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Let us introduce our imaginary friends, shall we?

I have 7!
Timber had white hair and a white eye, the other one is covered 의해 a sash. Her head is bandaged in a bloody rag. She won't tell me what happened to her. She only talks 의해 using telekinetic power.
Meteor is a Crocodile. He appeared in my dream 의해 the glass door, from a meteor, therefor giving his name. He rode with me to a 바닷가, 비치 where he swam with me, scaring everyone away.
Sonic the Hedgehog is blue and is super fast (for those who don't know who he is... :P). He is just like the character.
Sydney, also appeared in my dream, was floating in the ocean. The 주황색, 오렌지 shimmery dragon glimmered in the setting sun. At the time I was drowning, and she helped me onto her back, as we rode to a nearby beach.
Number Eleven, is a blue haired human boy. He wears a 셔츠 that says 11 and has raggedy blue jeans. He has two scars on his face that make the number 11, but it has the line at the bottom of the 1, like the fancy 1's.
I-am-D is a brown haired red eyed boy who is a demon. The D stands for demon as well. Everyone (meaning all of my friends) call his D. He wears a black suit and a tie that changes color depending on his mood. Pink=Love, blue=Normal, Dark Blue= Happy, Red=Mad. He likes 시 as well.

Number Eleven: Come on guys, D, Timber, all 당신 guys, come and introduce!
I-am-D: I rather not, nevermore shall I introduce...*Tie turns red*
Timber: *closes eyes*
Number Eleven: Oh, see, Timber says she is not up to socialize, she has been feeling quite ill. Go ahead Timber, go to bed. Oh here comes Sydney!
Sydney: *Smiles and purrs a welcome*
I-am-D: Oh, here comes that stupid crocodile...
Meteor: Grrr?!
I-am-D: Oh and the stupid blue thing...
Sonic: Whaaaat?
I have a feeling that each one means something different, Timber is my silence,who lives inside of me, Meteor is my relaxation, because in my dream he makes everyone leave, leaving it to just me and him, II think I-am-D is the mean side of me, I think Sydney is my hope, Sonic is... my childhood fave (:D XD)
CallaLily11 posted over a year ago
Oh and I meant 6
CallaLily11 posted over a year ago
 CallaLily11 posted over a year ago
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asahina_haruna said:
well most of them have a inner self so i'll describe them with just 1 word 'kay!

asahina haruna ) i took her name!( .... 더 많이 than 1 personality...
hiiragi takumi (cooly tsundere
hiiragi azuma (calmly dangerous
akitsu ei ( geniusly erotic
aikawa ayumi ( stupidly hyper
asahina akira ) haruna's yandere clone( yandere
.... lilith ) ei's mom ( hyperly mysterious
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posted over a year ago 
i have more... but it's around ... 100 .... i
asahina_haruna posted over a year ago
luckily it's not damaging my brain..
asahina_haruna posted over a year ago
PonygirlCurtis7 said:
i used to hav one. her name was Angela

i dont talk to her anymore but...*whispers* i still talk to myself. ive been doin it ever since i could pretty much talk. and im 13
i truely believe im mentally crazy...
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posted over a year ago 
don't worry. i talk to myself too. i was talking to a leaf that i was holdin today.
pureawesome15 posted over a year ago
pureawesome15 said:
Kay, i have a ton, but ill tell bout mah 상단, 맨 위로 five:
Lenny; a sweet, fun guy who will do anything for a friend
Marie; the 조언 girl, who will answer any question.
Cisco; my pet dragon, named after my dead dog, who can fly, and make art with FIRE!!
Vicky; a girl with spunk, yet is very reliable when 당신 give her sushi.
Fringe; a guy with fringy hair and an exercise junkie. he likes to keep me in shape.
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posted over a year ago 
I think lenny and marie are going out, but I'm not sure. lol.
pureawesome15 posted over a year ago
HeitsiTsegin said:
Meet Empress Chema Tsegin of the great Empire of Rensi.
Hight: 5' 11"
Weight: 140 lbs
Hair colour: Pale green.
Eye colour: Purple
Born: 1789 in Rensi City palace.
Died: 1834, shot in the head 의해 Konssian rebel sniper in the Rensi City palace.
Hobbies: Expanding rail transportation in the newly concured province of Konssia; killing criminals given the death sentance for either rape, murder, 또는 serial murder; playing with toy trains, and nice walks through golden fields of wheat.
Husband: Tsuyo Tsegin
Son: Chepiyen Tsegin (Deceased)
Son: Gobuni Tsegin (Deceased)
Daughter: Chiyoko Moto
Father: Daiche Tsegin (Deceased)
Mother: Tetsu Tsegin (Deceased)
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posted over a year ago 
doodle_the_mice said:
her name is Akira
she has red 주황색, 오렌지 hair
blue/green eyes
she pretty shy(like me) shes also smart and has a large crush on someone ( she doesn't tell me who it is).
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posted over a year ago 
ssook78 said:
yes and she is my bff
she has black and curly hair
she is like 15
she is like really tall
she can fly
she can make rainbows
and she is skinny
and one time she 스톨, 훔친 my house o_o
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posted over a year ago 
ashroxo said:
Yep! I have 5 imaginary 프렌즈 Zayn, Niall, Louis, Liam and Harry!! :) That's the names of the 1D people!!
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posted over a year ago 
Pikagirl541 said:
O_O I have too many! I made two when I was six and I just never stopped. I guess I introduce the ones I play with the most, although the main 3 of are based one Yu-Gi-Oh characters... (I swear I have completely original imaginary 프렌즈 too but I tend to draw inspiration from TV)

Mana is a sorceress from ancient Egypt. She's hyper and fun, but had a bad habit of encouraging me to not do my school work.

