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 당신 could see it in his eyes.... that he really truly loved Kristen.
You could see it in his eyes.... that he really truly loved Kristen.
Please keep in mind that some of this is my opinion and from what I've read.I'm not trying to convince anybody.Everybody has their own opinion, so please respect mine.

Yes. I feel cheated 의해 Kristen Stewart,(Not quite in the same way as Rob, of course, but cheated nonetheless.)I really can't believe she would do this.I was very shocked when I read about all this.
I feel very disappointed in K-Stew.The reason is, because of both Liberty Ross and Rob. “[Kristen] was my number one choice,” Liberty said of the Snow White actress. “I think there is no better Snow White in my opinion. She is...
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posted by kristenfan10109
I sang this song in choir my sophomore 년 maybe it will help 당신 keep strong and have faith in Robsten

The Rose,
Some say 사랑 it is a river that drowns the tender reed,
Some says 사랑 it is a razor that leaves your soul to bleed
Some say 사랑 it hunger is an endless aching need
It's the one who won't be taken who can not seem to give
And the soul afraid of dying never that learns to live;

When the night has been to lonely and the road seems to long and 당신 think that is only for the lucky the strong;

Just remember far the winter snow, lies the seed that with the suns 사랑 becomes the rose the rose
posted by emmaliecullen18
Emmett's POv.

The third vampire had apparently wanted competition and went for me...my vision started to blur and I couldn't remember the rest!

Carlisle's POV.

"Emmett!" I shrieked, unable to control myself. He had under estimated the vamps and went for two out of the three. He was almost done with the first one when the 초 dog bit him on his arm.Out of the corner of my eyes I saw Jasper applying every ounce of energy left in his body to control the moods. It was clearly taking toll on him. Edward was nowhere to be seen. Alice was taking care of the 초 body when suddenly the third...
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I just wanted to thank The Twilight Cast for everything. For making the last four ir soon to be five years of my life a miracle, a fairy tale...and just amazing but most of all I have to thank Stephenie Meyer. If it werent for her there would be no Twilight and there wouldnt be this amazing fanbase that I believe will never let Twilight go. It will always be with us no matter what, no matter what people say dont listen to them because I believe we can keep Twilight alive! People will not forget about this amazing series, this amazing cast and these amazing people we call our idols...and our...
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“Extra’s” Ben Lyons headed down to San Diego for the first 일 at the Con, where the “Twilight” frenzy began four years ago. He caught up with Stewart and Pattinson, chatted about “Breaking Dawn, Part 2” -- and whether they’ll ever work together again now that’s it over.

Stewart told Lyons, “Oh dude, we will work together again. And I'm not being coy, but sometimes I have a few actors that I worked with before that I'm like, ‘We have to keep doing this together’ and he's definitely one of them.”

Pattinson, who has been 글쓰기 scripts on the side, concurred. “I would...
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posted by emmaliecullen18
( Yipieee!!! completed a 월 here on fanpop!! :* ..LUV IT )

Emmett's POV.
Dear Lord,

You 사랑 playing games...especially chess. Let me remind 당신 Lord that chess requires a sharp mind and a focused player. Let me also remind 당신 that I have and am none of it. 당신 sure have given me...

Love Check Mate....

Help me! -------Yours lovingly

Stupid Child.

I was thinking on how to tackle the 뱀파이어 if there were 더 많이 than we expected when suddenly Edward's cranky voice boomed in my room.HuH! and Rose said that he had velvet voice...whatever. "HEY EMMETT" He shouted at the 상단, 맨 위로 of his lungs.These...
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Emmett's POV.

All I ---- “Jasper!!!!” Alice's shriek cut me off. Tough Love.

“What is it ?” Jasper asked in a very Devil – May – Care voice. Why such drastic change with the remote control….I thought to myself. Must be another vision. “Holy Shit!” was all that came from my mouth along with a few profanities that would’ve got me in trouble if Esme 또는 Carlisle had heard them. What I saw was totally umm…ah..aa…unrelated to what I thought. There were clothes all over the place and I swear I could not see the flooring of the room which was covered 의해 6 – inch heels (minimum...
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posted by Renesmee_08
저기요 guys! I know its been so long since I haven't written any article.So here 당신 go!:) Thanks for reading!

