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ok well i am a GT 팬 duh 의해 my 아이디 well i found out yesterday that poeple are baginmg on gwen 또는 trent cuz of their breakup that was over a 년 ago!

this is a tready to stop the stupid fanwar i like trent and gwen so yea i hate this fanwar

this are the stuff deaing with the tready

1. don't go on other fansites and spam other poeple

2. treat this fansits with respect

3> don't say team trent is better 또는 gwen is a b i t c h 또는 trent's a queer

okk when your done 읽기 this sighn the tready in the commet bock with your name 또는 ueser name

thank you
Team Gwen and Team Trent? I have had ENOUGH!Really? Like Gwen said, people break up EVERYDAY!Why do we need to make teams? I understand AGREEING with someone but teams are ridiculous. Trent and Gwen are 프렌즈 still! Okay i get it! Trent's 심장 was broken, but he is a big boy! (lol) He can take care of himself! And really he kinda seemed like hes over it. I mean, like he probably still likes Gwen but whatever. Lets end the teams! 또는 all be Team SHUT UP AND GET BACK TOGETHER!

What do 당신 say? END THE TEAMS!
Trent and Gwen
프렌즈 또는 dating?
Who cares (well i kinda do but whatever)
Lets be Mature