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jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Alright, let’s get started.

Des-Sed (Yami no Tankyuusha):

1) Is there any selection process for choosing the fear or memory? Is it entirely random? Does this work at all in reverse?
2) I’ve mentioned this on a variety of blades, but this is ridiculously difficult to define. When one discusses employing a person’s fear against them, it’s so highly personalized that there’s a lot of issues that can arise. How would one materialize “death”? Not everything materializes into something visible, nor is it simple to understand what effect certain fears would have based simply on sight. A person might be afraid of needles, but only seeing those needles does little if any harm to their psyche. I’m not saying this is necessarily overpowered, since they are just illusions and an opponent might quickly discover that such is the case, but it still needs lot of definition.
1) Again, this is highly specific to the opponent and situation. I get how it works, but it seems like the wielder (having the opponent’s appearance, memories and fears in mind) could just as easily claim to be the opponent themselves, which means they could at least force the zanpakuto spirit to not do anything for fear of harming the wielder. It also seems to me that illusions might have a distinctly different meaning in a world full of them, though I’m not certain whether there’s a difference between these illusions and the ones already in their world.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Roganator123 (Pachipachihotaru) –

1) Does the opponent need to see the flashes for this to work? Do they have to look directly at the guard? How severe is the state of shock? How severe are the hallucinations? Is there any lag time between uses of this?
2) How fast can these be thrown? How long do these extend the blades?

1) How many pieces can this be split into? Can they be individually controlled? How far away from the opponent does this cause burning? Does the full orb cause more damage?
2) How large is the initial spinning of light? How far does the shockwave go? How powerful is it?
3) What’s the range on this? How long does it take to do this? Is this a certain kill, or are opponents just badly burned as a result and likely to die? How fast does the burst of flame move? How long does to take for the orb to regenerate?
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Zordaik (Sutera Shihai) –

Shikai: Is the wielder not affected by the increasing heat of the handle of his blade? Can the planets orbiting him be destroyed? How fast do they rotate? Can he change the speed of rotation?
1) How long does the gas linger after the explosion?
2) I see that you limited this to not affecting zanpakuto, but generally, a blast like this has to have some limitations. This might have been assumed, but since it says “burn through anything,” I have to address it: make sure to include that it can still be checked back by other energy.
3) So this can’t be blocked? Would it go through a zanpakuto? Would it go through the opponent? If it simply goes through solid objects, I have a hard time understanding how this is limited. When the beams split, do they also change direction?
Bankai: I’m guessing these blasts are the same ones from shikai, in which case, this is a problem. You basically have 6 independent entities firing blasts with few limitations. I’m not sure whether they’re still orbiting you, but if they are, that’s insane defense, and if they aren’t, that’s insane offense. Since I don’t know how fast they move, this could be even more of a problem than I’m understanding it to be now. I don’t really understand this zanpakuto hilt heating up aspect, not sure how that would affect the opponent, but again, does the heat affect you? What’s more, I couldn’t even count this as one ability because they’re 6 separate objects, acting on their own, and utilizing three separate abilities. That just seems like a lot to assign to one ability, even if this was labeled as one.
1) Is there any lag time between uses? Is there any damage that comes from doing this repeatedly?
2) Generally, any ability that spells death for the opponent 100% if they’re hit by it is a problem. 250 meter radius things that do that are a much bigger problem, even if they can hit you and can be blocked by what we believe to be the strongest kido shield. You’ll want to tone this one down.
3) Can more than one of these be opened at once? Can they be stopped before they are done absorbing? In general, it seems to absorb without deference to the energy of the opponent or the wielder, which seems a bit much. You might want to provide some limitation by relation to the wielder on this. Also, if the wielder raises their energy using the first bankai ability, and then uses this and gets caught in it, what happens after the duration of the first ability is expended (since he would technically be in the negative energy-wise)?
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Kypher8 (Kumo Kiba) –

1) Might just place this in the blade description, it’s not so much an ability as a possible form for the blade, though only do so if you have another shikai ability in mind.
2) Interesting usage of poison, and well explained.
3) How heavy is the web? Does it constrict heavily, or is it a relatively wide net?

I’d really like the see a bankai for this one, I think you’ve got the makings of a very interesting blade here.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
K0VIP3R (Shinseinaru Hikari) –

1) How long is the maximum charge time? What’s the difference in power between the minimum and maximum? Can this only be absorbed in the sun, or can it be absorbed from any given source of light? Does the absorption continue to happen while clashing with opponents, or does it require downtime to do this? Can it store light and fire later if the wielder chooses?
2) Can the wielder charge for the first ability and this one at the same time, or does it require separate focus? Can he hold charges in both without releasing them? Does this focusing of light require a lot of energy, or can it be used continuously without too much problems? Does the sphere of light move away from the wielder, or does it merely expand in size? Can he move while this is active? 2 seconds does matter, but if they can keep them within that zone by moving along with them, disintegration isn’t exactly hard to achieve.

Bankai: I mention this a lot, but try not to hide abilities in the description. The striking force increase and speed increase are both abilities conferred by the blade and not simply changes to the blade, so it’s worth noting. I get that you’re doubling the strength of both shikai abilities and using them in here, and that that suffices as two abilities, but you can’t just leave these as part of the description.
1) Is there no way to escape this before the pillar rises around them? In general, an ability like this with only one method of escape (which is unobtainable by any opponent below a certain power level), is problematic. I mean, this is sure death if they’re inside when the spikes come down. You might want to tone this down by providing another out or two.

The weaknesses that you provide don’t address the bankai, and neither is all that big of a problem unless some of the answers to the questions I gave are rather negative. Not many fights are going to occur in pitch blackness.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Alright, that's enough for one day. Anyone I haven't gotten to yet, I'll hit up tomorrow.
over a year ago K0VIP3R said…
Well white flame you've made good points so here are the corrections.

1) Didn't think this one through too well to be honest. But I'd say the max charge time would be 20 seconds. This can be done in anylight sourse but the difference is that if it was a weak sorce of light, then it would probably double or even triple the charge time. The move can not be continued to charge if clashing with the opponent. A normal person (soul reaper or not) will always lose focus if confronted with another stimulus and considering this stimulus is trying to kill you you would be more focused on parrying incoming attacks than what you were doing before. This one s a good point and yes it can be stored however it does have a time limit. The user has 2 minutes to fire it after charging and after every 30 seconds the blade will get damaged. After 2 minutes the blast must be fired or you risk the blade shattering.

2)No is the short answer to this. It requires different focus to charge this move. This has the same time limit of restraint on it. However what happens when the move is held though is after 20 seconds a bone in his body will break. after the one minute mark he will start tearing muscle tissue and after 1:30 random blod vessels will rupture. After 2 minutes there would be a leathal rupture in the brain. This may seem like overkill but I'm trying to balance out the power with negatives now. Focusing the light does take a lot of energy to do so I'd say a limit of 5 per shikai should be enforced with it. The sphere of light just expands from the user's body with a 5 meter radius. He cannot move while using this otherwise this ability would be very overpowered.

Thanks for the advice about the bankai.

3)O.k, this is a good question. Yes there is a way to escape it but you would have to be quick about it. the pillar rises at about 5 m/s so 50 meters would take ten seconds plus another 5 to close the opening at the top. Plus the pillar will be weak during construction. When it reaches forty meters then the sides start toughening up. Hope thats enough of an escape.
over a year ago wagakagami said…
Ty for the review whiteflame i'll try to explain better.

1) Makes sense.
Thank You

2) If the glass is used against something stronger than it can absorb, will it absorb part of the energy and then shatter, reducing the power of it, or does it have no effect against these?
Yes it Will take as much as it can in.
When the glass shatters, does the energy inside of it simply fizzle?
Yes the reshi can't be used for anything unless uryuu was there or something and he could suck up the reshi.

3) The ability to travel through glass instantaneously might be a bit much, especially since you can create glass panes yourself. In general, that means he can have at least 15 separate locations to travel to as long as he makes 14 separate panes and spreads them out. Easy to destroy as these would be, hiding them wouldn’t be too hard in most areas with any sort of cover.
With this I didn't think of it being used like that but it takes 15 seconds for the 3rd ability to work after touching the glass once the ability is in effect the user can go through it.

1) I understand the 10 foot radius on the ground, but does it have the same radius in all directions? Does this basically form a sphere of detection and restoration?
Each rod has a round area of effect but when more are in an area then they are connected but there areas don't move so no.

2) Since this is released in a glass ball, I’m having trouble seeing the similarity to cero energy here. How does it function when it hits something? Does it explode?
With this it forms as a glass ball then once thrown it truns into a 4 meter ball of creo like reshi and it works just as a cero would.

3) Relate the strength of the dragon to the wielder’s strength, since bone strength isn’t consistent in the Bleach world.
With this I didn't know how much strong to make it so i just put that in but i would say about 350% as strong as the user.
Does the beam cause the same type of damage as a cero, or does it burn life fire?
It works like a creo not fire.
I don’t get the transformation into your inner world. What portion of your inner world? What does it gain from turning into it?
The dragon is the zanpakuto spirit and i meant that it, the dragon, transforms into it's form in the inner world. The main purpose for this is to allow it to enter smaller places.

Hope this helps bad at explaining things sometimes.
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over a year ago wagakagami said…
This is my newest one and it might be vary overpowered. It is based on tabuu from Super Smash Brothers Brawl and i would like a review for this plz.

