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posted by Zatana
배트맨 has assigned me my first mission after just two days of being on the team, he even said he and black canary would be helping me with this. When I heard this I thought this was going to be a huge mission then 배트맨 told me what it was, it made me scream. And 당신 wouldn't think that this mission would make me scream, after all I am the host for a lady of order and could fry 당신 의해 pointing my hand at you. But these people could fry 당신 with a look, 또는 ground you, 또는 make 당신 quite the team. My mission was to tell my parents about my new life.
How could 배트맨 even think that I Could tell...
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posted by MikkiDs
I guess I better start this off simple.

I am dead.

I've been dead since the 1970s? I think anyways. 당신 tend to lose track of time when you're dead.

I come from a place 당신 people would call the 'Afterlife' I've been to what 당신 would call Heaven (great place if you're a good person) but I couldn't stay.

See I was killed before my life was suppose to end. Everyone has this life goal their suppose to acheive. I died before I could acheive that goal. Do I know what that goal was? No. The big guy won't tell me (The Creator of the universe). So now I'm stuck here on this plane of existence.

There is...
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posted by Robin_Love
 Teague-Human Form
Teague-Human Form
Name: Teague
Alias: None
Occupation: Demon-Elemental Hybrid; Villain
Powers: Elements, flight, demon shape-shifting
History: Teague's past is unknown, but he has been known to kill. Teague is also known for his powerful temper and control over the elements.
Notes: Teague can transform his body at will into his demon form. If he is angry enough, he will immediately start to transform. He likes to mess with humans and 히어로즈 alike. He is 더 많이 often flirty and fun-loving then he is angry. But he is short-tempered and loves to play jokes. While not much is known about him, he enjoys sending 히어로즈 on...
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It was another autumn 일 at Gotham Academy, it was Janice & Selena Teresa Gaenon’s first 일 at the school, they were really nervous but excited at the same time, then they met Artemis’ friend, Bette who was actually Gotham Academy’s welcoming committee, she greeted & welcomed them to the school, but all of a sudden, when they walked into the courtyard, the sisters noticed a red haired girl & 4 ebony haired boys, then they leaned over to Bette & asked,”Bette, who’s that over there?” Bette said,”what? Oh! 당신 mean over there?” the sisters nodded & Selena...
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posted by Robin_Love
I've heard people say that letting go is hard to do. And it's true. But the 더 많이 I wandered, the 더 많이 I felt like I had to close something back there. Damn. There was always something. Oh well. Time to end it. I headed back, passing her grave again. I'll see 당신 later sis. And I'll bring some decoration for you. I went back. Damn it all. I had never wanted to come back when I left. 당신 just have to close one door to open another I guess. When I got there, it was broad daylight. So I hung around until it was well into the 다음 morning. 3:00 a.m. No one would be up. I entered, heading down the...
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posted by 66Dragons
Here is an exclusive sneak-peek for the 다음 episode of The New Adventures of Red Revenge! Please enjoy!

"What Chief?" Revenge asked, dropping 다음 to the police chief. The head of police was standing in front of a burning building while emergency officials tried to put out the 불, 화재 and tend to burnt citizens.

"One of your 프렌즈 dropped 의해 for a visit and left a present." Draxx said.

"What kind of present?" Nightbird asked. "And for who?" 

"For 당신 two." Draxx replied. "Couple packs of C4. Thankfully no one was hurt. I just can't believe she did it."

"She?" Revenge asked. "Ice Crystal?"


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The Following Famfiction has been rated PG-13 for moderate violence and romance.


The Team was in the break room. Megan had just made some 쿠키 and the Team was talking about their latest mission when an alarm went off.

Robin pulled up a keyboard and screen. He tapped into the security cameras. It was a simple bank robbery, four masked men with 총 were scooping cash out of a bank's safety vault. Bank employees and customers were laying on the floor, but no hostages had been taken yet.

"Aqualad to Red Tornado," Aqualad spoke into his ear comm as the team suited up.

