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posted by Courtneyfan101
Duncan`s POV:I didn`t know what was over-coming Gwen.I was worried for Courtney and Gwen.I didn`t know what to expect.I saw Gwen run over to the light switch and shut it down.I can`t believe I`m saying this,but I`m officially scared.It was silent.I suddenly felt a hand pull me away from the corner and reached for the face of what was pulling me.I didn`t have time.It was dark and I didn`t hear anything.I saw a light.A huge light.Then everything went black again.I woke up in some room.I sat up and looked around.Courtney`s room.No one was in the room but me.I looked at the 침대 and it had a note...
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Narrators POV:
Duncan found Courtney and left Steve unconces and went back to the wedding (this only took like 5 min.)Do 당신 Duncan Paine Take Courtney 꽃 to be your ofley wedded wife...I do and do 당신 Courtney 꽃 Take Duncan Paine to be your ofley wedded husbind.....I do....not

just kidding I do. Then with the power invested in me I now pronunce 당신 man and wife 당신 may now 키스 the bride.
Duncans POV:
With plesher.This is the best 일 of my life.
Courtneys POV: This is the best 일 ever.
Narrators POV:
When they got 집 they poped open a bottle of shapane and watched 영화 on cable.
posted by fly210
Chris's POV: HE HE! Today is going to be FUN!

Courtney's POV: Even though I told Gwen i'd do it ,I can't do it. I tried to go to sleep but with duncan in the room too it was hard. When I finly got to sleep Chris woke us up.

Duncan's POV: When Chris woke us up I could tell Courtney had not gotten any sleep. I could also tell she was hidding something from me. We both got up and walked out of our room to see Chris and all the others. Courtney and I got with our team as Chris told us the torcher for today. "Today" Chris began "We are going to see how much 당신 사랑 birds know each other. We are going...
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posted by Courtneyfan101
Duncan`s POV:The pain was horrible and amazing at the same.I didn`t have an emotion for once in my life.It was suprising.Courtney let go having my blood dripping from the sides of her mouth."I haven`t had human blookd in the longest of time."she said.

Courtney`s POV:I looked down in shame then at Duncan`s neck.I saw the holes in his neck close up instantly."Told you."I said."Told me what?"Duncan asked."That I am a monster."I said walking away."Surprisingly,I don`t feel dead,or hurt."he said."It`s the blood."I simply said."What?"Duncan asked."Whenever 당신 get bitten 의해 a vampire,you start to...
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Hippiejaya for hurting elbows!! Okay seriously, i started to hate trees today. . . AND sports class!
So, if i one 일 stop writting at all, kill the 나무, 트리 i fell down from, and kill my sports teacher!! They're seriously taking the crap outta me!!

Argh, well, me and my problems can wait til later. . . Now it's 글쓰기 time!!



"Well, witch movie are 당신 gonna watch then?" my brother asked me for the third time.

"I've allready said it! IT. IS. NOT. ANYTHING. YOU. SHOUKD. WORRY. ABOUT!!!" i yelled, as i jumped up from my chair. Never in life...
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IMORTNAN PLEASE READ- ok i am so sorry i have not updated a night walker, i have had writers block so is there anyone of my reads can hlep me for ideas please do! just message me kay! anyways heres this oneshot!

I sit here and cry because of what 당신 done to me years ago, three years i would think.Yes,i still cry for it,you broke mt heart,i let 당신 out of all man sweep me off my feet,the kind of guy i tell myself to stay away from.I fell for the bad boy and this is what i get for it; 심장 break. I still think about what the last words 당신 told to me -'maybe 당신 should have listen to your head...
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Courtney:It has been a 월 sinse me and Duncan and me had sex.I texted him saying Im sad about the sex a 월 ago.He texted back telling me to come to his house.Finally I went to his house and said maybe we should brake up.I almost cried as he showed me out.Little did we know we were in the street!Suddenly a truck came and hit Duncan!I screamed when a girl named Lindsay came out and also screamed!I was ready to die but i called the ambulence!I fainted when the docter said he might die!I went to see him and he was asleep.I was crying!Then Lindsay came and started crying!I felt that she was copieing me!I told her to shut up and slaped her!
posted by lolibarbie
Okay, I'm currently obsessed with the band A Rocket to the Moon, so I'm gonna do a line of my 가장 좋아하는 songs 의해 them with 링그 to the songs at the bottom. So enjoy!