Zanpakuto name: Tabuu

Zanpakuto Description Pre-Release: The zanpakuto is the size and shape of a normal katana. On the end of the handle is a 3 inch string with a black bell on it. Also the gaurd is black and the handle and blade are golden.

Shikai Release Command: Craft My World.

When shikai is released the user grows two wings from there back that look like the pic. These wings reach out to 2 times the users arm span. These wings glow as bright as a neon light and start off dark purple as time passes they change from purple to blue then green then red and back to purple over 50 seconds. These wings are as strong as metal but are flexable enough to wrap around the user and have no sharp edges. These can't be used for flight and are weightless. Once shikai is released the sword disappers and reforms as one of 3 weapons, below. The user does not know what one it will be and can't pick it but it is randomly changed every time shikai is entered.

___Chain of Light. The Sword forms into a golden bracelet around the users wrist that is about 1 inch wide and 1 inch thick. When the user creates a fist, if they want it to, the bracelet turns to reshi that covers there fist. When the user points there fist a translucent silver blade 1 foot long and 5 inches wide connected to a 1 inch thick golden chain shoots out of the reshi around there fist at kido speed. This move in a straight line and passes through solid matter, reshi based attacks and barriers work on it, until it hits someone or reaches 100 feet. When this hits someone the blade sticks in them, they can then touch it and the chain but it does no physical harm. This takes as much strength as the user has to pull it out. The user can then draw reshi out of them at a speed of a level 20 kido every 3 seconds. At any point in time if the user opens there hand the reshi around there hand forms into a handle attached to the chain and any part of the chain and blade, not in something, becomes solid and can be used as a whip with a blade on the end. If part is in somthing once it comes out it becomes solid.

___Boomerange Shuriken. The sword forms into a golden circle about 10 inches wide and 1 inch thick. When the user wants three 3 foot long blades form on the circle. These blades are 3 inches wide. When this is thrown at any point in it's flight the user can close there hand and the Shuriken stops and the user can then throw it again from where it is. They can keep doing this as long as they can see it. If it is in something or someone has it then the throw will only work if the users throw is strong enough to free it if not there throw has no effect.

___Golden Bracket. The sword forms into a white glove on the users right hand that has two golden lines on it's sides. When the user holds out there hand two golden 5 foot long 2 inch thick rods form. These rods are as strong as a zanpakuto and copy the users hand, if the user pushes there hand forward they will move forward if they pull there hand back it moves back and the same for the sides and up and down also if the user moves turns there hand upside down the rods wil go upside down. These rods stay 2 feet apart but if the user spreds out there fingers then the rods move apart. All of the rods movments are at kido speed and have the strength on the users pushing force. When the rods close on someone they disapper and a layer of reshi is wraped around them. This reshi is around them and is about a foot thick and is as tall as the rods. It is wraped around them based on how the rods were touching them, if the bottoms of the rods were at there waist and the tops were above them thenit would only wrap around there top half but it will never cover there head. This reshi is as strong as a level 50 barrier kido and the user can move it the same way as the rods. Only one set of rods can be out at once and they can't be out at the same time as the reshi.

Ability 1: Explosive Teleport- When the user activates this everytime they flash step they leave an explosion where they were that is as strong as a hand grenade. When this is deactivated the user has to wait 60 seconds the activate it again and the flash steps were them out 10 times as fast as normal.

Ability 2: Bullet Rain- When used 1 foot long teal needles of reshi shoot out of the users right hand at a speed of 30 a second, the user can slow this to as low as two a second. These are as strong and fast as uryuu's arrows but only go 25 feet before dissappearing. The user can keep shooting these out as long as they want but they all cost reshi about a level 30 kido for 15 of them. After this has started reshi pools into the users left hand at the same time giving it a red glow after 10 seconds the user can shoot it out as a red ball of reshi that is as powerful and fast as a bala. This automaticaly charges when shooting the needles and the charges can stack allowing more then one to ready to fire at once, up to 5. If the user wants they can let the charges disapear without using them and if they don't use them 10 seconds after stoping the needles then the charges fade but if they resume the needles then the charges will stay.

Ability 3: Electrical Shield- This uses a level 30 kido a second and has a 30 second cooldown. When this is used the user glows blue for 2 seconds then electricity flows through there body. This is as 50% stronger then the level 11 kido Tsuzuri Raiden. This will shock anything touching them and lasts as long as the user wants. During this they can't flash step, use kido, or any zanpakuto abilites.

Bankai Name: Sub Space King Tabuu

In bankai the wings remain the same but they now allow the user to levitate as fast as they can run. The weapon dissapears and the users body is covered in a reshi the same color as the wings, but the color changes in the opposite order. This reshi is as strong as a level 60 barrier kido and if part of it is removed or destroyed then it all is destroyed at the same time but recoves in 1 minute. Also in this form the wings recover as well at the same speed but they don't both break if one is damaged or destoryed.

Ability 1: Flutter Left Wing Of Asylum- When this is activated the user, all of them but the left wing, fades and becomes translucent over 5 seconds. While the user is like this any and all attacks pass through them as if they weren't there and all of the users non physical attacks do not works and there physical ones pass through things. During this mode there left wing is still able to be hit by melee attacks or non melee attacks. The user chooses which one if melee atacks work then the wing is red if non melee attacks work then the wing is blue. If at any point the wing is hit then the user becomes solid again. If they are in something then they are pushed out of that object first. This needs a level 70 kido worth of reshi to use and lasts as long as the user wants but has a 2 minute cooldown.

Ability 2: Beat Right Wing Of Hazard- When this attack is used a sword forms in the users right hand. This sword is a 5 foot long and 1 foot wide broad sword. The handle is gold, the guard is black, and the blade is a trancelucent grey. The right wing turns black and becomes as strong as a zanpakuto. When any attack, thats not a melee type attack, hits the wing it is absorbed into it. However the attack still hits the wing so it can be destroyed. When an attack is absorbed is is seen inside the sword floating around. When the user wants they can use any of the attacks in the sword but only one at a time with a 5 second cooldown. There is no limit to how many attacks can be stored but there user can only have the wing absorbing attack for 5 minutes after that it goes back to normal but the sword can be kept out with the attacks as long as the user wants. The wing has a cooldown of 5 minutes before it can be used again.

Ability 3: When this is used the user has to Choose one or both of there wings for an effect. The wing or wings choosen appear to be crushed to dust and can't be used again, for there abilities, until next bankai. This includes the sword from ability 2 of bankai. This can be used for each wing but if one is used the user can't then choose to use the ability for both wings being destroyed.

___Stifle My Wing Of Asylum: This destroys the left wing and the dust forms onto the users left arm in the shape of a golden cannon. The user can use this cannon to cast kido, or any other reshi based attacks like cero or getsuga tensho that the user can use. At any point after an attack has been shot out of it the user can make that attack intangible, pass through solid matter including reshi. They can return it to normal whenever they want but it will countinue to move through anything it's in before becoming solid. For any beam like abilities the user has to choose something and that will pass through the attack.

___Enfeeble My Wing Of Hazard: This destroys the right wing and the dust forms into 4 foot long symitar with a gold handle. The blade looks like it is black reshi that has stars in it. When the user wants they can shoot A blast of reshi out of it that looks like a gesuga tenshu but insted of black and red it is black with star like lights in it. This take as much reshi as a getsuga tenshu and is as fast but it does only about 15% of the damage. When this attack comes in contact with an attack, if it's like a sword swing or gin's zanpakuto the person is effected as well, then the attacks trade directions instantly so each attack will go in the direction it was coming from at the same speed and power. If it was Gin's zanpakuto extending, or something similar, then gin would end up where the two attacks touched facing the other direction and his sword would still be extending.

___Mangle My Wings Of Sub Space: This destroys both wings and the reshi that covers the user in bankai. When this is used the wings send out sphere of reshi the same color the wings were when it was used. This reshi does not hurt any thing and moves 2 times as fast as a kido would to a distance of 100 meters. The zanpakuto, or Resurrección of an arrancars, of anyone hit by the reshi is sealed. This means that they no longer have any effects. Anything effected by this still has it's shape and anything like a body part with still move but anything else can't, like captain komamura's giant in bankai. This lasts 5 minutes and after the user can't use there zanpakuto for 6 hours. This does not effect any zanpakuto or Resurrección that was not in use while this was used but any that were effected can't be unsealed until it's effect is over. The user can however end this early if they want.
 This is my newest one and it might be vary overpowered. It is based on tabuu from Super Smash Brother
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Ankakalle64 (Yōso no doragonzu)

Shikai: Can the dragons do anything by themselves? Are they physical entities? Can they be destroyed? If so, can they be restored? Does the use of each of these dragons activate a cooldown, or can they be used back to back? Can multiple dragons be used at once?
1) How fast does the blade fly? Does it cut like a normal blade, or does it just burn at the site that it hits?
2) That’s an incredibly large increase to the speed of a person’s flash step. It wouldn’t be so much of a problem if it didn’t become so ridiculously easy to kill a person in a single blow. The most you should ever be able to increase flash step by is about 2x, and this is 3.4x.
3) What are the limitations of this defense? Can it defend against any physical, kido or other attack, independent of type and how powerful it is? How long does it last? You should definitely place some limitations here, an infinite defense is too powerful.

