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I was amazed."Wow".Gold silk curtains hanged loosely on the windows.There were 5 rooms,2 bathrooms,and a big living room followed 의해 a enormous kitchen."Well?"asked Sasuke."Oh,uhh,I'll make dinner."I went to the 부엌, 주방 and put the pot on the stove.I added salmon,carrots,and rice.I didn't add peas because I knew Sasuke didn't like them.He prepared my room and I was cleaning and cooking.I put the plates on the table,and put a candle in the center."Sasuke!Dinner is ready!"I yelled."Coming!"I heard the footsteps coming from the stairs.I sat down with him.
*I'm just gonna skip the eating part
"I'm gonna go sleep""Me too"I went upstairs and slept.I twisted all around.I couldn't sleep.I got up and went to Sasuke's room.I slowly opened the door."Sakura?" " Uh...yeah I couldn't sleep."Me either.I sat near him on the bed.10 mins later....
They slept together,Sasuke's arm holding her.The bright moonlight flashed on us.they slept peacefully.
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