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posted by Kanji
당신 turned to see a figure holding your 프렌즈 lifeless body. 당신 screamed and the figure saw 당신 and dissappered in the shadowy trees."Hey" 당신 screamed run to were the figure once was.you stopped and leaned over your 프렌즈 lifeless body 당신 started to cry and everything got blurry.you jumped as someone touched your shoulder.you spun around to see a guy a little older then 당신 with red eyes.you backed up and bumped into something else 당신 turned around to see your friend with the same red hungry eyes,smiling evilly."what the" 당신 murmured to your self backing up,the guy took 당신 의해 your wast as 당신 backed up into him and stopped 당신 from moving."you know it's a waste that i want to keep 당신 human" he spoke slowly but clearly "sadly 당신 should be happy im not going to turn you...yet" he chucked and lay his head on your shoulder.you couldn't speak too afraid of what was happening then 당신 felt a pain in your neck and screamed then soon blacked out.You woke up and looked around you.The place looked like a abandon hotel,the windows were boarded up but 당신 could see sun light getting through.You went over to the door and walked into the hallway the lights in the hall were flickering.You turned and walked around the corner 당신 looked up and saw your friend.Her eyes were back to normal, but blood was on her face and 당신 backed way from her."Your awake!"she announced happily and walked toward you.You backed into the 벽 and then she stopped 15 feet away from 당신 "oh no, im hungry again" she said sadly looking at the ground.When she looked up again her eyes were red,she ran towards 당신 and pinned 당신 to the 벽 "Can I eat you?"she asked grimly she got closer to 당신 and 당신 screamed shuting your eyes.When 당신 looked again the man from before was holding her away from you."_Are 당신 ok?" he asked.You stared a him "how do 당신 know my name?" 당신 asked "I told him" your friend said with her eyes back to normal.He laughed "im Felix" he said.
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posted by justinfangrrl
So, mister Okimaw.... Thanks for coming to your performance review!
No problem.
So you're in charge here, is that fair to say?
Absolutely. I'm the Chief.
Okay. So take through a 일 in the life of "The chief."
Well the first thing I do is...

Talk to Harper-

Sign a treaty-

Lead a protest-

Remember Ceremonies-

Direct councils-

My own Tipi-

Council manage-

Promote members-

Insult Harper-

Get snubbed-

Put on Pokerface-

Send some letters-

Call out a warrior cry-
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posted by SummerThunder
#1 - Saturn's Rings
Saturn's rings are arguably the flattest structure known to man, being some 300,000 km end-to-end but with a vertical thickness of about 10 meters.

#2 - Density of Saturn
Saturn is the only planet in the solar system that would float on water.

#3 - Traveling Time
Traveling at the speed of light it would still take 당신 over 4 years to reach the Sun’s nearest neighbour star.

#4 - Fuel for Thought
The Sun burns 600 million tons of Hydrogen every second.

#5 - Cosmic 팝콘 Anyone?
The Cosmic Microwave Background that we detect today started traveling towards us over 13 billion years...
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In and out of love
In and out of love
In and out of love
In and out of love
In and out of love
In and out of love

Young and wired
Set to explode in the heat
You won't tire
‘Cause baby was born with the beat
Take 당신 higher than you've ever known
Then drive 당신 down to your knees
I pick 당신 up when you've had enough
You been burned baby lessons learned

In and out of love
Hear what I'm saying
In and out of love
It's the way that we're playing
In and out of love
Too much is never enough
She's gonna get ya

Running wild
When me and my boys hit the streets
Right on time
She's here to make my night complete
Then I'm long...
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당신 told me
There’s no need
To talk it out
‘Cause it’s too late
To proceed
And slowly
I took your words
And walked away

No looking back
I won’t regret, no
I will find my way
I’m broken
But still I have to say

It’s alright, ok
I’m so much better without you
I won’t be sorry
Alright, ok
So don’t 당신 bother what I do
No matter what 당신 say
I won’t return
Our bridge has burned down
I’m stronger now
Alright, ok
I’m so much better without you
I won’t be sorry

