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Chris: Hello, everyone. Welcome to Total Drama Equestria! In today's episode, well meet our contestants for this season.

*a 보트 comes up along the shore*

Chris: And here they are now! First up, we have Billie Joe Armstrong!

Bille:*walks off the boat* I 사랑 tacos!

Chris: Okay? 다음 is Aqua Fresh!

Aqua:*walks off the 보트 and waves to the camera*

Chris: Leon Grim!

Leon:*appears from behind a bunch of smoke from the smoke bomb he threw* The Great and Powerful Leon has arrived!

Chris: Christina!

Christina:*walks off the boat, eating some chips*

Chris: Owl Feather!

Owl:*walks off the boat* H-Hello.

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posted by ninjacupcake88
Name: Nolan Joey Hale

Age: 16

Birthday: June 1st

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Stereotype: The skater

Favorite Color: Red

Least 가장 좋아하는 Color: Purple

Favorite Food: Bacon

Least 가장 좋아하는 Food: Pancakes

Favorite Movie: None

Least 가장 좋아하는 Movie: None

Possible Careers: Skater

Pets: Flask (Fish)

Relationships with ocs: Delilah Jarvis (ex), Claire Levy (ex, crush)

Relationships with TDI contestants: Heather (asked out and rejected) Bridgette (ex)

Family Members: Franklin Hale (father), Andrea Hunt (mother), Cameron Hunt (brother)

Theme Song: Sk8er Boi 의해 Avril Lavigne

Fear: Breaking his skateboard, spiders...
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 The monster in this episode
The monster in this episode
(The Mine)
Courtney: Duncan! We shouldn't be in here!
Duncan: Oh come on! Nothing's going to happen.
Courtney: Please! We could get in trouble!
Gwen: Does it look like we care?
Duncan: I thought 당신 were going to stop 연기 like a goody-goody.
Courtney: I am! I'm not a goody-goody anymore.
Duncan: mhm sure.
Courtney: Watch I'm going farther into the mine. (goes farther into the mine)
Gwen: How does that make her not a goody-goody?
Duncan: She's new at this.
(Courtney screams)
Gwen: What was that?
Duncan: It sounded like Courtney. What's-
(the ground starts to shake)
Gwen: What's going on?
Duncan: Earthqu-...
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                Total Drama Idol
                Race for the Idol

The 20 Quinn,Carmin and Melli. Were standing around a well in the same sandy plain. Chip and Quinn sitting 다음 to each other.

Stephaine: Are 당신 two going out 또는 somethin' =-=
Quinn: W-What?!
Chip: NO.
Mattehew: Pffft xD That's sad when your own brother if mistaken for your boyfriend
Quinn: Every...time *head....wall?*
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posted by TDIlover226
I've been trying to re-write some of my OCs' bios because they've changed since I last wrote them 8D


Name: Shawniece Monique Hatchet
Nicknames: Shawni, Shay-Shay, Miss Awful
Age: 16
Date of Birth: February 8
Height: 5'5
Weight: She refuses to tell.

Shawniece was born into an upper-middle class family with two busy parents and a loving older sister. Her parents were never around because they were caught up in work, trying to make it "big time" and rake in even 더 많이 money. Despite their absence, they spoiled Shawniece rotten. Anything she wanted was hers.
When she was younger, she was usually...
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posted by sillybandfan321
All characters will be on the bottom of the page and in the order i mention them:

Alice: Alice was born on January 5. She is the daughter of Lindsay and Tyler! She has a brother named Jordan. Alice loves to play instruments. She is very musically inclined. She plays the violin, guitar, bass, and piano. She wishes some 일 to 가입하기 a band. Her best friend is Symone since they were born on the same 일 and have known each other since the 일 they were born.

Andrew: Andrew is the son of Owen and Izzy. He was born on March 14. He has a sister named Sally. Andrew is a video game nerd. He loves every...
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Chris: Hello viewers! And welcome to Total. Drama. Spy Mission! The show where I send teenagers on dangerous missions to find rare items, capture criminals, 또는 o my grocery shopping!
Chef: -.- And they say I'm the evil one....
Chris: Anyways time to meet our campers that will be the cast, here at this awesome spy base! First up Bryce.
Bryce: *enters* ...........If i get killed I'm suing...
Chef: How will yo sue if your dead?
Bryce: I know people... *walks in the base*
Chris: Nice guy..anyway 다음 is Cody.....
Cody: *walks in* 저기요 guys...
Chef: Oh god....a faggot..
Cody: >.< Rude much...
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*Before I begin let me just say I SUCK at drawing and this was the best I can do... So sorry if I made your character look weird*

