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posted by Fawniex3

Sex: Female. Have been my whole life :)

Hometown: Toronto

Relationship: As a matter of fact, I am. I have an amazing Cyclopes as a boyfriend ;) 


Duncan: Thought I told 당신 not to call me Cyclopes anymore ;)
April 4th at 9:05pm

Gwen: 당신 still call me pasty. It's only fair :P
April 4th at 9:07pm

April 4th at 9:08pm

Gwen: ..... Okay then?
April 4th at 9:08pm

Courtney: Oh I hate 당신 so much -_- 당신 boyfriend kisser! Ugh. 당신 know what's super unfair???...
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Ever wanted to know which TD Character 당신 are? Well now 당신 can! Just copy and past this into the comments, erase the X's and there 당신 have it.


( ) You're Latino

( ) You're manipulative

( ) You're evil

( ) 당신 fall for King/Queen Bees

( ) You've been severely burned/injured

(X) 당신 have an annoying brother/sister

( ) 당신 speak 더 많이 than one language T

Total: 1


( )You are a wannabe at sometimes

(X) 당신 have a best friend

(X ) 당신 wear/used to wear braces

( ) 노래 is one of your hobbies

( ) 당신 easily fall for the eye candy

( ) One of your favorites 색깔 is pink

( ) 당신 work on a farm

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This episode of Total Drama contains scenes of extreme stunts performed 의해 animated teens.Do not try any of what 당신 see here at home. Seriously, 당신 could get really messed up.

Chris introduced the brand new season of Total Drama, as the scene starts with an astronaut carving the initials of each season. "We've been to the movies, we've been around the world, and this season, we're going right back where it all began; at Camp Wawanakwa!" Chris is now walking across the dock. "I'm Chris McLean, and as 당신 can see, things have changed since we've been away," he announced as he pointed to the...
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posted by iPsychic
Hello! Sorry I couldn't write for a bit. I had an operation on my nose and was sick, so I couldn't use the computer : I'm back now though :) Also, some of your past ideas that you've given me will appear later in the story. I also couldn't proof-read again... So, enjoy :)

I slowly stood up in the dark room, trying to find away to get out and disappear like the others did. I walked across the darkness, putting my hands out in case I felt anything to help me escape. Pushing my hands out, I felt something hard and brick-like.

'Is this... a brick wall?' I asked myself. I tried banging my fist against...
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So, i get really tired of people always complaining about Courtney and how "evil" and "mean" she is. There ARE people who actually like her, 당신 know. i'll just be posting some of the most 인기 complaints about her, and i'll be well, reasoning with them.
"She cussed in her audition tape!" yes, but she's not the only character to ever cuss. don't take it all out on her.
"She destroyed the set on Rock n' rule!" and she did that to win! what? was she supposed to destroy only a little bit, to be fair?
"She was ALWAYS trying to change Duncan!!!" yes, but, Duncan didn't seem too annoyed 의해 that,...
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(I was kinda disappointed in y'alls 질문 :( not that they were bad. It's just.....)

Duncan grumbled as he walked into the room. "Stupid host won't tell ne whom interviewing. It's probably Courtney 또는 Trent."

Duncan's eyes widen when he saw who it was.



Duncan whent and sat in the chair infront of Gwen. "Umm so Pasty should we get this interview started?" Duncan asked. Gwen shifted in her chair, uncomfortable from awkwardness.

"Ok well your first 4 질문 are from Poptrop300. She asks "Are 당신 still mad at Duncan, if 당신 are why?" Wait 당신 were mad at me? Why?"

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HEATHER'S POV: A new girl?! lets just see how much of a fight this "new" girl puts up when im in a WAR with her! "New girl, hmm? Linds, go fetch the "new" girl for me and meet me bac in 5" i ordered her.
COURTNEY'S POV: Uh, im so confused. Where am i meant 2 b? "Hey you! Courtney? Is it?" the blonde girl from b4 asked, "Yh it is. And u r?" i asked, narked at how obviously bone-idle this girl truly was... "Lindsay. Cum wiv me, plz" she asked, "Where we goin?", "U'll c" i dont lyk the sound of this 1 bit...
 Courtney doesn't lyk the sound of this...
Courtney doesn't lyk the sound of this...
posted by TDIfangirl
One, YES, it's been a while since I've written a fanfic.
Two, I've been obsessed with this couple for a while, so don't hate.

