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posted by Kanji
당신 turned to see a figure holding your 프렌즈 lifeless body. 당신 screamed and the figure saw 당신 and dissappered in the shadowy trees."Hey" 당신 screamed run to were the figure once was.you stopped and leaned over your 프렌즈 lifeless body 당신 started to cry and everything got blurry.you jumped as someone touched your shoulder.you spun around to see a guy a little older then 당신 with red eyes.you backed up and bumped into something else 당신 turned around to see your friend with the same red hungry eyes,smiling evilly."what the" 당신 murmured to your self backing up,the guy took 당신 의해 your wast as 당신 backed up into him and stopped 당신 from moving."you know it's a waste that i want to keep 당신 human" he spoke slowly but clearly "sadly 당신 should be happy im not going to turn you...yet" he chucked and lay his head on your shoulder.you couldn't speak too afraid of what was happening then 당신 felt a pain in your neck and screamed then soon blacked out.You woke up and looked around you.The place looked like a abandon hotel,the windows were boarded up but 당신 could see sun light getting through.You went over to the door and walked into the hallway the lights in the hall were flickering.You turned and walked around the corner 당신 looked up and saw your friend.Her eyes were back to normal, but blood was on her face and 당신 backed way from her."Your awake!"she announced happily and walked toward you.You backed into the 벽 and then she stopped 15 feet away from 당신 "oh no, im hungry again" she said sadly looking at the ground.When she looked up again her eyes were red,she ran towards 당신 and pinned 당신 to the 벽 "Can I eat you?"she asked grimly she got closer to 당신 and 당신 screamed shuting your eyes.When 당신 looked again the man from before was holding her away from you."_Are 당신 ok?" he asked.You stared a him "how do 당신 know my name?" 당신 asked "I told him" your friend said with her eyes back to normal.He laughed "im Felix" he said.
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posted by Bluekait
Chapter 1 - Starting Off Beautifully

Years after the Phantom's death, Christine and Raoul gotten married and have a beautiful daughter named Crystal. When the Opera House burnt down, the whole town went to work to restore it. Strangely, only Christine's room was the only room that has not burnt down. Crystal's mother always told her the story of the Phantom and how he'd loved her when Crystal was a small child. He probably still alive and used his magic to protect his lair and her room from the fire. Crystal is now 16 years old and loves the Phantom story still. One night, Crystal and her parents...
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posted by LaurieLisa717
"Finally!We won!"Someone inside the room said.Then the girl that talked to the guy appeared!"My Children!We shall rule the land tomorrow!"She said."What about the stone?"A kid asked."The stone.We shall have it!just imagine,snatching it from Raymond's hands!"She said.We peeked our heads up."Hey,who's in the door way?"Someone asked standing up."Run!RUN.RUN!"They bolted.Went as fast as they could."Hurry!Go were 당신 came from!Come back tomorrow!"With that,Maybelle left.Running."Get the key!"Sarah and Alicia told Henry bouncing up and down."Here!"Henry unlocked the door.The door opened.And Henry locked it.The screams of the town rose."Who should keep the key?"Alicia asked.
"I'll take it.I'll put it in a little box."Sarah said."Hide it!Put it in the 나무, 트리 house!"Alicia said.They all left.Sarah,with the key in her 코트 pocket,turned around.The screams."I hope You're okay,Maybelle."She said,her eyes almost shut.
posted by anime7reality
Hello my darlings. Here is 11:00 PM in Romania.
One 시간 untill The New Year. Im so exited(somehow). Whatever I will miss 2011 it was a beautiful 년 but we have to watch forward. Thats the life.
All those years have passt very fast. I didnt see them. But 2011 left a very important vision of life to me.
2012 is a new year,a new beggining to discover the life......

Ahh whatever maybe in some countries is 2012 already so I say Happy New Year!!!

P.S. Im a bit tired and distracted but I will continue 다음 년 2012 :)
Will be continuing... Happy New 년 till then
Ah and make a wish ...
posted by xalexsakurax
"wat the fudge!",said jacqui,"im actually fine with this,i always thought how i would look like in 17 years old form"said evelyn in a calm voice "good point,but still why are we wearing different clothes,like not the ones we were wearing in the hallway?"said jacqui,"ur right",said evelyn,as jacqui was pacing around thinking why they had on clothes that were not much exposive,but exposive,evelyn was trying to stretch the mini 치마 a little so her underwear doesnt show she almost ripped it (she's a kind that doesnt think first in the story)then a light boomed,the two girls covered their faces...
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posted by invadercalliope
Today i am going to make up a crazy story about me going to the beach!
InvaderGore: *my sister*
Mom: *my mother*
Dad: *My dad*
Brother: *my brother*
Gus: *my ferret*
Time to start!
*At home*
InvaderCalliope:*reading manga*
InvaderGore:*watching tv*
Dad:what about me
Mom:Sorry but your staying 집 and watching the fish!
InvaderCalliope:Well this will be intresting.
InvaderGore:What are we riding?
Everyone elese:O_O
InvaderCalliope:Why don't we just go 의해 car.
InvaderCalliope: Ok,Ok
On Train
Now at the beach!
InvaderGore:Were finally here!
InvaderCalliope:Let's have some fun!
The End!
posted by ShiningsTar542
who are looking for just the right bag to use day-to-day?Today we will give 당신 some tips on how to choose. :)


