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ilovemusic12345 said about
I order all the coolest Taylor 빠른, 스위프트 things on Amazon! Its amazong! (amazing) 게시됨 over a year ago
ilovemusic12345 said about 핫초콜릿
What do 당신 get when 당신 put hot and 초콜릿 together? The delecious hot chocolate! (of course 당신 do have to put the and delecious at the begining of it) 게시됨 over a year ago
i dont think this is exactly 팬팝 'kids' 게시됨 over a year ago
ilovemusic12345 commented…
its not 팬팝 kids cuz kids ages are 5-12 and this is 15 and over so i say that it should be usable for 8 and over over a year ago
ilovemusic12345 commented…
Post a 코멘트 if u agree with me 또는 like it over a year ago
Egypt105 commented…
i 사랑 음악 already knows that over a year ago