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parras2 posted on Apr 20, 2012 at 03:10PM
this is where you can make a demigod make friends/enemies and other demigodly stuff all you have to do is put your demigod's



Immortal Parent-







and other things you want us to know about your demigod

(ok now it's time for the rules)1.don't make your character to strong 2. you cant control another persons character without their permission 3. please keep cussing down to a minimum 4. you can only have one immortal parent 5. when you make your character you must tell us if he/she is at camp or not 6. if you go on a quest you must go to this link:link

so far we have:

Dante- son of Thanatos (me)
Blaze- son of Ares (Blaze_of_Ares)
Ariana- daughter of Aphrodite (NotSoPerfecMe)
Zeke- son of Hephaestus (1999jacko1)
Alex- son of Hades (killer24)
Cara- daughter of Thanatos (Nicolicious)
Jake- son of Hephaestus/Poseidon (crash14)
Mike- son of Zeus (Jasonfan44)
Jesse-daughter of Poseidon (venus143)
Crystal- daughter of Aphrodite (Magic1799)
Alvin- son of Poseidon (Alvin2442)
Carter- daughter of Hephaestus (darange)
Justin- son of Chaos (LORDCHAOS)
Luna- daughter of Artemis (Artemishunts)
Karma- daughter of Thanatos (BitemeIVampire)
Brock- son of Ares (ConnerandTravis)
Scorpia- daughter of Poseidon (fly210)
Lance- son of Ares (cubsrule)
Ava- daughter of Hades (Just_theDoctor)
Arik- son of Nemesis (Spikegilfer1997)

and if anyone would like to be one of the original characters from the PJO or the HoO series you can(gods are included)If you wold like to be roman go to this link:link

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over a year ago LORDCHAOS said…
Brock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm dating Carter! Get it through your head!
over a year ago ConnerandTravis said…
"If she dumps ya, I got a good match. I'm gonna go find Skylar."
over a year ago Spikegilfer1997 said…
Name- Arisutea "Arik" Takahashi
Immortal Parent- Nemesis
Powers- Weapon master, materializing tools (weapons armor) able to replicate any move seen magic or otherwise but effort generally knock's him out so is rarely used, minor elemental power's
Weapons- Katana's, Hunting knives,throwing knives, insta re-load hand crossbows, bow, and the ever awesome and copyrighted hidden blades (in short so many weapons that brushing up against the wall could kill everyone in the room
Personality-Obnoxiously happy some of the time, chill most of the time,with a underlying current of extreme seriousness
Appearance-Long dark hair to chin length, dark eyes that can tint based on emotion, 5'10-ish, nimble, light tan
Gender- Male
Birthday(optional)- September 20th 1997 (Autumn Equinox)

