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posted by brown-eyed-girl
The bio-ship was in camouflage mode and landed 의해 the forest. Everyone quietly ran into the forest. This time they would not get caught. They walked through the thick forest till they were at the main warehouse.
“Follow me I know where he is” Wally thought. They all followed him. There were many turns and a lot of guards. Finally they made it to a door labeled. “Experiment room”.
“Miss. Martian use camouflage mode to go inside and see if any one is there” Aqualad thought. But before she was able to do that someone came out of the room. It was a masked guy. Dr. Keptic then came up...
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I just got this image from 배트맨 under the Red 후드 because i couldn't find one in Young Justice. >>>>>>>

The Dark knight carried the young teenager into Mount Justice and he set him down onto his bed. Green 애로우 and Zatanna approached them.
"Is he okay?" Green 애로우 asked, breaking up the silence. 배트맨 looked at him. "Look at him! Do 당신 think hes alright?" An emotion of sadness grew over the Dark knight. He hasn't felt such sadness in a long time. Zatanna put her hands on her unconscious boyfriend's chest. She began to cry. She then hit his chest with both hands repeatedly....
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"Careful Annabell I don't want 당신 to injure them!" Klarion told the giant octopus at his hidden headquarters. The giant octopus nodded and began to do what her master told her to. She barfed out the two sidekicks into a tube just big enough for them to 옮기기 around.
"Good girl. 당신 deserve a treat." The witch boy picked up a huge bucket of lobsters and threw it into the octopus's mouth. "Now go back to mummy. Tell her i said hello" the baby octopus went back to the waters of Gotham. Klarion turned to the two sidekicks.
"Oh goodie! Your awake! I thought 당신 were still unconscious" Wally stood...
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"Win again!" Artemis cheered as she bet Wally at a game of chess. Wally sighed. Artemis gave him another punch.
"Your cheating!" Wally shouted. Artemis put her hands on her hips.
"Why would 당신 think that?" Wally pointed at Robin at far end of the room.
"Wally! Don't be so stupid!" Artemis replied. Wally angrily glared at Artemis.
"Stop helping her Robs!" Wally said as he ran up to him. Robin looked up from his phone.
"I'm not helping her!" Wally snatched Robin's phone and held it up in the air.
"Hey!" Robin tried to grab his phone off Wally but he was too fast.
"I'm so close to beating my high...
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posted by khanna266
One 일 M'gann and Batgirl were talking when all of a sudden..."Girls come to the cave immediately!" 배트맨 announced 의해 surprise,"what do 당신 think it could be?" M'gann asked Batgirl."I don't know"she replied,and they went to the cave. "I want 당신 to meet someone" 배트맨 said glaring at the girls,they faced eachother for a 초 and turned back to 배트맨 where they saw a girl about the same height as Batman,with her light brown hair in a high ponytail wearing a black mask like Robins',she was also wearing a light blue tanktop and 치마 bith a quiver filled with arrows on her back and a wooden...
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The team decided to wait at the hospital until Robin and Megan were okay after the disaster at the small island. Zatanna arrived running into the hospital and
Green 애로우 soon followed. He stopped in front of Roy and Artemis.
"You guys okay? I was worried" he said to them. Roy looked up at his mentor.
"Actually, no. We need to tell 당신 something." Green 애로우 nodded. "What is it?'' Artemis took a deep breath and said "We went to the party last night."
"And lied to you. We are really sorry we didn't tell you" Roy added. Green 애로우 smiled. "I know." The two archers looked at each other in disbelief....
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posted by ShadowYJ
Remember that season 1 episode 'Failsafe'?
Well this is what I thought on how why they had to do it the 'Fake Mission Test' and stuff.

The Test:
Mount Justice 3:27pm
"Remind me NEVER to go near a bomb ever again!" Superboy said. With two black eyes and torn 셔츠 and pants-he looked a mess.
"But at least 당신 saved us," KidFlash stated "Or we wouldn't even be here-but in our death beds."
