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It was another autumn 일 at Gotham Academy, it was Janice & Selena Teresa Gaenon’s first 일 at the school, they were really nervous but excited at the same time, then they met Artemis’ friend, Bette who was actually Gotham Academy’s welcoming committee, she greeted & welcomed them to the school, but all of a sudden, when they walked into the courtyard, the sisters noticed a red haired girl & 4 ebony haired boys, then they leaned over to Bette & asked,”Bette, who’s that over there?” Bette said,”what? Oh! 당신 mean over there?” the sisters nodded & Selena...
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Chapter Two- "Second Date"


"That was the mission, Wally." Nightwing said, walking into the room and smirking. "Jealous?"

"What?" Wally sputtered. "No! I just don't think she should be going out with a rich piece of slime!"

Nightwing looked hurt.

"Sorry, dude."

"Was and Is the mission." 배트맨 said as the computer recognized his arrival. "Revenge doesn't know how deep this runs. The assassination attempt on Grant was merely a face put on 의해 the League of Shadows."

Artemis raised an eyebrow. "Grant seemed fine for a guy that had almost died."...
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A little head stron,
I was bitter,
I always wondered what was wrong with me,

It will always be like this forever.
Forever and ever with-a no lover,
I guess we could say i just wasnt made to love!
Forever an' ever,
I just wasnt made to love!
(end of chorus)

I never fell in love,
Just crushes along the years,
I aint scared of much,
But i gues 사랑 is something i'm scared of,I fear!
Everybodys asked if i've ever been in love,
Buts 사랑 just wasnt meant for me.
Can't 당신 tell,
WHy dont 당신 see?


Everbody tells me i'm lying,
Bu I know the truth,
I dont need no slueth to tell me,
Why doesnt anyone believe?


사랑 want meant for me!

"Your father... ugh. Thinking about him makes me shudder. And yet, he was so handsome." Dick and Kyra gagged. Ivy glared. "Do 당신 want to be dead now 또는 later?" The two twins instantly stopped, and the villainess continued. "Good. Anyways, he created such... nasty, air-polluting machines. And I wanted to fix that. So one day, I crashed one of his showings to stop him, and he-he rejected my idea! Just rejected it! So I went back to my lab- I work with plants, 당신 see, and I was looking to create the perfect living carnivorous plant. But something went-"
"Wrong and 당신 messed up the chemicals,...
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Kyra woke up with an itch on her leg and her hands on her back. She scoffed, disgruntled, and leaned back against another warm figure. "This is why I need to carry a switchblade with me at all times, Dad," she muttered. Behind her, Dick chuckled softly.
Feeling the bindings on her wrists, she found the material was rough and thick, but was also cold. It was rope, but not a normal rope. It was made of something like steel. Kyra have to look at it to actually see it, though. But for now, she simply sat there, awkwardly tied to her brother, on... what was this? A boat? For once she took in her...
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Just a prologue quickie fanfic that acts as a prologue for Revenge of the Soviets


Robin was thankful when Revenge arrived. He could always somehow manage to keep the two lovebirds from destroying the Cave.

So naturally the first words out of his mouth were "Robin, I need your help with something."

"Get rid of them." Robin said, jerking his thumb over his back without looking up from his keyboard. "Then I'll help 당신 as best I can."

Revenge sighed and walked into the training room where Artemis and Wally were arguing.

"That was illegal!" Wally said.

"Was not!" Artemis yelled back. "That was...
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“I don’t know, Artemis. It’s just not my style…” I started away
“I didn’t want to half to do this, but 당신 leave me no choice” she took a deep breath “If 당신 don’t stay, I will tell Wally the real reason 당신 left is because 당신 are hopelessly in 사랑 with him and 당신 couldn’t bare the thought of seeing him get hurt on a mission” I stopped dead in my tracks.
“You wouldn’t” I said, turning back to her.
“I would” she nodded
“You’re bluffing” I smirked
“Oh really?” she asked with a smirk “Wally!” she yelled loudly. He came running.
“What?!” he demanded...
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Artemis slowly opened her eyes and the alarm clock came into her view. 9:23 AM the red letters read. Moaning she laid her head back on her pillow. Moments later she shot up sending her long blonde hair flying. She flung off the white covers, shoved her feet into her slippers and threw her fluffy, sky blue 옷, 가운 on.
9:23 AM is early for most sixteen 년 olds, but not Artemis. For Artemis anything past eight is late. When she was growing up her dad would surprise her with early morning wake ups, so she just naturally wakes up early now. She wakes up hours before her fellow team mates, but today...
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"Where's my tie?" Robin ran around the house throwing clothes in the air. Bruce entered the room an ironed tie in his hand.
"Alfred was ironing it as 당신 asked" Robin gave a sigh of relief and snatched the tie off his mentor. He fixed his 칼라 and pulled his 재킷, 자 켓 on.
"Would 당신 mind sparing me 20 bucks?" the teenager asked putting his hand out.
"Why?" Bruce began to take out his wallet.
"Just canteen food" Bruce put his wallet back in his pocket.
"Oh! What gives?!" Robin cried. He looked at the clock. "Come on just 20 bucks. Please 또는 I'll be late!" he put out his hand again.
"Where are 당신 really...
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Chapter 4: Two Sides to Every Story

Robin sat crouched on a gargoyle of one of Gotham's many tall buildings. He stared down at the city with narrowed eyes, waiting for some sort of chaos to happen. Cars zoomed left and right on the streets and pedestrians shuffled on the sidewalks.

"Having fun?"

Robin pulled a 배트맨 and didn't even have to look to see who it was. He'd recognize that voice anywhere. "Batgirl," he said curtly. "You shouldn't be out here."

Batgirl, standing on the ledge, leaned against the building wall. "Why should I let 당신 and the old Bat have all the fun?" She plopped...
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