1) What “attack properties” does it garner? How is this worse defensively? Merely changing the shape of the blade doesn’t change its ability to do either of these two things, it just changes the effective range.
2) An even larger increase to his flash step, coupled with a method to hide yourself from your opponent and protect yourself with a shield of water (which, from my perspective at least, could be used as an offensive method). It’s too powerful. It’s not well defined either. How much can the shield of water defend against? How fast would high pressure be shot out at? How much can be fired with each burst?
3) Can the dragon be destroyed before it fires? If so, how easily? How large is the blast? How fast does it move? Independent of those answers, you have to limit the power of this. A blast that obliterates anything it touches (and therefore can’t be defended against, no matter what) is too much, especially since I see no reason that this can’t be reused over and over again.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Goflytwokites (Hikaru Kaminari) –

Shikai: It’s not too important because you do only have 2 abilities here, but just make sure to include a number next to the shield portion of your shikai description. That is an ability, so designate it as one.
1) Does this extend the overall range from which it can hit, and if so, by how much?
2) Does the fire blade have the same physical properties as a normal blade beyond the enhanced cutting power and the ability to burn?

Always happy to discuss possible bankais if you’re uncertain or want another person just to bounce ideas off of.
over a year ago goflytwokites said…
Thanks for the review. Actually I wrote quite a long reply to your previous review of Funsai Sunaarashi and I was wondering whether to post it or not. Anyway, for now,

1) No. The first ability is just for hitting the opponent and sending him flying, it does not increase the range of the weapon. The length of the cylinders remains the same and they have to actually make contact with something for this to take effect.

2) It doesnt look like a katana (it glows white). Other than that yes, it has the same properties.

I have a concrete idea in mind for the bankai (finally) so that will be coming up soon.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
K0VIP3R (Dākurūra) –

I’ll make additions onto shukun’s review, so keep his in mind as well.

1) How quickly does the black mist expand out from the blade? Does it move with the blade? How much of an increase does this provide in power to other abilities, and how much does that increase by over time? What prevents this from being used constantly?
2) How large are these shadow slices? What’s the longest amount of time that this can be charged? Can the charge be interrupted by the blades being used in melee combat, or will it continuously charge no matter the circumstance? For the second way it can be used, does the second blast that’s fired out of the mist have to come at the same angle as the initial one fired out of the blade?
3) Does it extend the blade by exactly double? Can the energy coming off of this blade be blocked similarly to kido with something like Danku, or can it go through even that? It seems reasonable that it could be made unsubstantial and substantial at the wielder’s discretion, but it should still act at least somewhat like kido in both states.

Bankai: The 5x increase in speed and the 2x increase in striking power are an ability in and of themselves (if not 2 separate abilities). They can’t simply be a part of the description. The fact that the first shikai ability is still active is also an ability here, so you should keep these in mind.
1) The big problem here is the mist. As long as there’s any source of light, the mists will cast a shadow on the ground, which means you basically have free reign to use this across as much as a 2 mile area. Even if you’re limiting this to other shadows, there are plenty of locations that would make this extremely difficult for any opponent to deal with. You’ll want to tone this down majorly.
2) Does this only affect as a result of striking the opponent directly, or does this happen from striking anything, including the opponent’s blade? It’s important to limit this action very specifically. In general, I just want to be certain that you’re not cutting people in half with every stroke.
over a year ago Zordaik said…
Yeesh. Looks like it's time to crack down. I'll take down and rewrite Totsuzenhei and repost it sometime in the future. Now, I'll get to Sutera Shihai later. I'm already kinda tired from attempting to answer Totsuzenhei. Hehe. Anyway, Great blades.
over a year ago Kypher8 said…

first off, thanks for the review :)
1)It actually did start off in the desciption haha but i couldnt think of a third ability so i just decided to put it as an ability.
2) grazie
3) relatively small net, more a focused, constricting net for immobilizing a single target rather than a large net for mults. approx 5'-8' in diameter

as for the bankai, the only reason i didnt put one down is because i honestly cant really think of one that I think fits...any suggestion?
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Well, you could make direct enhancements on the abilities you have already, but I tend to like a bit of difference between the two. You could make silk armor for yourself - it'd be practically worthless against kido, but it's several times stronger than steel, and could deal with most projectiles pretty well. You could make an eight-limbed form for yourself, and increase the number of blades you wield. Beyond that, I'd say diversifying the poisons you can use would be a good ability to use.
over a year ago bleachfan12 said…
alright its been awile since ive looked at this website.

@Ankakalle64: your zanpakuto is accually very interesting, can the dragons think by them selfs? and dose the speed boost have any side effects on you? to me it seems that going 300% faster would hurt you. with the dragons i mean is it possible for them to attack with out your consent for it almost seems that they could.
- note: the bankais don't have sayings other they the wielder shouting bankai then the name of the bankai.
-it would be cool if you could tell us what your zanpakuto spirit looks like, i think that it would sound interesting.

hey whiteflame55 to tell you the truth i suprised to see your post here, i seem to remember seeing your post as one of the first posts on this site, nice picture by the way (the one that accumpinies your name)

a qustion for anyone, since they are continuing bleach and have a new power (fullbring) what would your fullbring be and would you side with kugo or ichigo?
over a year ago Zordaik said…
Okay, time to answer Sutera Shihai. I feel I should've done a lot sooner.

Shikai: No, the heating of the handle doesn't affect the wielder, and is more mainly a visual effect than anything else. As it says in the posts, the planets can be destroyed but will regenerate over the course of ten seconds. They orbit the wielder fairly slowly, around ten kilometers an hour. The wielder cannot change the speed of their orbit.

1) As I said in the explanation, The gas possesses the same characteristics as smoke, and so therefore wouldlast as long as smoke would.

2) Ahh, yes. Damn, it seems I always think information like that is magically tranferred to everyone else reading the blade. Oh, well, I'll make sure to fix that.

3) Again, for some reason I thought everyone would know that it can be checked by another energy attack. Also, I generally like to think that everyone somehow knows a Zanpakuto can block nearly everything. As said in the post, the blast passes over the opponent's body, freezing them in a block of ice. The beams merely become smaller and less effective when they split, and do not change direction.

Bankai: Well, I realize it seems like a big OP, but please realize that each time a planet fires a blast it eats up a fairly significant portion of the zanpakuto's reiatsu. Each blast would eat up reiatsu equal to Raikoho. Furthermore, seeing as the planets orbit the wielder at random, and not the wielder or the Zanpakuto has any control over how fast the planets orbit, I feel it's actually a little less OP than you or anyone else would initially think. Not sure if that's an adequate enough limitation, but I personally hope it is. Also, again, the hilt guard heating up is merely a visual effect made for the sole purpose of more accurately holding to the name of the blade.

1) I again assumed that people would somehow know there was a lag time. Anyway, I should post that, shouldn't I? And yes, constantly gaining and losing massive amounts of power seems like it would have some sort of damaging effect on the body, does it not? I'll include that as well.

2) I believe I will want to tone this one down.

3) No, only one can be open at a time. They cannot be stopped until they are finished absorbing. I will provide another limitation on this one. If the wielder gets caught in this ability after using the first, well, they're in some trouble then, aren't they? I would guess they'd have to keep replenishing their energy with the first ability and wait for their reiatsu to leave the negative mark. If he fails to do so, a negative energy level would probably result in death.

Thanks for the reviews, by the way. Keep it up.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Ah, it has been a while bleachfan. Yep, I'm still around, mainly because Bleach: The Fallout is still running strong, though I do make a decent attempt at reviewing all of the blades I can on this forum. The picture is one I found rather recently, and it pretty much represents what I had really hoped Soi Fon had ended up as (as opposed to the massive rocket launcher in her arm), though I do agree it accompanies my name well.

With regards to your question, the item I'd be most attached to would be a tough call. It's certainly not about which item they simply use more often, but what they have a deep connection with. Nonetheless, I'd have to say my glasses fit the bill best. The glasses would form a thick, rounded glass visor around my head, and basically give me the ability to see in 360 degrees, as well as allowing me to see even the fastest movements without blurring (though it would not assist me in moving to keep up). I'd probably side with Kugo, the opportunity for stolen power would be pretty nice, and it would likely give me quite a bit more ability to act on what I can see.
over a year ago Hadez17 said…
so since i like the idea behind full brings and have thought on the topic a little. i too will answer Bleachfan12's question.

My full bring item would probably be my medical alert bracelet i have had nearly my entire life. I haven't quite figured out every detail of it but i think the bracelet would turn to a round dome shape shield (same size and shape as captain America's for easy reference). The shield its self would probably be near impossible to penetrate or damage. It could be used much like cap uses his shield (srsly not trying to steal the item just it makes for easy reference) The main thing I'm unsure of is including some armor around my upper body and arms that would have some form of openings on the shoulders that expel energy to help with charging and punching. That aspect is something that I'm unsure if its putting too much into the full bring. Personally i would side with ichigo simply because i don't feel it is really right to steal your power from someone else. I don't really like ichigo the best but at least his power has come from either being born with it or self training not from stealing it away from someone else.
over a year ago goflytwokites said…
FINALLY!!! I’m done. This is the bankai to my previous Zanpukto: Hikaru Kaminari (Page 190).

Bankai name: Bakuhatsu Kaminari (Explosive lightning)

Form: All eight cylinders fan out from the ring. The cast completely shatters and reforms as a dagger tail whip (link). The daggers are pure white with azure linings. The chain is black. The dagger tail ends with a handle identical to the unreleased zanpukto handle. The entire dagger tail wraps around the user’s left hand (if the user’s right handed) in such a way that the handle ends up standing on the user’s shoulder. The other end of the dagger tail reaches the user’s knuckles.

