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posted by Lollipop97
Duncan's POV

I opend my front door, and saw Courtny stan there, dripping, and wet.

"Princess, why are 당신 so wet?"

"Uhm, if 당신 can't see it, it's raining outside. Would 당신 mind if i come in?"

"Uhm, no, just come on in!"

She walked past me, and her eyes widend.

"Duncan, i've never seen your house befor! It's so amazing and beautiful."

"Not near as much as 당신 are."

She slightly blushed, as i slihgtly(sp?) touched her chin.

She sat down on her couch, and i asked if she wanted some hot choclate (it was December, and the snow had just started to fall, and the entire city was covered in white snowflakes,...
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Courtney's POV

I looked terifired (sp?) at the motorcykle, 또는 what i call it, The Death Trap!

"I'm not gonna be driving on that Thing!" i screached.

"No you're not, i'm gonna drive, 당신 just need to sit on it."

"I wont!"

"Fine then we'll walk! But te cinema is 4 miles away, so it's gonna take some time."

"Urgh, fine! We'll take the Death Trap. . ."

"Good, and 당신 can have the helmet, i do'nt need it."

We sat on the motorcykle, and i was already shaking. I was so scared of motorcykles, but of course i would'nt admit it for anyone.

"Uhm Duncan, can 당신 please slow down a little?"


"Because i, uhm,...
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posted by Ashyroxsox
Duncan's POV

Everything is going great right now. Courtney is in my arms, I told her I loved her and she said the same back.

Well, everything is going great except my aunt, Allison just passed away, only a few days ago. 심장 attack. She has taken care of me since I was 3 when my parents where killed in a car accident.

Courtney pulled her cell phone out of her pocket it was probably her parents, they didn't like for her to hang out with me. "Hello...Yes...Ok fine...Bye" "That was my parents I need to go home." I pulled her into a gentle kiss, then she smiled and walked away.

I headed 집 and...
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posted by lolibarbie
Duncan's POV:

DAMN! SHE LOOKED AMAZING! My mind shrieked.

On the 보트 ride to Wawanakwa I tried to stay with Geoff and DJ, but no, they moved over 의해 Princess, Surfer Girl, and Gwen. And I followed.

I stood 의해 Geoff, right across of Princess, I could totally tell she couldn't stop staring at me.

I still felt like a woose in this tux.

I met eyes with Courtney, who was smirking for once, then she looked away. Dammit.

Everyone was talking about how TD- changed their lives, for the better. Yeah, it made me a millionare, and I met Princess, but still, the rest was NOT worth it!

Then Chris came over, "Hey...
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posted by tdilovestories
This was actually a project were I had to rewrite a paragraph from Pride and Prejudice in the perspective of Mr. Dracy, but i thought that this could work for Duncan and Courtney......

Duncan has just talked to Courtney father about them getting married and know he has to get Courtney to go talk to her father. It is all about the way he sees her and it lets 당신 know how much he loves her. This is exactly what im going to turn into my teacher so please tell me what 당신 think.

As I exited the 도서관, 라이브러리 my eyes drifted immediately to the 표, 테이블 that she and her sister, Kitty, were residing at. One...
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"Hello? Is anyone there?" a girl came into view followed 의해 a boy and another girl.

"Delilah! Filip! Lulu! Hey, what are 당신 doing out here?" Courtney asked, shocked.

"I was about to ask 당신 the same thing. Why're 당신 out here all alone?" Lulu said with a scowl on her face.

"Erm, im not on my own..." she turned around to find that Duncan was gone.

Little did she know that he was still watching her.

"I think you'll find, 당신 were on your own" Filip stated, matter-of-factly. He was very sarcastic and annoying for a 12 년 old, 또는 so Courtney thought.

"So, why are 당신 out here, on your own?" Delilah...
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These 코멘트 are made personally 의해 the fan.
These 코멘트 maybe a disturbing to some viewers
Viewer's disturbance may be advise.

*On a talk show where 팬 코멘트 on there characters*

"Hello and we are here today to speak, to one of our 상단, 맨 위로 TDI/TDA fans. Come out Sidney!"The talk show lady(Cassy)announced.

A tall black hair girl with green eyes come out waving at the camera in front of her, as she sat in the 좌석 다음 to Cassy."Thanks Cassy, I'm so excited to be here."Sidney said.