She was standing at a intersection, in a trench 코트 with a short red strapless dress. She's all alone, shaking at the New York City air during the winter, why she ever came to this dreadful city is still questionable. A man she knew walked up beside her, with a smirk on his face, he looked at her.

You're standing all alone
Short of breath and tired eyed
You're shaking to the bone
Overdressed and nowhere else to go

She looks...
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I stood with my mouth hanging open i shock. I swallowed before speaking, than choked out,"I'm sorry, I must be mistaken. Did 당신 just say that-"

"We're moving, yes."He said, answer and finishing my question.

I looked at both crazy."What! We can't move, I-I have 프렌즈 here, and I have adapted to this area so well, and ow 당신 want to take it all away from me."I complained, as I became louder than needed.

My mother rubbed her head."Honey, it's not a option, your father's job has been getting very low service and his boss believes, that in Mississippi, they well have better work progress."She exclaimed....
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posted by Courtneyfan101
Courtney`s POV:"Your a what?"Mr.Smith asked."A wizard.I am a wizard."I said."I`m calling the hospital."he said."Great.Now do 당신 see what you`ve gotten yourself into?"Duncan said.I just stood there.Then a few 분 later three large men came in the gym.They came towards me.I looked around franticly in 검색 of a weapon.One guy grabbed Duncan and the other two grabbed me.I kicked their legs and tried to bite them but they wouldn`t let go.I turned around to see Duncan fighting for his life to get away.Then I turned my head up at the sky and said,"I`m sorry dad for telling!!!!!I`m sorry mom...
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posted by Lollipop97
Hiya evryone! Just some info before 읽기 this, K? Okay, i relly did'nt have time yesterday, cuz i was together with my friend, and after that i was too tired to write, so i worked on my OC. And this one is for rubberduck23! "Woohoo!" for her XD

Well, i hope 당신 all like this part!

Duncan's POV

I was so glad that i had dumped Courtney, and she aceptet me as a friend. I just hoped that it would'nt bring anymore drama, cuz i had a little thought about that Gwen might be cheating on me with somone. I do'nt know who, but if he mess with my girl,...
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Okay, since a lot of people ask fro this, and a lot didn't answer my question, I had no choice but to make this series. I just wanted to make one everyone would improve of. So here's the introduction.

Did 당신 ever feel like, 당신 didn't fit in, 또는 people just didn't like the way 당신 acted. And than when your parents evicted 당신 from the best school ever and put 당신 in one that 당신 know will probably kill in a week.

Than 당신 know what it feels like to be.......


My life was great, no it was awesome. I had good friends, my teachers were so nice...
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posted by ROCKCHIC179
AN: Sorry, I have updated, being end of school and all I've been busy. This chapters short but the 다음 one is where DXC, TXG, GxB, DJxOC met!

"HAYLE! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!" Geoff screams like a girl and rans around the group. Courtney looks around and sees a house with a police car.
"Hey, let's go, I found some place to stay" Courtney told the others running to the house.
Trent and Roxi followed Courtney except Geoff who was still screaming like a girl.
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posted by tdilovestories
This is a short story about Duncan and Courtney. (ONESHOT)

*On the beach, Courtney is setting on a rock while the waves crash at her feet*

“I thought I’d find you’re here Princess” he says as he walks up behind her. He sets down 다음 to her and whips away a tear.

“Duncan, how could this happen? How could anyone do this to someone---someone like him?” she curls into him and buries her face into his chest.

