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jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Killerbee21 (Doragon no O) –

1) How far away does it have this effect? At further ranges, does it still cause damage?
2) How fast does it launch? Does it still act as flames without burning? Do they spread like flames? Can they be put out like flames? How fast does the blast move at range? How quickly does it burn away energy? How quickly does it eat away at zanpakuto?
3) So they just have to look directly at the sword for this to happen?
4) Which physical objects can it burn through? Do these spread like normal flames?

1) What rate are we talking about? And how does it affect? Is it just from touch, or do the flames have to touch and spread across the area, or do attacks have to land? It can’t be unlimited, otherwise one touch would remove all of their energy, which is pretty overpowered. For both Yin and Yang, you have to provide some limitation and more explanation.
2) So does this shot home in on the opponent, or does it just shoot linearly out of the wielder’s hands? How fast does it move? How large is it? Does this cause similar damage to each individual flame, or is it enhanced? How often can it be fired?
3) Automatically overpowered. Any ability that has no way out and absolutely certain death is going to be overpowered, and this seems to be that kind of ability. If there’s no way for him to fight off the dragons in your inner world, he might as well have died just from entering the black hole. This either has to be extremely hard to get opponents to go into, or there has to be a way to win the internal fight that is somewhat reasonable.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Ichigo131 (Seishitsu wa Haaku)

1) How many vines can you create using this? Must the sword stay in the ground to control them? Can they be destroyed like normal vines?
2) How powerful is this cocoon? What kind of damage can it take before it’s penetrated, and can you still attack while this is defending you?

1) So what’s the enhancement here, that you can use it for offense and defense at the same time, or what?
2) You should try to make this a little bit more your own, because right now it is exactly the same as Senbonzakura. Try adding something where this inflicts special cuts on the foes but has far fewer leaves than Senbonzakura had, might make it more interesting.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Des-Sed (Kami no me)

1) Makes sense.
2) Give some idea of how much this ups his reaction speed. A multiplication of the speed that he normally would register and react to something would work just fine.

1) Does this allow you to see through the ground as well? In general, visibility in all directions over a 100 meter diameter is quite a lot, but I could see it being a problem if you were unable to see beyond that sphere. Is that the case, or are you capable of seeing distances beyond that in front of you.
2) Alright, this one’s overpowered. In general, any instant teleportation ability can be abused in a big way (teleport with your blade right next to a person’s throat and they have no time to escape it), but when you have instant reactive skills and complete vision of the entire area in which you can teleport, the only out for any opponent is to fight you from outside that range. And considering you have the ability to dodge even extremely fast ranged attacks due to the 100 meter visibility in all directions, that’s not even very effective. The only out I see for anyone fighting this bankai as written is for them to wait out the 6 minutes at tremendous range.

I think you’ve made an interesting blade, it just has to have reasonable limits included.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Ichigosuke (Tsubasa) –

Shikai: So what kind of speed boost are we talking about normally? Does this have any effect on the speed of his shunpo? What’s the speed boost provided specifically by the ability, and how difficult is it for him to stop after starting to use it?

Bankai: So how easy is it for him to change direction? Must he still move linearly each time? Is the wave of air easily visible to the opponent? How fast does it move?

(Ikkukusai) –

Shikai: So does this hit with concussive force? How fast does the burst of wind move?

1) How fast does this move? Due to the way it’s shot out of the hammer, can the direction be changed as a result of just swinging your arms to point the hammer in a different direction?
2) How large is the radius that this occurs in? Does the whirlwind exist simply laterally around him, or above him as well? Does this simply repel, or does it do some damage?
3) What kind of damage is caused by the explosion? How large of an area does the explosion cover?
over a year ago ddarksonic675 said…
big smile
ty for the review Whiteflame. i'm working on some other zanpaktos and i'll try to get them out soon.

Shikai: Yes the glass is like normal glass and if it breaks it stops making the fluid.

1) Yes anyone can drink it for effect, the user has to let them drink it they can't take it and get an effect, and onlty one of these is active on a person at a time. These will last until shikai is stoped or someone takes another drink for a differnt effect.

2) yes the can be destroyed and there bodies are solid. They can not be reverted back in to and the animals are just like the real versions of the animals so they move at the speed the animal would.

3) Yes any kido can be used and no there are no size limtations.


1) When they are in the top the are the same color as the spell so mabe. Yes but if you tried to shoot a whole bunch out at once they would be touching as they came out, due to the staffs size, and that might have bad effects like them blowing up.

a. 8 of the hornets fly out a second and they can send out as much as they want but the reshi cost is based on how many come out and there is a max of 300.

b. Yes they don't need to be at the center and only if there standing on it do they get the effects. The effect of the circle go 10 feet down but yes.

c.Ok so the water it self does not move it works kinda like a tv screen it's only like a mirror before they put the item in i think my wording with this might have been confusing. The zooming would be like a camera zooming in on them. With this the main effect is the ability to find anyone and spy on them and the paranoid effect is a side effect of someone being watched and the water recognizes the real owner of it so if for example if soi fon took a book from renji and the user took it from soi fon then used the ability on it then they couldn't see soi fon only renji.

d.If the user said to attack someone and they weren't there, the user discribed them and they looked alike then yes that could happen or if the user and the person they are attacking look alike and they get turned around or something but the user can re command them to stop. Once entering bankai all will come out unless the user doesn't want them to.

3) They are as hard to destroy as a platinum ring but if they are crushed it will count as destroying it. The reshi is part of there max reshi so if they give 20% of there max then there new max would be only 80% of what it was.
over a year ago rantora13 said…
big smile
well i have a update from a previous zanpakuto i made a while ago(page 57 i think)and this for the forum bleach the fallout.and yes i know there are alot of yin and yang style zanpakutos but remeber this one has been around for more then a 100 pages so cant say i copied cuz i could have had this thought before some of other ones.but its oni based rly

zanpakuto:kagutoshi(oni lord)
description:3 1/2 ft with a slight curve at the end of the handle has a trinagular gaurd.

realease command:"spring foruth"
zanpakuto change:changes into a 5ft long lance with black and red spirial strips all the way up it.
1st ability-shinkukai(crimson blood wave)a high concentatrion,i pressured wall of spirit energy that is a high arching wave when the lance is swung.
2d ability-maharaji buki(marage weapon)the base of the lance becomes invisible(do to intense friction and vibrations)

bankai:yinyodo(art of yin and yang)
physical change:samurai armour,2x speed,2x streangth,and 3 horns on forehead.
weapon change:becomes 2 duel konabo's.
1 white-and other black(of course)
1st ability-krukao(sky boom)
the white konabo can generate a sonic boom which stuns all in the range. 20 ft range travels at 300 mph and has a 10 sec stun 3 sec cooldown.
2nd ability:
the black when comes in contact with enything burns in a black flame or can be internaly maifested in which the user is surounded by a flaming arura which can be minupulated(such as fireballs,contenst stream of flame,fire sword ect)

vermillion state:used as last resort(only once per 3 days)

physical change:fire on hands,sholders,feet horns grow larger spikes form on elbows sholders,forearms,and back.
5x speed,5x streangth.

weapon changes:konabo's meld colors,a red strip spirials up the 2 konabos and spikes form on them.

passive ability:
the krukao(sky boom)radiaus increasees now 40 ft,and the speed is 350 mph 15 sec stun.

kirikarida(mist body) body turns to mist for 10 sec travels at 50 mph and has a minute cool down time.

honokiri(blaze mist)a mix of kirikarada and the black fire of the black konabo travels at same speed as kirikarida.

well hopefully this is not to much or is a imprivement.will be waiting for the overall judgment from someone in the fallout forum.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Rantora13 (Kagutoshi) –

1) How wide is the wave? How tall is it? What kind of damage does this cause on hitting the opponent? What’s the range that this goes out to?
2) How much of the lance is “the base”? Does this portion of the staff hit harder when it strikes? Does it do anything beyond turning invisible over this portion?

Bankai: So just to start, this bankai has too much in it. If I count abilities in it that are enhanced versions others as full abilities, it has 7 in bankai alone. That’s far too much, but I’ll go through each of them and try to give some advice about what to do.
1) So the first ability is technically the 2x speed and 2x strength increase. It’s not necessarily a problem, but these sorts of upgrades aren’t very innovative. You can keep it, but I’ll get to what I think you should do on ability 4.
2) What we have here is an overpowered ability, but I’ll get to that more on ability 5.
3) What is the difference between these flames and normal flames? Can these be put out using normal means to stop a fire? When it’s active in this flaming aura manifestation, does the kanabo (make sure you spell that correctly so that everyone understands what it looks like) still have the ability to burn anything it touches, and if so, why not just have the flaming aura be constantly active? If he’s already wielding two one-handed weapons, why would he want to create a fire sword? Where do the fireballs and streams of fire come from? Is there any harm to overusing this ability?
4) The first problem I see here is that this is just a basic upgrade of the first ability. There’s nothing special about it beyond a change in looks, which really doesn’t mean much. The second is that there’s no time limit on this. Sure, he cannot use it for 3 days after he deactivates it, but without a time limit, there’s nothing necessarily harmful about that. My suggestion is that you make an ability that goes along similar but slightly different lines. This could be active immediately upon the bankai’s activation, and can’t be deactivated unless you leave bankai. The spikes it creates might vanish over time during use, reducing the power and speed of the wielder as it goes. Let’s say, for example, that you start off at 5x. After a minute at that level, you lose a series of spikes that reduce you to 4x, and continues on that path. The longer it’s active, the more its reduced. That way, if you have it active for, say, 5 minutes, you’re back down to 1x, and after that, you’re reduced to lower power levels than you initially started with. It’s just a thought, but I think it would provide some uniqueness to your idea.
5) I mentioned that ability 2 was overpowered, and this is even more so. 10 seconds of paralysis is a death sentence to anyone who can’t utilize their abilities with their minds, 15 seconds may even be death to them. Even with the short-ish radius you provided in both, the enhanced speed you get in bankai makes it obscenely easy to get them within that range, and the speed of the boom is more than enough to catch someone trying to escape quickly. Especially since there’s no harm to the wielder whatsoever from using this, it just has too many opportunities to be utilized in such a way as to easily kill them. While your blades can’t slice, in bankai, the blows that you can deal out are no less deadly.
6) So what does the mist body allow? Can you not be affected by certain attacks during this phase? Can you use special attacks? Why does this form matter?
7) I’m even more confused by this one. How does mist mix with black fire to cause a tornado? How large is the tornado? How far does it go? Does it expand as it moves?

Overall, there’s a lot of specificity missing here, but the main problem is the bankai needs to be redone in a big way. You can keep a few abilities, but do bring it down to 3 abilities and no more. I think it's odd that a blade like this that is supposed to be a yin-yang styled blade doesn't really have any elements of that in here (beyond a pair of black and white weapons, the abilities themselves aren't opposite each other).
last edited over a year ago
over a year ago Pysen123 said…
It's my first so dont get your hopes up.

Zanpakuto: booryoku no kinzoku (Force of Metal)

Shikai: tsuyomemasu, booryoku no kinzoku! (Strengthen, Force of Metal)

Shape: The zanpakuto changes into a pair of gloves who covers the whole forearms. They are mostly grey but a bit black on the back (have to do homework so im trying to be quick ^_^)

Ability 1. (main/passive)
The gloves interact with all kind of energi around them (not that wide radius but maybe half a meter around them) and uses it to increase physical abilities of the user. (The improvements depends on how much energi absorbed)

Ability 2/3.
The energi absorbed can be used to launch a blast attack called "hassei" As i am trying to do this quick, The blast is similar to chads blast. It is launched from the palm btw. The radius depends on the energi absorbed. The third part of the ability is only that the energi can be made into "pure" energi, in other words you can use the energi for kido.

Bankai: booryoku no seiryoku (Force of Energi)

Bankai shape: Well the gloves gets a tiny bit longer. And it also adds boots up to the knee who looks kind of the same.

Bankai ability change 1:
Instead of just the gloves the absorb area is around the whole body with about half a meter from the body.

