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“Did 당신 know that Yagami spelled backwards says ‘I’m a gay’?”

“Explain to me the logic behind MelloxNear, and I’ll give 당신 a million bucks.”

“Does 엘 ever change his clothes, 또는 is he just that crazy for giant white shirts and jeans? Really, wtf is up with that?...”

“The 질문 we all want answered: is Mello 또는 girl, 또는 does he just have really bad PMS?”

“Why did Light have to make everything so damn complicated? It wasn’t like we couldn’t tell he was gonna lose in the end… oh, did I just spoil something for you? Sorry… not.”

“Raise your hand if 당신 also...
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posted by nevenkastar
Dear Diary,
Monday, in the 다음 morning, I was still sleeping, but not in the bed. I was sleeping on the couch, but why? I know that I was sleeping with 엘 in his room. I really didnt know what happend. When I got up I saw a letter on the 표, 테이블 다음 to the couch. The letter was from L, I was shoked, It says:

"Hey, I know 당신 ask yourself why are 당신 on the 침상, 소파 and not in my bed, well I know I should tell your yesterday, but I knew that 당신 will get mad so I tell 당신 know. I want 당신 to keep our relationship a secret, I 사랑 you, but I think that would be bad for everyone to know. Im sorry!"

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No one has done something like this on here soooo I made this!

You know you're obsessed with Death Note when...

1.Apples are suddenly you're 가장 좋아하는 fruit
2.You sit 또는 try to sit like 엘 (it's very hard!)
3.You carry around a replica of the Death Note
4.You threaten people you'll write their name
5.You want 또는 have your friends/family call 당신 의해 the first letter of your name (example:Akemi=A)
6.You twirl your hair without even realizing it!
7.Solving puzzles are now your 가장 좋아하는 thing to do!
8.You throw an 사과, 애플 in the air to see if the shinigami catches it
9.He doesn't catch it so 당신 say something...
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1. see a man walking down the 거리 wearing a white 셔츠 with a red tie, and blondish hair, and 당신 kill him because 당신 think he's Light Yagami.

2. 당신 start sitting in a crouch position and keep eating sweets

3. 당신 are always threatening to write people's names in your Death Note

4. 당신 swear that guy 당신 saw on the 거리 is Yagami Light

5. 당신 start couting everything in %

6. 당신 start eating an excessive amount of sweets and believe 당신 will never get fat.

7. 당신 call your calender in school 'Death Note', and hope that kill the homeworks

8. 당신 sit like 엘 and badly fall from chair...

9. you...
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posted by Sasunaru120
1. The human whose name is written in this note shall die.

2. This note will not take effect unless the writer has the person’s face in their mind when 글쓰기 his/her name. Therefore, people sharing the same name will not be affected.

3. If the cause of death is written within 40 초 of 글쓰기 the person’s name, it will happen.

4. If the cause of death is not specified, the person will simply die of a 심장 attack.

5. After 글쓰기 the cause of death, details of the death should be written in the 다음 6 분 and 40 seconds.

How to Use: II

1. This note shall become the property of the...
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posted by WammysBoyzRock
엘 stood on the roof in the pouring rain, looking over the city of Tokyo, thinking about things...

"Oh! Sweetheart, there 당신 are!" Misa came up to him, smiling, holding an umbrella, "I've been looking for you," she held the umbrella over them both, "You know 당신 really shouldn't be out here in this weather, you'll catch cold!"

L smiled a little at her cheerfulness, "I'm sorry. Here is the only peaceful place I have to think."

"What're 당신 thinking about?"

"....Misa...there is a chance I won't make it through this case...if I don't, I want 당신 to take good care of Saki-"


L was taken back by...
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-There are spoilers inside of this article.-

It's been over a 월 since I finished the series, but now I've finally decided to post my entire thoughts on the series, in general.

To me, Death Note is a true masterpiece, but that isn't what this 기사 is about.

Moral lesson and good and evil is key in Death Note, and the show will always 질문 your own moral views, get 당신 thinking about it. No other 아니메 has done that for me, so I think of this one as special. Death Note is not a battle between the brains and moral views of Light and L, but 더 많이 of weighing out good and evil, itself.

