Twilighters Team Edward vs. Team Jacob who’s team are 당신 on?

XEdward_LoverX posted on Apr 13, 2010 at 02:13PM
Ok guys I was wondering is it hard to choose between Edward and Jacob? I would love to have everyone’s opinion on this topic.
Ok for you Jacob fans why do you like him? Is it his personality his body or something else? Do you think Jacob truly loves Bella or do you think he wanted her to stay away from Edward? Were you mad at him when he imprinted on renesmee? Do you hate Edward? Do you think Bella made the wrong choice?
Ok Edward fans do you like Edward because of his personality, charm, his love for Bella or just because he is a vampire and he can sparkle? Were you made at him for leaving? Were you always team Edward or did you change your mind after reading the books? Do you hate Jacob and that’s why your team Edward?
I want this to be fun for everyone and to express everyone’s opinion on this topic. Hope you have fun discussing this :D...

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over a year ago iemand said…
well actually im team Jasper (**,)
but if I have to choose between Edward or Jacob, then i choose Jacob, He seems really rude and all, but i think if you have a friend like that then you should be very thankful, he's someone that you know no matter what he'll always be with you and help you through everything. A really good friend.