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A couple of hours later Veronica unchained Damon. “Don’t even think about running” she said threatening. She opened the door and three of her minions appeared. They cuffed Damon’s hands and feet and when Damon looked up he saw Stefan, Katherine and Caroline were all chained onto each other. Veronica’s minions dragged Damon 앞으로 and chained him onto the rest.
“Now, walk” Veronica ordered. They wouldn’t 옮기기 and thus Veronica nodded at one of her minions. He fired a bullet and Katherine screamed.
Stefan started moving, but Katherine, Caroline and Damon tried to stop him.
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“I’m the one getting 당신 out of jail” Stefan pointed out.
“And I’m the one still waiting for that to happen” Rachel responded with raised eyebrows. She tried to look beside Stefan. “How did 당신 get in here? I mean, with all the deputies and the sheriff”
“I used the backdoor” Stefan smirked mischievous. He took the bars and wrecked them. He took Rachel’s hand and pulled her out of the cell. “Let’s get out of here”

“Where are we going?” Rachel asked when Stefan dragged her along at a rapid pace.
“I need 당신 to meet someone” Stefan responded. He stopped at Mystic...
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“I’m okay” Stefan groaned as he pulled out the arrow.
“I’m so sorry, Stefan” Elena said upset as she ran his way. Damon was already with his brother, helping him getting up. “I didn’t mean to shoot you”
“Really, I’m fine” Stefan tried to reassure her. Elena still looked rather guilty and so Damon jumped to another subject.
“So…did 당신 find Rachel?” he asked.
“Yeah, I did” Stefan answered.
“Where is she? I thought 당신 were going to take her here” Damon said confused.
“Yeah” Stefan replied slow. “About that”
Rachel walked up to the door of the building....
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Elena parked her car at the Boarding House. Caroline had taxed her with the message to get her 나귀, 엉덩이 there ASAP. She opened the door and looked inside.
“Damon!” she called.
Damon appeared in the hallway, frowning. “What are 당신 doing here?”
“Caroline taxed me” Elena said, waving her phone. “Hello to you, too, btw” She tried to look over Damon’s shoulder. “What’s going on?”
Before Damon could answer Caroline appeared.
“Elena, what are 당신 doing here?” she asked, but in a completely different tone than Damon. “Come on” she continued as she took Elena’s hand and...
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It was the first time Damon and Bonnie saw each other since Bonnie had ‘cured” Damon.
“Caroline’s not home” Bonnie said, a little distant.
“I’m not here for Caroline” Damon replied. “I need to talk to you”
“Okay” Bonnie frowned. “Come in”
Damon entered the house and Bonnie guided him to the kitchen. Sheriff Forbes wasn’t home.
“What, eh,…what do 당신 need to talk about?” Bonnie asked slightly nervous.
“Do 당신 know a guy named Keith?” Damon asked, as he sat down, following Bonnie’s example.
Bonnie nodded. She didn’t see why she would deny it. “Yeah,...
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“What are they saying?” Stefan insisted.
“I don’t know, I can’t hear it” Damon hissed.
“What do 당신 mean, 당신 can’t hear it?” Stefan fired back.
“Their lips are moving, but there’s no sound coming out of them, not even a whisper” Damon said.
Stefan scribbled up. “I’m going inside. 당신 stay here and try figuring out what they’re saying” He trusted Damon to do listen to him for a change and sneaked to the back of the building. There had to be another door. There wasn’t. However, on the left side of the building there was a window, big enough for one person to go...
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Caroline was putting on her dress when the door of her bedroom opened and Liz appeared. “Sweetie, there’s someone here for you” she said soft. Caroline, expecting it would be Tyler, nodded and said: “Okay, mom, 당신 can let him in”
But it wasn’t Tyler, it was Damon. Caroline turned around annoyed. “You’re the last person I expected. What is that 당신 want?” she asked a little hostile. She zipped the dress and turned around.
“I want to say I’m sorry” Damon said, reaching out his hands. “I was wrong keeping 당신 away from Elena. You’re the best friend she has and I was...
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Katherine threw her arm in the air and called for a taxi. As one stopped she dialed a number.
