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posted by NagisaFurukawa-
 Soul Eater Not! Chibi.
Soul Eater Not! Chibi.
It is important to watch Soul Eater Not! Like wanna know how Sid became a Zombie? 또는 how Liz and Patty meet Kid. Watch Soul Eater Not! It explains that. Not gonna spoil anything. I know it's a spin off series, but it takes place before the original SE Series. I say it is worth watching. It explains some character back story that the original series didn't explain much of. Like remember how an episode where Soul scared Maka cause of explaining how Sid died. Well.... Will just leave it to Soul Eater Not to explain back stories the original didn't explain. Also I believe it was in Episode 3 or...
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posted by Remiahr
Soul eater not is a new addition to the 아니메 soul eater. It's about misters and weapons and yet, still has some of the same old soul eater characters but has 3 더 많이 main characters and 3 더 많이 additional characters to a different mission. This was the best after the soul eater. It's the same thing only 더 많이 interesting. This is a 아니메 to watch!!! The characters are Tsugumi, Meme, Anya, Maka, Soul, Sid, Clay, Akane, The witch Shoula, Black star, Liz, Patty, Tsubaki, Master, Jackie, Kim, and Eternal Feather. These are the characters to this fascinating 아니메 soul eater not. The scale I vote form 1-10 is a ten. This is the 아니메 to watch!!! The point is friendships are what's important for teamwork.