Meanwhile, the energy from all eight cylinders is discharged and multiplied by 2. Half of the result forms a shield covering the upper arms and the entire torso (including the back). The ring meanwhile, folds back on itself at its diameter forming a semicircle with the handle at the diameter. A straight 70 cm sword forms on this semicircle, forming a sword with the semicircle as its hilt.

The other half of the energy condenses itself onto this sword, effectively combining the features of Fire Cutter of the Shikai with a proper sword. The sword still remains at a length of 70cm.
The shield can now withstand a point blank high level cero. If the shield is broken, it either has to be recharged (maximum of 8 mins, minimum of 1 min depending on the damage) or its remaining energy can be directed towards the sword or dagger tail (I’ll come to that feature in a bit).

1)Kasai renraku (Fire Touch):
The user raises the sword and touches a part of the air. This sends ripples across the area touched. That area is then marked by a hexagon. To detonate that area the user has to simply look at the area and say Kasai renraku. The area will then explode. The explosion can be targeted and localized in a particular direction by pointing the sword at that direction while saying the command. The explosion is equivalent in power to a high level Cero. Touching the same area twice will increase the power twofold and so on. A bolt of lightning is also released from the centre of every explosion although it is weak (unless the same area is touched 4 or more times). The sword (assuming it isn’t recharged in-between) is capable of 10 consecutive Kasai Renrakus. If the sword isn’t immediately recharged after 10 Fire Touches, the bankai will be disabled and the zanpukto will revert back to Shikai.

2) Futago Kaminari Ken (Twin Lightning Swords)
This technique is usually used when the shield is damaged. Instead of recharging it (which is time and energy consuming), the user can simply direct all of its energy into the dagger tail. When he does so, this technique is activated. The dagger tail unwraps itself from the user’s left hand until the handle reaches the palm. Then the chain connecting the daggers in the whip together shortens until all the daggers interlock tightly. The last dagger in the chain then fuses to the handle. The end product is, effectively, another sword. This sword is now charged with ALL the energy from the shield. This way, both the normal bankai sword and the dagger tail sword can perform the Kasai Renraku (10 Fire Touches each).

Alternatively, they could be used as normal swords except, compared to normal swords; these two are at a higher energy state and higher temperature. Fully charged, both "swords" are about 15x more powerful than regular katanas. However, a tremendous drawback to this technique is the lack of shield. Also, it’s not possible to recharge either sword in this technique. If both swords are used up completely, bankai ceases and Shikai resumes at half power.

I dunno if this is overpowered or not…hell I don’t even know if the bankai makes sense! Let me know…always ready to hear a second opinion.
Haven’t read the manga so I really dunno about Fullbrings....
over a year ago Zordaik said…

Well, I personally think it's great. It doesn't seem overpowered, and I thought it was clearly explained. Great job!
over a year ago Des-Sed said…
I'll make sure to reply to your review when I sort things out, but for now I got a new build to share!

Zanpaktou Appearance: The blade is a standard katana with the exception of the tip being wavy in appearance. The guard circular with a wavy pattern etched along its rim. The grip is light blue with white cloth wrapping. The pommel is crescent shaped.

Shikai Name: Zoufuku Hedate Ru (Amplified Sunder)

Release Command: Sorewo Hozon Suru (Store It)

Shikai Appearance: The blade grows twice its original length and become wavy "like a snake moving", with each wave being two inches long and one inch deep. The guard changes into circular gourd which is attached to the blade itself. The grip and pommel don't change.

Shikai Ability 1: Whenever an opponent strikes the blade "be a sword blow or any physical contact" it creates a vibration which which travels down the blade and is stored in the gourd. The gourd then amplifies the vibration to three times its original force. The gourd can store then amplify multiple different vibrations in rapid succession. Once the gourd becomes "full" it wont take in any new vibrations.

Shikai Ability 2: The vibrations that have been stored in the gourd are realeased back into the blade all at once. This increases the power of the sword's strike exponentially. The power can range from an opponents blow amplified by three, to enough force to cause a magnitude 5 earthquake. The longer the released vibration remains in the blade the weaker it gets. The amount of time it takes for it to dissipate completely ranges from ten seconds at its weakest, to three minutes at its strongest. While the user is protected from the vibration by the gourd, at 70% power it begins to effect the user. At 100% the recoil damages the user with enough force to dislocate joints if not used carefully.

Shikai Ability 3: This technique can only be used at 50% or more power. The user points the blade at the opponent and release the vibration into the air and travels in a wide, coned shaped wave. At point blank range the power is equal in power to a strike, but starting at six feet from the user the power begins to degrade rapidly, only traveling thirty five feet at 50% power. At 100% power it can travel seventy feet. It travels at twenty five feet a second.

Bankai Name: Sanda^ no Bakudan (Sunder Bomb)

Bankai Ability: This can only be used if the gourd is at 100% capacity. The gourd begins to grow in length and swallow up the sword. Once it does so the blade begins to rapidly vibrate within the gourd, which increases it's power by ten times the amount it had in shikai. It takes thirty seconds for the gourd to fill completely. Once it reach full capacity the user points the gourd in front of him and braces. The gourd then shatters and releases the full force of the vibration in a 180 degree blast in front of the user. Anything within twenty feet of the blasts origin feels its full power. It can travel up to three hundred feet but, like its shikai variation, degrades over distance. Anything at one hundred feet feels up to 50% of its power, and at two hundred feet it feels 25%. The sword shatters with the gourd so this is a one shot move.
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over a year ago Ankakalle64 said…
big smile
well whiteflame55

Shikai: they can fly around and distract but are not greatat offense. they can be destroyed and it takes about two minutes to restore it. And I can only use one dragon at a time.
1. I think you missunder stood it a bit. The blade burns/cuts but can only be launched from the ground and only reaches like 2 meters up.
2.I get the point but hey now it´s there so I can lower it to 2,5 instead.
3. It can protect me from any type of attack but only one and only for 20 secunds at maximum.

1. What i mean is that the blade can dish out a lot of damage but cant block it well even though a experienced weilder of the blade could do it then a amateur couldn´t.
2. The water is launched and becomes a shield about three meters away from me and I can maintain the same speed boost as in shikai if that makes you stop complaining about it. It can easily be cut and is meant to be used to dodge an attack.
3. Due to its size its really slow but it can take a lot of punnishment and has a similair weakness to Kommamuras bankai in the way that if it takes any damage then so does I. The blast is a quarter of a nuke. And it doesn´t obliderate everything! Two captains in shikai or one in bankai can block it (although barely) And it can only be used once per day or I will risk my life since it takes A LOT OF ENERGY!
I hope you liked my answers and if theres anything more just let me know.
over a year ago Zordaik said…
Alright. After having no success in thinking up a Bankai for this blade, I figure I'll just put it up Bankai-less.

Zanpakuto name: Emerashado (Emerald shard)
Sealed appearance: The blade of the sword looks nothing like a katana's, the colour is blackish-green. Despite being a katana's length, the edges are jagged and sharp, and the blade resembles a poorly made broadsword than anything else. The tsuba is a plain square, and the hilt wrap is dark green.
Release command: Kossetsu, Emerashado! (Fracture, Emerald Shard!)

Shikai description: The hilt wrap turns black and winds itself around the wielder's hand, where in solidifies to form a robust black gauntlet with five triangular sockets evenly placed around the perimeter of the wielder's wrist, each the size of a shark's tooth. The rest of the blade then turns bright, transparent green, and shatters. The shards merge together to fill the sockets around the wielder's wrist, and to form two jagged five-inch blades extending from the wielder's index and ring finger knuckles. The wielder gains some new abilities.

Kogona Taiho (Shattered Cannon): The five triangular shards in the gauntlet are fired out at the opponent at bullet speed. These shards can be controlled by the wielder, but what makes the ability truly devastating is the fact that the shards regenerate at the pace of one quarter second, meaning there can be a very large amount fired in only a few seconds. The shards are very sharp, about the sharpness of a utility knife. They can be parried by a zanpakuto, in which case they will shatter into smaller pieces, or blocked by energy techniques, in which case they will also shatter.

Paneru Bogai (Obstructing Panel): The wielder shoots the shards on his gauntlet, and has them merge together when he/she sees fit. When they merge together, they will form an emerald panel with the dimensions of a common house door. This panel will then remain stationary, whether or not it is in mid air, until either shattered or dispelled by the wielder. The panel is somewhat sturdy, able to take up to 300 pound of force without cracking. (That may seem a lot, but it is actually fairly weak considering we're talking the world of bleach) If the shield is broken, it will shatter like normal. The more sinister aspect of this technique, however, is that with a simple utter of the word "Yaburu" (Break), he/she can have the panel explode. The panel's explosion will send a fairly large amount of sharp emerald shards in every direction for about seven yards at the speed of grenade sharpnel. The shards cannot have their direction changed when fired, and on the off chance that they do hit the opponent before merging, the wall will form around his/her body, holding them fast.

Kenrona Keimusho (Robust Prison): The wielder fires the shards, which are now very dull, at the opponent. At a time of the wielder's choosing, the shards can grow and liquify into ten gallons of liquid emerald crashing into the opponent. The emerald will harden immediately with half the strength of the panel in the previous ability whenever it touches anything solid.