Sprinting nimbly through the forest with a two-legged steak yelling bloody murder Arik curses the midday sun leaking through the leaves cooking him in his clothes. De-materializing his weapons and pouring on the speed he heads bursts through the deepening foliage. Calling upon his power's Arik suspends a cushion of air and bouncing up a few feet and particularly thick leaved tree. Immediately cursing himself for it feeling only more drained for the effort Arik Parkours through the tree to a preferable hiding spot to catch his breath. Panting so much the world's oxygen supply must have gone down a few percent he forced a calm onto himself. He turned his highly attuned senses to the Minotaur.
Oh yeah that part.
Arik is a Greek Demigod, the Olympians special Home-grown, Frankenstein, mix and match Demigod but a Demigod none the less. Feeling particularly like crossing the border's no being was ever meant to cross that day all the God's decided to convene the Son of Nemesis to see how much he could be juiced up. As God's fade from the memory of mortal's so to does their power fade, Arik was a experiment to stop that linking his life force to the Abyss in order to reincarnate the fallen God's. After poking and prodding Tartarus long enough they fused the fallen into a creation known as "The Fade Soul" a creation formed with the shard's of the faded champion's of existence and bestowed it upon Arik. Being the Son of Balance literally to see if his own soul could balance out the identities and restore them to their former status.
It wasn't going so well
well cya tomorrow peps
over a year ago LORDCHAOS said…
Hello new person I'm Justin King of the Universe son of Chaos! I know you can replicate any mice seen but if you replicate my moves you'll die
over a year ago Blaze_of_Ares said…
(lol, what happened to no more King of the Universe?)
over a year ago LORDCHAOS said…
Aww why is blaze here! Hey blaze question why do you love Ariana?
over a year ago ConnerandTravis said…
I bump into someone.
"Watch it Brock," A sweet voice said.
"Skylar?" I asked.
"Of course it's me," She pushes my shoulder a little.
"I was wondering that, I know we just met but, would you like to go out on a date with me?" I ask nervously.
"Sure. You are cute." Skylar says and walks off leaving me happy.
"Pick you up at 8!" I shout after her and run into the woods as fast as I can.
over a year ago Spikegilfer1997 said…
The Avatar of the Fade blinked once, then twice, then three times, finally slipping into the spectrum of heat and scanned the forest for the berserk rotten meat in his undies. Not ten feet from Arik's location, he knew he didn't have much time before he was sniffed out. Thinking fast blood going fast he summoned what little power he had left to bring his armor and weapon's. Beef-boy sniffed the air, forty seconds maybe? Pouring more power on Arik's arsenal formed around him twenty-five seconds. Drawing his katana's Arik boosted himself into the sky draining more power and dive bombed on the Minotaur.
Grasping onto what little power the fade soul could give him he caught a flame in a downward storm of dual spinning katana's about to burn his steak to a crisp. Akin to the flame a furious combo of independent flurries a heavily armored blade-storm of destruction came down on beef-boy. Before Arik hit the ground the Minotaur was beef bits. Sheathing his katana's on his back he came to appreciate his not-so-Greek arsenal.
Clad in light plate armor detailed ever so intricately with Japanese artwork of dragon's, allowing for maximum protection with minimal limitation. Under his bracer's where hidden blades and hidden pistol's, pistol's not being as strong as you'd think can wound a big monster and take out little one's more of a crowd control weapon. Three bullet's per wrist and a pair of real pistol's flintlock design on his belt. Speaking of the belt it has more gadget's then Batman's, less used however. Throwing knives meld into his robe, a hooded robe with layer's of intricately designed cloth from the waste down covering the armor of his feet. Armor you'd think to be bulky flow's as-well as cloth covering chain mail. Quiver on the middle of his back underneath the katana's with a bow that simply materializing when an arrow is drawn. In his hood over his mask allowing greater perception by giving Arik the senses of the wilderness this all look's out of place when you fuse it with his name and then the mask comes of to reveal a tanned Caucasian face.
So much detail it could take a novel to explain it all Arik focused on his mission: Camp Half-blood. Aunty Tyche generally nicer then her sister, had been guiding Arik for days now it was time to man-up and smell the strawberries. Breaking into a sprint up the hill Arik readied himself for a chase he knew was coming. Black cloak and armor billowing in the wind growling following him gathering the very last of his reserves Arik gathered up elemental pressure hearing the yells in the distance and the growls.
It was hell-hounds or help hands and Arik preferred the latter.
As his reserves ran dry the power of the element's exploded around Arik propelled himself fifty feet up the hill. flying over the boundary as he lost consciousness, happy to see that the camper's wouldn't let him turn into a pancake his eye's drooped an the chill wind took him from harm into the hands of family.
over a year ago LORDCHAOS said…
Hello arik I'm Justin king of the universe!
over a year ago Spikegilfer1997 said…
soz bout ignoring you and yes most power's do leave my guy extremely tired king of the universe power's imma be dead for sure lols
over a year ago LORDCHAOS said…
Don't laugh! I know your new but how did you arrive here? What's your story?
last edited over a year ago
over a year ago Spikegilfer1997 said…
Well irl version is i looked up "Jason Grace is boring" and was brought here and while surfing the site i found this club and thought it was cool so i decided to give it a go to keep me going till october when MoA probably stay on this even then anyways
P.S i don't find him plain boring anymore i find him stoic like drizzt do'urden
over a year ago LORDCHAOS said…
Your boring
over a year ago Spikegilfer1997 said…
for story version i suppose it's something like this
Arik wasn't really born in 1997 he was born around the same time as Luke however several event's lessened that age by 7 years Lotus eater's, fates doing some experiment's stuff like that. possibly he fought in the titan war but mist weaving removed him from memory and returned his power's to base zero
No king of the Universe but ok i dare say
over a year ago Spikegilfer1997 said…
i am pretty boring that is true
over a year ago LORDCHAOS said…
My name is Justin! Now stop writing really long comments! Please don't annoy me or I'll have my army hunt you down
over a year ago Spikegilfer1997 said…
it won't let me respond with just "k" that's a shame but ok i like to live
over a year ago LORDCHAOS said…
You better
over a year ago Spikegilfer1997 said…
i intend to
over a year ago LORDCHAOS said…
Good! Now go do something
over a year ago Spikegilfer1997 said…
Made a Roman
over a year ago LORDCHAOS said…
Oh great
over a year ago ConnerandTravis said…
"New kid? Name's Brock. Justin, were would you take a girl on their first date?"
over a year ago 6Hell6Monkey5 said…
Nihilis is your picture now
over a year ago killer24 said…
Justin's getting moody haha
over a year ago Spikegilfer1997 said…
Evidently oh whoops armies of darkness and chaos and jelly babies and all that
over a year ago ConnerandTravis said…
"I don't know what to wear and I got almost three hours great!" I say sarcastically. I head to the Aphrodite cabin. I knock on the door. "Anybody got an outfit I could wear. I got an important date tonight." The three girls that answered nodded and dragged me in.
over a year ago Spikegilfer1997 said…
*raids the camp's supply of cotton floss*
over a year ago LORDCHAOS said…
Try taking her to a fancy resturant
over a year ago Spikegilfer1997 said…
(my MMO senses are tingling the whole modern demigod thing would work awesomely with camp Jupiter and camp Half-Blood being factions. boom I'll take my millions of dollar's now)
over a year ago BitemeIVampire said…
chees iam backs
over a year ago cinnominbubble said…

