is consumed in Shoueki form. Once the acid fuses with my blood it is then no longer physically harmful, however the whip is malleable but also metal so I could focus my reitsu [which the whip is] into a hardened tip, edge, hard flat surface, or pretty much anything else I want making the weapon devastatingly deadly.

Q. In Bankai are you still capable of using Kyousan Sashijou Kousoku? If so, would it have the same properties as the whip [no longer harmful and focused on breaking down metal]?

A. No. This ability would still be harmful to the body because it is only reitsu and not connected to the users blood. Also it's speed and overall destructive capabilities are at a higher potential upon drinking the potion due to the reitsu increase and the freezing capabilities of metal are still there as well. Once in bankai however, the ability consumes the stored metal because the stored metal is his reitsu. The usage depends of course upon how much energy is put into it as well as speed and damage. Here's a reference to gauge the power:

1/4 lb. is equivalent in strength and speed to a low level kido under 1O.
1/2 lb. 1O-2O
1 lb. 2O-3O
2 lb. 3O-4O
4 lb. 4O-5O
8 lb. 5O-6O
16 lb. 6O-7O
24 lb. 7O-8O
32 lb. 8O-9O
4O lb. 9O-1OO
Anything over 5O lbs. is stronger than level 1OO kido. For every additional 2O lbs. after that it doubles the previous level making this ability, when using enough stored reitsu, infinitely powerful. Of course it's limitations are dependent upon how much metal is absorbed. Considering it takes 16 minutes and 4O seconds [2OO lbs.] of total absorption time to charge up Byouyomi shi Zettaireido, I don't see it practical to use more than 5O lbs. at a time because that would then mean you would have to compensate for the metal loss in order to reach Byouyomi shi Zettaireido which amplifies the users current reitsu and speed by 1O thus making it his ultimate form. Also, in this form, using Kyousan Sashijou Kousoku will have 1O times the kido potential. I.E. 1/4 lb. of metal would produce a kido 1O times stronger than a level 1-1O kido. 4O lbs. would be 1O times stronger than a level 9O-1OO kido!!!!
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over a year ago sumguy said…
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the sealing property of ability 2.

If the sword is frozen to such low temperatures only people with powerful fire capabilities could overcome it. That would depend on reitsu level and heat of the flame. Simple little fireball techniques would be ineffective. Also a shinigami able to seperate his blade would also not be sealed by this like Matsumoto and Byakuya. Attempting to extend the blade however will cause the blade to shatter because the atoms and molecules will be crystals, stretching them would cause the blade's destruction.
over a year ago sumguy said…
hollow killer. What character are you referring to because I hope you know that I haven't created a character yet right? And I hope you also know that "bunz" isn't a word thus I have no f'n clue as to what the hell you're talking about on all levels.
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over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
I know I posted this one before guys, but it's undergone a few changes and updates, so I'm posting it up again, partially for my sake.

Zanpaktou Name: Iki Teiru Fōji (Living Forge)

Sealed Appearance: The weapon begins as a thick shortsword made with layers of 4 different metals. It’s sheathed in iron, with a layers of steel, pewter, gold and silver underneath that. It is 2 feet long from the base of the hilt to the tip of the blade, 4 inches wide along the blade, double edged and a full inch thick.

Type: Metal/Fire

Release Command: Kinzoku wo Katadukuru… (Shape the metal…)

1) Tessei Youki (Iron Vessel): Blue lines that only the wielder can see extend from his chest to every source of metal in the area, up to a range of 100 meters. These lines are always straight and connect directly with the source of metal to which they point. The lines are thicker and stronger the closer the source of metal. The wielder then has free reign to push or pull on those sources of metal, each of which get shot to or away from the point on his chest. In both cases, the restriction on pushing and pulling is based on the wielder’s weight. For example, if the wielder pushes against something that has more weight than themselves, they will instead push themselves backward because it is easier for the force to distribute itself to them than the metal source. That kind of weight can be applied by force alone, meaning that the wielder could push on the zanpakuto of his opponent, and if they brace themselves against it, that push could force the wielder in the opposite direction. This also applies to metal objects that hit walls or the ground, since the force required pushing them at that point increases well beyond the body’s weight. Since this basically applies the weight of the wielder against the weight of the object, the heavier the object, the slower the movement. Very small objects can be fired like a bullet (he often utilizes coins in this manner), but very heavy ones need to be dragged using this. He can do this to multiple items in quick succession, often targeting and manipulating many pieces of metal so fast that it seems to be at once.
This ability is limited by the amount of metal that covers the wielder’s blood vessels. As long as it’s active, those metals will burn up. That occurs slowly if this is being used at its normal level, the length of time being limited to the amount on their body (25 minutes total if they are continuously burned), which cannot be restored until the used energies are restored. The wielder can “flare” this ability to increase the strength he applies to the strength of his body under normal circumstances, essentially increasing the force applied by 10 times. Flaring burns the metals at 10 times the normal rate.

2) Pyūtā Kyouakuhan (Pewter Thug): This ability enhances the wielder’s body. It does not increase muscle mass and bone, but it makes them more solid, improving the wielder’s strength and durability by 3 times. This means that their muscle tissue and bones will be more dense while this is active, making it possible to take hits that would have floored him before. This also increases running speed as a result, and massively increases endurance as long as it is active. His balance improves tremendously, allowing him to keep his feet in the worst of circumstances. This enhanced strength also him to shrug off wounds that would kill or incapacitate him normally, though it must be constantly active in order for the effect to persist.
This ability is limited by the amount of metal that sheaths the wielder’s hair. As long as it’s active, those metals will burn up. That occurs more quickly than the first ability, at a rate 5 times faster than that. If this was constantly active, it would last a total of 5 minutes. He can also “flare” this ability, improving each of these effects by 3 times above where it would be under normal activation, though this also burns the pewter at 5 times the rate.