Hope you enjoyed it. If anyone's got any comments on it, please share them!
over a year ago kimoy4321 said…
big smile
zanpakuto's name/shikai name: Naraku Tane (hell tone)

release command:Kane (chime)

[bankai name] - Naraku Kayou (hell song)

=description - a normal katana w/ a rectangular crossguard , a green handle and sheath...sealed and released state has the same apperance though the zanpakuto gains a bell at tip of the handle connected by a chain when on bankai state.

[shikai abilities] -

Demon Scream ( Akuma Kiai)
= this ability requires the user's zanpakuto to touch (5 times) the opponents zanpakuto or any weapon that goes through sealed, initial, and final state. After touching the opponents weapon 5 times, the blade vibrates and projects a high-pitched tone that sounds like a screaming lady. The effect of this ability is that opponents in range(still unknown how wide is the area covered) hearing the scream, their zanpakuto will shrink back to it's sealed state whether the opponent's weapon is on its initial or final release. The opponent can always release its weapon after thirty seconds. This ability has a cool down of 3 minutes. Allies aren't affected .

Yamata no Orochi ( 8-headed snake)
= the user points its zanpakuto in front and the blade releases 8-headed snakes made of violet reiatsu.

[bankai abilities] -

Kaisousha (funeral song)
= the bell connected at the tip of the handle will project a high-pitched sound and anyone, in range ( area covered is still unknown), hearing it will be in an illusion of hearing funeral song/s ( the illusion last for a minute). Anyone under the power of this ability will be forced to cry, grieve/fell intense sadness, as if your negative emotions are played upon or controlled by the zanpakuto, and their zanpakutos will shrink back to its sealed state, same manner as the first shikai ability.This ability is dangerous because it can also affect allies. The ones affected are still able to release their weapon after illusion fades and are still able to dodge attacks though their dodging ability will be lessen. This ability has a cool down of 1 minute.

*the user can only use the second shikai ability when in bankai mode.


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over a year ago Iraodeus said…
Sorry, my Idea doesn't really translate well into Japanese.

Artimecion (My own defintion is "Living Artist"/ Shikai "Vibrant Living Artist"

Release: Animate - "Animate, Artimecion; Vibrant Living Artist"

Bankai Name: "Master Vibrant Living Artist"

When unreleased, Artimecion is a normal Katana with no guard, and a black hilt. It's sheeth is a deep blue. When Transformed into Shikai, Artimecion takes on the form of an anglo-saxon shape (think Knights or short sords). Its physical form is lost and made into a blade of spirit energy that appears to be always moving or vibrating. When Bankai is released, the hilt transforms into energy as well, smoothing out its edges and beacoming more like a rod or baton made of blue spirit energy.

[shikai abilities] Only one ability - "Creation"

The wielder has the ability to solidify at will the light from Artimecion, effectively creating any shape they can draw with the light of the sword. Much like "Stop motion" photography with a light pen. This single technique can be used to draw circles to create things like shields or throwing discs. Anything the wielder can draw, Artimecion can fashion into physical form as solid blue spirit energy.

Slashing and holding the energy in place can create walls to protect or trap, or weave intricate designes to catch enemies within the confines of the design, like a centepede game.

[bankai abilities] One ability - "Bring to life"

Artimecion duplicates his wielder in 3 ways. 1st form "Eraser" is a purely defensive clone that stays by the wielder at all times. 2nd form "Tracer" copies the abilities of who ever it comes face to face with "Tracing" their form, abilities, and attack styles. 3rd form "Molder" a clone that keeps the original shikai abilites and does not specialize in attack or offense. All 3 clones appear at once.

The largest disadvantage to the wielder when they use this form is that they must choose at every moment which clone to supply spirit energy to. Also, it takes time to tranfer the spirit energy from the wielder to the clone and back, but is instant from clone to clone. This leaves the wielder very open, espencially if they give the majority of their energy to any or all clones.
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over a year ago Alucard00 said…
over a year ago Alucard00 said…
Hey, im new.

Zanpakuto's name/ shikai form - Akai Yoogan (Red Lava)

Release command - Tokemasu Akai Yoogan (Melt Red Lava)

Shikai Abilities

Yoogan Rikiddo (Lava Liquid) - Creates lava from my katana to increase my strenght and to be able to use my other two abilities.

Yoogan Kabe (Lava Wall) - I use the lava from my katana and make a wall of lava, that I use for either protecting my self or trap my enemy.

Yoogan hitofuki (Lava Blast) - At the instant of my slash, I releases my lava at the tip of the blade, and shoot it forward. This slash takes the shape of a wave.

Shikai Form
My shikai's form is a long kantana with a red blade and black handle.

Bankai Abilities

Yoogan Akuma (Lava Devil)- I release lava on my body and makes me and the lava one. My skin becomes red and my eyes glowing. I become 10 times faster and stronger, and I can create lava from my body.

Yoogan-Henkei Shimasu (Lava Transform) - I melt my katana and makes it to a big lava sword. It´s melts everything it hits or touches.

over a year ago gracen_silence said…
Hey guys! I haven't been feeling well lately, as I've been sick, but here's my newest little creation that I've been periodically working on. ^.^

Shinigami - Jaakuna, Byaku


Shinigami -

Shinigami's Name - Byaku Jaakuna

Rank - Captain of Squad Six

Gender - Male

Age - He is around two hundred and fifty some odd years of age, although he has the appearance of a normal human male in his early thirties.

Height - He is 6,1" tall

Weight - He weighs approximately 155 lbs.

Body Type - Byaku has a somewhat slim visage, appearing very lanky, and is very similar to Gin Ichimaru's body shape. He is quite muscular for his size, however.

Appearance - Byaku's face has the appearance of a mid-twenties male, although somewhat sharp looking and angular, and a slightly pale. He has slightly slim, crystalline blue eyes that a reminiscent of a snakes, fitted with thin but sharp white eyebrows just about them. He has a small, petite nose and a smaller than average mouth, which seems somewhat pale in color, and is always either angled down in a slight frown or twitched up in a sadistic looking smile. He has sharp canine teeth and very white teeth. His white, almost silvery hair reaches to just below his shoulders in the back and he has just slightly shorter bangs. His parts his bangs just above left eye, pulling the rest over and completely masking his right eye. His hair is very straight and neat, but still maintains a somewhat wild appearance.

Clothing - For clothing, he wears the standard Shinigami shihakusho with a shorter sleeved top, which is cut just above Byaku's bony elbows and is pulled somewhat tight around his chest. Over that he wears the standard Captain's Haori, although sleeveless, with Squad Six's symbol on the back and an electric blue color inside. Around his neck he wears a black leather studded color with a silver circle in the middle with a few remnants of a broken chain hanging off of it. He also wears similar bracelets on each of his wrists. He has a normal white ōbi tied just underneath his shirt and his black hakama underneath that. He also wears normal straw sandals with knee length tabi.

Personality - Byaku has a very deceiving personality. Most of the time he acts relatively friendly (which is easily seen through by those who know him) and social. However, once he gets to you, he becomes very cold and heartless, often cruel. This hardly bother him, however. He has absolutely no "friends", save for his lieutenant, as he says he has no need for something so insignificant. Byaku is very analytical, though, and also very persuasive and manipulative, like a "puppet master and his doll" and he often tricks people into helping him with things he can't do himself or manipulates their feelings, leaving them feeling broken. He is a very good liar as well, being able to mask his face accordingly, especially his eyes. Nothing pleases Byaku more than battle, especially a bloody one in which he might actually be killed. He acts like battles are nothing more than games. He is vibrantly looking for a battle that might exactly end in his death, and is quick to take up challenges from other people.

Background - Not much is known about Byaku's past, even to him, although he knows it was filled with great pain and suffering. Since he was little, he was often beat up and abused by his siblings, and brutally punished for doing something wrong. Because of this, he had obtained many scars along his body from his neck down. He does somewhat remember one memory from his past, however, although it appears to him in the form of a distorted nightmare and he cannot recollect on it whenever he so chooses. He was chained to a rock by his neck and wrists out in the forest near his home district and left for dead, for reasons he cannot remember, when he was about fifteen in appearance. Soon after, a hollow soon came to devour him. It missed it's first attack, but broke the chain on hid left arm and he easily escaped from the others and ran. The hollow was too fast though, he he soon had to turn to face it alone. He then acquired his Zanpakutō, and dispatched the hollow with relative ease. This traumatic event for Byaku is undoubtedly the most predominant reason for him being the way that he is. His memory starts when he when he was just beginning to train as a Shinigami, which was when he was around seventeen in age. He easily passed through the Academy with only ever being defeated once. After he passed, he was taken into Squad Six and became it's third seat, then defeated it's Captain in battle and claimed his haori for himself, making him Captain.

Style of Combat - Byaku's fighting style consists of powerful but seemingly effortless moves and deadly precision. However, most of the time he "plays with his food", as he calls it, enjoying in holding himself back and gauging his opponents powers and abilities. He uses his deceptive prowess often in battle to tilt things more in his favor and toys with his enemy, often taunting them into an attack where he easily dispatches them in their rage. He makes great use of his Shunpo abilities as well, resorting to "parlor tricks" to confuse his target, such as leaving afterimages of himself and such. He rarely uses Kidō in his battles either, unless it's to finish of his target, in which he loves using a Hadō number 90, Kuroshitsugi, which is by far his favorite Kidō spell.

