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when i turned 16 i was so happy!!!heres what happened:

luna:oh my god!!!*looks at hammer that rosy gave me*

luna:thanks!!! now i wack people! *evil look*

rosy:glad ya liked it :3

amy:heres my gift: *gets a giant box:

luna:daaang! *opens box*

*silver gets out*

silver: *sigh*..i am the amazing blah blah...can i go now?

amy:you have to see her future.

silver:sigh* fiiine!!! *sees into lunas future*

silver:0_0 HOLY SHIT!!!!!


silver: 당신 rule all of the dimensions....and 당신 have black clothing!!!


magic:me next! *hands me a box*

luna:thanks! *opens it*....wheres the gift?...
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