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it was another perfect summer 일 in Gotham City, but the 4 Grayson Wayne brothers…Dick Richard John Grayson Wayne, Jason Todd Grayson Wayne, Timothy 드레이크, 드레이 크 Grayson Wayne, Damian Grayson Wayne & the Team were having an all-out prank war.
But this was because the Team had gotten a 벌집 & tricked them into thinking that the honey was sunscreen & it attracted a swarm of honeybees.
But the 4 of them screamed at their 프렌즈 that they would get their revenge: then they had the perfect prank…the 4 brothers went to the bathroom, replaced the Team shampoos & conditioners with 사워, 사 우 어 cream.
Then they cleverly snuck out of the bathroom, but when their teammates saw the prank, they screamed,“DICK! JASON! TIM! DAMIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” the brothers recognized the screams of their 프렌즈 & high-fived each other...
It was early December 🎄 in the Hall, the Justice Leaguers & the Young Justice Leaguers were having a 크리스마스 🎅 party & having a great time, they were all chattering away like old friends, it was a beautiful winter’s night 🌃, until the Joker 🃏 & Harley 🃏 noticed that Bruce Wayne & his eldest son 👦, 18 년 old Dick & Barry Allen & his nephew Wally were under the mistletoe 🌿…[aka the holly!] but even though some of the couples didn’t want to, it was 크리스마스 🎅 tradition to 키스 💋 underneath the mistletoe 🌿.
But they were too busy talking...
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It was another autumn 일 at Gotham Academy, it was Janice & Selena Teresa Gaenon’s first 일 at the school, they were really nervous but excited at the same time, then they met Artemis’ friend, Bette who was actually Gotham Academy’s welcoming committee, she greeted & welcomed them to the school, but all of a sudden, when they walked into the courtyard, the sisters noticed a red haired girl & 4 ebony haired boys, then they leaned over to Bette & asked,”Bette, who’s that over there?” Bette said,”what? Oh! 당신 mean over there?” the sisters nodded & Selena...
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It was another beautiful & picture-perfect summer 일 in Gotham City, the Justice Leaguers & Young Justice Leaguers woke up to another 일 in Gotham, it was gonna be another busy 일 that was for sure.
but they were certain that it was gonna be another great day, when suddenly, they heard 4 sneezes behind them, when they turned around, they saw 4 brothers coming their way.
it was the oldest brother Dick Richard John Grayson-Wayne, his 2nd oldest brother Jason Todd Grayson-Wayne, their younger brother Tim 드레이크, 드레이 크 Grayson-Wayne & their baby brother Damian Grayson-Wayne were standing behind...
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posted by FunGameFan
So many people have better the creaters of the show to have a season 3 and I guess the creaters got board of the begging so it is happening!!!!! We are getting season 3!!!!!!!!!Just wanted 당신 guys to know. But this might be a trick to get us to stop begging for it so keep begging anyway just in case.

For season 4 (if they make one) I have a bunch of good ideas for the show even some character and 당신 can go read my wish hero artical to learn 더 많이 about my 가장 좋아하는 hero I made up named Lidia McClay. And I have a lot of story ideas but I think I will save those for a different artical. Anyway I just can't wait for the new season!!!!!!!

Young Justice Season 3 will make me the happiest girl in the universe!!! And today I am going to tell 당신 some things that has to be in it.

I know they added new characters in season 2 but I think that there should be 더 많이 characters here are some examples.

1. Red Hood. I know that Jason Todd has been shown once 또는 twice in young justice season 2 but that was just a statue of him but I think he should be shown in season 3 as Red 후드 because this way be can make an actual appearance in the show.

2. Superboy. I know that Superbly is already in young justice but that is Conner Kent not Superman's...
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posted by FunGameFan


posted by FunGameFan
Today we will be talking about a hero that I made up but I think will be perfect in young justice. These are a few things about her.

Lidia McClay is her real name and she has gone through a lot of superhero names that we will get to. When she was a very young girl about the age of 5 to 9 she was a spy with cat- like instincts and she was known as agent cateyes. When she was 9 years old her parents died in the circus when they were on a mission. They knew some one was planning on destroying the acts so they went undercover as a trapeze act. At that moment she was known as Vennessa Starworthy,...
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OK,ok, I know the 제목 is a little much but it is true. Young Justice Is the best thing ever and here are some really good reasons why.

1. Young Justice is in the DC comic world and for me DC is a lot better then Marvel. Check out my YouTube channel DC Forever.

2. Young Justice is one of those that 당신 have to watch every single episode. That is how good the show is.

3.Young Justice creates must have a really good imagination to create Artimas and the new version of Aqualad, and that is a good thing. Better imagination better story.

4. Young Justice has lovable characters and is a great way to get anyone into superheros.

I hope 당신 enjoyed those reasons on why Young Justice is awesome and I will see 당신 again on my 다음 artical. BYE
Hello! This is an 기사 I have written about how there HAS to be a Young Justice season 3, and at the end of the 기사 I'll tell 당신 how 당신 can help convince the people on the show that to many people 사랑 it to not make a season 3.

1. All the cliffhanger, okay so if 당신 haven't watched the end of season 2 where have 당신 been? But basically there were so many cliffhangers

2. If 당신 have not seen the end of season 2 go watch it right because this is a BIG spoiler, Wally dies, and a season 3 would allow him to return, it has happed in the comics before.