Stats -
Offense, 90
Defense, 90
Mobility, 100
Kido/Reiatsu, 90
Intelligence, 95
Physical Strength, 100

Byaku is proficient enough to be called a and have -

Master Swordsmanship Specialist

Shunpo Master
- He is capable of performing Utsusemi and making multiple clones of himself

Kidō Master
- He can perform every Bakudō up to a level 81 Danku and ever Hadō up to a level 90 Kuroshitsugi

Immense Spiritual Power

Master Tactician

Enhanced Durability

Zanpakutō - 

Zanpakuto Name - 
"Puppet Master"
Sealed Form - In it's sealed form, Karakuri-shi takes the from of normal katana. It's blade length is approximately twenty five inches with very little curvature to it. It also has the width and thickness of a normal katana. It's tsuba, or hand guard, is simply a bronze colored single straight line with a hollow circle in the middle and features no decorative etchings or marks. Karakuri-shi's hilt is twelve inches long, more than enough to accommodate both of Byaku's hands, and has a black colored wrap on it with a bronze underlying color. The Zanpakutō's pommel is also this bronze color like the hilt and tsuba, and it somewhat plain looking although it sports a small loop at it's stop where a black thread is tied and hangs off about six inches. Karakuri-shi's sheath is blood red with a similar black string like the one on the pommel tied just below the top.

Zanpakutō Spirit & Inner World -
Byaku's Inner World consists of nothing but a large, round island with grass filling up most of it's area. His Inner World is constantly dark or at nighttime, and a paled red moon looms directly above the center of the island, making the water surround it appear somewhat red and eerie. Karakuri-shi takes the form of a normal twelve year old looking child with straight black hair that falls to the back of his neck and barely in his eyes in the front. His skin is very pale, almost completely white, and has a childlike round face with eyes that have bright red irises and black eyebrows just above them. He wears just the top to a Shinigami's uniform, as it is somewhat large on him  and falls to a little above his hands and to his mid thigh. He also does not wear any form of shoe or socks. He is constantly with a little puppet toy that he hold with both of his hands, playing with it until he has to battle, where he withdraws the manifestation of himself in Shikai form from the sleeves of his shirt.

Release Command -
Tsuru O Hippatte! Karakuri-shi!
"Pull On The Strings! Puppet Master!"
弦を引っ張って! からくり士!
To release his Zanpakutō, Byaku holds it out vertical in front of himself and calls out the command. He then releases it and holds his hands above it's handle on both of it's sides, pulling his fingers up and down like he's manipulating a puppet. He then calls out his Zanpakutō's name and a thick black shadow emanates from it and engulfs it's entirety. When the shadows dissipate, Karakuri-shi is in his Shikai form.

Shikai -

Shikai Appearance -
In it's Shikai, Karakuri-shi's handle elongates to three foot long and maintains the small chain on it's pommel, and the tsuba becomes about twice as large. Byaku's Zanpakutō's blade extends out from it normal place on the tsuba, somewhat thinner than in it's sealed state but just as long. In it's Shikai, Karakuri-shi has two forms: the form aforementioned and a different form where Byaku calls out "Massugu ni Naru" and the blade starts to change. It then forms into a basic whip, although metal, and is normally about five feet long. He can extend this about two hundred feet away just with a thought. He can call out "Koiru" to revert it back to it's other form
for closer combat.

Shikai Abilities -

Shikai First Ability -
No Seigyo
When he calls out this ability, Karakuri-shi automatically changes to it's whip form if it isn't already in said state. Byaku then swings he Zanpakutō throw the air and from the tip of the whip sprouts four new whips. This whips then grapple onto the wrists and ankles of the target. He can then manipulate the target like a puppet fight for him or defend him. When he uses this ability, he gains full control over the target, making them obey his every command. He can even make them speak, so as to utter their Zanpakutō's abilities to he can use them against another target. This ability doesn't work for everyone, however. Byaku has a hard time controlling individuals on the same level as him, as they can actually fight back against his control, and he cannot enslave the mind of someone a lot higher up in strength than himself at all. People far weaker than himself, however, he can manipulate with ease. He can only use this ability three times per person and after that it has no effect unless he seals his Zanpakutō then unseals it again. His control over the person lessens over time, and after about an hour or so, anyone can break free from his control with their own willpower. The time varies between people with lower power to those with higher power.

Shikai Second Ability -
When he calls out the name of this ability, his whip or blade, whichever he happens to be using, becomes engulfed in flames for about two minutes at a time. This enhances the damage done if he happens to lash his opponent, and can inflict minor to major burns to the opponents skin, depending on how long it is held within contact of skin, and may even cauterize the wound shut, which Byaku will sometimes do to himself to stop the bleeding of a major injury. He can also use this ability up to three times when he is using his No Seigyo ability, so it "punishes" the person he is manipulating if they are resisting his control over them. He can only use this three times, however, and it has no effect after that unless he releases the person from his control. 

Bankai -

Bankai Name -
Ningyō no Aruji
"Lord of the Puppets"
To activate his Bankai, Byaku throws his Zanpakutō high in the air behind himself an calls out the name of his Bankai. The Zanpakutō then stops in midair and points directly downward before bursting into a large mass of flames that engulf the entirety of the area from Byaku to the blade. This does no physical damage to Byaku, however. As this progresses, the flames begin to mold into a shape and the remainder of the fire dissipates in the wind, revealing Byaku and his Zanpakutō in their Bankai form.

Zanpakutō Spirit's Appearance in Bankai -
In it's Bankai form, Ningyō ni Aruji changes forms to that of a young adult in his twenties with long black hair. He wears a full version of the Shinigami shihakusho with samurai styled gauntlets, shoulder pauldrons, leg armor, and a small breast plate with all feature red black and gold colors.

Bankai Appearance - In his Bankai, Byaku is clothed in armor exactly like his Zanpakutō spirits armor in it's Bankai form. Behind him, however, forms a large samurai like being, somewhat similar to Captain Komamura's Bankai, although this giant had no legs and only exists from the torso up as empty armor. The armor itself is stylized to somewhat resemble Byaku's Bankai armor although more full, and it had a samurai helm with two large horns extending out from the sides of it's head and a silver face guard with only eye hold with large red orbs, like eyes, floating behind the eye holes. Two long cables run from this giant wrists down to the ground. This giant has two weapons: a katana, exactly like Karakuri-shi's sealed form, and a long whip which is curled up and attached to the giant's tasset. Byaku also wields similar weapons, only smaller in size. Byaku can control this giant just with his movements alone, but he can control it with much more speed and power if he sheathes his weapons and controls the giant with the long cord that hand from it's wrists, taking the role of the puppet master. In this form, Byaku can use all of his Shikai abilities as well as a few newer skills. However, he must relinquish control of his giant to use his No Seigyo ability.

Bankai Abilities -

Bankai First Ability -
Kanzen'na Seigyo
"Complete Control"
When he calls out the name of this ability, Byaku and his giant begin to glow with a faint fire like aura. Byaku the retreats to the giant itself and fuses inside of it by placing his hands on it's head and merging in with it. When he does this, the giant materializes armored legs that match the rest of his armor it's eyes turn crystalline blue, reflecting Byaku's eye color. In this new form, Byaku becomes the giant and can control him accordingly. He becomes faster than his giant's previous speed and about twice as powerful. He can use his Bassuru ability in this form but not his No Seigyo, as he is controlling the giant. This form lasts for about five minutes, and at that time the two diffuse and his Zanpakutō reverts to it's Shikai. This ability puts a great strain on Byaku's mind and body so he doesn't like to use it unless he has to and he cannot use it twice within every week or so. Also, any damage done to the giant is reflected onto Byaku's body when he reverts, although the damage done to his physical body is reduced by half of that done to the giant's body.


Well, that's my newest and most favorite creation yet. I hope you guys find it good and not too overpowered or anything.. ^.^
over a year ago Ankakalle64 said…
The dragons can think for themselves yes so they can then attack without my consent. And going 300% faster does stress the body. The ability is meant for last minute dodges and such things since it takes a lot of reiatsu.
-And yes I know you just say bankai but i think that it is cool to have a command phrase for that.
-The spirit looks like three people. Two guys and one girl. The fire dragon looks like a young man dressed on bright red with a feisty temper. The steel dragon looks like a old man in grey with a long beard. And the water dragon looks like a middle aged woman dressed in a deep blue cloak.
over a year ago Ankakalle64 said…
big smile
Also I have a new zanpakuto here for ya!

Name: Raven/Karasu
Shikai command: Feast!/Gochisō!

Appearence: A very short katana, it´s guard is shaped like an oval circle with two holes in it on either side of the blade. And the handle is dark green.

Shikai appearance: A three handed sword with a enormous blade that looks like this, the sharp edge goes in and then out along the blade and the tip is shaped like a scythes blade (or a beak). The blade is about 1,80 meters long (180cm). So it weights quite a lot.

Shikai abilities:

Great hunger/Idaina kiga
I suck in reiatsu for a short time in a smal area around me. And by short time I mean for like ten minutes. And the amount is enough to take out a 4th seat soul reaper.

First watcher/Saisho no u~otchā
I swing the blade and launch a raven made of green reiatsu. You could call it a getsuga tenshou with a shape.

Bankai name: Raven Queen/Shikkoku no joō

Bankai command:
Introduce them to death/Shini sorera o shōka, or just bankai.
Bankai appearance:
I get a black cloak covered with black feathers. The blade becomes a large scythe which blade can turn up into a spear and back.

Bankai abilities:

Great flock/Ōkina furokku
I summon several ravens around me. I can summon up to fifty at a time. These ravens are like homing missiles that explode on contact. These ravens wings are covered with green reiatsu. This ability could also be called a mode.