Bankai ability 2:
As it keeps its shikai abilities there should only be one new ability. And that is the "makoto hassei". It takes most of the energi from the user (atleast so he can stand) And uses it in one attack. The attack is formed as a very small ball. On impact it expands almost instantly. The ball becomes so big it will probably swallow the target whole (It doesn't fly around or anything, it needs to be pressed on the target) (if he didnt counter it ofc). The damae deponds on the amount of energi. but a usual (no other energi then the user) size of the expanded ball would probably be a bit bigger then a full-sized human.

Ty, and leave alot of weird questions xP
over a year ago onix11 said…
Name: Bara Shiro(White Rose)
Age: 50(looks 23)
Height: 5’7
Weight: Unknown
Hair: White
Eyes Blue
Description: Bara is a lean and beautiful shinigami. She wears her Shingami out fit with a white rose pinned to her left shoulder. She is a very friendly and persuasive person. Using he looks to their full potential to get what she wants. She flirts with everyone (even women) but has feelings toward Hunter Cabal. When she is in a fight, every move she makes has a very graceful appearance to it. She’s also not afraid to get a bit dirty to do her job.
Zanpakuto Name: Ketsueki Bara (Blood Rose)
Apperance: IN its sealed form the blade looks almost completely white as does the handle and hand guard. The hand guard is the shape of a rose. When its shikai, the blade looks the same. Only a single drop of blood can fully release the blade. Once blood is on the blade, the entire weapon turns completely crimson.
Shikai Ability 1: Ketsueki Keikyoku (Blood Thorns) Bara chants this phrase, causing the blood on her blade to start moving. She launches thorns made of hardened blood by slashing or thrusting. Each thorn is two inches long and one inch thick. From one attack she can launch up to 50 thorns. If she does three attacks she is allowed to send 150 thorns. If the thorns make contact, they disperse a coagulant into the blood stream, blocking arteries and veins. If hit by more than 100 of them, you will begin to become light headed, and your movements will be sluggish. If two hundred hit, you will almost stop moving and die a slow and painful death.
Shikai Ability 2: Ketsueki Kiri (Blood Mist) The blood on the blade begins to boil and turns into a mist. This mist is poisonous to everyone but the weilder and more than 7 seconds of breathing it will fill the enemies’ lungs with blood. This attack is dangerous because allies would be affected by this as well. This move has a half a fifty yard circumference.
Shikai Ability 3: Ketsueki Tengai (Blood Dome) The wielder of the zanpakuto uses the blood on it to draw a circle. They then place a dot in the center of the circle and it creates a dome. The dome is the same size as the circle drawn, but can be no smaller than 25ft around. The ceiling is fifty yards tall. While in the dome, Bara is able to make blood clones of herself that can actually fight. She can also open portals of blood that allow her to transport to any part. This ability only last five minutes long.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Pysen123 – (Booryoku no Kinzoku)

1) How can energy be absorbed? Does it just take it from the air normally? Can it absorb, for example, a full cero fired at you? Can it absorb energy-based abilities from another zanpakuto? Can it absorb energy from someone or something you touch? If so, how quickly? How are physical abilities enhanced? Is it just strength, or is speed also enhanced?
2) Can you select only a portion of the energy to fire like this, or are you required to fire it all at once? Can the energy be used to enhance both defensive and offensive kido?

1) Same questions from Shikai 1.
2) What’s the size of the small ball? I understand that it can be dodged, but can it be blocked, or will it automatically expand when blocked?
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Onix11 (Ketsueki Bara) –

1) How quickly do the thorns fly from this? Do they all fly grouped together in one direction, or can they be spread out along the length of the sweep of the blade? I get that you’re providing a lot of specificity for what the coagulant would do as more thorns hit them, but I have a hard time believing it. If you’re coagulating blood in the back of a person’s hand in some capillary, that’s going to cause much less harm than in, say, the aorta or one of the main arteries leading to the brain. I’d be more of a generalist here, you don’t need to be so specific on how many it takes to cause damage (especially considering that even 1 could kill a person if it struck the right spot based on how it’s written).
2) Does the mist move with the wielder? Can she create multiple mists like this? How high does the cloud of mist extend? Is the mist rather obvious (will the opponent see a red haze in the area)? How quickly does it expand out from the blade? I’m left uncertain as to hwo someone might clear their lungs of blood after they’ve been partially filled (even if a seventh of their lungs are filled with blood after just one second, it can still stop their breathing relatively easily if enough of it fills the air sacs in the lungs). You might want to include something about the blood draining out if it doesn’t completely fill up.
3) Is the opponent trapped within the dome as long as they are inside? Is the dome itself a physical entity that can be both seen and touched? Can more than one of these be created at a time? How powerful are these blood clones by comparison to the wielder? Can they be destroyed similarly to the wielder herself? Can they feel pain? How many can be created? How quickly are they spawned? How quickly are the portals spawned?
over a year ago rantora13 said…
okay fixed it.

naiatoni(oni knight)
a 3ft in a half with a slight curced handle.

"enrage naiatoni!!"
chaniges into a 5ft lance with a sprial up the senter

shinku kai(crimson wave)a high pressure wave of crimson sprit energy
covers 10ft,if hit full contact possible bone break if crazed possible fracture,4ft high goes out 10ft.

manajui nuki(marage weapon)the base(4ft of the 5 ft lance)becomes invisible and when struck on appoent the damage increases by .5 persent possible fracture or sprane in designated strike spot

bankai-rankira maou(tigerkiller overlord)tiger striped armor fangs 3 horns,flaming hands and feet.

duel konabo,with 5 spikes on each gains 5x speed and streangth each minute spike falls off and i lose a x until no more and i return to original state bankai last 5 mins

krukao(skyboom)the konabo's can generate a sonic boom that ruptures the opponets nervious system which lowers the oppnoents speed by 10% each minute for thge time the bankai is activated.

maou hoho(overlord flame)--blacj enextingresible flaames cover my body as a aura and can be streamed for 15ft thru my hands or mouth.flames last on oppnoent till end of bankai,heat is of 3rd degree burns.

hope this is better
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
rantora (naiatoni) -


1) I understand the ability, but only after deciphering the way you wrote it. Here's an example of how it could be written to make it clearer: "A swing of the lance launches a high pressure wave of crimson spirit energy that is 10 feet wide and 4 feet high, going 10 feet ahead of him before dissipating. On contact, it causes heavy concussive damage that can break bones." What's missing is the speed, which is still not specified.
2) I'll be honest, this makes even less sense than it did originally. When I think "the base of the staff," I don't think 4/5ths of the whole length. It makes me wonder why you didn't just ascribe this ability to the full length of the lance. I think you made a mistake in terms of the amount of increase as well, since ".5 percent" increased damage isn't a whole lot. Even 5% seems relatively small for something wielded by a Squad 0 member.

1) You have to put something in here that says he can't immediately reactivate the ability after the 5 spikes disappear. Either make it impossible, or give a lag time.
2) ...You actually removed important information here. What's the speed of the shockwave? What's the range? Can this be used continuously? How is the shockwave produced? Is the shockwave visible? As for the changes, you've got to be careful with the language you use. "Rupture" makes me think of physical damage, and pain. Lots of it. What you're trying to say here is that anyone hit by it has their nervous reaction speed slowed. As for the stacking effect, do they need to remain in range of the shockwave for it to continuously stack, or does their speed remain low even outside of its range? Can the effect fade? How long does it take to do so?
3) "Inextinguishable" (yes, that's how it's spelled) is a problem. The idea that the flames absolutely cannot be put out makes for difficulties. If the flame even touches a person's skin, it will spread until the person cuts off that piece of their body or it covers their body. It's even worse as an aura, since that means anyone in melee range will automatically be ignited. I'm also unsure if this can cause any harm to an opponent's zanpakuto. The ability to launch it from your hands without (apparently) any harm or energy lost by the wielder is even more of a problem, since I don't know how fast it moves and how large the blast is. A fire ability like this is fine, but you need to tone it down.

Since this is a Squad 0 blade, I'd like to make sure it's completely signed off on before you bring it into the story. Make sure this blade gets my approval before you post on him, and you can start sending new drafts to me instead of posting from here on out.
over a year ago Hadez17 said…
Well i came up with another blade lets see what others think.

Zanpakuto Name: Tranquil Tsunami

Release command: Rush

Bankai Name: Furious River Tranquil Wave

Appearance: Unreleased the blade is a basic katana with a deep blue sheath and Deep blue handle. The guard is relatively circular with a design of two waves opposite of each other flowing around the center point of the guard. In Shikai the blade is mostly the same shape as a katana only is sharp on both edges and has a little more of a elongated point to it at the tip. In Bankai the handle changes to that of a Tai chi sword. The guard looks like waves breaking. The guard is light blue with a small amount of white where the waves are breaking. The handle is the same dep blue as unreleased and shikai. The blade is replaced with a highly pressurized length of water that is equivalent size and shape of a Tai chi sword.

Shikai Aiblities

Ability One: At same time of activation of shikai a mass of water is produced. This water is 3-4 inches deep and spreads out across a 30 foot radius from the user. The water moves with the user at the same speed as the user in same direction. This water is also infused with the users own spiritual energy enough to make it unusable as elemental water for others abilities. Also It cannot be frozen or evaporated by any other source. This water stays when the user enters bankai and returns to the original position after it is used for the other shikai or bankai ability. If the area is too small for the water to spread out across the ground then it becomes deeper. The water is stagnate when on ground. The water also stays with the user if he is in the air.

Ability Two: The users blade is always coated in a blue energy that seems to behave relatively like water and almost has a shimmer like light reflecting off of water. This energy tranquilizes everything it comes in contact with. If it is energy attacks it lowers their strength. At its base it makes a Kido spell as if it is 3 levels lower and any non kido attack a similar amount of reduction occurs. The user can increase the amount of spiritual energy he puts into this aura which makes the energy look deeper blue to a navy blue at its most powerful. At this point it can lower a kido down 15 levels or similar effects to energy attacks. Also anybody who is struck with the blade while infused with the aura will have some of their energy drained. Passively its as if using a level 5 kido and when maximized like using a level 20 kido per time the enemy comes in contact with the aura. For even weaker willed people the aura will cause them to loose their desire to fight.The enemy loses energy only once per contact with the aura and cannot have their energy drained by having the blade stabbed in them and held there. The blade must make contact with either the energy attack or an opponent for the drain to occur.

Ability Three: When the user dips their blade into the water created by his first ability or in to any other water source the water fallows the blade. This means if they dip one foot of the blade down in the water the the water fallows the one foot of the blade that was submerged. When dipping the blade any natural barrier does not stop the submerging of the blade. (The user thus can dip their whole blade straight down in the 4 inches of water) After pulling the blade back up the water forms a stream that goes from the part of the blade that was dipped down to the location in water that it was dipped in. As long as the blade is moving the water continues to be connected to the blade. When the user strikes with the blade that is being trailed by the water the force is increased several times (Essentially the weight of the water behind the blade makes the blade strike harder) When doing this ability all the water that was created trails behind in a long stream (Assuming the user moves enough to cause all the water to be sucked up) Maneuvers such as swiping the blade to cause the water to act like a thick whip and strike the opponent are also possible. Finally the user can mentally release the water forcing it to go in the direction of the swing or thrust of the blade up to the 30 foot distance. After the water is released it behaves like normal water would until it settles down back to the 3-4 inches of water for the 30 foot radius like in shikai ability one. Finally when using this ability the second shikai ability cannot be used at same time. When using this ability the user can controll all the water produced and up to twice the amount in natural water. Natural water has half the effect as the water he produces. Also As a base the strikes used after the water is added are 4x stronger and if he is using all possible water in it to help him it is 10x stronger.

