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posted by no1drwhofan
 Rue's touching death scene.
Rue's touching death scene.
Deep in the meadow, under the willow
A 침대 of grass, a soft green pillow
Lay down your head, and close your sleepy eyes,
And when 당신 awake, the sun will rise.

Here it's safe, here it's warm,
Here the daisies guard 당신 from harm,
Here your dreams are sweet and tomorrow brings them true,
Here is the place where I 사랑 you.

Deep in the meadow, hidden far away,
A 망토, 망 토 of leaves, A moonbeam ray, Forget your woes and let your troubles lay,
And when again it's morning, they'll wash away.

Here it's safe, here it's warm
Here the daisies guard 당신 from every harm
Here your dreams are sweet and tomorrow brings them true,
Here is the place where I 사랑 you.
 'I remember when 당신 sang in the 음악 assembly and the teacher said, 'Who knows 'The Valley Song''? and 당신 hand shot straight up!'
'I remember when you sang in the music assembly and the teacher said, 'Who knows 'The Valley Song''? and you hand shot straight up!'
Ever want to find out what your name would be in the series? Need a character's name for your new fanfiction? Look no farther!

District One names should be unique, almost like the Capitol names; bright and bubbly. So let's get started.


-First Name:

Take the first four letters of a state's name: example,California, New York, Oregon... 당신 get the idea

If the name sounds strange, 또는 not feminine, add an -ia

-Last Name:

Take the first four letters of your 가장 좋아하는 gemstone: example, amethyst, topaz, diamond....

Add -son to the end

Example Names: Cali Ametson, Newy Topason, Oregia Diamson

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posted by psychmacgyver
I lean against the pine 나무, 트리 with my axe set beside me, and my pad and pencil in hand.
"Would 당신 hurry up with that, Dev?" my father Aaron exclaims.
"Let me just finish this stanza, and then I'll get choppin'," I shoot right back.
"And be quick about it!", my father exclaims yet again, unloading all of his body strength into his axe, hammering away at the pine. I, Devin Qurstil, being a 15 년 old, from District 7, write 시 as a hobby and a sport. I have made several pieces, about differating themes. I am now qualified to start out at being a lumberjack, as 당신 start out after your fifteenth...
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Used to be your, tribute.
Used to live for you,
thought that I'd be 안전한, 안전 forever.

Now the quarter quells here,
Districts gone to hell here,
And 당신 bring me back for another?

Now you're talking crazy,
Saying the games made me,
Like I was your capital smile
Let's see how these games go
Right hand on my big bow,

Imma do it Mocking 어치, 제이 Style(x2)

Back in district 12 , when it was reaping time. They called my sister prim, they pulled her out of line.

Momma always said she should never go away,
prim was way too young for these hunger games.

You bet that I believed her, every word she said. I volunteered for prim,...
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posted by Dragonclaws
One of the things I find of most note in the Hunger Games trilogy is how gender roles appear to have generally been flipped with regard to the characters Katniss, Peeta, and Finnick. It is not simply that the rules have been flipped, as characters such as Haymitch and Primrose are 더 많이 traditional while still regarded as acceptable. The individual characters are strong enough that the gender role difference is acceptable. Additionally, the foreign country of Panem can be considered a place where things are done differently, and its citizens are not judged the same way as modern Americans.

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There are many 투표 and discussions on whether Peeta 또는 Gale is better for Katniss . Whose team are 당신 on? Some Hunger Games 팬 prefer to be neutral and don't believe in "teams" but in terms of being the better man in general and for Katniss , this includes facts and opinions for both Peeta and Gale.
***** IF 당신 DONT BELIEVE IN "TEAMS" than please dont post hateful comments, I understand that some people get annoyed with these types ot things but for the people who do prefer one guy over the other , i hope 당신 enjoy my 기사 :) ***

There are many reasons and good qualities for both of...
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This is a song fic I decided to do, based on the song “Lying from You”, 의해 Linkin Park. I just thought it would describe perfectly Katniss’s feelings during Mockingjay. So yeah. Here it is.
This isn’t what I wanted to be,
I never thought that what I said would have 당신 running from me
Like this...