"Received, what is...
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Wally poked his brand new body.
"Cut it out!" Artemis replied (who is now in Wally"s body). Wally raised an eyebrow. "Look at these babies!" He looked down at Artemis's breasts. Artemis slapped his face. "Och!" Artemis cried. Wally laughed. "Ha! I didn't even touch you!" Artemis relies something. She slapped her face. "Och! that hurt!" Wally cried.
"Don't even think about playing with my body. 당신 got that!" she slapped her face again.
"Owww!" Wally put both hands on his his old body's chest "Okay! I won't play with it! Geez!" Artemis stopped slapping herself. "I guess if I slap your body, you...
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posted by robinfanforever
 this is the pic the story is based off of
this is the pic the story is based off of
Ok found this story on fanfiction.net 의해 Tiger Lily Roar and i absolutley loved it. this story goes with the picture of dick tied up in his school uniform that i have. hope u enjoy it too.


The crowd was thin, maybe a few dozen people, but it was enough for the drone of voice to fill the gymnasium. The bleachers were all but empty of spectators, only a few parents and chaperones willing to 메리다와 마법의 숲 the cold snap that Gotham City awoke to on the first Saturday of December. The cold that could be felt every time the door opened and a draft came in from the corridor.

Like the one that...
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posted by Robin_Love
Becca was excited for her first authorized mission. She may have been in hiding, but she was ready to get out of that mountain. And she found the bio-ship especially intriguing. She loved how Megan could control anything within the ship but the 히어로즈 themselves. It was what excited her the most. The bad news about the mission was she had been-regrettably-paired up with Wally. She gazed at him from the corner of her eye. Why would he hate her so much? Sure, she'd beat him with a stick and had snapped at him a few dozen times. But he'd deserved it. He'd verbally attacked her 더 많이 than once....
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First of all they didn't even mention what happened on New Years

Where the 퍼지 are Wally, Artemis, Kalder, Roy and Clone Roy??!!?!
What about Jason? He died already?? 
I have no liking for how they set this up. No closure for the ending of SuperMartian. No beginning to Lagon/M'Gann. They basically ended a show and began a new one. They better have fffsome sort of flashbacks 또는 something. 또는 all our missing heros show up to help SOMETHINGGGGG
Some people liked that Beast Boy took Wally's suviner thing....but i don't... that was Wally's thing!! Like they just replaced him. AGHH MY BRAIN...
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posted by ecoelo
The two archers discussed Roy's plan to escape their grounded life.
"How are we going to get pass them dating addicts?" asked Artemis. Roy smiled
"Simple.We turn the lights out" Artemis raised her eyebrows.
"Then how can we see?" Roy handed her a big pair of goggles. "Night vision goggles! Of course!"
"But this time we head to the back door" Roy suggested. "That way we don't have to unlock the front door." Artemis looked questioningly at Roy.
"Why are 당신 so eager to go to that party anyway?"
Roy walked towards his wardrobe and pulled a 재킷, 자 켓 on.
"I guess I'm just up for a little fun" Artemis smiled...
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posted by Mclovin_69
" Becca! Becca! no no!" Dream Catcher screamed out before her eyes opened and she sat up as tears filled in her eyes and Andrew held her up so she could sit up, " Andrew.... i-is she..", " Gone...." Neon Nature replied not even caring she called him Andrew. Tears streamed down her face and she hugged Andrew tightly, squinting hard trying to make the tears and terrors go away. " We have to find her" she moaned as she still lay in Andrews arms, "if not W-Willow.... she'll..", " shhhhh its okay....its okay.." he whispered in her ear as the tear drenched girl still lay in his arms. " Wait what...
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Part 2-

Revenge looked at the dagger impaled in the metal board centimeters from his neck.

The girl stepped back shakily.

"Kill him 당신 insolent fool! Kill them!"

The girl took a shaky breath and picked up another dagger, she stepped back towards the hero again. She felt his eyes on her again. She raised the dagger slowly once more. Revenge looked at the girl and saw something he hadn't expected. 

Fear. The girl was terrified. She was terrified of what she had gotten herself into and couldn't back out.

"I got ya." Revenge whispered. 

