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fun episode!
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This song always makes me cry... <3
veggie tales
VeggieTales - Super Hero - VeggieTales Silly Songs With Larry
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Jsjsjejjejehehshshshhsd a good time for 당신 to get 집 to see you
Some idiot 게시됨 a bunch of stuff about a new LarryBoy movie hitting the big screen. Now, other people are starting to post it in others places. If 당신 read up on it and research stuff on it, 당신 will see it is very un-belivable. Plus, the story-line is incredibly stupid. A big bunch of new kids randomly come to school as LarryBoy randomly makes 프렌즈 with a robot who turns evil and LarryBoy has to make them become 프렌즈 again.........

I mean, the story-line sounds like "The Iron Giant," just worse in every way. I 사랑 VeggieTales, but if they DO make a LarrBoy Feature-Film, I don't think...
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