3) Kuuki Tenka (Air Ignition): A large amount of bismuth is superheated within the wielder’s body and turned entirely to a gas state. This moves to the wielder’s lungs, and is breathed out only when the wielder chooses. The gas focuses itself around the wielder, though only at a maximum of 5 inches off the skin in normal use. It is possible for the wielder to manipulate where it is sent, and therefore which areas of their body are affected. When the bismuth interacts with the air around him, it ignites, producing a blue-white flame. By doing this, he expands all of the particles around his body to such a point that movement is practically friction-less, allowing him to move as much as two times faster than normal. Opponents that attack through the flame will also have reduced friction on their strikes, speeding up their attacks, though they can be burned by the flames. He does feel the heat of their burn, reducing the continuous time he can keep it active, though this also makes it difficult to see his movements, since the flames obscure his physical form.
This ability is limited by the amount of bismuth in the wielder’s body. As long as it’s being used, the amount of bismuth will continue to go down, though ingesting more of it does increase the duration of use. At the maximal amount that’s available in his body at any given time, he is capable of sustaining a full body burn for 10 minutes. He can also “flare” this ability, increasing the distance off of his body that the air ignites to as much as 5 feet and creating a much hotter burn that increases his speed to four times the norm, though this uses up all of his bismuth at 15 times the rate. This is far more difficult to maintain, but makes it nearly impossible for someone with normal eyesight to see how he is moving within the flames.

Bankai Name: Kajiya no Meiro (Blacksmith’s Labyrinth)

Type: Metal/Fire

Release Command: Kakomu… (Enclose…)

Bankai Appearance: Any metallic appearance on his body disappears. The wielder reaches down their throat and pulls out a series of 16 thick metal cylinders (6 inches long, one inch thick), each connected to the other by a small metal cord half their size and each appearing the same. They can be twisted off the metal cord one or multiple at a time. After each of them is used (unless specified otherwise), the wielder can pick it up and wait 10 seconds before the energy in it is recharged. He can only charge them one at a time. The wielder does not like using his bankai unless he absolutely has to, he feels that the energy of his bankai is much further outside of his control as a result of being separated from his body, so he tends to run through his metals before he decides to activate it.

1) Yakin Sesshu (Metallurgic Ingestion): Three extra cylinders remain inside the wielder after he pulls out the 16. One is made of iron, one of pewter, and one of bismuth. They are half the size of the others, and burn continuously upon activation of bankai. This provides the three shikai abilities to him continuously over a 5 hour period. He is capable of flaring those metals, but if he does that, the metals begin to the poison him in much the same way that these metals normally would after long term ingestion. The longer they are flared, the more damage the poison causes, wearing him down quickly over time. He becomes incredibly fatigued, gets headaches that turn into migraines, as well as muscle pain and twitching. 20 minutes of flaring makes the pain from it unbearable.

2) Shino Tobira (Death’s Door): The wielder removes 6 cylinders to utilize this ability (and therefore, 2 of these can be active at once). On a thought, the cylinders arrange themselves into a doorway, flattening out till each becomes 4 feet long and 1 inch thick. These form a line in the sky in front of him, with 3 bars on top and 3 on the bottom, that burns bright white. These expand out to create a doorframe, 4 feet across and 8 feet tall. The door itself looks like static, though several black cracks span over the majority of it, and those who look closely see a variety of scenes flashing through different portions of it. He then moves the door in a direction of his choosing at kido speed. They can only move linearly, but each and be stopped and, after a half-second delay, have their direction modified. The edges of the door are sharp enough to cut through the toughest defense, though a zanpakuto will be able to clash with it, making it possible to parry the door’s advancement. Anything that enters the door, not including an opposing zanpakuto, is vaporized on contact. The door lasts a maximum of 1 minute, after which the bars disengage and fall to the ground.

3) Hi no Hana (Blossoms of Fire): The wielder removes one of the cylinders and throws it. He can “activate” that cylinder at any point after it is released from his hands. When it’s activated, there is a two second delay, during which the bar turns red, extending itself to 10 feet long and thickening to 5 inches wide. It will do no damage to anyone during this short phase, though it does emit a high pitched whining sound. After the two seconds, the bar explodes to 30 feet across in every direction. Anyone within that 30 foot zone would be covered in deep third degree burns with no pushback. For an additional 30 feet outside of that, the heat radiating off of it causes dermal third degree burns and heavy pushback. The effective range is within 250 feet of the blast, though the amount of damage is reduced to light burns and moderate pushback outside the 60 foot range, and that’s reduced the further away it is. The maximum number of these that can be used within a 1 minute is 6.
over a year ago HollowKiller said…
I mean u sumguy. U do not seem like a person to have a zanpakuto like that.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
...That seems pretty presumptive. Besides, why can't he create a character for whom that blade is most appropriate?
over a year ago sumguy said…
Yeah dude. Yeah have absolutely no idea the kind of guy that I am - 1 and 2 - I've always valued speed over strength and subtlety to brute force. I play a lot of RPG's and in pretty much every one my character is always a stealthy rouge or a stealthy mage. The key term here is STEALTHY. I don't think it would be too farfetched to believe that if I were a shinigami I would wield this weapon because I would strive for speed over brute force and I'm also intelligent so I would definitely have strong kido abilities and ridiculous potions.
over a year ago sumguy said…
However, I suppose this is kind of a compliment considering this weapon almost seems ill willed but you don't have to be evil to wield an evil zanpakuto [Kira & whats his nuts with the duel scythe looking weapon which he describes as a weapon meant for taking lives.]
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over a year ago sumguy said…
Hisagi is his name.
over a year ago sumguy said…
Name: Yoshiyuki Ketsueki-Shizoku [Last name means blood clan/family]

Birthday: October 28
Age: 376 [appears to be around 24]

Gender: Male

Affiliation: Member of a once revered Ketsueki–Shizoku clan that owned a large part of the Sereiti thousands of years before Yoshiyuki was born but now exiled in the world of the living.

Rank: Lieutenant ranked in the colony with Captain level stats and abilities [the reason for this is enclosed in the history bare with me].

Hair: Mid length, black, and windswept back.
Eyes: High, widespread, thin, and platinum colored.
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 185 lbs.
Description: He has a determined, piercing glare on his face as if every action he does is for a very literal purpose. He and all of the Ketsueki-Shizoku are still Shinigami [even though living in the real world] thus they are all wearing black kimonos. Yoshiyuki Ketsueki is no different. He wears 12 platinum vials around his waist at belt line containing his own previously extracted blood. Each vial=1 pint. In Bankai however, his upper body is exposed and all of his skin takes a holographic-platinum appearance. In the center of his chest is a hole similar in size to a hollow's but covering his heart is a black, obsidian rock that glows in synch with the orb at the hilt of Hyouhen Tenshin and Ekitaikinzoku.