“My dear Katerina, please tell me 당신 have fixed the problem” Klaus said slowly.
“I haven’t” Katherine started while she got in the cab.
“Well, how unfortunate” Klaus said.
“But I know what’s wrong with Elena” Katherine quickly continued. “Tell me where 당신 are, then I can show you”
Klaus gave her directions and Katherine passed them to the driver.
Fifteen 분 later the driver parked the car in front of an abandoned hotel. Katherine got out and the cab drove away.
As soon...
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Katherine looked at Klaus trying not to look too guilty. If Klaus knew she was trying to boycott him, she’d be dead.
“You’re here, finally” Klaus said.
“You summoned me” Katherine said. “Why?”
“I wanted 당신 to see it with your own eyes” Klaus said. He conjured a flask filled with blood. “This is Jason” Klaus said, throwing his arm over an unfamiliar man. “Jason is a werewolf”
“And you’re about to change that?” Katherine guessed.
“Yeah, but there’s a little problem” Klaus said sinister. He bit his arm and forced the blood on Jason. Then he snapped his neck....
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Tyler parked his car on the parking lot of the Mystic Grill. He saw Caroline leaning against the 벽 outside drinking some Bourbon. He hoped she wouldn’t look up. But as he made his way to the entrance she looked up.
“Tyler?” she said surprised.
Just keep walking, Tyler thought.
“I know 당신 can hear me, Tyler” Caroline said uncomprehending. “Why are 당신 avoiding me?”
Tyler stopped and walked towards Caroline. “Caroline, hi” he forced himself to say. He scratch his hair, feeling uncomfortable. “Don’t you…don’t 당신 have school to go to?”
“Lunch break” Caroline explained....
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Tyler opened his eyes and gasped for air. The night was slowly giving in to the 일 and Tyler was still tied onto that chair.
“Good morning, sunshine” Klaus said, who was sitting in front of him in Indian style. He had a small flask in his left hand. “I hope you’re hungry”
“Can’t 당신 just let me go already?” Tyler said, who was having trouble breathing. Blood came streaming from his eyes. What was wrong?
“I can’t let 당신 go” Klaus said. “Not before 당신 had breakfast” He continued, waving the flask. He scribbled up and opened the flask.
Tyler pressed his lips together, but Klaus easily separated them and poured the blood that was in the flask into his mouth.
“Now 당신 won’t be so eager to run off, now will you?” Klaus said as he untied Tyler.
Caroline was standing with Elena, her cell phone in her hands, while cheerleading practice was on.
“I can’t believe I quit this a 년 ago” Elena said.
“Why? 당신 miss it?” Caroline asked as she was dialing a number.
“Not really, no” Elena sighed. “Maybe I should just get rid of my costume. It’s not like anyone’s going to see me in it anymore, right?”
Her eyes still on the phone Caroline replied mumbling: “Oh, I could think of someone who would 사랑 to see 당신 in it”
Elena elbowed her friend, but smiled at the same time. “So, what’s up with 당신 and Tyler?” she tried...
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Tyler was sitting at the bar in the Grill, having a beer. “Aren’t 당신 supposed to tell me I shouldn’t drink this time of day?” he said. Ronnie was cleaning glasses. “No, actually I was going to reproach 당신 for not buying me one”
“Please, be my guest” Tyler said waving his hand. “Thank you” Ronnie said. She opened the fridge and got herself a 맥주 which she opened with a spoon. She took a sip.
“I haven’t seen 당신 around here” Tyler said. “When did 당신 get here?”
“About a week ago” Ronnie said. “My friend died. I’m here for the funeral”
“I’m sorry to...
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“If I have to die, so will you” Zoey said.
“No one has to die, moron!” Dean yelled angry. “Put the 불, 화재 out, open the door, do something!”
Zoey shook her head. “I can’t. Crowley will kill me, if I let 당신 go”
“He’ll kill 당신 either way” Dean snapped.
“Well, if Cas doesn’t 사랑 me I don’t care” Zoey exclaimed crying.
They heard a noise and looked aside. Cas opened his eyes and frowned.