Bankai Abilities

Ability one: This ability functions just like the shikai third ability but also has two additional uses to the ability.First the user quickly flicks the tip of his blade through the water a few times causing the water to rise up and surround him. He then charges forward with White water whipping around him like many jagged saw blades. (not to take away from the uniqueness of the ability but a good visual would be the Fang over Fang ability Kiba from Naruto uses) Anything that comes in contact with this barrier of water will get cut and or shredded. The maneuverability for this ability is very similar to a Semi-truck. It takes wide arcs to turn and is hard to knock off course. The attack moves at about kido speed. When using this ability like in shikai's third ability all the water is used up in the surrounding on the user. The user can stop moving and release the water which continues forward for 5 feet and disperses. After dispersion the water returns to its original state. Second The user can dip their blade in the water and flick it up in an arcing like motion sending an arc of water from where they are to any location within 30 feet of them. When the water arc is created it surrounds the user and is relatively arms width wide. When using this ability all the water in the area is used up to make the arc. When using this ability the user can transport him self at triple shunpo speed to the other point where the arc touches the ground. When transporting an image of the user moving flashes through the arc to the destination. Finally these two abilities cannot be used within 10 seconds of each other.

Ability Two: The user can fire the highly pressurized blade off the handle of his blade in a straight line. The projectile travels at double kido speed. Like highly pressurized water the projectile has better than average penetration ability. The projectile travels up to 40 feet. At 30 foot range it does maximum damage. between 30 and 35 it does half damage and above 35 feet it is just a jet of water splashing maybe leaving a bruise. After firing the blade the user can reform it by summoning some water from around him to the blade. Reforming takes a couple seconds but is instant if the user dips the guard of his blade in water. Also the blade doesn't leave clean cuts on flesh or similar textures and instead shreds through it. Clean cuts still occur on solid objects.

Ability Three: Like the Second Shikai the user can create a blue watery like energy aura around his blade that suppresses energy. Now as a base it reduces Kido or other energy attack by 10 levels and maxed by 30 levels. When struck by the blade opponents passively feel as if they loose energy equivalent to using a level 10 kido and maxed lose energy equal to a level 25 kido. Additionally the user can channel this ability through the water used for his other attacks (only when attacking not when its pooled on the ground) and slowly drain the energy of the opponent at the same rates. The enemy loses energy only once per contact with the aura and cannot have their energy drained by having the blade stabbed in them and held there.

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over a year ago Ichigosuke said…
Hey guys. Im gonna post some unfinished ideas. If anyone has suggestions as to how to complete them., do tell me.

Name: Ibarano Kanmuri (THorn Crown)

Shikai: Seki! Ibarano Kanmuri (Sting! THorn Crown)
In shikai, an ivy thorn "rope" emerges fro, the hilt, and circles the hilt and blade until it reashs the top of the blade.
Upon command, the thorns on the sword grow up to about 15 centimeters long. THey do so very fast.
He has one skil, called Ibarano Dakiaau (Thorn Hug): THe vine unleashs from the sword in a spin, leaving only the edge connected to the hilt.
Then, he slashs it so it surrounds the opponent and binds him, then he grows the thorns and thus inflicts huge damadge to the enemy.

Bankai: Ibarano Kanmuri no Shinrin Kimi (THorn Crown of the Forest King)
In bankai, his whole body becomes ingulfed in thick thorn vines. He ends up looking like some sort of evil treant.
In bankai, He can grow thorns like before from any part of his body. Also, he gets a few new skills and techniques:
1) Ibaratsume (Thorn Claw): His fingers, which already look like long sharp thorns, grow another 20 centimeters very fast,
making his close range even greater. It also lets him cut up stuff more easily. He can turn it on/off with no delay.
2) Togu Shushi (Sharp Seed): In bankai, he can eject very small seeds from his body, which he can plant in anything.
Every thing that has a seed in it, he can, at any time, Sharpen. This means, that for example, if he plants a seed in a small round pebble,
throw it and make it take a thorn like shape mid air.

Shinigami: Zoh Ikkima, The "Black Dog"

Name: Kuroinu (Black Dog)

Shikai: Tsuikyuusuru! Kuroinu (Pursue! Black Dog)
In shikai, the sword becomes a pure black hunting dagger. One side of the blade is spiky, like a saw, and the other is normal. (Like the pic below)
His Ability is called Tsuikyuu (Pursuit): It lets him momenteraly increase one of his senses to a very high level.
When he applies this to touch, it can have 2 affects:
1) It lets him feel vibrations in the air with his skin, thus he can anticipate when will it rain, how strong, from where will the wind blow, etc....
2) THe other effect lets him momentarly incrase his physical capabilities. He uses this for short speed bursts.
THus, he can use it to hear everything, smell everything, see anything, etc...
In battle, he usually uses or the touch sense, or the sight.

Bankai: Kuroinu Shuryouka (Black Dog Hunter)
In bankai, his sword stays the smae, although now, he gets a black tail and black dog ears.
(Which is why he hates using his bankai, as people find him funny and cute like that XD)
In bankai, all his senses are hightened to the level of about half what they were when he activated the ability in shikai.
THis means his senses are way beyond that of a human, although they are not godlike.
THe only thing he retains in full is Touch sense, which is maxed out in bankai.
He can sense atmospheric changes, as well as he has amazing leg and arm power.
He retains his shikai ability, only now it makes his senses just a bit better than before.
In bankai, he gets the New Ability: "HeadHunter":
THis ability gives him 5 special increases to his senses. He can only use 1 at a time, and when he does, his other senses are all dulled to a very low level.
Here are his abilitys:
1) Vision: Sight Increase: He can now see through objects for up to 400 meters away from him.
2) Dogs Nose: Smell Increase: He can now sniff something, and if it has the same scent as another thing, he can sense that things location.
For example, if he has a part of someones robes, he can sniff out their robes.
3) Blast Volume: Hearing Increase: He can hear now so good, even a fly landing on his leg. He can retain this for just about 30 seconds, before the overwhelming
amount of sound will start damaging his ears.

Name: Haguruma (Gear)

Shikai: Kaiten! Haguruma (Spin! Gear)
In shikai, his sword changes into a 8 direction gear.
First of all, he can spin his gear so fast its a blur. He usually uses this style to fight, becuase of the speed it can cut up pretty well.
Secondly, he also can throw it while its spinning. It will fly in a sort of circle back to him.
But his real ability in Shikai is called: Gono Isshun Saisei (5 Second Replay):
This ability lets him teleport instantly to any place he was in up to 5 seconds ago.
Also, his physical state is restored to that of 5 seconds ago. He has to wait 2 seconds between each activation.
He can also use this ability on his zanpakuto. THat means he can throw it, then teleport it back to confuse and strike the enemy.
This may seem op, but the way to strike him is to inflict wounds for more than 5 seconds, then he cant do anything about it.

Bankai: Haguruma no Jikan (Gears of Time)
In bankai, his gear turns gold. Also, he can now teleport up 2 10 seconds instead of 5.
He gains a few new abilitys:
1) Rasen no Saisei (Spiral Replay): He throws his gear. Then, his gear starts burning in gold lightning like flames.
He then proceeds to use a very special kill, only avaible in this attack.
When he throws it, all the differant courses it can do appear as hazes.

Name: Saishuueki (Last Stop) {Yeah, I know its actually train stop, but jeezus, it sounds cool doesnt it? saishuueki? eh?}

Shikai: Tomaru! Saishuueki (Halt! Last Stop)
He slashs the blade and a loud sound is heard, followed by a strong wave of air.
When the sound is gone, the sword is shown to have changed into a sword like in the pic below, only its blade is white and the hilt is blue.
Also, he has a small blue orb fixed in the blade, near the tsuba, whre the blade changes its width direction.
In shikai, his ability is to send out a sort of sound wave, it sounds like a whistle.
What it really does is it slows down the world for him while its sounded. What this means is it will look for the opponent as though he can
suddenly read all his movements for short periods of times as he sees them in slow mo.
For the enemy, it will seem as though he can see his moves before he does them. THats becuase of the slow mo effect, it lets him respond to attacks and such much better.
over a year ago ichigo131 said…
whiteflame55 are you complete idiot or are you just annoying and have to pick on every little thing. Either way i am going to explain it to you, first is Kuro no Inazuma

your first question was "How does “lightning speed” compare to normal speed?" well i must say your are an idiot, compared to normal speed lightning speed increases your speed so much that you literally appear in different places faster than shunpo.

second question was "How is lightning shot out from the blade? How fast does it move? How strong is it?" i explained this question in my description it is shot out of the tip of the blade when you swing it so i must ask now can you read???????? for the speed and strength it is lightning it is faster than the eye can see and is strong enough to break down buildings.

for my bankai the artifcial moon that it creates it also blocks out the moon at night and for the interaction no its just a thick dense shadow that blocks the moon or sun.

the death question depends on how strong the enemy is if he is strong he will be able to endure the attacks but will eventually die. is that good enough for you or an explation.

next for me to answer is Seishitsu wa Haaku
for the first question it can make as many vines as possible depending on the strength of the wielder and i explained that the sword must stay in the ground in order for the abilities to be active and yes they can be destroyed but more can be created.

for the defensive point of the abilities they can completely solid and high spirit pressure is needed to destroy the defence and you can still attack when in the cacoon but the reactions are slightly delayed.

in bankai she can use the defence and offence at the same time with no delay. alright you want me to change it well here it goes the leaves that are created by the sword only target the vital tendons of the attacker (legs and arms) making them unable to attack or defend themsleves.

hope that will keep you happy and shut up about it.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Ichigo131 -

Awesome, another one. If you'll notice, I provide a lot of reviews, not to your blade alone but to others as well. And, if you'll also notice, most people are happy to see them. The reason people post on this forum is to present their ideas, and many of them want to hear feedback. Obviously, you are not one of them. All I did was spend the time to read over both of your blades and give you reviews. I try to be extensive, I try to be detailed. I'm sorry that my efforts (efforts that I need not have put in) only serve to annoy you.

You're 19, so I have little patience for this because frankly, you should know better than to treat someone so meanly who's only trying to help. I don't appreciate having my intelligence questioned, and I don't appreciate being told to "shut up." I certainly don't appreciate the tone of your entire response. If you don't care what I have to say, you don't have to regard it, not everyone does, but I do try to help people with their blades. If you feel that some of my questions are in error (I'm not so sure from reading your responses), then say so, don't spend the extra time to tear me down. If you wont respect my point of view, at least have the common grace to be decent to me.
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over a year ago goflytwokites said…
Hi everyone, this is just a "draft zanpukto" I thought of.

Zanpukto name: Funsai Sunaarashi (Shattering Sandstorm in Japanese).
In its unreleased form it looks like a normal katana. Its handle is black with sand colored markings. The guard is rectangular in shape and is also black. A circular platform is mounted in the centre of the guard and it is to this platform that the blade is attached. The platform is red.
It is a sand-type Zanpukto.

Shikai release: Josho. Hakai. Funsai Sunaarashi (Rise. Destroy. Shattering Sandstorm)
2 red prongs form in the middle of the circular part of the guard at a 90 degree angle to the blade itself.
The blade then shatters and reforms as 2 silver blades, one on each prong.
A black blade (slightly longer than the standard katana) replaces the shattered blade. The 2 silver blades attach to the black one at their top end. The sand colored markings disappear from the handle.
The hand not wielding the sword undergoes some changes as well. It turns stone-grey from the elbow down to the finger tips.

Shikai Abilities:
The free hand is used to control all sand-based attacks. When both hands are on the Zanpukto, the sand follows the blade wherever it goes.
The “stone hand” can also be used to turn any non physical attack from the opponent into sand. For example, placing the hand in the way of a Sokatsui will turn all of the sokatsui into sand. Even placing the hand in the way of a Bushongoma has the same effect.

If one is feeling suicidal, one could try this ability on a Jokaku Enjo or an Ennetsu Jigoku from Yamamoto...good luck.

1. Kaiten-dama = Revolving Sphere

Sunaarashi has the ability to call upon sand from anywhere and use it in battle. Each sand particle is then hardened with Reiatsu. Kaiten dama involves the formation of a sphere of this sand either around the opponent or around the shinigami. The sphere can then be held there or can be collapsed onto the opponent (sort of like Goukei Senbonsakura but the sand doesn’t have as much cutting power)

2. Suna-no-Yari = Spear of Sand

Massive amounts of reiatsu hardened sand are compressed to form a spear the size of the katana itself. Due to the incredible amount of compression, the spear has enormous power and speed when thrown. The spear can be combined with the katana itself by putting both hands onto the handle of the zanpukto and saying the command of the attack.