History: The Ketsueki–Shizoku clan owned a large part of the Sereiti thousands of years before Yoshiyuki was born but now exiled in the world of the living. His WAY older brother that he has never met betrayed the Soul Society and revealed the long kept secret of the clan’s powers: Ketsueki Yuukai – Blood fusion and Shoueki – Blood Serum. Due to his brother’s betrayal and the knowledge of the Ketsueki-Shizoku clan’s abilities, the central 46 deemed them barbaric and inhumane and exiled the entire clan to live in obscurity in the world of the living and struck them from all the records.
This exile has caused the Ketsueki-Shizoku clan to form a hidden colony in the world of the living that no one outside of the clan knows exist. This exile [and the nature of their specialties which will be mentioned later] has made the Ketsueki-Shizoku clan exceptional at concealing reitsu. The Ketsueki-Shizoku clan was the first Shinigami to ever use shunkou.
Much like the Kuchiki clan has held dominance on squad 6, the Ketsueki-Shizoku clan were the keepers of squad 2 and the Special Forces thus they are all exceptionally stealthy assassins. The abilities Ketsueki Yuukai and Shoueki are used by almost all members of the clan though the specific zanpakuto’s abilities do vary. Yoshiyuki’s absorbs metal but, even though most of them have a form of absorption, Yoshiyuki’s is the only one that absorbs metal.
Yoshiyuki in specific is revered as a black sheep in the clan. He has risen to Lieutenant through sheer determination, and due to this he is much stronger than what a normal lieutenant would be, but the general population of the colony never associates with him in a sort of way like he doesn’t exist. The majority of the rest of the colony fear him because of his brother’s powers [only the elders that know of it] and Yoshiyuki’s own powers. This neglect has transformed Yoshiyuki into a cold, just, yet harsh individual. He has made it his burden and goal to one day leave the colony and travel to Soul Society to restore his clan’s honor. His last name is the clan’s name because his direct descendants where all previous captains and leaders of the clan thus is his inheritance. Nothing else matters and he is willing to go to great length to make this possible.
This neglect; he blames on his older brother who he’s never met nor does he know his name for the elders will not reveal it to anyone in the population of the colony. His blood lust for his brother is the only thing that can step in the way of his goal to restore his family’s honor. If met, he would undoubtedly fight him to the death with no regards for his own or anyone else’s safety. [This is not my pre-justification to use the self-destruction part of Byouyomi shi Zettaireido. The conditions needed to use that ability are listed in my answers to whiteflame55’s qualification questions and he has already approved the zanpakuto.]

Battle Data:

Zanpakuto – Shikai – Hyouhen Tenshin/ Bankai – Ekitaikinzoku

Noteable features:
-Able to use Shunkou making him a master hand-to-hand combatant
-Shunpo master
-Expert [less than master] level reitsu.
-Adept [under expert] combatant honed from years of doing all of the colony's dirty work killing any hollows that unknowingly ventured to close to the colony to prove his worth.
-Extremely strong resolve to complete his goals.
-Carries around 12 vials of his own blood all equal to 1 pint a piece. At almost any opportunity to do so he fills the empty vials that was previously used - a habit which he hates but he'd rather not have to take it from his opponent.
-His abilities and speed with a short blade have been unrivaled in the colony.

Offense: 1OO
Defense: 7O
Agility: 1OO
Kido: 1OO
Intelligence: 1OO
Physical Strength: 2O
Total: 49O

I will be making his brother as well after a while for a reason I will not disclose yet. I am waiting to make him though because I need to figure out where Yoshiyuki will fit into the story-line.
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over a year ago blackpanther666 said…

1. Releasing Shikai affects the weather enough to cause a small storm, remembering that this blade is the manifestation of a thunder god, obviously its going to be powerful, which is the result of the initial release affecting electro-magnetic pulses within the atmosphere.

2. It depends on how much energy is absorbed, it could be weaker than a non-hollowfied getsuga tensho, or it could be more powerful than a hollowfied getsuga tensho, it really depends on how much energy the wielder is willing to risk abosrbing (bearing in mind that too much energy absorbed will break the Zanpakuto.

3. This is also dependant on how much energy has been absorbed from Hiraishin, therefore it could stand up to an attack from an Espada unreleased if enough energy was absorbed (this shield is a last-resort type ability, like Hitsugaya's ice clone, only able to be used in conjunction with how much energy has been absorbed)

Bankai: I didn't exactly mean to write it like that, I realise that it is an ability not a description, but at that time of morning the brain can be somewhat incapacitated. It is meant to be that powerful, this Zanpakuto is basically a manifestation of a god (the god Ajisukitakahikone and the Zanpakuto are technically the same entity, but can appear to be two when needed to encourage Raijin to finish a fight or save himself from dying)

1. I never actually specified, but the whole idea of being able to fully manipulate lightning and partially manipulate wind means that the energy can be transported where it needs to go (that is the ultimate form of manipulation) It can be destroyed by large upsurges in reiatsu, it forms in conjunction with the speed of the wielder (the faster the wielder, the faster he can make the attack form, but it also is dependant on the wielder's relationship and mastery of the Zanpakuto itself) The cage may be thwarted if the opponent reacts fast enough to evade the bars. And yes, if the attack was a small beam of light then probably, and an Espada-class Cero would destroy this cage too. Touching the bars is obvious, anyone who touches an electric fence is gonna get a shock you know what I mean? (it may not kill, but it is enough to distract the opponent long enough to launch an attack)

2. The rope appears where the wielder needs it and can be forced in any direction by using the Zanpakuto as a remote if you will (thats not the best way to describe it, but I need a smoke and wanna finish this quickly) The rope is meant to add to the cage for further restriction so that the opponent can be hit by the blast.