The girl looked at him shakily. The dagger...
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 "She looked at my hand, where my promise ring was missing."
"She looked at my hand, where my promise ring was missing."
I dumped my bag on the couch, and ignored Megan's confused expression.
"What are 당신 doing?" she inquired as I sat down 다음 to her.
"Don't worry, I asked my brother first," I replied. "I'm going to live here with 당신 and Superboy."
She slid her hand on my shoulder. "If there's something 당신 need to talk about..." she looked at my hand, where my promise ring was missing.
I was about to deny that, but the Mission alarm suddenly rang. We raced to the Mission Room, where the rest of the team awaited 배트맨 to tell us the mission.
To my surprise, Roy was there, looking worried.
배트맨 looked emotionless....
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Young Justice: Invasion had no shortage of surprisesthis season. From secret invasions to covert missions, the show had us shouting at our screens on a regular basis? Here are our most shocking moments from Young Justice.
10. Miss Martian/Superboy Breakup
A lot can happen in 5 years. Superboy and Miss Martian went from power couple to awkward teammates in no time. Their off-screen breakup had us scratching our heads. It turns out Conner broke things off with M’Gann because he didn’t approve of the way she used her telepathic powers.
Even 더 많이 shocking; Miss M started dating Lagoon...
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posted by NekoTheif
This may not fallow the plot that BelovedRobin has set up in Missing In Action
Who agrees that Amara's song is Wish 당신 were here 의해 Avril Lavigne

Amara had 더 많이 important things to do. Like reason with her daughter. 또는 find her mate. 또는 bother the Justice League 또는 Young Justice. 또는 just piss nightwing and the bat off. That was always fun to. In fact messing up Gothem in a obvious way but not letting them catch her was just plan fun. 배트맨 hated being played with. Maybe thats why he hated Charm so much.

But an 시간 trying to reason with her daughter that she was NOT cheating on Charm was futile...
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posted by killer24
my third oc



code name:blaze

powers:dragon wings,breaths black fire,has a dragon tail,has two hand 총 called crusaders,can shift(can shift throw objects),has unnatural strength

personalty:funny,cool,shy,will stand for what is right,will fight for friends,when in fight can change into blood lust form will feed on souls and blood

looks:most in pic,black tail,black cloves,purple eyes,blond heir,scar on chest and one on lower back,in blood lust form gets red & spikes

history:comes from the void its like hell but your not dead and its 더 많이 painful. 당신 grow up fast 또는 당신 die. came to real world at 13 to have a better life. but soon became blaze.helped the team lots of times but denied joining cause don't want to let someone get hart 의해 him if he loses control wile in blood lust form
 black 불, 화재
black fire
 blood lust form
blood lust form
 better pic of blaze
better pic of blaze
20 ways to piss off Fang.
1). Poke him and continuously and ask if he’s emo.
2) Put fake blood on your hands and tell him 당신 accidently killed Phoebe.
3.) Dye his hair 담홍색, 핑크 while he’s asleep.
4.) Lock him in a room with bright 담홍색, 핑크 walls. (And a barf bag)
5.) Take a toy 칼, 나이프 and ask Fang if he’s 로스트 his.
6.) Tell Fang that 당신 사랑 him.
7.) Hack into his blog and change his status update too “I 사랑 Hannah Montana.”
8.) If 당신 ever get in a room alone with him, sing the 이모 song over and over
9.) Give him McDonald’s chicken nuggets and tell him he’s eating his mom.
10.) When Fang appears...
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posted by Candy77019
 "Ah, Erica Richards, the Avatar. It's a pleasure to meet you."
"Ah, Erica Richards, the Avatar. It's a pleasure to meet you."
After what seemed like forever, a tall brownish tower appeared into the night. I guess it was the Tower of Babel, according to what 배트맨 had said earlier.
He landed the plane amid some bushes, then climbed out.
We snuck behind a few trees. "Erica, 당신 do exactly what I tell 당신 to do, when I tell 당신 to do it. No buts. Understand?"
"Umm, yeah?" Not really.
He nodded, then raced into the greenery with me close behind him.
It took a while for us to climb the tower without me flying, but we managed to make it work.
My hands were clutched onto the stone ledge, praying that I wouldn't slip with...
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