Name- Autumn Sivilry

Age- 12

Immortal Parent- Aphrodite

Powers- Charm Speak, being pretty

Weapons- gold dagger

Personality- shy, kind, sweet, Dangerous,sarcastic, funny, hates the fact that people find her pretty

Appearance- small, thin, long curly light brown hair, soft green-brown eyes, always wears a gold necklace with a small green and blue bird

Gender- female(duh)

Birthday(optional)- October 5th

and other things you want us to know about your demigod-She appears at the big house after being hunted down by hellhounds.
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over a year ago BitemeIVampire said…
hey cin
over a year ago BitemeIVampire said…
over a year ago cinnominbubble said…
Hey and call me Ishmam !

I woke up to find my self at a strawberry field with a lot of people looking at me. I feint again.
over a year ago BitemeIVampire said…
over a year ago cinnominbubble said…
over a year ago LORDCHAOS said…
Hello I'm Justin son of chaos!
over a year ago BitemeIVampire said…
omg lorschaos
over a year ago killer24 said…
Um okayy haha why not go to camp immortal? In the HoO rp club its not abandoned
over a year ago cinnominbubble said…
I wake up and find millions of people around me. "Ummm.... Hi?"
I barely whisper.
over a year ago BitemeIVampire said…
over a year ago LORDCHAOS said…
*helps Ishmam up* how are you?
over a year ago BitemeIVampire said…
kicks justin "i hater you"
over a year ago BitemeIVampire said…
*turns into a shadow* "grrr"
over a year ago LORDCHAOS said…
What did I do?!?!?! *shoots a bolt of lightining at Karma and she's blasted away*
over a year ago killer24 said…
I think I'm the only normal one here *walks to the girl and helps her up* hi names. Alex
over a year ago BitemeIVampire said…
survive cuz she is dethjs daghter. i am gonna murder u!
over a year ago LORDCHAOS said…
Bring it on Karma let's test your skill! *turns Karma into a bunch of grapes*
over a year ago BitemeIVampire said…
i kows u alex i know every one. muhahah