3. The blast is more powerful than Hado. 88 and it is more powerful than most Cero, even many of the Espada Cero (exceptions are, obviously, Ulquiorra, Starrk, Yammy and Halibel, I won't bother with Barragan since I don't remember seeing him use a Cero), but Cero Oscuras, Lanza Del Relampago, and Gran Rey Cero in released form (Espada No 4 and up) are more powerful. As an indicator, about five times more powerful than a Getsuga tensho in Bankai, and twice as powerful as a hollowfied one. When I say disconnection issues I mean that this blast will forcibly knock that Shinigami or Arrancar out of their released form, because it uses electro-magnetic pulses to literally shock them out of, and drain their reiatsu, released state (Resurrecion, Bankai, Shikai) By the way this blast is also quite slow and takes time to charge and bear in mind that this blast has nothing to do with Hiraishin, it can only be used in Bankai when the wielder has full manipulation of lightning. I realise that an Arrancars Zanpakuto is part of them, but that doesn't mean that they can't be forced out of Resurrecion state (remember that even a Privarone Espada could shed her own released form to conserve energy, if you say that you are severing a connection of a piece of them like that, then you may as well say that once they release they can never go back or be in unreleased state again)
over a year ago Karube27 said…
to whiteflame55

honestly, I'm tired of answering your questions 'bout my zanpakuto. XD
anyway,thanks for having those. Learned some. :)
over a year ago sumguy said…
Hey whiteflame. I just thought of something. If facing an amazingly powerful foe like Aizen for example, if anyone could contain the blast then Byouyomi shi Zettaireido could be used and that would make an epic final attack combination. The question is, what can contain the force of an H-Bomb blast with at Absolute Zero temperature? Maybe a time distortion ability of some sort? Since the whip is my shinigami's reitsu the blast can be focused to detonate at the tip of the whip but obviously I'm unable to extend the whip 22 miles [only 12OO ft.] I could put the whip inside the containment and detonate the blast inside of the containment and out of harms way. But, in the event that such a situation would be needed, there has to be an extremely powerful foe and I must be allied with a shinigami with pretty much the same reitsu as my shinigami or some crazy ability that would prevent the blast from making it out of the containment so obviously there's a lot of room to play around in order to make the ability believably applicable to 1 specific circumstance.
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over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
I can only think of a few abilities taht would be able to stop that, and one of them is off the overpowered blade I'm currently creating (let's just say it could stop practically anything). Things that slow the expansion of energy, reverse it, or can outright counter the strength of it, would probably work.
over a year ago sumguy said…
I've edited some information in my answers to whiteflame. It's definitely worth a look!
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Karube27 - That's fine, you don't have to prove anything to me. It's fine to keep your blade the way it is, it's yours after all. I'm just providing my 2 cents about whether or not I think it's overpowered. I could be wrong, but I am an argumentative person.
over a year ago HollowKiller said…
I just read about ichigo and discovered that he had 2 shikai forms and 3 bankai forms
over a year ago HollowKiller said…
This has shocked a surprised me
over a year ago wagakagamii said…
whiteflame's Iki Teiru Foji with this i see 2 changes from when i last saw it so i'll review them for you :)

Shikai ability 3) Kuuki Tenka (Air Ignition) Ok with this i have a few questions for one how much is the user effected by the fire? How quickly can it give them 3 degree burns for example and about how hot is it to opponents if it's not the same tempature? Also how fast does the gas he breathes out get to the spot he wants and do the fires stay there or does he have to keep sending gas there ? Lastly does he have an immunity to the negitive effects of eating the metal, if that metal is toxic to people i don't know, or does he have some sort of resistance?

Bankai ability 1) Yakin Sesshu ( Metallurgic Ingestion) with this one he gains the flare abilities from shikai but can he use them all at the same time on not? Also does the burning hurt him?

I really like the changes you made to this also if you make any more changes or new ones let me know and i'll review it for you when i can, just stated playing pockie ninja and started leveling my mage in wow so it might take a while ;)
over a year ago doomguy11 said…
Zanpakuto-Dākudoragonmūnburēdo[dark dragon moon blade]
Release Command-Oshitsubusu to suru mae ni subete o moyasu[crush and burn all before]
Bankai-Burakkumūn no ankoku ryū[Dark dragon of the black moon]
Zanpakuto Ability-1 Can make fire generate fire around the blade useing spirit energy it is hot enough to burn though other swords but not all the time i can make the fire around the blade bigger by using more energy but i get more tired the more fire i make
Zanpakuto Ability-2 Can use my spirit energy to burn the area the fire is hot enough to burn though the floor
Zanpakuto appernce- A basic katana with a red handle and a two chain to use to grab my opponents sword and a 6foot full black blade

Bankai abillity-1 Can make a huge area of fire to block my opponent its hot enough no can get near the edge the dome is 300 foot it takes a 50 seconds to appear

My-appernce-hair like ichigos but longer at the back and gray/sliver i have one red and one yellow eye Iam frendly and very calm but i get angry when my friends are in danger i also have a inner hollow that lets me use his powers only i need to when i bring out my mask its a skill with dragon teeth and a black marking going down from the left eye
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 Zanpakuto-Dākudoragonmūnburēdo[dark dragon moon blade] Release Command-Oshitsubusu to suru mae ni
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Good to see you again wagakagamii, always happy to respond to these –

Shikai 3) The user is basically unaffected by it. The heat of this flame isn’t really enough to cause third degree burns, at least not on people with even half his reiatsu. Light burns are all anyone could expect, though it doesn’t happen to the wielder. It takes about a second lag time for the particles around him to ignite, and he does have an immunity to it, and in this case he can’t add to the amount of bismuth in his body (it takes too long to aerosolize solid bismuth, it’s just impractical, and requires that he has his shikai active too long).

Bankai 1) He has access to normal and flare burning, though as I said, it’s deleterious to him to flare over long durations of time. He can use any and all of his shikai abilities at the same time, just as he could in shikai, allowing him basically full access for what would (at least in the midst of battle) be extremely long periods of time. The basic burn does not harm him.
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
To all people who made characters - don't make people Visoreds and shit like that, its pointless and don't have silly comments like 'twice Kenpachi's reiatsu' that is ridiculously overpowered and it makes bleach seem like a joke. It you are gonna try coming up with things like that, then try to come up with something original, not just my character is a Visored.
over a year ago Ichigosuke said…
big smile
Doomguy, hello. My name is IchigoSuke. You stole my identity. Prepare to die. Just kidding. Whiteflame, i see you are still here.
This is my new zanpakuto. I already quit making these, nut this idea came to my head, so why not, its been a while.