"You got that right." Artemis said She was really angry, as her trusty green bow had snapped in two AGAIN and she was completely out of arrows. Luckily the mission was over and they were back home, well Artemis...
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Roy was running out of arrows as he released them to the jets. He didn't bother to tell Megan because he thought she already knew. Although, she didn't.
"I'm going up there" Megan said to Roy. She flew away and didn't even look at Red Arrow. Roy used his last 애로우 and shot it to one jet and blew it up. All he could do now was dodge the bullets the jets released. As Megan was up in the air, she went through an incoming jet and grabbed the engine. She then noticed she made a terrible mistake.

A helicopter was spotted in the distance 의해 Artemis.
"Princess Alannah, your helicopter is here" Artemis...
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배트맨 explained the whole mission to the teenage heroes.
"A princess named Alannah Byrd is in danger. Shes in a 성 on a small island in the south of the Southern Ocean. Her father has an uncommon disease, leprosy." Wally crossed his arms. "I thought leprosy was extincted!" 배트맨 ignored Wally's statement. He continued.
"Hes in the best hospital in the world and the several scientists are trying to cure him. As for 당신 seven, 당신 will be 스플릿, 분할 into three sections. Castle, the bridge and around the castle. I'm putting Robin and Kaldur in charge of team leaders but at least one of 당신 is inside...
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posted by SilverWings13
Hauntings part V-Allies

"So you're saying Gordon Tin was dead when 당신 got to his apartment?"
"Actually, he was alive. They were talking when I came in."
"They were talking?"
"It sounded 더 많이 like arguing. Gordon was yelling when the assassin shot him."
"How did 당신 get in the apartment? Did 당신 have a key? Pick the lock?"
Batgirl stepped in 다음 to Robin. "What were they arguing about? Did 당신 hear anything about the Key? The Weapon? Was there any mention of-"
Nightwing cleared his throat. "Why don't we give Mr. Howard a little break. Let him rest."
"Nightwing," Robin contradicted, "he's a witness...
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“I could have handled it” Wally said getting up and dusting himself off. Robin ran up to them.
“Artemis great you’re here” Robin said in a sarcastic tone.
“Nice to see 당신 too” Artemis replied.
“He just thinks that he doesn’t need help” Wally said massaging his shoulder.
“I don’t”
“Well we are here so we might as well help” Artemis said shooting arrows at the 초 henchmen that was running towards them. Foam covered his face. The henchmen walked the other way into a pole. Suddenly the concrete under them started cracking. The all turned to see 더 많이 henchmen.
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posted by brown-eyed-girl
The team ran in the training 슬래쉬 confrence room . 배트맨 was about to leave.
“wait!” everyone yelled. 배트맨 stopped and turned to them.
“Batman we have received some new information on the mission” Aqualad said.
“You have a protégé” Wally yelled. 배트맨 raised his eyebrow under his cowl. Megan stepped up and gave 배트맨 the sunglasses. 배트맨 inspected them.
“Do 당신 recognize them?” Meagan asked. Slowly 배트맨 raised his hand to his head.
“I…remember. Robin? Robin. I have a s” 배트맨 stopped himself. He was about to say son.
“protégé” he continued. “What happened”...
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posted by brown-eyed-girl
Everyone looked at Megan/Robin and remembered their young teammate.
“How did we forget” Artemis said standing up.
“We have to remember what happened” Megan said. Their memories came back slowly.
Memories: They were Listening 배트맨 giving orders on their 다음 mission from the screen.
“There, have been reports of missing genetic engineers in 별, 스타 City. One of them was found this morning”
“Good, so we just talk to him and find out what happened easy peasy” Wally interrupted.
“Dr. Monroe was found stumbling out of the woods with half a 물고기 face. He is delirious and can hardly breathe....
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The archers decided to go to Mount Justice since there was nothing else to do to try erase their guilty emotion from them. As they arrived, Robin welcomed Roy to a not so good topic.
"So," Robin started. "Did he catch you?" Roy sighed and looked at his younger team member.