“I 사랑 you.”
“I know.”
What have I said? What have I done? I didn’t mean for it to go down like this. Who am I? Why do 당신 사랑 me? I don’t deserve you. I don’t deserve either of you. And now it’s too late.
I lower my eyes, not looking as 당신 walk away.
No turning back now,
I wanna...
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My Prep team is late. I sit on the tiled white floor of the makeover bathroom and wait. There's some kind of easy-listening 음악 playing softly through the speakers, although I can't seem to locate where exactly the speakers are. Probably nanotechnology. I learned about that in school.

I hear giggles down the hall. My prep team must be here. Two silly-looking women come in. They're the weirdest looking people I have ever seen.

Both of them have neon 담홍색, 핑크 skin and silver 문신 around their eyes. One of them has yellow hair. It's not blonde- it's too bright to be blonde. She looks like several...
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posted by Glimmer101

I looked to my right and to my left. The Cornucopia was in the center of the 바닷가, 비치 we were on. In front of us was a vast, beautiful, ocean. To my left was a giant crater, and to my right a tropical jungle. 당신 could almost hear the cries of the tributes erupting from there. The thought satisfied me. I looked towards the crater again... there was something there. There were multiple somethings's there.

A very loud noise suddenly attacked my ears, and then I heard the cannon. BOOM! But it hadn't been 60 초 yet. I whipped my head around to the other tributes. I saw one of the platforms,...
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posted by Glimmer101
I never in a million years wanted my name to be drawn. When it was, reality hit me... with a train.
"Stephen Leigh!" The booming voice over the microphone exclaimed.
That was my name, but why was I being called during the Reaping? I walked towards the stage slowly trying to figure out what I had done wrong. I was 17 years old but I had only signed up for 2 tesserae. My brother who would be 19 now, always signed up for the tesserae for our family. He had signed up for 10-15 before his name was drawn 7 years 이전 to go into the Hunger Games. He died near the end against the remaining pack of career's....
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The extremely talented Golden Globe Award nominated actor Amanda Plummer has officially joined the cast of the upcoming Hunger Games sequel "Catching Fire". Plummer will play the role of Wiress, an older tribute from District 3 who is said to be "exceptionally smart" and adept at working with electronics. In addition to her 1993 Golden Globe Award nomination for the NBC movie "Miss Rose White", Plummer has won a Tony Award for her portrayal of Sister Agnes in the play "Agnes of God", and has won three Primetime Emmy Awards. Numerous roles are still up for grabs in "Catching Fire".

Details Here:

ALEXANDRIA SYMONDS: I saw the movie last night, and it's amazing. Have 당신 been going to all of the premieres?

WILLOW SHIELDS: I just went to the LA premiere.

SYMONDS: How was that?

SHIELDS: That was really awesome—it was huge!

SYMONDS: I saw some pictures. It seemed like it was probably really overwhelming.

SHIELDS: Yeah, definitely.

SYMONDS: And this is your first time dealing with all of that stuff, right? Have 당신 found it to be a pretty natural process, 또는 is it like a total other world?

SHIELDS: It's just like a really crazy experience. Definitely otherworldly, because all of these 팬 of...
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posted by iluvpeeta123
when i walk on 의해 girls be looking like, he gonna die. i need to be fed luckily my job is to make the bread. this is how i roll pants on 불, 화재 outta control. i'm that fool with the strong 나귀, 엉덩이 arms, when the cameras go up i turn on my charms. girl look at that body. (3 times)
i bake bread! girl look at that body (3 times) i bake bread! when i walk outside this is what i see, Katniss Everdeen is looking at me, i got a loaf in my hand and i ain't afraid to throw it, ( 4 times) i'm peeta and i know it! ( 4 times) when im at the games im painted like a rock trying to survive the days. when im in a...
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Rue spun the bottle and returned to her 좌석 quickly.

And it landed on…


Everyone looked between him and Rue.

Haymitch hiccupped.

