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posted by cooleeo
Trent's pov! (3:10 to crazy town)
"*sigh* its not like things can get any worse.."i said right after i pulled Gwen's arm. i went up the ladder and onto the platform. i looked down. *gulps* here goes. i jumped off. "AH!!!"i landed on my groin on a pole. "or maybe they can."i said in a strained voice. "jeez,glad it wasn't me."Chris said. i slowly got off the pole. my penis hurts so freaking bad..i cant even touch it. Gwen looked at me concerned. i gave her a weak smile then i fell on the ground and passed out. i woke up to what seems like 2 또는 3 hours. the challenges are over and our team won....
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posted by cooleeo
Trent:AH!!! Gwen:BABE!!! *he drops his reciever in a fountain* Trent:NO!!! zombie:*growls and shoots Trent in the thigh with a gun* Trent:ah!! oh! *limps over to the gun* jack:hey! zombie:*growls* jack:meet the 퀸 fly! ha ha!! zombie:NO!! *the fly gets out of the jar* zombie:ah!! oh! gah! uh! uh!!! *there heads explode* guys:unreal...jack:the names jack. seems that 당신 young fellers didn't bring much of that ammo. Trent:*wheezes* do 당신 *coughs* think 당신 can bring us back to the *gulp* 안전한, 안전 house? jack:safe house? what for? Duncan:uh he just got shot in the fucking thigh! jack:calm down....
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Gwen:yawn! *looks down and sees her laying naked on 상단, 맨 위로 of a naked Trent* *giggles and whispers* good morning. *makes out with him till he wakes up* Trent:one hell of a wake up call. Gwen:*giggles* how did 당신 sleep? *sits up, but he pulls her back on his chest* Trent:*purrs like a cat* like sleeping with one sexy angel. Gwen:*giggles* can i get up? Trent:i don't know, i like your breast in my face. Gwen:*blushes and puts them under the blanket* Trent:*sits up* don't be shy. i like it. *kisses her* time to go feed kids. Gwen:alright. *they both get their clothes on and goes to kids room* good...
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Trent:*snatches the phone away from Gwen*
Trent:*to phone* Sorry she can't talk right now-love 당신 mom bye!*hangs up*
Gwen:Why did 당신 do that?!
Trent:I panicked!
Gwen:You didn't tell her about Alex!
Trent:I know...
Gwen:TRENT-wait are 당신 crying?
Trent:*wipes a tear*no....
Gwen:Yes 당신 are!
Trent:I'm felling what your suppose to be felling right now.
Gwen:Listen,I'm scared too....but,It"s already done and 당신 have to tell your parents.Okay?
Trent:*sighs* Okay....
Gwen:*hugs Trent*
Trent:I think he"s talking to you.
Gwen:Yes Alex?
Trent:Maybe having a kid wont be so bad.
Gwen:Ya,...all 당신 need to do is tell your parents.
Trent:We could sneek him into my room.
Gwen:Well....Sure,I mean that should be easy...Right?
Gwen:Happy birth day!
posted by cooleeo
Gwen:what do we do?! Trent:um...*sees gasoline and a 불, 화재 torch* i got it! get down! *pours gasoline where the zombies are and sets it on fire* zombies:ah! oh! fuck you! ah!! Trent:*covering Gwen and the kids* look. *the zombies aren't melting they are walking right through it!* Gwen:AH!!! Duncan:*screams* guys!! this way!! Trent:lets go!! *welcome to the jungle song plays* who the hell put this on?! Gwen:shut up and come on! Nick:mommy! Gwen:*gasp* Nick! Trent:hold on i`m coming! *grabs a tombstone and breaks it over the zombies* come here boy! *Nick jumps into his arms* zombie:uh! uh!!! *cuts...
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posted by cooleeo
Gwen's pov!
I was cleaning the house as,Kelly,mine and Trent's daughter played with her blocks. the door slammed open and in came a depressed Trent. "hey babe,how was work?"i asked. "fine..its not like anyone else cares."he mumbled under his breath and walked upstairs. i ran after him. "whats wrong?"i sat beside him on the bed. "nothing,okay!"he shouted and put his face in his hands. "please tell me."i whispered. "you want to know,huh? go to channel 7 and leave me the fuck alone."he stomped off. i turned the tv on and a picture of Trent's family came onto the screen. "late last night a man burned...
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Trent's pov!
i slowly open my eyes to find a world i shouldn't live in...*looks at the ring* Gwen...its been a week since she left me....and a week since i have ate 또는 spoken. i only leave my room to use the bathroom 또는 take a shower,other than that..i`m silent as a shadow whispering through the wind. i have been crying allot lately..i have been listening to sad music...i have been....cutting my self with the sharpest 칼, 나이프 in the house...i know its wrong,but it feels so right. (never think killing yourself is right. NEVER) my parents try to talk to me,but i lock the door so no one gets in..i...
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honey moon,Gwen's pov!
*laughs* me and Trent are on our honey moon,but without my precious baby boy..we had to get some time alone...BOY DID WE! we went to Paris,France! its so awesome! i drew the city at night..and then Trent came out some time later and pulled me back inside to make love...ah..i have NEVER felt anything that good in my life! but there is one slight,tiny problem to when we..made 사랑 the other night...NO PROTECTION! now i have to tell him..will he yell 또는 just be sweet to me? okay we are going to sleep, time to tell it goes.
no one pov!
both:*sleeping* Gwen:yawn! Trent...*shakes...
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posted by cooleeo
Gwen's pov!

"Get back here, 당신 little punk!" The angry beast of a jock screamed from behind me. I jumped over rocks and pushed branches full of leaves out of my way as I ran as if my life had depended on it. "Got you!" The jock's stoner friend who always wore that same ragged green beanie grabbed me 의해 my arm and grinned at me with his yellow rotting teeth. If his jock friend doesn't hurry, this guy's rank breath will kill me. "Hold on!" The jock bent over slightly a few feet away from his friend to catch his breath. I began to panic and I tried to hide it from the junkie who had a pocket...
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posted by iDxG101
Gwen P.O.V.

"Do 당신 like it?" Mother questioned.I smiled and nodded to her,Alex hugged her,"Thank you"he thanked.A tear fell against his cheek.Alex and I knew her time was running out from this world. No matter how much she denied it, we knew the truth, all of us did.I joined the embrace with Alex and mother.This will be our last moments together as a family.Time is precious, we have to make the most of it.
I had my arms wrapped around mother so tight, never wanting to let go.Eventually, I had to, hearing a knock from the front door.My brother headed for the door and answered it,"How may...
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