It was nightime. The song "Witch Doctor(The movie one, the one that actually sounds good)" was playing, and the cast were enjoying a nice time with TDA's co-hosts(Chef was on vacation, and Chris was on a 날짜 with someone named Katie).
"YEAAAAAAH!" Yelled Enikah and Sofie.

Duncan watched everyone have a good time, a look of disapproval on his face(Courtney had...
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ONE 월 A.D. (After Duncan)

Courtney was walking along the snow-covered sidewalk of Chicago. Her genuine 모피 boots sent out small crunching noises with every step in the packed-down snow. Her fists were shoved in the deep pockets of her new 모피 코트 that her daddy had bought her. The harsh winter wind was blocked 의해 all the people crowded around her on the sidewalk.

They come across an intersection, and look both ways up and down the streets. Chicago looked like a winter wonderland. The streetlights had small piles of snow on 상단, 맨 위로 of them and there were a couple carolers about, traveling to...
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Nadia: welcome to this amazing race! the total drama edition!
today 12 teams are going to start the must amazing race around the world!
ok here are the teams!
the first one is Duncan and sam!
Sam: hey! its so awesome no be here!
Nadia: so are u going to win the million dolars?
Duncan: of course we are going to win
Sam: nothing will stop us!
Nadia: cool! and the 초 team is cody and kate!
Cody: hi to everyone!
Nadia: hello! ready 4 the race?
Kate: yeah!
Nadia: the third team is trent and angel!
Trent: 저기요 everyone! whats up?
Angel: nice to meet u all!
Nadia: the 다음 team is Geoff and Aydan!
Geoff: 저기요 everyone!...
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*Trent&Heather kiss*
Trent:that was awesome!
Heather:he tastes like homo sexual
Courtney:how do u know what homo sexual taste like?
Duncan:Courtney its like the time u told me i tasted like marshmellows
Trent:theres nothing wronge with being a homo sexual
Gwen:ur a homo sexual?
Gwen:ok Harold ur my new bf
Lashawna:what bout me?
Trent:make that 2 girlfriends and a boyfriend
Harold:sorry Trent no thanks

well Trent died alone AGAIN, like in my last story, hope u enjoyed, and there is NOTHING wronge with homo sexuals, im NOT a homo sexual, i was just talking to my friend, and i made up this story, hope u enjoyed!
posted by Lolly4me2
I giggled as the school bus bounced me up and down throughout road bumps. I stared at the clouds and smiled.
"Chicken!" I screamed pressing my finger against the window.
"What?" My best friend Maggie asked.
"That 구름, 클라우드 looks like a chicken!" I repeated smiling huge. She gave me a funny look then sat back down.
"... Now I dee a duck!"
"What's with 당신 and birds today, Sofie?"
"I don't know..." I answered continuing to bounce.
"Turtle!... Corn!--"
"Annoying freak who seems to be staring at your chest!" Izzy yelled pointing to Duncan who looked the other way once my eyes turned to him. I scooted onto...
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Warning, the following fanfic contains scenes of extreme mushyness and slight swearing. Do not IM the fangirl who's 글쓰기 this to 암캐, 암 캐 and complain about how she likes DxC and that she wrote swear words in a fanfic, seriously she can REALLY mess 당신 up *chuckles*

“Welcome to TDA: Behind the Scenes with Geoff ,”
“And Bridgette, reporting from the set of TDA: Aftermath” Geoff and Bridgette exclaimed with glee
“For our 다음 few episodes, we'll be focusing on two special contestants that are currently competing in Total Drama Action, a 팬 favourite couple, Duncan and Courtney!”...
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There I was agian, sitting in the same spot as last time, in the same place. Geoff and Bridgette were babbling on about what had happened in the 이전 episodes of TDA. Geoff wasn't really 연기 like his happy-go-lucky self, but I didn't really care. I had bigger things on my mind, like my coming back to the show. I said before that I couldn't 코멘트 on
anything. Thats becuase it has to be a total secrect that I'm comming back. I have an arangment with Chris that I'm supose to be a bank teller in one of the challanges.

