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This story begins on a typical Tuesday night with a young girl with red hair and pale skin. Her name is Zoey. Zoey was a nerd. A nerd who was in 사랑 with a guy she lived right 다음 to. His name was Mike. Mike had MPD......and a girlfriend. Anne Maria. They met when Vito took over his body. Mike eventually gained control back, but now he stuck with her. One night Zoey noticed Mike was on the phone, fighting with someone. MIke hung up and as he did Zoey grabbed a sketch pad and wrote down"are 당신 ok". Mike walked up to his window with a sketch pad and wrote down"just tired of the drama". Zoey...
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 Mike and Anne Maria
Mike and Anne Maria
Here's another 기사 I wrote, 또는 should I say typed. This is about Mike, Zoey and Anne maria, so hope 당신 enjoy.

Hay wanna sit together for lunch? Asked Zoey to Mike.

Why wouldn't I? Mike said in a kind voice.

Well, you've been spending a LOT of time with Anne Maria latley, 당신 know, the girl who's to coll to have only one first name, Zoey replied.

What! Her, no way, He said.

Ow don't try to 쥐 yourself out of this one, she said.

That was Vito, not me, he said, I would never cheat on you.

Just then Anne Maria walked by, Mike Gasped and suddenly turned into Vito.

Hay babe, Vito said, wanna have...
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Hey. I thought it would be cool if I wrote my first Thanksgiving article. This one has all the characters and there's a twist. The twist is Mike and all of his personalities are, wait for it................ related. OK, now to the 기사
"Hurry up. I don't want to be late," exclaimed Mike. "OK, OK. I'm coming," replied Zoey. Mike And Zoey were headed off to Mike's parent's house for Thanksgiving this year. Mike was excited to see all of his relatives. "Ready?" asked Mike. "Yeah, I'm ready,". The two of them were headed off to the house...
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"Tear drops on my balance beam"
         Chapter 14

14 chapters already?! Dang! Anyway, I 사랑 doing these! And I 사랑 all of the people who continuously review and give me confidence (you know who 당신 are :D) now I only have 9 oneshots left until we get to the good parts! If 당신 think that's too much, then just tell me and I'll cut it down! On with the story!



Svetlana loved babies.

It was an unspeakable love. She loved their chubby cheeks. Their toothless smiles, and the way they squeak and coo is just too cute to pass by.

Whenever her an Manitoba watched TV,...
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Please don't complain this is the best I could find..
total drama revenge of the island
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Brick's a bronie?!


I just became a "My little pony: friendship is magic." 팬 this summer! I 사랑 it and found out that the show attracts not only girls, but men an boys. Those boy 팬 are called bronies! So here is something cute I thought of!

Brick's a Bronie?!

Summary: Brick is caught watching "My little Pony: Friend ship is magic" 의해 his girlfriend Jo. Jo actually comes to like the show, and has a very special surprise for him for his upcoming birthday! (My first Jock fic, so take it easy on me!) JoXBrick


it was a fairly sunny 일 in...
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 The 목걸이
The Necklace
Here's a story about Manitoba and Svetlana meeting in one of the craziest ways ever. So, hope 당신 guys enjoy.
Deep in the country of Russia a baby girl was being born. Though after, her mother died. The 24 년 old woman just closed her eyes and died on the medical bed. George, the father, kneeled beside the woman he longed for, and now she was gone. "Sir," one of the doctors said, "I'm so sorry,". The tall man stood up. His eyes were starting to tear up. "Thank you," George told the doctor. "Would 당신 like us to leave and get 당신 daughter...
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Tear drops on my balance beam chapter 16


"Come on, Manitoba!! We're going to be late!" Svetlana called in a rather irritating voice. She crosse her arms and tapped her foot.

"Why are 당신 rushing? We're only going to my house for thanksgiving, not a banquet!"

"I want to  present myself, 당신 know that!" The girl exclaims as she puts a 담홍색, 핑크 sweater and scarf over her white tank top.

Manitoba rolled his eyes and sighed."Fine, let's go."

Manitoba was at least nice enough to invite Svetlana over to his 집 for this cool Holiday. Thanksgiving was a big thing in his house. All of the...
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I was just sitting around and I thought what it would it be if two of the personalities fell in love. So this story is about Svetlana and her 사랑 story.(p.s. this has nothing to do with the Taylor 빠른, 스위프트 song)

It was just another Wendsday night. A young girl with black hair and tan skin was sitting down on the cold hard floor. She's been sitting there all day. Svetlana was thinking about something she needed. Love. The other personalities haven't noticed her just sitting there alone. That night Mike came in to visit his personalities....
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 Mike and Zoey
Mike and Zoey
Here's my first 크리스마스 story. I hope 당신 enjoy it. It's the Night before Christmas. Total Drama Revenge Of The Island style. In this story there will be no dialogue.
Twas the 일 before 크리스마스 and all through the house, everyone was stirring, even a mouse. Everyone was getting ready for 크리스마스 Eve night. Cooking goodies and wrapping gifts. The Roger's family was exited for 크리스마스 night. There was Mike, Zoey, Emma, and Peter. Zoey and Emma were cooking there special dinner, cheese and 초콜릿 fondue. While they...
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 The 목걸이
The Necklace
Chapter 2 of The 목걸이 . Sorry it took so long to post. I've been really busy. Well, enjoy.
George opened the folder and began to look through it, in hope that he'll find out 더 많이 about this 목걸이 thing. "No. No. No, not that one. Nope. Hello. What's this?". He had just stumbled apon information about his new daughter's partner and his parents. "Hm... Manitoba Smith. Lives in...". George paused. "Australia?". He was confused. He thought Svetlana's partner was going to be in Russia, not in another continent, but as much as George...
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