Name: Kage Hari (Shadow Sting)

Shikai: Iru to Ateru! KageHari! (Shoot to hit the Target! Shadow Sting)
In shikai, the blade becomes a bit longer, and gains a slight curve. From the guard into about 40 centimeters of the blade the middle of the blade is empty.
The shikai ability is to shoot metal needles out of the blade. He can shoot them only from the front side of the curved blade, not the back.
When he shoots, the needles seem to grow out of the blade and shoot in a straight line towards where the blade was facing.
The maximum number of needles that can be shot at one time is 5. He can only shoot 1 from the tip of the blade at a time.
Each needles is 25 centimeters long and about 1.5 centimeters wide. (sorry for all the inch loving people, i just cant understand that system....)
The special thing about this attack is, by command, the needles will stop in their flight, stand diagonally and then turn towards the wanted target,
and fly towards it at twice its previous speed. This stop can only be done once to each needle. The needles wont shoot unless the shinigami wants them to,
and will stay floating in midair meanwhile, enabling mass attacks after charging the number of needles in the air 5 at a time.

Bankai: Kage Hari, Kinzokuno Shinrin (Shadow Sting, Metal Forest)
When entering bankai, the shinigami stabs the ground with his sword. Then, all around him, thousands of needles rise from the ground and float in midair.
The shinigami gets metal shoulders armor and his robes turn gray. Each of the shoulder guards has 4 small metal spikes floating near them and move according to the movment of the
shoulder, like they are connected.
In bankai, the maximum number of needles to shoot grows to 14, and the rate of fire is greatly enchanced, allowing almost minigun spped of shooting.
Also, afew new techniques are aviable:
1) Kinzoku Eihei (Metal Senital): While activating this tech, all metal needles fly towards the sky, creating a huge ring of floating needles.
Then, they all shoot at the target, speeding up till the point they are burning, creating a rain of hot metal on the target.
The technique is avaible in the same way diagonally, meaning all the needles form a ring infront of Shin and then shoot at the target.
The sky version is much larger, but less accurate, while the diagonal version is much smaller, around 3 meters in total, but is much more accurate and faster to shoot.

2) Kinzoku Oozora/Jigoku (Metal Big Skies/ Inferno ): All the needles shoot towards the sky, covering it complelty in one area of the sky. Then,
the needles start shooting from the very center onwards, creating the efect of the sky opening up. At the same time, the very edge of the circle
of needles starts shooting as well.
This attack also comes with 2 forms: The other form being, all the needles shoot from the ground instead, and this time, they burn, and start from the edges of the circle only,
creating the illusion of hell coming to catch the opponent.

3) Kinzokusei Kidoban (Metallic GateKeeper): The final attack. When activated, all the needles fly into the air to create a huge sphere around the opponent
and shin, with 2 rings of metal needles around the whole sphere. Then, the needles start shooting from the needles themselves, creating and endless barrage of needles inside the sphere.
The risk is, they may hit the shin as well as the opponent, and it takes him so much reitsu to hold that he can only maintain it for 5 minutes, and then faint.

Shin is for Shinigami by the way.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Doomguy11 (Dākudoragonmūnburēdo) –


1) How much fire is generated around the blade? How hot does the fire burn? To what range around the blade does the fire affect?

2) What area are you burning? How large is it? How fast do you cover that area? How hot is the burn? At what range can you burn?


1) So…is this a dome of fire? How large is it? How quickly is it made? How hot do the fires burn? How far can this be created? How many of these can you create?

2) I think you were trying to make a second ability here, I don’t understand it at all, though. I’m just lost on this one.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Blackpanther666 – I don’t necessarily think it’s a problem that people are making Visords, or that they’re making tremendously strong characters. I think it’s unrealistic. In a world like Bleach, those types of characters are few and far between. I think it’s also overdone, since so many people who make characters go with that type of character model, but it’s fine that people pursue it. I’d much rather that people focus on making original blades than characters, and believe you me, most of the ones I see here are practically carbon copies of other ones.
over a year ago HollowKiller said…
I also believe wat whiteflame says because the problem of having strong characters is that if we all make strong character the gotei 13 would need captains or lieutenants.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Ichigosuke (Kage Hari) – Yep, still here, still one of the few reviewers, and the only one who’s pretty much doing everyone’s, so I don’t think people would like it much if I left (well, not everyone at least). Anyway, good to see you back, here’s a review for you.

Shikai: How long does it take for the needles to grow out of the blade and fire? How fast do they move? How quickly can you change the trajectory of the needles in mid-air? If they hit once without having their direction changed, can you reuse them by using that change?

Bankai: Are you capable of using those thousands of needles around you outside of the abilities themselves? You are including the shikai ability in here, so that does increase the number of abilities available in bankai to 4. How fast can the needles you generate here regenerate if destroyed? Can you reuse spent needles?

1) How high in the sky do these needles shoot? How fast is their terminal speed? If the diagonal version is available, do you have the ability to utilize all those needles at once in the same manner as the sky way? How fast do those move?

2) I don’t understand the difference between this ability and the first part of the first bankai ability. Both say they send all of the needles into the sky. This might be lower in the sky, and I understand the effect being cool, but I don’t get how it’s different beyond having an order to their shooting down. Also, how do these shoot from the ground? Wouldn’t these have to work their way into the ground first? How hot is the burn these needles generate? What’s the speed comparison between these two uses?

3) Isn’t this sphere somewhat dependent on the distance between the wielder and the opponent? I mean, if there are two rings of metal needles around the sphere, that limits the space they can cover, which means the needles will have to be more and more separated depending upon the distance. Provide some distance limitation for this to make it clear. So the needles shoot needles? What’s the size of the smaller needles? How many does each needle fire? How fast do they fire? If the person is standing on the ground, do the larger needles bury into the ground and fire out like normal, or do they sit on top of the ground?
over a year ago GruntSquad92 said…
Blade Shifter

--- General ---

no release command

Type: kido/projectile
Range: close – medium
Sealed form: katana, medium size
Predominant Colours (weapon, all forms): “ordinary” metal; dark brown leather & linen cloth; black scabbard, yellow silk
Spirit of the Blade: Spectre of an ancient soldier, bluish white colour-pattern

--- Wielder ---

Physical: “slightly” below average, nothing remarkable
Mental: good reflexes, high creative & logical intelligence, good responsive intelligence, average willpower & spiritual power capacity
Personality: calm, restrained, underwhelming presence, sensible, durable (emotional)
Predominant colour (rejatsu): bright white outlined with arctic blue/violet

--- Shikai ---

A leather gauntlet coating the right forearm and the right hand and armoured on the outside and the fingers, thumb and index finger are exposed. Slightly thicker armour is attached on the back of the hand – there is also an opening. Fine lines decorate some metal parts.