"Ahh… Truth 또는 dare?" Rue asked, not certain on what she'll ask him to do 또는 say.

Haymitch hiccupped again, still very much drunk. "I like cactuses. They look funny."


"Okay," Rue said, confused. "Ahh, this wasn't my 질문 though."

"Did 당신 ever try to hug a cactus?"

Beetee nodded his head importantly. "It's not a nice feeling."

"No. No, it is not," Haymitch agreed solemnly.

Rue scratched her head. "Ahh, Haymitch, sir, can you, please, just… pick truth...
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posted by AnnaDaDuck
1. Birthday month:

January: I danced with
February: I baked a cake for:
March: I killed
April: I started a rebellion with
May: I escaped from my district with
June: I hunted with
July: I mined coal with
August: I punched ____ in the face
September: I traveled to the Capitol with
October: I was killed by
November: I kissed
December: I drank with

2. Birthday date:

1. Peeta
2. Cinna
3. Beetee
4. Octavia
5. Katniss
6. President Snow
7. Wiress
8. Seneca Crane
9. Cashmere
10. Primrose
11. Finnick
12. Annie
13. Katniss' mother
14. Gale
15. Haymitch
16. Glimmer
17. Cato
18. Marvel
19. Clove
20. Rue
21. Johanna
22. Thresh
23. Effie
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1. The 책 are told entirely from Katniss' POV. The audience only learns of other events when Katniss learns about them, and if she never becomes aware of something then we never do either. The films include several scenes without Katniss, including scenes of the Game-makers and Snow's reactions and acts of rebellion in various districts.

2. Several minor characters are omitted entirely from the films. These include Peeta's stylist and prep team, Peeta's older brothers and Gale's younger siblings.

3. A 더 많이 major character also omitted from the films is Madge. She is the daughter of the Mayor...
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Beyond the obvious plethora of teachings of dystopian futures
and the divisions of rich and poor, The Hunger Games offers
us sage 조언 about falling in 사랑 and being in a relationship.
1) I know that when 당신 are in a relationship 당신 want your partner to play 의해 the rules, but even if rules are stated, they can be changed , and they probably never existed in the first place. Forget the rules and try to be a little flexible.
2) Appearances can be deceiving. While there has to be an attraction if a relationship is ever going to work, allowing yourself to get to know someone, their strengths,...
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Catching 불, 화재 Review

Yes, I know I am not no big magazine 또는 newspaper reviewer, but I'm a person with an opinion. So here is what I thought about Catching Fire.
Misterious. The science-fiction is this book makes 당신 really wonder, think, and 질문 our world. Such, as what if in the future what is something drastic were to happen and we were put into 12 districts limited supplies, and most all what if the your children 또는 yourself had to go fight for your life. Well the Hunger Games brought that idea to life, and Catching 불, 화재 told us the aftermath of that idea. Even thought, Katniss won...
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Xi Omega, Arthur Connell, Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark looked over the whole Alpha Shade Army the smell of rotten corpses filled the air, Xi looked down at the 늑대 Ninja, they had only meet twice before both times in Jasper National Park with Humphrey, Kate, Lilly, Garth, Fire, Water and the Doctor, Xi never found out who the 늑대 Ninja was, now was his chance “Hello 늑대 Ninja” he said “Long time no see, still no idea on your identity, still guesting” he said “Well 당신 will have to keep guesting, Alpha Shades, kill them” said the 늑대 Ninja and in a 초 of hearing that...
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I spend the rest of the reaping 일 locked in my room, huddled in a ball, trying not to think of Peeta and the painful, dreadful days to come. My mother never tries to talk to me 또는 intrude on me; she must know how I feel, because she loves Peeta too.
When it's suppertime, all she does is crack my door open and slip the plate of 음식 onto my bedside 표, 테이블 and run back out. I don't eat much of the 물고기 또는 green beans, just pick microscopic pieces of the 음식 off and play with it, bored.
When the lights go out and noises cease, I whimper softly into my pillow. Could it really have been this afternoon...
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