3. Sore O Yaburu- Shatter them

This attack can be used in both Bankai and Shikai. Attacks 1 and 2 do cause some damage on their own but they are actually the first step to this attack. To use this attack, the shinigami cuts the opponent with his blade. Then he will use attacks 1 and/or 2 to get sand into the wound. If sand has indeed gone into the wound, a black ring will form on one of the silver blades on the zanpukto. The shinigami will then touch the ring or rings (depending on how many wounds have been caused) and say the command. The rings will shatter and attract all the sand in the wounds causing the wounds to “shatter” or explode, making them deeper and wider and weakening the opponent greatly. If the shinigami is knocked unconscious, the rings shatter themselves after 2 seconds.

Bankai: Bakuro Sunaarashi (Reveal Sunaarashi)

The shikai-blade is thrown into the air as the command is said. The stone hand becomes normal again. Meanwhile, in the air, the blade splits into 2, the standard unreleased katana and a long, black scimitar with a thick handle. A long chain extends from the handle of the scimitar. The katana falls to the shinigami. The scimitar is grabbed in mid-air by the bankai spirit. The bankai spirit looks a lot like the Dark Prince in Prince of Persia except the markings on its body don’t glow orange, they glow blue. Also, the bankai spirit covers all of its face except the eyes (which also glow blue) with a black cloth tied at the back of the head. The bankai spirit is about 2-3m tall and descends to the ground surrounded by revolving sand.

In bankai, there is a trade-off between spirit and shinigami. The spirit controls all the sand. In exchange, the shinigami gets a speed and accuracy boost. The shinigami also gets a 10-fold power boost on all Hados and Bakudos. The spirit, on the other hand, is a slow mover but it controls the sand and also the Sore O Yaburu technique in Bankai. The black rings that shatter are formed in the air about 1m above the spirit’s head. It shatters them whenever it feels it is necessary.

Bankai abilities:
1. Shizukesa (Silence)

A large ring made of sand is formed such that the opponent is at the centre. Concentric rings of sand form within this large ring. At random places along each circle, a bridge of sand is formed. Once the bridges and rings are set up, all surrounding noises are shut off. Detection of reiatsu within the circle is impossible. The shinigami and the bankai spirit then vanish. The sand is the spirit’s domain while the spaces between the sand rings are the shinigami’s domain. Since reiatsu detection is impossible, there is no way for the opponent to anticipate an attack. To make things worse, the attacks of both the shinigami and the spirit are faster and more powerful within their domain. Plus, the shinigami and the spirit can simultaneously attack on the bridges.

2. Suiryoku (Thrust)

This is basically a combination of all 3 shikai abilities. A large (quarter the size of a football field) kaiten-dama forms around both the shinigami and opponent. Spears then shoot out of the inner walls of the sphere at random locations at random speeds. Also, both the shinigami and the bankai spirit can disappear into one part of the sphere and reappear at another part to attack the opponent. An added threat posed by Suiryoku is that all sand-infected wounds are shattered automatically i.e. it does Sore O Yaburu automatically. The shattering is carried out upon the formation of 3 black rings at a time.
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over a year ago Des-Sed said…
Wow goflytwokites, I have to say that I would love to see a battle between our zanpaktous. You seem to have your's set up in a way that makes dodging impossible, however I think my "Kami no me" could keep up :D

My build is on page 188, read it and let me know your opinion!
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over a year ago Ichigosuke said…
goflytwokites, very nice. I love the way the bankai spirit and the user fight together, and the possible combinations are awesome.
I also really like your final technique.
I have one question though: If the sand, in attacks like the bridge one or the final one is broken, then can the enemy escape?
Does these attacks cost anything to the User? Is there a delay or can he bombard the enemy with his final attack?
THats more than one question XD.
over a year ago Dancing_Petal said…
big smile
Great Blades
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Goflytwokites (Funsai Sunaarashi) –

So before I start, I have to agree with everyone else on this, the blade looks great. Especially since this is your first post (at least that I’m aware of), it’s really nicely constructed.

That being said, I always have something to say on the zanpakuto that are posted here, and this is no exception.

Shikai: You’ve basically slipped another ability into the description here, namely the stone hand’s ability to turn any energy to stone (and, apparently, to completely stop its momentum, considering the stone does not continue forward). I’m not certain what the limitations are to this ability, though you hint that higher energy attacks like those from Yamamoto’s blade would be harder to deal with for some reason.
1. Is the amount of sand that he is capable of controlling infinite? If there is no sand readily available in the arena, is he capable of turning things to sand, or is he just left without the ability to use these?
2. Can smaller spears be formed from this, or is this limited to a certain size? What kind of power does the spear hit with? What kind of speed can it be thrown with? What does it add to your blade when you place it directly on top of I t?
3. I get how this ability works (beyond the fact that it should include something that says how much it can enlarge a wound using this), but I have some trouble with it. What it tells me is that sand can be controlled that is inside the opponent. That wouldn’t be so problematic if sending even a single grain of sand to the right parts of the body wasn’t deadly. If he has complete control over those grains of sand, he can pretty much send them through the body and block any artery or vein, even clog the heart. You might be able to include some language in here that excludes such a usage, but it’s pretty essential when we’re talking about something like this.

Bankai: In this case, there appears to be another 2 abilities slipped in. The first is a combo of an un-specified speed and accuracy boost plus a 10-fold power boost on kido spells. The second is having an entirely separate entity to control the sand in his bankai, essentially freeing him up to focus on regular fighting abilities, forcing the opponent to focus on two targets (though you don’t specify whether the spirit can be harmed) and allocating it an ability from shikai. It wouldn’t be a problem, except that these additional techniques bring the shikai and bankai each to 4 abilities.
1) So how large of a ring does this create? How quickly is the first ring formed? How about the following rings? How wide is it? How thick is it? How many concentric rings are formed? What are their dimensions? What prevents the opponent from simply moving outside the ring? I’m not quite sure I understand where these bridges are formed. Do they cross between the rings? With regards to the shinigami and spirit disappearing, do they have to reappear to attack? How much is their speed and power enhanced within the circles? Can they attack things that move outside the circles from within the circles? You say that the sand is the spirit’s domain and the space between is the shinigami’s. Does that mean that only one can attack at a time, or does it just somewhat restrict each’s ability to attack depending on the opponent’s exact location? I understand the domain of the shinigami, but not so much the domain of the spirit. Does the opponent need to be standing directly on top of the sand to be within its domain, or does he need to be under the sand, or how does that work? Can an opponent outside the circles detect their location inside the circles, or is the zone entirely impossible to detect anything in? Don’t take all of these questions to mean that it’s a bad ability, I think it’s very interesting, but it has a lot of parts to it and really requires a lot of explanation.
2) Is this sphere instantly forming? How thick are the walls? Does the sphere form with the wielder at its center, or can the wielder set its central location wherever he wishes? Does the wielder have any control over the spears that form, with regards to speed or location, or are they completely random, even to him? Can the wielder and spirit only disappear and reform from the sides of the sphere, or are they capable of doing this sort of teleportation from anywhere within the sphere?
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over a year ago goflytwokites said…
First off, thank you for your comments...didnt expect any actually, so thank you!

@Des-Sed: I've read your build: Fantastic Zanpuktou! I especially love the appearance of your Bankai (the visor in particular!) Although, why have you limited the Bankai to 6 mins? It could be longer!
It would be pretty awesome to watch our Zanpuktous fight! Reaction time and anticipation vs Unpredictability and Speed! Superb!

@Ichigosuke First question...Good question! Never thought about that...damn. Since the sand used in either attack is hardened by the shinigami's reiatsu, it would be tough to break through. If one does break through:

In the case of Suiryoku, the sphere can reform (it is sand afterall, it can move and shift) to the appropriate place. Besides since the spears fly from the walls of the sphere at the opponent, it would be considerably risky to approach the walls and to try and break through them.

In the case of Shizukesa, the rings will just reform (again, a property of sand).

Second question...Since both attacks are Bankai attacks, they cost the same to the user as all other Bankai attacks : Reiatsu. This is especially true for Sunaarashi's attacks since it uses reiatsu to harden all sand structures and attacks.
As for delay, Suiryoku would take about the same time as Senkei Senbonzakura. Shizukesa would probably take half as long as Tosen's Bankai to set up.

Just to clarify though, Suiryoku and Shizukesa are to Sunaarashi what Senkei and Goukei are to Senbonzakura Kageyoushi. They are (for the want of a better phrase) "step-ups."

@Dancing_Petal: Thank you

@whiteflame55 : Wow you really really want absolute values and specifics don't you? I dont exactly have a ruler and tape measure in the innards of my imagination you know! xD
Thank you for the review anyways. I'll reply at length when I can.

You're right about Shizukesa though, it has a lot of aspects, all of which were clear in my head but I was sleepy so I omitted some of them and focused on the essentials.
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over a year ago Des-Sed said…
goflytwokites: Being able to see any movement at all within 100 meters of yourself is very mentally demanding and will tire you out very quickly. Not only that but his reaction time is boosted the entire time so I believe that 6 minutes is a fair time limit given the amount of focus that is required! If we did fight however I wouldn't go all "aizen" on your ass with my teleport :D
over a year ago Ichigosuke said…
golfywokites, now its a bit op, but nvm that.
Your last line really put a smile on my face:

"Just to clarify though, Suiryoku and Shizukesa are to Sunaarashi what Senkei and Goukei are to Senbonzakura Kageyoushi. They are (for the want of a better phrase) "step-ups.""
Umm. I dont remember any of the names of techniques and attacks, not from the series nor from the creations posted here, i was amused when you thought i did. I dont get how you can remember. I dont remember my zanpakutos name rigt after i create it XD
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Well, the main reason I include all of those specifics regarding distance, speed and size is because it plays a pretty important role in usage. I'm co-running an RP on this forum, so I do think about it. But I'm not so much asking for the exact measurements as some idea. It's certainly your choice if and how you want to respond, but you can certainly make your responses more generalized if you do end up responding.
over a year ago wagakagami said…
big smile
Hello this is my 25th zanpakuto but my first charector so i would like to know what people think about it and i would also like a review for the zanpakuto it self. btw This is ddarksonic675's new account.

Shinigami Name: Yasu

Appearence: Yasu is about 5'7 and 135. He has pale skin and chin length black hair that covers most of his face and his eyes are light green.

Personality: Yasu is not a outgoing person at all he does not like talking to people or being around others vary much. Yasu is a nice person but really does not like being noticed at all so if Yasu helped someone then he would do so in secret so that person wouldn't be able to thank him. However when it comes to doing any kind of work Yasu tries to do an average job even if capable to do more to so he blends in. During combat Yasu would try to appear as weak as posable to an opponent to catch them off guard and end the fight as soon as possable. But if there are a number of allies around and Yasu thinks they can win without him then he will do as much as an average person would and then pretend to be knocked out and watch the fight from the side lines but jump back in to combat if someone is about to be badly injured or killed.

Inner World: Yasu's inner world looks like a group of 100 islands ranging from just big enough to build a small shack on to ones as large as 3-5 city blocks with only the largest ones having any trees or plants on them. Most of these islands are between 6 and 150 meters apart with the larger ones being futher away from other for the most part. The water in between the islands is light blue, vary clean, and only 2 feet deep but with a small amount of fish and sea turtles. The tempature is 80 degrees and the water is 70 degrees. Outside the islands is an ocean that reaches the horizon with nothng other the the islands in sight. The sky is almost completly coverd in clouds with only a few holes in the cloud cover and the sun is always covered up exept just before it rises or sets. The island in the center of the group is a perfect circle and is 5 football fields in diameter and the closest island to it is 200 meters from it. On the center of this island is a large round tower of stone about 3/5ths the size of the island and it is 200 stories high. The tower is made out of stone blocks and looks dusty and neglected. At the base of it is a normal looking wood door that leads to the inside of the tower. On it's inside is a pool of water only 15 meters from the walls of the tower. This pool is half as deep as the towers height and the water is vary dark anything 3 feet under is out of sight. On the walls of the tower is a flight of steps 10 meters wide that spiral around it to the top. These stairs are coverd in dust and look fragile. The stairs go all the way to the top that is open letting sunlight in. As you climb the steps the top of the tower slowly starts to look like the pool at the bottom while the bottom of the tower starts to look like the top of the tower. Halfway to the top there is no way to tell the differance between the towers celing and floor. As you get closer to the top the tempature drops by the time you get to 20 feet from the top you can just start to see your breath and you see the top of the tower as the pool from below but it is held in place above you as if gravity wasn't effecting it. The stair case goes up into the water which is just as cold as the air at the top of the tower. As you get higher the more you feel your about to run out of breath but you never do. Once you get as high as you can you feel a surface of stone and in the center of it is a wooden door just like the one leading into the tower. Once the door is open you can see the sky though the water. If you go up through the water you see you are on top of the tower and once you climb out the door shuts by it self. The top of the tower has winds constantly blowing acrossed it at about 30 miles an hour. Off on the edge of the tower facing away from the center is a small throne. From a distance it looks like stone but as you get closer you start to see sparkles in it and you see it is covered in a white glass. The more Yasu gets close to people the more clouds leave the sky and the more life comes to the inner world with trees, sealife and tropical birds.