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 Some bullets are made of silver.
Some bullets are made of silver.
Bloody life...
After that explosion, all I did was worry about Mello. I can't believe it... I myself don't know how he managed to deal with that singe. It was awful... My gunshots were not pleasant either, but, to be honest, I was 더 많이 worried about Mello than about me. Still, eight days later we were back in the game. After all this pain, I was 더 많이 determined than ever to defeat Near. I wanted the people to know who was the best.
We still had to do some things which could be considered embarrassing. Like hide in Halle Lidner's apartment. That woman did look normal, but there was something...
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posted by AnimeLNotLight
-You sit and hold things like L
-You wrote "Death Note" on your math notebook.
-You quote Light when eating potato chips.
-You spend hours looking at what character 당신 are.
-you're me
-You have an 사과, 애플 addiction.
-you actually look kinda like 엘 because 당신 stayed up all night binging the anime
-You like to take a potato chip... and EAT IT!
-You think like 엘 또는 Light.
-You 또는 your 프렌즈 can see 당신 with almost a blue/red aura.
-you named your roleplay character Kira
-you shrieked with joy when 당신 remembered your middle name starts with an L.
-You had a joint birthday with whichever character has the closest birthday to yours. (mines 엘 :)
That's all!
posted by krystylmomo
There have been various copycat crimes around the world which were based on Death Note. On September 28, 2007, two notes written with Latin characters stating "Watashi wa Kira desu" (わたしわきらです, meaning "I am Kira" in Japanese) were found near the unidentified remains of a Caucasian male in Belgium. Nothing was found on 또는 near the victim besides these two notes.[90] A senior at the Franklin Military Academy in Richmond, Virginia, United States was suspended after being caught possessing a replica "Death Note" notebook with the names of fellow students.[91]

In South Carolina, U.S....
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posted by nevenkastar
Dear Diary,
It is 2 weeks since me and 엘 are a couple. We were only together in his 집 not that I didnt like it to be with him, its just I wanted to go on a 날짜 with him.
"L ?"
"Mmmm...yes ?" He said when he was eating cake.
"Could we go on a 날짜 ?"
He started to choke, "What ? Why ?"
"Becuse we are always here in the house and we never gone out, only us alone ."
He get up and came closer to me, "Should that mean that 당신 don like to be with me ?"
"No its just...."
Before I could say something (BTW I didnt know what to say so) he kissed me (he do that very often)
"See 당신 dont need to out with me...
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Okay, This is my Death Note story, Its gonna be a chapter thing, I've written the 다음 chapter and I'll put it up soon.
I hope everyone likes it.
comment it and tell me what 당신 think.


“Liiiiiiiight!” Misa moaned “I don’t wanna go to 십자가, 크로스 Academy... I hear the people there are weirdos...” she said unhappily. “Yes I know 당신 don’t wanna go Misa, but it’s only gonna be until I’m finished with this case, and I bet you’d 사랑 it there, I herd there’s a lot of cute looking guys in the night and 일 class.” Light said as he paced in front of misa. Misa fell back into...
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posted by IllusionDolls
COPIED AND PASTED FROM: lyricsmode.com

Everlasting depression, this one page
Fleeting tactics, to those eyes
Without supplication, evil in law, connecting toward prison

Note with deadly poison, harboring fear at earthly desires
Incessant drool at delusional lies

Judgment, prattling on of crime unification
Who knows how to break the deadlock?

