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A lot of people say life isn't complete without friendships. That 당신 can't get through life's toughest challenges without the support of 프렌즈 의해 your side. In the past two years I have discovered for myself how true those sayings really are. Since finishing high school I haven't had a lot of close friendships, 또는 much social interaction with others. All I really wanted was to have a close friend again.

It was late 2012...and I'll never forget it. I was at the stage of trying to buy a new car, but I didn't know how to pick out a reliable one 또는 even what to look for. One of my mum's friends,...
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 Me and Shada's hands
Me and Shada's hands
Once there was a girl named...Abby,This is her life.

Mom:Honey WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!
Abby:Whoa what??
Mom:Time for sixth grade!
Abby:Oh yeah!!

I got dressed in a 셔츠 with a 심장 made with hands.I ran downstairs,ate breakfast....Walked to school...At least I could see my friend,Shada.
Me:I missed 당신 so bad!!!
Shada:Lets go!!
I ran to class...Or tried....
Shada:Ask if 당신 can come over later!
Me:But wont it be crowded?You know,in a tiny apartment?
Shada:We'll be outside!!
Me:K!See ya Shada!
 My 셔츠
My shirt
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posted by HaleyDewit
I'm lying in my bed
As tears roll over my face
I'm staring at the ceiling
Wondering if anyone up there can hear my prayers

Even though we could never be I still want no one else
Guess it's gonna be a lifetime with no one but myself
Unless I

Take a chance and take a trip to the UK
Tell 당신 face to face
That you're the only one for me
It would take a lot of courage
But nothing's asked too much
If it bring me to the one I need
'Cause 당신 belong with me

But as I think it over
You might turn me down and tell me to look elsewhere
And my 심장 will break
But of that 당신 won't be aware

Tears leave my eyes but you...
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posted by HaleyDewit
Daddy thinks I’m afraid
I’m afraid of never finding a 사랑 that fits me
Well, he’s right in a way
Because everyday I fear 더 많이 that we will never be

I’m zoning out on 당신 and I can’t breathe
You’re haunting my thoughts so I can’t sleep
And even though I know we could never be
I don’t wanna lose this fantasy

Can I just close my eyes
And imagine 당신 are 다음 to me
Can I just pretend my life
to be so much 더 많이 than it seems
Can I just ignore the pain
Can I please 십자가, 크로스 your way
It’s so hard to keep it inside
I just wanna 사랑 you, can I

Mommy mocks the fact I once
I once loved 당신 but doesn’t...
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posted by HaleyDewit
I don’t want to look into your eyes
I don’t want to hear your name
I don’t want to talk about you
If we can’t be endgame
I’ve tried to forget about you
I fell in 사랑 quite some times
But 당신 are the only one
Who always stayed in the back of my mind

But I know
It’s impossible, this fantasy
I should let go if I know what’s good for me
I could try to pretend 당신 don’t exist
But I doubt that’s gonna change things one bit
It doesn’t matter if this is true love
Because sometimes that is just not enough

I don’t want to cry each time
I come to realize
That this dream of 당신 and I
Will never come...
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