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(SCENE: Local Park)

Mordecai the blue 어치, 제이 and his best friend Rigby the raccoon were at the local park, where the two worked as groundskeepers. The two were raking the leaves. It was a chilly autumn day.

Rigby :(shivering slightly) "Dude, its freezing!I can't believe Benson's making us rake the leaves! It must be like , negative something!"

Mordecai: (shivering harder) "D-Dude, were almost d-done."

Rigby:" Oh, dude! I'll get jackets for both of us form inside the house! 당신 turning into a Popsicle!"

Mordecai got cold very easily, and his blue wings were hunched together and his long, slender...
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"Woooo-hoo!" Rigby yelled as the wind blew through his fur. Mordecai swerved back and forth on the golf 카트 as he sped down the road with all that the golf 카트 had.
"Dude, this Beast drink is the bomb!" Rigby exclaimed, sticking his head out the side of the golf 카트 as he took a giant gulp of the purple energy drink. "Where'd 당신 get it?"
"The attic!" Mordecai replied, popping a wheelie as he cracked open another tall can. "Benson keeps some crazy drinks up there!"

"Aww yeah!! Let's get this party started!" Exclaimed muscle man as he opened the door to at least a hundred people. "Bro,...
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