World of acquittal
Words of sanction

An acquired fever, truly "death pirates"
Redeem the game of law

Despair the Billy
Now, morals
Come, unstoppable eraser rain
Despair the Billy
Now, morals
Come, unstoppable eraser rain

Unstoppable eraser rain

Crimson-colored song of destruction...
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Watari has just passed away, for a moment, every thing was quiet. Matsuda yelled "Where did the shinigami go?!" "Good question, where is it?" Chief Yagami responded. S (my OC) was panicky, and 엘 knew it. "Everyone, The shiniga-" 엘 was stopped in the middle of his sentence. He dropped his spoon and fell lifelessly onto the floor. Light watched in terror, he picked up L's body. Matsuda yelled "Ryuzaki! what's wrong!?" 엘 seemed to stare off into the distance, then his eyes slowly closed. Shocked, Light yelled "Wake up!!! Come on Dang it! Don't 당신 die on me 당신 idiot!" He started to cry like he...
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posted by nevenkastar
Dear Diary...
Do I 사랑 him ? Does He 사랑 me ? Is that alright ? Isnt that wrong? So many 질문 becuse of one guy. Why, why me? Even though I broke up with Light and I dont have any feelings for 엘 (till now),why does my 심장 hurt when I see him, why does it hurt when I see L?? Do I have feelings for him, and if does he have feelings for me??
It was Saturday, my work has ended and the police crew was home. I (idiot) forgot my wallet, so I musted go back and take it. When I came to the police room, it was all dark (maybe becuse it was 10 pm in the night), except the TVs that someone was...
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posted by HeartsandCandy7
"Hey Near, have 당신 ever kissed anyone?"
The albino boy's eyes widened and he looked over at the redheaded boy, whose goggle covered eyes were still glued to the tiny DS screen.
"Excuse me?" Near's soft, serious, voice held a bit of surprise and confusion.
"I asked if you've ever kissed anyone. 당신 were real 인기 with the ladies back at Wammy's so I just assumed..."
"You're refuring to Linda," Near stated flatly, "I did not have realations with her."
"You sure?" Matt glanced up to see if Near was being serious, which of course with Near, he was always serious.
"Yes I am. And I have never kissed...
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posted by deathnote
He loves sweets (especially cakes), and insists that if he does not sit the way he does, his reasoning will drop 의해 40%. 엘 seems to be sort of a loner, and trusts no one (except Watari of course). 엘 is also a very animated character, his expressions are clearly visible unless he decides not to show them and doesn’t hide his true self behind a mask, like Light does (well at least personality wise).

Quick Stats
Knowledge: 8/10
Ability to Conceptualize: 10/10
Willingness to Act: 9/10
Motivation : 10/10
Social Life: 1/10
Person Fond of Sweets: 10/10

Personal Data
Real Name: 엘 Lawliet
Also Known As: L,...
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 The guy who defeated 엘 but 로스트 to an albino child
The guy who defeated L but lost to an albino child
Light Yagami, aka Kira, is supposedly this amazing evil genius. He defeated L, for crying out loud! So if L, the only person that could disputably take Batman's 제목 "world's greatest detective," 로스트 to Light Yagami, a stupid little kid like Near certainly should have. It would have been so easy, and so much 더 많이 like Light, if he had seen the simple answer in front of him and killed Near. First, he would give his underling his own false death note, instead of unknowingly allowing him to keep the one Near gave him. This false note would exist so that Light's name would be cleared without...
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당신 are LightE Kogami, currently incarcerated for the murder of your wife. This might be a plot hatched 의해 Locker, who has his own motives. Also, Locker has hired guards to make your life a hell in the prison. All the guards work for Locker now.

All of your actions will have a consequence in this game and 당신 need to think a few steps ahead to get out of the pinch.
What 당신 need to look up to the most in this game is the interrogation related chapter.
Clearing both outcomes of that will be difficult.

Game link: link
 당신 should think 더 많이 than twice.
You should think more than twice.
"What's wrong, Amane?" I asked in an unwillingly aggressive tone.
"You're gonna get into the fight, too?" she asked, her mouth again looking like a crater.
"That's because your boyfriend can't stand the truth! Be happy that I didn't start kicking 당신 in order to distract the others' attention!"
At this, Misa squeaked again and stepped backwards, trying to escape from my vicinity. But I turned, hearing L's voice again:
"Once is once. I'll have 당신 know that I'm quite strong."
엘 resisted the force from Light's 초 펀치 and did not 'take off'. Instead, he kicked Light in the same manner as...
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