“some people are just-”

“ASSES!” she says, “I mean how crazy do 당신 have to be to kill someone because they are famous?”

“Some 팬 just get to attached” he says....
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posted by dxcfan
The 다음 morning I jumped up-like I was getting 100 million bucks again-and started to pack. I was so excited, wow that's very ironic.

Since it was really early in the morning and the only person who was up was Dad, in the basement trying to work out, I crept outside and drove off to the airport.

Unfortunately, in Australia, when 당신 go to get a ticket the line is extremely long. So about like 25 분 later I got my ticket. I arrived at the airport about 5:00 am, so in about 1 시간 and 10 minutes, the plane should be here. Hey, in these kind of situations, 당신 need to know this stuff.

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posted by Lollipop97
Okay this one is for dXcFan14, because i promised this one would be for her o.O Enjoy!

Duncan's POV.

"Please, do it for her, 또는 then 당신 wont ever see her again! Ever!" i said to Court's sister.

"But the needles is so scary!"

"No, they are'nt scary, if 당신 just think they are'nt scary."

"But they are!"

"Please, try to convince yourself to do this for Courtney! You're the only one who can save her!"

"Yeah, you're right. . . I'll do it!"

"Good, then we're gonna drive straight to the hospital, now!"

We got into my car, and and soon we where at the hospital....
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(A/N: I finally updated! Sorry i didn't update sooner, i've been suffering with MAJOR writers block! Enjoy...)

-Duncan's P.O.V-

"Im... pregnant..."

Those words had shocked me yesterday.

I couldn't believe it, i had knocked my 17 년 old girlfriend up.

"Erm..." i had started and quickly walked into the bar.




If her dad found out... wait, why do i even care what her dad thinks?

I 사랑 Courtney.

"Duncan?" she had walked upto me with tears welling up in her stunning onyx eye's.

"Y-y-yes?" i stuttered, putting my arms around her.

"Are we gonna keep it?" she asked me solemly.

"Why would i want...
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posted by lolibarbie
"CUT CUT CUT! NO NOTHING WAS RIGHT!" The director yelled.

Duncan and his dancers stopped, when Courtney walked in.

Duncan wanted to give her an exclusive on his new 음악 video for 'Thriller'.

"AHHH!" Courtney said when she saw the very skillfully makeuped 'zombies'.

"Courtney 당신 came!" Gwen said.

"Yeah...So what am I doing?"

"You're gonna be Duncan's 사랑 intrest, apparently his actual girlfriend is scarier than the zombies."

"Ha- I mean not funny. No. Wait, since when are 당신 dating?" Inside she was freaking out that she would be a fake 사랑 intrest to him.

"In case 당신 don't remember last night...
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posted by Fangirl99
3rd person

At around 7:30,duncan arrived at the club.

He got out of the car.show the id man his ID,and went inside.

You'll never guess where he found courtney.

up on the club stage.

with bridgette,and gwen.

she began to sing:

Wake up in the morning
Feeling like P Diddy
[[ay what up girl]]
Grab my glasses
I'm out the door
I'm gonna hit the city
Before I leave
Brush my teeth with a
Bottle of Jack
Cause when I leave for
The night I aint coming back

then bridgette

I'm talking pedicure on our toes (toes)
Tryin on all our clothes (clothes)
Boys blowin up our phones (phones)
Drop topping, playing our 가장 좋아하는 CD's
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"Do 당신 think she's following us?"


"I won't! She thinks I'm cheating on her but making it seem like...she doesn't care when it's eating her inside out!"

"Duncan, get over yourself! You're not that hot!"

"Thanks for helping my self esteem!"

"Love 당신 too bro!" 

Duncan turned his head slightly to the left, and there she was, he had to admit that she was a good spy but, he saw her!

"Great! Courtney's here!"

"Just act as if she's not here."

"Fine, so where do 당신 think I should, well, 당신 know..."



"Um, well, first things first, 당신 gotta get permission from...
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