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posted by Kanji
당신 turned to see a figure holding your 프렌즈 lifeless body. 당신 screamed and the figure saw 당신 and dissappered in the shadowy trees."Hey" 당신 screamed run to were the figure once was.you stopped and leaned over your 프렌즈 lifeless body 당신 started to cry and everything got blurry.you jumped as someone touched your shoulder.you spun around to see a guy a little older then 당신 with red eyes.you backed up and bumped into something else 당신 turned around to see your friend with the same red hungry eyes,smiling evilly."what the" 당신 murmured to your self backing up,the guy took 당신 의해 your wast as 당신 backed up into him and stopped 당신 from moving."you know it's a waste that i want to keep 당신 human" he spoke slowly but clearly "sadly 당신 should be happy im not going to turn you...yet" he chucked and lay his head on your shoulder.you couldn't speak too afraid of what was happening then 당신 felt a pain in your neck and screamed then soon blacked out.You woke up and looked around you.The place looked like a abandon hotel,the windows were boarded up but 당신 could see sun light getting through.You went over to the door and walked into the hallway the lights in the hall were flickering.You turned and walked around the corner 당신 looked up and saw your friend.Her eyes were back to normal, but blood was on her face and 당신 backed way from her."Your awake!"she announced happily and walked toward you.You backed into the 벽 and then she stopped 15 feet away from 당신 "oh no, im hungry again" she said sadly looking at the ground.When she looked up again her eyes were red,she ran towards 당신 and pinned 당신 to the 벽 "Can I eat you?"she asked grimly she got closer to 당신 and 당신 screamed shuting your eyes.When 당신 looked again the man from before was holding her away from you."_Are 당신 ok?" he asked.You stared a him "how do 당신 know my name?" 당신 asked "I told him" your friend said with her eyes back to normal.He laughed "im Felix" he said.
posted by nomblahnom
As I stare listlessly into the mirror, the fuzzy image that gazes back at me is someone I barely recognize. But I do. They say prison causes profound changes in a man, and the most extraordinary stem from the most incredible circumstances. That man in the mirror has undergone an unimaginable plethora of alterations because he is the absolute worst thing one can be in prison: an innocent man.

I detect the bitterness in his hazel eyes, the constant worry that wrinkles his forehead, the anxiety that sets his jaw like cement and the frustration that has lightened his hair from brown to salty beige....
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posted by percylover19
Percylover19 3

(this whole story is in Kerry's POV)
Chapter 1
     I picked up the phone and called Sam. Sam has been my best friend since third grade. He has dirty blond hair and brown eyes. He also lives right up my street. "Hello?" he answered.
     "Hey it's me, Kerry. Has the new kids moved in yet?"
     "I have seen the moving 봉고차, 반 a couple of times but no sign of our new neighbors."
     "I really hope one of them is a girl. No offense but I really want somebody I can talk to about girly stuff, that's not my mom."
     "None taken. I don't want to know about your girl troubles...
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posted by invadercalliope
They say, don't trust,
You, me, we, us,
So we'll fall if we must,
Cause it's you, me,
And it's all about,
It's all about
It's all about us, all about us
It's all about, all about us
All about us
And that's the thing that they can't touch
'Cause 당신 know (ah-ah)
It's all about us, all about us
It's all about, all about us
All about us
We'll Run away if we must
'Cause 당신 know (ah-ah)
It's all about us (It's all about us)
It's all about us (It's all about us)
In 당신 I can trust (It's all about us)
It's all about us
If they hurt you,
They hurt me too,
So we'll rise up,
Won't stop,
And it's all...
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posted by invadercalliope
A ball it goes up and down its so round
it bounces up and down
up and around
Well HI!
I'm Invader Calliope!
Well it's time to dance!
Amazing! Dance!
now time to make face
i hope 당신 enjoyed!
posted by invadercalliope
HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -waves-
Now it's time to get seres i mean serues NO! uh..
Justin Bieber is dating selena gomez.
Well everyoe knew he had to 날짜 her 또는 demi.
So have 당신 seen the amazing sci fi movie sharktopus XD.
Now let's see......
I need to get note cards for this.
Well i guess i'm going to have to do this!
Meebo Emoticons
Well i'm getting tired of that
2.cold tolit seat
4:the word LAME

