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"Sleep for a while. 당신 might get better…" Flora whispered. She closed the door and tiptoed into the common room. The others glanced at Flora as she sat down on a chair. "So… how is she?" Stella asked. "Fine. I don't know her name yet… but, maybe tomorrow she will answer my questions." Flora responded. "I hope she gets better soon." Bloom said.

The winx had been at 집 for ages. Age's means after what they found at the 마법에 걸린 사랑 forest. Mrs Faragonda had set them a mission. They were supposed to look for a very special flower, the 꽃 of destiny. Anything they desired would appear...
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posted by musa123s
One afternoon
Bloom-hey 당신 guys
Musa-hey bloom what's wrong
Bloom - I can't find Stella
Aisha- I saw her walking outside into the forest an 시간 ago
Tenca- let's go find her it's almost dark
All the winx go outside
Flora- Aisha did u see where she went?
Roxy- let's 스플릿, 분할 up me bloom flora will check on on one side and the rest of u check the other side ok
All the girls nod their heads
Musa tenca and Aisha
Musa- let's call her she might have her phone
Tenca calls Stella and Aisha hears Stella's phone on a 부시, 부시 대통령은
Aisha- omg Stella's phone Stella never leaves it
Roxy flora and bloom
Flora- we better find her quick it getting super dark
Roxy- it's ok we will find her quick
Bloom screems
Roxy and flora go to her
Both of them said -Blooms what's wrong
Blooms points to a piece of clothes with a little blood on it
To be contuied