You played me
Betrayed me
Your 사랑 was nothing but a game
Portray a role
You took control, I
I couldn’t help but fall
So deep
But now I see things...
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Why?I didn't want to do this!A war??God.It was so fast.I could remember the crowds cheering.
Everyone else had guns,swords,and some were standing on one knee behind a huge gun.
"10."A guard said.
My eyes closed,the song Summertime-By Bridgit Mendler-echoed in my head.10 butterflies.
"9,"9 Birds.
"8," 8 Clouds.
"7,"7 Days a Week.
"6,"6 Caterpillars.
"5,"5 Fingers.
"4,"4 Trees.
"3,"3 Leaves.
"2,"2 Branches.
"1."1 sun,1 way,and 1 war.My eyes opened instantly.
I pulled out my Sword.
People yelling.
Then it happened,almost death.
The three of us ran forward,swords in front.Suddenly,THUNK!I...
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There once was a girl named,Josie,Josie had black hair,she was a cop,she was 'bout 19,"Mom!!!WHERES MY PHONE?"Said Josie
"I DON'T KNOW!"Her mom said."FINE!I'll just go to my friend's apartment!WITHOUT CALLING!"Josie argued.
Josie drove to her friend's apartment."Kate!"She saw her friend lay dead on the 침상, 소파 with blood running down her face."OH MY GOD!HELP!!!!!911!"
- - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - --- - ---
1 월 later,Josie tried to find out who killed her best friend.She later found out that she had a sister that was murdered in 1989.Her mom was dating a detective,So he helped her ."Okay,It...
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Ok,Here are thingz that a am interested in!
Ok here are the biggest things i enjoy: Invader Zim,Video Games,Anime,softcore music,yaoi!
Here are some 영화 i am interested in:Invader Dib,9,The nightmare before x-mas,corpse bride,the ring,paranormal activity,some 아니메 movies,titanic
Here is some 음악 i'm interestes in:Gir,Invader Zim sound track,anime music,theme songs in tv shows,marilyn manson,my chemical romance,tokyo hotel,bella morte,drowning pool,evanescence
Here are some 책 i'm interested in:Anything Jhonen Vasquez,Manga,Invader Zim comics,batman comic books,animal books
posted by victorodonnell
On my back, I lie, squinting at the twilight,
As splutters of rain drops fall on my cheek;
Light cold breeze strikes and takes me off-guard,
‘Cause it felt like your breath,
Slow, but fast and weak, but strong.

I close my eyes as a thunder tears open the sky,
But, in stead of blackness, I see you, your smile;
Come alive, my five senses,
To gaze at her beauty, to get a whiff of her scent,
To devour her lips’ taste, to hear her 마법에 걸린 사랑 voice,
And feel the delicacy of her skin.

The first drop of my tears roll down my cheek
And mix up with the everlasting rain,
As I remember your face tilting to the other...
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A great 3 letter word hase been in our lives since we could eat. that word my 프렌즈 is pie. and when I was 9-11 the only thing that I thought about was GET PIE!!!! GET PIE! GET PIE! GET PIE!!! and my 프렌즈 my family and school were just ways of blocking me from 더 많이 PIE!! so when I heard about pie squares 당신 just can't fully get the idea. this is what I said.

"Wait! WAIT! WAIT!!!!! they sell PIE in little packs for a few dollers each! I got enough! I CAN GET PIE!"

So every time I went to the store with my dad we got this big box of pie. But 저기요 it was not easy. I had to FIND the pie. then...
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posted by OceanAzureHill
others may think its a lie,think it never happened and never will happen,think it was all a joke 또는 fairy tale,others may not believe...but i believe...because i wasnt brainwashed like everybody else...i see the truth,and im not affraid of it...it lurks in the shadows staying far from sight,protecting itself...it wants to be free,to be alive once again...to be accepted 의해 all,to be treated with respect and understanding...to know what its like to not be feared,to be loved...but know one can ever understand,because their to shallow and selfish,not caring about them just because their different...this world will never understand.....But I Do
The Cause of Stupidity:
Long 이전 in Southern America their was a donkey named, Ferine. Ferine was super smart. He was smarter than all the animals. His IQ was 409. His parents were very proud of him.
One 일 Ferine went to the market and was buying pears. He picked up the pear. The price was 2$. Ferine wanted to buy 2 pears but only had 3$. So, Ferine went up to the counter with 2 pears. The cashier, Monkey said, “That will be 4$ sir.” Monkey was nervous talking to the smartest animal. He was the dumbest animal and his parents were not proud of him. Ferine frowned, “What do 당신 mean? I...
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posted by Kanji
Felix kept his eyes on 당신 "im sorry ,i 로스트 it i didnt mean to hurt you..."he looked down and was silent."Felix what happen?... what did 당신 do to me?" felix looked at 당신 "Get some rest ,i'll explain when 당신 wake up"he pulled the covers up"But im not tired" he laughed and put his hand on your forehead,all of a sudden everything got very foggy and 당신 felt really sleepy.You closed your eyes and started to drift to sleep the last thing 당신 remember is Soft laughing and someone saying "Sweet dreams love"
When 당신 woke up 당신 were in felixs 침대 당신 looked around to see him on the side of the...
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posted by nessienjake
Americans on average eat 18 acres of 피자 every day.

Butterflies taste with their feet.

A duck's quack doesn't echo, and no one knows why.
(Recent scientific research has has shown Duck's quacks DO echo, even though they are commonly thought not to because the echo can not be heard 의해 the human ear.)

In 10 minutes, a hurricane releases 더 많이 energy than all of the world's nuclear weapons combined.

On average, 100 people choke to death on ballpoint pens every year.

On average people fear spiders 더 많이 than they do death.

Ninety percent of New York City cabbies are recently arrived immigrants.

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posted by KatiiCullen94
dear Alice.
i don't know why i say alice anymore, i think now i write these emails to myself, to secure me that 당신 were real, that 당신 all were , that he was.
There is evidence that 당신 were here. and was my best friend. But sometimes i dont know wheither i was dreaming 또는 not, But i stop that thought to think again, if it was a dream and 당신 diddnt exist,then how did i know your name, 또는 did i make 당신 up, along with every one else. Maybe i'm going crazy, from without 당신 i dont know. But i want to find out. Do 당신 think a crazy person can be the one to digiosed themselves?? Lets hope for...
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