No P.O.V
It was Saturday morning as Lia was getting up. She stopped took out her IPhone S and checked the time "Hey Sirri what do I have plans wize for today?" Lia asked "Beep Beep... 당신 have a hair salon apt with Bridgette at noon and your getting ready at your place 의해 4. Jordan, Mike, Francis, and Noah are coming 의해 your place to pick 당신 and Bridgette up, and 당신 have prom at 6" explained the phone. "Great thank 당신 Sirri" said Lia getting ready

Lia's P.O.V
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posted by colecutegirl
mirandas pov

'i know but what was i supposed to say?' i asked my friend rochelle while carefully applaying black lipstick to my lips. The only night when i EER wear black lipstick. Haloween.

'anything but "get the hell out!"' rochelle said laughing. this was yet annother conversation about yet another one of my ex boyfriends.

I may quite literally be sick of boys. But im not done flirting yet. i smiled to myself and began putting eyeliner on. 'well sorreee but i did tell him not to come after the break up' i replied looking in the mirror as not to smudge.

' miranda please he was only apologysing....
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Hello everyone! So, what is this? This is basically just me filling out some information about OCs that I don't use that often, 또는 aren't really known compared to some of my other OCs like Dan, Phil, Francis, Yasmin, Dayton, etc.
If 당신 think there's anyone else I should fill this out for, feel free to comment. This is just basic info.


Full Name: Sylvia "Silvy" Jeanine Beaufort
Age: 14
Birthday: August 8th
Stereotype: The pranker
Sexuality: Bicurious
Hair Color: Purple. originally brown.
Eye Color: Blue
Profession: Unemployed
Relationship Status: Single.
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Message to all viewers do not attept this at
home 당신 could seriously hurt

Chris: welcome to season 5 of total drama we have new contestants of four teams now we're going to do 1 team of each episode
Chef: ok so since team 불, 화재 has the most we'll do them first
Chris: eeeeewwww 당신 want us to do our contestants sick chef
Chef: never mind that *rolls eyes*
Chris: first up riley
Riley: yo whats up
Chef: ok stand on the stage
Riley: alrighty
Chef: 다음 jaideoth
Jaide: grrr don't call me that!
Chef: just get on the god damn stage
Jaide: .........
Riley: .......... Lol
Chris: 다음 up jorden
Jorden: hiya
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posted by ninjacupcake88
 Drawn and coloured 의해 smartone123
Drawn and coloured by smartone123
Another interview-bio for the flirtatious Pierce ;) hope 당신 like it!
Their are some swears in this bio, and it's a work-in-progress... so...
Name: "Pierce Joshua Lyons."
Meaning of name: "Rock. Lame."
Nickname: "Damn, I don't really have one."
Meaning of nickname: *silence*
Stereotype: "The guitarist. I play 기타 and sing back-up in the band "Amused and Confused."
Age: "17."
Race: "How the hell am I suppose to know?"
Hometown: "Calgary. Alberta, bitches."
Birthday: "May 22nd."
Species: "Human."
Gender: "Male,"
Religion: "Christian."
Allergies: "None."...
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posted by brittnw15
Name: Travis Hunter Carter

Nickname: Travis, Trav, Hunter, He'll answer to pretty much anything.

Age: 17

Height: 5ft 9in

Stereotype: The goofball

Personality: Travis is a very outgoing person. He will talk to ANYONE. It doesn't matter who they are. He is loud and can be very obnoxious. He lacks all common sense. He jokes around a lot and is hardly ever serious, even in tough situations he still has something funny to say. He isn't the smartest person in the world but given enough time he can figure out just about anything. He doesn't like conflict 또는 violence and tries to avoid it. But he is very...
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My name is Sato Ellis, I'm currently...Umm. i'm currently 17! and I live in the town of Etalocohc. Very strange name I know. beggars can't be choosers . I don't have very many friends. I KNOW people but I can't call them my friends. I do one person I would call my friend.

My name is Sabola Harrison, I'm currently uh, oh i'm currently 17 as well...I think... I live in the town of Etalocohc. I wish I could just leave. I have one friend. Her name is Sato Ellis.

