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posted by Obscurity98
Harley flew like the Flash ran. Blasting at the Alien with the 불, 화재 form her hands. Careful not to hit Kaldur instead. But the alien dodged every blast with ease and tease. "It's like the dumb bastard is baiting me." her nails made her hands bleed as she balled her hands into fist so hard. "Bad idea." And finally shot the alien on it's back side. But the thing only screeched, without letting Kaldur go. "So this is how 당신 play huh? Fine its your choice." Then under her breath she hisses, "Time to get up close and personal." She flew above them now, quietly. Only did the Alien realize she was...
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Previously on The Red Revenge...

Okay, so things didn't go well in Rio De Janeiro. Batman, and the rest of the Justice League are reaming our butts for the death of the Russian finalist.

As if we didn't feel bad enough for the loss of one life, World War III is about to be on our heads.

"I need your help." Revenge said.

"No." Batgirl replied.

"See ya." Revenge said, closing the door.

The knob to the room began to turn.

"Wait!" Batgirl exclaimed, leaping into the corridor as the iron door closed and the other door opened.

Revenge stopped cold in the 다음 room. It was a balcony overlooking an empty hangar...
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posted by SilverWings13
Proven part VI
Wayne Manor was huge. At least, the mansion was. People dressed for the occasion, either carrying 또는 wearing various masks, streamed into the front door. Most wore dark colors, as Nic and I did, while others wore vibrant pigments, leaving rainbows in their paths.
Nic and I followed the river of people through the mansion. We exited the hallways onto a balcony.
Two curved staircases led down to the dance floor. There people mingled, holding glasses of champaign and various wines. A few held plates of finger-foods and other hors d'oeuvres. The constant chatter and clicking of heels...
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Chapter Nine-

After the close call in the airport involving the death of the pilot of the jet, two bodyguards, and another shot through Barbara's arm, 배트맨 had stepped up security. Artemis was in the cockpit of the plane Samuel Grant was flying.

She crossed her arms over her chest, self-conscious of how she looked slouched down 다음 to the male pilot.

Everything was peaceful until the Ural Mountains. The plane shook. Artemis ignored it, figuring it was turbulence. That and she didn't want to open her eyes. She hated flying if she wasn't the pilot. The plane shook again and she opened one eye,...
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Chapter 16-

The reporters waited. Revenge picked up an AK-47 and showed it to the cameras.

"This belongs to the Soviet Union."

One reporter laughed.

"Not funny."

He stopped.

"The Soviets are making a come-back. Right beneath your feet is an elaborate base housing hundreds of thousands of soldiers. Millions of pounds of armed weapons. And, the leader of the new U.S.S.R. is-"


Soldiers poured into the room and grabbed the four hero's arms pinning them to the wall.

"You are under arrest for an assassination attempt against the Russian President!" a soldier said, fastening handcuffs on Nightwing....
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Chapter 15-

For a second, everyone was 겨울왕국 in their place. Wondergirl hovered beside Nightwing who had several projectiles in his hand. The guards had their 총 aimed at different people. Joseph glared at the two new heroes.

Revenge and I, well we just hung there.


Nightwing leaped, tossing projectiles, not at the soldiers, but at us. I cringed, but felt myself fall to the floor. I looked over and Revenge was rubbing his wrists.

"Get your equipment and let's go!" Nightwing yelled. "Wondergirl! Cover them!"

The blonde flew down and knocked over soldiers running at the two vigilantes. Revenge...
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Chapter Fourteen:

Revenge grabs the gun and pulls the president over his head, throwing him onto the balcony. The soldiers below snap up their 총 and fire. I don't know how we escape. Their marks are dead on. I take a bullet to the arm and clutch at it, but Revenge pulls me out before anyone can get their bearings.

We run down a maze of halls, me leaving a trail anyone could follow, my red blood dripping to the floor.

