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It's been 3 years since Amy seen Sonic.This was going to be the first time Amy's been to high school. When she came to the entrance, she found her old friends.They started comparing their classes.Amy had an itchy spot in her tight 셔츠 that showed off her breast.When she scratched it some boys whistles."OW!" said a blue blur."Sorry,I wasn't paying attention"said Amy.Sonic eyes caught Amy's beautiful eyes."Amy?""Sonic?!".Then Scrouge came in and pushed Sonic and Amy making them kiss.They stayed like that untill the 벨 rang.By the end of the 일 they were together. Smoooooooooooooooooooooccccccchhhhhh was all 당신 could here at Amy's house. THE END!!!!!!!
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Amy Rose crying oh so gracefully.
Wondering what she did wrong.
Sonic...did she 사랑 him 또는 not?
She seemed so sure in the start.
But when will he pop the question?
These 질문 buzzed in Amy's head.
They have been dating for 6 years.
Then she saw before here the blue hedgehog.
"Amy,I 사랑 you,will 당신 marry me?"
Amy Rose now Amy the Hedgehog had a great wedding.
They had two kids and lived happily ever after.
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