Chains/Blades of the mundane World – At will summons segments of a chain which emerges out of or disappears into the opening on the back of the hand. The chain will float around its wielder; move as commanded and with speed and power strong and fast enough to attack or deflect. Although the chain is created through kido it exists physically and as such its attacks and defence is physical. For its creation the wielder has to invest some spiritual power, and use up some additional to move them. When he – actually I mean myself, but I’ll stick with “he” – lets segments of the chain disappear the invested energy is refunded. Any of the segments can be disjointed, those segments - if the wielder wishes so – will then fall apart into spiritual particles for a very short timeframe and then form a curved floating, rotating blade, double-edged and without an hilt. These blades however are now no longer physical but magical now sharing the advantages with similar abilities, but are however subject to its weaknesses also. These blades can be rejoined to the chain or “sacrificed” to make a single albeit enhanced cut. How big the capacity of spiritual power its wielder has dictates how many segments he can summon. The individual cost for a segment rises with each segment already created, meaning that the first segment created can be summoned quite effortless while when the wielder presses himself into converting his entire spiritual energy into those segments, the last one he summoned alone will consume as much energy as if he thirty at once at the beginning.

Boundaries of the mundane World – A sealing technique created to imprison individuals with lower or weaken spiritual power using a chain that is disjointed from the main one and a spell circle on the ground. The seal can be improved somewhat when additional segments of the chain are added, however it stresses the energy of the wielder, as he still needs power to maintain the seals and maybe segments he uses while fighting, also the bonus effect is not that great.

--- Bankai (Blade Shifter: Inner Realm) ---

Additionally to the gauntlet on the right – which has some improved armour, on the gauntlet itself and a shoulder pad on the right side which covers a little portion of the upper arm (these features will be applied to shikai mode also, when bankai is reached once) – a sheathed, long katana (which apparently is called Ōdachi) is held in the left hand. Its appearance is similar to the undecorated sealed form. It now fashions – apart from its new length – a yellow silk ribbon tied around the black scabbard. The bankai also features a linen/leather “trench coat”.

Chains/Blades/Boundaries of the mundane World – Higher cost efficiency, allowing the creation of more segments and lowering the needed concentration. Sealing techniques now are faster executable, making it now usable in combat, not necessarily disabling enemies but seriously slowing down someone for some seconds at least.

Familiar of the Inner Realm – The scabbard and the katana vanishes in a bluish white flame and a giant armoured spectre – the spirit of the zanpakuto - appears somewhere near the wielder. The spectre is radiant bluish white and transparent, however the silhouette and general features are good visible through blue/violet outlines. It shares the vision of sight with the wielder, meaning that he – the wielder - gains two additional eyes. The spectre acts as the wielders protection and amour and excels in raw physical power using his hands and fist to fight. Apart from the shared vision the sturdy and very slow moving – you might say stationary - spectre has the ability to let out a silent roar, making a huge shockwave which doesn’t necessarily hurt but creates some space and breathing room by knocking back anything in range. The spectre can be summoned partially. If for example the wielder let only the silk around the scabbard burn, only the eyes – two blue flaming orbs - will appear already granting the wielder its sight. When one third of the katana and its scabbard at the tip are consumed it will let the head, the left shoulder and small portions of the torso appear. From there on – unlike before - the katana won’t be usable anymore, the katana will be gone completely and the yet tattered spectre reaches almost its full size having the head, both shoulders, left arm and hand, the right upper arm, a half complete torso and the ability to howl. When the rest of the scabbard is gone as well the spectres is released completely, having everything from the torso upwards, a complete amour and all abilities. The spectre consumes a lot of energy when dragged into the outside world, but like Chains of the mundane World the invested energy which had been used to build the spectre will be refunded when the release is cancelled. Unlike the other ability the spectre is refunding the energy cost very slowly, so the wielder can’t resummon the spectre for a period of time until he got enough energy back. When it is damaged heavily and/or losing limbs and armour-parts, using additional rejatsu will repair him, but the loss of rejatsu received from damage can’t be retrieved again. Total destruction of the guardian will deprive its wielder a great deal – most of the invested energy – of spiritual power. If this scenario occurs, he might resummon the spectre after a long period of recovery with anything he still got and the result would only be a tattered spectre, at least capable of using all of his abilities. The sheathed Katana will reappear again whenever the spectre vanishes.

Transcending Strike/Transcending Spirit (third slash) – Unsheathes the katana for a rapid strike once or twice. The blade consumes a massive amount of energy as long it is not sheathed, no refunding. The blade - even if the look doesn’t attract suspicion - is not solid but is consisting out of compressed vapour made of thousands and thousands of spiritual particles – each of their own is a blade - which can – if scattered accordingly - extend the length of the blade making the slash a close/medium/far ranged attack. The difficulty to keep the particles compressed into the form of a blade rises when the length is raised making the attack speed slower the longer the katana gets. It cuts through physical objects and also through spells. The energy cost rises exponentially as time passes with the katana unsheathed, making a single or a series of two strikes already very taxing, making three the absolute maximum with fatal consequence albeit the last strike is not restricted to any speed penalty. The cost of the unsheathed katana resets not immediately after it is back in its scabbard. A timeframe of approximately 15 seconds is needed, if the wielder wants to use this move with a lower tiring effect. Transcending Strike is the strongest attack Blade Shifter is capable of comparable to Getsuga Tenshou in bankai form at its fullest - no hollowfication - without fully reaching its level, trumping at least a “half-assed” Getsuga Tenshou. If for some reason the blade break or its wielder lets it out of his hands he will suffer a major loss of energy, not draining him empty or having the punishment when dealing three strikes in a row but ripping out a great chunk of power. Also the blade dematerializes and what is left is the hilt. Recreation of the blade takes a lot of time, making this attack temporarily unavailable. As long as the process is not finished the hilt has to be attached to the scabbard like if the blade is sheathed.