Think about it. If this is a bag 당신 are going to use every day, then 당신 want it to match what 당신 are wearing. 또는 maybe 당신 don't care. And if not then go ahead and buy that bright 주황색, 오렌지 bag! But if 당신 do care, then think about getting a color that will go with everything like black, gray 또는 brown.


This depends on what 당신 like. Leather is classic but hard to clean. Fabric gets dirty easily. Synthetic leather could be the easiest to clean, but is sometimes looks really...
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posted by jblovesme4ever
one 일 that ugly little rabbit waz walkin down the buunyy trail when suddenly a wich came out of now where she had the blackest skin peter asked wats ur name she replied with nastynes in her voice mrs white but of course that stupid bunny said hello there mrs white this made the wich angery so she took peter back to her cottege peter thought phh well were are just goin on our first 날짜 ohh how wrong waz he then wich finaally got him 집 AND TREW HIM IN THE CLOSET AND SILLY BUNNY DECIDED TO GO 집 AND SO WHEN HE LEFT THE CLOSEST A SWARM OF BEES CHASED HIM INTO THE WICHES ROOM AND HE WOKE HER UP ANS SHE SAID WHAT WICH MADE BUNNY CRI SO THIS MADE THE WICH HUNGERY SO SHE SAID COM HERE PLZ AND WHEN SHE DID WELL LETS JUST SAY BYEBYE BYEBYE BYE BYE PETER COTTEN TAIL HELLO BUNNYZSOUP


posted by HaleyDewit
Chapter two: The time-travel
Bianca grabbed Chris 의해 his shoulder and shimmered him to the attic. She gently lay him down on the floor and went to the Book of Shadows. She feverously started paging, but didn’t find anything that could possibly help. She slammed the Book and threw it on the floor, frustrated . “There has to be something!”, she screamed, while she tried to stop the tears from coming.
Chris groaned and lifted up his head to look at Bianca. “Maybe if there was a whitelighter available…” Bianca shook her head. “The whitelighters are all dead, as well as the Elders”,...
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posted by Kanji
당신 glared at your friend for betraying 당신 and then looked back at felix disgused "I dont care what your name is bring me back 집 NOW!"you screamed in his face wish this was all a bad dream."No"he said simply then continued "you will work as a maid around here and also serve every last vampire here" 당신 looked up at him "you have got to be kidding me" was all 당신 could say before he grabbed your shoulders and 당신 were back against the wall.You glared into his angry eyes,"No im not kidding" he said but his eyes losing up "You will be the maid around her.you'll clean,answer the door and anything...
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Hopefully I will have another chapter soon, but this story is awfully difficult to write so I'll have to leave 당신 hanging. I think my 제목 is reasonable (I think my descripton will be something like 'It's said that even the smallest thing has an effect similar to dropping a stone in a pond - it causes a ripple that effects everyone in one way 또는 another.') but please give me feedback.

This just the prologue, but please let me know what 당신 think!


We were only young. We didn't know what was ahead of us. We were blind. If we had have opened our eyes we could have stopped what happened. We could have stopped that stone from being thrown in our calm lake.

But it happened, and that's something none of us can accept, even after all these years. I look at the 사진 on my end 표, 테이블 and wonder what could have been. She was the light of our lives, and we didn't even know until she was gone.
posted by nichole22
please leave 코멘트 so i no if this story sucks 또는 not and please read it even if its not the whole story.

Chapter 1: The unexpected

Have 당신 ever had one of those dreams, were 당신 try and run fast but 당신 just keep getting slower, well that's the dream I was having. This is the most strangest dream I have ever had. I was being chased 의해 two wannabe snobs from school, Rachel was the leader from between them, who was tall with black hair tied up in to a curly mini style afro like a thick puff ball at the back of her head. she also had long, sleek legs built for running. Along side her was her...
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