Five soldiers appear in front of us, snap up their guns, and fire. Revenge grabs my hand and throws me to the ground. I slide under them and place explosives as if we planned it....
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Chapter 13-


"Report Wondergirl." 

"Batgirl isn't responding."

Dick cursed under his breath.

"Knowing Batgirl, she's probably touring the sites." 

"But Batgirl seems so, into the missions." Wondergirl replied.

"Give her until morning before we start worrying." Nightwing said.

Revenge staggered.

"What?" Batgirl asked.

"The oxygen..." Revenge gasped. "We're heading the wrong way."

Barbara didn't notice any lack of oxygen. Not until she walked a few feet in front of her. It was as if she had passed through a barrier. Oxygen was depleted.

"Okay, now what?" Barbara asked, stepping back towards...
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Chapter Twelve-

"The 차 is excellent."

"That is not why 당신 are here."

Sam set down the cup gingerly. "No, it is not."

"You are here to defend your country from our relentless assault."

"About that. Me looking upwards had nothing to do with the assassination. It was a simple look upwards asking for support."

"Support for what?" the Russian President asked.

"I have stage fright." Sam said.

"I see." Sam could see Joseph wasn't in the mood to drink tea. "The point still remains that our finalist was assassinated 의해 YOUR heroes."

"Not true," Sam said. "I have been targeted 의해 the League of Shadows for...
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Chapter Eleven-

Soldiers stood on the runway, their 총 loaded and ready to 불, 화재 at a moments notice. Their red uniforms glistened in the morning sun.

At the terminal of the airport stood the same soldiers, same status: 총 loaded and ready to fire.

The soldiers spotted a glittering object on the horizon; the object of their worry, suspicion, and hatred was fast closing on their position.

"Are 당신 ready? What do 당신 mean the camera's not on? Well turn it on!"

The woman's voice merely irritated the soldier, but international press was allowed at the airport and there was nothing they could do about...
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Chapter Ten- "A Quick Review"

Okay, so things didn't go well in Rio De Janeiro.

That's Robin--Nightwing in my ear telling me it's an understatement. Shut up, Dick.

Anyway, we're headed to Russia now, G. Gordon Godfrey, Batman, and the rest of the Justice League reaming our butts for the death of the Russian finalist.

As if we didn't feel bad enough for the loss of one life, World War III is about to be on our heads. But before I go any further, let me go back to what had happened before.

<17 Hours before...>

I jumped down after the assassin Holly, but she was already gone. I landed on the stage...
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Previously on The Red Revenge...

"Nice to meet 당신 Artemis." Sam said, shaking her hand.

Artemis kissed him on the cheek. "You too." she said. "Thanks for the drink."


"That was the mission, Wally." Robin said, smirking. "Jealous?"

"Samuel Grant was saved yet again 의해 Red Revenge and what appears to be Green Arrow's sidekick Artemis."

"We believe the target is Red Revenge. However, the attempts on Grant's life are still a serious threat." 배트맨 said.

A screen popped up behind Batman. "The Olympic Winners are going to a special ceremony. A...
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posted by MercyYJ
**This takes place in the NEW timeline**

"Why is there a $2,000 reward for me being delivered to a certain Jacob Till?" I waved the flyer that had been going around the city in obvious frustration. I made sure to put an extra emphasis on the word Till, with him being Heather's brother and all. Heather looked at me with a blank expression, not what I was expecting. She shook her head back into reality, "I don't know... Maybe it was because 당신 foiled his life goal at the very last minute?" I sighed, she wasn't wrong. "Hey, that was 3 fricking years ago! If I wasn't a goodie at that time, I would...
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posted by Mclovin_69
( this 기사 is 5 years later)


( later on in Gotham at 8:54PM)

Lucas sat at the 표, 테이블 staring at a book then sighed closing it and leaning back on his chair covering his face, " whats wrong Luke? " Artemis asked walking in, " the stupid geography 신고 i got assigned is due tommorow and i havent started...." Lucas muttered then looked up at Artemis " perhaps i could maybe copy off of you....." Lucas trailed off looking at Artemis, Artemis smirked walking over...
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posted by MikkiDs
I guess I better start this off simple.