Chapter 2 : Birthday.

I was trying desperately to not let myself fill my mind with hope and excitement.I was imagining how we would celebrate.School zoomed 의해 quickly. I paid hardly any attention to teacher.My mind was not at school..but far away,at home.Once class ended I ran 집 as fast as I could.I ran inside the lovely house and hugged my mother..Suddenly, I noticed my mom held me in a tight embrace.Something just wasn't right. "Sweetheart, Edward, your father couldn't make it today.He...
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posted by 2468244
Hey, 저기요 what to say
In attempt to stop me on this given day
And oh, don't live in fear
Said the neighbor that visits here

Uh, it's gonna take the stars to convince me
To prepare 또는 to be far when it hits me
You been here then 당신 be gone in a new speed
You a roam just from the room and it gets me
Chicka-ah chicka-ah chika I want you
Butterflies, 나비 they gonna haunt you
In a nice way, 저기요 당신 have a nice day
And we both part ways and 당신 feel hardly safe
Expect change and 당신 protect names
And 당신 say emotions gonna be the exchange
For all the 연인들 in the house tonight
If 당신 feeling good than...
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posted by emmaliecullen18
Emmett’s POV.

“I know where she is. He has change the place but it is nearer ” said the Pixie.
All I wanted. Why is God in lets – piss – Emmett – Off mood.

I couldn’t hide my nervousness and excitement both. Nervousness because we didn’t know if he had a backup plan and excitement because I’ll finally get to meet Rose. Somewhere in my 심장 I felt that some ultimate power did exist and also for the first time I felt that we were against the nature. I cannot afford to be distracted, I reminded myself. From where are these weird godly thoughts coming anyway? Separation side –...
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posted by pompeybabe
[This is just my opinion, not meaning to offend anyone 또는 piss anyone off. This is just how I feel.]

There's so much crap on the internet regarding Bella 백조 being a terrible, undeveloped, idiotic character. Maybe some of that is true ... I'm not sure. I try not to discuss Stephenie Meyer's 글쓰기 skills too much because I end up screaming at people but she isn't the best, admit it.

Anyway, I personally 사랑 Bella Swan. I am incredibly fed up and aggravated 의해 the idea that women nowadays have to know some kind of immense self-defense 또는 have a super power to be considered a powerful female...
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posted by emmaliecullen18
Emmett's POV.

Just two hours 이전 this little pixie and her tail were such a pain in the 나귀, 엉덩이 and now they were the most precious clues I had to get near my Rose We all knew how helpless we were but didn’t want to admit it. So much that I still couldn’t believe that Rose was taken away…..it had been 19 hours and 13min exactly from the time I heard the window pane break. NO….it wasn’t the window..it was MY HEART. Pixie had no vision from that time and it was getting even harder to 곰 the gap. The blonde guy was even weirder…he looked at all of us like we were going to eat him up...
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posted by emmaliecullen18

Edward's POV

If 2 days before someone had come up to me and said that Em's dad was an asshole and that Rosa would be kidnapped let alone 의해 Royce the sucker, I would've thought that the person is definitely some mix breed of some werewolf and a mentally challenged human.(I mean both lack common sense...) Well......considering the current situation everything seemed like a new mystery box. Like a never - ending maze. For now we can do nothing for the fear of Rose's immortality(they live forever ,duh! )
The letter said tha -----

"Emmett stop!! What are 당신 trying to prove son??...
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posted by emmaliecullen18
Emmett's POV.

"My 심장 broke into a million pieces."

Finally Emmett, I have my Rose with me 의해 my side. If 당신 even dare to try to get her back, I assure 당신 that I WILL AWARD 당신 WITH HER ASHES ,Rosalie is none of your business now, 당신 moron. I know your truth, the truth that will end your so lovey - dovey relationship and turn it into a cold war in absolutely no time.Be sure of that. My mouth will remain shut till 당신 don't dare to follow us. She is mine Forever.MINE. Forget her for the rest of the eternity.