“Dean?” he said hoarse.
“I’m here” Dean said, quickly walking to Cas. He helped Cas sit up and supported his back. He looked from Cas’ injuries to Zoey. “If 당신 really 사랑 him, you’ll let him go”
Zoey shook her head.
Cas put his fingers in his blood and painted a sigil on the floor. He poked Dean and nodded weak at the bloody sign.
“What is it?” Zoey wanted to know.
But Dean put his hand on the sigil and he and Cas vanished in a blinding light.
Meg read the book as if it was a detective and she wanted to know who the killer was. Daphne’s life had been a roller coaster due to her illness. But everyone knew Daphne was crazy, including Cas’ attorney. So she kept looking for something different.
When she was near the end she discovered something strange. She flipped a few pages, when a piece of paper fell out of the book. Meg picked it up and opened it. She read the letter and compared the handwriting with the one in the book.
She threw the book on the floor and conjured her phone.
No signal, it said
“Damn it!” she cursed.
She carefully stretch her arm, but the Key of Solomon was still working perfectly.
She looked at the hard stone floor and stamped on it, causing part of the floor to break. Meg grabbed a piece of the floor and threw it at the ceiling.
The Key of Solomon broke and Meg kicked her cell open.
The 다음 morning.
Jo woke up in her bed. Dean had told her to sleep there instead of with him. Just when things seem to go in the right direction, something was holding Dean back. Ever since that whore had shown up yesterday Dean hadn’t said one friendly word to her.
She came out of 침대 and walked into the kitchen. She saw Sam sitting at the 표, 테이블 in the living room, apparently looking for cases on his laptop. Her mom was doing the dishes of the 이전 evening. And Dean was sitting at the 부엌, 주방 table, staring at his cup of coffee.
“That coffee won’t drink itself, 당신 know” Ellen...
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Daphne’s eyes flashed open. She felt how someone was staring at her and she looked aside. It was a woman with short, ginger hair which she had seemed to cut herself.
Daphne let out a shriek and jumped back. “Get away from me! Freak!”
The woman’s eyes bulged as they glided over Daphne’s inducted body. She reached out her hand and touched the bandage, when Daphne waved her hand and slapped her.
The woman touched her cheek and shrieked. She raced to a corner and began to cry like a baby.
The door opened and two nurses came in. One was rather tall and robust while the other one could’ve...
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Cas opened the front door and carried Daphne over the doorstep. “You can put me down now” Daphne said.
“Shouldn’t I carry 당신 into our bedroom?” Cas asked.
“I’m thirsty. I want to have a drink first” Daphne explained.
“Okay” Cas said and he put her down. She walked to the 부엌, 주방 and Cas followed her. As she took a glass from the cupboard Cas came standing behind her. He lay her hair over her shoulder and kissed her neck.
Daphne groaned and turned around. Cas continued 키싱 her as his hands searched their way underneath the dress.
“Bring me to our bedroom” Daphne said...
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“What did 당신 do that for?” Cas asked breathless.
“I wanted to” Daphne said obvious. “And so did you, at least I thought 당신 did” She looked away. “Guess I was wrong” She got up, but Cas took her hand.
“It’s not you, it’s me” he said.
“You’ve been in a bad relationship?” Daphne guessed.
“No, that’s not the problem” Cas said.
“Believe me, I get it…It was nice to meet you” She walked to the door.
“I’ve never been in a relationship before” Cas confessed uneasy.
Daphne turned around and her eyes were big. “You have got to be kidding me” she said...
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I close the door behind me and saw Gaz and 지르 playing together on a video game "hey Gaz" Gaz look at me than back to the tv "hey bad.. Oh yeah the tallest wanted to speak to 당신 about how things going" I close one eye "um yes I will call him when I get my plans settle to rule this world "yeah whatever" I bite my bottom lip not to yell at her.. So I walk to my base but

When I can I turn around and saw 지르 having fun with Gaz on the video game *i never saw 지르 that happy like that before* I went down to my base and 좌석 in a chair and look at all my plans I did but fail 의해 those dibs worm baby's...
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