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Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy Kwanzaa everyone!! (:

Gwen's pov!

"I'll take good care of them, don't 당신 worry." A pretty blonde headed girl smiled to my mother. "Just remember that the 'do and don'ts' list is on the fridge. Have a good night." She grabbed her 코트 and 지갑 and left behind the closed door. I looked at my two brothers, Jake and Daniel, who were playing with their blocks like nothing was happening. "What are 당신 guys doing? There's an imposter in our house!" I whisper-yelled at them. "What are 당신 talking about, Gwen? That's our babysitter." Jake rolled his eyes...
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Gwen's pov!
The new season of Total drama has started...and i have come across a problem. i`m in 사랑 with two guys. a sweet musician and a delinquent punk. "ready for the season babe?"Duncan asked. "yeah..i guess."i looked over the edge of the 보트 we were forced to get on to get to the island. "lighten up,i know one of us will win this season."he put his arms behind his neck and kicked his feet up on the railing. "i cant wait.."i blew the hair out of my face boringly. we all arrived on the island and Ben and Jerry were waiting for us on the dock. "welcome back campers,hope 당신 had a great...
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Trent had left the game at 집 because he had a 날짜 with Gwen. Trent was waiting outside for Gwen to come out. He quickly noticed a man staring at him from a distance. It was like a horror movie cliche, It was very dark with only one light. That light was staring down at the man. "Trent" he heard a voice say, it was Gwen. "Gwen" Trent said "You look gorgeous". "Thank you" She said "You're looking sharp yourself". Trent responded 의해 키싱 her. "Did 당신 see anyone outside when 당신 came out?" Trent asked. "Yes" she responded. "What?" Trent asked. "A sexy looking man named Trent" Gwen answered....
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To all the Trent & Gwen fans, I say don't despair. For 당신 see, there is still hope for all 당신 fans. Incase 당신 forgot 또는 didn't care about watching TDAS, Gwen broke up with Duncan & didn't want him back. So now everybody can write stories about Gwen & Trent life together if they want to even though it's a mystery to why she acted so strange before she broke up with him. Maybe she got tired of the way he treated her and decided to go back to Trent for friendship, compassion, and true love. Which she couldn't get from Duncan anymore, 당신 never know? And to all the gwuncan fans. All I can say is sorry but that 's the way they wrote it. But don't worry, 당신 can still write your articls about Duncan and Gwen getting back together. Even though I doubt that'll happen, who knows.
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Trent:*snoring and sleeping* Gwen:*giggles and gets ready for work* Trent:mm,its a p.e. 일 mom! *snores* Gwen:*sprays perfume on herself and goes down stairs* Trent:*sniffs and wakes up* wow...whats the tremendous smell? *sniffs and goes down stairs* Nick:hi da-da. Trent:hey dude. *sniffs and try to look for the smell* Nick:um...what who doing? Trent:i`m looking for something that smells very sweet. Nick:like....candy? Trent:me don't know yet. *starts sniffing like a dog* Gwen:Trent? what are you...doing? Trent:looking for something that smells really good. Gwen:*giggles* keep searching. Trent:its...
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Gwen: trent how are we going to find him
trent:i don't know will find him don't worry
gwen: trent i found something this morening*hands him a note thats say*
&i god 당신 WORTHLESSS KID DON'T TRY TO FIND HIM CUASE 당신 NEVER WILL IF 당신 WANT YOUR KID BACK 당신 HAVE TO KILL YOUR HUSBEND GWEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!gwen: how dose this person know my name?!?!?
trent: i don't know but he 또는 she wants me dead
Trent's p.o.v.
i thought it was Gwen's mom but i couldn't tell her that she would probably freak out sence her mom...
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Trent's pov! (3:10 to crazy town)
"*sigh* its not like things can get any worse.."i said right after i pulled Gwen's arm. i went up the ladder and onto the platform. i looked down. *gulps* here goes. i jumped off. "AH!!!"i landed on my groin on a pole. "or maybe they can."i said in a strained voice. "jeez,glad it wasn't me."Chris said. i slowly got off the pole. my penis hurts so freaking bad..i cant even touch it. Gwen looked at me concerned. i gave her a weak smile then i fell on the ground and passed out. i woke up to what seems like 2 또는 3 hours. the challenges are over and our team won....
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TRENT'S FAV SONG!!! not mine! She will be Loved 의해 Maroon 5
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Gwen P.O.V.

"Do 당신 like it?" Mother questioned.I smiled and nodded to her,Alex hugged her,"Thank you"he thanked.A tear fell against his cheek.Alex and I knew her time was running out from this world. No matter how much she denied it, we knew the truth, all of us did.I joined the embrace with Alex and mother.This will be our last moments together as a family.Time is precious, we have to make the most of it.
I had my arms wrapped around mother so tight, never wanting to let go.Eventually, I had to, hearing a knock from the front door.My brother headed for the door and answered it,"How may...
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Writer's Note

Hi, this is my first TxG 기사 and I really want feedback. Be honest and tell me if it was good, if it needed a little work, if 당신 absolutely hated it, etc. Anyway, on with the story, and thanks for reading.

Trent's P.O.V

It was a rainy day. June 17th to be exact. Oh, how I hated this day. When I woke up this morning, my 심장 sank to the bottom of my soul. Today was the celebration of my sorrow. I slowly forced my eyes open and stared at the white, plastered ceiling. I inhaled as much oxygen as my lungs could handle, and exhaled a shaky breath. I trudged out of 침대 and into the...
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