--- Strategy & Tactic ---

Non-special attacks are executed through punches with the gauntlet. The However Blade Shifter is not supposed to be used in close quarter combat, at least not in this kind of fashion. The Blade Shifter is capable of doing steady damage with its mid-ranged attacks. Because of its diverse abilities the wielder can react to many kinds of opponents. Its versatile attacks can be used without the exposure of defence. The chain acts as the defence and might also be used as a whip if the wielder sees the need for it. The rotating blades are the way to go if the wielder decides to attack. Depending on how many opponents the wielder has and how much space he has to cover its blades and chains the wielder has to decide how much energy he wants to spend into the creation of the chain segments and which of them he then uses for defence and which for offence. Using not enough segments might weaken his defence and even his offence, using too much might will restrict the energy he still can use for movement, kido and other things. Generally the wielder of Blade Shifter fights slightly defensive and observant but can also be used offensively. Its steady flow of attacks might also put the opponent into pressure and stresses his defences. The true strength of the zanpakuto lies in its cost efficiency and flexibility. A good defence or steady offence provides enough time for the user to spot the enemies weak spot and then use its versatile tools to exploit it. Its weakness might be the lack of power and “suddenness”. Someone with enough brute strength and/or offensive fire power might just crush the offence and the defence of the Blade Shifter.

In bankai mode the user can execute normal attacks also with the sheathed katana and its scabbard. The scabbard is great especially at parrying attacks. The general strategy of the weapon doesn’t change. The wielder now has a very reliable shield – the spectre - for incoming attacks that can’t be dodged or deflected with a “mere” chain – which the weapon lacks in its shikai mode and compensates for it in bankai mode. But as helpful as the spectre might be, the wielder can’t rely too much on him. The spectre can’t endure infinite punishment, and because of its size (about three times the height of the wielder and massive) it’s an easy target to hit. Also when summoned most of the energy of the wielder is focused in the guardian, the destruction of it renders the wielder helpless for quite some time. With Transcending Strike the wielder also now possesses a means of a strong and fast counterattack and poses a major thread to the opponent at any time – unlike in shikai mode, where the weapon had no immediate attacks – as he has to watch out for that move. But the usage of the move itself is risky and taxing; therefore it can’t be used on regular basis and demands precision.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Um...wow, that one makes many of mine look short. I'll work on a review later today, hopefully have it done tonight.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
GruntSquad92 (Blade Shifter) –


1) There’s a lot here, but a few pieces are missing in this puzzle. How large are the chain links? You say he can control it in attack and defense, does that mean he can move them without exerting direct physical force on them, and if so, how? If links of the chain are separated from the chain as a whole, can they still be sacked for a refund on their energy cost? How large is the blade that you can change these links into? You say the blades aren’t physical – does that mean they cannot be used to block or parry attacks? How are these swords controlled, if they have no actual physical form? How does it attack? Since the blades aren’t physical, how does the blade inflict damage? Can the cuts it inflicts be blocked, parried or dodged? Can he revert the blades directly back to energy, or do they need to be changed back into links before he can?

2) How large is the spell circle? How quickly is it formed? How many of these can exist at once? How many chain links are required to make the most basic form of this ability work? You say the seal can be improved, what’s the maximum power level by comparison to yours that can be affected? How complete is the imprisonment you create? Does it prevent them from moving, generating reiatsu, etc.?


1) Is the cost decreased linearly from the original amount, or by some other amount? No matter what the answer, you should define what that reduction is. How much quicker is the execution of that sealing technique? If it just slows now, how much does it slow? Is that slowing effect less on higher level opponents?

2) How large is the spectre? Define specifically how strong it is by comparison to the wielder. What are the limitations of this defense? Give some idea of how much physical and energy-based punishment it can take, as well as any possible holes in its armor. About how long does it take to refund the energy used to make the spectre, and does that rate change or stay the same depending upon how much of him you summon? When it is refunded and resummoned, are the injuries or armor damage it sustained regenerated, or do they persist? How much knockback does the roar cause? Does the release of the spectre consume all the necessary energy, or does it continuously spend energy?

3) What is the possible range of the blade? Also, give some idea of how the attack speed changes between lengths. Since this is a blade that can literally cut through anything (at least, that’s what I’m getting from it), knowing just how fast he’s capable of swinging them is essential to understanding it. This ability is really well defined in almost every area, though there is one particular portion of it that’s confusing. Since blade strikes are faster or slower based on the length of the blade, it should be possible to have a single strike take up the entire duration that it would take to kill the wielder, and also possible to strike many more times than the available 3. If that’s not the case, then it has less to do with the time it’s active and more to do with strikes in general, hence the confusion, and it matters quite a bit. Since you said the third strike can be at any length and move without a restriction, if that’s not fatal, it would basically be overpowered. Also, you should clarify whether or not multiple swings (i.e. the second) speed up the strike in the lead up to the fatal strike, though as I understand it, they do not.

All in all, it's a really fascinating blade with a lot of thought put into it. Don't take the lengthy review as a sign of major deficits - blades like this that have a lot of details involved tend to lead to extensive reviews. It's really well done.
over a year ago GruntSquad92 said…

1) Answers I can give without further working on the weapon:
Each link is 3.5 centimetres in breadth and 7 centimetres in length. Kinetic force is not necessary; the chain itself provides the means of energy transportation. However using a little strength from the arm can be very helpful in defence and especially in offence to get some force behind it. Imagine the chain itself is a muscle of some sorts; its source of power is the spiritual power of the wielder, which gets to the “muscle” through the gauntlet. To sack the cost of disjointed segments, the blade or the chain has to reattach itself unto the primary chain – which is still connected to the gauntlet – in the form of a chain segment – at the end of the chain there might be a blade, if additional segments are planned to reattach itself on the chain, this blade must first be changed back to a chain link. [The following question is answered below.] The blades are suited for a parry or a block as much as a kido destruction spell (take spell #33 for example) is. It’s like parrying a slash from an Axe with the tip of a knife. It’s difficult to hit the attack with the blade and then you have to hope that it had enough force behind it to actually make a difference. It is possible but not recommended. Also abilities that are immune to kido-typed attacks – say because it can absorb spiritual particles – can crush the blades quite easily unlike the chains. [The following question is answered below.] The blades can be rotated very fast to cut or halted to precisely pierce. Let say the kido spell blue fire crashdown pierces instead of explode. The damage of the blades would be comparable. With “not physical” I meant that it is not consisting of matter like steel but is more volatile (and shiny). It can be dodged, it can be parried, it can be blocked.