1:Invader Zim

2:watch tv
3:going to my clubs *Invader Zim and food* *only on mondays and tuesdays and fridays*
4: going to a practice *i do track*

2:ADD ME!!!!
4: :D

Ok so i hope 당신 enjoyed this article.
Have a nice friday.
Do 당신 like to roleplay? well i like to roleplay!
CARAMELLDANSEN!!! I 사랑 that dance!
posted by victorodonnell
I don’t understand why I had to meet you… I just don’t understand why, of all girls, I had to fall for you. Till now, as I sit close to the 벽 with eyes brimming with tears, I hate that moment I caught your eyes. Sharp like an eagle’s stare, 당신 pierced me and settled 안전한, 안전 in my heart.
Funny, it is I blame you, when I know it’s my fault, like 당신 said, to have fallen for you. ‘What would I do, if 당신 loved me?’ 당신 said on a fine evening when the sun started slowly to slip beneath the horizon.
You made a mistake too… If I knew how to love, it’d be because of you. It’s true...
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Yesterday, Demi Lovato talked about the nominees for the American 음악 Awards coming up on the 21st of November.

It will be really exciting, because in the category for Best Female Popstar we have Ke$ha, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry!

In the category for Best Male Artist we have to choose between Justin Bieber, his friend 어셔 and Eminem. Who will win?

And as far as Artist of the Year, it is between Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, 케샤 and Eminem. An interesting mix and tough competition.

당신 can vote for your favorites on the event webpage here: American 음악 Awards.
posted by energizerbunny
Anyway I'm back and I had a great time, except when we were on a bus and it was over 100 degrees, it was soooo hot, and after a while people were starting to get ill...but not me, I was laughing at everyone and they were getting mad at me lol

So we finally got at the cabins, the boys got the bigger one but they had 더 많이 people, besides the girls had a much better game room, me and 4 other girls wanted to stay up all night...you could tell that we were sleepy because we were giggling at nothing and jumping at everything lol

I was soo sleepy, I fell asleep on the Pooltable which was surprisingly...
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posted by aya3
it is some traditions...it is useful to know it...^_^
every 년 people build bonfires on hilltops all over Cornwall in the south_west of england these fires are a celebration of summer and they lit on the night after the summer solstice(on 22 June). the ceremony isn`t performed in English it is performed in Cornish , an old Celtic language.

2nd: SPRING:
the helston `furry(floral) dance` is one of the oldest festivals in england it takes place in hellstone an old Cornish town ,it celebrates the coming of the spring the `dance` is procession throw the narrow streets of the town the men...
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posted by TOTALIzzyluver
(Try 읽기 this story with a cowboy 또는 a hilbilly accent)
Tiffany and Pete sat in the moon light.
"Look at them stars. So bright and shiny." Pete said. "Look 더 많이 like squares to me." Said Tiffany.
"Nooooo, there stars." Pete told Tiffany.
"Hey that squares gettin' bigger.....and bigger....and bigger." Tiffany gasped. "That square looks like its hurrdelin' at us!"
"GET OUT OF THE WAY!" Pete yelled pushing Tiffany out of the way of the falling star. The 별, 스타 landed where Tiffany was sitting but she was now a few feet from it. "YEAH! Gots me a square!" Tiffany squeled
The End.

Short but it was an idea that came to me in the shower...and the idea credit goes to my non fanpopping 프렌즈 Liz and Tiffany who showed me the "Looks 더 많이 like squares to me" thingy....any way what do 당신 guys think????
posted by angel_cake
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posted by Brickleberry
The other night, I dreamed where I was Candace Flynn from Phineas and Ferb. While having lunch with Jeremy, I remembered that Phineas and Ferb made a time-traveling tape measure. This reminded me of how awful the Gravity Falls episode went, with Dipper and Mabel losing various items through several dimensions.

This prompted me to write about how Trent would cause tension between Courtney and Gwen if he competed in TDWT.

It went like this:

Trent tells Tyler to reveal Duncan and Gwen's kiss, causing tension between Courtney and Gwen. Even though Trent and Tyler voted for Duncan, Chris ignored the...
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added by Dr6112002
-can 당신 feel it mr krabs
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-can 당신 feel it mr krabs...
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