I am dead.

I've been dead since the 1970s? I think anyways. 당신 tend to lose track of time when you're dead.

I come from a place 당신 people would call the 'Afterlife' I've been to what 당신 would call Heaven (great place if you're a good person) but I couldn't stay.

See I was killed before my life was suppose to end. Everyone has this life goal their suppose to acheive. I died before I could acheive that goal. Do I know what that goal was? No. The big guy won't tell me (The Creator of the universe). So now I'm stuck here on this plane of existence.

There is...
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posted by 66Dragons
"I don't wanna die!" the boy howled, digging his face into Revenge's knee.

"You have no say in the matter."

"I do." Revenge growled. 

The assassin turned his head slightly before tossing a 칼, 나이프 in Revenge's direction. It caught him in the chink in his armor. Literally. Revenge glared at the blood seeping from the wound. The black clad assassin continued his approach. Revenge punched him in the throat, crushing his windpipe, causing the man to stumble backwards.

"You wanna play with knives?" Revenge yelled. "Two can play at that game!"

For a second, the assassin couldn't breathe. Then, he stood up, rubbing his neck.

"No way." Revenge muttered, stepping back.

"Red Revenge. For interfering with the mission, 당신 too shall feel the talons of the Court of Owls!"

Night of the Owls.
Coming Soon.
posted by robinluv14
You deserve this...

A burning torch, a column of flame
In everything but shape, voice and name- Fin, for obvious reasons
A 꽃 blooms the water floods
The dirt will mix in both for mud
While pure wind blows in longing breezes
For creator’s health the cold ice freezes-describing her powers over the elements, and the fact she can create alternate universes
The blood of all will fill the mind - her killing the team (didn't happen)
And one of them in not as kind - Nathan/Ryan
To save the world and make it last
The answer lies back through her past-saying that later on in life she'll have to save...
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posted by SilverWings13
Proven part V
"Miss Weston," I stopped and turned on the stair as the tenant of the apartment building called my name. "A boy came 의해 earlier," he said, "he insisted upon delivering a gift to your room."
"Thank you, Mr. Kox," I nodded to him and jogged up the stairs. My backpack was heavy from the extra 책 and homework and my shoulders sore from lugging it all the way home. Alek hadn't shown.
I was glad to find the door to my apartment locked. A good sign. Besides the fact, I was cautious as I turned my key and entered the hall. My prudence turned to surprise when I walked into my bedroom.
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posted by MikkiDs
“What the heck?!” I thought, “Flash! As in The Flash?! I am in so much trouble!! Wait, it was only a kid… Oh my Gosh! It’s his sidekick, Kid Flash!”

Okay I wasn’t sure if I was having a panic attack 또는 a total 팬 girl moment but either way me getting caught would not be a good thing.

The blonde ran around the corner then yelled “You let it get away!”

“It was a shadow! Tell me how I’m supposed to capture a shadow!” He answered.

“What do 당신 mean 의해 shadow?” She asked.

“It was... a shadow! I mean there wasn’t anyone here just…. It was… a shadow!” He stuttered...
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posted by robinluv14
So that’s why a couple of hours later, Jessica had gone temporarily ‘good-guy’ and was helping save the world. And all she could think was:
Oh, the cruel irony...
They found Phoenix in the same place Jessica had left her, standing in a forest clearing, burning brightly. Ryan stood against a 나무, 트리 a 안전한, 안전 distance away, sulking. His once green-now brown eyes widened as he watched the team approached, and he turned away, not willing to watch them come to her.
He began to walk away from them, but felt a hand tighten on his shoulder, and he turned. He found himself looking into Russel's green-grey...
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