Demon hunter/Akuma hantā
I enlarge the blade to be three times its original size and glowing white with a red dot at the centre. This blade is about as powerful as Ichigos getsuga tenshou in his first bankai.

Great end of creation, Entry of Hell/Sōzō, jigoku no entorī no idaina mokuteki
This attack is practical suicide. I gather all my remaining reiatsu and fucuses it to create a enourmous explosion.

Spirit appearance: It changes appearance from shikai to bankai. In shikai it looks like a skeleton dressed in heavy metal armor. In Bankai it looks like a woman draped in black.

Whiteflame55? Could you review this blade please?
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Goflytwokites (Bakuhatsu Kaminari)

1) In terms of the power increase, how exactly does this work? Does it take some time after touching the area for this to activate, or is there another reason that the wielder wouldn’t use this over a bunch of smaller explosions? Can the hexagon itself be disrupted before use? How large is the explosion? To what range can it extend? When energy is added to it to increase the power, does that also increase the size and range?
2) The first part of this is just an increase in usage of the first bankai, so I’ve got nothing to add for that. For the second part, what does it mean to be “15x more powerful than regular katanas”? Does that mean it hits automatically with more force? Does it do extra damage on strikes? Can it cut through opponent’s zanpakuto more easily? Beyond that, I’m not entirely certain from reading this that the harm that comes from not having a shield is greater than the harm that comes from not having access to 10 extra fire touches. Much as I understand that the shield can guard against a lot, it seems that someone effectively using these explosions could defend against attacks pretty well as well, not to mention have access to a possible 20x increased explosion.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Des-Sed (Zoufuku Hedate Ru) –

1) Can the guard only store one vibration at a time, or is it limited to a certain number? Does the force of the vibration have any effect on how much can be stored?
2) Might want to be careful about setting limitations for this, because releasing the vibrations could occur at any point (say, when you happen to cut them). If we’re talking about just clashing blades, the force would push them back pretty heavily, perhaps break some bones. If we’re talking about cuts being made worse by these, if the vibrations could cause a magnitude 5 earthquake, they will pretty easily kill someone if they occur at all within their body.
3) Are the vibrations in the air easily visible? How large of a cone does this create?

1) What is the height of this blast? I get that it fans out over 180 degrees, but can the opponent dodge under it? How much height would they have to obtain to dodge over it?
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Zordaik (Emerashado) –

1) So you say these can be blocked by energy techniques. Does that just mean that they can be countered by a blast of energy, or can they be blocked using Bakudo?
2) Does this only take one round of shards? How long does it take to fully form? Can anything be done with it before it is fully formed? Can it be moved after that point? Can the panel reform from the shards that burst forth from it, or do those automatically shatter after the explosion has fully run its course? Can multiple panels be formed and held at once?
3) So is this a separate set of shards that’s duller than normal, or does this come from one of the former abilities? Can this reform absolutely anywhere? Is the liquid capable of moving just as fast as the shards? Can it only be moved together, or can some of the liquid be split off from the rest? Does it solidify upon reaching the target, or at a time of the wielder’s choosing?
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Kimoy4321 (Naraku Tane) –

1) I’d like to be certain here: what does this apply to? Zanpakuto I understand, but you say “any weapon that goes through a sealed, initial and final state.” Well, not all zanpakuto have achieved a final state, would it apply to them? Would this apply to an arrancar’s weapon, which only has a sealed and released state? Does “touch” include any clash? What if the opponent doesn’t have a weapon in the normal sense, and instead utilizes a weapon that materializes another manifestation (let’s say a beast of some sort)? If the materialized thing is included as part of what this ability can use, what if the blade materializes something, but still exists? Does that simply give you more options as to what you can strike? What if the blade doesn’t manifest anything beyond some physical changes to the opponent? I get that the range is difficult to nail down, but you might want to give it a shot. “In range of hearing” might be good.
2) How large are the snakes? How fast do they move? How long do they last? How powerful are they? Are they easy to kill? How many can be made?

1) Specifics required. I get that you’re able to dodge still, but from what I’m reading, it would be damn near impossible to dodge any attacks. They’re in an intense grieving state, and I’m not sure what that means. I’ve never known someone to be in an intense state of grief and still be actively able to fight and dodge. Even in the show, the only people we see who are able to do that feel such intense hatred that they’re able to shake it off. But that’s not what you’d be feeling here. For the one minute cooldown, does that apply only after the ability has elapsed (meaning that it can never be used back to back)?
last edited over a year ago
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Iraodeus (Artimecion) –

1) Limitation is key here. How much can a 2D wall of light stop in terms of damage? How powerful of a wall can he create? When it comes to understanding how this works, can he make certain shapes and endow them with abilities (say, he creates a dragon out of light, will it fly like a dragon, breathe fire, etc.)? You have to explain how this works exactly. The ability to create simple objects is fine (though, you might want to describe what the cutting power of a disc might be), but as soon as we get into complex shapes, there needs to be a lot of definition. If, for example, you could create a sun, that would likely be too much. You’ll also want to explain how fast these things can be formed (i.e. if you’re making a cage around the opponent, how quickly would it be created)?

1) So are clones limited to the speed, strength and energy of the wielder? How much of the wielder’s energy can be transferred? For each clone, give some idea of their capabilities at full and half strength. For the first, how much defensive potential does it have with full energy, and how much at half? For the second, are they equal to the opponent in energy and speed if they have full energy in them? Do they have half that if they have half of the energy? For the third, does it matter how much energy they have? I mean, they’re creating shapes out of light the entire time, couldn’t they just be allocated a small amount of energy at all time? What does it lose by having less than the full amount of energy? Also, are any of them capable of doing anything without energy in them? Can they be killed? Can they be restored after they are killed?
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Alucard00 (Akai Yoogan) –

1) How much lava does this produce? How quickly does it produce it? How much does this improve your strength by? Is that strength increase active as long as you have lava to work with, or simply as long as shikai is active?
2) Can this only form one wall of lava? How powerful is this as a defense (can it stop kido spells, up to what level, can it stop physical strikes, up to what level)? How tall can the wall be? Can the wall be removed and moved to another location at will?
3) How fast does the lava shoot from the tip? How large is the wave of lava? What’s the range on this?

1) 10 times faster and stronger is a lot. Realize that Ichigo had a bankai that was entirely focused on speed increase, and his was nowhere near that much. How much lava does your body create? Can the lava be freely controlled? How fast is the lava produced?
2) How large is the blade? Can it be destroyed or stopped by anything? Can it melt through other peoples’ zanpakuto?
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Gracen_silence (Byaku Jaakuna) –

1) Just generally, include something here that says that you cannot make any physical attacks while this is active. The reason why is that if they’re trying to fight off your control, it leaves them easily vulnerable to strikes that could easily kill them. How quickly do these 4 whips lash out at the target?
2) Makes sense.

Bankai: Just another note, and I know I do this a lot, there’s two abilities in here (the two shikai abilities and the giant himself). There’s only one bankai ability listed, so it’s not like it creates too many abilities, but they shouldn’t be listed under “bankai appearance.” With regards to the giant, give some idea of how fast it is with your weapons out, as well as how fast it is without them. Also give some idea of what his power is like normally.
1) How much of a speed increase does the giant get? How many times can he use Bassuru? I get that the damage is reduced, but if the damage would kill him if translated over (say, it would punch a hole in his heart), does that change that outcome?
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Ankakalle64 (Karasu) –

1) What do you mean by “a small area around” you? How large is that area? Does it only affect those around him, or does it affect those above him as well? Much as you specified that it’s “enough to take out a 4th seat soul reaper,” that’s not quite specific enough. Does that mean that if a 4th seat soul reaper is within that range for the full 10 minutes (which, by the way, isn’t all that short of a time when we’re talking about the Bleach universe)? Also, can this be reactivated after the 10 minutes is up?
2) How fast does it move? What kind of damage does it inflict on strike? How large is it? What’s the range on it?

1) Well, I don’t know what the significance is of calling an ability a “mode,” so you might want to explain that. How fast do the ravens move? Are they easy to destroy at range? How much damage do the explosions cause? How far can they case? Can they fly around obstacles?
2) I’m confused. This is a solid object we’re talking about – admittedly, it’s a blade with energy surrounding it to increase its size, but it’s still an object we’re talking about. I’m having some trouble, therefore, understanding the relation to Ichigo’s Getsuga Tensho. I could understand, say, if you were talking about increasing the power of a strike with the blade by an amount similar to Getsuga Tensho (Ichigo showed us that he can enhance the power of his swing by holding one of these with the blade).
3) What do you mean by “practical[ly] suicide”? How likely is this to kill the wielder? Does it always do damage to them? How large is the explosion? At what range does it continue to have effect? How much damage does it do to others?
over a year ago Alucard00 said…
Do we have some kind of system?

maybe like:

U can only use 550 points and 100 points max on each skill.

Offence: 90

Defence: 60

Physical Strenght: 80

Mobility/Speed: 90

Kido: 80

Reiatsu: 100

Intelligence: 50
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Well, this isn't so much a character forum, or, for that matter, an RP forum. You can feel free to apply those traits to yours, some people do, it's just not a big part of what goes on here.
over a year ago goflytwokites said…
@whiteflame55: Again, thanks for the review.

1) I assume you're asking about the power increase in the Fire touches? Touching the same area a certain number of times will increase the power of the explosion by that number. Visually, this will look like multiple stacked hexagons before detonation.