Leo is a boy who consider himself a girl. She goes 의해 Leona sometimes and dresses like a girl. She's known to raid my freezer for Popsicles. She's from an Egyptian family and her father doesn't approve of him choosing to be a her.

Bakura was known as the Thief King in Ancient Egypt. Nowadays he's my yami (a spirit who shares 의해 body) and we're really close. We do just about everything together.
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posted over a year ago 
Jekyde said:
This is Blight. Shes not human, but used to be. She refuses to speak of her history, however. Her skin is white (not white as a european person, but white like chalk!) and her eyes are purple, and glow in minimal light. Her hair is black at its roots, but gradually turns white.Her height changes frequently from 5'4" to 6'8".

Blight:Oh, umm...hi I suppose.
Me:Why don't 당신 talk to another "invisible friend"?
Blight:Timber over there seems like my kind of person. :)
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posted over a year ago 
beautyfullme said:
i have 14 mr.jelly belly mrs.jelly belly mario luigi princess 복숭아 princess 데이지 red toad blue toad yellow toad green toad purple toad donkey kong diddy kong
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posted over a year ago 
hetalianstella said:
Well lets see....
앤젤 - Who is literally an 앤젤 and special to me because she is my very first imaginary friend. Who I've had ever since I was a toddler.
X-ro - A green dragon who takes me to adventure many different sights and is always there to cheer me up.
Leader - An extraterrestrial who is always teaching me new fascinating things and who I look up to (well down to technically because he's a few inches shorter than me) as like a father figure because he is super protective of me.
(PS: He isn't just imaginary. I really do think he exists. Somewhere out there...)
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posted over a year ago 
Meenah-Piexes said:
this is.....we'll I never gave him a name . but he's supposedly some darked but better Side of me I made up to talk to me and give me 조언 when I'm bored like in math class 38) it's really fun what should I name him

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posted over a year ago 
I made him look like a completely pitch black person that's all eletricy
Meenah-Piexes posted over a year ago
I can't make up clothes on him so he has no genelalia XD
Meenah-Piexes posted over a year ago
limited9906 said:
I have 9. 1.rebbecca 2.stella 3.zea 4.hawkea 5.mony 6.corrie 7.zendya 8.nadya 9.shafa (all girls)

Introduction roll play.(just a little bit)

Rebbeca:do 당신 want some 우유 tori
Victoria(me):no thankyou :(
Rebbeca:i know we need 더 많이 프렌즈 but quit it! With the long face >:O
Victoria(me):sorry ill imagine a another friend
Rebbeca:wooow whats ur name big girl
Stella:stella is my name
Rebbeca :cool

6 months later

Bored wee need to poof 더 많이 like poof 7
Rebbeca:are 당신 sure
Stella:are u serious
Victoria(me):yes of course
Rebbeca-stella:ok then
*POOF 7x*
all the new people: hi there 7x

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posted over a year ago 
Rainshadow999 said:
I have two imaginary friends, 더 많이 like two voices. And then I like to imagine the Penguins of Madagascar. Anyways my real name is Eilish so that's technically who they call me. :)

My two voices are Conscience and Voice. I know…calling one of my voices Voice…

Voice is my maturity, Voice is like from that phrase, "think before 당신 speak" 또는 something like that…Voice can be really irritating and annoying and gets into fights with Conscience so I dislike Voice basically and try not to listen to him.

Conscience is my favorite! She's brilliant! She explains to me about how I should act and how to keep my emotions under control. Conscience keeps me happy and comes up with the solutions and keeps me out of trouble. Conscience can go a bit crazy sometimes though but she's awesome.
Conscience despises Voice like I do.
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posted over a year ago 
misscrazel said:
I have a few:

Disambella: she has long silver-blonde hair and shimmery blue eyes. She is half elf, half fey. Being half elf she loves death, except when it is an animal dieing.

Faran: he has black hair and green eyes. He is a fey, and Disambella's father. He was sent away from his hometown at age 13.

Arellmorn: he wears a white blood stained 망토, 망 토 that covers his hair and face. He won't talk to me but he sits 의해 my head every night and watches over me, making sure I'm safe.

Esentillia: he has greenish black hair that comes to his knees and bright black eyes withe flecks of gold. he has pale skin, almost white, and he is Arellmorn's boyfriend.
And there's two other people. There's Skittle, he's an imp and he comes to school with me in my backpack. He has long brown hair and green eyes.
The other one won't tell me her name 또는 show me her face (she wears a mask).

Me: now let us introduce ourselves!
Arellmorn: Ssssss aaaaaa.
Esentillia: (whispering) Arellmorn, we need to make a good impression! *turns to everyone else* Hi! My names Esentillia! This is Arellmorn, he's my boyfriend.
Disambella: *curtsies* Hail, mortals. I am quite pleased to see 당신 all. I-
Arellmorn: Esssss.
Faran: Master, would 당신 please get that retched creature out of here?
Me: Faran! Arellmorm is not a retched creature! Now I think we're all done introducing ourselves. *sneaks away*

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posted over a year ago 
Oh, and there's Light, Dark, Smile and Frown. They're of almost dying somewhere probobly. Anyway, Light is mean and secretive, Dark is super friendly and talkitive, Smile is always sad, and Frown is always happy.
misscrazel posted over a year ago
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