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posted by ProfSnape
    Severus and James, very awkwardly and tiredly, dug a hole laboriously with their hands, and buried their wand in the dirt. Both their minds at a breaking point, and feeling so vulnerable, they 제출됨 themselves and walked inside.

    “Uhm… Lily?”
    James was a bit shocked when Lily caught up to him outside. She looked very angry. “I can’t believe you. Why can’t 당신 just leave it alone?”
    “Leave… what?” James thought about how he had punched…...
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posted by Bluekait
Alright guys, I got EXTREMELY bored and I finished watching Ghostbusters (1 and 2). So I wrote a fanfiction of Ghostbusters on This is the first chapter. I want to see if 당신 guys like this chapter before giving 당신 the 초 chapter. Enjoy!

Elisabeth Marpoe recently graduated college and moved to New York City to live out her dream of acting. She moved into a apartment complex in Central Park West. As she moved into her apartment, she found a box in her bedroom closet. "What a beautiful box! Why...
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posted by Bluekait
It feels like I seen this before. I continue to trick the voice. I got off his lap and turned invisible. He got up too. "Where are 당신 going?" I turned to him. "I am going back to bed. I got school tommorrow," I explained. I reached for the door and left. I couldn't explain what I did there but I am pretty sure that I brung him closer to me. I went to 침대 and wait till the morning comes. The rays of the sun peeked through the windows and on to my eyeballs. It hurts. I opened my eyes and the first thing I saw was another note on my nightstand. I didn't have the time to read it. It was too early...
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    Severus Snape sat on the bench, leaving himself 로스트 in his own imagination. Crowds of people stumbled past each other, 더 많이 people than he’d ever been accustomed to. He lived in a small town, and when he got out of the house it was never to socialize.
    But it was going to change. He’d recently been offered a job teaching in one of America’s finest universities, as he already had two doctors in mathematics and humanities, and he was now working on another for biology, just for amusement, just to pass the time.
    You see,...
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Authors Note: Make sure 당신 read the 기사 'Smile Bloody' 게시됨 의해 Ruby to understand this one! xD
"Elle Wait!" Zeke shouted after her but she kept walking as if he wasn't even there,until he gripped her 의해 the wrist spun her round and pulled her close, "I'm sorry" he whispered his blue eyes shining. "I don't forgive you!" she snapped trying to free herself from his grip,but that only made him grip her wrist tighter causing pain to slowly seep in her. "Please Elle,I didn't mean it-" he began innocently but she cut him of 의해 giving...
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posted by dragonsmemory
((This one is guaranteed to be funny, if 당신 remember SS at all.
So, what happens when history repeats itself?))

Three first years lounged around the lake, celebrating the end of exams. One was a girl with thick dark brown hair. She was leaning against the 트렁크 of thed old oak tree, her nose buried in a thick book.
The 초 of the trio was a boy, who had his arm around the girl's shoulders. He was also staring at the book. He was rather small and skinny, with round glasses, untidy black hair, and a spattering of freckles across his face.
The last of the three was 더 많이 on the handsome side,...
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posted by ProfSnape
-Thomas was once in a stalking phase, which ended when he found his way into Severus's house, and became so excited he passed out. Severus had thought Thomas dead, and for a moment was unsure what to do with the body. When Severus had his back turned Thomas apparated off...

-Henry may not look it, but he loves to read. He's a major 팬 of Twilight and the Hunger Games, and has a great crossover in his head he's still planning out. He hates watching movies.

-Gautier has saved Jacob from an angry Hippogriff, and broke several 본즈 in the process. The others realized Gautier does 사랑 them, though...
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    “That’s it. I’m leaving FanPop. I can’t stand everyone being so rude!”
    “Calm down, Severus.”
    “Find your peace, brother.”
    “Honestly. I’m really leaving.”
    “Maybe… maybe 당신 just need a break from them.”
    “You need time to relax.”
    “Blah blah blah…”
    “Alright. I suppose… I suppose I’ll miss them if I’m gone, but I do need to take...
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Author's note: Just imagine this little 드라미오네 moment happened in the HBP movie and book, It's written from Hermione's PoV.
I shoved my way through the Gryfinndors in the victory party to congratulate Ron for winning their Qudditch Match against Slytherin. But when I saw him he was snogging with none other than that Daft Dimbo Lavender Brown and he seemed happy about it! I couldn't take the sight anymore so I sprinted away thinking that no one had noticed.

As soon as I was out of the common room I ran as far away as I could from...
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Author's note: Make sure you've read Ruby's 기사 'Madman' in order to understand this short story which takes place in the the early 1990s.

Notice: None of the following is true,the characters
Bobby,Wayne,Maggie and Angie
Are all fictional.
The cold air whipped their faces as the four drunkly wobbled to the outskirts of their town and on their way they sung songs with messed up and wrong lyrics cursing and swearing at anything in their way.

They were walking past the woods when one of them who's name was Bobby halted to a...
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posted by Bluekait
Many, many years ago, there was a old farmer who lived on a farm with his wife and two kids. The old farmer would beat his wife and did even worse to his kids whenever he felt like it. He would drink at the same bar every nighand pick fights with other customers.

