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patrisha727 posted on Feb 10, 2010 at 12:00AM
So I think that most of you guys have been wondering where I have been. I haven't been on this site as often as I have in the Summer of 2009. I'm am still working on my story on The Other Side of the Realm, but not just as often.

I am mostly on these days if you guys are wondering. I have been posting more of the chapters and stories on that site instead. It's a lot more organized that way.

If you guys have a account, want ideas to write a story, or just want something good to read, head to my profile page, and if you want to look up good quality stories, scroll down and click the tap of "favorite stories".

Link of profile page:

I won't be leaving fanpop! See ya!


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over a year ago _Kristina_ said…
I guess i will have to make a fanfiction account, coz i need to read, lol :D
over a year ago Princesscullen said…
I have a fanfiction account im XxVampireandwitchlover101Xx and I spend most my time on it