Sato walked around until she was sure nobody was around the old art room that no body used anymore. It was closed down shortly...
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posted by Ares2002
Name: Mathew Allen
Meaning of name: Gift of God
Nickname: Matt
Meaning of nickname: Shorter form of Mathew
Stereotype: The Loner
Age: 14
Race: Mexican
Hometown: Mexico
Birthday: April 7th
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Religion: Christian
Allergies: Peanuts
Sexual preference: Woman
Occupation: I have a 레몬 에이드, 레모네이드 stand but I am working on something expensive
Way of speaking: Fluent
Theme Song(s): "Wordplay” 의해 Jason Marz
Personal Quote: ‘Action may not always bring happiness but without action there is no happiness without action’


Hair color: Jet Black
Hair style and length: eh...medium
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Boxxy: 저기요 guys! How's it goin'? Last time on TDTM, a few of our campers sang songs, and I judged them on it! What will happen today? Stay tuned! :D

*Mess Hall*

Zak: 당신 know, that was wrong what 당신 did to Cassie yesterday.

Jade: Agreed.

Lila: I didn't do anything. *shrugs*

Zak: *scoffs* Yeah, okay...


Lila: I don't see what the big whoop is. In fact, I don't even see why Cassie likes Bradley. He's not even that cute...


Boxxy: Okay campers! Breakfast is over!

Hinta: It's ironic how 당신 tell us we need to eat, but 당신 only give us 30 분 to eat. :3

Boxxy: Well, if 당신 guy's woke...
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Lia: (Sigh)
Luis: 저기요 Lia 당신 okay?
Lia: Hmmm? Yeah I'm fine. Everyone thinks they can't trust 당신 though
Luis: Why?
Lia: Cause 당신 kissed me... I mean like it's just acting.
Luis:.... Yeah... Just acting.
Chris: (Over Intercom) All cast to the voting trailors
Lia: That's my cue. I'm glad were 프렌즈 Luis. I can trust 당신 (Hugs Luis)
Luis: (Hugs Lia) Thanks Lia


Lia: I can't believe Jordan right now!!! -_- *Stamps Jordan's picture* Sorry Jordan

Brenden: man poor jordan that luis guy man i do not trust him Dx ummmm ummmm ummmm *stamps jordans picture* gaaaahhh im sorry

Boxxy: That bully...
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Chris: Welcome back to the show mah peeps. I am just about to wake the campers. *runs to the intercom* SPIES! GET YOUR BUTTS UP!
Danny: We're already up..
Chris: Wha?
Bryce: Dude. Its 3:00....
Esmerelda: 당신 woke up late.
Chris: Oh......anyway! Time for the challenge!
Sayu: Finally!
Riley: Game time!
Chris: So your mission today. 당신 will travel to Brazil to retrieve the Ruby of Ramses. A rare object that may have the ability to lift objects.
Bryce: What raw power!
Chris: Heh. I know right! But be careful. Theyre are people guarding the Ruby. Some may hurt 당신 badly, others may try to kill you.
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Bryce: I'm so sorry for misbehaving in your class miss teacher lady.

Joey:Ugh, running? AGAIN?!?

Leah:Oh no! I broke a freaking nail!

Cody:Hey. Do 당신 think 당신 could hook me up with that hot chick?

Hayley:Do my shoes match my purse?

Lilly: Guys are so freaking dreamy!

Candice(Minor TD OC): I 사랑 running! I do it everyday!

Terra(Minor TD OC): Sports are so lame. I can't believe guys like them...

Roxie(New OC. Pic made 의해 ObsessedTDIgirl): I'm so dirty. Who cares! I 사랑 the outdoors!

Joey: Captain is the lamest Marvel Hero ever!

Bryce:I just won a fluffy 조랑말 in my Polly Pocket game! FTW!! ^^

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Chris: Wassup mutha fuckers and bitches! And welcome to season two of Total Drama The Movies! :D

Liam(The Chef): Language!

Chris: Your no fun. T.T ANYWAYS! *blows up*

Liam: O.o

Boxxy: *pops up* HAI GUYS!! As 당신 know I am Boxxy! And I will be your host for Total Drama The Movies!! *giggles*

Liam: Oh lord...

Boxxy: I was almost the winner in last years' show, but it was never finished.......*sniffles*

Liam: Are 당신 okay?

Boxxy: Huh? *stops crying* OF COURSE! I'm fine! :DD Now team to meet our newbies! First up is.. A-Adri-Adri--

Liam: Adriana!

Boxxy: No need to be pushy.. Adriana Lopez!

Adriana: *walks...
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