" Our 다음 guest is Chostophopic, owen two lizards and once drank fruit...
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posted by xxXsk8trXxx
Gwen - After getting denied into art college, Gwen changed her name to Rina and started modeling for art photos. She is single.

Courtney - Courtney got the travel bug and wanted to make her own Tv show. So after studying filming, geography, and culture in college, she made her own TV show on the Travel Channel called "Around the World with Courtney." She is Duncan's fiannce.

Katie - Katie ended up figuring out that Sadie didn't want to be 프렌즈 with her, she just had a crush on Katie. Figuring this out, Katie called a restraining order on her, called her a "dark spirit", became goth, changed...
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posted by xcv_2013
A poem I wrote for Courtney

Duncan & I met on the show TDI
He was so tough, even the dudes thought the would die
He called me Princess
It got on my nerves
I thought he was a pervert
I followed the rules
He was bad
It made me so mad
Duncan was rude,loud,& immature
Me with him? I am so sure
Yet as I see him each & everyday
I start to fall for him in a way

The show went on
We had our fights
We always thought we were right
I told him to help us in the Dodgeball Brawl
He helped us win & he acted like he knew it all
I guess I kinda liked him
He even said I liked him
I didn't belive it
I denied the truth...
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Well, many of 당신 wouldn't probably know me, but don't worried, I'm just an old and back member here. But however. I'm just decided to made this to show my 상단, 맨 위로 5 가장 좋아하는 couples, and it's only canon, so fanon couples wouldn't be listed here ok let's star:

5. Owen and Izzy
I just don't even know why I ship those two, but I 사랑 how adorable they were and their relationship was the most zest and crazy of all the couples.

4. Gwen and Trent
Yeah, the tipical Gwent pairing, they used to be my 가장 좋아하는 couple, but after all the trouple caused in season 2, they moved down of my list, but I still love...
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Danny: Previously on Total Drama House of Anubis:

(Lia's Locket starts glowing)
Elizabeth: aaaa... Lia?
Lia: Yeah?
(The light covers all of Lia and screams then she dispersers)
Elizabeth and Eli: LIA!!!!

Danny: AHHH!!! I don't want to vanish! Here take it! (hands it to Jordan)
Jordan: What? (vanishes)
Sophie, Mathew, Rochelle, Elizabeth, Arthur, and Autumn: JORDAN!?!?!?!!

Lia: Wh-Who are you?
???: The time will come when everyone shall know my name.

???: AHHHHHHH!!! 당신 have left me waiting long enough!!! Either one of 당신 tell me. 또는 당신 get the mark.
Lia: First tell us who 당신 are.
???: My name.......
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 Logo(for now)
Logo(for now)
I've got only 4 people, i need 10 더 많이 to enter, they have to be female OCs only, 당신 can only enter two girls. no 아니메 characters only TDI
~outside the TDINTM mansion~

Karina: hello TDI 다음 상단, 맨 위로 model fans, my name is Karina and i'm your host. *smiles* ok, so far we didn't get enough people to join, but we still have 더 많이 openings! there's only 10 spots left, so sign-up, please sign up my daddy spend lots good money to make me host of this show, and 당신 have no idea how hard it was to bribe chris into letting me host this show.

Chris: guess again!...
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Chris: Previously on Total Drama Reality check! 24 teens spit into 4 groups of 6 going into different house. Some house mates acted good. Some... not as well as others... Alice, Cole, Jason, and Layla were kicked out of the house. But in the end, it was Team Real who 로스트 the challenge and as a reward for the winning team, Team Fake, they got to pick there tailor. Nice chose Team Fake. (In an Australian accent) Now it's time to survive down under mates. Will our contestants survive? 또는 will they die? Find out right here on Total... Drama... Reality Check!

(Theme song)

(Team Real Boy's tailor)...
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