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Lusamine gave me props for my comments
Wow, thank 당신 so much for handling this so well! I'm really happy that you're so accepting. You're pretty mature yourself. I had a feeling I could trust 당신 with knowing my beliefs. The rest of my family is atheist, so they don't follow any religion. I used to be atheist too until just recently. I was Christian as a child but I stopped believing so fast. XD Christians 스톨, 훔친 Easter, Halloween, and Christmas. 게시됨 1 day ago
Lusamine commented…
할로윈 was actually originally called Samhain (pronounced soh-WEEN) and was meant to honor the harvest and appreciate nature. When Christians 스톨, 훔친 it-- 당신 know how we dress up in scary costumes on Halloween? Historically, we dressed up as witches to make fun of them. That's why they took it. Easter was originally called Ostara (oh-STAR-ah). Easter and 크리스마스 had nothing to do with Christianity. It was originally about family and giving gifts to others. Those holidays still do involve family and giving gifts, but they lied and turned it into God stuff. -_- There's nothing wrong with being Christian, but I hate that people celebrate holidays that aren't theirs and make fun of us doing it, 당신 know? 1 day ago
Karoii-chan gave me props for my images
Hello there, I think your current 프로필 picture is rather cute! <3 게시됨 1 day ago
Lusamine gave me props for my comments
Now I'm curious as to how cringey it really is, so I need to hear it! XD Pagan Witchcraft, also known as Wicca, is the practice of performing spells for everyday life using the magick all living things are born with. The idea is: Everyone is born with magick (not magic, magicK, because magic is just 표, 테이블 tricks while magick is 더 많이 feasible). We all have natural magick powers from the God 또는 Gods we believe in. (We can believe whatever we want really). 게시됨 5 days ago
Lusamine commented…
We just don't know about our magick because we 봉인, 인감 it away when we become distracted 의해 the struggles of everyday life. Wicca is designed for us to "reconnect" with our powers and use them to make other people's and our own lives better. However, it is strictly forbidden to use it at the expense of someone else. That's called black magick, and you're exiled for that. Killing a living thing for a spell also causes 당신 to be "impure". But this magick has NOTHING to do with sparkles and bunnies out of 상단, 맨 위로 hats and shit. It's 더 많이 of self-help and empowerment using ingredients from nature, like herbs and gemstones. Even the most common things like acorns have magickal properties. Sorry to rant like this!!! I really appreciate your curiosity and acceptance. We aren't a conversion religion so 당신 don't have to worry about me forcing my beliefs on 당신 또는 anything. I'm just explaining it from the historical perspective. 5 days ago
Lusamine commented…
Christians have stolen most of our holidays and crucified us throughout history, but we have no resentment towards modern-day Christians because they're rarely like that now. 5 days ago