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posted by taytrain97
This is the third chapter. Gwen's POV. Let's get it started in ha, let's get it started in here...


My mom woke me up early that morning. We had to go pick up my cousin from the train station.
As we waited outside the train tracks, I started to imagine what she might look like again.
My mom had told me a little 더 많이 about her while we were driving to the station.
“You know, you’re cousin likes a lot of the same things 당신 do, Gwenneth,” she’d said, smiling. “She used to be your playmate when 당신 were little.”
“You mean that kid in the red and black ‘The voices told me to’ t-shirt?”
She laughed and exclaimed, “Yes, that’s the girl.” Then her expression grew grim. “Sweetie, although 당신 remember her, she might not remember you.”
I frowned. “What do 당신 mean?”
She sighed. “Well, while she was living with her parents, she got into a…er…accident.”
“Her mother was driving her from school one day,” she started. “And a truck driver had been drinking and…plowed right into their car.” She seemed like she was near tears.
“They survived, right mom?” my brother, Damien, piped up from the back seat.
“Of course they did,” she assured, wiping her eyes with her hands. “But…your cousin had a slight case of amnesia.”
“What’s amnesia?” he asked, very annoyingly.
“It’s when 당신 forget stuff, Einstein,” I snapped.
“Oh, it’s so nice to see 당신 two getting along.” Mom smirked and giggled. “Your sister’s right. And she may 또는 may not remember you, depending on whether her parents tried to help get her memory back.”
“Can 당신 tell me her name now?” I asked, somewhat annoyed that she’d refrained from telling me her first name.
“That’s a secret until 당신 meet her,” she informed, winking at me.
The girl I’d seen at age 3 had frizzy, curly locks of reddish-brown hair, always wore some kind of joke t-shirt (‘I’m With Stupid,’ ‘My Sister Did It,’ ‘Me Pretending to Listen Should Be Enough for You,’ etc), and always had the same bracelet she’d told me she had made out of recycled newspaper. We’d become such good 프렌즈 that summer, and she’d always been in such a good mood all the time…
I sometimes guessed that I’d turned Goth around the time that she moved away. But from how much fun we’d had with each other, I couldn’t wait to meet her.
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posted by TDILova123
Todays newly wed contestents are....

Duncan and Courtney:Maried 4 monthes
Tyler and Lindsay:Married 3 monthes
Bridgette and Geoff:Maried 6 monthes

Princess:and im the host of ...The newywed game!!!
Today the wives are going to stay and the husbands are going to leave the stage.

First. Who would 당신 tell_____About Your husband first?

Courtney:My mom.

Lindsay:My Sister

Bridgette my mom also
Princess:Second.What dose 당신 husband thinks good a bout your self.

Lindsay:Uhhhhhh.......Every thing on my body!!!!!!
Courtney:My butt!!!
Bridgette:My lips.
Princess:I think thats possible.

The husbands come on the stage...
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posted by coolguy111606
After watching all of the TDI episodes on Youtube, I got bored, and got into Survivor.

I realized that TDI does seem like a miniature copy of Survivor, but they are totally different.

But that's not what I'm typing this 기사 though, its about the drama in each show. So what is the main question...

Which show has 더 많이 DRAMA?

Total drama island's most dramatic moments:
-Heather 읽기 Gwen's diary and kicking Justin off.
-Heather making an alliance to help only herself.
-Harold out of no where winning challenges, but continuously gets pranked 의해 others.
-Harold getting Courtney off.

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posted by xxXsk8trXxx
Ezikiel: Everytime We Touch - Casada
Eva: Kill Em All - Mettalica
Noah: Viva La Vida - Coldplay
Justin: Im To Sexy For My 셔츠 - ?
Katie+Sadie: F.U.N Song - Spondgebob Squarepants
Tyler: Crazyloop - Dan Balan
Izzy: 팝콘 - Crazy Frog
Cody: Don't Trust Me - 30H!3
Beth: Rockstar - Hannah Montana
Courtney: Get Loose - Lil Mama ft. Chris Brown
Harold: Kung Fu Fighting - ?
Trent: 빠삐용 - The Airborne Toxic Event
Bridgette: Zero - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Lindsay: Piece of Me - Britney Spears
DJ: Any song from Barney&Friends
Geoff: I'm Yours - Jason Mraz
Leshawna: Rock 별, 스타 - Prima J
Duncan: Know Your Enemy - Green Day
Heather: Too Cool - Camp Rock Soundtrack
Gwen: Famous Last Words - My Chemical Romance
Owen: The 야마, 라마 Song - 버튼, burton Earny
posted by biancatdifan
One 일 near Izzy's house there was a small jungle,she went right after 공식 만찬, 저녁 식사 and climed up yo a vine,and said"ahhhhhh!!,oh my god,look i can see my house from here,ok!*she hits her head in a tree*ow,well that was hard,ok*she climbs back to the vine*whoooooo!! that was awesome*her mom calls her"Izzy do 당신 want desert?,honey?wait! im coming mom(izzy)*she lands infront of the house and sees Owen"Hey Izz-E-scope!"he says"Owen 당신 know that 당신 can call me Izzy again""Ohhhh,ok Izzy haha"owen says"hey owen look what i can do with my tounge*she touches her nose with her tounge*"cool,hey where did 당신 come from?""i came from Toronto,ha where have 당신 been?""no, i mean where did 당신 come from as in where were 당신 when 당신 landed here""ohhh,i see i was at vine!"ok,well see ya!""later ow*she was looking at owen and waves at him then hits her head in the 벽 of her house*ok well bye""bye"bye"(izzys mom:izzy honey come on desert is ready""ok!well bye owen"bye!"
posted by izzzyroxmysocks
when we left off McKayla was in a horrible fall all thanks to christopher II. he wanted to get back at McLayla for the 담홍색, 핑크 bunny 사진 의해 making McKala trip.his plan was to make her cry like a baby in front of her 프렌즈 but it turns out a trip to the hospital.lets start at ......
"Why, how could this happen?"thought isabella
chris jr looked reall gulty"this came out reall bad" lil'chris jr whisperd to himself
right before McKaylas surgery was over chris was sweating bullets.he was sooo nervous abou his daughter ."wat if she never woke up,or if something went wrong with the sugery and she perished!"he...
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posted by TDIlover226
Ok, gonna start out with a quick bio than get straight to the story.

Name: Bri'ana Sanchez, aka Bri, aka Bibi
Age:15 1/2
Friends: Seiamica, Shawni, JG, Vanita, Amy, Brandi.
Ememies:Heather, Bryanna, Calvin, Clay.
Talents:drawing, speed texting, soccer, creative writing.
phrase:The possibilities are endless, can't 당신 see!.

Bri'ana Sanchez changed her name to bri, but then Bryanna Simon came along, she then changed her name to Bibi, Bibi bri. She is best 프렌즈 with Seiamica and is highly inteligant and creative. She's a great drawer and has a huge imagination. She is always seen drawing caves, or...
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posted by TDI-Heather
This fanfic is about a mystery TDI girl. It may be obvious who it is though. I try and keep it mysterious. Anyway here is my first chapter!

The teenage girl sat awake in her 침대 all night long. She occasionally got up to use the restroom 또는 get a snack. She got herself up and over to the window. She pulled the curtain away only to see the dark of the night. Even the 거리 lights had burned out. She sighed and walked to the closet. She grabbed some clothes and took a shower. After she had finished getting ready, she went outside to take a walk. She walked alone that night, just as she did every...
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