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Last episode of TDI, the campers had to row canoes to Boney Island and make a signal fire. The 베이스 won and the Gophers eliminated Catina. Even 캔디 had left but we brought in a replacement camper, Terra.


"Okay so today 당신 guys are gonna be hunting with paintballs! You'll be hunting other campers who'll be dressed as deer. The hunters will be wearing some cool hunting gear." Chris explained as he showed the attire.

Okay so the "deer" will be:

레이 -G
Rikki -B
Jared -G
Damien -B
Terra -G
Alexa -B
Breeze -G
Saphira -B

The "hunters" will be:

Mr. Fluffykins -G
Melisa -G
Gemz -G
Rayven -B
Sofie -B
Lisa -B
Jade -B
Lexi -B

The "deer" head into the woods for a head start.
Alright hunters, go bag some deer!
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*Hey guys liagirl123 here, I know this is early but I thought that I get some of this done with the people that wanted to 가입하기 and for those that want to 가입하기 then I can add 당신 guys 더 많이 and 더 많이 into the story*

Lia's P.O.V
Man I can't believe I'm already a 9th grader. Seriously a NINTH GRADER!!! "You ready for your first 일 honey" Oh my mother... She can be so over protective "Yes mom I'm fine stop being so protective" "I'm sorry your just growing up so fast" My mother said sobbing "Mother please I got to go" I open the car door and headed into Total Drama High "Man this place is big" I muttered...
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1) Select one of your FCs / OCS
2) Fill out the 질문
3) Tag 3 persons at the end of the quiz

My PL-OC : Sofie Izanami

1) What's your name?

Sofie: *looks up from notebook* Uh?

2) Do 당신 know the reason 당신 were called that?

Sofie: ...Actually... I have my creator's first (nick)name. I guess originally I was supposed to be some Mary Sue named Tiffany 또는 some shit, but morphed over the years.

3) Are 당신 single 또는 taken?

Sofie: Kuh. *examines nails tiredly* I fool around a little... but don't go getting ideas. When the right guy comes along, I'll know.

4) Do 당신 have any special skills 또는 powers?...
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Okay since its the first episode their will be 6 또는 5 parts but after their will be just 3

It was a warm sunny day.
"Im soo excited!" said a boy with brown hair with red streaks
"Your not from around here are you?"
"No im from America! I always wanted to come to England tho!"

*At the school*
"And what did he say after that?-" A girl with blondish brownish hair and purple at the bottom fell on a brutnette hair girl with a few black streaks
"Omg sorry Lisa!" "Its fine! Look I got this new book" "looks boring.." "yeah it really does" "not all 책 are boring if they dont have Joe Jonas on the cover!"...
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Name: Bebe
birthday : October 13 1995
stereo type: 이모
names the campers call her: crazy 이모 초 Noel (her brother)
personality: crazy,sweet,calm
bio: she is part of the 이모 girls who is her two cousins and the 이모 boys who is her brother and cousins
fear: without her blade she is powerless
Name: Demon Anabella george
birthday: August 2nd 1994
stereo type: gothic
names the campers call her: 초 gwen gangsta and chris hater
personality: caring,sweet,thoughtful
bio: she is nice to Gwen and Duncan but hates only Courtney she sings along with Trent and his band
fear: being with Courtney...
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 My best OC Debbie(shes french)
My best OC Debbie(shes french)
Debbie is 16 and was born in paris,france.She made a painting but always thought it was missing something,2 years later it was finnish and got to go to an art gallery and someone bought it for f100,000 and so she moved to canada.

Sean is Duncan's brother and duncan always chases his girlfriends!Oh and Sean is 17 the middle child who when he was 7 always took care of duncan but now duncan picks on him he has went to juvie once.

Lauren is a strait A+ student who is always mad in the morning cause duncan wakes her up.She is the oldest and she is 18 about to go to yale but she has to wait awhile.She...
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*standing in front of the hotel*

Meredith: Welcome back to Total Drama Challenge. Before we we travel to the 다음 city and start out the 다음 challenge one contestant will be eliminated. Yes, Team Viajes will be losing a team member today.

*Team Viajes walks out of their RV and line up 다음 to each other*

Meredith: When your name is called, 당신 will grab your suitcase *points to the suitcases 다음 to her*, and get ready to travel to the 다음 destination. The person who isn't called will be left behind. Also-

Heather: Just get on with it already.

Meredith: *rolls eyes* Alright. Tammy.

Tammy: Yes!...
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*Meredith is in front of a hotel*

Meredith: This is season two of the show 당신 all know and love, Total Drama Challenge. This season is going to assured to be even better due to the amazing cast this year, who also should be arriving any 초 now.... anyways, this season we're taking the contestants on a road trip! The contestants will travel around the world and compete in challenges that may be physical 또는 mental. Today, we are in the famous city of Miami. Other places will be voted 의해 viewers 또는 의해 me. The hotel behind is where the winning team will be sleeping for the night. The losers...
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