3. To many people 사랑 it and are mad at not having a season 3

okay now I will tell 당신 how 당신 can convince cartoon network/netflix that there HAS to be a season 3.
use the #RenewYoungJustice and use this everywhere
binge watch it on netflix
buy it on dvd
의해 any merch of it 당신 can find

If 당신 have any other ideas on how to get them to make a season 3 또는 why they should pls comment!
posted by Zatana
배트맨 has assigned me my first mission after just two days of being on the team, he even said he and black canary would be helping me with this. When I heard this I thought this was going to be a huge mission then 배트맨 told me what it was, it made me scream. And 당신 wouldn't think that this mission would make me scream, after all I am the host for a lady of order and could fry 당신 의해 pointing my hand at you. But these people could fry 당신 with a look, 또는 ground you, 또는 make 당신 quite the team. My mission was to tell my parents about my new life.
How could 배트맨 even think that I Could tell...
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posted by Zatana
(This is just a character wiki thing for a superhero I created for 팬 fiction, pls read that too)

Hannah Iggy

Codename: Spirit

Powers: Shooting energy light beams out of her hands, flying, and controlling water

Power Origin: She is the host for the light Spirit named Talia, like Dr. Fate Talia is a lord of order but unlike Dr. Fate she allows Hannah to live her own life and will only take control in combat when Hannah lets her.

Relationships with team members: Wally: Like a big brother, Artemis: Kind've intimidated 의해 her, Me'gan: Like a big sister, Rocket: BFF, Zatanna, BFF, Aqualad: Big Brother,...
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posted by Zatana
"Um, Batman?" I ask, although I am still a bit starstruck, I mean how many people get to meet THE BATMAN?"Is this going to hurt? The spell I mean?"
"This should not hurt," He tells me, although there is something in the way that he said it tells me he might be lying.
"Well okay then, I guess I should get this over with." The 다음 thing I know, Zatanna says some kind of gibberish and Dr. Fate is shooting a yellow beam at me, then suddenly it is dark.
What is going on, I call out, all I can see is darkness, I have a felling I might be dead and that nobody can hear me. Then suddenly a bright blue...
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posted by Zatana
I still can't believe it super heroes, in my bedroom. Even though it is almost midnight and I should be asleep, I am wide awake with excitement.
"Great now can we please get back to the cave so Z and Fate can do their spell and we can just get this over with?" Kid Flash says
"Um, what did 당신 say?" I ask, very confused, did he just say Dr. Fate, and spell?
"Ya, 당신 know, the spell that they will perform on 당신 to see why 당신 seem to have some kind of magic aura thing coming from 당신 so that even Dr. Fate can sense it." And as he says it Robin elbows him and looks like he says something without...
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posted by Zatana
I walked 집 from school. It had been awful, nobody noticed me, and I had forgotten my lunch, and had a mean substitute. (sigh) I am not a 팬 of school. However little did I know that everyday a team was watching me...

"Zatanna can 당신 get a reading?" Robin asked me. This was getting annoying he asked me this every five minutes!
"No Robin, I told 당신 this five 분 ago, and I also told 당신 that if I am supposed to get a better 읽기 that I will need to get closer, and possibly perform a spell.
"But Zatanna, if 당신 perform a spell on her than she will definitely be tipped off!" (sigh) I...
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Last time

" So whos that guy " Artemis asks

" Deadshot " I reply " One of the deadliest assassins ever born an old enemy of your uncle Green Arrow. An old enemy of mine to. "

" Okay so 당신 seem to know him the best. Lets see what 당신 can do 당신 take lead in this one." said Robin

I nodded " Aqualad 당신 and robin take the duke try emp's 또는 open him up a bit than short circut him,Artemis 당신 and I will take Deadshot shoot im but dont stop running if 당신 do your good as dead. I'll get em with my little toy here when he's distracted" I say holding a syringe

Robin and Aqualad attacked first " Now Artemis!...
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(okay so this take place at the end of episode four after Bane is caught)

My name is grey the 15 년 old heir of Bane many may say he is a bad man but he isn't when 당신 get to know him. when i was young me and my parents were caught in a 불, 화재 Bane saved me from under a large wooden beam and raised me as his student his friend his son. The bird and his 프렌즈 have trapped him on the 언덕, 힐 when I went to free him he was gone except for a note.

It read "Hello my amigo over the past few years I have taught 당신 much but i may not keep 당신 in the life of a villain any longer so with this heavy heart...
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posted by Dmazin_Kid8
We have to bring Young justice back to prevent cartoon network from becoming a "strictly goofy" channel. If were going to bring this show back and running we have to state our case until further notice. If all of the 팬 come together and act the show will be back.

Here's my plan
1. Go to cartoon network
2. Scroll down until 당신 see Contact us click it
3. Then in category choose Programming
4. then topic choose other shows
5. After wards type your 이메일
6. Put the positives of why YJ should return, talk about the outcomes of having a season 3, etc....

All 당신 need is an 이메일 and your good. This will work if we spam them to the point of aggravation.
당신 can use your 이메일 더 많이 than once.
posted by SapphireCat22
Artemis' POV:

I couldn't sleep. After restless hours of tossing and turning, I finally gave up any hope that I would be able to get any sleep tonight. I sat up in my bed, my thoughts attacking my mind.

Where has Wally disappeared to?
Why is he missing?
When will I see him again?
Is he even alive?

It had been two months since his disappearance and I was not sure how to live with myself. I felt responsible for his disappearance. My sister had warned me many months 이전 that if I did not stop seeing Wally, something bad was going to happen to him. If she had actually hurt him, I was not sure. But I could...
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posted by brown-eyed-girl
Wally entered the cave, coming back from the 할로윈 party at Megan and conner's school. He had a lot of fun, especially when Megan, Conner and him scared that kid that was pranking the school with a fake invasion. The look on that guys face was priceless. Wally checked the time on his watch; his parents weren’t expecting him for a few hours so he had time to kill. He thought of calling Rob to see if he was busy. Wally pulled out his phone and called Robin. After a few rings Robin picked up.
“Hey Rob, It’s me. Are 당신 busy?”
“Uh, kind of”
“What are 당신 doing” Wally...
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