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posted by awsomegtax
A young girl is left 집 alone with only her dog to protect her. On the news that night, they announced there was a serial killer on the loose in the local area. Before she goes to bed, she locks all the doors and tries to lock all the windows, but the one in the basement won't close. She decides to leave it open, but locks the basement door and goes to bed. Her dog takes its customary place under her bed.
In the deep of night she awakens to a dripping sound coming from the bathroom. The girl is too scared to go check so she reaches her hand under the bed. She feels a reassuring lick from her...
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Annabelle is real.

One of the creepiest parts of the truly scary The Conjuring is the evil possessed doll Annabelle, who makes up the cornerstone of Ed and Lorraine Warren’s spooky museum of trophies. Director James Wan redesigned Annabelle for the movie, giving her a much 더 많이 disturbing appearance, but in real life Annabelle was just your run of the mill Raggedy Ann doll.

Donna got Annabelle from her mother in 1970; mom bought the used doll at a hobby store. Donna was a college student at the time, and living with a roommate named Angie, and at first neither thought the doll was anything...
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posted by fake_alibi13
I am not sure why I am 글쓰기 this down.I guess I just felt like it, telling my story.It was years 이전 and although it was on some papers and local news, the story gradually faded and got forgotten 의해 everyone. Everyone but me, and I know to this 일 that what people heard was not the true story.Of course, even then as a small child I knew that telling it would only do 더 많이 harm to me than good, I would be called crazy and they wouldn't even try to protect me from something that they would call the ravings of a demented little girl.
Ten years have passed since, I was a quiet kid, barely six...
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posted by Eviem99
There was an old couple who had hired a new maid to help around their house. The wife had a huge doll collection, and the maid was expected to dust them once a week. So once a week the maid walked into the room where the 인형 were stored and looked at them in disgust. She hated dolls. While she was dusting, she came across a particularly strange doll. It was a talking doll and it had a cord in the back. The maid was intrested and pulled the cord. The doll said, “Hello.” The maid pulled the cord again. “I 사랑 my momma”, said the doll. The maid put the doll back and continued cleaning....
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posted by Seastar4374
Kelsey was an ordinary college girl. Well she was anyway before she enciuntered something that was bound to change her life forever. Okay lets start from the beginning. Kelsey grew up in a small town and didn't really have much to her name. After she went to college that all changed. She got there the first 일 and was glad she was there. She got along real well with her roommate Amber , who was a eyar older than Kelsey. Anyway they were both getting settled in when a knock was at the door. Kelsey looked at Amber and Amber just shrugged. Kelsey walked over to the door and saw a guy standing...
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Not sure where this actually belongs but it is pretty scary.
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posted by DxCFan123
One eerie night, A girl 17 년 old girl named Alice arose from her bed, cotton-mouthed. She quietly got out of bed, careful not to wake her little brother, and went down stairs to the kitchen. She got a glass of water and sat at the table, in the dark room, with small rays of light shining in. She stared outside, sipping on her water. Then she noticed something, the trees, they, were moving. She was startled to see this, because it was not windy. Then, it formed a face. The face of a beautiful woman. She then heard a faint voice coming from outside. " I will watch 당신 from the scyamore trees."...
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mr. nightmare
posted by Channy101
A girl was babysitting at a friend's house and it was for her friend's two younger brothers. The family she sat for had this odd looking clown statue standing in the corner of the living room almost life sized. It was just sooo creepy, she couldn't keep from looking at it every so often. Eventually, it got darker and she sent the two boys to bed. She went back downstairs to watch T.V. while she waited for her friend to call.

The clown just stood there with an eerie smile on it's face and a weird look in its unmoving eyes. She couldn't take any 더 많이 of the weirdness, so she covered up the clown...
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posted by shinju-chan
 One of the artist's drawings
One of the artist's drawings
I knew of an artist envied the perfect painting. He isolated himself in his apartment, only going outside for 더 많이 paints, and brushes for the painting.

He needed 더 많이 brushes because he snapped them in half out of anger. He was the best artist in the town of Winfield, but... He disagreed.

He thought his pieces were "inexcusable pieces of shit" and would Storm off and lock himself within his home.

When his family started calling repeatedly, he smashed his phone against the wall. This was only the start of it all.

He was starting to ignore his own needs. Food. Water. Hygiene. His hair was...
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