It doesnt take much time for the hexagon(s) to activate. Probably 1 or 2 seconds. And yea, they can be detonated immediately afterwards or quite a while later. I never thought about the hexagon being interrupted! I guess one could interrupt it by slashing across it with one's own zanpukto.

Again, didnt think about range of explosion so gonna make some stuff up here. Blast radius is 100m for 1 fire touch with a 50m increase for every fire touch added onto the first one. However, if the explosion is concentrated in 1 direction, the range is doubled to 200m with a 50m increase due to any add ons.

2) Essentially, 15x more powerful means more force and extra damage on strikes. As for cutting through someone else's zanpukto...wouldn't the opponent have to be ridiculously weakened for that to happen in the first place? Besides, giving my build that much power would be OP to say the least.

As for the shield, you have to remember that once the shield is drained into the dagger tail, both the dagger tail and normal bankai sword cannot be recharged at all. If they lose all their charge, that's it. Bankai stops and Shikai resumes at half power. That's quite a risk to take.

over a year ago gracen_silence said…
Thanks for the review. ^.^ I hope this clears up your questions and concerns.
1.) While this ability is active, the target of the ability can not make any physical attacks or defensive moments unless Byaku's control over them is wavering and getting less strong, which then, of course, they can block, attack, etc, although at a much slower speed and power.
2.) These whips move at a speed a little faster than a normal whip (I'm not really sure how fast that is).

1.) This giant moves at a similar speed and power, although somewhat reduced, to Captain Komamura's Bankai when Byaku has his weapons out and is controlling the giant (Not trying to copy or anything, but I'm just using his Bankai as a point of reference for Byaku's speed and power). With the weapons sheathed and Byaku controlling the giant with the cords, it's speed and power close to doubles.
2.) In this form, the giant's speed triples from the speed of Byaku controlling the giant by using his weapons and movements. He can only use this move one every time he enters his Bankai form. As for the part about the damage reduction for Byaku, if a hole did get blasted through the giant, it would be reduced, but the damage inflicted to Byaku would be seriously fatal. The only way he'd survive this would be to be healed as soon as possible after he reverts from this form (However, due to Byaku's personality, he would absolutely not want to be healed).

Also, sorry about the problem with the information being in the wrong place. (: I meant to indent a paragraph somewhere when I started talking about the abilities. Again, I apologize. It's hard typing all of these out to perfection as I'm doing this all from My IPod. ^.^
over a year ago wagakagami said…
Hey if anyone wants a review tell me the name of your zanpakuto and what page it's on and i'll get to it asap but i got gears of war 3 and so it might take a like bit for me to get it done
over a year ago kimoy4321 said…
big smile
don't have the translations..... hehehe

[zanpakuto's name/shikai name: Moon Shaker

[release command] : Push

[bankai name] : Moon Breaker

- resembles an average katana with a round grey tsuba. It transforms into an average flanged mace when released.

[shikai abilities] -
= by slaming into anything,it releases shock waves that causes earthquakes(when slamed on the ground) , crash a hill and multiple buildings,and push foes distance away.

[bankai abilities] -
- the zanpakuto retains its flanged mace appearance. When realesed to bankai, it has an automatic effect of releasing strong shock-waves enough to crash everything, around the wielder, into pieces (such as buldings and houses), level or crash a mountain and creates a large crater on the ground. When in bankai state,emmense spiritual energy is compressed into the blade causing every sway of the zanpakuto to release strong shock waves that crashes everything and leaves great damages to where the zanpakuto was swayed. The stronger the sway the stronger and the greater the damage.
over a year ago Ankakalle64 said…

1. The area is three meters near me. They need to be in the area for the full ten minutes. And it has a recharge time of twenty minutes.
2.It´s the size of two ravens together, it´s meant to chrush or distract my opponent. It can go like 1000 meters and then it dissapears and it moves at 30 km an hour.

1. By a mode i mean ability that can be maintained for a ling time. Th explosion is like a block of C4. They can travel twice the distance of Shikai 2 but are only 0,5 times faster.
I mean that it´s as if you haev a getsuga tebshou that you then hold there and shapes.
3. This ability almost kills the wielder depending on how long I have fuoght. If it´s the first thing that I do then its like half a nukelear bomb.
over a year ago kimoy4321 said…
big smile
[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]: Eien ( eternity)

[release command]: Open Up!

[bankai name] : Kasou Shakai no Eien ( underworld eternity )
=description - it takes the form of a regular katana when on its sealed state. It tranforms into a nagamaki when released, though Eien posses a dark-green horsehair tassel on its pommel when in bankai.

[shikai abilities] -

Burakkuhooru no Hana ( black hole blossoms)
- a ball of dark-green reaitsu ( twice as big as a basketball) forms at the tip of the blade. The wielder then points Eien and the ball of dark-green reaitsu will be fired towards the target. Upon contact the ball explodes that creates a dimensional crack that can pull everything inside ( considering the size.) .The closer to the cavity the greater the pull. Everything that are pulled inside the dimension have no chances of returning. Small petals of reaitsu are formed upon the explosion, hence the name. The pull covers 5o feet. If the ball is formed and fired already any form of attack will be considered a contact and from the explosion that's where the crack starts.
= the crack is twice as big a the wielder and has a cooldown of a minute.

[bankai abilities] -

Hantei Puru ( judgement pull )
- a large cavity will open anywhere Eien and/or the wielder desire. The large cavity has great pulling power able to suck multiple large physical constructs and even a mountain (considering the distance covered). It takes 5 sceonds to open the cavity which is clearly enough for any shinigami to gain distance far from the cavity. A high pitched-sound is released upon the full opening of the cavity that disorient or even knock anyone unconscious making them more vulnerable to attacks and the dimensional pull. The sound covers 100 feet but the effects of the sound varies on distance from the cavity.The closer the more chances of being knocked unconscious, same goes to the dimensional pull as well, the closer the greater the pull.
The pull last for 20 seconds.

= cooldown: 5 minutes and can only open 1 at a time.

Andaa Waarudo no Ha ( Blade of the Underworld )
- this ability can be used once a day, anything slashed by the Eien's blade will be pulled to the another dimension with no chances of coming back. The dimensional pull will be from the wounds inflicted by Eien's blade.Cuts made by the blade before the activation of this ability is not counted. The wielder needs to slash the target after the activation. Any wounds inflected by the blade when it's activated are the ones counted. The wielder needs to say the ability's name to activate.


last edited over a year ago
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
kimoy4321 (Eien) -

So, just a brief overview before I start. Any ability that is a sure kill if it lands tends to be a bit much. Admittedly, there are examples in the show that defy that (such as Soi Fon's shikai), though even with those, there are limitations to how effective they can be. That's going to be a big part of this review, so keep that in mind.

1) Five things here are extremely important that are missing. One is the speed of the ball. If it's very fast, this could be a problem, because anything it hits will basically be sucked in, and there's no way out. Two is the sucking power itself. You don't provide any idea of how easy or difficult it would be for someone to get sucked into this. How much force does it apply? Three is the range of the sucking power. This could be a sticking point for the blade as well, since a large range can make it nearly impossible to avoid. Inclusive in that is whether or not it affects the wielder. Four is the size of the dimensional crack. I'm guessing it's not the size of the blast itself, and that it actually increases well beyond that. Provide some idea, because that again has a lot to do with whether or not this can be avoided. Five is the cooldown between uses, which is nonexistent here. If it can be used over an over, especially within 10 seconds, you basically create impossible to avoid situations. Beyond all that, I don't see anything there stating whether the ball can be stopped before it forms the dimensional rift. If someone tries to stop it by parrying with their blade, it would form directly on top of the blade, and they would get sucked in. If you've got a sure kill ability, the limitations have to be highly specific.

1) This ability is tremendously overpowered as is. Let's start with the fact that it can be formed anywhere and everywhere at the user's discretion. There's no limitation there, so I can guess that it's absolutely unavoidable. The only way it's not is if the time it takes to form the cavity and begin the high pitched sound is long enough for someone to easily get away. Again, we're talking about an ability that will kill if it hits. Let's move onto the fact that the pulling force is strong enough to pull in a mountain. No one has a mass larger than a mountain, so it will pull them in with a certainty. There's no information on range here, either. Finally, there's the high pitched noise. I don't see anything here stating what the likelihood is of knocking someone unconscious, or how much it disorients those that don't, so this looks pretty likely to be impossible to deal with. Either way, getting away from the sucking force is going to be damn near impossible. This is like supercharging the shikai ability, in that you're making it nearly impossible to avoid, last longer, and have additional effects. And it doesn't have any cooldown on usage either, basically meaning you might be able to open hundreds of these at once.

2) This is really just icing on an overpowered cake at this point. Whether you can use this once a day or fifty times doesn't make a difference. Any cut, even a nick on the finger, is deadly with this ability. There's no way out that I can see. And it's not like this ability is just a "I imbue my blade with this ability, and if I miss, it's gone" type. What the ability says is that it lasts until something is slashed. The only way to stop this is if the opponent simply isn't touched by the strike, and that's not nearly enough of a limitation. Again, this is a surefire kill. You have to limit the abilities heavily if you're going to allow for that.

Overall, the blade just needs a massive revamp. It's got an intriguing idea to go with, but it lacks any measure of restraint.
last edited over a year ago
over a year ago HichiIchi said…
That's awsome.. I allready got mine down and I'm gana draw it later tonight. xD...