Zanpakuto Spirit: The spirits name is Garasu and looks like a young women about 5'11 she has stright black hair and slightly taned skin with blue eyes. She has large breast, hips, and full lips. She also has a pair of white glass wings and a 6 foot long tail both of these are as strong as metal and can be used for flight. Garasu has a vary out going personality and is arrogant. She is also intelligent and loves to problom solve and analyse pepoles abilities. She greatly dislikes Yasu's personality and hates what it does to the inner world. She spends most of her time sitting in the throne and talking to yasu while he is he is going about his day trying to get him to be more outgoing.

Shikai Name: Garasu- Glass-

Before release the katana's blade is only the size of a dagger but the handle is normal sized.

Release Command: Kurakku- Crack-

Once released the blade of the sword becomes invisible and then grows to the size and shape of a normal katana.

Ability 1: Shi_To - Sheet - To use this ability the user puts out there hand and a sheet of glass forms in front of there hand. They can make it is 1 inch thick and between 1 inch and 5 meters but the user can make it any shape they want as long as it's a flat shape and does not go past those dimentions. This glass floats where it is and is clear, unless something got on it. When the user wants they can point the sword in a direction and the glass shatters and flies at kido speed in that direction. The glass peices fly sharp sides first and they shatter in a random pattern some might be large and some might be small. Making a glass sheet takes about 4 seconds and a level 20 kido of reshi. There can be 15 of these out at once and the user always know where these are.

Ability 2: Kegasu- Stain- When the user starts this ability they look at a sheet of glass and there eyes glow blue for a second. That sheet of glass now has the ability to absorb reshi that hits it. That sheet of glass can hold about a getsuga tensho worth of reshi. While filling with reshi the glass turns blue then once it's full the glass shatters. This absorbs all reshi that directly hits it as fast as it's hit but does not suck any in so if a cero hit it there would be a hole in it the shape of the glass. This needs a level 10 kido worth of reshi.

Ability 3: Uindo_ -Window- The user can touch any peice of glass, made by the zanpakuto or not, and they can see through another peice of glass within 2 miles of it like it was the same piece of glass, for example if they wanted to look through a window the glass there looking through would seem like the window, anyone looking at the glass the user is touching will see through it the same as the user but this does not work both ways so anything you see can't see you. The user can travel though and send attacks through the glass but both peices of glass have to be big enough for whats going through them and if a peice is broken and what is going through is not all the way through it goes back the way it came.

Bankai Kakera - Broken Peices - Once bankai is entered all glass made dissappers and the swords handle grows to about two feet long and the blade becomes a hollow two meter long five inch thick dark red stained glass rod with a 3 inch in diameter hole in it. Off this rod grows white glass that forms into a cleaver shaped blade two feet long. This glass is as hard as a normal zanpakuto and the glass blade is translucent enough to see the rod through. Inside the hole of the rod is a spike of green glass that comes one foot out of the tip of the rod.

Ability 1: Rezonansu - Resonance - This uses a level 30 kido worth of reshi. When this is used the green spike in the rod shoots out at kido speed and once it is shot a new one replaces it in 3 seconds. If the user is within 10 feet of this there reshi cost is reduced by 1% and every 3 minutes they stay in it's radius they have the same percent of reshi restored to them. The user can also sense the reshi of anyone within it's area, if they are in it's area as well. If the user sends out another one thats area is touching the area of another they are connected and they both count as the same area this goes for all connected spikes. However the reduced reshi cost and the reshi restored stack up to 25%. Once out these spikes are only as strong as glass and if one is broken it's effects stop.

Ability 2: Garasu O_Bu - glass orb - This needs a level 60 kido worth of reshi to use. The user creates a blue glass ball the size of a golf ball in there hand when the user throws it the ball turns into a 4 meter in diameter ball of creo like reshi. More then on can be used at once but making them has a 5 second cooldown.

Ability 3: Garasu Ryu - Glass Dragon - This uses no reshi but during this attack the user loses all abilities of bankai. The user lets go of the zanpakuto and the glass blade grows rapidly and forms into a large dragon thats body shape looks like the pic, Kushala Daora from moster hunter, but it looks like it's made of white glass. The user then can pull the zanpakuto out of it, from the tip of it's tail, but it is now just the rod and handle but the rod is now in the shape of a katana. This dragon's skin is as hard as metal and it is two stories tall and is 45 feet long. This is strong enough to crush bones with about 40% of it's strength, can run as fast as the user, and can fly 3 times as fast as it run. This dragon can shoot a 3 feet in diameter 60 feet long white creo like beam of reshi in a straight line. This travels at kido speed and follows the users mouth. This lasts 10 seconds and has a 3 mintute cooldown. The dragon has the ability to transform into what it looks like in the users inner world when it does it keeps it's speed and strength but can't uses it's breath weapon. This transformation takes 10 seconds. If this dragon is destroyed it can't be used again until the next bankai and the zanpakuto dosen't go back to normal.
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 Hello this is my 25th zanpakuto but my first charector so i would like to know what people think abou
over a year ago Des-Sed said…
Ok, Iv'e been working on this one for the past week and now i'm ready to present it to you all :D

Zanpaktou Appearance: The blade is 4 feet long with 6 rectangular holes running evenly along its blunt end. The guard is rectangular which is hallowed out in the corners and is black in color. the hilt is black with dark purple wrapping. The pommel is black and is fang like in appearance.

Shikai Name: Yami no Tankyuusha (Seeker of the Darkness)

Shikai Release: Karera no himitsu wo mitsu keru (Find their secrets)

Shikai Appearance: Each of the 6 holes along the blade are shrouded in darkness and the guard changes in shape to cover the front side of the hilt and connects to the pommel, protecting the users hand.

Shikai Ability 1: When the blade makes contact with the enemy's blade one of the shadows from the holes tranfers to the enemy's blade and transfers back with a second strike. During the transfer the shadow searches the enemy's mind for their deepest, darkest fears and memories. This allows the user to exploit these fears and memories during battle. Each shadow can only contain 1 fear or memory.

Ability 2: Once the user has an enemy fear or memory they can materialize them into the real world as illusions. They can't attack but they force the enemy to live out their worst fear, or relive past events. This leaves him open to attack.

Bankai Name: Yume Noijime (Tormentor of Dreams)

Bankai Release Command: Sono yami ni kyouseiteki ni (Force them into darkness)

Bankai Appearance: The sword is engulfed in darkness and reforms into two shadow swords, each the same size as the original. The users attire also changes into shadows. His eye's are engulfed in darkness as well.

Bankai Ability : The user's entire body becomes engulfed in darkness and proceeds to charge towards the enemy. If he is successful in "cutting" the enemy with one of the shadow swords he then enters the his inner world, the enemy is then rendered motionless. Once inside the enemy's inner world he takes the appearance of the enemy and gains all of his memories and abilities, allowing him to play with the opponents mind. He will berate him on all his mistakes and tear down all his accomplishments. He also retains the ability to cast illusions. The longer the user remains in the opponents spirit world the more the enemy begins to doubt himself. Any injuries sustained by either fighter carries over to the real world, so if one dies then he is truly dead. The only downside to this technique is that it allows the opponent's zanpaktou to fight alongside him in battle. The enemy can also force out the user if he has a strong enough will, and doesn't fall to his own darkness.

And there we have it, I think I like this build almost as much as my first! Any feedback is encouraged.
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over a year ago roganator123 said…
i only just came up with it so dont judge me please. and please dont skip past it, it took me a really long time. :( i hope you can imagine it

Name: Pachipachihotaru “crackling firefly”
Release command: Bakuhatsu suru “explode”
Description: it means crackling firefly which has a red hilt with white lines descending vertically down. Its guard is a circular guard with silver detailing. The blade is silver and red and looks like a regular katana but has a small jagged blade coming from each side of the blade.
Bankai name: Hotaru o nenshō “burning firefly”
Description: My bankai is in the form of a giant ball of light that is controlled using a small sharp dagger like pencil to trace its movement. The dagger can also be used to attack.
Shakai abilities:
Tenmetsu shite gensō
The blades guard flashes three times putting the opponent into a state of shock making them hallucinogenic.
Kasai bōseki
Fire appears around the two jagged blades extending the sword and they spin and get larger and can be thrown at the opponent or used as a defence.
Bankai abilities:
Bunkatsu no honoo
The large light splits up into smaller parts that can burn the enemy at close range or hide the user by refracting light around them.
Honoo no dansu
The light spins around the user and creates a shock wave of fire.
Taiyō o nenshō
The light can over heat and burn the opponent to a fine delightful crisp.
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over a year ago Hadez17 said…
So this blade is intended to be used for an rp forum thus its bending some of the rules on blades and such a little bit. To understand the blade and why it is the way it is keep in mind that the blades holder is a Quincy that was given shinigami powers.

Zanpakuto Name: Judgement

Release Command: Purge the wickedness

Bankai name: Furious Judgement of the Heavens.

Appearance: Sealed the zanpaktuo takes the form of a plain and unkep katana. When released the zanpakuto changes to a buckler on the users right arm with a cord or hose like attachment connecting to the bottom of a quiver on the users left hip. The buckler is 12 inches in diamater. The quiver always looks to have several white arrows with gold feathers and a gold arrow head in it. In Bankai the blade turns to a large caliber pistol with blade connecting from under the barrel to the base of the handle. Also in bankai the user has a belt with two clips each attached to a cord which is attached to a white glove on the users hand.

Shikai Abilities:

Ability one: Any energy attack that the user blocks with her buckler becomes stored in the users quiver as an arrow. The arrow looks to have a shaft the same color as the energy attack absorbed. Also Physical attacks can be blocked and converted into arrows also. The physical attack arrows have a black feather and black arrowhead. These arrows can be fired from a quincy bow or any other bow. Once fired the arrow becomes what ever attack it absorbed (Example if the arrow absorbed a Byakurai spell after the arrow is fired its the same as a Byakurai being fired from the arrow.) For attacks that don't have a range or is an area of effect the arrow doesn't go off until it strikes some target. For arrows that are made out of physical attacks when they strike the person they deal the same kind of damage the physical attack does (if the user blocked a mace strike the arrow hits in the same way and with same force as the mace did and leaves the same kind of injury) The user can only absorb up to 5 special arrows at once. Also any special arrow saved from one use of shikai transfer over to next use of shikai and bankai. (Example the user absorbs a few attacks from one opponent today with shikai then survives fight and a week later uses shikai the attacks they absorbed are still in the quiver. when in sealed form if there are absorbed attacks they are shown by small charms in shape of arrows hanging from the handle in the same color as the arrow) The basic arrows function the same as a quincy arrow the only difference is they are solid not energy.

Bankai Abilities:

Ability one: Works the same as shikai only the user can absorb attacks with either gloved hand into one of the two clips on the back of their belt. On the clips there is a slit cut out down the side that shows the bullets. This shows the amount of bullets that are in it and what bullet has what attack in it based on color of attack absorbed. Finlay in bankai the user does not need to reload unless he is using special bullets. When using special bullets he must switch his clip with one on his back then after how ever many absorbed attacks are expended the clip must be switched for either the basic one or the other special one. If the clip that is in the gun is a special one and there is space and the user absorbs an attack a bullet automatically appears at the bottom of the clip. The bullets travel at triple the speed of a quincy arrow.