"I bet 당신 are."Cassy approved. After everyone finished clapping Cassy...
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Duncan went down on one knee and opened the box producing the diamond encrusted ring. Courtney was speechless. "Courtney Jacqueline Smith, will 당신 marry me?" Duncan proposed. "Yes!" Courtney accepted. "Woo Hoo!" Duncan cheered and picked Courtney up and started to spin her around.
*5 months later* "Duncan?" Courtney asked nervously, "yes?" Duncan replied, "im pregnant" Courtney whispered barely audible, "what?!" he looked in horror but then his face broke into a sweet smile, he said "that's great honey"
Duncans point of view: ok so we had a fight but nothing to worry about cause now everything is cool ive been meaning to tell her how much she ment to me and how i realy felt but something kept telling me no

i walk to courtneys and she is smiling so brightly "hey beautiful" i say winking "hi" she says softly i look at her and grab her hand and ask "where to?" she looks at me and suggests"how bout the beach?" i smile and she takes that as a yes when we get to the 바닷가, 비치 she tells me"i realy have to tell 당신 something i should of told 당신 a lil days back" i look at her confused as we lay on the...
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posted by Fangirl99
Courtneys POV
On he way to the hospitle,i sat in the back wtih samieand betty. there i sat,crynig.Crying so hard.
"whats the matter,courtney?"my mo asked "shouldnt 당신 be happy yuor havinga baby?"
"i am,"i said,still sobbing. "but,dunan wont be there to see her.i just cant let it go."
"Its ok,hun"my mom replied. itll be alrgiht.

at the hospitable,i got a room with a window.
"OU!OU!"i screamed the baby was coming.
"bREATH!BREATH!"my dad said,freaking out.
"courtney!i made it!"called a voice. it wassnt th voice i tohught it was,was it?" Yes,it was. it was,duncan
"dunCAN?"I asked,sitting up in my bed
"its me,its me!"he said,running into the room.
'duncan!"i said,crying tears of joy."i cant believe 당신 made it!"
"of course i woudl.and,the police guy let me out when i told him my girl was preganant."
"omg!thaqt gre..OU!OU!ITS COMING!it was horribleso,so painful
"ok,ok."duncan said. "itll be over son,its gonna be ok"

Finally,it was out. The baby,baby aqua,was here.
posted by minaj_fan
Duncan's p.o.v
I woke up to the smell of pancakes, sausage, and what's that. I sniffed. Eggs. I got up out of the 침대 and put something on before walking downstairs. I'm surprised that I found the kitchen. There stood the 사랑 of my life, at the stove, making breakfast, for ME.
"Morning princess," I smiled walking over and 키싱 her.
"Morning," she cheesed as she took the eggs out of the pan and placed them on the plate. "Here's ya breakfast," she sat it on the table.
"Thanks princess."
"Anything for you," she smiled and made me melt.
We ate then took us a shower.
"So I have to go to work tonight...
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(At duncan and courtney's apartment)
hi butterfly-duncan
ah da-lauren
thanks for watching lauren heather-courtney
your welcome,it doesnt really mater if im at school anyway, they wont let me back there till my wounds heal-heather
well thank 당신 again your a great friend-courtney
bye courtney,bye lauren-heather
ah bah-lauren
bye duncan-heather

(heather leaves)
come on lauren say it twice and i'll give 당신 candy-courtney
well keep on trying kid-duncan
*feeds lauren*-duncan
i wuv wou dada-lauren
right back at cha kid-duncan
*drops her hoho*-courtney
did she just talk???-courtney
*gasp* good job sweetie-courtney
*falls asleep in duncans arms*-lauren
ok now put her to bed-courtney
*kisses laurens cheek*-duncan
your doing great-courtney
so what now-duncan
we go to bed-courtney
uh ok-duncan
*falls asleep on duncans chest*-courtney


tune in 다음 time for another exciting episode of TDI HIGH

Courtney's POV

It was fifteen 분 until 10 and all of the kids were sleeping soundly in their rooms. I tucked Daniel in snuggly (with Duncan not too far behind me) gave him a 키스 on the forehead and proceeded to exit the room. I signaled for Duncan to stay quiet as I quietly moved from their carpeted room to the wooden floor outside of it. The floor creaked slightly under my weight. I breathed.

"Care to show me to my dwelling sweetheart?" I heard Duncan say as we walked.

I ignored him.

I continued to walk down the hall until I reached the door with the words "GUEST" printed in fancy lettering....
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Courtney (CITPrincess) is back! With Heather (AnimentalCosplayer)! (They've both won a Total Drama 할로윈 contest for their Courtney and Heather cosplays.) This is a duo video they made together, which is AWESOME. :)
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