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posted by Goombagirl26694
“Sonic…I-I 사랑 you. Please, just please, don’t leave me!” I was looking at a bloody Sonic behind a transparent glass wall. It was sad to look at him, and pain kept coming to my heart. “A-Amy, I’ll be okay. I’m 안전한, 안전 here, with you. Just don’t wor-” he didn’t even get to say the rest. Gun shots sounded, I closed my eyes, and them, BOOM! When I opened my eyes, thankfully, I was back in my room, and it was just a dream. I sighed. Just thinking of that dream almost made me have a 심장 attack. I went to the bathroom to get some water, and looked in the mirror. I just didn’t...
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posted by silverstruelove
At tails' house:
Tails: so what 당신 saying is that 당신 made the biggest mistake in your life and now 당신 need help.
Sonic: yep that's just about it
Tails:(gets up and punches sonic in the arm. Hard)
Sonic(grabs arm) ow
Tails: 당신 deserve it especially this isn't the first time this has happened.
Sonic:can 당신 tell me what to do
Tails: it's very simple. Change just like she did.
Sonic: 당신 mean
Tails: yes. ( goes into bathroom and brings out an 주황색, 오렌지 dye)
Sonic:no way tails i like my color and why do 당신 have that
Tails: if 당신 dont then 당신 dont respect Amy, and my cousin left it here
Sonic: fine (...
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