Ability Two: Arrow Of Original Sin: When using this ability a white light forms around the gun to make an appearance of a bow. The user is able to draw back the bow string and fire one arrow that has the same power as a level 85-90 kido spell. It travels at 150% the speed of kido spells in a straight line for several hundred yards. This ability can be used in combination with a special bullet only to get an added effect like energy nature (making a fire or ice or electric like arrow instead of raw energy) Or to offset some of the energy used by the user for the attack. This ability takes a tremendous amount of energy and can only be used once every minute and the user can only use it 2 times or 3 if she really wants to push her self.

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over a year ago Zordaik said…
Before you read this, please note that I realize how powerful this Zanpakuto is, but that seemed to be the only way I could fit the characteristics of the universe into the blade. Regardless, I hope you enjoy.

Zanpakuto name: Sutera Shihai (Stellar dominance)
Sealed appearance: The blade is bleached white in colour. The hilt guard is a plain bronze sphere, and the hilt wrap is black.
Release command: Anata Umidasu, Sutera Shihai! (Bring forth your judgement, Stellar Dominance!)

Shikai description: The blade begins to shine brightly like a lantern. The hilt heats up to around five hundred degrees and becomes a yellowy-red colour. The wielder also now has three small speres, one green, one red and one blue, about the size of a tennis ball, orbiting around him/her in a one hundred meter radius. These spheres, or planets, if you will, can channel their energy into the blade via a beam corresponding to the planet's colour and allow him/her to shoot a beam of energy at the target that will travel four hundred meters at varying speeds. The channeling takes only a second and can be interrupted.

Dokuso (Toxins): The green planet channels it's energy into the blade, turning the bright white light into a darker green colour. This beam is fired from the very tip of the blade and is dark green. It has a diameter of half a meter and leaves a tail of green gas. When the blast makes contact with anything, it explodes into a cloud of the gas five meters in diameter. This gas, when inhaled, will stay in the lungs for about a two minutes and during that time will reduce any oxygen inhaled to 20% of the original amount taken in. The blast travels at 150 miles an hour and even the wielder is not immune to the gas.

Showakuse (Meteor): The red planet channels it's energy into the blade, changing the colour from white to magma red. The blast is fired from the base of the blade and has a diameter of two meters. The blast itself is hot enough to burn through anything but a zanpakuto, and will also emanate a heat of two hundred degrees about two meters in each direction. The blast moves at the speed of a rifle's shot. The wielder is immune to the head emanation. The blast can be blocked by kido in the mid thirties level or higher, or by a zanpakuto.

Suisei (Comet): The blue planet channels it's energy into the blade, changing the pale colour into turqouise. The blast is fired from the middle of the blade and travels at the speed of a bala, with a diameter of five meters. The beam will not crash into a solid object with impac like the previous ones, but rather will pass through an object, freezing it solid in it's trail of ice. The beam will split into two more blasts and lose half it's diameter every fifty meters, meaning at the end there will be a total of sixty-four tiny beams. The blast can be blocked by kido in the thirties level or higher, or by a zanpakuto.

Bankai: Ginga no Shihai (Galaxy dominance)
Bankai description: Each planet splits into two smaller planets. They can now fire the blasts of their own will and are essentially an embodiment of the very Zanpakuto. In addition, the sphere hilt guard heats up to a whopping one thousand degrees and turns white. The wielder also gains some new abilities.

Kaku Yugo (Nuclear Fusion): The hilt guard heats up an additional five hundred degrees and begins to convert that heat into pure reiatsu which it will then submit to the wielder to temporarily increase his power. The technique will boost the wielder's reiatsu by an amount equal to a captain's for fifteen seconds, after which the user's body will expel the reiatsu.

Choshinsei (Supernova): The hilt guard detaches itself from the blade and floats out ten meters in front of the wielder. It then proceeds to heat up an additional two thousand degrees before exploding, handing out anyone caught in the blast, wielder included, a nasty second degree burn. One would only need to stay in the blast a second to recieve a first degree burn, however, as the second degree burn is from the initial impact of the explosion. The explosion reaches out with a fifty meter radius. The explosion can be blocked by Danku of similar shielding technique.

Burrakoru (Black hole): The blade turns black as the wielder slashes downwards, creating a rip in the very space similar in appearance to a Garganta. The rip will then slowly begin sucking in all the Reishi and most of the reiatsu in the area. The sucking force will begin with a ten meter diameter, but grow fifty meters a second into a grand diameter of six hundred meters. Anyone caught in the vaccuming effect of the rip, including the wielder, will be left with enough power to cast a Sokatsui, but that's it. After the hole is done devouring, it will explode in a powerful three hundred meter blast packing all the spiritual material it absorbed with it. Since the initial opening of the hole is very powerful, the wielder will lose a fairly large portion of his reiatsu just opening it.

Hope you enjoyed. Please share your thoughts on it, but keep in mind I know it's overpowered.
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over a year ago Kypher8 said…
lol so here it goes.... I used to watch bleach every once and a while a year or two ago (back when Death Note was still on Adult Swim lol) and I decided i was gonna really watch it, like from the beginning (since i started watching when ichigo went into Hueco Mundo to rescue Orihime lol) and then i found this page online and thought "Why Not?!"

Shinigami: Mokunen Kar
Zanpakuto name: Kumo Kiba (Spider Fang)
Release Command: Kirimomi (Spin)
Bankai Name: Kuro Dukoguma Kiba (Black Poison Spider Fang)

Mokunen Kar Appearance: Mokunen stands at roughly 5’9”, with short black hair that is often spiked up in a faux-hawk. Even though it has been nearly 30 years since he left the streets of Rukongai, he still displays his upbringing in his mannerisms. His eyes are always searching the shadows and faces around him, and his right hand rarely leaves the hilt of his wakizashi. His thin, sickly looking body disguises the strength and endurance that resides within, and Mokunen has been known to fight for hours on end without before showing any signs of tiring. On his left arm, near the shoulder, he has a tattoo of a black widow with the word “Kumo” beneath it, referring to his Zanpakuto. He wears the standard uniform of the Punishment Force.

Mokunen Kar Bio: An orphan from the 80th district of Rukongai, Mokunen did what he had to do to survive. He was a thief, a beggar, and, more than once, a killer. The streets taught him that the strongest man did not always win, and that speed could be even more important. After all, if you could strike first and strike precisely enough, it didn’t matter how much stronger your enemy was. Like most of those from the 80th district who went on to become Shinigami, Mokunen desired power, a desire that only grew once he was admitted to the Shino Academy. He did well in most classes, but where he truly excelled was Zanjutsu, Flash Step, and Hado. Upon graduation, he immediately applied to serve with the Punishment Force of the Onmitsukido, where he was accepted. Since then, he has become one of the best in the squad at dealing with rogue Shinigami. Many squad mates figured that Mokunen had a strong sense of justice, but any who took the time to get to know him knew the truth: he simply enjoyed killing. Despite the fact that it has been centuries since he was an orphan fighting to survive by trusting only in himself, he still finds little use to the loyalty other Shinigami have for their captains and squads. He even feels barely any emotional bond to the Soul Society, but as long as they gave him plenty of opportunities to fight, grow in power, and sharpen his skills, he is more than glad to carry out their orders.

Zanpakuto’s Spirit Form: Kumo Kiba’s spirit’s upper half is that of a woman in her upper twenties, dressed in the uniform of the Punishment Force (a sign of the respect she has for her wielder). From the waist down, however, she has the body of a massive black spider. Her hair is a bright red and wild, contrasting with her gray skin and pitch black eyes. She wields a blade in each hand, both of which are identical to the her Shikai form, complete with abilities. She seems to be the embodiment of Mukonen's thirst for power, and is a lot less subtle than he is. This doesn't mean that she is, in any way, less cunning than Mukonen, just that she would prefer to openly and devestatingly defeat an opponent, whereas her Shinigami would rather mess with them and then silently slay them.

Unreleased: In its unreleased form, Kumo Kiba is a wakizashi with a blade about 17 inches long. The hilt and sheath are both black. The tsuba is entirely black and resembles an open wheel with 8 curved spokes. There is a red tassel hanging from where the tsuba joins with the hilt.

Shikai: When released, Kumo Kiba’s blade turns black, grows a foot in length, and gains a slight curve. The tsuba and tassel disappear and a 5 inch blade emerges from the pommel. In this form, Mokunen's speed is doubled.
1. Katsu (Separate): Kumo Kiba is held with palms and blade parallel to the ground. When the command is spoken, the sword is swung down and there is a flash of light. When the light fades, the blade has split at the hilt, the top half being the original sword and the bottom half being a dagger formed from the pommel blade. Once separated, the blade can be rejoined without any command.
2. Suteingu (Sting): Kumo Kiba’s true power lies in his pommel blade. Every cut landed with this blade (either as a pommel blade or in its dagger form) sends a poison into the victim’s veins. This poison slows the movements and drains away the strength of an opponent, acting in a way similar to Izuru Kira’s Zanpakuto, with each hit increasing the severity of the poison. With the first cut, the poison is barely noticable. This is to make the opponent think that there is nothing wrong. However, after the second cut, the victim's breathing becomes labored, and they feel as though they've been fighting for an hour. After the third, it feels like 2 hours (etc, etc...)
3. Kumonosu (Spider Web): A blast of reiryoku issues forth from the tip of the blade, bursting into a spider web when it makes contact with anything. The strands that make up the web are very strong, and can only be cut by a zanpakuto or by a sufficiently powerful Kido.

Bankai: Though Mokunen knows the name of his Bankai, he is still unable to attain the Bankai form. He is currently using Jinzen to unlock it.

Let me know what you guys think!!
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over a year ago goflytwokites said…
big smile
WOW...some seriously awesome zanpuktous... I wonder what you think of mine? (It's one of the earlier entries on this page: Funsai Sunaarashi).

@Des-sed: Your zanpuktou could be therapeutic! By forcing people to face their fears and tackle them in battle. Then again, I wouldn't want anyone messing about in my head (let alone fighting with me in it!). :P

@Zordaik: The benchmark for overpowered zanpuktous was set, initially, by Aizen's one (Kyoka Suigetsu- Hypnosis of all 5 senses). Then that benchmark was shattered and reset by Kageroza's Zanpuktou...not only can it manipulate time and space...it can also take your own reiatsu, and fire it back at you. These two are Overpowered and irritating to boot.

Based on those 2, I think your zanpukto isnt overpowered at all! It's just awesome! It will be a real spectacle watching it in battle, that's for sure!
over a year ago Zordaik said…

I'm glad you like it! Always glad to hear compliments. Anyway, I like your blade as well, and I have to say it is a really well constructed post for your first time. I hope you put up some more, because I also think that Funsai Suunarashi was a very unique and creative idea.
over a year ago goflytwokites said…
Thank you! Glad you liked it.

I'm coming up with another one right now in fact. Just having trouble thinking up a Bankai.
over a year ago K0VIP3R said…
I haven't posted for a while but I've been mulling over a new character. So here goes.

Name: Sugu Howaito (Just White [Literal Translation])
Weight:125 pounds
Age: 250 or about 25 in appearance
Squad/Rank: Squad 8 3rd Seat

Apearance: Sugu has short, spikey white hair, pale skin and grey eyes with makes him look older than he actually is. He has white eyebrows that are thin and are usually in a serious looking position. He has a average sized mouth which is not usually turned into any shape. (This shows lack of emotion).
He wears a short sleeved kimono with a white belt and tobi. He wears ankle length socks and straw sandles.

Personality: Sugu is a very serious individual who rarely smiles. He has little sense of humor, which Captain Kyōraku usually pulls him up on, saying he's got to lighten up more. His presence causes a change in his subordinates so they will act like they are working harder if they were goofing off. Even then though, he is a very friendly and loyal individual, even though he doesn't show it.

