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Before i begin, i would like to say i got inspired to do a rewritten version of Total Drama All Stars and include characters who weren't in TDAS like Harold, Tyler, Anne Maria, Noah, Owen, Dawn, and Brick.
Episode 1: 히어로즈 vs Villains
(Fade to inside a prison where Chef and a guard are walking past prison cells that lined the hall. Chef walks past a prisoner wearing a eye patch and the Psycho Killer with the Chainsaw and Hook)
I'M INNOCENT I TELL YA. yells the Psycho Killer
(The eye patch prisoner makes kissy faces at Chef and the guard. Chef grows increasingly concerned when he hears a certian...
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Chapter 1/2:
Heroes vs Villains part 1/part 2
Chef was walking down a hallway walking past the jail cells of the other prisoners. He suddenly heard a familar voice and saw Chris. Unlike the other inmates who's prison cells were metal bars, Chris's jail cell was made of clear glass. After being handed a folder with files on the competing All Stars, Chris's eyes lit up in excitement. After the intro, Chris began his speech. The island may of have been cleaned up of the toxic waste, but the same old cabins still remain, as well as the dirty outhouse confessional. said Chris After talking, an army...
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Okay, WOW

This season just keeps getting better and better as it goes on. So here's some information:

1. No one was eliminated

Cameron had originally volunteered for the Flush of Shame, only to get away from Sierra. But instead, something 더 많이 shocking happened. Chris switched him to the VULTURES! No I'm not lying! Mike has told him about his problems with TMO and he said he will help. So there's a new plot. Also, in the 다음 episode, Cameron and Gwen are suppose to bond. Apparently, that can happen now.

2. Heather was faking being nice

Alejandro called her "same old Heather" so she faked the whole...
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First off, I was really bored so I decided to do a review of this episode of TDAS, Second, If 당신 haven't watched this episode I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT! 당신 can watch it on 유튜브 또는 something...

Anyway... We start out this episode with Duncan saying Crud like 36 million times, Scott causes himself Erm... Painful? Pain 의해 punching his 침대 and Alejandro is in a cocoon, tomorrow he should come out as a "BEAUTIFUL" Butterfly, That'll impress Heather...
In the girls 선실, 캐빈 당신 might notice that the rabbit on Heather's Pajamas is STILL missing... And... Wait..? Doesn't Jo change clothes? That's...
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This is a 2 min 미리 보기 of the 초 episode, enjoy, and follow the link to the user
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