"Do I really have to answer that?" Artemis wasn't involved in the boys topic. Instead she looked around for Wally. In the distance, Wally hid behind Conner and Kaldur who were having a man to man talk.
"Could 당신 hide somewhere else Wally?" Conner suggested as he pushed Wally closer to Artemis.
"No! Please don't! 당신 don't get...
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Beep! Beep! Beep!
Artemis shot right up from her 침대 and hit the alarm clock with her right hand and smashed it to pieces.
Red 애로우 stood outside her open bedroom door looking at the pieces of the alarm clock on the floor.
"What are 당신 looking at?" inturupted Artemis as she got out of bed. Roy looked at her questioningly. Artemis shoved Roy as she got out of her room.
"Hey!" Roy said in a high voice. "What's your problem?" Artemis stopped at the edge of the stairs. She sighed and replied,
"Sorry. I guess I'm still mad at Wally!" Roy walked up to her.
"Rough night." The two archers began walking...
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After the two archer's embarrassing moment, it was time to go home. Artemis came back from her changing room and handed Wally the rediculous clothes.
"That was the most stupidest thing I have done in my whole life!" Wally grinned.
"The most sexiest thing you've done" Artemis glared at Wally.
"Im gonna give 당신 a serious bruse if 당신 ever make me do that again!" She walked towards Wally and gave him a little push. "And this time, no ones gonna save you!" Wally slowly walked backwards. "Now wait a minute! Its still my birthday!" Robin walked towards the two older superheroes.
"Acually, it's way past...
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posted by ecoelo
The two archers discussed Roy's plan to escape their grounded life.
"How are we going to get pass them dating addicts?" asked Artemis. Roy smiled
"Simple.We turn the lights out" Artemis raised her eyebrows.
"Then how can we see?" Roy handed her a big pair of goggles. "Night vision goggles! Of course!"
"But this time we head to the back door" Roy suggested. "That way we don't have to unlock the front door." Artemis looked questioningly at Roy.
"Why are 당신 so eager to go to that party anyway?"
Roy walked towards his wardrobe and pulled a 재킷, 자 켓 on.
"I guess I'm just up for a little fun" Artemis smiled...
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posted by ecoelo
The two 애로우 sidekicks crept down the stairs with out a sound. Roy led the way. He stopped and looked over at the lounge room.
"Well?" Artemis asked in a loud whisper.
"He's busy talking to Black Canary. We should be fine" answered Roy. " Watch your step!" Artemis took a step 앞으로 onto a green 양말 and slipped 앞으로 onto Roy. They toppled backwards onto the floor.
"I told you!" Roy exclaimed. He glared angrily at the female archer. In the distance Green 애로우 said a brief goodbye and hung up. He walked towards the two sidekicks.
"Why are 당신 two down there?"asked Arrow. "It's not what i think...
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posted by brown-eyed-girl
: Megan was in the 부엌, 주방 baking when she saw someone come in that was wearing green, black, and sunglasses. She recognized that. She gasped, it was. Artemis, just Artemis. Megan had recognized the glasses. She had a memory that was trying to come out but for some reason it wouldn’t. She decided to do some mediation. She floated to her room. She stayed there meditating. Then she felt something nagging at her, something to remember. Her minds eye saw something, a trail of some sort. It was a green mist. She followed it floating out of her room. The trail led to the training room. The Green...
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Robin braced himself but when he realized that he didn’t get hit. Robin slowly opened his eyes and saw KF smiling at him.
“Hey Robin”
“KF?” Robin looked around and saw they were on the street. He looked down the 거리 and saw them getting away.
“KF what did 당신 do their getting away”
“I saved you. 당신 were about to be pummeled” Wally said.
“Well I don’t need your help” Robin said pushing him away.
“Hey Rob I think 당신 do” KF said.
“Joker’s my responsibility”
“Let me help Rob” Wally whined. Robin sighed.
“You take care of his clown henchmen, but leave Joker...
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