One night, the old farmer finally snapped. He went to the stable to grab an axe. He went back to the house and quietly walk into his own bedroom; He beheaded his wife. The thirst of blood and murder grew. He went to his son's room and chopped him into tiny pieces, which was scattered everywhere. Finally, he went into his daughter's room and gutted her.

As soon as he knew what he has done, the old farmer went to the stable and hung himself to death.

당신 shouldn't go near any woods 또는 a large wooded area and say "Madman Mars" loud enough to have him hear. They say that he is still wondering, looking people to kill. 당신 might be one of them.
posted by ProfSnape
    They had already shut their eyes, hearts slow and breaths raspy. Gradually, the mist came out of their eyes, mouths, ears and noses, showing friendship and love.
    Now they were brothers, and could die in peace.

    Severus Snape looked up at the Fat Lady portrait, who was eyeing him warily.
    “Uhm… Draught of Living Death?”
    “Nope.” She furrowed her brow. He looked around, as though he could find some sort of clue. “No password, no entry.”
    “I get...
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posted by ProfSnape
    “You loved her, didn’t you?” James asked, his eyelids heavy as he buried himself in the 겨울왕국 grass.
    Severus snickered. “What’s love?” And, very slowly, the snow began to fall, ready to kill the trees and keep the boys from sleeping.

    It was unreal. It took a very long time as both boys sat on their bed, refusing to look at each other, as reality sunk into their hearts.
    They had switched bodies.
    However, it is nearly impossible to stay shocked for too long, and James...
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posted by ProfSnape
    Once upon a time, so very long ago, there was a dark, secretive cauldron, which was used 의해 Death and Death alone. For 당신 see, he was the Great Potions Master, and he used his knowledge and skill to reign his power over wizards and muggles alike, for he does not discriminate.
    It is said that on his shelf are the flasks that carry every human life. When one died, he’d pour it straight into the cauldron, used for the potion that would never be done brewing.
    There is also a myth that the human lives may intertwine, often...
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posted by Bluekait
The rules are simple. Just read the picture (below) and 코멘트 the results. If 당신 don't have a Ipod, 당신 can use radios, Spotify, CDs, and 당신 can look them up. Remember, don't lie. Here's mine:

I'm all dressed up with nowhere to go

When the lights go out

Life's been so good to me

This is someone else's story

Over time I've come to feel

With sadness in my 심장 and joy in my mind

This is not the first time 당신 tried to get away

Born for trouble, poised for action

동물 came from miles around

Everyone says sooner 또는 later you'll reach the end of the line
posted by ProfSnape
    It was a very warm night, and James Potter had decided to enjoy himself, and walked along the Hogwarts fields with his invisibility cloak. The moon was full and bright, illuminating everything to a perfect wonder.
    The mood was ruined when he saw the moon blocked 의해 a human figure, who was hanging to a 비, 빗자루 with his robes, bare back and underwear exposed in the process. It was skinny, the hair short and stringy, and the nose unmistakable. Occasionally Snape would reach backward to try to find the pocket, but always failed. But James could see the...
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posted by simpleplan
I so going to start write songs again X3

This is kind of like a song version on Neville's speech in DH part 2. I do not have a clue what I wrote it but I hope 당신 enjoy it.

Hold up your glasses it’s over and done
We fought and we fell but that not good enough
People die every 일 but we can’t let them die in vain
We try to keep moving, we try to keep fighting
Just one 더 많이 step closer to the ending
If we mess it up give it one 더 많이 tries
There just no game over were done
At least not tell we have won
We can lose everything
But that’s not going to stop us now
We can’t just walk away from the crimes that 당신 done
Voldemort 당신 going down
And way 당신 can stop us
당신 can’t break us down
((When Albus is feeling down on May 2, who would be better to lighten his mood than his family and friends?))
The black lake has always been a feature of the Hogwarts grounds. The giant squid would surface on warm days and allow students to tickle its tentacles. Deepl below the surface were other creatures: merpeople and grindylows especially. But there was one particular feature of the lake that not many students knew of; the dark water was highly reflective, and could show one one's reflection.
It was a warm 일 in May. Quite a few students had brought their studying outside. Of course, James...
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The Sorting Hat has placed 당신 in Ravenclaw

New from J.K. Rowling

Congratulations! I’m Prefect Robert Hilliard, and I’m delighted to welcome 당신 to RAVENCLAW HOUSE. Our emblem is the eagle, which soars where others cannot climb; our house 색깔 are blue and bronze, and our common room is found at the 상단, 맨 위로 of Ravenclaw Tower, behind a door with an 마법에 걸린 사랑 knocker. The arched windows set into the walls of our circular common room look down at the school grounds: the lake, the Forbidden Forest, the Quidditch pitch and the Herbology gardens. No other house in the school has such stunning views....
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posted by Bluekait
This is my 팬 fiction of Nightmare Before Christmas. So far, I have 2 chapters to this story and currently working on the 3rd.

If 당신 want the rest, here's the link: link

Kaitlyn is an explorer. She loves to explore the woods behind her home. One day, her parents said they are going out on a two-month vacation and she'll be 집 alone. Kaitlyn is fine with it. The 다음 day, she decided to walk in the woods. She came to a place where she hasn't been before. It was a 원, 동그라미 of trees and each 나무, 트리 has a door with a certain holiday...
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