Things I had to change because it weren’t thought-out enough:
The whole projectile is now consisting out of two segments each. It looks like a curved blade (14 centimetres long) similar to a combat knife – its hilt is replaced with a second identical blade. These blades are controlled the way how quinceys for example could move spiritual particles to form a corporal item or how Matsumoto is apparently moving Heineko.

2) The maximum would be a circle with a radius of 2.5 metres. The casting time is about 30 seconds. The capacity of spiritual power the wielder has restricts him – me – to about 4 circles. However he won´t be able to fight in any way anymore, no movement possible. 15 Segments are necessary to create the most basic seal. The wielder can imprison every one at about 30 percent of his current rejatsu level and below. If he raises his rejatsu to a maximum he might as well imprison someone who is not weaken at all (take for example someone who is sleeping). The seal is preventing the imprisoned to move and interferes seriously in how well someone can form his or her rejatsu. Generating rejatsu is still possible. Imagine a pipe under high pressure with water in it. Little cracks here and there from which waters pours out. That’s the way rejatsu can be generated by the prisoner. How strong the imprisoned is determines how much pressure is on the pipe and how many cracks are on it. The imprisoned might free him- or herself when generating great amounts of rejatsu.


1) The cost is decreased by a fixed amount (20 percent) and then the exponential curve the cost takes in a graph gets … flatter(?). (Random numbers here just for demonstration purposes) Change f(x) = 1x + b into f(x) = 0.4 x + (b - 20%).

f(x) = total energy used at x amount of segments
x = segments
b = cost of energy that has to be spend independent on how many segments are created already

The cast time decreases to about 5 seconds. The seal still operates the way like in its shikai form. What I meant is that the wielder uses the seal to slow the enemy down by temporarily shutting off the movements of the enemy – even if the wielder knows too well that the opponent just frees him/herself again. Stronger opponents are capable of breaking the seal faster.

2) The spectre is about 6 metres tall and has a massive body structure. Let say the wielder has a strength of 100% (the average shinigami has120%) then the spectre has 2500% muscle strength.

A blow of Kokujō Tengen Myō'ō (the bankai of komamura) pretty much destroys the spectre completely. Getsuga Tenshou in bankai (no hollowfication) might destroy a part of the body armour. A quick series of 5 of them might destroy the spectre if the wielder for whatever reason decides not to spend rejatsu to repair the guardian or wasn’t able to. You know the summoning technique of Susanoo from the Uchiha-Clan in Naruto? You could compare my spectre with Susanoo.

The speed of the refunding depends highly on how much energy were spend. The less energy was used the faster it is to recover, the more energy the slower, just a few seconds if the spectre was in the state of just having one fully operational arm. If the entire spectre was released it takes about a minute, maybe a little less. It doesn’t depend on how much damage the spectre took when resummoned when you want to know what his state is then. The more important question is how much energy you have used. If you fully summon the spectre which consumes about 60-70% of spiritual power, after its destruction you never can resummon him again in its full form without recovery. If you spent about 10% and it gets destroyed, you might resummon him undamaged after some seconds of recovery. Independent on how much energy you have – even if you are at full energy - there is a timeframe of around 10 seconds after spectre-disappearance you can’t resummon him. I don’t know how to express how much knockback there is from the howl. It’s like if my spectre had somehow dropkicked the enemy which knocked him back about 30-40 metres. That would be appropriate I think *nods*. The spectre actually doesn’t “consume”. He is made off that energy. The energy is going nowhere except besides the wielder. Only for movement of the spectre there is a real consumption of energy. It can be the energy still within the wielder or even that which is actually used on the spectre already – which shrinks his amour with time however.

3) You nailed it quite right. The maximum range is about 40 metres. At that range it really uses up the entire duration with a single strike. I’m referring to close/medium range when I spoke of 2/3 strikes of about 10 metres and below. The second strike doesn´t speed up the final one. The point being the third strike having no restrictions is actually quite simply me desperately wanting an attack that expresses the freedom of mind and soul in the form an attack ability at the very edge of ones limits and beyond (that’s sooo cool!). I am aware that I lack explanation there but didn´t come up with anything good yet but I wanted to present my zanpakuto. Also Transcending Strike doens´t cut through anything. If I had tried cutting Aizen the blade would break immediately. If used it cuts or breaks, no other option.
over a year ago GruntSquad92 said…
Also: thanks for the review. actually its way more satisfiing then see someone say/write: "oh, cool". you spend quite some effort to understand my weapon, i appreciate it.

When i worked on the weapon i used my personality as a guide and picked and choose things that fits me/suits me/looks great on me.
i´m not unique in that sense but i have different tastes which i tried to express in my weapon. designing the shikai was pretty much a pain in the ass as i overdid it so often. mine is still pretty "decent" when compared to the spear demon light from ikaku, kaze shini from hisagi or renjis weapon which all just switch appearance with no additional power....

shinigami powers were categorized into 4 main aspects: sword-techniques, movement-techniques, kido and hand-to-hand combat techniques. I realized that most people tend to make speed-sword zanpakutos which is quite similar to Ichigo. I like swords also so i came up beeing different by choosing Kido and Hand-to Hand with the visuals of a "swordmaster". the wielder of blade shifter is actually a spell caster, well.. a sword caster, furthmore restricted to summoning and sealing which is not picked that often also. I summon blades and chains, i´m using "sword" like a mage uses fire balls. I summon the spirit of my sword which is sealed within my blade in bankai mode (its actually the spirit i shoot with transcending strike). the mightiest attack is a simple albeit far sword strike.

influences came from many many sources (i worked on that zanpakuto for about... when did i started to watch bleach? when the bounto came i think). most recent and impactful influence came from devil may cry and god of war