Inner World: Sugu's inner world is a vast forest full of plant life but no animal life. At the edge of the forest, where he usually is or is close to, is a large clearing with a cliff edge at the far side that is a sheer drop to the sea which goes off into the horizon. There is also a crumbling fort in the clearing. The only surviving rooms are the library (the books are filled with everything Sugu has learned over the years) and the training room (which is filled with training equipment).

Zanpakuto Spirit: His name is Shinseinaru hikari. He is around 6'0 and he is quite stocky in build. He wears white armour with blue and gold patterns on it. He has a very similar personality to Sugu

Combat Style: Sugu will, like his Captain try and avoid conflict if possible but if he has no choice but to fight he will try and finish it as quickly as possible. He will mainly use his blade but is a very proficient fist fighter and kido expert. He will often use attacks while using flash step so he is able to finish off the battle quickly.

Master Swordsman: Sugu is a well respected swordsman. Even though he uses a large zanpakuto he can still swing it quickly and accurately.

Hakuda Expert: Even though he isn't as well versed in martial arts as the punishment forsce. He is still a very capable fist fighter.

Shunpo Expert: Can move great distances very quickly

Reiatsu: Sugu has spiritual pressure level of a Captain, this allows him to prolong his Bankai for a long period of time. He however is very good at restricting the amount released allowing him to sneak up on people easily.

Kido Expert: Even though its not his prefered method of battle, Sugu is well versed in Kido, especially in restrictive Kido (Bakudo).

High Durabilty: Sugu can take high amounts of damage and still keep on fighting.

Strength: 85
Defence: 90
Physical Strength:95

Zanpakuto: Shinseinaru hikari (Divine Light)
Release Command: Hanji (Judge)

Sugu's Zanpakuto takes the form of a regular Katana with a white leather bound handle decorated with gold squares on the handle. The guard is circular with no decoration on it.

Shikai:When the release command is spoken then zanpakuto is enveloped in white light. After 5 seconds the zanpakuto turns into a claymore sized sword with a pure white, straight double edged blade that is 35 inches long and 7 inches wide. The guard is replaced with a more intracate one that has a blue outline on it (I'll let you imagine that). The grip is pure white.

Ability One: Sōrābīmu (Solar Beam)
Now most people will know this from pokemon. Sugu gathers light from the surroundings. This light is focused into the zanpakuto. This results in the zanpakuto glowing.The charging process can take a varied amount of time considering that he can release the beam at varying levels of charge. Though the minimum charge time is 10 seconds. This will produce a weak beam of light which is then fired from the tip of the blade at the opponent (obviously the longer the move is charged for the more powerful it is). The range is also varied from the amount of charge. So again the minimum rnage is about 20 meters. The attacks speed is always constant however. It is set to 5 meters a second.

Abilty Two: Dibain imochi (Divine Blast)
This attack can be used in two ways. As a shield and as a attack. Sugu, again, gathers light from the surroundings, but this time it is focused into his body. This time the charging only has a 5 second minium before use. The charging can be sped up if more of Sugu's reiatsu is used to focus the light. This can speed up the charge time to 2 seconds. In this state, the fully charged form can take 15 seconds to create. When the light is above the minimum amount and released, a sphere of light expands from Sugu's body at about 1 meter per second. This has a max range of 5 meters and is only really required to be used if the enemy is within the radius. If the blast hits an opponent, the effected area will disintergrate, this only happens, however, if the area of the enemy's body is in the blast for 2 seconds or more. Any less and they would have lost skin and ,at a push, muscle tissue but nothing more.

Bankai: Seinaru jajjimento (Divine Judgement)

Sugu is surrounded by white light, blocking hime from view. As he steps forth from the light there are only two changes. One he is wearing white armour with blue designs on it (Can't really specify a design here) and secondly, his zanpakuto has taken on the form of a naginata (A spear used by the samurai. It had a simitar like blade on the top of it that was just as sharp as the katana). It is 2 1/2 meters high from butt the blade tip. The shaft is white with gold vine designs climbing up it. The blade is a bright silver with the same designs on it.

The main benefit from the bankai is that Sugu's striking force will match that of Captain Zaraki (when he is completely insane). Sugu's speed will also increase by about 15% of what it was originally. Sugu is also able to use both abilities during bankai and they are about twice as powerful.

Bankai Ability Three: Seisei suru (Purify)

This move has no charge on it. However, it can only be used when on a surface (Any solid surface will suffice) Sugu slams the butt of the zanpakuto on the ground and the opponent is surrounded by a pillar of light that is sealed at the top about 50 meters up. He then lifts the zanpakuto off the floor and stabs the blade into the pillar. The pillar walls then contract inwards in spike like shapes from the top of the pillar downwards. This usually is to give time for the opponent to repent their sins (that is why its called purify) and when the spikes reach the opponent, Well you can guess what happens. There is no gap in between each of the the spikes so there wouldn't be enough left to identify the body afterwards. The pillar can be disrupted by the opponent if their reiatsu exceeds that of Sugu's and only if the pillar is struck by the zanpakuto of the enemy.

After this move is used the Zanpakuto reverts back to its shikai.

The only two weaknesses I can see with the zanpakuto are:
1) It leaves Sugu vunrable to attack when charging.
2) It can't be used in pitch black. (Bankai move is the exception)

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over a year ago Ankakalle64 said…
Ive made another one here.

Name: Dragons of elements/Yōso no doragonzu

Shikai command: Appear!/Mieru!

Appearence: Unreleased its a pair of tanto with black handles.

Shikai appearance: It changes into a spear and three small dragons. Each of the dragons has a unique ability. One water dragon, one fire dragon and one steel dragon. Each of the dragons are 60cm long.

Hi no yōso, funka/Fire element, Eruption: The fire dragon ataches itself to the spears blade and when I strike the ground it sends a "blade" of fire at my opponent. After the atack the dragon deataches itself.
Water element,Dodge/Mizu no yōso, kawasu: The water dragon ataches itself to my left arm and bosts my speed for one flashstep with 340%.
Steel element,Guard/Hagane no yōso, gādo: The steel dragons wings grow and envelops me to defend me from harm.

Bankai name: Dragons of the three elements/Mittsu no yōso no doragonzu

Bankai command: Burn, Drown, Crush all before you!/Oboreru, yaku, anata no mae ni subete o tsubusu!

Bankai appearence: The fire dragons ataches himself to the spears blade, giving it a dragon encarving and a guard of his wings.
The water dragons attaches herself to my left arm and forma armor like this, her head protects the back of my hand, her wings protects my lower arm and her tail protects my upper arm somewhat.
The steel dragon attaches himself to my back, giving me his large wings and a helmet that looks like a dragons head.

Bankai abilities
Fire element, Dragons claw/Hi no yōso, doragon no tsume: The fire dragon changes the shape of the spears blade to a scythes blade made of fire. This blade has good attack properties but poor defense properties.
Water element, Water waves/Mizu no eremento,-sui no nami: I launch a mxture of highly pressurised water and reiatsu from the dragons head. This the forms a shield that also hides myself from the opponents eyes and gives me a 400% speed boost for a flash step.
Steel element, Great uniter of elements/Hagane no yōso, yōso no dai gappei sa seru mono: The dragons deattach and form three headed enourmous dragon colouered red, blue and grey. The three heads then charge up a enourmous amount of power and combine the strenght of fire, the speed of water, and the sturdinges of steel. This attack forces me to go back to shikai after usage. Anyway. the dragon then launches this enourmous attack.That kinda obliderates almost everything.
over a year ago Ankakalle64 said…
Id like of someone rewieved it for me!
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
I've fallen a bit behind on these reviews, but I'll be fixing that over the next day or so, so if you're waiting for a review, I'll handle those soon enough.
over a year ago K0VIP3R said…
Zordaik, that zapakuto sounds like something Mayuri would use. That is a pretty sick way to fight someone. I just feel sorry for the person who is fighting you. Though my zanpakuto would be a good match for it. (Its the last entry on page 189. You're going to have to go through a bit of reading before you get to the zanpakuto though)
over a year ago shukun_kizuku said…
Almighty here im going to help whiteflame out a little by doing a review not trying to insult or anything but im new to reviewing

Zordaik's Totsuzenhei (Mutation)

Shikai 1- #1 just want to point out dna wouldn't change things in the nervous system maybe more of bacteria would work

#2 so if you cut someone lets say 2 times the first gets the left arm and right leg the 2nd gets the right arm and left leg what about the 3rd would that change the previous 2 cuts to like left arm right arm or left arm left leg?

#3 is there any other way other then not getting hit(which cant happen) and the immune system? (going on the human immune system) takes anywhere from a day to months, to find and eliminate those things

Shikai 2- #1 dose the old dna stay or is it replaced by the new if not replaced do they both stay active at the same time?

#2 same question as #3 from shikai 1

#3 is the body part created random or can the wielder choose the body part? and how long is it?

Shikai 3- #1 this one threw me in a loop so let me get this strait when you cut some one lets say the arm and the dna stays in the cells of the arm, the arm cut moves to itself? or dose it bend at the cut? regardless and bending of a bone to fracture is very easy let alone completely bending the arm or leg in a direction it isn't supposed to go it would surely break it

#2 same question as #3 from shikai 1

Bankai 1- #1 so if you cut you opponent say on the neck either an arm or a leg forms there? How long is the body part? or dose it move the opponent's arm or leg to the cut and forms there? and how quickly is incredibly quickly like 5 seconds 10 seconds? and do you have control of them on your opponent?

#2 same question as #3 from shikai 1

#3 so how dose a rock grow legs and arms from bacteria? i can't see any way this works plus how long would the legs and arms be?

Bankai 2- #1 i just wanna say wow i get the immune system part thats fine but keeping a would open for as long as bankai is active is over powered lets say you cut the side of an opponent and it a good 2 inches deep if that wound dosnt close up that person giving that there moving and blocking will bleed out and die in less than an hour plus what if you hit them in bankai and cut them good and ran away there's no surviving that

#2 how do you take flesh from a cut? a cut is just splitting flesh and how do you turn flesh into rieatsu and were in the blade is it stored?

#3 how fast dose the rieatsu turn into flesh and fill the wound?
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over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Alright, going to add to shukun's response before I move on to previous blades.

Overview: You're dealing with 2 separate things here, foreign DNA and bacteria. Bacteria are eliminated by the immune system, but certain bacteria take longer to be eliminated than others, so you'll need to specify duration of effect. DNA is a different story. It's eliminated by DNA correction systems in our bodies, but even that's not for certain. Again, just give a duration of effect.

Shikai 1: I'll bring a bit of my scientific background to bear here. What's going on here is that you're changing electrical signalling patterns in the body, which means the DNA would have to head directly to the brain, not the limb itself. You can't really change a signal's end-point by inserting DNA there. The idea of a bacteria doing that would be a little strange as well, but while I'd be happy to discuss what's scientifically possible, this is the Bleach universe. I would just say that you need to make it clear how it works.

Shikai 2: When the limb falls off, does it leave the wound as it was after the cut was first inflicted? Does the wound still bleed when the limb grows, or does the limb completely cover the wound? Does this happen independent of the size or location of the wound (for example, can you grow a leg on the tip of someone's finger)?

Shikai 3: I'm...so confused. Much the same as shukun said, I just don't get how this works. I think it says something about moving a limb or facial feature elsewhere, though I don't see anything here that explains how the endpoint of the move is decided. I'd give more here, but I'm so uncertain about how this ability works that I can't really give it a review. I don't know how DNA can reform skin so quickly, literally removing it from its current location and putting it elsewhere, especially since it does it through a central nerve. I'm just lost here.

Bankai: How long does the gas last? How much of it can be created? How would gas function in this regard? I mean, so many of the abilities are dependent upon specific locations (in fact, all of them are), so I have to question how this works as a gas. And how does it get into the opponent? Can it only enter through wounds, or can they breathe it in? Do you select which effect it is upon creation of the gas, or upon it entering into the opponent?

Bankai 1: I'm rather confused here as well. As far as I'm aware, bacteria can only infect living things, so a rock growing an arm seems difficult for me to believe when we're talking about them. Also, if that's possible, how large are the limbs that are grown out of these (I thought the size of the limb depended on a comparison to the limbs of the person they were growing out of), and how many can you control at once? How strong are all of them?