I growled loudly while 읽기 the last 2 lines. 'She's mine Forever....
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posted by WaterLestrange
Is this ridiculous 또는 what? And will 당신 help?

( This is mostly for people who go on and have heard of the site called Fanfiction.net. My friend asked me to do this )

*This is not spam nor a joke

IMPORTANT: Fan-fiction is deleting
stories than contain yaoi, yuri, lemons, violence, stories based on songs, and any story on the site. My friend is organizing a Black Out Day. On June 23rd(according to GTM timing, so that we know we're doing it together), do NOT go onto fan-fiction. Don't read, don't review don't message your friends, don't update. If
enough people participate, then the site will...
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posted by emmaliecullen18
Emmett's POV.

"I know there is 더 많이 to it than just that" She whispered.

I looked into her eyes. One of the purest shade of gold.Loving. How can I hurt my mother like this. My wife,my love..my...my family. These people have given me all the 사랑 and happiness that I longed for.I sighed heavily and continued "Mom , it's nothing. Nothing 당신 should worry about. I know that I've got myself in a mess, but please don't overreact." I studied her hoping she would buy it.Obviously not.She drew her hands from her hands lightly from my hair and patted my a cheek."Please feel free to talk to me....whenever...
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posted by teamjane99
WARNING: coarse language and a few innuendos


“Hi, 당신 must be Maya,” said a girl with wild bronze-colored hair. Her eyes were 초콜릿 brown and sparkling, her skin made her look deathly sick – yes, she was that pale – and her smile was friendly yet shy. She was pretty, I had to admit.
And I was intimidated (and not in the 안전한, 안전 way.)
“Yes, I am,” I replied, my voice barely audible to my own ears. I looked down at the 잔디 below, ashamed to be so embarrassed. This was a family of vampires, for God’s sake! The scent of the air around this one...
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Kristen Stewart, who shot to fame as Bella 백조 in "The Twilight" films and is the 제목 character in "Snow White and the Huntsman", jumped to the 상단, 맨 위로 of Forbes.com's annual list of highest-paid actresses.
The 22-year-old earned an estimated $34.5 million (£22 million) from May 2011 to May 2012 and pushed Angelina Jolie into fourth place.
Cameron Diaz, who had a surprise hit with “Bad Teacher”, came in 초 with $34 million.
“She (Stewart) is an up-and-coming star. She is earning a lot of money from one of the most successful franchises of all time. This is who 당신 would expect to see right now,” said Dorothy Pomerantz, Forbes Los Angeles bureau chief.
“This 년 당신 are seeing somebody young and at the brink of potentially great stardom sitting on the 상단, 맨 위로 of the list.”
posted by 2468244
Every time, I close my eyes
I can touch the 색깔 around me
Suddenly, I realize
Everything I thought was impossible is here
And my 심장 sings
In a world so incredible
And everything
Burns much brighter

I want to fly
Into this beautiful life, I think it'd be nice with you
I want to fly
Into this beautiful life, I think it'd be nice with you
With you, with you, with you

Fingertips, northern lights
Tracing 색깔 right through the sky
Underneath a lullaby
I never felt as blissful as I do here
And my 심장 sings
In a world so incredible
And everything
Shines much brighter

I want to fly
Into this beautiful life, I...
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posted by 2468244
She's a caged animal
London 의해 night
Crashing lights and cymbals
Queens of twilight

And if I was you
I'd use the lue before the long drive
And we’ll compliment each other
Just like Satan and Christ

Baby, when I am laid to rest
May my laughter remain
Like your 키스 blew me away

Capture the spirit
I gotta know right now
I see 당신 before me
Won't 당신 show me how

I wear my hair fizzy
And I don't copy no style
‘Cause kissin' and a scrubbin'
It has consequences

You're on the bus again past Big Ben
And you’re playing the Wild Card
Tell your A.S.B.O. friend
Sling his hook and go make your girl smile

Cause baby, when...
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