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Robin_Love posted on Aug 10, 2012 at 06:20PM
Did the title get your attention? Yay! So here's the deal! Starting a new article series but I only have a few spots! So here is what I need from you!!!

Name: (real name)
Appearance: do it now!
Skill: (not powers! SKILL)
Funny things about them: (Like Devin's thing against angels and harps. Whatever)
Notes: (nothing to do with powers please)
Interest: (who do they like as in date?)
 Did the 제목 get your attention? Yay! So here's the deal! Starting a new 기사 series but I only h

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over a year ago SilverWings13 said…
Name: Aryess Weston

Appearance: 5'5"; fair hair; light gray eyes; always wears her angel-charm necklace

Skill: knife handling, martial arts, street fighting, mild acrobatics, espionage, pick-pocketing, "charming" people (sweet-talking/ kissing up), knows eight languages, eidetic memory

Funny things about them: sings/ hums along to most tunes she hears, hates guns

Notes: keeps her ID hidden from everyone on the team minus Alek.

Interest: South/ Tyler Stevenson
over a year ago The_Writer said…
... This is probably gonna bite me in the rear, but what the heck, I could extend a little trust... ;)

Name:Samuel Grant
Appearance: Brown-black hair, blue eyes, extremely handsome, muscular, etc...
Skill: Beinga pain in the @$$
Funny thing: He's not quite sure if he's the big bad Red Revenge or the mild-mannered Samuel Grant (he can't figure out who he's pretending to be)
Notes: here's a shocker: he doesn't joke around very much. He'll make casual conversation, tell a few jokes maybe, tease/play pranks on others, but never joke around. He also makes empty threats. He's never actually hurt someone (in his right sober mind), but likes to think and pretend he would.
Interest: Err.... He's got enough. Choose whoever. He could get along with just about anyone (except Becca) ;)
over a year ago Eclipse-YJ said…
Name: Pandora/Phoebe Katia Shanelle Alice Spade (Rouge)

Appearence:Dark brown hair medium lenght, pure green eyes that glow purple when she uses magic and be used as a purple optic energy beam or to hypnotize, slim and sex body and face

Skill:can play the piano and sing, likes making poetry, good at ballet dancing and other styles of dance, good at art, thinks and acts logicly and is very good at science, is good at street magic and such, likes puzzles and riddles, can can speak french and japanese well, is an escape artist and is good at gymnastics, fighting, acrobatics and trampolineing

Funny: At time when she sees things liek squiels or ribbons her wolf ears and tail pops aout and becomes very playful, sometimes changes boys names into girl ones, likes gummy bears and strawberry milkshake

Notes: Umm Not sure :P

Interest: NOTTE BABY :D
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 Name: Pandora/Phoebe Katia Shanelle Alice 스페이드 (Rouge) Appearence:Dark brown hair medium lenght,
over a year ago BladeYJ said…
Name: Blade Serenity Howard.. (Bladey Boooooo, say it and you die though)
Appearance: Short Blonde 1-2 inches below the shoulder, eyes change colors, 5'11 Erm because of a certain wolf Skylar.. when she gets mad her eyes change yellow, .. she is very aggressive :)

Skill: GUNSLINGER... She will FUCK you UP!! xD Awesome combat fighter, she is very fast.. but once she's down.. she usually is down.. (if you and three guys have her pinned down.. she's down) but she's hard to pin down :). Erm.. very limber ;)
She loves the piano.. xD and she is somewhat good as singing.. :)

Funny things about them: If you call her a blonde.. she'll rip your face off. If you tell her she's a bitch..
she'll rip your face off. You has a weakness for chocolate!! CALL HER ANY MEAN NAME.. She'll rip your face off!! And if you challenge her to a spar.. SHE WILL WIN xD xD

Notes: ALL DEM CURVES.. OC: Fucking weirdo.. OCC: *slaps Blade* OC: I hate you!


OOC: Sweety you are sooooo cute!
OC: *cracks knuckles* Shut your da-
OOC: *kidnaps Blade and runs away* Shhhh
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 Name: Blade Serenity Howard.. (Bladey Boooooo, say it and 당신 die though) Appearance: Short Blonde 1
over a year ago Obscurity98 said…
Name: Harley Mei Kent

Appearance: 5'2, LONG LONG black hair, Black eyes, tan skin, but slightly lighter. Sexy body, yet masculine..(she a club dancer, in case that is of any use to u) retractable claws, so her nails are always painted black.

Skill: excellent sword fighting skills, very agile, which she learned form Batman, hand to hand combat that rivals NIghtwings.

Funny things about them: doesnt like being called short. and when you do call her that she will tackle you. likes to chase things, she loves to stalk anything that looks suspicious due to her catish nature

Notes: likes to flirt, and will flirt with ANY guy that shows any type of interest.

Interest: (who do they like as in date?) Skylar! and since he's gone....she'll take most anyone at the moment

Civvies: picture
 Name: Harley Mei Kent Appearance: 5'2, LONG LONG black hair, Black eyes, tan skin, but slightly li
over a year ago ScarletYJ said…
Name: Scarlet Adenfeld

Appearance: Long orange hair (usually tied up in pigtails or a ponytail), purple eyes, 5' 8", well built

Skill: Martial Artist, fluent in speaking Latin and Japanese, really good at hiding from people

Funny things about them: She can fall asleep just about anywhere, and is a complete clutz when she's listening to music (she pays no attention to her surroundings when she has her headphones in), constantly loses her lyric journal

Notes: Her and her brother get into arguments a lot, she sometimes can be a bit of a ditz, she likes manga and comics and always has one on her, she's dense when it comes to relationships

Interest: Meta/Avery
over a year ago ShadowYJ said…
Name: Dana Kylie Gracias
Appearance: Thick black wavy hair chest length, chocolate brown eyes, tanned skin, slender but muscular for a girl. In-spite of the built she is petite and looks small for her years in both looks and maturity.
Skill: Knife-throwing, Hacking and Technology, Weapons expert, Eidetic memory, Mental calculator, Speed-Reading, Espionage, Eskrima, Boxing, Hand-to-hand combat, Gymnastics, Acrobatics, Very good actor, Design, Loves making Death traps.
Funny things about them: Gives random remarks, loves pulling pranks.
Notes: Immature, born leader, humorous
Interest: (who do they like as in date?) No one.
over a year ago BloodyMascara_ said…
Name: Mellisa Adams.
Appearance: 5'9. Black, waist length hair. Hypnotic Green Eyes.
Skill: Master Locksmith/Picker
Funny things about them: Every few weeks, she clings onto someones leg, and she doesnt let go for a few days! XP
Notes: Hates needles. Doesnt like men, unless she knows them very well.
Interest: CORRI!!!!!! OOC: Mel. stop obbsessing over the I key.....