Bankai 2: I don't get how the illusion works. Would the opponent not notice that they're bleeding out? I mean, all I see here is that they wouldn't remember ever having that piece of their liver, though I think they'd be concerned about the gushing red liquid coming out of their abdomen. The continuous bleeding isn't necessarily a problem, I just don't get the illusory aspect. What's more, I don't understand the regenerative aspect. Are you saying that if an opponent manages to obliterate a goodly portion of your heart, but you managed to slash them with this earlier, you could instantly regenerate that tissue with his? You have to give this more than a little specification. Is this new tissue problematic because it's not his own? Can the tissue be reformed into any tissue of the wielder's choice? Does it only take tissue directly along the wound it creates, or does it grab more? Is this injury replacement automatic?

I know this is a lot, and I mean a lot a lot, but that's the way things go with complex blades. When you have something like this that is deeply involved in a lot of various processes, you have to be exceptionally careful on phrasing and explanation. I've written blades along somewhat similar lines, and most of them felt like writing a book.
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over a year ago goflytwokites said…
@Zordaik: DNA blade eh? Hahaha. It’s one thing to mess with someone else’s mind during battle but to mess with their genetics?! That’s evil!!! :P. Great creativity though!

Just thought of another Zanpuktou, but for the life of me I can’t think of a bankai fitting it!!! I’ve had many ideas but none of them seem to match the Shikai very well…

Zanpuktou Name: Hikaru Kaminari (Glowing Lightning)

Unreleased: It looks like a standard katana except its handle is half an inch thicker than normal. The handle is sky-blue in colour with 4 navy blue, diamond shaped markings on each side. The guard is hexagon shaped and white in colour. The blade is that of a standard katana.

Shikai release command: Kurai sora o tentō (Light up the dark skies) Hikaru Kaminari

The zanpukto completely transforms. It becomes an ornate metal cast (navy blue in colour with glowing azure details) running from the wrist to the elbow. At its thickest point (around the middle), the cast is 2 inches. It is half an inch thick at its ends.

A 6 inch (diameter) metal ring with a handle identical to the unreleased sword forms (the handle is formed across the diameter of the ring such that when the wielder holds it, the ring is on the outside and his hand is on the inside). This ring is then connected to the metal cast via 2 small metal rods. Then 8 half-pipes (as long as the length between the user’s middle finger tip and elbow) attach to the ring (at equally spaced intervals such that they trace a square with 2 pipes on each side) at one end and fasten fairly loosely to the metal cast via 8 clips. The other extreme end of the half-pipes is left free.

Once this formation is complete, the user has to squeeze the handle. Once he does that 8 glass cylinders form on top of the half pipes. All the glass cylinders fill up with energy which glows blue. The shikai form is complete. Although complex, this form takes only about 5 seconds to take shape.

Arrangement of the cylinders in Shikai form: I don’t consider this an entire ability in itself. It’s more like an inbuilt characteristic of the shikai form. Opinion might differ on this, in which case this shikai has around 5 abilities not 3.

Anyway, each of the eight cylinders can be unclipped from the cast and turned outward via the hinge on the ring. This allows various combos of cylinders pointing outwards and cylinders pointing inwards. The user has to simply think of how many he wants pointing out and flick his wrist.

All cylinders pointing inwards will then release their energy to form a shield over the entire upper arm and frontal chest area (note that this leaves the back wide open). The strength of the shield depends on how many cylinders are pointing inwards. With all eight cylinders pointing inward, the shield can withstand a medium level point blank Cero. One drawback with the shield is that if it is heavily damaged (for example, if the entire upper arm region of the shield is destroyed) the cylinders contributing to that part of the shield will become empty. They take 5 mins each to recharge.

Multiple cylinders can be recharged simultaneously at the risk of overheating the cast itself (the cast is used to fill up the cylinders).

1.Tsukisasu (Impale): In terms of attack, the cylinders pointing outward can be used to impale the opponent and knock him backwards. Upon every hit with the cylinder/s, the energy within them is converted into thrust and electrical energy, knocking the opponent back. Each cylinder has enough energy to perform 5 such attacks. The electrical energy in each consecutive attack gets weaker and weaker but the thrust remains the same. The amount of thrust is directly proportional to the number of cylinders hitting the opponent.

2.Kasai-Kogu (Fire Cutter): The only move that allows the shikai-form to have some cutting power. Although it does require a special combination of cylinders pointing outwards. Every alternate cylinder must be pointing outward while the rest point inward. Then, when the command is said, the 4 outward cylinders concentrate their energy into a central point. The energy concentration forms a 30cm “energy blade” at the end of the 4 cylinder formation. Due to the higher temperature it’s in, the blade has 4 times the cutting power of a regular katana. However, this can only be kept up for 8 mins. After that, all 4 cylinders become empty and have to be recharged (the same recharge time applies).

Bankai coming up soon...I hope...
over a year ago goflytwokites said…
Wow. Didn't realise how long that was till it was posted.
over a year ago K0VIP3R said…
That is a good zanpakuto gofly. But if thats how complicated the shikai is. I don't know how complicated the bankai will be.
over a year ago goflytwokites said…
That's where my problem lies in creating a bankai. I want the bankai to be relatively simple. But all I keep coming up with is large scale complicated set ups.
over a year ago shukun_kizuku said…
Golfy if i may call you that.... making a bankai can be extremely hard or it can be easy as just increasing your shikai's abilities but mainly it just takes practice creating new ones over and over again or just working on bankai's....and if you or anyone needs help just send me a message and ill do my best to help you out
over a year ago K0VIP3R said…
Here's another one.

Name: Dākurūra (Dark Ruler)
Release Command: Jigoku no soko kara jōshō (rise from the depths of hell)

Sealed form: The sealed form of the apakuto come in the form of two wakizashi blades.. Both of which have black bound grips with grey diamonds adorning them. The sheathe is pure black.

Shikai: When released the user's wazikashi are shrouded in a black mist. After 5 seconds the mist disperses, showing two 40cm long hachiwara blades. (Katana like daggers with a sharp hook protruding from the non-cutting side) Both blades are black with red tribal designs flowing down it. All the designs are actually engraved into the blade. The grips are plain black.

Ability One:Eien shadō (Eternal Shadow)

This ability remains in effect for as long as the zanpakuto is released (However it must be activated first for it to take effect). Black mist evelops the surrounding area. This will cover a maximum of 2 square miles. This dims most of the light in the area so it is harder for all but the user to see. (As he would be accustomed to fighting in these conditions). The benfit of this is that attacks from the user could come from anywhere, plus the shikai form is more powerful the darker it is. I must say that the vision of the opponent will get worse as there isn't enough light to see clearly, they will however be able to just make out shapes. So it is possible to dodge incoming attacks.

Ability 2: Shadōsurasshu (Shadow Slash)
This ability works in two different ways. The first way is the user charges the move (like my other zanpakuto) for a minimum of 5 seconds (max of 10) and then makes a slashing movement with the zanpakuto. The compressed "Shadows" are then fired at the opponent similar to a getsuga tensho. Both blades can do this once per charge. (Obviously the longer the move is charged, the more powerful it is) At the minimum charge level it causes a mildly deep lasaration which is not a smooth cut but a jagged wound so the bleeding would be worse. At the maxium it could destroy a building. It travel at around 5 meters per second.

The second way it can be used is in conjunction with ability one. the user slashes with either zanpakuto and at a constant distance of 5 meters away from the opponent the same "Slash of Shadow" is sent at the opponent. The direction it comes from however is dependent on the direction the user swings the zanpakuto. The attacks power is mid-charge. This will cause sever lasarations but will not take off lims. The attack speed is the same as before. The attack will be visible to the opponent as it is compressed shadow that will be darker than the surrounding mist. It will be hard to spot however.

Ability 3: Shadō o burēdo (Blade of Shadow)
The user condenses their reiatsu into both blades. (Basically charging) This process takes about 5 seconds (about 2 seconds if Eternal Shadow is used). The reiatsu is then released but at the same time held. The reiatsu takes on the shape of katana blades that extend from the hilts. The reiatsu is a dark purple in colour and is able to easily cut through a rock. Not only does this serve as an extension to the blade but the reiatsu cannot be blocked by any means apart from another reiatsu based attack. Say if the opponent tried to block with his own zanpakuto, th reiatsi blade would go through it, not making a dent on it, and cut the opponent. This ability is influenced directly by the user, so he can make the reiatsu solid to break the opponents zanpakuto or use it as a block. The only means of blocking this is if you block where the zanpakutos blades are as they are not afected by this ability and as such are still a solid mass. This move will last for a maximum of 5 minutes.

Bankai:Kaosu dākurūra (Chaos Dark Ruler)

The blades are again enveloped in shadow. This time they are in the form of two katana. The blades ahve the same features as the shikai (apart from the hooks) the user is also wearing a black trench coat with the same tribal designs as the blade.
During bankai, the user's speed is increased 5x as much as it was in shikai. the users striking power is twice as much as it was in shikai. Note abilities 2 & 3 cannot be used during bankai.

Bankai Ability One: Dākufurasshu (Dark Flash)
This can only be used in conjunction with ability 1. The user's body temporarily becomes one with the shadow's enveloping the area. they can move to any point in the shadow and attack anything on the way. The user travels very quickly. A way for me to demonstrate this would be that the user would be able to walk past the opponent and as they walk past the opponent could be slashes 9-10 times during the process. (it might seem over powered but the flaw is it can only e used in the shadows area)

Bankai Ability 2:Kaosusurasshu (Chaos Slash)
This is similar to abilities two and three only it is restricted to the blades of the zanpakuto. Reiatsu is compressed in the blades and is released slightly. This makes it looks like shadows are leaking off it. The user then has to make physical contact on the opponent with the blades to use this. the reiatsu is released into the enemy's body when the blades strikes. It sort of acts like orihime's only attack. The reiatsu then extends from the point of impact in the same direction the blade took and will basically sever any part of the body in the wounds length. So if it was a small cut, the cut would actually extend through the back of the body so there would be a hole in the body in a sense.

The last one isn't worded well but its the best I could do.
Please give feadback on it.
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over a year ago shukun_kizuku said…
aight here ya go bud as i always say im new to reviews so no offence to anything i say

@K0VIP3R Dākurūra (Dark Ruler)

Shikai 1- how much harder is it for other people to see?, dose it effect team mates around you? how much more powerful dose the blade get the darker it gets?

Shikai 2- do you recharge after each slash? and were in the blade is the shadows stored or do they form around the blade?

Shikai 3- were do the previous blades go or are they an extenion of the blades? how long do these "shadow blades" extend? and as for breaking anothers zanpakuto by only solifying it seems pretty powerful to me

Bankai 1- ok as you said it is very over powered because theres shadows everywere so theres no escaping it because they can not see you to block the attack excpecialy if the users speed is increaded X5, how fast is very quickly 20ft a second 30 feet a second? and how long do you stay that way?

Bankai 2- ok how long dose the rietsue cut from contact lets say you cut the arm would it go 1 to 2 inches deeper or cut off the arm if so thats way to overpowered
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Alright, let’s get started.

Wagakagami (Garasu):

1) Makes sense.
2) If the glass is used against something stronger than it can absorb, will it absorb part of the energy and then shatter, reducing the power of it, or does it have no effect against these? When the glass shatters, does the energy inside of it simply fizzle?
3) The ability to travel through glass instantaneously might be a bit much, especially since you can create glass panes yourself. In general, that means he can have at least 15 separate locations to travel to as long as he makes 14 separate panes and spreads them out. Easy to destroy as these would be, hiding them wouldn’t be too hard in most areas with any sort of cover.

1) I understand the 10 foot radius on the ground, but does it have the same radius in all directions? Does this basically form a sphere of detection and restoration?
2) Since this is released in a glass ball, I’m having trouble seeing the similarity to cero energy here. How does it function when it hits something? Does it explode?
3) Relate the strength of the dragon to the wielder’s strength, since bone strength isn’t consistent in the Bleach world. Does the beam cause the same type of damage as a cero, or does it burn life fire? I don’t get the transformation into your inner world. What portion of your inner world? What does it gain from turning into it?