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After the kiss, from the night before. House wakes up in his 침대 at around 09:20am and gets ready to arrive late for work, as usual. On his way to the 부엌, 주방 he sees Cuddy on the sofa sleeping softly with her drink spilt on the coffee table. Her shoes were on the floor 다음 to her. House thought about putting a blanket over her but didn’t. Instead House sat watching her for a bit, before finally waking her up with a loud incoherent noise.

House: Wake-up sleepy head.

Cuddy: Eughh. What time is it?

House: (checks his watch) Uh-oh, seems 당신 are going to be late.

(Cuddy sat up and held her head in her hands; whilst House smiled.)

Cuddy: We didn’t---did we?

House: Oh yeah---amazing night of passion.

(Cuddy looked shocked.)

House: Actually---you just robbed me of my whisky; we did have an amazing 키스 though.

(Cuddy looked at the empty bottle of whisky on the 표, 테이블 and then stood up and straightened herself up.)

Cuddy: I’m late and hung-over.

House: I’ll drive 당신 home.

House drove Cuddy home, and invited himself in for some coffee.

Cuddy: Your not coming in.

House: I let 당신 stay over; I can do whatever I want now.

(Cuddy gave a look to House, and then let him inside.)

Cuddy: Coffee’s through there, then 당신 can let yourself out.

House: Actually do 당신 mind if I use your bathroom? I think I know where it is.

(Cuddy went into her bedroom and locked the door.)

Meanwhile, House looked around her Home. He found some unpacked boxes of baby accessories and a mahogany 어린이 침대, 침대 set-up in the corner with 담홍색, 핑크 satin bedding.

House: Oh god.

Cuddy sat on her bed. Then she washed her face and took some aspirin. She took down the congratulation card from her mother on the bedside 표, 테이블 and ripped it up.

Cuddy: House.

House: Shouldn’t 당신 get rid of this stuff? Otherwise you’ll be known as the crazy woman from across the street.

(Cuddy stared at it for a second.)

Cuddy: I’ll give it to one of the nurses.

(House walked towards Cuddy and stood 다음 to her.)

Cuddy: You’re leaving now.

House: You’re hung-over, so 당신 can’t drive. So its either 당신 ride with me, 또는 당신 wallow in self-pity---which we all know 당신 사랑 to do.

(Cuddy smiled at House.)

Cuddy: Fine. I don’t want 당신 getting any ideas though.

House: Oops. Already have them.

(House gave a playful look.)

The arrived at 11 am Cuddy walked straight past Wilson and into her office. House was walking behind her, and stopped to greet Wilson.

Wilson: Coincidence?

House: Great sex.

House walked towards the elevator leaving Wilson looking puzzled.

Wilson knocked on Cuddy’s door, and let him self in.

Wilson: Are 당신 okay?

Cuddy: Yeah, sure.

Wilson: I’m sorry about yesterday. There’s always another chance-

Cuddy: No, there isn’t. It’s fate—I will never ever have kids. Is it some sort of punishment?

Wilson: 당신 can’t think that way. 당신 saved two people—You did the right thing.

Cuddy looked at Wilson and gave an annoyed smile. She sat down at her desk, and hinted that Wilson should leave.

Wilson: I’m here, to talk to if 당신 need a friend.

Cuddy: I’ve already had that conversation—I just want to do my job.

Wilson turned around to leave with a look of happiness.

House was in his office; his team had already found a case, but had not bothered him about it as of yet.

Wilson walked in with a spring in his step.

Wilson: 당신 had sex with Cuddy.

House: Nope.

Wilson: She’s forgotten about what happened completely, what did 당신 do?

House: Nothing. My alcohol supply on the other hand gave her a lot of help.

Wilson: 당신 got her drunk? And then what—

House: She came to me. Cuddy was—upset and drank too much.

Wilson: And 당신 didn’t do a thing.

House sipped his red coffee mug.

Wilson left, and as he did; house smiled.

It was later in the day; the team had consulted and carried out a differential with House about a patient and found out the problem. House was left mulling over last nights events. He decided to visit Cuddy for a long over due chat.

(House entered Cuddy’s office, and sat down.)

Cuddy: What do 당신 want?

House: to reach 초 base again.

(Cuddy looked up and gave him an ‘as if’ look.)

Cuddy: I was—distressed. I would have made-out with anyone.

House could tell Cuddy was trying to create conflict—she was either embarrassed 또는 scared to what it may lead to. So House decided to play her game.

House: Come-on. Admit it. 당신 like me.

Cuddy: No. I needed 당신 last night; instead I ended up embarrassing myself, and drinking.

House: 당신 enjoyed it. Now you’re scared.

Cuddy kept 글쓰기 in her file. Silently proving House’s theory correct.

Cuddy: The only thing that scares me now is—

House: Is what? Going ‘all the way’ with the hunky doctor?

Cuddy: Being alone.

Cuddy put down her pen and looked at House dead in the eye.

Cuddy: That baby was the one thing I was happy about for the best 18 months, Now all I’m doing is working 일 in and 일 out—with nothing to look 앞으로 to when I go 집 at night. I might as well live in PPH.

House looked down and fiddled with his cane.

House: 당신 won’t die alone Cuddy.

Cuddy: Thanks. I’ve got work to get on with.

House: I mean it. Don’t throw the rest of your life down the toilet because 당신 didn’t get what 당신 wanted.

Cuddy looked at House with a soft face and smiled lovingly at him.

Cuddy: Thank you, and thanks for last night.

House smiled.

House: No problem. I think I still have some video clips of your attempts at 노래 Queen---.

Cuddy smiled back at him.
House left happy that Cuddy had cheered up, and was re-assured.

End credits.
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“If 당신 want to change your life, do something, don’t believe your rationalizations, lock yourself up, and pretend you’re happy.”

A very profound statement laced with irony. I had started 글쓰기 this 기사 as a review on this week’s House episode, “The Itch” but upon 글쓰기 it I stumbled upon something I much preferred to write about. Now I realize this whole thought pattern I have here might be me 읽기 far too much into a TV show, 또는 maybe my very in-depth study of Dubliners (James Joyce) in English class right now, that deals with the theme of paralysis, might be to blame...
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Lisa Cuddy is an ambiguous character.We practically know nothing about her(13 is supposed to be the Mystery Woman,but at least we know what's motivating her).That put me into thinking,why maintain a veil of mystery around a character for 4 years?We know 더 많이 things about the new ducklings and that's saying something.The only logical explanation is that when we found out about Cuddy's past,it will shake us hard.This 기사 consists of theories about her past and future.If 당신 are interested in how she's evolved over the years,I strongly recommend 당신 read oldmovie's article,found in the HUDDY...
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